Revenge Recap: The Falcon Crests

revengeblogThis Sunday on Revenge, Emily and Nolan use the Falcon-forged record of Victoria’s abortion to smoke out the hacker that they hold responsible for fabricating evidence against David, getting Padma killed and also global warming. (Okay, maybe not that last one.) But the revelation of her identity – she’s just some chick named Edith – and subsequent arrest pale in comparison to what they have in store for Victoria.

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TRUE LIES | Thinking that she’s covered her tracks, Victoria is ready to “admit” during a Nightline interview that she terminated a pregnancy while a teenager. Unfortunately, thanks to our scheme team, what Juju Chang actually wants to know is, didn’t the ice queen give up a six-month-old boy named Patrick so she could accept an art scholarship? Busted, Victoria confesses, then offers Nolan his company back if he’ll help her find the son she abandoned. (She doesn’t even seem fazed by the fact that he spends most of the episode dressed like the Mad Hatter!)

RETURN ENGAGENT | In the middle of that same eventful Q&A session, Daniel prompts Juju to ask Emily whether they’ll be tying the knot. (Punk move, bro. Not cool.) Later, he gives his ex-fiancee an engagement ring, which Aiden puts on her finger. “Marry the son-of-a-bitch,” he says (literally), adding (almost literally), “Then, hurry up and ruin his family, divorce his sorry ass and marry me, alright?”

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STRANGE BEDFELLOWS | Jack is so peeved over Emily’s reunion with Daniel that he fires her as Carl’s godmother. (Who knew you could even do that?!) Meanwhile, his new coconspirator, Ashley, is busy getting herself rehired by Conrad by offering him photographic proof that she knows he’s been secretly meeting with the Governor’s wife (who just happens to be a former member of True Blood’s Vampire Authority).

GIRLS GONE WILD | Remember Regina, the girl Charlotte decked at the masquerade ball? All it takes is a coupla lines about their shared interest in suicide – Charlotte tried it, Regina’s brother succeeded at it – and suddenly, they’re BFFs. After Regina encourages Charlotte to “embrace [her] inner bad girl,” she even blows off a date with Declan to make out with her gal pal on the Revenge version of TMZ.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that the Falcon wasn’t Marco but somebody random? Who would you cast as Patrick? Hit the comments!

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  1. Alichat says:

    Did anyone else cringe when Juju Chang called Daniel and Emily the new ‘John-John and Carolyn’? I mean…considering the outcome of that relationship.

  2. Drew says:

    Yawn. Jack’s character has become laughable to say the least, Daniel is annoying, and Emily is still whispering. I hope the season finale is a game-changer. This show needs a redeeming episode FAST.

    • Elly says:

      Well maybe the Mike Kelley change will pick it back up.

      When Victoria walled into Nolan’s office again, anyone else think they were revealing Nolan as Patrick at first?

      • Sarah says:

        I thought that too! It would be pretty interesting if Nolan was actually Patrick. I hope Aiden doesn’t get whacked in the finale; I really like him. Jack is annoying, even if he’s supposed to be Emily’s “soul mate”.

        • Calvin says:

          I want Aiden dead….he’s just messing with Emily and blocking her path of revenge.

          And gotta agree abotu Jack….he is really annoying now that he thinks he can pull off some scam on the Graysons, but little did he know Emily is actually the mastermind….it’s like a little kid is trying to show off his football/soccer skill in front of David Beckham.

  3. Lp says:

    I have to say how much I love what the character of aiden has added to the show. He knows that Emily won’t have the feeling she is hoping for after she gets her revenge but recognizes that no one will be able to talk her out of it and supports her entirely. I’m very much hoping the writers aren’t intentionally trying to make us hate jack’s character. He used to be a staple and a voice of rationality in the chaos and now he has become whiny and repetitive. Hopefully an awesome finale is headed our way and some rejuvenated sort lines are headed the writers’ ways.

    • Anna says:

      ITA re Aiden but I’m afraid he might be joining Padma soon. I mean Aiden thinking loudly about an happy ending with Emily, talk about jinxing the whole before it even started. Then we’ve got the Emily and Jack shippers whining for that to happen, we’re heading that road. Jack turning on his inner backstabber on is the highway to the cheesy reunion of the 2 childhood sweethearts.

      • deme says:

        I’m so dreading that reunion which will be a bunch of fanwank garbage. After all the lies and secrets there is no way, even within the realm of make-believe, Emily&Jack should ever be together.

        • MissGolightly says:

          I totally agree with you! It’s too late, too much happened.

          • Sarah says:

            Samesies. Plus, why exactly is Jack so pissy at Emily? Aiden and Emily 4-eva.

          • Carm says:

            Way to much has happened to resume a “childhood” love. That will be totally ridiculous. Team Aiden here only as it is more reliable and Daniel is a dweb.

  4. Alichat says:

    Also….Loved seeing someone get the drop on Victoria. That was a classic red sharpie moment! I certainly hope Jack is right, and he’s playing Ashley and not the other way around. I don’t trust that chick at. all. But could we not have seen a moment…even a small one….of concern from Jack for Nolan’s situation? I think watching the news with your mouth agape doesn’t really count. Oh….if Aiden Mathis is his real name, why hasn’t Conrad or Victoria or the Initiative put 2 & 2 together on who he is and what his father did? That seems seriously sloppy. And what a punk Charlotte has become in the blink of an eye… just took a ‘nice right hook’ and suddenly she’s ditching Declan and making out with the chick who accused her dearly departed half-sister of ‘rocking a tequila placenta.’ Seriously….how stupid is she? Oh and raise your hand if you think Aiden is delusional about him and Emily. Whoa!

  5. Alicia says:

    So, do we know for sure that Nolan’s mom is his birth mom? I’m getting the feeling he could be Patrick.

    • Meg says:

      Patrick would have to be older than Daniel. Seems to me Nolan is about the same age as him.

      • Alichat says:

        I think Nolan is older. Didn’t David Clarke give Nolan money to start his business when he was still employed by Grayson Global? That’s why Daniel was able to weasel half of Nolcorp into GG. Depending upon how old Nolan was when that happened, he could be 10 years older than Emily….who is supposed to be around the same age as Daniel. Of course, I don’t want him to be Victoria’s kid…..that would just be too much I think. Plus I think we’d have heard from Nolan by now that he was adopted….and if he’d never been told by his parents, someone with hacker skills like his would have found out the truth on his own by now.

      • Angel says:

        Gabriel Mann, aka Nolan, will be 41 next month. Just a bit older than Patrick should be if Madeleine Stowe and Gabriel are playing characters the same age as they are.

      • Shaun says:

        As far as I know Nolan is only about 8 years older than Emily.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Wow! If that were true, it would throw in the wrench in the works of all time! And I got the feeling he was a little older than Emily, so the timing would actually work.

    • Ann says:

      Maybe Aiden is Patrick!

  6. N says:

    Love Nolan!

  7. rebecca says:

    I was surprised and impressed that Victoria said the truth for once and the Falcon disappeared rather quickly. Never got that story line, really…it looks the series will be coming back next year and with a new head writer, it will be interesting to watch how changes will take place

  8. Allyson says:

    I was extremeley surprised that Marco wasn’t Falcon and it was some random girl. Didn’t see that one comming. I love how Nolan was able to expose Edith, the Falcon. Nicely done!!! I wonder if she will plan her own revenge against Nolan in prison. Victoria will go down. I wonder how Emily react to Nolan helping Victoria find her son. I get it Emily is just using Daniel, but I do feel like there is a part of her that would always care for him. I like Aiden, but I just don’t see them ending up together, Now, Jack, poor guy. Now he hates Emily, perhaps it is time for her to reveal her true identity to Jack to patch things up. It was nice of Emily to let Nolan to cross of an X. Nice to see them working together again.

    • Alichat says:

      I was wondering about that too. I don’t know that revealing her true self to Jack will be the fix, but I keep wondering why she’s not telling him part of the truth…..that she’s trying to finish Amanda’s quest to bring the Greyson’s down for framing David Clark and ruining his life.

    • Lizie says:

      I thin Emily hasn’t figured out how involved Jack is. Face is the OMG your Amanda is coming. It just has to he is so close and he has too. And I am sure Aiden is dying. Don’t EVER say that your going to have a happy ending! Never…this is Revenge has he learned nothing!

      • emily needs to tell jack the truth because he’s going to interfere with her revengenda or get himself hurt. it would be much better if she just told him that she’s doing it for amanda.

    • Bob says:

      The falcon was disappointing. After all that hype. It was just another random person we never saw before & probably will never see again. They could have done better with all the time they put into it.

  9. Ryan says:

    Still convinced that Takeda is the real Falcon, especially given his reappearance – but that might just be wishful thinking…I also thought Victoria was pregnant when she saw the nun but I think I’m not remembering correctly given how long it’s been since “Masquerade.” Still was a fantastic episode.

    • MaryAnn says:

      I thought she was too. But maybe I just assumed it.

    • ZmaX says:

      Victoria first met the nun when she found out she was pregnant, then at the end of the episode we saw her giving up her son to the nun for adoption. So the nun had obviously helped her decide to keep the baby, but when Victoria got that scholarship offer 6 months later, she gave him up.

      • Pati D says:

        No she did not keep the baby. He was adapted and she became his nanny. The guy who give her the scholarship said something to the effect of his family can find another nanny.

        • Laura says:

          Uhh pretty sure she lied to the admissions guy because she didn’t want to admit it was her son.

          • tripoli says:

            Yeah it seemed pretty obvious that he was her son and she wasn’t the au pair. I doubt her reaction to there not being a ticket for the child would be so strong if she were just his au pair. The notion that she abandoned the child didn’t really jive for me when she at least secured an adoption for the child. Yes, Victoria is rather awful and leaving the child in favor of going to school is not great, but plenty of young people choose adoption at a later date, realizing that it is probably the best option for all involved.

  10. Dali says:

    Revenge left us hanging for almost a month and returned with an unsatisfying episode. The falcon storyline wraped up but I found no punch to it. It’s like the writers scrambled this episode in the last minute just for the sake of prolonging the season. The whole Emily and Daniel relationship seems so rushed its hard to believe they’ve been dating for a while and they’re trying to make it a continuance of last season. I hope these last few episodes are more interesting otherwise I wont be watching next season.

  11. Leondre says:

    LOL at the Falcon. She looked like a fool.
    A good episode overall.

  12. Jenn says:

    Does no one find it odd that Tacada didn’t even speak English when he was 1st introduced to the Grayson’s? Yet, he spoke fluent English to Daniel now? Also, where is Marco? They are letting some people just disappear. I thought that Marco was going to be a big part of a love triangle with Padma & Nolan? That hole storyline has been a waste.

  13. Juan says:

    I thought the episode was great IMO, I love Emily and Nolan working together

  14. Jj says:

    I thought for sure the Falcon was a decoy. No way a hacker that wanted to protect their identity would just appear in public like that. If that is the real Falcon, this storyline just had a crash of epic proportions.

  15. Torontogirl98 says:

    Are we certain that that girl wasn’t just a decoy the Falcon wanted to get exposed or something? I was also wondering if there was any possibility of Aiden being Victorias son, I mean he is older than Em by at least a bit right? You never know with this show. Plus I didn’t think I could hate Jack anymore but there it is, what an idiot!

    • Ann says:

      Yes, I was thinking that maybe Aiden is Patrick too. And as for Falcon, I think she is a decoy also…because if she is, that Falcon storyline was extremely underwhelming. Someone who is supposedly smarter than Nolan and a better hacker than Nolan sure did get fooled too easily….

      • Sarah says:

        No kidding. What kind of hacker takes another hacker’s flash drive and plugs it into her own PC? Go borrow a PC from the library, Edith. SMH.

  16. anil says:

    she cant be the falcon….or can she? If so, then i think it was stupid of the falcon storyline to be resolved this quickly and easily. Its revenge…..

  17. Jenny says:

    Was surprised too at how quickly the falcon was resolved.

    Charlottes story is so lame, it shouldn’t even be in the show. Send her off to college already so we don’t have to see her again.

  18. Gio86 says:

    It was a good episode, not great but satisfying. I loved the moment Victoria did the interview and waked off, Emily and Nolan working together is always great!!!

  19. iMember says:

    Great episode!! Definitely worth the wait. And NOLAN GOT TO DO HIS FIRST RED SHARPIE (in this case, on an iPad) CROSS OUT. It was epic!

  20. Mimi says:

    Thankfully the Falcon was wrapped quickly – what a daft storyline.

    Aiden tells Takeda he wants ‘to end this quickly with no more casualties’ but he’ll have to take his punishement from Takeda first judging by Ep 20 preview. Has the show misslead us? They said a core/original 9 cast member is dying, but Aiden looks like an obvious candidate right now – 2 deaths maybe?

    Nolan & Vic, so it begins. This show needs a shocker, I hope these two team up or are related – something has to fit the ‘huge betrayal that will rock Emily to the core’.

    This Ep was much hyped, I anticipated that they may have over promised, but apart from the Falcon. I thought as an episode it was good and solid, nearly S1 feel to it.

    Oh and Jack – dear god, can he just find out this season so we can move on in S3.

  21. ellen8 says:

    A death in the finale of a core character ? Could it please be Jack? Since his “revenge” is now his motivation, he has become even more unlikable.

  22. LaLa says:

    My goodness, this episode was so blase for me. All of that build up for the Falcon, and she ends up being some throwaway female that gets bested while playing Street Fighter? That resolution was too quick in coming for me. Not saying I didn’t expect Nolan to win, but I did expect it to last an episode or two more, and I expected more satisfaction. We all knew Victoria’s son is alive – no big climatic moment there, either. Charlotte just turning on a dime – stupid, stupid, oh well. I’m not invested in any of this. I guess the only thing that seemed realistic to me was Aiden realizing that Emily will never get the warm happies that she’s expecting once her plan is complete. I liked the way he decided to support Emily full stop. Other than that, Revenge needs something huge really quickly, or I may sign off next season.

  23. Tina B. says:

    I like Jack & Daniel, Daniel is innocent in all this no? I know he now knows about what Victoria did, if he knew Emily was really Amanda, I believe he loves her and would want to tell her the truth. He has already lost her once, also I think Daniel should find out who Emily really is and join her revenge quest, that would be so great for the show! I do not like Aiden & Jack is stupid to me, he needs to be smarter but using Ashley while (hopefully) knowing she is using him and not fully trusting her is a start.

    • Alichat says:

      I don’t think I would call Daniel innocent in all this. He was told what his parents did….by Conrad no less….and still supported his father. His parents have lied to him over and over, and he still tows the family line. He blackmailed Nolan and took half his company. He blindsided Emily in that interview….yes nice way to discuss where the relationship is. And he’s currently setting Aiden up to take the fall for all the crap the Initiative is doing.

  24. The recaps for Revenge used to be more in-depth — but this show sucks now. Such a shame, I hope something happens in the season finale to warrant a third season. There are way to many great things on TV to stick with a show that’s wack.

  25. GuyAwks says:

    Emily seriously needs to tell Jack the truth already, I’m dying for them to get together. Now that he’s all vengeful and sly he and Charlotte could join Emily as allies.

    • Erin says:

      I honestly don’t understand how Jack isn’t suspicious of Emily’s agenda at all. I mean seriously Jack have a think about it. You now know that she and Amanda know eachother from way back when and she told Amanda she’d look after her family. Wouldn’t you think he’d wonder what her intentions were with the Grayson family. Surely he can’t be so blind as to not consider that she’s planning her own revenge.

  26. McAmster says:

    Still watching last nights episode, but am i the only one who thinks Nolan is Victorias long lost unwanted child?

  27. Jeff says:

    In my opinion Victorias son is none other than NOLAN, and the father is…. Wait for it…..David Clark!!! Emma and Nolan are brother and sister! That’s why David had Nolan to look after Emily. Notice how much they look alike.

    • Bob says:

      Any chance Jack could be her son? That would make baby Carl her grandkid. That would really shake things up. Even Emily with all her planning, would have to rethink things. This show is known for taking left turns on family issues.

    • CC says:

      Yeah, but Victoria had her son at age 16. I highly doubt she knew David Clarke as a teenager. Also, I could be wrong, but I believe I heard that it could’ve been her son with her stepfather who sexually abused her?

    • JLC says:

      When Victoria was having her affair with David, she already had Daniel, who was her second child. So her first child couldn’t be David Clark’s kid. She also already told Conrad that the person who got her pregnant was her mother’s boyfriend who sexually abused her. So, good try but if Nolan is Victoria’s, he can’t be David’s too. Honestly, I don’t think Nolan is Victoria’s kid. That’s just too “convenient”.

  28. ollie says:

    david cant be the father he didnt know the.graysons till he worked at their company. I cant stand jack now and dont want him with emily.i like aiden but think he ends up dead by end of the season. seems to rushed to end of the falcon storyline so I wonder if the shock em is takeda( he seemed to be up to something) being the falcon though that wouldnt make any sense. nolan is old enough to be victoria son but I thought she gave up the baby right after she had him.

  29. Liz says:

    I really hope Charlotte is the death in the finale, she’s getting so boring! But she needs to find out just before that Emily is her real sister. Bam!

  30. CC says:

    I was rooting for Jack to die instead of Amanda, and I am rooting for him to die at this season finale. His so-called revenge plot is boring and uneventful. I couldn’t care less about his revenge against Conrad. That being said, I’m interested to see how Jack would react to finding the truth out about Emily. I still don’t understand why there’s this “epic” love between them. I mean, the last time they were together truthfully was as children. So much has changed; I really don’t buy that they still carry love and strong feelings for one another. Jack is the ideal Emily holds about innocence, honesty, but I’m really sorry; I just don’t see it.

    Just wanted to say that I love Aiden, and I love how supportive and understanding he is of Emily. She needs more of those people in her life, not just Nolan. I know people think he’s boring and not understandable, but I think he’s a good rock for Emily.

    I get the feeling that one of the Graysons will be the fatality in the season finale: Conrad, Daniel, or Charlotte. Though likely not Charlotte since she is Emily’s half-sister, and I don’t think they’d let Charlotte die without finding out that Emily is her actual sister, not Amanda.

    • deme says:

      What you said x10.! Aiden, with his bi-polar self (said in love), has been a breath of fresh air for me this season. One minute he can be bullet to the head pissed at Emily and next he’s loving her up. Since the moment he’s come back into her life he has not let her down and supported her in every way and she him. I love the roller-coaster nature of their relationship. It isn’t easy but they both seem to want it.
      Jack isn’t worth an exposition. And yes I think a Grayson will bite the bullet. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people (minus Charlotter).

  31. DeeeeN says:

    This whole episode was a SNOOZE..I mean leave for a month to return with this crap *YAWN*. Ugh am so disappointed with revenge right now. They need to get rid of aiden, I swear if he’s victoria’s son am DONE with this show. I don’t think that gurl was the falcon. She was just a decoy, that storyline can’t be over and if it is, well that was just *crickets crickets crickets*! Get your mojo back dammitttt!!!!!ugh

  32. Mimi says:

    Its turgid this Jack storyline – I thought Jack would have a revival as a character after Amanda death, but he’s still a thundering bore and vertically challenged. That said, let Emily have him, Aiden is too good for her. The Ice Princess has no redeeming qualities for me these days – I like Victoria more!

    Nolan & Emily revealed as siblings – shocker……….NOT!
    Takeda kills Aiden – well if it’s that obvious, the writers need to go back to writing classes.

    Still holing out hope that Mike Kelley’s parting gesture was to kill Daniel off, like he planned to in the middle of Season 1. Anything less than that would be a total cop out!

  33. JLC says:

    There is no way that Jack and Emily will wind up together. How could he possibly forgive her? She let him believe that someone else was her. She let him MARRY this imposter and have a child with her. There is no redeeming herself from that.

  34. Rafaela says:

    First of all, I LOVE Aiden and Emily together. They’ve about the same personality, they really love each other, they have a great chemistry together and he understands her world of revenge, supporting her even though he knows she will realize soon that it’s not worthy! Nolan is simply the best of all characters! So nice and cute . I love him! Loved to see Nolan and Emily working together. It shows she realizes he’s her best friend ever and makes him feel useful. I used to love Jack, but like some other people said, he is playing a fool these last episodes. By the way, Amanda was so great! Awesome character and actress. Her death is really a loss for the show. Ashley… I think she is helping Daniel, but I can’t trust her entirely… Daniel is also being annoying because he can’t decide if he is “good or bad”, being a puppet in his family’s and Emily’s hands. Charlotte… I like her so much. I really hope she is not going through the wrong path. Hope she goes back to the great aunt and girlfriend role. Declan really really loves her and is a great uncle. Hope they stay together. I know the show needs some new moves – like every one does-, but I hope the new moves won’t lead to Aiden’s death, Nolan being Patrick, Charlotte becoming a punk, etc etc etc. I hope the new moves are related to the fall x rise moments of the Graysons. I love how they fall and get back together, and then fall again because of Emily’s incredible net of strategies. Hmmmm Who would I cast for Patrick? A VERY HANDSOME ACTOR, that’s for sure. All the Grayson’s are really beautiful, mainly Victoria. Hope a very handsome and talented guy will be casted to play Patrick. Maybe Scott Speedman? ? ? ? ? And, the question is: will he be supporting Victoria’s insanities or will he help Emily and staff?

  35. Nicole says:

    Am I The only one that thinks Emily should fall in love with Daniel???

  36. SharonH says:

    I think The Falcon is a decoy. I think that Nolan is Victoria’s son which explains why David Clarke invested in his company. I also think that possibly Gordon aka the white haired man is the father if Victoria’s mystery son. This would explain her despising him but yet turning to him when she was in hiding. The shocker that will rock Emily to her core will be The Falcon’s real identity- David Clarke He is still alive & has been playing everyone including Emily all along!!! He is head of the Initiative and only used the Graysons all along. He is the mastermind behind all of the scheming and will reveal himself to Emily in final episode. I’m not sure about this but does anyone else think that Trask’s face looks slightly remodelled? Perhaps he is David Clarke?? Why else would the Initiative not have noticed Emily & all her plotting Nd scheming… It’s because they know everything but she is being protected by her father!!!

  37. Alexandra says:

    OMG! Nolan could neva be patrick howobvious wud dat be. Nd yes I think Emily should fall in love with Daniel it wud be a really nice twist. I really think that David clarke is still alive and dat Takeda is d head of the iniative or David clarke is d head of the initiative nd Takeda is Falcon.