Idol Exclusive: Season 12 Judges' Save Expired; 'Contingency' Plan Will Prevent Premature End

American Idol Judges SaveThere are four weeks and four contestants left on Season 12 of American Idol — but it won’t be the Judges’ Save that prevents the competiton from ending before the scheduled May 16 finale.

“Officially, the [Season 12] Judges’ Save is no longer,” a source close to the show tells TVLine. “But there’s always been a contingency plan if the Save was not used.”

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For those of you whose math skills max out making change at the grocery store (fret not, I stand with you), Idol‘s numbers problem is as follows: If one of the Top 4 contestants (Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Angie Miller or Amber Holcomb) is booted on this Thursday’s results show (April 25, 8/7 c on Fox) and a second singer bites the dust next week (May 2), that would place the Top 2 results show on May 9, a full week before the finale.

Adding to the confusion was that in prior seasons, the “Save” (introduced in Season 8, and since used to overrule voters’ ousters of Matt Giraud, Michael Lynche, Casey Abrams and Jessica Sanchez) expired prior to Top 5 week. Last week, however, subsequent fifth-place finisher Janelle Arthur was allowed to sing for her life — before the judges told Ryan Seacrest they could not come to a unanimous decision about using their sole Save of the season.

Taking the Save off the table now, however, seems like the only fair option: In prior years, the Save has proven to be a major momentum booster, and with only four singers left in Season 12, such a late-in-the-game boost would almost guarantee its recipient a spot in the finale.

With the “Save” on ice, it most likely means that Fox is planning a non-elimination week for one of the following three Thursdays — with votes for the preceding Wednesday carrying over into the following week’s tallies.

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There’s been some scuttlebutt in the blogosphere that Idol producers will make the finale a two-week affair, but to my Idoloonie brain, it would make more sense to give viewers an extended amount of time with the entire Top 4. On a purely practical level, wouldn’t it be easier (and more fun) to fill the next couple of two-hour performance shows with four vocalists instead of only three or two? Plus, Amber, Angie, Kree and Candice are performing at such high levels right now that a bonus week of performances would certainly qualify as good TV.

TVLine’s Idol source didn’t have a strong sense of producers’ exact plan to extend the season, but in true show-business fashion noted that, “A little unpredictability can be a good thing.”

How do you think Nigel Lythgoe & Co. will extend the season? Are you glad the Save is kaput for Season 12? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Joline says:

    Shocked that the producers didn’t strong arm the judges into using the save (as the easiest way to avoid the situation they are in). Hoping for combined results for the Top 4 (and that also means hometown visits for all of them as well which would be cool….)

    • Joline says:

      As a side note – why were there so few mentors this season? Really missed seeing the big names come in and guide the young singers. Also liked watching the behind the scenes drama of them working on the songs and hearing which sections gave them trouble, etc. There was hardly any footage of singers preparing.

      • Tim Lord says:

        They could not afford them after Nikki and Mimi…

        • Tom22 says:

          I really missed the Mentors too. … one of my favorite parts of the show over the years. I really got a good sense of the mentors as people too seeing them at work in their trade when not singing.

          I’m not sure if they had to pay the mentors .. well I’m sure they did pick up some “costs” and picked up far more costs with the bigger names who could demand expenses for the entourages etc.

          The mentors profited from the huge exposure and resulting album sales and recognition with a relatively small time commitment I’d think. But I don’t know for sure.

          • Danny says:

            Instead of Idol showing time spent w/ a mentor, they used that couple of minutes to let the 4th judge babble for 2 minutes.

          • Terra says:

            If money was an issue, they should have used ex Idol contestants to serve in this role. Would have been cool to see favorites from past seasons work with the new crop.

        • AIWinner says:

          Next season, i want Simon, Nicki and Keith as judges. Take Jimmy out and have mentors back for each episode. AI is still better than the Voice where i see almost professional singers auditioning. Amateurs auditioning like in AI is more appealing and interesting coz you can see how they start to develop and bloom as a potential star.

        • Harmony says:

          Actually, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez made more combined money than Nicki and Mariah do.

      • syb says:

        My guess is that they did want to feature the Idol Alumni on Thursday nights, and the trade off for a big name mentor is a Thursday night promotional performance.

        Or maybe nobody wants to work with Jimmy. :)

      • LOLOL says:

        They’re all mentoring for The Voice now,

      • Ty says:

        what they should have done is let aubrey on the season, they clearly had room and she would have gotten more exposure, now her main takeaway is a tour paycheck, not a boosted fanbase.

    • efe says:

      I would hate a Top 4 hometown visit since it’s not fair to other 4th place finishers such as Chris, Tamyra, LaKisha & LaToya. Also it would be even more of a F. U. to Janelle.

    • Stacey says:

      I am shocked they didn’t use it on Janelle. They couldn’t use it on the boys. Because they were all so mediocre, and it put a girl at risk if one of the boys stayed. But why not use it on Janelle? She was competent. Maybe not the strongest of the week. But worthy of another chance. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a two week finale. The top 2 compete for two weeks. With the vote accumulating, and winner wins… Using it this week and keeping all four would too predictable. And cite criticism that they didn’t use it last week…

      • deedee says:

        I think they were happy to get rid of Janelle because my guess is she was Amber’s main competition. If they kept her, there would be a possibility of losing Amber the following week, which was unacceptable to Nigel et al.

        • Jason says:

          I disagree. I think they were afraid Kree might get ousted if she was spitting the country vote with Janelle. I think they want an Amber-Kree finale. They don’t want Candace to win because they know great singers who are not hot do not sell records. They do not want Melanie Amaro part 2. Kree has a chance to sell records because she is Country and Hot. And AMber is hot so they prefer her to Candace!! that is why the three judges did not pick her in their top 3.

          • James A says:

            You my good man hit the nail right on the head…

          • deedee says:

            Could be. But if you read the comments on the Idol blogs, Kree is not considered “hot”. If anything, Janelle is the one considered attractive between the two country girls.

          • AIWinner says:

            Jason, i agree on a lot of points. I don’t think Kree would sell records becoz Carrie Underwood is so massively great and Kree sounds a bit like her.

          • kreeperwholovescandice says:

            I just hate how looks matter much to voters and producers. I think they always put Amber and Angie in the spotlight, don’t you think so? Kree is not the ‘hot’ one in the competition, people always say Kree and Candice are fat and cannot sell records. I think if Angie gets signed after the show ends, she would make the best selling recording artist of them all. But I want the best vocalists to get to the finale. American Idol is the place for them to get known and to shine. Singers like Angie could be successful out there. I don’t like The Voice because imo, they only want singers that can sell. The Voice isn’t really about the vocals. I want Idol to be the place for real vocal talents. Sadly, it just doesn’t seem to work that way since Angie has been getting more votes ahead of Amber and recently Kree.

          • NJidoloonie says:

            Candice is a much better singer than Melanie Amaro.

        • Winner says:

          Agree definitely.. what is the theme next episode?

          • deedee says:

            You mean tomorrow? First theme: One Hit Wonders; Second theme: Contestants’ Choice. Go to mjsbigblog for song spoilers if you’re interested.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        It seems clear there are some they favored more than others and they didn’t want Janelle knocking out Amber yet (or now that we see Kree in bottom two, Kree) and by not forcing the save on her they guarantee she can’t knock out one they want up there more.

      • Tom22 says:

        Janelle was one of my favorites at the time many people were bagging on her. I loved her hollywood performances and the vegas and first live ones weren’t nearly so bad as people made them out to be .. I liked them.

        That being said.. I really didn’t like her song choices and I think to a large degree they weren’t do to producer steering but perhaps an ill-formed stategy to pretend she was more Kellie Pickler than the bluesier country singer we saw singing Grace Potter and Hank Williams senior.

        I wouldn’t argue that she should stay if she wasn’t choosing songs that represented her at what she was best at. For a similar reason I’m quite dissapointed in Kree … but it is more plausible to me that she was having a harder time clearing songs… and didnt’ fight tooth and nail and win the battle like Durbin and Reinhart and I think Lambert(at least adam found ways to truely bring songs around to himself)

        I think Janelle was playing “I’m the country girl, and more country than Kree” rather than putting out her best art. But, heck. I can’t know what was in her mind and it could have been a limited song list.

        I kept tweeting her and Nigel that she should sing “Seven Spanish Angels” or she and Kree shoud do a duet with it. (see the ray charles, willie nelson You-tube version) I guess it didn’t fit any of the themes either.

        • Danny says:

          @Tom- I’m w/ ya in that I liked Janelle. Yea she wasn’t the absolute best singer. At the same time she didn’t come off so plastic like some. She also didn’t give me the impression she stopped and looked at her reflection in the mirror every time she passed one like some others. So overall, I’d say she was my favorite this year. Who I think is #1 changes weekly. Janelle spent some time there in my mind. When she left, I had her at #3.

      • Diane says:

        I agree they should have used the save on Janelle. Although Candice and Kree are my two favorites. I loved Janelle as a person and thought she deserved another chance because she was also a good singer very different

    • karyn says:

      I don’t understand why everyone is acting like this was an accident. The producers can count and I don’t believe for a second this snuck up on anyone. The plan in the past was always that after the save was used, there was a double elimination, so they are not leaving it to chance whether they use the save or not and risk having their weeks off.

      I don’t claim to know the plan, but I guarantee the plan has been in place since before the season began and that the producers have always known exactly how many contenstants they would have at this point.

      I also think the show was cagey about when the save expired b/c they were being extra manipulatey this season and wanted to guarantee their exact top 4 got through.

    • NJ idoloonie says:

      There hasn’t been a Judge’s Pick for song selection yet, and considering there are 4 girls and 4 judges, the producers won’t eliminate anyone this week. Nicki will advise Amber; Keith – Kree; Mariah – Candice; and Randy – Angie (poor thing).

    • Idol Fan says:

      I hope that this week they will just send no one home and keep the top 4 for another week. These 4 ladies are all great and all deserve to stick around another week.

  2. Translation: we still don’t know what the hell we are doing

  3. efe says:

    They should have made THIS week a non elimination week. Poor, poor Janelle.

    • Gailer says:

      Isn’t that the Amazing Race that does that?

    • Tim Lord says:

      On a side note, does anyone think Janelle is going to get a record deal? I love her and her personality but is there a market for the ‘old’ country she wants to write/perform? Isnt that the reason Kellie Pickler was dropped because a poor selling ‘old’ country album?

      • Fernando says:

        not sure what happened with Kellie, but she has a recent album out that’s fairly traditional and very good. Don’t know which label, though.

      • Danny says:

        @Tim- Do I think she’ll get a record deal? Probably not. Would I like her too? Yes, most definitely. Like most, I think she comes off as a sweet girl. So as someone who’s watched her I wish her well. If I was a record producer and had to put my $$ where my pixels on Slezak’s blog is, I’d have to think twice about it.

  4. Laquisha says:

    When will this show end? Nothing will come out of this season except for more press for Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Yawn.

    • Midori says:

      They don’t need to end the show, but it needs a complete redo. The show still feels like it’s the 90s and the producers think all the need to fix is the judges every year. Have three judges, that’s it. Have the show have more stand out singers and less goofballs, have a goofball night, so if you want to see it you still can, but real fans don’t have to. Have more group / duo days, more helpers from famous singers, actual use the judges like they do on The Voice. Above all, change the themese and the song selection, they are are so outdone!

      • Laquisha says:

        I don’t think the judges need any more screen time.

        • Midori says:

          I think they should be useful is all I’m saying.

        • Danny says:

          @Laquisha- You mean you don’t want to see NM babble for 3 minutes instead of 2?? Shame on you.
          @Midori- Totally agree on 3 judges. This season is brutal. I’m still watching, but about 8 million are fed up w/ it & have left the show. Even if the 4th judge was any good, that’s time they’re spending talking that the contestants could be singing. It may work for the Voice, but 4 judges has never worked on Idol. 3 judges is the sweet spot.
          *Then get 3 who are competent. 4 judges is bad even if they were good. 4 judges when 3 are totally brutal is excruciating.
          *I’d also get rid of the judges entering the show from backstage. They should already be in their seats when the show starts. That’s another 10 seconds or so each contestant could add to their song.
          *If Idol REALLY wanted to do something big, which I know they won’t do, lose a commercial per break. That’s an extra 30 seconds that could be used for a lot of different things. I know they won’t, but if they did the rewards could be great.
          *If they insist on 4 judges, have 3 judge per show and one mentor that week. Then rotate.

          • Danny says:

            I meant every commercial break lose a commercial. So that would be 30 seconds per contestant, not 30 seconds extra for the whole show.

          • Leticia Prado says:

            ” *I’d also get rid of the judges entering the show from backstage. They should already be in their seats when the show starts. That’s another 10 seconds or so each contestant could add to their song.”
            Hell, yeah!
            I am from Brazil and I have to download the episode cos it’s not simultaneous (it will show about 2 weeks later and the finale will be live after a little marathon) and I see no reason why they should STILL introduce Ryan and the judges. Everybody knows who they are already! Last Top 5 week, Ryan started talking (or trying to, people were yelling) 2 whole minutes into the show, after the intro with the past girl winners. On Top 5? That is 24 sec per performance.
            I just FF it everytime.

  5. Yeah, I agree Janelle totally got the shaft. THAT SAID, I think the best scenario is giving the top 4 two weeks of performances…the theme this week seems particularly blah.

  6. marie says:

    Ha! A “Save” by any other name…look, they ARE going to use the Save; they’re just not going to TELL us they are. Presumably, we won’t know until the results show that no one is going to be eliminated that week, freeing the producers to use the Save whichever week someone is eliminated whom they don’t want to send home – a sort of “hidden Save,” if you will. Then again, that buys into the idea that the votes ALWAYS dictate the results, and I wouldn’t necessarily bet on that…
    Ok, I don’t think the show is always on the up-and-up,but I’m with Michael that anything that brings us more performances is OK.

  7. L says:

    In the past the save never extended the season because the week after the save they kicked two out… so not sure how using or not using it would shorten the season..

    • Matt says:

      Because this year they decided to add a show so that they would not need to boot two after the save was used and therefore reduce the risk of losing a popular contestant in a double elimination. The judges ruined this not so clever plan by not using the save and now they do not have enough contestants left to finish the season as normal and so they need a non elimination week to fill the schedule. Presumably they leaned on the judges to use the save but Minaj stuck to her guns and refused to use the save for anyone after she was overruled on Curtis as she said she would.

    • Brandon says:

      It’s because they started the finals with fewer contestants (10) this season than they usually do (12 or 13)

    • Lee says:

      It’s just another example of how this season was not well planned. It shouldn’t matter that the save wasn’t used because instead of 2 contestants going home, only 1 would. But for some reason–probably poor planning–it does this year. I still have no idea why they started off with only 10 contestants. That was their biggest mistake.

      • Danny says:

        Lee- exactly. There’s the feeling that they’re fumbling through the season from behind the scenes. It’s like they’re trying to duct tape every mistake. I’m probably a lifer in that as long as Idol is on, I’ll watch it. If season 4 (my first year of watching) was this bad, I’d have never watched season 5.
        *Had they just had 12 contestants rather than 10 way back when, there wouldn’t be this mess right now.

      • Name That Tune says:

        This wasn’t poor planning. The plan was to use a no elimination night. Because the save was never used, we really don’t know if they were going to send 2 people home and have a no elimination night at Top 4 This set of judges was never going to reach a unanimous decision. So we’re going to get a producer’s save. I like that better.

      • elizabeth3613431 says:

        I think it’s because Charlie should have been the 11th contestant, and the show psychologist deemed him too unstable to handle the pressure.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        It’s not poor planning it’s calculation. They were saving the save for certain people, those people didn’t end up in the bottom. They’ve done nobody goes home before. By not even saying which week, this or next, it will occur they can decide to use say next week if their fav is last, if not they will just use the following week then regardless.

  8. I for one am glad they did not use the save. I have never agreed with it. If the top ten finalists are to be chosen by America, it’s almost a slap in the face. I’d rather see them limit or control the voting to make it more fair like DWTS. The only problem with that is they wouldn’t be able to say “we’ve had the MOST votes ever in any Idol season”. They ensure that by extending the voting hours on the finale. To me, this isn’t fair. I am however very happy with the top 4. American certainly got it right. What they should do is let them all go on hometowns and show extra coverage of that. Who’s with me?

  9. Midori says:

    I too am shocked the producers didn’t make the judges use the save. it’s not like half of the show isn’t staged anyways.

    • Mary says:

      Sorry none of the contestants voted off deserved the save and yes I mean Janelle too. She had a couple good weeks, but she would of not gone any further even if they saved her. The save was incorporating in to avoid early eliminations like Daugarty. This year crop was not worth saving. I am not even sure if they will have a non elimination week, but maybe an extra week for the home visits. Time will tell.

    • ejones says:

      3 judges to be unanimous, reasonable chance; 4 judges to be unanimous, little chance; when they increased the number of judges to 4 they didn’t plan for the unintended consequence.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        In that respect, I blame Nicki. If it hadn’t been for her they might have saved Devin or Burnell. Yeah, I know everybody thinks the Save was strictly reserved for girls, but neither of them could win and everybody knew it, the producers included. Saving one of them would have made for a less predictable Top 5, and it would have taken the safety net out from under Lazaro.

  10. JaneEyre says:

    I’ve never been a fan of the save tbh. I think whoever is the bottom vote getter this week should go home to get it down to the top 3. Then next week they could do an extended ‘where are they now’ episode on Wednesday May 1st with interviews and performances by past contestants. Instead of having the top 3 perform for votes, have them perform duets with their favorite past idol(s). I don’t know what to do about the Thursday May 2nd show. Then Wednesday May 8th return to the regular top 3 perform for votes and Thursday May 9th the home town visits and top 2 reveal.

  11. Tim Lord says:

    An ‘Idols Give Back’ episode? didn’t all of the final 4, as well as Janelle, visit children’s hospitals yesterday???? I am at the edge of my seat….

    • Midori says:

      That’s not a bad idea. They could have a Red Cross episode, talk about Boston and exploit that, raise money and get press and eyeballs.

      • h says:

        Exploit boston, midori? Fck you

        • smh says:

          ya, that was an extremely insensitive comment, Midori. smh.

          • Midori says:

            I live near Boston. They would exploit it, that’s what TV shows do. I’m not saying it’s right, but they could help the red cross and gain ratings by exploiting the bombings.

        • Harvey says:

          If you think a tv show wouldn’t exploit a tragedy for ratings you need to take another look at American Idol.

          • Midori says:

            Yeah, and at least they would make some money for the victims off of it. Look at how well all the news specials did, NBC really raked in the ratings. It’s what networks do, networks don’t give you facts or news, they just give you entertainment to get ratings. The last week has proved that, and the fact people don’t see that surprises me.

            So at least AI can make some money while doing it.

      • I agree, they would exploit it.

  12. Brandon says:

    I just don’t get why they didn’t save Janelle. Everything would have been fine then. OR they could have had a wildcard contestant (or 2) join the Top 10 (like usual), and all would have been fine. This season just feels so weird, even though I really do love all of the top 5 girls.

    • Will says:

      They didn’t save Janelle because, of the top 5, she was the correct person to go home.

    • NJ idoloonie says:

      The save should be used for the person who could actually win the contest, but just didn’t get the votes for whatever reason. Janelle, while good, was never going to win the show.

      • Mafs95 says:

        I kinda agree with you about when to use the save, but let’s be honest… the only person who was Saved and had a real chance of winning the show was Jessica Sanchez. Matt, Michael and Casey would never win their seasons whatsoever.

  13. Dennis says:

    Since it is such a tight race, maybe the producers should let the 4 remaining ladies entertain us for the next 4 weeks, accumulate votes and at the end of it declare who’s 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st. Thursday shows could provide ranked results for that week, but not an overall ranking until the end of week 4.

  14. John says:

    The easiest solution is shorten the season by one week (next year) and then the week after a Save there is a double elimination. Levels the playing field right from the get-go.

  15. Erika says:

    Maybe this week will be a “surprise non-elimination” week. Then next week the contestants will perform the original songs they are rumored to have been writing for the course of the season.

  16. deedee says:

    So glad the save is off the table now. Would have made no sense at all to mobilize anybody’s fans this late in the game. A two-week top 4 is perfect in a season with no obvious front-runner. Plus it would give Amber one more opportunity to choose less hideous songs. Based on this week’s picks, she already has the task of redeeming herself.

    • Name That Tune says:

      deedee I looked at that list. It seems that Amber and Angie decided to play it safe. I’m most impressed with Kree’s choices and have no idea what Candice is thinking with that auto-tuned Drake song. This is the perfect week for a no elimination night.

  17. LeahKittyS says:

    Ugh. As much as I love these 4 girls and liked Janelle as well, this season was so poorly managed that I cannot bring myself to fully enjoy the coming weeks. The manipulation was just too blatant this year, and apparently it will be until the final confetti shower. If they don’t cancel the show after this season, they better fire every producer behind the scenes and replace them with more competent people who can avoid messes like these. Sorry, old man; the curtain was torn down even before Lazaro opened his big mouth against you.

    • Danny says:

      Leah- I didn’t see any manipulation in Mariah throwing the glitter at Candice. I think all judges have glitter in their hands waiting for that special moment when their pre-determined singer does well.
      *That’s not a knock on Candice, she did a real nice job. The MC glitter shower and Randy’s comments took away from it, not added to it.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Danny, you misunderstood me. I wasn’t referring to Mariah’s glitter bomb at all. I was referring to the finale.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      LeahKitty, while I agree with all of your sentiment, I’m not looking for to the end of your vivid imagination (I.e: the American Idol Horror story).

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I’m glad to know someone appreciates my creativity :) Thanks for reading.
        However, if this article is any indication, there won’t be any blood in this week’s episode; just Amber, Angie, Candice and Kree trying to figure out what to do with the man who killed their brothers and sister.

  18. Dan says:

    They’re never going to shorten the season — too much ad money involved. Now the judges’ save has simply become the producers’ save. If they don’t like the results this week they can have a non-elimination week and try again. And they could still arrange it so that we know who the bottom person was, thus giving them the boost anyway.

  19. Ann says:

    The best solution? Pre-empt American Idol for one week!

  20. jhgebel says:

    I am hoping for a break after the top 4. How about they give us a special: “American Idol Final Three: Homecoming” One week dedicated to the final three homecomings.

  21. Deb says:

    Even if my favorites are voted off, I am glad its gone. Never a fan. Many deserving contestants have been screwed over by a discretionary judges decision.

  22. Steve says:

    hmmm i thought an kree vs candice finale….they seem higher than the others

  23. dsm says:

    I haven’t watched this show since the Kris – Alison – Adam season but would they ever consider having a “final 3” instead of the usual final 2?

    • ThisSeasonStinks says:

      That wouldn’t solve the scheduling problem, that would just make it worse.
      That would make the show end two weeks ahead of the scheduled finale!
      Actually, now that I think about it, good plan, go with that.

  24. CJS says:

    As others have already said, the simple solution was to just save Janelle last week. It was that simple, and yet TPTB screwed it up, just like they’ve screwed up pretty much everything else this season. I don’t know how TPTB are going to get themselves out of this mess & I, for one, just don’t care. In fact, I’d rather have this season of AI end a week early than TPTB resort to even more obvious manipulation.

  25. kirk says:

    What about “Idol Gives Back” week they havent done that yet, and they have done it for the last few years anyway would take up a whole week, maybe not wednesday and thursday but that would be my understanding

    • soundscene says:

      “Idol Gives Back” really needs more contestants still in the race. And planning. If they hadn’t planned it already, it’s really too late to start.

  26. Tom22 says:

    The could easily devote a whole show to covering the girls homecoming trips.. and show more of their performances there.

    The show itself could be interesting but that would leave the “results night” show with very little draw beyond the guest stars appearing….

    …. maybe they could have the 3 judges perform..before the final results night.

    I’d really like to see Keith and Mariah and Nikki perform.. even if separately if say.. Nikki couldn’t harmonize and look silly singing live next to Mariah and Keith. (heck, I like Nikki well enough but if she has strengths musically its more in overseeing the mixing and production of her voice and song…rather than her mixing the tones with her mouth open)

  27. Tom22 says:

    Better Idea: they could have the fans “select” one of the songs the final 3 will sing the following week out of a short list of songs. That would keep some voting involved and have songs “win” or be eliminated…. not enough in itself to get people to turn in but more in keeping with the momentum of the voting thing.

    • AIWinner says:

      If you mean one song that the three will sing, yeah that’s perfectly great. Let’s see how each one interpret one song and hear who can sing it with a kill.

  28. Name That Tune says:

    Do not be fooled. They know what the contingency plan is. But why announce it before Thursday? Keep us in suspense so we’ll watch and vote. If you have a favorite, don’t get lackadaisical. Vote vote vote!

  29. Jason says:

    How bout just have one week’s episodes where the four contestants just make out with each other the whole episode!!! Ratings might improve!!!

  30. soundscene says:

    I wish they could end this dull season early. They won’t, but I wish that’s what they would do. The stage may be more blinged out with the back wall designed to make the place feel bigger, but the show seems so much smaller. Part of it is the obvious manipulation they used to get a girl winner (note: there’s terrible manipulation every season; it’s just far more obvious this season). Part of it is the judges, who I find to be alternatively annoying and dim-witted. Part of it is the sameness of the remaining contestants. They may not all sing the same genre, in general, but they’re all pretty much belty ballad singers.

  31. Michele says:

    What about the “Idol Gives Back” show? Couldn’t that be a part of it and haven’t they always done that? I’m thinking it will be in the mix somewhere

    • Name That Tune says:

      But they did not announce the no elimination until results night. This is still a game about ratings. Whatever they call it, they won’t say until the link moment.

  32. Lary says:

    I am having a hard time feeling anything for Idol this year. It just feels so old compared to the Voice. It’s becoming predictable. I think I can predict who the final two is going to be.

    • Terra says:

      And you can’t predict the final two on the Voice? The Voice is a game show. It’s a better produced show but it’s really not about finding the next great talent. Period.

    • MB says:

      I am bored with The Voice too. I think 4 days a week of these singing competitions is over saturation. It just lost its magic. Idol was a mess this year and The Voice, I just can’t get invested in any of their contestants because you know they disappear when the show finishes. I’ve been falling asleep during the battle rounds.

  33. Anna says:

    I think there will be a week where no one is eliminated, but they won’t call it a “save”.

    The other option is to have a week for something like Idol Gives Back

    • AIWinner says:

      yeah possible, or they’ll say there is an error or mistake in the on line process so there would be no valid voting results, or a misinfo on voting codes etc. etc.

  34. MB says:

    I just can’t see a two week finale. What are they going to go on results night. I tell you this year is just becoming more and more of a train wreck no matter how talented the top 4 are. I just find it to be so boring. I don’t have the excitement I’ve had in past years.

  35. Ace says:

    Perhaps they’ll do as a lot of different reality shows have done and do one of those “recap” things where they bring back the top 10 questions, and interview them, show extra footage, etc.

  36. Chris says:

    I vote for no elimination next week and to expose the order in which they reign in the voting results until we get to the top 3. Also more song performances over two hours would be fabulous!

  37. Lois Benton says:

    They ought to take a show and bring back the Top 20. I want to see Breanna again!

  38. Abby says:

    I would like an entire episode with a camera only on Keith Urban. Don’t care who is singing in the background

  39. AIWinner says:

    What is the next episode’s theme?

  40. This season can not end soon enough , wake me up next year when hopefully the show has better casting in regards to the contestants and judges ,,

  41. kirk says:

    ok so we need to kill a week on Wednesday have the contestants sing songs they have composed let the judges chime in with their usual rhetoric and let America vote. On Thursday have each girl do a different duet each with a different girl. These songs can also be originals (or not, depending on how well they can write). Let the judges do the normal , for lack of a better word “critique”, Let America vote,for their favorite duet(not their favorite person) still no one is voted;off. The following week we are filled in on Wednesday who had the America’s favorite duet, still no one goes home .Thursday we combine the duet scores with the solo scores and send the poor girl with the worst score home. This has NEVER been done on idol but I think it would work and show how well the girls know their harmonies and stuff

  42. Guitar Blue says:

    Whatever path they take to balance the schedule, it will be planned with the hope of keeping the ratings from sliding again.

  43. Vu says:

    i don’t get it. i remember when a save was used. the following week, 2 people would have to go home. that’s how they kept the finale to a locked date.

    • In the past they had more contestants than available episodes since they would start with Top 12/13. It appears this year they had less contestants than available live show weeks since we started with a Top 10 for the first time since season 1 (to my knowledge).

  44. kreeperwholovescandice says:

    Kree was always one of the top 3 and top 2, why was she in the bottom 2 last week? I’m really hoping not to see her in the bottom 2 again. But if she is one of the bottom 2 again and is at risk of being sent home this week, I really really hope the judges would use the save on her. I don’t mind that the save might still be on, because Angie (who has the weakest vocals among the strong 4 *sorry angie’s fans -_-“) is putting other contestants in great danger, she has the biggest army of fans among them all. Kree has less fans (which I find ridiculous), but she always got the top 3 and top 2 votes (not that I don’t like it). Amber has many fans more than Candice does (my observation), but I can’t really explain how she was always in the bottom. But, I think her fans are now in for some serious voting since she was frequently in the bottom. I’m happy that she wasn’t in the bottom again last week, but having Kree replacing her was just crazy. It should have been Angie. To me, the ideal finale should be the battle of Candice and Kree. They have the best vocals this season. Angie really deserves a spot in the top 4, but she is not better than Amber.

    • Jasmine says:

      Kree was in the bottom last week because she sucks! Period. I am so ready for her to leave…and Amber for that matter. Angela Miller needs to win!

    • Jasmine says:

      Angela does not have the weakest vocals. It is Amber who has the weakest vocals. Do you not listen to her when she sings?! Amber doesn’t have control over her big voice. When she does her runs, they’re always shaky. She can’t sing low to save her life and she picks the most awful songs. Come on, Macarthur Park? Seriously, that was so painful to watch and then to see the judges praise her like she was God or something. No no no…Amber’s the weakest singer. Angela has control over her voice. And she’s a better song choice picker! Angela ftw!

  45. Jeff says:

    Here’s what’s going to happen (i.e., the Amber conspiracy theory): The show is trying to make Amber happen. Here’s how they are going to do it. Amber will perform first this week and receive good (no bad reviews to activate her fan base), but not stellar reviews. Consequently, she’ll get the least amount of votes. At that point, the judges will use the save and chide America for getting it wrong. The next week, she’ll perform somewhere in the middle and comments will revolve around how America got it wrong the previous week. That will ensure that she makes it into the top 3. Then, she’ll get the pimp spot during Top 3 week and glorious reviews about how she’s back. That’ll put her in the finale. The usual trickery (a terrible original song for the other finalist, going in the pimp spot, etc.) will be employed in the finale.

  46. Kacey says:

    No. I want Amber gone as soon as possible.

  47. David Cohn says:

    I think that Angie is incredibly talented and yes she is hot. But I can’t get past all the Chistian Music she always does. This is more or less Pop Idol not Christian Idol. If that is her niche and that is her market, she will never be the Superstar that everyone hopes to be. She’ll end up on some Christian Music label, being played on Christian Music radio. There have been Idol contestants who ended up in relative obscurity in ChristianMusic (Colton Dixon). If she wins, this could be one more nail in American Idol’s coffin.

    • Jasmine says:

      She doesn’t do that many Christian songs. Gosh. I mean, there was the Kari Jobe song, the Colton Dixon song, her song You Set Me Free, and then…what else? I don’t think there was any other ‘christian’ song. She sings a lot of Jessie J who’s not a Christian artist. She sang Evanescence, Beyonce twice, Shop Around. I don’t know, she could be a Christian artist if she wanted to but I think more people will like her if she appeals to mainstream fans and not just limit herself to Christian fans. You can still be a Christian and sing Christian songs, but not EVERY song you sing has to be about God. But I wish the best for Angela and I hope she wins!

  48. I’d like to see performances for voting on Wednesday, extended look behind the scenes into each of the four contestants on Thursday, more performances next Wednesday with elimination the next day.

    Or alternatively, three straight performance rounds all with voting, perhaps with an “Instant” performance round like Dancing With The Stars where a singer gets their song one-hour before having to perform it. The talent level is very high this year, so I think it has potential to make great TV while shaking up the formula.

  49. Psmith says:

    Since the beginning Amber has been the judges choice…There is something about her voice that is very annoying and she is not a better singer than any of the other girls left. Tonight showed America that the judges were going to push her to the finale no matter how….After the little episode of disagreement with Jimmy it was clear! He even told them to admit that Candice was better than Amber!! They were rough on Kree, because she is the #1 contender and they dont want her to win!!! If this is to be a fair contest for americas votes then let America vote!!! If you want to have a contest on the judges favorite than change to show to Judges Idol!!!!!!!! Not American Idol!!

  50. Jasmine says:

    I like Amber’s personality a lot, but she needs to go already. her voice is not strong enough. okay, yes she ‘looks’ current, but the songs that she’s been picking make it seem like she’s more old-fashioned than current. She does a lot of these old ballads. To me, she’s living in the past with her voice and song choices. Angela is the most current one and has a huge voice, so for that, Angela needs to win the show!