Ratings: Good Wife and Revenge Rise, Once and The Mentalist Dip, Family Guy Tops Night

The Mentalist Season 5 Mystery SolvedAmazing Race‘s penultimate episode got CBS off and running this Sunday, drawing the night’s largest audience — 9.1 million viewers — while scoring a 2.3 demo rating, ticking down a tenth week-to-week.

The Good Wife‘s finale led out of that with 9.01 mil/1.6, rising a tenth in the demo and dominating its hour in total viewers, while The Mentalist‘s tongue-wagging Tupperware reveal (8.7 mil/1.5) ticked down a tenth while topping 10 pm in viewership.

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Over on ABC, Once Upon a Time (7.04 mil/2.0) dipped 5 percent to a new series low, Revenge (6 mil/1.7) returned to gains of 8 and 13 percent from Easter Sunday (yet was off a tenth from its last non-holiday outing) and Red Widow’s penultimate hour (3.5 mil/0.7) dropped hard no matter how you slice it.

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Fox’s The Simpsons (4.5 mil/2.0) and American Dad (4 mil/1.9) each rose a tenth, while Bob’s Burgers (3.5 mil/1.7) and Family Guy (4.9 mil/2.5) were flat, with the latter netting Sunday’s best demo rating.

NBC’s Celeb Apprentice (5 mil/1.5) slipped a tenth.

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  1. Katie says:

    What in the world happened to Once Upon A Time??

  2. Derek says:

    Before anyone says it – and I know they will – ABC’S SCHEDULING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RATINGS DROP!!!!

    In case you don’t remember, OUAT had the same scheduling last year with all the breaks and award shows, etc. OUAT and Revenge’s main problem is themselves. Both shows have been sub par all season. Viewers left, as normally happens when a show has a horrible plot and bad episodes.

    • Katie says:

      True even I tune out more and more form OUAT this season. Too many new characters imo the show started out with Emma/Regina/Snow/Charming/Rumple and now its evolved into something different.

      • Patrick says:

        This is why some high concept shows have trouble getting on air. They don’t have a long term plan. I really think the OUAT people thought they would only get one year. Last year built towards a season finale that should have been the SERIES finale of a 1 year show.

        What they should have done was have Emma realize the truth at the end on last season, but the rest of Storybrooke be in the dark. Season 2 would have featured Emma coming to terms with what is happening, figuring out who is who, and trying to figure out what to do next. The big midseason and finale reveals should have been Emma figuring out that Regina remembers who she was, and Regina realizing that Emma knows the truth. That could have happened in any order.

        Season 3 would have been out figuring out how to wake up the rest of the town, with Regina working to stop her, and the Dark One playing some long con/game. Season 4 could have been the nonsense of this year, only with established, beloved characters that the writers would have been forced to deal with.

      • Louise says:

        I don’t think it’s the scheduling either. And I admit I don’t care about many of the new characters. It’s not just Tamara and Greg, I’m also not overly attached to Hook or Neal. -shrugs-
        I miss the Emma we met in season 1 and I’m still not sure I understand half of what the writing for Regina was trying to do since the show came back from it’s first long break of the season and although Robert Carlyle is brilliant all that comes to my mind when thinking about Mr. Gold in Storybrooke is “too much” – with Lacey-Belle and finding and trying to make peace with his son, with Hook, and the prophecy about Henry, etc. they’re just throwing too much at the character and nothing really sticks. And I miss Ruby/Red. I know Meghan Ory has a new show now, but if they’d used her more in the first half of the season maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

        • Katie says:

          I’ll be honest, I tire of Rumple getting so many options for happiness even when he doesn’t deserve it but then Regina gets so few even though I do love her as the evil queen. I am also not a fan of the new characters it feels like we barely got backstory on the first season characters now we have new ones for this season and its all cluttered.

      • Gillian says:

        I DVR’d OUAT last night and haven’t seen it yet – the first time in two seasons that I didn’t catch up in Sunday. It has lost some of its magic, in spite if starting strong this season. I think part of it is Snow dabbling in Darkness. I liked it much better when there was a clear case of who Snow is and how she differs from Regina. As for Revenge, it started slow and is now awesome again! Love it! And did see it last night. I also live Aiden and his relationship with Emily but am worried about him not surviving this season (angering Takeda last night, though right for Emily, endangered him). I hope the ratings pick up for Revenge next season. Such a great show!

    • Et. Al. says:

      It’s utterly ridiculous to suggest scheduling has nothing to do with it. These are both highly serialized shows. When the audience realizes they have no idea when it last aired and if they saw it, they give up. The audience will wait until summer and catch up on Netflix if at all. There is no way millions are quitting a show because Snow and Charming aren’t making enough kissy face or we don’t see enough Emma or whatever the standard quality accusations on here are.

      • Derek says:

        Then explain why there wasn’t such a sharp dive for OUAT last year…

        • Et. Al. says:

          There was a similar drop last yer. OUAT lost roughly 3.5 million viewers from premiere to seasons end both seasons (so far).

          Also, based on the data I can find last year OUAT had four breaks compared to this year’s five. The fact that Revenge is suddenly suffering similarly only strengthens the scheduling argument.

          Regardless of the data, the fact is that such erratic scheduling for highly serialized shows on such a competitive night is just bad decision making. The only reason scandal isn’t impacted by ABC’s nonsense is because Thursday @ 10 is about as uncompetitive as you can get.

      • Louise says:

        The point is the scheduling was pretty much exactly the same last year.

  3. bia says:

    Hook backs..and ratings down…it says something…

    • Louise says:

      Look, I’m not his biggest fan either, but you do realize ratings have been dropping since before his return, right? I agree that it should finally put an end to this weird myth some of his fangirls like to spread that his presence is enough to actually raise the ratings. Because yeah… obviously not the case.

  4. Boiler says:

    As with alot of reality shows I think people watch Amazing Race live and DVR Once. When I look at ratings with DVR added in OUAT does really well. Unfortunately people watching reality live means we likely get more of it:(

    • Ron says:

      In all fairness, TAR is actually a really good (probably the only good) reality show that exists. It doesn’t have that fake drama like those stupid housewives, and allows you to see beautiful places and cultures throughout the world that some viewers may have otherwise never gotten a chance to see. So, in terms of reality shows, it’s TAR in a category all by itself and every other reality show in a category labeled trash.

      • Boiler says:

        I totally agree on TAR. Its actually the only reality I watch. I just think people tend to DVR scripted shows if conflict with a reality show. When I look at DVR ratings the only one I usually see is the Voice

  5. Jesse says:

    Once was really stellar last night — not sure what the ratings drop was about. Any episode that is Evil Queen/Snow centric has always been pretty great — and last night’s ep is no exception. P.S. — I liked Lana with the long hair.

    • Nick says:

      See to me it just felt repetitive…we get it, Regina might have had an ounce of good, till someone says something bad about her, then she’s pure evil…till we get another innocuous flashback where she has an ounce of good, till someone says something bad about her, etc, etc..

      • Derek says:

        and we also get that Snow did something bad – she killed someone. OK. We got it. Move on. Very repetitive show on so many levels. I probably won’t be back next season.

  6. Robin says:

    This ratings system is so old and antiquated I can’t believe people actually argue about it. It so doesn’t represent how people watch shows any more.

    • chris says:

      Nielsen’s job is to measure TV ratings. And more people watch shows on TV than anywhere else…

      • Sg. Grant says:

        I can probably give you a better estimate of actual ratings just based on which shows are downloaded the most from a popular torrent site.

  7. Mikael says:

    Sometimes I think Once should have ended the 1st season with Emma believing and maybe breaking the curse for Snow White and season 2 could have been Emma and Snow breaking the curse a few people at a time. But then I think maybe that would have been stale after a while. I think the issue is that they have too many new characters and the one villain who was great they got rid of, and kept Hook who isn’t as good as promised (though he’s nice to look at). And this Tamara thing could have been season 3.

  8. Jen says:

    I don’t know whether ABC’s scheduling is killing OUAT, but I do know that CBS’s scheduling is killing The Mentalist, with all the airing-out-of-prime-time crap.

    • Carin says:

      In my opinion, it is the Red John storyline that just won’t quit that is killing The Mentalist. I am so over this storyline.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    Once has become a “record and I’ll watch later, maybe” It’s just so bad this season I really don’t even care anymore. And Red Widow’s writing is all over the place. Hate to say it because I really like some of the cast but she show stinks.

  10. iMember says:

    Sooo happt Revenge is back and up. Great episode last night! Nolan made his first take down. :)

  11. Thilia says:

    OUAT has been too confusing this season. There have been irrelevant characters coming in for a single episode for what appears to be filler, while the main arc moves too slow. Then you have evil characters suddenly good and good characters turning evil. This is followed by people switching from hating each other to liking each other a half dozen times in a single episode.
    The back stories are largely inconsistent with other back stories they have told.
    I know quite a few people who thought Season 1 was brilliant, that have given up on Season 2. I still watch, with the hopes Season 3 finds some better grounding.

  12. Natalie says:

    “The Mentalist” dipped? It was such a great episode in so many ways. “The Good Wife” had a good finale. A little slow at the very beginning, then it started getting better.

  13. Grace says:

    I am not sure what everyone finds so great about Revenge. Personally, I don’t Emily VanCamp could act her way out of a paper bag with instructions in hand, she’s just not that great. Just another 20 something no talent pretty face actress. The only thing that I enjoy about Revenge is Madeleine Stowe, otherwise it’s a yawn fest.

  14. Grace says:

    Personally, I don’t think Emily VanCamp could act her way out of a paper bag with instructions in hand, she’s just not that great

  15. Babs says:

    I still don’t get why CBS moved The Mentalist to Sunday night. Last night’s ep was so awesome, one of the best of the season and it deserved many more viewers. Maybe if CBS promotes next week’s finale better the numbers will rise.

    • cas says:

      Yeah but I wouldn’t be surprised if it got adjusted up and TGW got adjusted down, as I believe that has happened in the past before.

    • Arie says:

      I totally agree with you. The show was doing just fine on Thursday night, and now it’s dying because of the bad timeslot.

  16. cas says:

    Personally I still enjoy Once and Revenge. Yes I think they could change some things, but I think that about all my shows. I won’t say anything about the scheduling for Once since it is in the same time slot as last year, but Revenge was moved so it is possible they did lose some viewers with the move. The same thing happened to The Mentalist when CBS moved it to Sunday nights, it had a ratings drop.

  17. Britta Unfiltered says:

    It was such a beautiful spring night last night, I didn’t watch much. Just Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Veep. Still have a lot of stuff from last night DVR’d.

  18. di says:

    The quality of season 1 of Once Upon a Time disappeared. This season overvalued many new characters. And often forgotten the concept of family.

    Snow and Charming are the reason why I keep watching the show.

    When they began to promote Hook, as a yummy hero, and a potential love interest Emma’s. Much collapsed inside me about Emma. She would go from savior to immature teenager who falls for a perverted pirate, forgetting that he had a son.
    So far this has not happened. But with Tamara in history, probably all comes forward to meet Captain Swan.
    Eddy and Adam already said that Hook maybe forget his revenge. ( I think it’ll be for Emma lololol ) So I must be right.
    And if that happens, I have my doubts if I will continue to watch OUAT – Season 3.

    Cause I can not forget that Hook was Henry lover’s grandmother, Hook insulted / flirted / made ​​sexual innuendos to Snow in front of Charming and so many bad things…

    It will be ironic that Snow and Charming forget all this and accept Hook dating Emma.
    I hope not. Because Snow and Charming are my favorite couple. And if they forget it. They would become in complete idiots…

  19. cj says:

    Well they did hire one of the writers from bionoc woman and dullhouse so can’t say I’m surprise about once falling apart.