Report: Criminal Minds Actresses Nix 'Final' Season 9 Offer, Seek Parity With Male Co-Stars

Criminal Minds Season 9 Garcia JJ May Not ReturnCBS and Criminal Minds producer ABC Studios on Friday tendered their final offers to longtime cast members Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Cook — and thus far only Gibson and Mantegna are close to signing on for Season 9, our sister site Deadline reports.

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Moore is said to be still deep in talks (though the two sides remain far apart on the financials), while Vangsness and Cook reportedly rejected outright the latest offer, casting doubt on the futures of BAU agents Penelope Garcia and J.J. Jareau.

Per Deadline, Vangsness and Cook are negotiating together, seeking pay parity after too many years of making less than half what any of the male series regulars do.

Neither Matthew Gray Gubler nor Jeanne Tripplehorn are up for renewal this spring.

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All cast negotiations reportedly need to wrap up by end of day Tuesday, to pave the way for an official (and thus far delayed) Season 9 renewal announcement. Show boss Erica Messer inked a new two-year deal with ABC Studios last week, assuring her continuance with the crime drama.

Messer recently told TVLine that even with five cast members to re-sign, she felt “very confident” about securing Season 9. “I’d be shocked if we didn’t come back.”

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  1. Fabe says:

    Everyone should be paid according to how prominent their roles are. So which ever main character is getting the most screen time in an episode, should be making the most.

    • Barbie says:

      That’s absurd and sexist. They should be paid by how long they’ve been on the show, for starters. AJ and Kristen have been there from the beginning. They deserve to earn exactly the same as the males in the cast! I adore JJ and really like Garcia, but good for them. And from your logic, AJ Cook is in most episodes just about as much as Moore, Mantegna and Guber (maybe not Gibson, but at least the others!). Why wouldn’t she deserve the same?

      • Saint Alicia says:

        Well put, and CBS has been jerking around the actresses on this show for years. Wouldn’t be upset at all if they finally left or CM was canceled altogether.

        • pete says:

          ABC Studios, not cbs, it says that right in the article

          • Herb Finn says:

            That’s a point to remember, CBS only co-produces which gives them less control than on say NCIS or CSI. You never hear problems with female cast members on shows fully owned by CNS Television Studios

        • Alit says:

          What I don’t understand is WHY do they jerk around the actresses? Why don’t they pay the actors the same as the actresses and save some money? Instead, it’s like they hate women so much, they need to express their hate somehow. It’s gross.

      • Sheila says:

        Um, I’m missing the sexist part of Fabe’s comment. The idea is to get paid according to the actor’s part in the episode, so if the episode was heavily Reid, The Gube would get paid more. A more JJ-centric show would mean more pay for A.J. Cook. No gender slant.

        • Daven C says:

          The sexist part is that AJ and Kristen get paid less than half as much per episode as Gibson (for sure) and Moore (probably).
          They do not pay by the amount of screen time in an episode or which character is plot heavy in the episode.
          AJ should totally have parity with Mantegna and Moore and Gubler…especially after the crap that the PTB on the show pulled 2 seasons ago. Kristen should be a tiny bit lower on the pay scale, but not that low.
          My hope is that everyone signs for one last year of this show. It’s time to put the serial killer part of this show to bed.

          • KevyB says:

            Okay, some of you name-calling women don’t seem to understand simple logic. Whoever appears in the most scenes should get paid the most. Whoever appears in the fewest should get paid the least. NOWHERE in that original post did Fabe say that it had anything to do with sex. If the men in this MORONIC show are in 3/4 of the scenes and the women are in half that, they don’t deserve the same pay. If they are then they do. It’s obvious, logical, and anyone who called Fabe sexist should go look in the mirror if they’re so desperate to find a sexist.

          • Kirsten says:

            Who’s Kristen?

          • Kvivik says:

            KevyB – As Fabe said, that SHOULD be how it works, but it’s NOT! There have been JJ centric episodes…but even with her being in 3/4’s of the scenes, she’s still making less than half the salary as Hotchner. They are paid by the EPISODE not by how many scenes they are in.
            The sexist part not what Fabe said, it is the fact that we know almost every episode uses the women as bit players, guaranteeing that even if they were to be paid that way, there is no freaking chance that they would be able to earn what the men are making. And that is what is unfair and sexist.

          • kathy says:

            Considering that Garcia & JJ were there at the very beginning they should definitely get the same pay as the men who have also been there since the beginning. I’ve watched the show since the beginning and they are all fairly equal over the length of a season.
            The powers that be have definitely screwed over the women on that show!

          • Angela says:

            For me personally it has nothing to do with who gets the most screen time. I ultimately want them to come back because I think this is a great ensemble team. I like the chemistry between everyone, there’s a good history between all the characters. And most of them have been on the show since the very beginning to boot. It’d be hard for me to imagine the show without any of the original members (well, we had a small example of what that would be like during the time JJ was on maternity leave and the time she left the show altogether…and those who replaced her just couldn’t fill her shoes very well).
            Also, since it’s an ensemble cast, the amount of screentime each character gets can vary depending on the episode and storyline. I could perhaps see pay being divided up due to things like each person’s acting history and stuff like that, that would make the most sense. But for any other reason, it doesn’t, and so I just think the pay should be fair and reasonable across the board for everybody.

        • Edward says:

          That is simply not how Hollywood tv works. they are negotiating for NEXT season, and those episodes are not yet written. They figure out a per-episode rate now, and get paid that regardless of how much they appear. Some big stars even get paid the rate for an episode they don’t appear in. All in how the contract is written.
          They have messed with A.J. before, so I bet she is a goner. KV is much loved, and they will try to keep her. This show has a history of female turnover in roles.

          • Tamim says:

            Saying that women should be paid for the episodes they are involved in also has a problem that relates to feminism because most women are not given the same level of quality writing that men receive time and time again. Perhaps by holding out for higher pay will also encourage the writers to give them more quality screen time. The fact that actors portraying two beloved characters are not receiving nearly the same as the men is stupid and if that pay is because they don’t receive the same level of screen time, then the inequality of the writing AND the pay needs to be remedied immediately.

          • Angela says:

            @Tamim: FANTASTIC point. Yes. Hopefully if they do get to return they’ll also get some more stories of their own and all that good stuff as well.
            Agh. I just want to know one way or another already what’s going to happen with these two! Continuing to cross my fingers for very good news.

          • Charli says:

            That’s correct this is for upcoming work. pay in Hollywood is based on several factors including previous rate of pay on the same gig if its a contract renewal, rank of importance as contracted (lead, star, recurring guest star etc), previous work (which plays into your ‘bank’ and how many eyes you might bring to the show).

            These two ladies were a star (but not lead) and a recurring guest star when they started unlike the others who were stars and leads. That sets the bar lower for their starting point in such talks. But look at it this way, is it fair for them to ask for a 200-300% raise when they won’t be doing that much more work. If it were any other job the answer would be no.course if it were any other job we wouldn’t know their salary and they wouldn’t know each others cause there are laws against such disclosures.

          • John says:

            JJ is a much better actor than the robotic, monotoned Hotchner. These actors should be paid on ability, not face time. Hotchner in monotone in practically every episode, “wheels up in 30”. Sorry, I miss the acting talent there and in most scenes Hotchner is in.

        • Krys says:

          Clearly you haven’t watched all the seasons. All the actors play vitally important parts and put in equal work. Without one its not the same. Which is why they should at least be close to the same pay. But to pay more than one ACTRESS (not actor) less than HALF of their male counterparts strongly suggests sexism. Sorry you don’t see the slant. Maybe its never happened to you, but I’ve seen payrolls in multiple office situations, and the same thing happens. Its awful to be paid less for doing the same exact job (and sometimes doing better at it) and getting paid less just because of your gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Its disgusting, and easily recognizable to those who have seen or experienced it firsthand.

      • Shannon says:

        Well said. The people should know what happened to the show when they got rid of Prentiss and Jareau for cheaper female talent.. Their ratings dropped, fan outrage etc.. They should pay the cast equally and should not put more prominence on the males cast members that is ridiculous. Garcia’s character does far more than any of them with her computer skills etc.. This debate and contract stuff happened a few years ago too when they signed Garcia on and paid her accordingly, but left out the actresses who played Jareau/Prentiss and tried to get in cheaper talent. It is a shame that they want to make it a boys club show, the pays are different esp in this day and age..
        I lost interest when too much focus was on certain characters and they got rid of the 2 female leads and the replacements were just copies of them. Tried to get back into it, but with all this stuff I probably won’t. I personally think they could have less Moore and more Jareau, Montgello’s character, Garcia..

        • meme says:

          Garcia actually solves most of the crimes. No one seems to notice this.

          • Spikenalabama says:


          • Mel says:

            To be fair, someone has to tell her who or what to search for.

          • Isabel Sinton says:

            Mel: I was a computer programmer and this is how it works: I ask the ‘users’ what results they want to achieve ( specs) then I would make it happen . The Garcia character is computer support. She is NOT interchangeable with the other members of the team.

          • The Really Oldbat says:

            Garcia is annoying and her job could easily be done by a voice over and we wouldn’t ahve to put up with her constant emotional outburst and the relationship between her and Morgan is creepy. JJ should stay and Penelope can go.

          • KL says:

            I was thinking that too. Just because everybody else catches the killer, they seem to take all the credit for it!

      • SSQ says:

        As a women equal pay for all I will no longer watch a show with this kind of inequity If JJ and Garcia go so do I

      • Brendan says:

        Okay, I know this is a lot to ask from an internet comments section, but can we be calm and rational for a moment? There is absolutely nothing sexist about that comment. At all. If AJ and Kirsten are in fact being paid less because they’re women, then obviously that is horrendous and should be corrected. But there are other factors at work here: strength of acting resume (mantegna, gibson and tripplehorn all have longer and more successful histories), and history of role on the show (Garcia wasn’t a regular until season 2 and still gets less screen time than the main team, JJ had a secondary role on the show in the early years). Some indication that those factors didn’t play, as well as Jeanne Tripplehorn’s salary would be important pieces of evidence before I would levy as serious an accusation as the kind of sexism being discussed. Again, it would be something to be very angry about if true, but can we take a beat and be rational about it rather than immediately jump to the conclusion that we like to rage about the moment a sensitive subject is mentioned?

        • Angela says:

          You do make some valid points, and I sincerely hope the reason is one of the others you mention and has nothing to do with the fact that they’re women.
          But I think the biggest reason people are buying into and getting upset over the sexism issue and whatnot right away is because A.J. and Kirsten seem to be implying that that’s the problem here. Plus, the show has had a history of messing with the female cast members while the male cast is left alone. Just doesn’t make the powers that be look very good.

        • Enid Potter says:

          There is nothing rational about paying women l/2 of what the men are getting. And Kirsten became a regular l/2 way thro season 1 because she was proving herself to be very popular. In the early days when I’d ask anyone if they were watching criminal minds they would inevitably say “yeh, and I really like that computer tech Garcia”, so to say that she is bringing less to the party is just not so. Moore himself admits his acting was bad the lst few years, and I give him credit for his personal acting leap, but so have the others and fair is fair after all these years. Equal pay at this point in time would not even make up for the years they should have been making so much more.

      • Alan says:

        not sure exactly how it was sexist but i do agree that cast members who have been on any show for the same amount of time should be paid the same amount.

      • Jules says:

        It’s not sexist on its face but the Studio bosses already have a history of this behavior with the firings of Paget and AJ in season 6. And in my opinion that was a failed experiment. Why go down that road again? They’re going to be left with Jeanne as the only female character and Kevin Lynch as their technical analyst.

        • Charli says:

          Biggest mistake in that whole thing I’m sorry to say was bringing Prentiss back as a main character only to not know what to do with her and then ditch her again. A 2-3 episode story to wrap it up and show team she’s not dead and then have her have pulled some strings to get custody of the little boy and she goes off to raise him etc.
          and there were comments as it happened that It was in the plans to bring AJ back but it was too costly to keep her as a star and thus paid for eps she wasn’t going to be in which perhaps want so fair to her but from a studio view makes business sense

    • Pls. come to your senses CBS and ABC Studios – A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness are *Vital* to the show’s success –Why should they not be paid the same as the male actors. I can’t imagine CM without “Peneope Garcia” -she’s the comic relief – amd JJ’s the *heart* in this show. Is Jeanne Tripplehorn returning? Why wasn’t there any mention of Matthew Gray Gubler? — I love this show – please work it out!! :)

      • Amy in KC says:

        MGG signed a new contract last year, so his is not up for renewal this year. Since Jeanne Tripplehorn is new, I would assume hers is a multi-year contract as well and it’s not up for renewal yet.

        Really hope everything works out! This is my favorite show and it’s immensely popular—CBS would be stupid to not bring it back with everyone on board.

    • Ace says:

      Screen time does not mean that the characters are more prominent, necessarily. I think Garcia especially is really important for this show; she is one of the few characters that keeps a bit of lightheartedness around, and that’s hard to do in a show about serial killers. Some of the roles take a lot of effort to portray, or take a really specific kind of actor or actress- we should value people who are needed, and people who can perform roles that others cannot.

      Regardless, less than half is ridiculous.

    • CountryQueen says:

      How much money would Angus T. Jones makes on Two and a Half Men if they were paid by how much screen time they all get? Certainly not $300,000!! So paying by the amount of screen time is not how Hollywood works.

    • Krys says:

      That is so disturbing!! Shame on you for not paying the stars equally according to work done and time served!! This is why I don’t watch ABC. Jerks. I’ll stick to the reruns on ION. Shameful. Sexist. Downright disgusting. BOOOO!

  2. Stacy says:

    I won’t watch without JJ and Garcia. I love the show and want it to come back, but not without them.

    • B. says:


    • Kim R says:

      I agree. Their characters are as important and as used as the other characters, in my opinion.What’s with paying them half??? Good going girls……hold fast. It will not be Criminal Minds without you both!

    • Jules says:

      My favorite character is already gone. And ultimately she left because of the same thing. She pretty much came out and said that’s the reason she left. They basically fired her so they could get cheaper talent and when that’s experiment failed, forced her back under a contract option pick up. No wonder she said see ya! I understand that’s business but that also meant she could say F U because of it.
      My favorite character already being gone makes it a struggle sometimes to watch this show without her. If AJ and Kirsten leave too, I would officially be done.

    • risa platt says:

      I love the role that AJ Cook plays, and I missed several episodes when she was away. But GARCIA… . PENELOPE?? BABY GIRL????? The show would not be the same without her, and I WOULD NOT WATCH IT!!! Period. The End.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        You are absolutely 100% right. The heart of the show is gone without her. And if she is forced to leave for these reasons – I won’t even watch a rerun – ever. Like never ever.

    • Spikenalabama says:

      That is exactly what I was going to say. No JJ or Garcia, no me.

    • Jackie says:

      I agree totally. Didn’t watch season 6 at all. If JJ & Garcia are gone, so am I, and probably a LOT of others. CBS/ABC needs to get their crap together.

      • S says:

        If what I read is true that they paid the new female person more just for coming in is even more of an insult to the actresses who have put time/effort into the show and their characters for 8 seasons. Seriously, going to pay the one actress just for coming in because of maybe another big name, but big names do not always me a winning combination and it discredits the actresses who have worked for many seasons and have quite a fan base. It feels to me like what the Chargers did several seasons ago and put all their eggs in the Ryan Leaf debacle just because he was a well known quarterback and favorite and thought he would take us all the way and look at what happened we spent all our money on him and had such a sucky team for many seasons before Shocknheirmer (sorry i know I missed spelled his name) trained and improved Brees for us. All what I am saying is spread the wealth and put the eggs in many baskets to make a solid/team/show to get us all the way instead of it being lopsided.

    • I will probley no longer watch one of my favorite shows without Garcia,she a great character for the show.But if JJ is gone I will also be gone.It great to have a normal loving family.JJ and Will seem to be so in love and share the raising of their son whom the also seem to love.And they are something so wonderful to be added to such a sad show with horrible killers in it.When JJ brought the baby in for the first time after the team had been on a really bad case.It added so much compassion to the so.I was also a moving show when J J and Will got married.The show would never be the same with out the love of this family.

  3. Beth says:

    I hope AJ and Kirsten get the deal they’re looking for, after 9 years on the show and how much the networks screw them around the deserve equal pay… No they don’t deserve equal pay, equal pay should already be expected. Come on its 2013, they shouldnt be getting paid less than half their male counterparts especially when they’re featured in the show just as much.

    I’d understand if they were reoccurring or had little roles on the show but they’re status is eqivilant to shemar, Matthew and jeanne and even this season thomas and joe (yes they’re the leads but season 8 has been all about Reid so far).

    Urgh pissed that the one CBS show I watch religiously is getting screwed with again (couldn’t watch season 6 without JJ). Can’t this show go one season without cast shakeups/drama :(

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. The network makes a LOT of money off this show, pay the ladies what they deserve.

    • THIS! Thank you for putting it so brightly!

    • Shannon says:

      Same here, well said. they should not have to struggle to get equal pay especially if they ar eone of the leads. They should have it outright. I agree I couldn’t watch season 6 w/o prentiss JJ. The female character was just a carbon copy of JJ anyway. They brought them back because of the outrage and ratings drop..

    • GMom100 says:

      I sure hope these ladies get what they want! They deserve it! If they leave, so will I. I’m serious. The show has not been good this year in the first place. Jeanne Tripplehorn has no personality (or rather, her character doesn’t). I really wish they would bring Premtiss back. The show is getting way too gruesome too. It’s really sad how CM has fallen this year, because it has been one of my favorite shows. At least I have the first 7 seasons to fall back on.

  4. cr says:

    The show needs to cough up some cash to these ladies cause without them they will lose viewers. I have been steadily losing interest in this show, but continue to watch because of Reid and Garcia. If either of them were to leave, I wouldn’t bother watching and I’m sure I’m not alone.

  5. Maddie says:

    What does that mean for Jeanne tripplehorn? Is she not returning or does she have different contract since she signed on last year? Would they move forward without aj cook and Kirsten bangs ness considering what happened last time? So many questions!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Different contract cycle/not due for renewal, as previously reported.

    • paul burnett says:

      ridiculous shes been brought in on a higher pay could of used the money for vangness and cook both in from the start and fan favourites

  6. Maddie says:

    Vangsness* damn autocorrect!!

  7. Andres says:

    I wont be watching If Garcia or AJ doesnt return, we had the same problem with Paget and JJ Cook

  8. dee123 says:

    Seriously? They make less than half? In 2013 that gross. Yes i know Mantegna and Gibson are much bigger names but still….

    • Disgusting in every way. MAKES. ME. SICK!

    • Krista says:

      He signed a two year contract last year that covers him for seasons 8 and 9.

    • francisca says:

      That they make less than those two I agree, they’re the leads and have got big careers behind them and all. But having them being paid less than half of what MGG and SM are paid, oh hell no. If Morgan, Reid, JJ and Garcia are all secondary characters they should all be paid the same.

    • kate says:

      Mantegna and Gibson making more is understandable. bigger names = more money. but at this point, with the show 9 years old, it’s not like these ladies are complete nobodies anymore. and to be making less than half of even what moore and gubler make? pretty insulting.

  9. Angela says:

    Good for you, Kirsten and A.J., fight on! I like that they’re working together on that negotiation. I really hope the network/show listens to them and gives them what they want, ’cause it’d really suck if they weren’t on the show anymore.
    I just want everyone to get their stuff signed and settled so that they all can come back next year-hopefully by the end of this deadline that will be the case and we’ll have good news regarding the cast and the show itself.

  10. Kelly says:

    What about MGG? Is he already set to return? Or is it already confirmed that he’s out?

  11. Tony B says:

    I think the ladies should make more money, but to hold your show hostage to do it ? I like both of them but could live without them….

    • Mike says:

      So thy should fold and accept being paid less than half of what their male co stars earn, no they should call them out and leave if they are not being paid fairly.

      • Beth says:

        Exactly, it’s not as if they’re demanding more money than their colleagues, they want equal pay!

        What is the show going to do if they walk, hire actresses who are willing to do the job at a lower pay, who look kind of like the actresses they’re replacing only to get a better background storyline (or at least the writers put more effort in developing the characters) than the two actresses had in eight seasons pushed into a few episodes and then look like they’re going to cry at any moment, or not even have a plausible reason for being in the team other than a serial killer relative… oh and not many of the audience like or even wanted on the showin the first place… Wait this sounds familiar coughSeavercough.

    • paul burnett says:

      your in a minority then

  12. badpenny says:

    I don’t watch Criminal Minds all the time, but when I do watch it I’m not usually tuned in for any particular character. I’d say Hotch, Reid, and Morgan are the only characters that are essential: the leader, the brains, and the passion. I can’t imagine Morgan without his Baby Girl, though. I’d rather see Rossi and JJ replaced then Garcia.

      • Angela says:

        Exactly. Well put.
        Plus, her son is Reid’s godson, and it’d be nice to have some more moments with those two as well.

      • badpenny says:

        The show went a season without JJ and its ratings didn’t take a major hit. I doubt it will in the future either. What’s working against CM right now is just that it’s an old series. 8 years is a long time and the ratings are bound to start declining no matter who the cast is. Shows like NCIS are the enigma, not the norm.

        • Beth says:

          The show might not have taken a major hit in the ratings, but the quality of the show sure did change. AJ’s contract wasn’t renewed because of financial reasons and because the network wanted to alter the show so it fit in more with the spin off at the time (which failed). The show became something different with technology centred profiling and spy storylines. Season 6 saw the show becoming more gory, it’s always had elements of gore but for some reasons the writers thought seeing the violent deaths needed to be shown more.

          They messed with cast, upsetting core fans and unsettling the cast. They announced that they brought in an actress to replace AJ on the day her last episode aired before the audience even saw RN with the cast. Not that it was RN’s fault, she was doing her job and it was obvious she wasn’t going to be welcomed by many. The team just didn’t connect as well as they had done in previous years and were vocal about the cast upheaval (especially Paget and Kirsten).

          I agree that the show has suffered with it being long running, but I think the writers/show runners are to blame as well as the networks. CBS and ABC rarely promote the show and just expect it to perform the way they want no matter how much they interfere. The show runners/writers have changed throughout the years too and often write lazier, profiling is at a minimum and continuity is often all over the place. But CM is the little show that keeps on going. It’s comforting to watch, in a creepy, crime procedural often scary way, you can watch it in any order usually and the odd new episode is just as good as earlier seasons.

          I just want them to get back to the profiling and relationships (friendships only) within the team. I don’t want AJC and KV to leave but if they’re not happy with their treatment and do t get acknowledgment maybe it is time to call it a day, although you’re right, the show will probably keep on going, it’ll just be with a new audience.

          • Lola says:

            Well said! I couldn’t agree more. Messing with the cast was bad enough but the writing has really become lazy. It’s like they don’t even profile anymore. They just stumble around gathering random facts and then Garcia makes a magical search and finds all the answers. At this point, they could get rid of everybody *except* Garcia. She seems to be the one who is really solving these cases right now.

  13. Olivia says:

    No A.J Cook and Kirsten I will not continue to watch, why do networks continue to pay female stars less than their male conter parts some shows fans watch for the ladies and not the gents.

    • paul burnett says:

      totally agree my fav characters are Garcia jj reid and Prentiss ( who we lost due to being screwed around) I don’t really like rossis character but put up with him coz I love the others if the girls go then so do I. oh and its really fair and sensible to bring in a new character and pay them more just to rub their noses in it (triplehorn) are they trying to kill the show? if they continue down this road that’s what will happen

  14. Josh says:

    Why are JJ and Garcia not getting paid as much as the guys. If they leave i don’t think i can watch anymore

  15. Cate says:

    According to another article (tv guide, i think, from a while back) the two women are on 30,000-60,000 where as the men’s wages range from 100,000 – 200,000+ and they’ve probably negotiated for a pay rise…

    There’s something definitely wrong there if those figures are true…

    I want both women back on the show, I probably would give up watching if they did go, seeing as there’s only Hotch (sometimes Rossi as well) I really I like other than them and I haven’t even liked his girlfriend storyline he’s had for the last two seasons!

    • Dixie says:

      I agree. That “Beth” storyline is a really Stinkeroo! She makes Hotch look weak and submissive and she cozied up to Jack way too soon and easily. There’s something about her I just don’t trust. Don’t get me wrong. I love Bellamy Young. She’s fabulous on Scandal but she has very poor chemistry with Thomas Gibson. If the writers are intent on boring us with a love interest for Hotch, let them introduce a character more worth of him and Jack. The CM casting department really dropped the ball on this one.

  16. Jenna says:

    It baffles me that there is such salary disparity among the cast. Less than half? Really? Stick to your guns, girls. It’s about respect.

    • Rachel says:

      Exactly! I’m hearing people who are talking about screen time, but half?? That’s ridiculous. I’m shocked to hear it’s such a huge disparity, especially considering how important the women on this show have been, both to the story and the audience.

  17. Callie says:

    I really hope both AJ and Kirsten are back next season. When the writers wrote off JJ in season 6, I stopped watching. JJ is my favorite character, but the show would absolutely not be the same without Garcia.

    • Bethan says:

      Agreed. I can’t even imagine how they would write them both out, at the same time either. I used to love the cast as an emsemble but have found myself liking certain characters over others lately. I hated it when JJ left the last time, I watched three episodes in total of season 6, the ones that included JJ. If both if them go, I’ll defiantly stop watching again, I should stop caring about TV shows anyways :p

    • Sherry says:

      I can see the t-shirts now. SAVE GARCIA!

      How dumb can they be to let those 2 go? I have an idea. Take Jean Tripplehorns salary and split it between the other 2 girls. I have never been a fan of Jean’s.

  18. Dani says:

    less than half? that really is unacceptable, i’m honestly just waiting for my girls to leave so i don’t have reasons to keep watching. I said i was done after Paget left, but i kept watching for garcia and JJ (and garcia/morgan tbh). i hope they get the what they deserve, nothing less than equality, if not they don’t deserve them anyway.

  19. ginger says:

    Just another reason not to watch. It’s so sad, but the show has gone way downhill. Joe and Tom do nothing on the show. Hotch says ‘wheels up in 30’ and Rossi states the obvious. Shemar, JJ, MGG, and Garcia are the only ones who make a connection with their characters and therefore a connection with the audience. Let these actors move on and discontinue the pain of this show…

  20. Mandy says:

    Without AJ Cook, Shemar Moore, & Kristen Vangness I probably wouldn’t countinue watching. They are the best part of the show.

  21. A raise for Vangsness? For what? All she does is sit in a room, pretend to talk on a phone, pretend to operate a computer and act extremely stupid and annoying. She should be happy she has such a high paying job for doing so little. I’ll take that job for half of what she makes.

    Simple solution, lose the dead weight and give her money to Cook.

    And maybe these people should take a look at what happened last time. A lot of people whined and moaned, but the show kept rolling right along without Cook and Brewster.

    • I do agree that AJ Cook deserves the same pay as the men, because she does the exact same work, as Vangsness doesn’t really. Still, it’s about the sexism in the whole question.

      • Ebony says:

        How is it sexist when Jeanne Tripplehorn makes as much as the men?

        Garcia wasn’t a regular until season 2 and even now has a limited role. AJ has always had a secondary role on the show and her role was also always limited especially in early years. Thomas and Joe are experienced and deserve a higher pay. Shemar and Matthew were regulars from the pilot and always had more prominent roles. I believe they also deserve higher pays.

        Before Shemar renewed 2 years ago, he was making about 50K and Gubler was making even less. I think AJ and Kirsten’s salaries are more in line with that. They are making less than half of Shemar and Matthew’s new salaries. I’m sure the offer they refused now is closer to that but probably not as high.I highly doubt the salary being offered to them now is less than half. I don’t blame anyone for negotiating a higher pay but don’t blame it on the treatment of women. I think it reflects actors’ experience and the extent of their roles on the show over the years.

    • Angela says:

      Or, rather, she’s the person who can help them track down people and who is the optimistic, lighter side to an otherwise dark workplace and team which has more than its fair share of personal demons to deal with. I love the team as a whole, but someone like her, who can cheer people up and provide some humorous moments, is definitely needed to balance things out.
      Her type of work may be different than what JJ (or Alex) does, but it’s no less important and she deserves her fair share of the pay, too.

  22. Jennifer Addington says:

    Come on CBS get with the times, this is 2013 not 1913. Women deserve EQUAL pay! This show is awesome and has been on for 8 years and I want to see it come back! If the girls don’t come back you are going to lose many, many fans! We fans already Lost Prentiss and are not liking Blake, Please do something right for a change!

  23. Delenaforever26 says:

    What happened on Wednesdays episode I missed it and I don’t have a computer and its not on demand so I can’t watch it. I just want to know how Reid was I know from what I read that he is still grieving so how is he struggling with drugs again or what I don’t know what’s happening with him please can someone update me on how he’s doing. Also I wouldn’t be able to watch if JJ or Garcia left I would miss them.

    • Lola says:

      You didn’t miss much. The episode was kind of lame and the only “struggle” that Reid was having was he couldn’t sleep. He tells Rossi that he dreams of Maeve so he forces himself to wake-up because he doesn’t want to feel the pain. In the end Rossi tells Reid to just let it happen. It ends with Reid having a dream and he dances with Maeve. That was it. No big deal and it is probably the last we will ever hear of it.

  24. Ettie says:

    Please. It’s a procedural. They can switch any generic actor/character out for another. Women should always have equal pay, but they don’t have a whole lot of bargaining power here.

    • That worked so well when they switched AJ and Paget for Rachel Nichols, didn’t it? That’s why Nichols is there and they didn’t have to hurry back and bring both actresses back :)

  25. kates2424 says:

    Didn’t CBS learn their lesson the first time they tried to get rid of the ladies? People were really upset about JJ leaving and I think it was due to cost cutting back then.

    Personally, I could do with less Rossi.

    • Shannon says:

      Yep and the show’s ratings dropped and the fans were outraged etc.. That is why they were brought back, but this one mistake has cost CM and they lost their prominence and number 1 status..

  26. Boiler says:

    Guess you would like to think the men would support the women. All the adult main characters bargained together on Modern Family. However I think these salaries being paid stars of hit series are ridiculous and one reason we see all the reality crap.

    • mia says:

      It is rather disappointing to not see their male costars speaking out in support of them. :(.
      As for the salary issue; the show makes a crapton of money, would you rather see if all going to the studio heads or actually have the actors/writers/directors get a large chunk of it? I’d personally rather see the people who actually do the work get paid well.

      • Viki Long says:

        EXCELLENT POINT , Mia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shemar needs to speak up for his girls !!! They ALL do !!! The show will loose TONS of viewers w/o Kirsten & AJ … COME ON Y’ALL !!!.. And the girls are paid $30-60 THOUSAND PER EPISODE ????…………….& the men between 100-200 THOUSAND ???? REALLYYYY??? I can see how there would be some disgruntled women …
        Get with the program CBS & don’t MAKE ME COME OUT THERE !!!!!

      • paul burnett says:

        here here quite right

      • Boiler says:

        No I would rather see the money go to making more good scripted shows than reality.

  27. King says:

    What? Less than half after 8 seasons? There is something really wrong. So what if Garcia and JJ have less prominent roles than the male cast? They should be getting greater than half! These two characters are the reason why I keep watching the show. I hope AJ and Kirsten get the raise they deserve. In my opinion, they should have given a raise long before.

  28. “Vangsness and Cook are negotiating together, seeking pay parity after too many years of making less than half what any of the male series regulars do.” – And so they deserve it after 8 and 7 seasons, respectively. I’m not sure if it’s just me or what, but CBS just constantly seems to piss all over females. They destroyed this show back in season 6 when firing A.J. and pushing Paget out the door towards the end of season 6. And no, this isn’t their only shows. Blue Bloods is another example for Jennifer Esposito

    • mia says:

      +1. I only hear crap about how CBS treats their female employees. Really makes me have to reconsider which shows of theirs I will watch.

    • Charli says:

      Jennifer Esposito has a medical condition that prohibits her from doing her job to the level the producers needed her to do it. Under SAG, various laws etc they had all legal rights to drop her from the show if she can’t play the part as needed. It sucks but it is what it is. And she seems to understand that from what she says and how she says it in interviews.

  29. cjeffery7 says:

    “LESS THAN HALF OF THEIR MALE COUNTERPARTS?!” if this statement is even remotely accurate…. it’s time for CBS or whoever writes the checks to pony up to their talent.

  30. Sara says:

    It’s very sad to hear that A.J. and Kirsten make less than half of what the male actors make. I hope they can ink new deals. I’d hate to see Criminal Minds without JJ and Garcia. The characters, and the actors/actresses that portray them, are what make this show.

  31. B says:

    Good. The less cast, the better. They should focus more of Reid anyway.

    • Charli says:

      Only if they are going to give him decent storylines. This season was meh really. They could have done so much better with him, with the drugs thing, with the migraines etc.

  32. terri says:

    Love Thomas Gibson, so glad he’s close to signing. CM needs Hotch. Lose Jeanne Tripplehorn (such a waste and a bore), pay the ladies. Joe is not a requirement for me but he’s better than Mandy.

  33. mia says:

    Even women in this public of a profession are paid 50-70% of what men doing the same job earn. Its a reflection of the world.
    Good for them for fighting for it! They deserve equal pay! Its completely ridiculous that they aren’t. Disgusting really. Fight on ladies!

  34. JMill says:

    Less than half after all this time?

    CBS is going to negotiate the best deal, from their perspective as a business, that they can. It sounds like it’s their agents that need a kick in the teeth for negotiating such terrible contracts this late in the game.

    What kind of codswollop did they swallow from CBS to advise signing contracts like that?

  35. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    I love this show, but I am disgusted by the way they treat their female cast. I remember when they fired AJ and wanted to reduce Paget’s airtime.

  36. Cherry says:

    I’m proud of Kirsten and A.J, both of them are very talented actresses and I really enjoy their characters. They deserve to be paid equally to the male actors.

    Any news on Jeanne Tripplehorn? I really want her to return!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      As commented above, her contract is not up.

      • Lola says:

        Hey Matt. I just wanted to say that it is really great how you actually read the comments and answer our questions. You don’t get that on most other sites. We appreciate it!

  37. I can’t believe they are making so much less! That’s really disappointing. I hope that CBS steps up and pays them equal wages as the rest of the main cast. Considering they’ve been there since the beginning, they deserve it.

  38. Kay says:

    anyone think that this could be the reason why cote de pablo hasn’t renewed her contract either? apart from pauley, she is the only other female actress on NCIS. would be very sad to see the next NCIS season without ziva

  39. sonja says:

    jj and Garcia help make the show as do all the others,, shoot,, I was even beginning to wonder if morgan and Garcia ever become an item, lol.. seriously fix it guys!

  40. Carrie says:

    That’s disgusting that the male regulars are making more than the female regulars. Give me a break! I don’t blame those actresses for turning down their offer. It’s not like the male leads are also big movie stars. They should get equal pay.

  41. SB says:

    In reality there is not wage parity. Shemar Moore did not make 100,000 until Season 7 and Matthew did not make it until this year. Prior to that they made in the 50,000 range. Thomas and Joe make more than either of them. Jean Tripplehorn walked in this year and made 100,000 after doing nothing to make the show what it is. Very few shows pay all the actors the same salary.

  42. RJ says:

    Just dump Jeanne Tripplehorn and sign the rest. #perfect

  43. Leah says:

    Less than half!? That’s bananas! I haven’t watched CM in a while, but considering how devoted a lot of people are to this show, doesn’t CBS/ABC realize how crucial their female regulars are to its success? I don’t remember any kind of uproar during the male cast changes through the years. They brought back JJ and Prentiss, for heaven’s sake! This is disgusting. Give those girls what they deserve! You need them and they’re worth it!

  44. Sammi says:

    I thought Jeanne Tripplehorn signed for one year with a one-year option. Couldn’t ABC/CBS choose not to exercise the option? That would be the best thing for #Criminal Minds. Pay AJ and Kirsten fairly and let Jeanne go.

  45. eds says:

    I’m all for fairness, but the truth is that my enjoyment of the show increases as these two actress’ screen time lessens. They’ve changed the character of JJ so much that they’ve removed everything that was interesting about her. Plus, the actress is soooo dull. And Garcia only works in very, very small doses.

  46. Terri says:

    In this day in age : female actresses need to get paid the same pay , just as the male actors. Women work harder or the same as their male counter parts . If K. Vangness and AJ Cook are gone , then CBS will lose many viewers on Wednesday evenings . That’s all I’m saying . As my Brother tells me : ” if it fits , don’t touch ” .

  47. Angie's says:

    I’m a die hard fan but I won’t continue to support a show that treats their female leads like this. If these women don’t come back with equal pay next season I’m gone. Bye bye.

  48. Ebony says:

    Let’s get real people. Nobody in show business is paid equally. You are paid according to your experience, extent of role and popularity. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER. If it did Jeanne Tripplehorn wouldn’t be making as much as she does. These actresses are not as experienced as Joe and Thomas or as popular as Matthew and Shemar. And Shemar and Matthew were making less than half of what Joe and Thomas were making before their negotiations. AJ and Kirsten’s new pays will not be less than half but probably still lower than Matthew and Shemar for the reasons listed above.

    But seriously there is no show on TV right now where everyone is making the same amount. There are HUGE discrepancies and they are not because of gender.

    • Dixie says:

      You are absolutely right. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Thanks for the voice of reason.

    • Tina B. says:

      Thank you Ebony! Finally someone with some sense. I knew when I read this article, there would be gender equality and people accusing CBS of being sexist. The truth is the actors are paid by their experience or popularity or both. Thomas Gibson had a successful TV series with Dharma and Greg and other appearances. Joe Mantegna has done TV and movies and he is a veteran actor (they always get paid a little more for that too) Matthew Gray Gubler started out as an unknown but he is wildly popular, he has also written some episodes and he is into directing, he has also been in the Chipmunks trilogy which did really well at the box office. Shemar Moore was a successful and very popular soap star and he left that job for this TV show from the beginning, he wasn’t sure it was going to be a hit or not but he took a chance and it paid off for him. AJ Cook and Kristen Vangsness were complete unknowns when this show started, I don’t think they have written, produced or directed episodes. Vangsness was on Suspect Behaviour but it failed. So I think these two actresses should accept this wage and move on. I can’t see them on any other show, but all that said I love JJ and I can’t see the show without Penelope nor can I see Penelope as anyone but Vangsness.

      • S says:

        It would be a different story if this was the first time (Aj Cook was on Tru Calling/Final Destination so she was not a complete unknown and she isn’t a complete unknown anymore.), but this is the 2nd time they are messing with just the female cast members.

      • Wheatlandy says:

        Wildly popular is your term. I don’t know just what CM blogs your reading that I’m not, but to say that Kirsten V. is not in that category is just out wrong. And after 8 ep’s surely the salaries should be converging by now. Damned rights that Tripplehorm ( wildly popular NOT) getting so much more then Kirsten and AJ will not sit right by most people, but it may just have been the extra catalyst to stick to their guns. It’s a matter of respect and fair play, and people of character know just what that means.

  49. Ebony says:

    Does anyone else think it’s funny that we are fighting for people to be paid more when they already make in a couple of weeks what most of us probably make in a whole year?

    • Bet says:

      Yes but then again they catch serial killers for a living!

      It is real life right?

      Women crime fighters should get paid the same amount or at least comparable to their male counterparts :p

      • SL says:

        NCIS has been around for 10 years now with pretty much the same cast and have found ways to still keep the show fresh and entertaining. I do not understand why CM feels it has to mess with things, give the same characters the same stories just varied a little etc..
        It does not matter about screen time the point is these actresses have been series regulars for 8 seasons minus one for AJ Cook and have a right to be paid the same amount as the male counterparts. Gruber/Reid gets the most screen time, stories and crap loaded onto his character, but does not nearly get paid as much as his other male co-stars. Each actress and actor are in every single episode so have them be equally paid. I do not want to see a show that is an all boys club and keep messing with the female characters/stories/backgrounds etc. The show was working just fine until you are correct they tried to change the show to fit with the spin off although I think the spin off would have been fine if they did not try to change the format of the spin off or the original. The 2 episodes that introduce the spin off characters were more interesting than the show. Please CBS made an excuse it was for budgetary reasons for the reason why they let their 2 female stars go at the time(season 6) than they should have had the same reason for paying the male leads less at the time instead of increasing and renewing their contracts or got rid of at least 1 male cast at the time and brought in cheaper male talent. shows seem to want to mess more with their female characters or their super intelligent characters than their male counterparts who really are just the muscle (except JM because I like Rossi and his character who is like the father to the others.)

    • Yes, I do. I was thinking about it last night. But my point is, in a show like Criminal Minds, in which all of them have nearly equivalent roles and none of them are actually very famous famous (and if you tell me JT or TG are, you’re insane. JM is the biggest name!), women and men should make the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5k or 100k. But the same.

    • Dixie says:

      WOW – I was thinking the same thing but was afraid of being crucified for saying it. I realize that most of these people are overpaid, but it’s Hollywood. There is nothing “fair” about it. The rest of us live in the real world.

  50. Mike Meeks says:

    Shame on ABC Studios , Without both actresses returning I will stop watching the show . It’s a shame because I really enjoy the show , but right is right and that is ridiculous !