Good Wife Boss on Vamp Diaries Fanfic Shout- Out -- Plus: The Other Shows They Almost Used

Good Wife Vampire Diaries FanficAre the Good Wife writers closet Delena ‘shippers?

On Sunday’s episode of the CBS drama, Kalinda uncovered some lusty Vampire Diaries fan fiction originating from her boss’ IP address and email.

So how did the surprise crossover come about?

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“We obviously wanted something that seemed ludicrous and out-of-character for Diane to be doing,” Good Wife executive producer Robert King tells EW.com.

Mission accomplished.

However, Diane’s confused look as Kalinda read a snippet of the softcore vamp porn — “When Damon’s fangs dug into her neck, her whole body pulsed with desire. She needed him. She needed him bad.” — foreshadowed a second twist: She didn’t write it; the housekeeper did.

The CW series was an obvious choice because “we know [Vampire Diaries EP] Kevin Williamson through Writers Guild things, and we think he’s wonderful,” said King. “And we also thought he’d be fine with a reference to the show’s fan fiction.”

But before settling on the bloodsucking drama, King notes that they also contemplated “Sons of Anarchy fan fiction and incestuous fan fiction for Supernatural,” also known as Wincest.

What did you think of the scene of the quasi-Good Wife/Vampire Diaries crossover?