Castle Recap: Opportunity Knocks

Castle Season 5 RecapThis week on ABC’s Castle, upon cracking a case involving a murder-by-drone strike, Beckett found herself being targeted  — in a surprising way.

The Case of the Week concerned an enemy-laden Wikileaks-type webmaster who was killed by what at first blush appeared to be a car bomb. In actuality, though, Beckett & Co. learn that his car was attacked from above, by a military drone.

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Long story short (since the COTW was incidental and by and large a lead up to the last five minutes): A disenfranchised military wonk had crafted a hack program allowing anyone to override and control a drone. When the vic declined to disseminate this software via his website (and thereby ground the U.S. military’s sketchy drone program), his neglected son [groan] used the code to kill his dad. Or something like that.

More to the point, Beckett’s mad skills in working the case — usually against the wishes of both the FBI and DHS — drew the attention of Jared Stack, a special investigator for the Attorney General’s office (played by 24’s Carlos Bernard). So much so that at episode’s end, he invited Kate – she who is “exceptional, smart, strong” and “an asymmetrical thinker” — interview for a job with the AG in D.C.

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?” Stack opened his overture — and Beckett obviously had no idea. Noting her aforementioned attributes, he dangled before her the opportunity to stop “busting killers’ balls” and jump to a job “where the stakes are high and the outcome can affect history.”

What does Castle think of the decision his lady love is facing? Nobody knows. Because she seemed in no rush to tell him.

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Now, as for how this episode played leading out of “The Squab and the Quail,” as it was intended to: The cold open was an odd and I hope not telling choice, as Rick’s toying with RC tanks and planes doesn’t suggest a meaningful adherence to his ceremonial “cutting of the videogame cord” — especially when a scantily clad Kate is close by. And Beckett’s reluctance to rush to share her offer with Castle doesn’t indicate any comfort level in hashing out their longterm plans. As such, and given the new promo, next week’s finale should be… interesting.

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A few memorable sound bites, then it’s comment time:

* “We don’t have a body, we don’t have a crime scene, we don’t have any witnesses, but….” “At least we have each other.” “”…we still have a crime to solve.”

* “I’m even wearing a mask.” “Really?!” “No.”

* “And what is that plan, you ask?” “I didn’t ask.”

* “If by close you mean opposite!”

* “Oh look, it’s Storm Season… on the clearance table.”

* “Yo, how about I just talk, jackass?”

* “She is exceptional.” “You don’t know the half of it.” (So put up, brother!)

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