Ratings: DWTS and The Voice Dip to Lows, Revolution and Hawaii Five-0 Rise

Ratings Revolution The VoiceTwo 10 o’clock shows — NBC’s Revolution and CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 — were the only gainers on this oddly quiet second Monday of sweeps.

The Voice opened NBC’s night with 11.9 million total viewers and a 3.9 demo rating, down 6 and 9 percent week-to-week to tie a season low. But Revolution led out of that with 6.3 mil and a 2.0 rating (adjusted down per finals), rising two tenths.

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Hawaii Five-0 meanwhile netted 7.8 mil/1.9, ticking up two tenths.

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Elsewhere on CBS, How I Met Your Mother (7 mil/2.6) and Mike & Molly (7.9 mil/2.2) dipped to hit and tie season lows, respectively, while Rules of Engagement (6.7 mil/2.1) and 2 Broke Girls (7.9 mil/2.6) were flat.

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Over on ABC, Dancing With the Stars (12.9 mil/1.9) slipped two tenths to a series low for a performance show. Castle‘s penultimate Season 5 episode held steady at 10.8 mil/2.0.

The CW’s Oh Sit! (900K/0.3) and 90210 (610K/0.3) were both added a few viewers while flat in the demo.

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For the completists out there, Fox’s Rihanna thing drew 1.7 million viewers and a 0.8, while a Bones rerun did 2.5 mil/0.6.

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  1. TrueStory says:

    The Voice is clearly not as good as American Idol. The “talent” don’t even get to pick tlheir own songs. The songs Usher and Adam Levine chose were terrible choices.

    • Ugenia says:

      I have to agree. I could not believe all the people complaining about AI’s song choices and The Voice picks Feeling Good, Phil Collins, and I Have Nothing the most overplayed Whitney Houston song ever! They had a Muse song and I was excited about it, but he butchered it.

      • Hugh says:

        People are quick to rag on Idol because its the original and it’s apparantly cool to do that but the fact remains that it is still king of these shows. Even on this much derided season the talent of the finalists surpasses those on The Voice so much it’s laughable. And for all the complaints about old songs, Beyonce, Carrie, Pink, Bruno Mars, Jazmine Sullivan are just some of the contemporary artists covered this year compared to the trash on The Voice. As soon as more attention is paid to that people will drop that show as fast as it came along

        • Echo says:

          I agree. The talent on Idol is superior to that of the Voice this year. Everyone was telling me to watch it because Sarah Simmons and Caroline Glaser are so great and unique. Well I watched and she was totally pitchy and was never called out on it. I couldn’t understand what Caroline sang half the words were mumbled. There was a girl who sang True Colors and she was for sure unique, but she will probably be too different for America

    • In terms of atmosphere and content, I’ve found the Voice to be far more fun than Idol. Idol lacks energy, too many soothing songs, not enough rocking. Nothing that gets me off my chair.

    • eridapo says:

      Expect Revolution to adjust down a tenth in the demo given the voice overrun… The Voice did a 4.2 in the 930 half hour, and it probably was near a 4.7 during its last 5 minutes….

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Potential adjustments always hang thick in the air like an angry cloud…..

        • eridapo says:


          Here are the Monday Finals

          The Voice (8-10PM) 4.1 11 12.15
          How I Met Your Mother 2.6 8 6.99
          Dancing with the Stars (8-10PM) 2.0 5 13.12
          Rihanna 777 0.7 2 1.65
          Oh Sit! 0.3 1 0.77
          Rules of Engagement 2.1 6 6.74
          2 Broke Girls 2.7 7 7.97
          Bones -R 0.6 2 2.46
          90210 0.3 1 0.60
          Mike & Molly 2.3 6 8.08
          Castle 2.0 6 10.84
          Revolution 2.0 5 6.06
          Hawaii Five-0 1.9 5 8.01

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Truly not necessary, especially this late in the season when so few shows’ fates remain to be determined by a tenth of a rating point. I invite anyone clamoring for afternoon Nielsen finals to visit the good folks at TVByTheNumbers:

    • TruerStory says:

      I’m no math expert, however I’m pretty sure a 3.9 is miles better than a 2.5 but hey if you wanna believe AI is better, that’s your perogative. The voice may have hit a season low but idol hit a historic series low last week. Not surprising considering what a train wreck idol is this year.

  2. Magically Suspicious says:

    Am I the only one that was a bit spooked by the eery similarity in last night’s H5O episode and the news of the three girls that were rescued after 10 years being held hostage?

  3. John says:

    Revolution has become surprisingly great since the 10th episode. Glad its ratings are up.

  4. Josh says:

    Lol The voice is better than American Idol how bad have AI’s ratings dropped again?

    • truth hurts says:

      Idol’s ratings were much higher than the Voice ever was. Now they are pretty much the same. So give it up!

  5. Tracey says:

    Honestly if you think the talent on Idol this year can even come close to the talent on The Voice you are seriously delusional. I’ll give you one name: Sarah Simmons. She is phenomenal. American Idol is horrible and the show is on it’s last legs. At least with The Voice you get to hear the contestants sing songs from THIS decade. I don’t care how well someone on Idol can sing a Beatle song because in the long run it’s not a Beatle record they will be putting out. One more thing about The Voice that is superior to AI is the simple fact you have judges on the panel that are ALL relevant in music TODAY.

    • truth hurts says:

      Wow you are so out of line and you need to get your facts straight. I wonder did you even watch the Voice yesterday?. Did you realize the contestants sang songs from not this decade last night? That’s not this decade. Last night, someone sang a Phil Collins song Against All Odds from 1984. I Have Nothing is one of the most oversung songs on singing competition shows and that song is from 1991. True Colors is from the 80’s and Feeling Good is from 1964. So much for your claim that The Voice sings song from this decade and Idol does not.

      Last week, American Idol had songs from Rihanna(Diamonds), Pink(Just Give Me a Reason), Bruno Mars(When I Was Your Man), and Carrie Underwood. The week before, Idol contestants sang songs by Drake, Adele, Stay by Rihanna(which was also sung on The Voice)-ALL SINGERS AND SONGS FROM THIS DECADE!!! Please get your facts straight and stop criticizing American Idol when The Voice does the same thing. I laugh at your ignorance!!

      Another thing, Sarah Simmons is way overrated. She hit so many bad notes last night and the judges never said anything. She is trying way too hard to be Adele. She’s not!

      • Mack says:

        Forget about trying to talk sense and tell the truth. Fans of the Voice are not having it. Let them live in fantasy land. Yeah Phil Collins and Nina Simone are sooo current. LMAO! Try watching American Idol and you see they do current songs and older songs and so does The Voice. In fact, half the songs sung on The Voice last night have been sung on Idol at one point. I wish Voice fans would just say they prefer the Voice over Idol and enough with this hypocrisy over songs. It’s laughable!

        • GS says:

          Talent wise the shows are about even this year. The thing that is killing Idol is Nikki Minaj. She is atrocious and I can’t stand listening to her. The diva crap between her and Mariah is taking center stage. Randy has nothing relavant to say. The few times I’ve watched, Keith looks and talks like he’s stoned. The judges have made the Voice great and ruined Idol.

      • Tiffanie says:

        Totally agree. I watch both and I actually think amber singing stay was the only one that sang in tune lastnight. The other songs were all butchered to me

      • Bessie says:

        Is that you, Nigel?

    • Ronnie says:

      You obviously have not been watching idol. Candice and Kree can sing way better than Sarah. Plus, the last few weeks idol had more current songs than old ones. The top 3 this week is singing Pink, Emeli Sande, and the Band Perry.

  6. Byron Trmmell says:

    why can’t this network come up with a show of something other than a blown up talent show? Ted Mack was better than this. Give at least one of the judges a hook. Two or three nights a week? Really? No wonder Direct TV and the recording ability are doing so well. If this were all that was available and I had to watch TV I’d watch the commercials and skip the (gag) voice.

  7. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    Wanted to take a moment to shine a light on HIMYM – a nice episode last night. Will be interesting to see how the numbers look in the season finale next Monday night. As I watched last night’s episode [Something Old] I kept thinking – “In Bays/Thomas/Fryman/Greenberg we trust”. This team knows what they are doing. Everytime I think I’ve got the storyline all figured out, just ‘connect-the-dot’s’ from here on out, they throw a nice curve and head-fake to keep the story moving in its ever twisting trail towards ‘home’. I was completely thrown for a loop with that wonderful park scene. I never saw that coming. A nice follow-up and closure to the limo scene in ‘The Last Page.’
    Robin digging holes in the park. The rain coming down. Very nice send-off to the Ted-Robin tandem. Now, onward to the Robin-Barney wedding next week….and Farhampton?
    Does TVLine want to set up a HIMYM posting-page to track final predictions from fans on who the mother will be? I think we’ll find out next Monday night. I actually have money [not too much, but yes, real money ;)] riding on this. Either Erica Durance or Sarah Lancaster.

  8. Jase says:

    Everytime I watch Elizabeth Mitchell on Revolution, I can’t stop thinking of her character as Juliette from Lost, and not Rachel.

  9. mia says:

    Maybe its cause Grace Askew isn’t on The Voice anymore? Lol

  10. Mari says:

    Revolution was adjusted down and Castle won the timeslot again! :)