Idol's Lazaro Arbos on Sassing the Judges, Smuggled Whitney CDs, and 'Courage' Critiques! Plus: 'No Way 5 Guys Could've Left in a Row'

Lazaro Arbos decided after Top 9 week on American Idol that he wasn’t going to let the judges’ critiques make him cry again — even if he had to adopt a dismissive attitude to stop any percolating waterworks.

The Season 12 sixth-place finisher stopped by Idology HQ for a candid, sometimes eyebrow-raising chat about his memorable audition to “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” his feelings about Mariah Carey praising his “courage” while failing to discuss his actual singing, and a couple of high-profile on-stage snafus (the botched lyrics in his Top 8 Week trio, and what he says was a very last-minute key change that he whiffed on “Close to You”).

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Lazaro also offers some controversial opinions about the all-female Top 5, the collected works of the show’s four panelists, and the artists he wished he could’ve covered during his time on the show.

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