Castle Creator Teases 'Emotional Cliffhanger' Finale That Sets Up a 'Complicated' Season 6

Castle Season 5 Preview FinaleThis Monday at 10/9c, Castle resumes its uninterrupted final run of episodes with the “great gift” of a flashback-filled trip down memory lane. But beyond that don’t-call-it-a-clip-show — and in light of the events of last episode (which was supposed to air first) — the road ahead for Rick and Kate looks a bit bumpy. Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe spoke with TVLine about putting the popular pairing to the test, culminating in a top-secret finale where they and their relationship either pass… or fail.

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TVLINE | What story were you wanting to tell with these last few episodes, leading into the finale?
The last couple episodes are about how [Rick and Kate] have been in a relationship for about a year now, and that’s about the time people start asking questions, about where things stand. They’ve been living in this fun bubble, but there comes a time where real life intrudes and things come in from the outside and force the characters to ask questions about where they’re going. By the time we get to “The Human Factor” (airing May 6), those questions will start aiming us towards some complications that come in our final episode, challenges to the relationship that both characters are going to have to confront.

TVLINE | With “The Squab & the Quail” airing ahead of schedule last week, what did viewers miss out on not having seen “Still” first?
Not too much – and I will let them discover that. But there are a couple of really important relationship moments and serious moments in “Still.” As you know, that episode, the 24th episode, was added very late in the game, so we took a very particular point of view on how we were going to get it done. And it turned out, I think, in spectacular fashion. It’s a great gift to our loyal fans. There are a couple of moments in there that they have to look forward to, that they’ll really enjoy.

TVLINE | Would you be loath to call it a “clip show”?
I would. We certainly have clips in it, but…. When I realized we only had a couple of days to shoot it and we’d have to fill it out with clips, I set out to make the best “clip show” that television has seen, and I think our team pulled it off. It’s a great episode, because we use the clips to forward the storytelling. It is a great trip down memory lane, but we also have some high stakes and interesting stuff going on in the main story.

VIDEO | Castle Sneak Peek: Your First Look At a ‘Great Trip Down Memory Lane’

TVLINE | Circling back to “Squab” for a minute: In your mind, what all informed Kate’s ever-so-slightly wishy-washy response to Erik Vaughn Castle_Squabasking about her relationship status?
Well, I think what has dawned on her is [she and Rick] haven’t really talked about it. Does Castle think the relationship is serious? Does she think it’s serious, where they’re headed? They’ve been in it for a year and they seem to be having a really good time and having good moments, but…. This a guy who’s been married twice, she’s not getting any younger, she’s thinking about her future… and does her future include him? And is that part of his plan?

It’s only human to ask those questions at this point. I don’t think it signals that there’s anything “wrong” with the Castle/Beckett relationship, but I do think that she wonders what comes next — and as we get towards the end of the season, Castle himself is going to wonder what comes next. As a guy, he is somebody who doesn’t rush into commitment if things are working well the way they are. But Kate has a career and she’s got her next steps to think about. When an Internet billionaire is making a play for you, if she was single, I think we know what she would have done in [last week’s] situation. It speaks to her level of commitment to Castle [that she pushed Vaughn away], but it also speaks to a desire to know what happens next.

TVLINE | Aside from snipping symbolic videogame cords and offering candlelit massages, will we see other instances of Castle trying to course-correct?
As we head into “The Human Factor,” there are other, more professional issues that start to arise for the Beckett character, that begin to complicate things. We have that to look forward to as we come to our season finale, which is an emotional season finale. But instead of going into Beckett’s mother’s mythology like we have the last two seasons, and doing something operatic, I wanted to really focus on where Castle and Beckett were. So we have a great case but it kind of takes a back seat to wrestling with the bigger life issues that both of them are in the midst of.

TVLINE | “Human Factor” guest star Carlos Bernard (24), like Ioan Gruffudd, is not an unattractive man. Does his character serve a purpose similar to Erik Vaughn?
No, he serves a different purpose. He’s a complicated character, but he opens Beckett’s eyes to a greater world out there.

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TVLINE | Talk about the title of this season’s finale, “Watershed” (airing May 13).STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLION
Every so often in life you face a watershed moment, and I have to give props to [producer-wife] Terri Miller for coming up with the title. It was absolutely perfect — especially since in our A-case we find a body in a water tank. It was a great title that spoke to both the personal and the professional aspect of the storytelling.

TVLINE | Are you leaving viewers with a cliffhanger?
There is a bit of a cliffhanger, yeah. It’s an emotional cliffhanger that I think will propel us into some great, complicated, interesting storytelling as we head into next season — assuming the TV gods are kind and grant us one.

TVLINE | [Grey’s Anatomy creator] Shonda Rhimes is never shy about saying she scrapped a finale plan late in the game and reworked it from scratch. When did it become clear to you how you wanted to end Season 5?
Every season you have a great map, but it’s like driving through fog — the closer you get, the clearer it gets. So about seven or eight episodes out, I knew, ballpark, where I wanted to land. And part of it was informed by some really big storytelling we had in the spring, dealing with [Senator] Bracken, the two-parter [about Alexis’ kidnapping], what we’re doing in “Still”…. And I wanted a quieter, more emotional finale, without the fireworks. But you do go back and forth. We were fortunate that it [comes at] that period of time where people start asking the hard questions about relationships, and in the finale something comes out of left field that both characters have to wrestle with, something that would be a challenge to any relationship. Having clarity seven or eight episodes out was very helpful, and we feel pretty good about where we landed.

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    • luzmelain says:

      I agree completely, except for wishing they hadn’t got together. I would not have come back for another season of the utter tripe that was most of S4. I do like them together, but Marlowe just seem to have handled so much so badly — the whole keeping it secret for a start — and as usual left all the interesting development offscreen or just gave a passing mention to steps in the relationship we were so excited to see. I mean, 22 eps in, is it really so freaking difficult to find 2 minutes of screen time for Beckett, Alexis and/or Martha to have any kind of actual conversation? I won’t even mention the rare, dark, usually-missed kisses that substitute for actual emotional intimacy.

      Clearly Marlowe is indeed wandering around in a fog for most of the season, and the result — for the last two years — is that the entire middle of the season winds up pretty boring because nothing is allowed to happen. Then sweeps comes and things go over the top into ridiculously high stakes, the huge ramifications of which are never again mentioned. A season needs to build to its emotional climax all year long, not just hang together for the first and last four eps while the rest is forced into stagnation.

      • Luli101 says:


      • Robert says:

        Castle is my favorite show. In real life I handled my relationship differently than the way Castle has. For me he should step forward and say what he really wants. If she doesn’t want the same thing, then he should step aside. I think they want the same thing.( marriage)

        • Linda Bradley says:

          I agree. I love the show but I don’t like the constant should they or shouldn’t they routine. I think they would be a perfect couple. What about Esposito and Ryan? I think they are great but If Kate goes will that be the end of them? Why do they always have to mess up a good thing.

      • thao says:

        Omg you just expressed exactly how I am feeling about this show!

      • Kate says:

        I think you’re all crazy! Castle is the only show on tv that is consistently producing amazingly entertaining shows week after week that I cannot wait to see every Monday!! I soundly change anything about castle thus far (unless they break up—I would change that!)

      • Ralph says:

        Exactly! I don’t see how Marlowe has the reputation he has. Prior finales have been contrived this same way. I sent Marlowe a message asking him if he would refund the $200 I’ve spent on prior Castle episodes.

      • Ralph says:


    • Ed & Audrey Derby says:

      I really wish you would SCRAP ALL BACKGROUND MUSIC. You get people whispering and turn up the volume…all your shows. No need of this annoying music! Please take it out. Two people in a room quietly talking…and UP goes the awful music! It adds nothing…and takes away a lot!

  1. Geri says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it, this season has been a disappointment; and it’s weird how I’m not even excited for the finale. I just hope this season ends on a good note, because Caskett wise and writing wise for the characters individually, it’s been subpar and utter garbage at times. I’ve been looking forward to this Season so much because of Caskett *finally* getting together but now I just wish they hadn’t gotten together. Oh well–

    • mysteriousmystery says:

      How very sad to hear you feel this way…I haven’t been disappointed at all. But, I also realize that everyone had VERY different expectations about what they wanted to see this season. I guess they couldn’t please everyone.

      • Kate says:

        I agree that this season hasn’t been disappointing at all. All in all I think it’s been fantastic- especially now that we’re about at the end and can think about the season as a whole. As long as they don’t break them up in the finale, I’ll be happy. I think it’s great that they’re asking questions that are real life ones. I’m looking forward to seeing Castle realize exactly what he has, and despite his past issues, that he doesn’t want to lose it! Bring on May 13th and season 6!

      • Alan says:

        ive really enjoyed this season, its felt like a very real depiction of what would happen if two people who have been circling around each other for years finally get together. castle and beckett have had to face head on the fact that things have changed for them and there has been a real adjusting process for them alongside the honeymoon period.
        far too often when these couples get together in situations like this its all happy happy joy joy and im just sick of that because that causes the show to become stale and uninteresting.

    • What show you’re watching, exactly? ’cause if season 5 has been a disappointment for you, you must be watching something else, not “Castle”.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. though I understand how in some episodes the single characterization hasn’t been as satisfying as past seasons, this one has been an amazing one.

      • codepink1908 says:


        • Lisa says:

          Love love love season 5!!!! U all take things way too seriously… Relax and enjoy the brilliant writing, witty humor etc. it’s not real life and that’s why I love itb(except will they won’t they??? Just move forward with will and do next step already)….keep it up Marlow ;)

          • Ralph says:

            That’s right Marlowe. keep it up and you will be doing something else next year at this time.

    • CastleFanForLife says:

      Sorry you feel this way. For me this season was anything but a disappointment! I loved it from beginning till end – well, at least up until now, but I’m sure the next couple episodes will be equally great. It’s been great writing / storytelling and I love that once Marlowe has a plan he’s going to persue it, stick to it while still staying true to the characters.
      I look at the story as a whole: I look where each of the characters were at the beginning of the series, how they grew and developed, how their relationship progressed from one of a more involuntary arrangement (at least on Beckett’s part, lol) to a deeper friendship to more serious feelings and then to them finally taking the leap and giving it a go. Now they are at a point where they have to decide where they want this to go, start asking the serious questions about a life together, moving in/marriage/kids/career. Where do they see themselves a couple years down the path….
      So for me the whole series has always been one big arc of storytelling, and I love that Marlowe stays true to that and doesn’t do anything without an ultimate reason/goal behind it. He’s not jerking us or the characters around just for the sake of adding drama. He could have gone down the path of an on-again-off-again relationship earlier in the series. But he didn’t, and for me this signals maturity storytelling-wise. He has a vision where he wants those characters to end up and he stays true to that. And I love this. It shows he has a plan (ultimately) and knows where he’s going. You can’t say that about Shonda Rhimes…
      I love how he first showed the path and all the obstacles on the way TO there relationship and how he now shows the way how they handle things IN a relationship. Because it’s not only ever happily-ever-after once you commit to that. In contrary the real life problems are only just starting then. And I love that he doesn’t shy away in exposing them, but uses them to propel the characters forward. For me this equals brave and mature storytelling. So kudos to a really great season so far. Bring it on, Andrew Marlowe!!!

      I’m so in love with this show it’s ridiculous! But I’m not sorry. :)

      • CastleFanForLife says:

        ugh, I mean “on the way to *their relationship

      • Bren says:

        Very well said Castle fan for life I totattly agree with everything you said you put into thoughts the way I felt about it also!!!

      • CASTLE Forever!!!!! says:

        I am absolutely positively in love with this show!! It is literally the only show I watch and I always refuse to miss an episode. It is just that perfect. Castle and Beckett are finally giving it a go and it has become quite intense. They are so cute together and I can’t stop watching. Andrew W. Marlowe does a great job- keep it up. I CANNOT WAIT for Season 6 so excited. I just wish it was on more often I think if it did happen to get cancelled I would die of depression…. I even got a few of my friends obsessed now and they love it so much that we are planning to have a complete CASTLE marathon soon. Epic lol. Love it wish I could meet the cast and crew they are wonderful!

        • Penny H says:

          :) True..true.. and I’m already on a Castle marathon!! Bring on season 6, I can’t stand the wait.

        • Frances Ortiz says:

          AGREE….AGree…best show ever!!!!

          • Liz says:

            Has anyone else noticed that Clark Kent’s proposal to Lois Lane in Superman Unbound is very similar to Castle’s? And oh, BTW, Stana is the voice for Lane! Both Beckett and Lois Lane will grab danger by the horns but not without their significant others close by for protection. Castle’s tried cutting the ties with Beckett but she keeps running back to him. For the first time, Castle is “running” back to her. He still owes her for the huge birthday surprise she gave him!

      • codepink1908 says:


    • Interested says:

      Can’t say that I wish they hadn’t gotten together, but overall this season has certainly been below the standards that Castle set in the early stages. AWM has delivered in key episodes but consistency in pacing and characterization is missing. Why are pivotal moments solely being reserved for the beginning and final arcs or singular Very Special Episodes (read: sweeps) with no real continuity?

      Squab had Caskett as a couple (and individually) do a 180 from the first “gift” of the 100th ep. Each character was at point A and now somehow they are at point B. Can someone shed some light on what happened from then to where we are now that would cause such a dramatic turn?

      • Christina says:

        This. I feel like this is kind of coming out of nowhere. What happened to Castle knowing that Beckett was a “one and done” kind of girl? And what about “Always.” Pretty sure they both knew they were getting into this for the long haul when it started.

        • Shawn says:

          Just because Castle knew Beckett was a “one and done” type of girl and what they went through in “Always” got them together doesn’t mean the story is done. By implying what you think the characters knew before they were a couple means you think everything should be perfect and without flaws and hapoy, happy, happy you are not allowing the characters or their relationship to.evolve. Couples have issues in real life and they do come to a point where they began to question where.things are headed and if the other is as serious about the relationship and if they love you just as much as you love.them, etc. Carers, marriage and kids are also discussed at some point and there’s always room for complications when two people with different minds discuss their lives.

          Some of you had way different expectations for Caskett and thought this was an HBO show. I am so glad Marlowe is the showrunner. None of this is out of the blue. Beckett has always had doubtd and insecurities about being with Castle before the relationship and even in the beginning, but they became closer and now she’s wanting more and hoping Castle does, too. He’s been letting her set the pace for so long before and even now and bas been content and happy and doesn’t want to rock the boat. He’s had his share of insecurities and doubts about Beckett, too, and if he could make a relationship work unlike his two failed marriage.

          What show have some of you been watching?

          I am loving this show and Marlowe’s journey. Too bad for the rest of you not picking up on the mirror moments and progression and evolvement over the seasons.

          • BB123 says:

            I don’t mind complication and bumps. I even welcom them. However, it is weird to see them questioning the commitment of the other when everything they done ’till this point speak for itself.
            There was only very few and apart moments in the last few episode that could explain why the questions arise. And they seemed resolved by next episode.
            For example I could agree that Meredith comments could be a point where Beckett start doubting. But a couple of episode after that, she offers him a drawer. For me, it means things were resolved in her head, off-screen;
            Another example, Beckett doubt their relationship because of their parents. By the end of the episode, doubts resolved, then 2 episodes latter, they both want to change their Christmas tradition for the other. (That scream huge commitment).
            They were tidbit of doubts, then resolution or avancement on commitment that resolves those doubts. And then, an all out “I am not sure we’re serious, that s/he wants that I want ” etc etc, with no reason for that 180. It missed a huge moment where Castle or Beckett as made something WITHOUT resolution to expain why Beckett suddently question everything in Squab. (I don’t thing gaming is quite enough to explain that);

            And Matt, I love this interview. However, there’s one question you “forgot”. You ask if Castle will do something else to reassure Beckett. Taht was a good question. Where is the one asking if Beckett will do the same for Castle ?

            Let me ask you a question, if Always was not enough, like it was said in this comments thread, what Beckett did this season to assure Castle that she was in this for the long haul ?

          • Sam Jones says:

            You are 100% correct, but Kate’s actions in “The Squab” are not going to help Castle in the long run. I know that Marlowe put the incident of Vaughn kissing Kate in the episode to show Kate’s committment to Castle [when she pushed him away], but it also afforded her the opportunity to see that she was still attractive to other men. However, Castle already told Kate that he was jealous, she told him that he didn’t trust her, and then Vaughn invaded her space and did kiss her. Castle was smart enough to pick up on the fact that something was not right with Kate’s explanation about what transpired with the kiss, and the only way she could stop that conversation was to tell Castle Vaughn kissed her.

            Castle then deduced that the only reason Vaughn was still alive was because Kate pushed him away. BUT, if he were smart enough to pick up on Kate’s “parsing” her answers about the shot to Ryan, he will be smart enough to finally come around to asking himself, “why did Kate let this guy get this close to her”. That could trigger a trust issue, and if his first wife had some fidelity issues, as we know his second wife did, well that’s another universe to explore.

            If Kate takes the position with whatever agency, and it includeds her moving away, there will be no time for them to work on their relationship issues. Marlowe has already said that, if there were a season 6, it would entail some complicated plots.

            If they stay together and work on their issues, they have a shot as Caskett. If she leaves, albeit only for the summer, then Marlowe and gang will simply introduce angst whenever the creative pot runs dry!

          • thao says:

            Wow well said Shawn!

          • well i agree with it all the show is fantastic and i love watching castle and beckett one on one sorry th say i discovered late in its run i have been recording 1-4 bought i have only seen about three of them in season five one of them i didn’t really care for was the one where she was a body guard for the rich guy in my opion when he asked her about her love for castle the i think was a silly deal on her part for several reasons he has proved his love for her time and again i mean what does it take for anyone for it to sink in he kept her safe all the time them guys were after her. and when she found out about the secret she questioned how he could do that dumb dumb if he hadn’t they would have blown her away i know its just a silly show but the characters are interesting so i think she had better open her eyes boy” o i have read some comments where they wish to kill his daughter of now that is gross i mean it is suppose to be a family not family murder sorry but they have enough of them on the aire waves already i think that is two of the cool thinks i like about thier series his love for his daughter and his mother and one thing i didn’t like was a couple of the shows where they made castle look dumd and hes not he went through school he is so smart with the way he has investigated so much for his books he had silly ideas through seasons 1-4 but thats what made it so cute but yet he is so smart and then they call him please forgive my french they called him a stupid jack”…… that was not a good line for in the show oh well guess i better close i could keep writing. sincerely virginia

    • gabr923 says:

      Castle is an amazing tv show, it is on ABC on Mondays at 10 pm. You should watch this. ;)
      Season 5 is the best by far and the most watched season too!
      I feel sorry you don’t understand yet what Castle is about.

      • FM. says:

        You may consider it the best season, but it’s not the most watched season. Seasons 3 and 4, and even season 2, had more viewers and highers ratings than season 5.

        • Actually, season 5 has had very high ratings (especially on the back end) so I don’t know where you’re getting your rating info from but it’s not correct.

          • Interested says:

            S1: 9.67 avg viewers/ 2.6 share
            S2: 10.37 / 2.6
            S3: 10.67 / 2.7
            S4: 10.73 / 2.3
            S5: 10.12 / 2.0

        • gabr923 says:

          Abc said this “the most watched season” ok?

          • gabr923 says:

            @Interested your information is not right! also, if you compare this season with season 4 Castle is UP.
            season 4 , 2011-2012 Castle was #22 total viewers (#3 for ABC)
            season 5 , 2012-2013 Castle will be at least at the top 20, maybe #17 (#3 for ABC)

            season 4, 2011-2012 Castle was #53 in demos (#11 for ABC)
            season 5, 2012-2013 Castle is #36 or 37 (#8 for ABC)

          • FM. says:

            I’ve never heard “ABC” saying that, but I also don’t trust them. They mistreated a lot their shows this season with all the hiatuses and the very poorly chosen dates to air new episodes. And you can see by yourself the statistics of the episodes/seasons so far, which do not coincide with what ABC is saying.

          • Interested says:

            source: tvbythenumbers
            How is ABC measuring “the most watched season”?

          • luzmelain says:

            Note to garbr923: have you never heard the word ‘spin’?

            Also, total viewers, which is what they’re spinning, isn’t key demo ratings, which is all that matters in terms of financing the show. That’s highest in S3 with a 2.7 average. S5, at 2.0, is the lowest by quite a lot, but in its favour, the biggest decline actually came in the midseason of last year — the show ended on the lowest finale numbers ever. What is also true is that while S5 is a lot lower in the key demo, it’s actually been incredibly consistent in both total and key audience, way more than any other year. That does bode well for selling advertisements because the implication is that the show has a solid core audience (although largely over 50) which is not going anywhere.

          • gabr923 says:

            @FM Stana said this on CNN too!
            The statistics that ABC has you can find them on tvbtn, they are correct.
            I completely agree with you!! ABC has mistreated their shows this season not only with all the hiatuses (specially with OUAT and Revenge) also with a lack of promotion, they ignored Castle at the Emmys and Oscar shows.

          • gabr923 says:

            @luzmelain sorry for you because you don’t understand what I was talking about.

          • JAA says:

            if you’re going to talk averages, remember that season 5 isn’t over yet and has only aired 21 episodes. That’s why season 5 is the most watched season to date

          • numbers says:

            @Interested – Caste is down 12% so far (2.0 vs. 2.3), while the average scripted show decline this year is actually 14%.

        • i have to fm to your comment 1,2.3,4 were all great plus i can see them loving each other very deeply but also when they told each how much they loved each other it was said and done on still how much more can a person love someone who was even willing to stay there with her even when he new he could have died as well the spoke volumes right there so how much more can a person can say i love you when they are willing to stay there and die with her she is very dense if he has to keep proving him self then she did’nt love him that much to began with and if the producer is willing to seperate them up then i think he will lose his audience to start like that is the reason i like it castle kate and the two young cops that work with them and lanie to take them all to make the series and castle and kate are right in the center of the series and if he is silly enough to seperate the then he will lose his ratings very fast i don’t know what happened on the final i missed it does she love him or willing to leave him standing there after she said she loved him or just leave him high and dry.please can you maybe kind of give me an idea of what happened. sincerely virginia

      • Kerry says:

        I have to agree!!! Castle is my favorite show…. I love it!!!

    • sad you think its been a disapointment for me its been the best season so far and it can only get better roll on season 6.

    • luzmelain says:

      Weird linkage. See above for reply to Geri, not Valtastic.

    • nani says:

      umh, the truth that for me has been wonderful, I liked it but of course everyone expects different things well, and then clear why the depciones.

  2. luli says:

    So maybe beckett will get an offer from somewhere, maybe the FBI and she’ll have to start asking how to move forward with castle and if they are going somewhere??? Can’t wait for May 13!!

    • Stephen says:

      I think we are being fed some serious misdirection here from Marlowe. We haven been given several small clips of Castle’s ex wife dropping a hint and a billionaire hitting on her, and question about “Where they were going” at a strange time. The Ex lied, they broke up because she cheated, the billionaire wanted a night stand, and the other is easily explained. Castle would die for her, most of his life is Beckett, he is not going anywhere she knows that. The cliff hanger is going to be in my mind him asking her to marry him, and fade to black.

      • castle does care for Kate but might be afraid of commitment, when Kate couldn’t answer Erik V.’s question about how serious her and castle were, red flags went up, which ex was this?? they might have some way to go before anyone starts talking about a ring. there might be other parts of their lives the writers will show, have to wait and see until the finale!!

      • scooby says:

        A night stand and a one night stand are very different. ;)

  3. Becca says:

    This season has been one of my favorites so I’m curious to see how it ends. I have a feeling Beckett will get offered a job with the FBI or something, and then she and Castle will take a break for the summer while she tries it out. But I’m hoping for something a little more surprising then that, since I’m sure she’d just end up back with the NYPD and Castle in the fall.

    • Sam Jones says:

      I can see no way she accepts a position with another agency as a good thing. I thought Kate and Rick were supposed to be discussing their relationship problems. How’s adding more distance and another job going to support these problems? If Kate does travel to the FBI or Homeland Security over the summer, it just tells me that Marlowe is not really interested in settling Caskett’s relationship problems, he’s more interested in dishing out angst.

      I will have a better feel after the finale, but I do hope that the Kate Beckett that shows up on those swings, joined by Rick Castle, are the same two individuals who showed up in December in “Secret Santa”. Both were able to give up their traditions to be with the other, in great O. Henry fashion. Their “selflessness” was unique, and we need that now.

  4. Karen says:

    This is making me excited and nervous as hell bring on May 13

  5. FM. says:

    Please Marlowe, don’t break them up in the finale. Not after everything they (and us fans) have been through. Because if you do break them up so many people, like me, won’t watch season 6 and all the other that’ll possible come after. Plus, it’d be too cliché. I’m sure you’re smarter than that, you’ve already proven many times you are, so please don’t disappoint the show’s fandom.

    • mysteriousmystery says:

      They won’t split. Think of it this way: do you really think they could go back to working together, as “just friends”? (as though they were ever just friends…) No. They couldn’t. It would be the end of the series, because theirs is the relationship central to the storyline. So…not gonna happen.

    • JAA says:

      they’re not going to break up, the season finale is about “where do we go from here?” and the answer is presumably forward with a deeper level of commitment.

      • Sam Jones says:

        I would hope that you are correct, but how will this be accomplished? Will they get engaged, will Beckett move in with Castle and start moving towards a more permanent relationship as opposed to a fairly regular “booty call”? I do not like that Marlowe has already said that season 6, if they are given one as if we all don’t know that they will, will be fraught with complicated story telling. I really doubt that the continuous introduction of angst is what Caskett Shippers are looking for. Stan Katic once said in one of her interviews and I paraphrase, “the reason the show is such a success is that it appeals to people who like desert after dinner”. I took that to mean, regular, ordinary folks. People like the vast majorty of us who don’t mind sharing our opinions [respectfully hopefully] on these message boards. While I know that Andrew Marlowe has a tremendously difficult task in juggling all the balls that he has in the air, [actors, contracts, network demands, ratings, story arc, series arc, etc.], he has to remember the vast majority of us want to see the Caskett relationship problems settled. He has to give the lead characters the opportunity to do just that, other season 6 will simply be the beginning of the end!

    • j.l. jones says:

      You will stop watching if they break up? Seriously? You would stop watching? It is absurd that you would stop watching because they broke up. How is it you watched four seasons of the show before they became a couple?

      • FM. says:

        Because then I knew they would become a couple eventually, which they did, and from the day they got together until the end of the show I only want to see them as a couple. If they aren’t one anymore, I’m out. I won’t watch anymore, I won’t complain anymore.

        • j.l. jones says:

          Then you my friend were never a fan to begin with. Why don’t you just stop watching now? Fair weather fans are not worth the effort it takes to call you out. I dislike Caskett with a passion but I am still here watching. You know why? Because I am a fan of the series. The relationship is just an aspect of the series… just like Beckett’s mother’s murder. I won’t cheer them if they broke up, but I’m certainly not gonna jump ship if the producers do something I dislike. That is loyalty and I am sure Castle’s TPTB value fans like me. We stick with the show and I find it troubling through thick and thin.

          • j.l. jones says:

            Rather, find it troubling that anyone would curse the series if it did something they did not like and stop watching. With fans like that who needs enemies?


      It will very hard for Marlowe to explain how he can break up Castle and Becket, when Castle is willing to die with Beckett in the “Still” episode. (If that is not commitment I don’t know what it is) It won’t make sense. Up to know I had respected Andy Marlowe choices because they “make sense” if not Castle won’t be anymore the show everybody loves, I trust Marlowe in this one.

  6. MysteryObsessed says:

    Goddammed Marlowe, you say a lot and don’t say anything at all at the same time
    Also I don’t want a cliffhanger…. call me a cliche’ person, but I want my babies in a happy place together and 100% commited to each other in this finale

  7. april-ann says:

    I’ve been enjoying this season and their relationship so much that I don’t think I will be disappointed. The relationship works so I don’t want to see them broken up but being tv, drama must be added. That first photo is hilarious with those shirts they are wearing.

  8. Stacy says:

    I hope the “something comes out of left field” is not a pregnancy. That happened in Bones and should not happen with Caskett.
    (Although I would love to see little babies eventually…)

    • Karen says:

      the only reason thet went down that road was because the actreess who played bones was preganat for real trust me becket is not pregaant

  9. K says:

    This season has been one of my favorites. Kate and Rick going to the hamptons, spending Christmas and valentines together, tackling bracken being back, Alexis kidnapping, etc. Kate is in her 30s and wants to know where her relationship with castle is going. Does Kate see herself moving in, getting engaged and married. If Kate wants these things awesome but does castle want what she wants?

  10. Steph says:

    Great, interesting, complicated story telling next season eh? The thought makes me nauseous, yet utterly excited. I don’t believe Marlowe will break them up, but I have no doubt that he will put them through an emotional roller coaster and as a result, I will be along for that ride. I am commited. Really looking forward to the last few episodes.

  11. Mari says:

    This season is being the best one yet (followed really close by season 3). And I just can’t wait to see what happens in the finale.

  12. BusterChap says:

    Watershed moment? Kate gets pregnant!

    • J.L. Jones says:

      then the series would be jumping the shark. babies are horrible additions to a show. save it for the damn series finale.

  13. James says:

    while their have been times where i ask my self why did the writers decide to do that i think as a whole this season has been one of the best if not the best yet. Marlowe hasn’t rushed into anything he’s slowly build up thier moments together and depicts their growing love and affection for each other.

    Now if the synopsis for Watershed is correct and Beckett gets a job offer and takes the job at the end and thats the cliffhanger i really like that idea it would lead to some really interesting storytelling in season six, now we all know there is no show unless they’re solving crimes together but to explore that seperation where castle for the first time isn’t involved in her professional life even if its for a couple episode would be so cool to watch and give the show a little jolt in the arm.

    I’m conflicted i really want to see the finale but know after its over Andrew Marlowe will be torturing me again for another summer counting the days to see how its resovled.

  14. Astrid says:

    Can’t wait to see where the season will head! I’m already dreading that awful hiatus.
    This has been my favorite season, gonna miss Castle and Beckett in the summer!

  15. John Z says:

    I think this season has been the best yet. Castle isnt just a crime show, but it is also a love story (Marlow’s words). Also they have had the best ratings yet, with Castle and Beckett together, so they have disproven the Moonlighting curse. But if they were to break up, that again would go against what Marlow has said in the past regarding Moonlighting.
    I have no idea about the finale , but in Marlow we trust. If we review, Season 1, Castle told Beckett that he had investigated her mom’s murder, not good, and they were back together end of, season 2, episode 1. Season 2, Beckett misses out on going to the Hamptons with Castle, and Castle is goes off “stupping” his x wife (Stana Katics words). They are back working together season 3, episode 1, And Castle breaks up again with Gina later in season. Season 3, ends with Beckett with a bullet in her chest , Castle confessing he loves her. Season 4 episode 1, an amazing recovery, back together and plausible deniability until episode 19 (47 seconds). Then lets not forget the Castle really pissed off at Beckett arc for 3 episodes, . And Season 4 ended with Always, Beckett quits the NYPD and then shows up at Castles door, still one of my favorite endings ever. Season 5 episode 1, Beckett is back on the NYPD, and Season 5 began. And now here we are with Season 5 coming to an end. Also TV Guide votes Castle and Beckett favorite couple, again Marlow is really smart and knows what the fans want. Having said that, I still have no idea what will happen. I hope , they end with Castle asking her to marry him and then fade to black. But who knows. Also when you see “Still” the context of their relationship (at least to me) falls into play regarding how Castle feels about Beckett. But has he come to grips with his 2 failed marriages and will that come into play for Season 5 finale. But if history is any predictor , Season 6 episode 1, …… they will be back together . Just my 2 cents.

  16. Chris H says:

    I have loved season 5. For someone to say its been a disappointment is suprising. I look forward to next season, i have no doubt there will be one. I love Caskett they better remain together.

  17. Malachi says:

    I’m sorry, but “Squab” was so completely out of left field as to be utterly ridiculous, especially if you consider that “Still” was supposed to air before it. Here’s a hint, without giving away too much: when a guy deliberately and consciously risks his life to save yours one week, it is in extremely poor taste to question the level of his level of commitment to you the week afterward. Just… ugh.

    • Malachi says:

      Omit one of “the level of” phrases. A typo, my apologies.

      • Rida says:

        I really dont think she’s questioning his feels for him, she wants to know where they are going next and its pretty natural to ask those questions. Imo Castle n Beckett were both a mess in TSATQ, dnt mean it in a bad way, its just that they didnt know what to do and made some mistakes. But i can allow them to be imperfect.

        • Mary says:

          @Rida – totally agree with you:)

          • Malachi says:

            So what part of “where are we going next” involves letting a guy who is *NOT* your boyfriend try to seduce you? That’s the part that irks me. Beckett let the guy (who struck me as a player and a sleazeball) into her personal space and let him kiss her. The half-hearted push away doesn’t change that. She could have put Vaughn off at any time with a “professional” demeanor, but chose not to do so. It seems to me that she and Castle need to actually have a conversation, instead of playing adolescent games.

          • Kim says:

            I agree with Malachi’s 12:59pm post (TVLine wouldn’t let me reply directly to that post, so I had to put it here instead). That part bothered me too. It wasn’t so much Kate having some doubts and some questions, it was how less than professional she was with Vaughn. I can even stretch and overlook her “opening up” to him. But the champagne and almost kiss? Not buying it. Kate looked uncomfortable at times with Vaughn which is what made it all even more strange for me. In my opinion, it was so out of character for her. I also think Castle was more harsh than he should have been with Kate. Neither character was written particularly well in Squab. I get the point the writers and show runners were trying to make. I just don’t feel the execution of making that point was done well at all for the most part.

          • Sam says:

            I am in agreement with what Marlowe said, sure it was weird she let him get so close but the fact she pushed him away speaks volumes.

    • Binkley says:

      ITA as well. Kate is so OOC in “Squab”. Surprised Marlowe basically said that without the Castle relationship, Kate would have been willing to be one of Vaughn’s “conquests.” She definitely didn’t want to be one of Castle’s.

      • Emmakingg says:

        I think the ress

      • Kim says:

        Yeah, that comment from Marlowe was a head scratcher for me too. I don’t see it that way at all. Makes me kind of dread the season finale if that’s what Marlowe sees his character doing when I’m not seeing it at all.

    • Mary says:

      I have watched “Still” and don´t want to spoil it to anyone, but here I disagree with you…for me, now “Squab” makes a lot more sense:)

      • luli says:

        What??? I’ve watched still like 3x and after it the squab and the quail. (First i watched squab but then I watched it in the right order) and is still doesn’t make sense at all, how can they go from were they where in still to the way they acted in squab with jealousy, trust issues and doubts… I just can’t see it.

    • Teri says:

      Good thing the episodes got switched. I totally would not have had a clue as to why Squab was suppose to follow Still.

  18. david says:

    something tells me that becket will “be” pregnant but probably beginning of next year it will be false positive but it will still shake them up

  19. Isaac says:

    Is this a confirmation for a season 6?

  20. badpenny says:

    I’m tired of cliffhanger endings. 4 out of 5 seasons have ended in a cliffhanger; and seaons 4 ended with them getting together and then spending more of season 5 acting like strangers rather then people who have known each other for 4 years. And now Kate has to wonder if Castle loves her and is willing to commit to her when he’s done nothing but show it for several years just by being there for her and helping her through her darkest moments. And Kate never even once say she loves him on camera.

    And it’s not like we don’t know if they come back for a seasons 6 that Kate won’t still be working for the police with all the other co-starts. A cliffhanger that doesn’t really change anything isn’t really a cliffhanger. It’s just lazy writing.

  21. samiul says:

    remember , before the start of the season 5 Castle Art Dept. mentioned that they made ” BED ROOM ” & “BATH ROOM ” in Beckett’s loft . Then why dint they use it . AM was way to laid back about CASKETT . As if he is lil scared to show the love and affection of Castkett .No wonder ppl missed out in lot of opportunity to enjoy caskett scenes .

    And now , he directly bringing the topic of ” WHAT IN NEXT ” ? No wonder ppl are disappointed like 2nd person from top .hey Gery ….I’m with you buddy .

  22. Kim C says:

    Personally I think season 5 has been outstanding. It would have been ridiculous for them to not put Caste and Beckett together. Relationships do go through peaks and valleys. I have every reason to believe AWM will tell their story in a meaningful and authentic way. Lets just try and enjoy the journey.

  23. Lilu says:

    I will not survive this!

  24. Juliana lopez says:

    Marlowe, please do not kill me. I still have many things to do in this life.

  25. hurdingkatz says:

    Unless I’ve missed a plot point (it happens), the biggest stressor on their relationship is keeping the relationship unofficial, because it would break them up as a working couple (they believe). While people close to them, at home and work, know of Castkett, they’re still undercover.

    Although they have a social relationship, crime-solving together is the core of this couple’s identity and interaction. If that’s taken away, do they lose something that defines them? (Consider how couples sometimes find out that once the kids are gone, they no longer have much in common.)

    As to the season finale, I’m thrilled that the mother mythology will not play. Somehow, I expect that, in some way, the new dad-mythology will be involved. (The family histories play at opening, mid-season and finale. If Castle had a choice to move ahead [in some way] with Beckett or spend time with his dad, which would he choose?) Part of Castle’s insecurity is not knowing his father. Rick’s life, so far– with the exception of Alexis — may be his best work of fiction, still in rewrite.

    In any case, those two family mythologies/back stories are going to come together before we’re done with Rick and Kate. That will be the real test of this relationship.

  26. CarlagUK says:

    I think Andrew Marlowe is trying to keep the’Caskett’ relationship real, well, as real as any relationship can be in a TV show. He is trying to make them face up to the challenges that being in a long term relationship bring and I like that. We don’t need near death experiences going into the finale, we’ve had those a plenty over the years but dealing with what everyday life can bring to a relationship can be a huge challenge in itself. They do need to know where they are heading though and to do that they need to be honest with each other, brutally if necessary, in order to do that. Castle in particular must really open up more. no matter how painful it maybe to do so

    I don’t think Marlowe will break the two of them up, but I think there will be some serious soul searching for both of them, particularly if something unexpected is thrown at them, which seems to be suggested by Marlowe in the finale. Surely that’s got to be more interesting than jumping straight into marriage and babies, because once you have reached that point, where would you go to keep the relationship interesting and fresh, it would become boring after a while. Well to me it would anyway.

    Looking forward to the finale and hopefully to Season 6

  27. I haven’t seen Still, but because of the possibility of dying and never getting her always plus her saying ILY has emotionally propelled Kate past Castle. She now wants to move forward, but now Castle is lagging behind as shown in TSTQ. That’s the only thing I can think of that may make TSTQ make more sense.

    Castle may also be just waiting for the other shoe to drop in his relationship with Kate. His failed relationship with Kyra and his two failed marriages may have him just waiting for something to happen to break them up. TSTQ would have reinforced that in his mind. He’s jealous and with Kate’s flirting with Eric Vaughan he’s thinking this is it. He was so jealous knowing that her and Vaughan were going to spend time together. However when Kate admits Vaughan kissed her he doesn’t get jealous. I found that odd, but I think that;s when his walls go up and his self-preservation kicks in like it did with Meredith and he plays the ostrich, hoping it all works out.

    I think the last scene of the finale is at the swings. Rick is ready to propose and even has the ring in his pocket. However because they have never been on the same page, Kate tells Castle she wants to work for the FBI and she wants to go alone so they can figure out what they want. I think her taking the job is what comes out of left field. Rick is left at the swings by himself wondering how they got to this point. It’s not a break up, but a break.

    • Mary Ann Ruiz says:

      Good story line….seems most plausible in what I have seen written. Like to add, the 12th is important and the characters make up the “storytelling” of Kate and Castle…..w/o them the story I am not sure??? The 12th seems to get cut out of the story….I would think they are going to be a part of the finale.

  28. Bonnie says:

    CASTLE has been a favorite of mine for several seasons. I don’t see any reason to change my mind now!!! Whatever happens, I will be back to see how it turns out. Love, love, love them as a couple!!!

  29. Brenda Dempsey says:

    I’m scared!! I really hope they don’t break up or even take a break but if it’s going to be an emotional finale I don’t see it being a good thing for caskett. Hopefully I am wrong but unfortunately the premise of the squab and the quail is definitely indicating trouble ahead. I have seen still too and won’t say too much as many haven’t seen it yet but I just do not understand what marlowe was thinking showing these episodes in their original order. I can’t get my head around Kates concerns for the relationship when it was her being seriously tempted by someone else. It makes no sense to me and seems to be very contradictory storytelling. I just hope marlowe knows what he is doing and doesn’t isolate the majority of the fans

    • Mary says:

      IMO, it´s not contradictory because of this: I´m a woman in a relationship and one night I´m doing a striptease and my partner favours a game over me; in another moment he´s listing the 12 people with whom he would like to have his last supper and my name doesn´t come from his mouth; yes, I would thing he was taking me for granted and wouldn´t be pleased! Then I met a billionaire, charming and handsome, who lists some of the things I´ve done and gives me attention; I´d be flattered too, and probably there would be that tiny moment in wich I´d be tempted. Of course it would be wrong and I wouldn´t be proud of myself, but I can relate to it and I´m sure it´s something that happens everyday in msny relationships.
      That´s why I think it´s a believable storytelling building to the finale…buf of course that´s just my opinion, others don´t see it that way and I respect it:)

      • BB123 says:

        Sorry to say this to you but..Your incredibly demanding then to your boyfriend, or incredibly insecure. (That’s what I though of Beckett in that episode).
        While I am not pleased when My BF favor his hobby instead of me, one he started doing it, I took it as a sign that he was (finally) secure in our relationship. (I am a positive one). I really really prefer someone that take me for granted than someone that think that wouldn’t trust me to stay with him if he didn’t have his attention on me whenever I want it.

        That being said, It doesn’t stop me to tell him that am not happy when he take me a little too much for granted and to “fight” a lttle other that when it happens. (Plus it isn’t like I never ever done something like that myself), however I would never ever question our relationship over that.

  30. Meh says:

    I don’t get all the Caskett salivating that goes on. Rick and Kate’s romance is so boring. They were more interesting when they weren’t in a relationship.

  31. Chris says:

    I’ve been disappointed with this season as well, it started off GREAT with the aftermath of “Always” but after the Christmas episode, the show changed course and we had little to NO Caskett moments, and frankly if I dislike the Finale then I will be watching Monday Night Football in the Fall and Not Castle, Marlowe has Jerked the Fans around all season long. This Keeps up I don’t see Castle lasting PAST a 6th Season.

    • Shawn says:

      I don’t feel jerked around. I have enjoyed this season and Caskett. Please don’t speak for me. Your inability to deal with issues and complications in a relationship isn’t a problem I have. HaHa!

      Some fans make me laugh taking a tv show way too seriously.

      I take the good with the bad. If I get to the point where i’m stressed and whining and complaining about something that hasn’t happened yet, then it’s time to turn the channel and look at Big Bang Theory. HaHa!

    • Ralph says:

      You are right Chris, after the Santa episode, the relationship took a back-seat. Probably because Marlowe’s small brain couldn’t take the relationship to another level. He failed miserably in the last three episodes.

  32. maria says:

    add caslte already under the break up/divorces on the may sweeps scorecard, it is clear, she gets and offer and he is afraid and they broke up

  33. Sam says:

    Whatever they do next season, I just hope they don’t give Detective Kevin Ryan another episode. I like the character, but Seamus Dever is such an arrogant jerk. He doesn’t deserve more screen time.

    • Speaking of that... says:

      Seamus kept retweeting his praises from fans the other day. lol

      Sometimes he seems cool, sometimes he seems like a narcissist. He’s really sarcastic which comes off rude at times.

      • AlaSereteSlavno says:

        For a moment there,I thought you were talking about Nathan.These lines describe Nathan perfectly. Anyway,what’s wrong with being sarcastic?Sometimes it’s the best way to deal with the stupid individuals. And what’s with the double standards?

  34. samiul says:

    Did any one of you notice (in BTS) that there are MAY BE TWO SCENES ON THE SWING ( 1 at day time ….where Kate is on the swing , and the second one is at night where Castle is alone .

  35. Mike Q. says:

    Here’s the thing: if they break up, it isn’t “complicated” storytelling that finds a reason for Castle to still work with the team, it’s “ludicrously stupid” storytelling. So here’s hoping that isn’t how they end it. I’ve also been disappointed in this season, but if it ends in a breakup, I won’t be back for season 7. Much like Bones, the show will just be asking me to suspend too much disbelief.

  36. Jack says:

    Stana did an interview a few weeks back saying issues were coming she was spot on she also said that caskett would be closer by seasons end if hey broke up the premise is lost so not worried but excited and nervous bring it on

    • James says:

      I’m sorry, but writer have decieved actors before. Stana may want that, but she can’t control what the writers do.

      • Jack says:

        I know that my point was that the first part of the interview was spot on all i was saying is that a caskett breakup defeated the purpose and i am sure marlowe knows this i trust him more than i trust David shore but i respect what your saying

  37. Teri says:

    No disappointments from me. The relationship has moved slower than I have wanted it to, but there is a reason for that. After all, it took 4 years for them to get together in the first place. Rick and Kate are not good at relationships and have had to figure out how to be better and they are still working on that. Both seem quite “emotionally stunted”, no doubt due to past hurts and issues. I just would like to see a long, sit-down drag out talk between them to air out each other’s questions. Rick needs to tell Kate that Meredith left him and he is scared to be abandoned by her. Things like that. Open up soon…….PLEASE.

  38. jj says:

    I have enjoyed every single season of Castle. There are a few episodes here and there that I am not particular fond of through the years but that happens in every show that I watched. Andrew Marlowe is the only creator of a show that I watched for the last few years that I trust. He is a God sent compare to David Shore of House. I still watched Bones but I only do so when I like the particular case and I have certainly stop buying it on DVD.

    I am sure it will be a long Summer for me waiting for Castle’s return in the Fall. Here’s to many more years of Castle!

  39. James says:

    Being in a long distance relationship is complicated. I know because I’ve done that. If the couple is having problems when the other moves to a new job, even temporarily, it can lead to some very real complications. It makes you really think about what you want and what you are missing out on. You start wondering if your significant other is missing you. If you don’t make an effort at communicating, then the phone calls, texting, etc. become fewer and fewer and briefer. Temptation is always there and if your lonely you can become very vulnerable. This would test there relationship like nothing else.

  40. Just one thing says:

    I feel like his explanation of Castle (and Beckett’s) POV is based on gender generalizations, which is surprising given the way characters have been handled thus far. But in explaining their motivations that way, he is disregarding key character traits that could just as easily justify them.

    He says Beckett isn’t getting any younger. Well, neither is Castle. The difference is, she doesn’t open up her heart as easily as he does and she never does. That she did so with Castle and abandoned her quest for justice would be the perfect reason to ask “What next?”

    Castle has been depicted as someone with his own walls this season, and unfortunately (for whatever reason) they were not further explored. But it is reasonable to assume he doesn’t want to rock the boat because of past relationship failures, not just because “he’s a guy.”

    In many ways, I feel like they have both behaved in character. But in many ways, the issues seem quite manufactured. That Marlowe continues to say “out of left field” doesn’t help.

    I understand they have to walk a fine line with the serialized and standalone episodes, but the comments many have said here about weak obstacles and ramifications from big beats being ignored have major weight that I hope those behind the scenes consider going into Season 6. Season 5 had high points and some duds (the nature of 20+ episodes), but some of the lower points probably could have been avoided, or at least mitigated, with a few different angles of coverage from a story standpoint.

    Anyway, looking forward to the finale and next season. Either way the chips fall, this is still a series worth following in my book.

  41. Dustin says:

    Something about Marlowe’s answer to the last question just screamed “She’s gonna be pregnant” to me. We’ll see!

    • Whitney says:

      I’ve been SCREAMING that she’s PREGNANT since episode 2….they have been throwing in clues and breadcrumbs since then. Not saying she’s been pregnant that long, but the clues started then or you could say by end of first episode when she grabbed him in the FAMILY JEWELS. She’s not had any coffee in last 3 episodes or alcohol….we’ve not seen her drink. When Jenny announced her pregnancy she and Beckett were dressed alike. If she’s not pregnant I’m gonna be pissed cause the clues have been there ALL SEASON.

  42. namrata says:

    I don’t think the season was disappointing… I want to see what he is trying to tell us…

  43. Dr. e DiTosto says:

    I am totally addicted to the Castleshow! I am putting faith I to the writers who have been good! However, no marriage, no babies, but mystery and still committed to each other.when they worry about each other that is life. The sex scenes are tasteful they don’t have to spend heavy sex in bed to show their love for each other. I trust Marlowe and all the superb writers that keep the ratings high on Monday night’s. Dr.e

  44. Phoebe says:

    This is my favorite show on TV right now. This season has been amazing. I trust that whatever the season finale is, it’s going to give us good story-telling for Season 6. I’m confident that by the end of this series, Castle and Beckett will be together. So we just need to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  45. A says:

    I really enjoyed this season of Castle and while some episodes have been a bit filler-y and slow, it really is a good season. However, I really don’t really want a “quiet” finale. I was expecting a typical Castle finale. Fast-paced, epic, maybe Beckett’s mother-related. Something EPIC that will have me clinging on for the four months hiatus. Something shocking like when Beckett got shot, etc. The quiet finale he was talking about, I would much rather see as a midseason finale. Anyways, still looking forward to it cause Castle is still awesome!

  46. caya says:

    ok guys, it’s clear that they love but Castle has its own problems, as well as Kate found it difficult to indulge in a serious relationship, by the unsolved case of his mother, Castle finds it difficult to get into a relationship, for his past, two failed marriages, for his father who still need to put in order, and remember that Castle told Kate that her marriage is only once and forever, I think now it’s up to Kate to work on Rick and make them talk about your deepest feelings and agree on what each one expects with respect to each other, and especially how it will affect their future careers where those decisions take, friends, that we will be subject to at least two more seasons, so not let life complicate AM break his head this summer to deliver season 6 and enjoy the show there Castle for several years

    • earl says:

      here’s a little thing that i think,kate says no to the ring,takes the job in d.c.,rick daughter gets killed on her trip,kate moves bask to be with rick then all is well

  47. Jerri says:

    I think Beckett is pregnant, which is the “something [that] comes out of left field that both characters have to wrestle with, something that would be a challenge to any relationship”.

    • Fran says:

      I think it’s more likely that Beckett gets a job offer and they have to deal with that. I just can’t see Marlowe going to the lame pregancy storyline.

      • Jerri says:

        I thought about a job offer, but there hasn’t been any hints to that whatsoever. Besides if she gets a job offer, what’s stopping Castle from moving wherever she gets the job offer? His mom? His daughter? maybe, but it’s Castle. He’ll go without much issues. If Beckett gets transferred/promoted, depends on where & how. Guess we’ll see when the finale airs. Looking forward to that one.

    • J.L. Jones says:

      It’d be a jumping the shark moment. why are you guys all hung on the pregnancy angle. it’ll be a series killer.

    • Whitney says:

      She’s PREGNANT…..NO DOUBT. The job offer doesn’t come out of left field cause she knows about it in HUMAN FACTOR. She’s thinking of taking job IF Castle doesn’t say what she wants him to say….the job is ONLY an out. She would have to disappear…..she wants Castle to COMMIT to her, not the baby. Once he commits she’ll tell him she’s pregnant. Then the complications start. The CLUES have been there since episode one when she grabbed him in the family jewels… episode she was tired and had a glow, stick man was the pregnancy test, she was emotional in probable cause, eating for two in the Hamptons, morning sickness in Final Frontier and Castle worried about being infertile….Beckett said he was fine. It goes on from there….then when Jenny announced her pregnancy she and Beckett were dressed ALIKE. When Kate drank wine in WILD ROVER and 100th she looked at wine glass and looked like she was contemplating. In BigFoot….she believes in the everyday miracles like green shoots popping up though snow in Feb. Things don’t grow in Feb (life finds a way). In STILL she’s standing on her BOMBshell…..what got her off bomb, a KIDS name. Castle wasn’t allowed anywhere near the bomb…it’s HER bombshell.

  48. Jeff says:

    Howabout about the Captain finally finding out about their relationship and then insisting Castle leave or be assigned to working with another detective?

  49. Luis says:

    As often as Beckett has worked with the FBI, its past time she considered a career with the Bureau. While it would solve the complication surrounding her relationship, it would break up their partnership as well as breaking up the team. She wouldn’t consider the move unless she was certain Castle was in their relationship for the long haul, something he has yet to give any sign he’s thought about. I don’t believe that, after four seasons bringing us to this point, the writers would break them up. The relationship does need to move forward, however, so I am wagering on a higher level of commitment between Rick and Kate before long.