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Good Wife NCIS Castle SpoilersWho on The Good Wife will stir up bad blood? How will The Mentalist surprise Lisbon? Will an NCIS mystery be quickly solved? Is New Girl about to get very naughty? What comes out of left field for Castle? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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The Good Wife | As interesting as what does happen on CBS’ acclaimed drama – in Sunday’s finale, for example, Colin Sweeney resurfaces (though far from a courtroom), while Cary makes a surprising enemy while forming his upstart firm – is what doesn’t. For example, the April 14 episode was set to revisit the Vampire Diaries fan fiction scandal that nearly upended Diane’s Supreme Court bid, but the scene didn’t make it into the episode. (In the lost sequence, Florrick campaign operative Jim Moody opened up to Diane about his own obsession with the CW soap.) “I’m kicking myself now because the episode was so long we had to cut it,” laments exec producer Robert King. “We will get it online or something. It was a [great] shout-out to Kevin Williamson.”

Elementary | All roads lead to Moriarty…? On next Thursday’s episode, titled “A Landmark Story,” exec producer Rob Doherty shares, “We start with Moran (played by Vinnie Jones) in prison [when] he comes across something on the news that would seem to suggest Moriarty is up to no good in New York City. He reaches out to Sherlock to try to convince him that Moriarty may be here and making trouble.” But while it may not be time to bust out the M-word quite yet, “Moriarty is quite present in this last batch of episodes,” Doherty promises. “He won’t make an appearance until the two-hour finale [airing May 16], but we’re really getting onto his trail in earnest in the [May 2] episode.”

Major Crimes | Adama, call your agent! TNT’s offshoot of The Closer will introduce in Season 2 Jackson Raydor aka (yep, you guessed it) Captain Sharon’s estranged, not-quite-ex husband. Jackson is described as a “charming and devilish rascal” on hiatus from his career as a lawyer to pursue his main passion: gambling. But you can bet on major awkwardness — or sparks? – when Jackson grabs a gig as a public defender, temporarily crashes at Sharon’s place and fast becomes a buddy to ward Rusty.

And now, reader questions answered, via Inside Line’s shiny new email address:

Anything new on The Mentalist‘s finale? Thanks! – Luiza
As promised, the first Q that landed in the new emailbox gets an answer. So, Luiza, you probably heard how Jane is going to narrow down the Red John suspect pool to seven people in the May 5 finale. Well, wait until you see Lisbon’s reaction when he gives her the first name!

Welcome to your new email address! I’m still reeling from the NCIS cliffhanger. What else can you tell us about the upcoming episodes? –Cheryl
And congrats to you, Cheryl, for being the one of 100-plus NCIS emails I chose. This much I can share: Next Tuesday’s episode picks up right where we left off, with Tony and Ziva in the crashed car; no time-jump into a hustling-bustling hospital ER room here. Also, viewers won’t have to wait long to find out who it was that Michael Vaughn’d their vehicle.

Tell us Castle and Beckett are not breaking up in the finale! OK, I know you can’t answer that, but give us something to make us feel better? –Rida
Hmm. Would it make you feel better to have insight into how Andrew W. Marlowe decided wherever it is that Kate and Rick end up at 10:55 pm on May 13? When first planning a finale, the series creator explains, “You have a great map, but it’s like driving through fog a little bit – the closer you get, the clearer it gets. So about seven or eight episodes out, I knew ballpark where I wanted to land.” And versus yet another capper tied to Beckett’s mother’s murder, “I wanted a quieter, more emotional finale, without the fireworks,” he says. “In this one, something comes out of left field that both characters have to wrestle with, something that would be a challenge to any relationship.”

You pick the show, I will take scoop on any! New Girl, Smash or Scandal. –Jackie
Eenie, meenie, miney… Schmidt! Next Tuesday’s New Girl, which reveals how the characters lost their virginity, is filled with expectedly hilarious awkwardness (and braces for Nick!). At the risk of sounding like SNL‘s Stefon, you have prostitutes, a kids’ castle, a dead hobo, tears and a whole lotta lube involved. While Jess’ prom night with Teen Wolf‘s Dylan O’Brien doesn’t go exactly as planned, Cece loses her V-card in a very model way and Nick plays an (unwilling!) role in Schmidt’s first time. And yes, that big Nick/Jess moment that Jake Johnson teased is indeed huge.

So happy to hear Autumn Reeser will be back in the Hawaii Five-0 season finale! Any scoop on what’s going on with her and Danny? –Sarah
While we scoop-hunters may be in the loop, rest assured that for Danny, after being apart most of the season, Dr. Asano’s return is most unexpected.

Greetings from Spain. Got any scoop on Once Upon a Time? –Mundo Magico
Mais oui! (I failed French class.) In an upcoming TVLine Q&A, Lana Parrilla has plenty of wonderful things to say (and tease) about the final three episodes, including how the May 12 finale features “a very sobering moment, where the audience will be very surprised to see some characters have to come together, to work together, to save one another.”

How will Royal Pains handle Hank’s medical situation when the show returns in June? Last we saw, he had suffered a stroke-like emergency from the explosion at Shadow Pond. Will the show pick up with his recovery? –Laura
I have four words that may point you in the right direction: Five. Month. Time. Jump.

From what Bones‘ Emily Deschanel and executive producer Stephen Nathan said over the past week, it seem that Sweets is going to be impacted in a major way by Monday’s season finale. Care to elaborate? –Ed
It’s hard to say more without spoiling the season ender, but yes, Sweets plays a pivotal role in this episode — in that the buttons Pelant is pushing this time around belong to him.

The Nikita writers wouldn’t do anything as obvious as killing off Michael in a finale titled “Til Death Do Us Part…” would they? –Lora
“We have some pretty big deaths coming up,” EP Craig Silverstein spilled in out May Sweeps/Finales Scoopapalooza. And the finale itself, he added, uncorks “one of the most WTF shocks” of the season.

Can you please get info on Vikings? –Lyn
Oh, I’ve got tons, and it’s all coming your way soon. But until then, I shall taunt you with this context-free quote from series creator Michael Hirst, that despite what happens in Sunday’s finale, “I’m very happy to reassure audiences that Lagertha will continue to be a very, very important and major character in the show, for a very long time.” All together now :-O

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