Castle Sneak Peek: Your First Look At a 'Great Trip Down Memory Lane'

This Monday on ABC’s Castle, Rick and Kate are afforded a chance to reflect on times gone by — and we’ve cued up a pair of video sneak peeks.

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The episode “Still” — so titled because Kate must stay put until a bomb she unwittingly triggered can be defused — is the “bonus” 24th installment added to Castle‘s Season 5 run, and thus had to avail itself of some efficiencies in being produced. Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe says he’d be loath to call it a “clip show,” in part because the flurry of flashbacks “forward the storytelling.”

“When I realized we only had a couple of days to shoot it and we’d have to fill it out with clips [from previous episodes], I set out to make the best ‘clip show’ that television has seen — and I think our team has pulled it off,” he tells TVLine. “It is a great trip down memory lane, yes, but we have some high stakes and other interesting stuff going on in the main story.”

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In the clips below, Kate and Rick debate 1) whether she was into him from the moment they first met, and 2) how she allegedly has always been unable to keep her hands off of him.

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