Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Grimm, Once, Castle, Criminal Minds, The Following and More

NCIS Castle Once Upon a Time SpoilersWill an NCIS mystery soon be solved? Is Grimm about to get hungry for brains? Will a Castle “couple” reunite? Who’s doing the deed on Defiance? Will Once Upon a Time find a missing person? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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When will Season 2 of The Following start? –Elsie
If you mean, “When does Season 2 premiere?,” that’s a premature question; check back in June. But if you meant when does Season 2 pick up, Kevin Bacon predicts a modest time jump. “My discussions with [series creator] Kevin [Williamson] about next year have been in very broad strokes… but I do know that the things that I really respond to, that he’s brought up to me, are the ideas that when you see [Ryan] at the beginning of next season, he’s in a very different place in his life,” the actor shares with TVLine. “So, the idea is that we may jump ahead in time.” But will Claire be along for the ride…?

On behalf of all of us Criminal Minds fan fiction writers on Facebook, any word on who’s losing their life in the season finale? –Jekkah
Show boss Erica Messer wasn’t about to spill on the confirmed fatality, so I went with this angle: Is the Replicator’s target the same as the finale’s eventual victim? Her intriguing response: “There’s one of each — we have a target, and we also have a victim.”

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What is Gibbs building in his basement on NCIS? Will we find out before the season ends? –Joyce
“Your question is perfectly timed,” showrunner Gary Glasberg answers. ” Don’t miss the season finale (airing May 14) and you’ll see what Gibbs has been slowly working on in the basement for months. It’s going to be a terrific new addition for our family.” Hmm. “Addition”? “Family”? It’s a big ol’ crib!

I saw CBS advertising “the last three episodes” of NCIS. Does this mean “ever,” or this season? They did not specify. –Sharon
I answer only because I received a stupefying amount of questions about this cruel CBS promo. Rest assured, NCIS was renewed for Season 11 some time ago. (We’re just still waiting on Cote.)

Any Suits tidbits? –Megan
Midway through the coming season, we’ll meet Harvey’s yet-to-be-cast father Gordon, in an origins flashback to when Harvey was working at District Attorney’s office and he caught his boss Cameron burying evidence on his cases. Of note during the father/son chat: They bring up two family members that have been hinted at only a little thus far, Harvey’s cheating mother and his little brother Marcus.

We’re three episodes into Defiance and Irisa doesn’t even seem to like her dad. Will this change? –@justinmwykes
Alas, save for one fleeting scene, Irisa is MIA in next week’s episode. (In fact, I hope they shot the scene during a busier day for poor Stephanie Leonidas, lest she spent hours in makeup to not say a word!) What you do get this Monday is a wonderful (and then suddenly intense) scene between Amanda and Stahma, and some sexytime for Nolan and Kenya (interrupted, amusingly, by madame mayor). There’s also a tiny mythology dump (what’s up with that golden gizmo McCawley’s ill-fated son discovered?), and you’ll learn the Bioman’s first (only?) name.

When will Malibu Country Season 2 start? –Joyous
The same day as The Following Season 2. (No, that’s just me making a cheeky callback. Reba’s ABC com needs to get renewed first.)

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The penultimate episode of Grimm Season 2 is called “The Waking Dead,” a clear connection to AMC’s The Walking Dead. Are there any possibilities that there will be zombies in the two final episodes, considering Reg E. Carthy appears as Baron Samedi, probably based upon Haitian Loa of Death? –Oliver
Keen observation, Ollie. And I can confirm that there will indeed be zombies — with a twist. (Maybe they have porcelain-like skin?)

Loving all the Banshee coverage on TVLine. Got any fresh scoop on Season 2? —Noel
This one is hot off the proverbial presses: Harrison Thomas — who appeared in the final shot of Season 1 as Jason, the son of the real Lucas Hood — has closed a deal to appear in at least three Season 2 episodes.

Is there any word on a possible Chris/Gail romance in Season 4 of Rookie Blue? –@Chyler_Obsessed
The season opener (airing May 23) does feature a good Chris/Gail scene, but by all appearances thus far, it seems the show is going back to Gail and… Nick.

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I’m in serious need of some Emma/Neal scoop on Once Upon a Time! Do you have anything? –Meredith
This Sunday’s episode very well may be everything you’ve ever wanted (and more), when the exes finally have a heart-to-heart. As Michael Raymond James previews, “Neal still feels some guilt” for bailing on his love 10 years ago, “but he felt he didn’t have a choice in the matter. I mean, we’re talking about her saving a townful of people that he grew up with, people from Fairytale Land. So in Neal’s mind, he jumped on a grenade in the name of the greater good.”

Are we ever gonna see Greg/Owen’s dad again on Once Upon a Time? I can’t say I’d be shocked if being locked up somewhere in Storybrooke post-curse hasn’t aged him a day. –Estee
Kurt Flynn resurfaces this Sunday. And… that’s all I got.

Any scoop on Castle? Are there any scenes coming up with Alexis or Martha, or Lanie with Kate? –Valentina
I like your thinking, that as Kate gets to wondering about her and Rick’s future, she might consult with her gal pal. So I am happy to confirm that we will get another of the all-too-rare Kate/Lanie scenes before this season is over.

Will the Castle ‘shippers that have a vested interest in the Caskett relationship be happy or angry at the end of the season finale, “Watershed”? –Gary
The Castle ‘shippers that have a vested interest in the Caskett relationship will… have a very strong reaction at the end of the season finale, “Watershed.”

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  1. Jon says:

    Dude, that is a true tease for Castle/Watershed. I think most of us are/have been prepping for a “very strong reaction” for a good while now.

    • Jon says:

      I should add, I completely trust Andrew Marlowe though. Bring it on!

      • badpenny says:

        I figure they’re either going to break up for the summer, with Kate working for the FBI, or Castle will ask her to marry him. :)

        • asdf says:

          Or both… She decides to take the job, Castle proposes in a desperate attempt to keep her in NYC, and she refuses and breaks up with him. Set up for her to return in S6, hat in hand.

          Whenever Kate’s had to pick between Castle and something else, she picks “something else”… and then looks at that empty chair and regrets it later.

    • how is that even a spoiler? castle fans have a strong reaction to every single episode and every single finale. it means nothing. it’s not even a good tease- it’s pointing out the obvious.

      • BB123 says:

        Castle fans we have strong reaction (sometime a little too strong) to everything.
        Now, I trust Marlowe and Castle’s team.
        Not necesserely about the what they will do but how.
        Castle has done some storyline I usually dislike, or use cliché I usually frown upon.
        My best example is the “I Love you” on death bed. I usually roll my eyes to that on a show. Overused and overdone so much that I used to think it’s annoying.
        However I loved it on Castle. I don’t know why. Maybe it was how it was set-up. Maybe it was the way Fillion played it. I don’t really know (nor care), but they had me love something that I usually dislike strongly. The same happened with the 10 minutes retirement. I always hated it in other shows but I bought it on Castle.
        Or even if there’s a break-up, or a proposal or a pregnancy (all of it I’d would dislike in another show), I trust Marlowe and his team to write it, direct it and act it in a way that I will buy it.

        • Emily says:

          I think it worked because they didn’t play it as though it was the first time she had said it or that he didn’t already know.

          • BB123 says:

            I wasn’t clear, I was talking about the one at the end of season 3.
            However, this one in Still worked too in this example. And I agree with you.

        • Lisa says:

          Totally agreeing with you BB123, most things I don’t like on other shows are somehow done really well on Castle, even if I don’t like the idea when I first hear it. No matter what the ‘what’ is Marlowe and the others have planned, I have faith that the ‘how’ will indeed be great.

        • sofia says:

          I always thought the “I love you” scene should’ve been Romione style, Kate wanting to say it and Castle not allowing her to until they were both safe again. I think it would have been more beautiful and more meaningful after, and I would have definitely liked it better.
          I’ve also been thinking a lot about “Still”, like, if ABC hadn’t ordered another episode would we have had Kate saying those three words to Castle this season? Another reason why I didn’t like it much nor was too excited about it was because it happened in an “extra” episode, that doesn’t really make sense in either order (the one it was supposed to air nor the one ABC ended up airing it).

          • Christina says:

            It also kinda means they were going to drag out the captain reveal too. Unless they had time to rework the other episodes to give legitimate plot development to “Still.”

            Also, absolutely love you HP reference, and I couldn’t agree more.

    • David says:

      They are not going to break up. Does anyone really think that AM is going to break them up after its taken this long to get them together? The show would lose its entire fan base if he did that.

      They are not going get engaged. Its taken four and half years for Kate to tell Castle she loves him. Castle will wait to ask her to marry him sometime in the middle of season six. She will say yes and thus a new storyline. Kate now has to start planning their wedding. They would never elope in a million years!

      She will not be accepting another job in DC. She’s not going to go off and leave Castle now that things are starting to get better in the relationship. She loves him to much to do that now.

      Kate is not pregnant. I’d like to think that they are both using protection at their age to keep that from happening.

      Kate is not interested in anyone other than Castle. Castle is not interested in anyone other than Kate. Even though Castle hasn’t given her a ring that doesn’t mean they’re not in a committed relationship. After watching “Still” do we seriously think that they wouldn’t be. I would like to think that neither one of them would need a symbol to show their love for one another.

      Like everyone else here I’ve been watching this show since day one and AM has taken us all through this rollercoaster ride at a very slow pace. He loves to throw monkey wrenches in where ever he can just to get us all upset and this next season is not going to be any different than the first five.

      Now that “Still” has aired and she’s has said those words that I personally have been waiting to hear since start of season three the relationship is only going to get stronger. There is a natural progression to this very strange love story and only Andrew Marlowe knows where he’s going to take us.

      But I do know wherever that may be Rick and Kate and all of the fans of this show will arrive there together as Always!

      • LeighLee says:

        Great post! I agree with all of that. Except for the fact that no protection is 100% effective so pregnancy is always a possibility, but I don’t think it will happen.

      • Squintern says:

        Still was NOT supposed to air when it did. Switch it around in your head like Marlowe said to do.

        • David says:

          Where did AM say to switch it around in your head? What he said was that its not going to make much of a difference. I know Still was the extra episode but you have to go with the way the storyline is flowing now. She can’t say “I think we’re just getting started” then turn around and break up with him. And BTW I’ve watched the two episodes back to back every which way and like I said now that Still has aired you have to go with the way the show is flowing now not the way it would of flowed had Still never aired. Sure they’re going to have a period where they’re going to argue but by the end of the finale they will be together. I guarantee it!

          • Tamera says:

            I think their relationship is still up in the air, for the fact that AM did not plan on Still being aired out of order. It doesn’t make sense that Kate thinks it’s just getting started and then the very next episode she is completely questioning their relationship. I could see AM using that segue way into a momentary break in their relationship. I just wish it wasn’t so 180 from the previous episode.

      • kath says:

        Good post.

        ITA. Marlowe won’t break them up because the fan base would revolt. And he won’t put them together too fast. My guess is that Kate gets offered another job and turns it down to commit even more to Castle.

    • in Deutschland läuft 5×12. z.t. Wiederholung, deswegen dauert es noch. Ich habe Frozen Heat gelesen und denke das Rick und Kate getrennte Wege gehen, arbeitsmäßig und ich denke auch in der Beziehung. Denn Rick war der jeniege der Kate dazu gebracht hat anfang der Staffel 5 weiter zu machen, ob wohl Kate es nicht wollte. Sie liebt ihn und er liebt sie, vielleicht geht es in der Beziehung weiter, eigentlich wollen es beide, aber Rick ist sich glaube ich auch nicht sicher was er machen soll. Ich Liebe dich muss er öfter sagen und man hört es selten von ihm. Und das wollen Frauen öfter hören und Kate ist auch so eine. Rick hat sie nie im Stich gelassen hat immer an ihrer Seite gestanden und geholfen und seit “Always” auch in der Beziehung. Ich glaube das reicht Kate nicht, sie will mehr.
      Ich freue mich wenn die deutsche übersetzung weiter geht und bleibe weiterhin “Castle FAN”, always!

  2. tahina says:

    Caskettsplitville? ):):

  3. M. says:

    Yay for the Kate & Lanie-scene on Castle.

    But the finale-scoop makes me wonder – again. And a little afraid of what there is to come…

  4. Ana Rubio says:

    OMG… a very strong reaction at Castle’s season finale… OMG

  5. Emmakingg says:

    Strong reaction doesn’t necessarily mean a bad one for Castle fans~

  6. Bethan says:

    Thanks for the criminal minds scoop.

    I’m now thinking that Strauss is the target and Anderson is the victim… Anyone?

    • Jekkah says:

      I’d settle for that!

    • Angela says:

      I could live with that setup. Just leave the main team members alone and I’ll call it good.

      • GS says:

        They could totally kill Blake and it wouldn’t bother me a bit but Hotch, Morgan, Reid, JJ, Rossi, and Garcia are off the table. I wish they hadn’t even tried to replace Prentiss b/c the character Blake just grates and I can’t stand her. No personality or anything. Strauss is better than her and I never thought I’d say that!

        • Angela says:

          I personally don’t have an issue with Blake one way or another, she seems nice enough and everything, but yeah, of all the team members, if she’s the one to go I won’t be all that bothered. Anyone else on the team goes, though, and I will be P*SSED.
          And I agree with you about Strauss-I have a feeling she might be in danger, but I kind of don’t want her to be, because she provides a good foil of sorts for the team. It’d be a bit weird to not have her around.

    • Jules says:

      I’m going for Hotch being the target and his brother being the victim. Unless I’m missing something and the victim is more of a recurring character.

  7. a says:

    castle’s totally the blind item everyone thought was bones. engagement, baby.

    • LeighLee says:

      I still think the blind item was Bones. They did have an engagement, even though it didn’t last to the end of the episode. I don’t want Castle to be the blind item if that means next season is their last. Also, it’s too soon for Caskett to get engaged.

      • b says:

        Ausiello reveals blind items after they happen. Had it been Bones, the blind item would have been revealed. The only options left are Castle and Nikkita.

      • Emmakingg says:

        I wouldn’t think it’s too soon for an engagement. I mean, they have been partners for years and together as a couple for a year..they know each better than anyone else does..

      • Wendykw says:

        At the Calgary Expo Nathan Fillion made a comment about expecting to be on Castle for 2 more years. (You can find his Q&A on youtube.) I’m assuming that’s how long he has left on his contract. In past interviews, NF has said he wants to end the series while it is still doing well, not let it deteriorate by running too long. I think the story arc may be set for 7 years right now. There is no reason not to expect the show to be renewed for next year. That said, there is no show without Nathan and Stana.

    • eridapo says:

      No. Stephen Nathan’s interviews after the finale pretty much confirmed Bones was the blind item. Hart and Nathan’s main goal has always been to maintain the “will they/wont they” dynamic in the show, but when it leak and they saw the reaction they knew they had to give the shippers a bone to avoid a full blown revolt. Brennan proposes, and booth accepts but is then force to take it back by Pelant.
      What you get… Shippers know B&B want to get marry but are being kept apart by Pelant. Booth can not tell Brennan about why he took back the propsal while Brennan can tell Booth how much it is hurting her that he did. This will create tension and distance without necessarily breaking up the couple.

      It was a brilliant move by Hart and Nathan. They got to eat and have their cake at that same time.

      • georgia madman says:

        The whole Pelant storyline sucks and the finale was beyond ridiculous. I’m done with Bones. Thank God there’s still Castle and its writing is strong.

        • jj says:

          I agree. Pelant storyline is the reason I didn’t watch the finale and the reason I didn’t buy last season in DVD or bluray and I don’t have any intention of buying this season’s either. Castle, on the other hand, not only do I watch it faithfully on TV, I also buy its season pass on iTunes and then I buy the DVD when it comes out. (Not to mention buying the Richard Castle novels.)

      • Nicola says:

        The confirmation has to come from Ausiello himself. Once the episode featuring the event in question of whatever show airs then Ausiello announces it in his immediately posted recap/interview. Plus, the events of the Bones finale have been added to the updates made to the May Sweeps Scorecard for this year and he always adds a link to the blind item article next to whatever event it was referring to once that update has been made. It’s been 3 days since the Bones finale aired and the lack of confirmation from Ausiello pretty much confirms Bones wasn’t the blind item.

        My money is most definitely on Castle.

        • scooby says:

          You’re assuming Ausiello’s not just holding out until all the finales from the shows mentioned have aired. See if he confirms the blind item now, less anxiety from fans and fewer page clicks from people wondering if their show is the one. Not all of his blind items are with regard to a season finale. It’s reasonable to think that he might do things differently. The way things are going, people are saying ‘it’s Bones’ or ‘it’s not Bones’ and coming back to comment which is exactly what he wants.

          • Liam says:

            exactly its sort of genius and cuel at the same time lol

          • Oliver says:

            It could be separation – Mary Margaret and David. One of them trapped in another realm than the other. Again…

  8. Karen says:

    strong reaction can you say vague and yeay for lanie kbex scenes they should be more of that

  9. I just want to know if Criminal Minds will be back next season.

  10. Mari says:

    I’m getting anxioous about the Castle finale.

  11. RichieS says:

    On Castle, is it true that Dennis Haysbert is joining the cast as an old flame of Penny Jerald’s character? Talk about deja vue..

    • James says:

      i don’t know where you heard that but if it’s true that would be so awesome. the Palmers back together again.

  12. Hyndara says:

    Sorry to correct, but Grimm episode 2.21 will be called “The Waking Dead” not “The Walking Dead”. So, no comparison here

  13. Shawn says:

    “So in Neal’s mind, he jumped on a grenade in the name of the greater good.” – Huh, I’m pretty sure it’s more like he threw Emma onto that grenade being that she’s the one who went to prison and he moved on with his life.

    • ARRO says:

      I agree, he chose himself and his daddy issues and even again when August came to say curse will be broken again, he choose his dad and then say Emma wont want to see him.
      In this show… notice how its about Choosing Love (even Charming chose it, risked his kingdom) – which Neal did NOT do!!! I certainly do not see the fight, find and choosing Emma here from Neal.

      • bia says:

        Captain Swan fans & Hook fans always arranging way to distill hatred against Neal.
        For God’s sake! Emma always said she wanted to meet her parents. Neal knew that Emma’s greatest happiness was this.
        Not incriminate Neal. He is the son of pain and adultery. Hook indirectly leading Milah with him, did Bae grow up without a mother.

        And IF IF IF Hook will be dating Emma, ​​he will be responsible for ruining Bae’s life 2 times…

        Shameful. Since Hook, even made sexual innuendos the Snow (Emma’s mother), and more serious in front of David. A total insult and disrespect

        Hook hit Belle and if not Regina he would kill her.
        Will be yes, very bizarre Hook suddenly forget his revenge and and redeem himself. And fans forget his sexual harassment to women, violence. And Emma accept it as normal.

        Neal may have sent Emma to the jail, but Emma would never have known Snow and Charming, if he had not sacrificed.

        • Louise says:

          Why is it so impossibly hard for some of you that not everyone likes Neal and not everyone agress with the interpretation of Neal’s motives that his fans obviously prefer? Disagreeing with you about your positive interpretation is NOT hate. By trying to brush every opinion that doesn’t fit yours off as “hate” you’re actually revealing a lot more about some Neal fans than about the so-called “haters”.

    • Joey says:

      Oh look. More unwarranted Neal hate. Can’t say I’m surprised at this point.

      • Shawn says:

        You do realize, of course, that disliking a character doesn’t make it unwarranted. There’s such a thing in the world as opinions. It is OKAY not to like Neal. Really.

        • Joey says:

          Yes, it is okay, but your reasoning behind it is flawed, hence why I called you out on it.

          • Shawn says:

            No, the reasoning is flawed per YOUR perspective. From mine, a man who believes that he is the one who suffered (throwing himself on a grenade) is worthy of dislike. If I’m Emma Swan and someone says anything close to me like that, my reply is, “Oh I’m so very sorry that it was hard for you to set me up and let me go to prison for people you neither knew nor especially cared about. I’m even more sorry about how hard it was to move on with your life.”

          • Joey says:

            @Shawn: Really now? I don’t see him telling Emma that he had the raw end of the deal. Now, maybe if he said that, your argument might have some merit. In the end, him setting up Emma hurt them both, but I guess in your Neal-is-just-the-worst worldview, you don’t see that.

    • Alice says:

      I’ve never understood this interpretation- that Emma going to prison was Neal acting for the sake of avoiding going to prison himself. It’s not like Neal ran around a corner, into the arms of the cops, and then, caught said “My girlfriend did it,” in a moment of panic to save himself. August made him believe that Emma had to get caught to keep things on track to break the curse. Implausible as it is, it was made clear that Neal didn’t just cut and run to avoid jail, but that it was essential that Emma think he’d sent her up to save himself so she would never look for him, and ultimately break the curse. The scene where he gives August the money and the car proves that he didn’t just move on with his life, he had to be told off of going after her again after just a few weeks. I totally understand EMMA not believing his motives, and not forgiving him. But as the audience, we’ve seen why he did what he did, and it was made clear that it wasn’t him sacrificing her to save himself. On the contrary, he was sacrificing any chance of a future with her to ensure that she went to Storybrooke and broke the curse and got her family back. He has no expectations of being forgiven himself, which explains why he never went to Storybrooke after he got the post card.
      And naturally, the writers turn August into a baby so that he can’t clear up anything. Stupid puppet.

      • Louise says:

        As the audience we also knew Neal ran away because Pinocchio showed him a slip of paper with his name on it and, as he told August himself, Neal was afraid of Rumple tracking him down.
        Everyone is free to interpret it was they want, but personally I’m so not buying this huge, brave sacrifice approach. Fear of facing daddy again was at the very least a huge motivation factor for Neal as well.
        And we as the audience don’t know if August told Neal that Emma had to go to prison. Whether one thinks it was August’s idea or Neal’s idea or something they both came up with can only be subjective interpretation at this point.

      • He was ready to bail on her and move to Canada without her just a little while before. I don’t think we can view Neal as giving up much of anything, besides getting laid.

        • Joey says:

          If you actually paid attention during that scene, you’d notice that he didn’t want to put her in any danger, but I guess Neal haters see what they want to see.

          • Right, but it’s also possible that he was just saying that. I mean, if you assume everyone who kisses someone on this show has found their true love, then I guess that clouds it. But a small-time criminal who’s spent centuries skipping worlds probably won’t find it too hard to ditch the pretty blonde to make sure he doesn’t get caught.

          • Joey says:

            @Lola: I’m not saying that he meant that he wanted her safe. I’m saying that he said that he wanted her to stay safe. Yet again, it’s something that people who don’t like Neal just seem to edit out while they’re watching.

          • Alice says:

            The writers gave an interview to ET- the people who know the characters best, talking about Baelifire: “When you really love somebody, you just want to be with them. And to deny that, is hard to yourself, and is also hard because he knew he was going to break her heart. August: ‘You love her, good, that means you have to do right by her.’ Neal: ‘That’s all I’m trying to do.’ August: ‘Then leave her.’ He understands that this destiny is important for her, and he can’t be in the way. And that is a self-sacrifice that he regrets every day.”
            I’m not sure if you can state it more clearly than that. I don’t know if people are deliberately trying to make Bae a terrible person because they want Emma to be with Hook and they feel like to make that happen Neal needs to be black of heart, or if they are just really obtuse.
            I have no problem with Emma picking Hook- he’s a suave and handsome guy-and knowing the motivations behind Bae’s decision doesn’t mean she’s going to forgive him: Bae making that decision for her was high-handed and deprived her of any agency in her life. But to try and make it seem like his motivation was more selfish and sinister than what is was makes no sense.

      • sofia says:

        Couldn’t agree more.
        He still has forgiven himself, he doesn’t know if Emma is ever going to forgive him. And it’s not like he is waiting for another chance with her, if he was he wouldn’t have told his fiancée to join him in Storybrooke.

        • sofia says:

          *he still hasn’t forgiven himself*

        • AAA says:

          The reason ppl dislike Neal to a extent is what he did and the way he is even NOW, ok we get it to a point what he did and why, but the choice he made was one for himself as well, not wanting to see his father came into it clearly, he again mention that first when August comes back to him, that the curse will be broken first his dad he mentions and then Emma!. When he got the postcard again we again saw and said why the hell did he not go back, as the episodes went on, we figured out why he didnt, he wanted to know when it will be broken, so to know that his father is free to look for him, thats the why he wanted a postcard firstly and then about Emma finally being where she is suppose to be. And lets see the episode Manhattan – he was being a jerk from the moment he saw, shouted at her – said to her he was in hiding, when she asked for why he did what he did, and then says to her he wouldnt of gone near her if he knew – wow what a way to put her down when clearly she was in turmoil in seeing him again and wanting answers, and then he laughs in her face when she says dont break Henry’s heart like you did mine. Now which angle are we suppose to like Neal esp in favour for Emma. And then in the last episode he tells her he never believed in the one thing she relied on and said she was good at her lie detecting skills, he completely dismissed it – he didnt once have faith she could be telling the truth or have doubt cross his mind. These are the reasons why i dont like Neal esp for Emma!!! No respect and no faith he has for her!!!

          These are why the reasons why i think probably most ppl dont like – esp the neutral viewers watching this would i assume have the same thoughts!!!

  14. Lass1 says:

    I hope Emma gets her closure that she deserves from him and move ahead!!!

  15. eds says:

    As long as they don’t kill off Reid on Criminal Minds, I don’t care who gets bumped off.

  16. James says:

    I’ve been pretty sure for months that Castle wasn’t the blind Item, now I’m starting to get a little worried, although I still think it could be Nikita. either way wouldn’t be ideal in my mind break up or engagement, but i could deal with both what i cannot deal with is Castle potentialling ending after next season, that would piss me off so much, if bones can survive this long sure as hell Castle better. still keeping the faith though :)

  17. sofia says:

    I don’t really watch CM anymore but I’m having this feeling that maybe it’s Hotch who dies/is severely injured and leaves, and that would be awful considering that his son, Jack, has already lost his mother. It probably won’t be JJ because she was the main focus on the last season finale, so I doubt they’d do it again this year, and if she died there would be another motherless child that’s related with the BAU.
    Regarding NCIS, maybe Gibbs is building a bigger bed for Tony (and *cough*Ziva*cough*). Maybe Gibbs is going to adopt a dog and is building it a house to put in his yard.
    Last Sunday when they were focusing on that fisherman on OUAT I thought he was Owen’s dad, not that Regina had shape-shifted herself. Looking forward to know what happened to him, and also for those Neal-Emma scenes, been waiting for them for a long time.
    And for more Kate and Lanie scenes too. As for the Caskett shippers having a strong reaction, we always do, no matter what happens, it’s always a strong reaction.

    • Sheila says:

      I’m putting in a nod for the head FBI whatshername…Erin? I think she’s gonna be killed. Maybe while saving one of the profilers.

  18. Samantha says:

    With all the foreshadowing of Castle and his “death” (eg Ryan and esposito discussing being left his Ferrari and bad karma of even saying it out loud etc)…. and the uncharacteistically rapid bond kate seemed to form with Eric blah….. My imagination would run dull and picture a fake death of Castle for whatever reason and a resurrection next season to only find Kate in her new job with Eric and for her to then return to the precinct but stay with Eric blah blah Etc etc ….but that would
    be a typical cliche avenue which shows tend to go down when they reach points like this and worry about ideas….so it can’t be an option right? And after all the talk for 4 years of working towards a relationship …. they wouldn’t only have them date for five seconds before ripping them apart right? Someone tell me I’m right =\ ..Pls be good to us Castle Co and don’t make this hiatus any harder than its already going to be >_<

    • Danielle H. says:

      lol your option would make the show interesting again for 5 minutes

    • CastleFanForLife says:

      Eric Vaugh isn’t a recurring character…he was on the show for one reason, and one reason only…to make Kate realize her and Castle haven’t asked the hard questions yet…namely where is their relationship heading. Vaughn’s only purpose was to serve as a catalyst in moving the C&B relationship forward which was at a “standstill” – meaning they were happy in their bubble but not really moving forward with a goal in mind. After seeing her life flash before her eyes in “Still” and realizing again that her priorities in life have changed, Kate becomes aware in ‘The Squab and the Quail’ that “happy bubble without real direction” is not enough for her anymore. She wants more out of that relationship and now wants to find out if Castle wants more, too. And the purpose of Vaughn was to bring that awareness to the forefront of her mind. That is all. So your depicted scenario is unlikely. No worries. :)

  19. Louise says:

    “I mean, we’re talking about her saving a townful of people that he grew up with” – Uh, no. With the exception of Rumplestiltskin and the Blue Fairy no one who was transported to Storybrooke with the curse was even alive when Bae grew up. The Rumple and Bae stuff happened at least decades, possibly centuries (as the writers say this is how old Rumple is, thanks to the Dark One powers) before everyone else was even born.

  20. Mary says:

    Matt, I know you couldn´t answer the Castle question about the fans being angry or happy without leting it all spill – but what a teaser you are! Strong feelings?! We always have them:)
    Anyway, goog to know there will a talk between Kate/Lanie…but I really would like to know it all like now!:)

  21. GB says:

    Samantha: I don’t see that as even the slightest of possibilities. No worries.

    About the blind item, if it were to be Castle. They never said it WOULD be the final season, only that it COULD be. Aside from the fact that almost any season could be a shows last before ratings for that season come out, I’d point out that Castle’s rating have improved since the blind item was laid down.

    And it has to be either Nikita or Castle. If it had been Bones, there would have been a reveal article after the finale.

  22. Actually, I think what MJR said about Neal and OUAT was “mumble, mumble, mumble” based on his ‘acting’ performance thus far.

    • Omg that irritates the hell out of me,last Sunday i scream “open your mouth good dammit”.
      I dont like him for Emma,he has been a jerk so far.

    • A fan says:

      LOL that just made me laugh. So true. I need cc to understand him…not that I care what he says anyway… Can’t stand him. Takes away important time from the core 5.

  23. Maria says:

    By the way, Matt, you chose very nice pictures of Stana Katic and Mark Harmon.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I would venture to say that Stana Katic has never taken a bad picture… That made it an easy choice for Matt… :)

      • Lauren says:

        I’ve had the great fortune of meeting Stana twice, once on set in 2011 when I was in LA for work and also here in NYC during the summer hiatus last year. Let me to you, I’ve seen her in full hair and makeup and also in a casual ponytail wearing the faintest amount of foundation and mascara, and on both occassions she was absolutely breathtaking. I’m pretty sure my knees buckled when I saw her last. You seriously couldn’t capture a bad picture of that woman if you tried.

  24. Patricia (Jensenfan1978) says:

    You missed one today. Promo pics for the Supernatural Season Finale are on the LA Examiner.

  25. Rida says:

    As everyone above has already noted Caskett shippers have a strong reaction to EVERYTHING related to Caskett and to every finale as well. Marlowe has yet to give me a reason to not trust him so im not too worried. I do believe he will test Caskett to the limit in the finale and we might or might not find out whether they have overcome it by the end of the finale. Whenever we do find out, Castle and Beckett will pull through it stronger together.

  26. Teri says:

    Love Kate and Lanie scenes and if I know Lanie, she will give Kate a tongue lashing about owning up to her love from Castle. Love everything about Castle so much!

    • Squintern says:

      kate loves rick. there’s no doubt. the doubt is ricks’s outright refusal to sit down and have a talk with the woman he madly loves. kate wants to know their future and rick is acting as though everything’s fine.

  27. Kate says:

    I’m so worried that Caskett will break up….but since there’s been all this hype about the possibility, I’m wondering if their answer that fans will have a strong reaction is meant to throw us off and it will hopefully be a good reaction?! Also, apparently the blind item that said a couple would break up has been revised and now they’re hinting at an engagement? Idk I’m hoping that Caskett won’t break up….I don’t need an engagement, I just need them to be together or this will be a very long summer! I just don’t see how the show dynamic would work if they broke up! The whole show is about castle and Beckett working together and it wouldn’t be realistic for them to continue working together after a breakup so idk I guess I think if they do breakup they’ll get back together soon…ahhhh this is stressing me out! I just hope it’s not Caskett Andalusia of this is just my worrying.

  28. Mandy says:

    I really can’t wait for Emma to get closure from Neal so she can finally move on and it’s paralleling Hook moving on from Milah and his revenge. Yeah that’s not on purpose, just like they paralleled Hook and Emma fighting Maleficent in Sunday’s episode. Emma’s gonna be the person that makes Hook see that somebody cares for him.

    Now we just need Emma to finally have her closure with Neal.

    • AAA says:

      They are parallleing for sure, they both at a crossroads to move on – Hook now is questioning his vengeance and what he will have in his life know taking revenge will be an end. And here we have Emma realising what ppl are saying about her still having feelings for Neal (which is pushing her to confront it even though we all know how right she is about Tamara and emotion are not in the way but its not a surprise that Snow said what she did and be cautious to how Henry will take it and wanting his parents back etc), when she says she doesnt so these are the things these two will have to confront – again i say Emma needs closure, her to see and get i guess an apology or some reason to finally move ahead, once she faces it – she can do that.
      Both Hook and Emma have had a wake up call esp Hook – it will be interesting to see how he is around things now building up and getting to be aware of Gregmara’s plans.

      Another thing i think the season finale episode i think we will have Hook flashbacks at the start of his revenge and his planning of it when he gets to Neverland, so he wont be in the best of places in himself-the start of him being Hook and in the present scenes coming out of his revenge mode.

  29. justanotherfan says:

    Castle fans make me laugh. A break up is bad, them getting engaged is bad, things staying the same is bad. Poor Andrew Marlowe :P

    • Squintern says:

      It’s because the overly emotional caskett fan base can’t see beyond their own fannish desires.

      • Shawn says:

        The Castle fandom is one of the most ungrateful and whiny shippers i’ve ever been a part of. I tend to laugh at them and their melodramatic behavior. Oh the kisses are too dark. The kisses are too short. We get light and longer kisses and then they find the next thing to complain about. It’s beyond ridiculosu. HaHa!

        I love the show and feel Marloee has done a great job in all 5 seasons. This season has been a shipper’s dream, but they are too busy complaining about what they want to see that they read in fan fics to see how good the Caskett moments have truly been.

  30. Fabe says:

    Are both The Vampire Diaries’ and Grimm’s penultimate episodes called “The Walking Dead”? That’s kind of funny.

  31. Jo says:

    maybe Gibbs is building a bed for Tony

  32. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Emma and Neal!! I love them so much. I hope they are given a second chance. Emma can forgive, and they can slowly restart that chapter. I can’t wait!!!

  33. bia says:

    Neal haters see what they want to see.
    Captain wan fans will do anything to denigrate Neal, even what they do not see on the show.
    I am dying with laughter with so many parallels that they arrange with Snow and Charming.
    I’d like to see where CS integrates the moment Hook sexually harassed Snow in front of her husband.
    Must be a private taste, since Milah was married and Snow also.

    But I forgot that Hook will start his redemption. And we fans will all be obliged to forget that Hook was Henry’s lover grandmother. Bae grew up without mother because of him. And t Snow and Charming will have amnesia about the timing of Hook harassment, and they will allow Hook date with Emma.

    • sara says:

      Or the part where he held her down next to the lake and threatened her with “You will feel my sword when I shove it inside you.”
      NO. Rape threats- NEVER OK.
      Ick. Hook. Just…no.
      If I were Henry I’d be asking “So, what happened to the last woman with a son you dated?”
      “She abandoned her kid to come with me and I was totes OK with it.”
      Yeah…Henry will be thrilled.

    • kath says:

      Neither Hook nor Neal is good enough to be with Emma. They’re both too self-centered.

      And now we know that Neal is even more narcissistic. His “apology” to Emma was all about how much it hurt him to send her to jail. Nothing about what it did to her, not only to go to jail, and then have to give up her baby, but to abandon her when she’d been abandoned all her life. Faugh! I’m tired of the show telling me how much Neal and Emma belong together when I see Neal out only for himself. Like August, it’s only at the very end when the situation is dire that they think of sacrificing themselves instead of the other person. (I hope like August he goes back to being a young boy because young Baelfire is worth much more than adult Neal.)

      Why can’t Emma find someone like Anton, who genuinely cares about other people and will treat her well?

  34. YEAH Many Captain Swan fans compare and think Hook / Charming are similar.
    But I never saw Charming hit women, nor ever saw Charming sexually harassing women.

    At this point, Neal is much more like Charming. Neal does not hit women, nor does sexual innuendos to married women (Like Hook did to Snow).

  35. FlySi says:

    I’ve been thinking about where Castle and Beckett are going, and I keep thinking about Ausiello’s blind item from December – you know, the one about a popular couple splitting up – and how it’s changed/evolved in recent months. Apparently this separation has become an altogether different 10-letter word.

    So what 10-letter words could there be? And if the blind item was about Castle, which of these 10-letter words would have a strong response amongst its fans?

    Engagement – 10 letters. No reason why Castle can’t propose. He’s maybe a little weary after two failed marriages, and the whole Beckett-Vaughan kiss-thingy would have spooked him, but there’s no greater commitment than asking somebody to marry you.

    Pregnancy – 9 letters. Can’t see it somehow, although there have been some hints dropped in this direction throughout the season. Remember Castle’s fears about being unable to have children in ‘The Final Frontier’ because of the laser gun? And there was another comment recently about children too.

    Separation – 10 letters. But according to Ausiello it’s changed from this altogether so it doesn’t really fit.

    There is one word that does come to mind but I haven’t seen it discussed – Cohabiting. sure, it’s a bit clunky, etc. and moving in or living together sounds better, but cohabiting fits the bill. It’s 10 letters. It’s a sign of commitment. And it’s not as crazy as it might seem: we’ve seen plenty of instances of Beckett staying over at Castle’s loft, and Beckett made a HUGE gesture in giving Castle a drawer. Moving in together isn’t so daft and it’s a sure fire way of saying “I’m committed to this relationship, I’m committed to you”. How does this generate a strong response from the fan base? Imagine it’s the last scene – Castle asks Beckett and you have to wait until season 6 to find out.

  36. Byron Quinn says:

    am i the only one who noticed the connection between kurt FLYNN and tron? or am i just over thinking the coincidence

  37. Brenda Dempsey says:

    Oh I see trouble ahead for us caskett fans. I really think they are on the verge of a break up, which I’m sure will ultimately be resolved by the first or second episode of season six. Brief separation I’m sure but it will no doubt leave the fans feeling very very strongly!!! I seriously doubt it will be a ‘good’ kind of reaction because if they were to get engaged etc, it doesn’t really leave many new storylines in my opinion. It’s gonna be something pretty big by all accounts, I just we are not left spending our summer worrying about the status of their relationship!!!!

  38. Brenda Dempsey says:

    I just hope #

  39. Gerald says:

    Awww Harvey has a little brother…. can’t wait to meet him.
    Curious if he will be like Harvey or the exact opposite.
    Is Mike the little brother Harvey never had becasue his was a disappointment?
    This season or next. Can’t wait for Suits.

  40. Jackie says:

    I kinda wondered about the last name Flynn too with TRON. But not sure if that is what they are panning too.

    Anyone wondering if this “home office” is organization 13 from kingdom hearts?

  41. sara says:

    I’m confused. Neal only grew up with ONE person in Storybrooke. Everyone else he ever met in FTL has been dead 300 years

  42. “Kurt Flynn resurfaces this Sunday. And… that’s all I got”

    Nice pun.

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