Smash Recap: Up and Down and Over and Out

Smash - Season 2 Megan Hilty Katharine McPheeOn this week’s Smash, Bombshell finally opened (and the critics weighed in!), Ivy Lynn and Karen made crucial relationship decisions (and found time for unexpected/delightful bonding!), and speaking of (ahem) “bonding,” a naughty Tom got his freak on with…Kyle?!

Oh yes, Kyle, The Character Formerly Known as Gay Wallpaper (TM pending), got himself a stylish  haircut, a newly discovered set of cojones and apparently the ability to quietly seduce everybody’s favorite neophyte Broadway director! Color me shock’ed!

Without a doubt, though, this was Smash‘s very best episode this season — even with Leo back in the mix! — so let’s get to the facts, shall we?

THE REVIEWS ARE IN FOR BOMBSHELL! | Yes, the Marilyn musical finally opened, and the critics all throught it was fantastic. Well, except for The New York Times, which liked it with the exception of Tom’s direction. (Waah waah waaaaahhh.) All we got to see was Ivy Lynn’s rendition of “Don’t Forget Me,” which she slayed (even if it’s maybe my least-favorite tune in Bombshell.) Eileen, buoyed by the mostly positive response, decided to ignore Agnes’ cautious advice and double down on advertising — in the hopes of sweeping the Tonys and ultimately realizing her dreams of running longer than The Lion King.

IVY LYNN GETS CLOSURE…ON MULTIPLE FRONTS | Ivy Lynn and her mom made peace — and her mom even started a new clip book to keep track of her little girl’s big career. (Aww.) More surprisingly, she made peace with KAREN. Yep, the two former rivals had a really sweet sit-down in the ladies’ room at the Bombshell afterparty where Karen admitted to some pangs of jealousy watching Ivy Lynn as Marilyn, and Ivy Lynn’s patented brand of Season 1 spunk/bitchery percolated to the surface. “The magical Karen Cartwright? You do some tiny show at the Fringe Festival and suddenly it’s the can’t-miss event of the season!” Really, though, it was nice to see a sense of sisterhood between the rising starlets, capped by a killer duet to “That’s Life.” Even more fascinating, though, was Ivy Lynn discovering Derek was still pursuing Karen just a few weeks back — around the same time their own “casual/maybe not casual” dalliance resumed. And just like that, Ivy Lynn shut down Derek without explanation — “I’ll let you know if I need you again” — and chose single-lady status over being the toussled Brit’s Plan B. Good for her! [Side note: My fave part of “That’s Life” came when Ivy Lynn delivered the line “my friends just wouldn’t buy it” as Bobby and Jessica whooped their approval. Oh Bobby and Jessica, I’ll miss you most of all!]

KAREN PUTS HER ROMANCE WITH JIMMY ON ICE | Karen decided that even though attending the Bombshell premiere would be like going to her ex’s wedding, she’d gather up her pride, get gussied up, and accept Eileen’s offer of free tickets for the entire Hit List team. Ana, meanwhile, discovered that Adam dude skulking around the stage door wasn’t just an old friend of Jimmy’s, but more specifically, was Jimmy’s estranged brother. (Can we all give Ana the side-eye for immediately inviting the dude out for drinks? I mean, yeah, I’m sure she was dying for intel, but on the other hand, Jimmy did write and is the current costar in the show that’s responsible for her big break, right?) Anyhow, despite the roomies’ current cold war, Ana spilled said intel to Karen — “nothing he says checks out!” — just as Jimmy told Kyle he was going to come clean to Karen.

Right before the Bombshell premiere, Jimmy got his chance: He was an abused kid who got turned out on the streets with his brother. “I dealt drugs. I used drugs. I watched people OD and I didn’t call 911.” Kyle saved him that life, though, and became his true brother, while Adam means nothing to him. Naturally, though, Ana brought Adam to the afterparty. Kyle got up in the dealer’s grill. Then Jimmy jumped in and fists flew — until Eileen dumped a bucket of ice over the brothers’ heads and kicked them out. (It wasn’t a tossed martini, but a solid alternative that didn’t waste any useful alcohol, I suppose.) Karen, showing good sense, told Jimmy it was clear he wasn’t willing to change — even if his intentions were good. “You scare me, Jimmy,” she said, walking away. Jimmy pretty much jumped up and down with his strained toddler face and whined, “You asked to get to know me and you did, and now you’re walking away of course!” Well, people do walk away when you generally act like a douche, Jimmy. But hey — Derek’s free, Karen’s free…does this mean they’ll finally hook up? Okay, Derek’s not 100 percent free — seeing how he hooked up with the gorgeous, charismatic pilates instructor (Mara Davi) who accused him of sexual harrassment and caught the eye of TVLine staffers earlier in the season. But that just looks like a dalliance, no? (Also: Derek and Scott want to bring Hit List to Broadway — setting up a possible showdown with Bombshell — and between Karen and Ivy Lynn — at the Tonys? Ooooooh.)

Smash Season 2 Christian BorleTOM AND JULIA’S “MARRIAGE” BEGINS TO CRUMBLE? | Tom got a tentative offer to direct a Broadway revival of City of Angels, just as Julia began to negotiate the Broadway rights to The Great Gatsby (the novel she and Tom had always dreamed of turning into a musical). Tempers flared when Julia found out via Rosie O’Donnell (¡!) about Tom’s potential new gig, and Tom was forced to reveal that for the time being, directing — and not writing with his longtime partner — was his passion. Julia, meanwhile, got the idea from Scott (who I always want to refer to as Eric) to try writing the musical on her own — and bringing it to Manhattan Theater Project. Then they made out! (Sidebar: If Julia really is Tom’s bestie, she should respect his desire to try new things in his career and be cool about it. I mean, he forgave her dramaturg secrets in a matter of 24 hours, no?) Oh, and then a drunken Tom, all alone at the end of the Bombshell party, spied the suddenly kinda hot Kyle, and was all. “Hey, wanna get out of here?” And Kyle was all, “I should really go see if Jimmy is okay, but I don’t want to.” Wink-wink, and presumably, baw-chicka-wah-wah! I have to say: I kind of approve!

What did you think of this week’s Smash? Did the Tom-Kyle hookup surprise you? Are you glad to see Karen and Ivy Lynn pressing pause on their unhealthy romantic relationships? Should Karen be thanking Ana instead of giving her the cold shoulder? And how about the Ivy Lynn-Karen duet? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mick says:

    With this episode, Smash showed how much potential it had. I would say this episode was the best since the pilot. Every character showed some sense of development or got hit with some hard truths about themselves. Even McPhee’s acting got slightly better, her face went into more than one expression. As the show finally found it’s footing of course it is ending.

    • Josh says:

      True that. I say the only character who didn’t approve was Jimmy…who couldn’t be more of a cliche. That character was poison to the show. The tainted smoothie!

      • Robert Taylor says:

        After an entire season of almost every character putting up with Jimmy’s line of bull— for no apparent reason, it took Eileen no more than three seconds of being near him to realize this is a man who needs ice dumped all over him. Angelica Huston for the win, everyone!

        • Mike says:

          I miss Elaine throwing her drinks in the faces of people who get in her way. Kudos to Elaine.
          Loved this episode. Glad to see Ivy sing ‘Don’t Forget Me.’ Both Karen and Ivy knocked the song out of the park in their own way; one of the best SMASH songs ever.
          Would love to have Gatsby as a musical. Let’s hope season 3 is not a pipedream. We need more shows like SMASH; music, drama, conflict, disappointment and joy. All the ups and downs of Broadway and life.

          • sophisticatedglamm says:

            I agree! As much as some of the episode lacked, I feeling it was a terrific show! I loved it and I think the Great Gatsby would be a great idea for a third season!!

    • Whatever says:

      This episode was the Best since the pilot .
      The show is getting better with every episode it’s really a bummer that it’s been cancelled.
      I wish they would move it to BRAVO.

      • cc says:

        That’s a genius idea for a move… I could see Bravo really giving this show a stage, so to speak. Also, it would give a welcome break to the endless reality TV that Bravo specializes in!

    • Agreed. I keep watching Ivy’s version of “Don’t Forget Me” over and over again. She is supurb. It breaks my heart a little to know that the show is probably cancelled after such a stellar episode

  2. RUCookie says:

    All hail Megan Hilty, she was absolutely amazing. Poor Jeremy Jordan is still saddled with crappy Jimmy tantrums…he deserves better…and speaking of deserving better, glad to see Karen get some self respect. That fight in the middle of a posh party was a complete show of immaturity, disrespect and ridiculousness. Go Eileen with your bucket of ice! Smash may be dead in the water for another chance, but most of its stars are shining bright.

  3. Colleen says:

    My least favorite Bombshell number is National Pastime. It feels like it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the musical.

  4. Meg says:

    Forget calling him “Eric,”– I keep calling him Tom Collins.

  5. Annie says:

    Oh holy heck this was soooooo freaking close to the perfection we all saw in the pilot and to a lesser degree in the season 1 finale. But I have to disagree with the recapper – the most awesome part of “That’s Life” was the line “riding high in April, shot down in May.” I actually pulled a muscle laughing so hard. Yes, Smash, you’re gonna get shot down in May, and I will actually miss you.

  6. Steven says:

    Tom just made himself into a creepy old man. Kyle can do better.

    • David says:

      Are we supposed to believe that one of them is a top???

      • BwayJoey says:

        ^^^ BEST COMMENT EVER!!!

        • Anon says:

          Um, no…not at all – and this is in reference to “Best Comment Ever!!”, not the stereotypical questioning of could or couldn’t be the “top”.

          The Kyle and Tom hook up is unbelievable because of the obvious age difference and because the storyline was built up over two minutes and about 5 lines of dialogue. Don’t get me wrong, anyone who has ever spent 5 minutes in a bar has seen real life hook ups happen that way as well, but in the random mish mash of people coupling and uncoupling on this show that seems to happen with little to no motivation, this was just another eye roll moment.

          But otherwise…even as fictional characters on show that is sinking like that Titanic, we still gotta respect. : D At least in my humble opinion.

          • TobyG. says:

            I’m not a fan of this pairing by any means, but I don’t think it’s totally unrealistic either. Kyle obviously worships Tom, his theater idol and Tom took an opportunity to drown his sorrows. I don’t “approve,” but I can see how it happened.

    • Rebecca says:

      Does that make Derek a creepy old man too? In Smash world aren’t Karen and Kyle around the same age? And Derek and Tom are the same age?

  7. Kristi says:

    Best episode of the season! Loved nearly everything about the episode. I loved how Karen was jealous of Ivy and realized that Ivy was the better Marilyn. I I was glad that Jimmy decided to come clean with Karen about his past. And then he had to go and punch his brother and screw up his relationship with Karen – idiot. Loved the Ivy/Derek stuff until Ivy learned that he only went to her after being rejected by Karen. I hate how Derek/Karen are still being forced on us. I would prefer if Tom and Julia took a break from each other and worked on their own projects. I was fine with seeing Julia’s son Leo again. Will Richard and Eileen make up already? Can’t wait to see Bombshell and Hit List go up against each other on Broadway.

    • Gillian says:

      Agreed. The best episode since the season one finale. Showed just how amazing Smash has been and what potential was thrown away this year. I love the characters and actors. Really sad to see it go.

    • Rebecca says:

      I will say though that Jimmy tried to behave himself. If Kyle hadn’t shoved Adam I think he would have left Adam alone. He jumped in to defend Kyle after Kyle started it. Kyle really should tell Karen that. (Still don’t really like Jimmy though and think Jeremy Jordan deserves a better character…)

  8. PJ says:

    I howled at the TV when it turned out the Bombshell opening night party was being held at the Hotel Carter. That’s one of the biggest dumps in New York! It’s a transient hotel, actually. Crack addicts and prostitutes (male and female) use it for their purposes. Too damn funny.

    The Magical Karen Cartwright got to sing a duet at Ivy’s opening night party! How sweet of Ivy to do this for Karen. But why wasn’t it Leigh (Bernadette Peters), instead? The mind boggles.


    • mom says:

      Agree … Ivy really sang better than Karen away ….. Ivy was amazing!!!!!! Best episode!

      • marta says:

        Karen out sang Ivy on Don’t Forget Me & on That’s Life! Karen’s vocals were perfect ’nuff said!

        • dkny64 says:

          Sorry but Megan Hilty sings circles around Katherine McPhee all day long. She is an amazing talent!

          • Lexus says:

            You are delusional.

          • Nichole says:

            Usually I would agree that Megan outsings Katherine, but I thought they were pretty even on the duet. Loved the duet. I wasn’t pleasently surprised to see Katherine pulling her weight after the way she got outsung by Jennifer Hudson in the season premier. I also prefer her “Don’t Forget Me”. Other than that, yeah, Megan usually belts it out better.

        • Hunter says:

          You’re crazy if you think Karen is better!!! Ivy FTW!!!!!!!!!

        • Stephen Lloyd says:

          Karen’s version is Waaaay better. Ivy just didn’t seduce me the way Karen’s voice does. The lyrics of the song and Karen’s voice just plead with desperation, ease and lightness. All I got out of Ivy was, “Look how powerful my voice is!” That just isn’t really the point of the song.

    • The Beach says:

      Thanks for the intel on the hotel location. That is too funny!

    • Chris says:

      The Hotel Carter thing was pretty funny, but do we know where the actual location of the after-party was? It seemed like it must be some actual location in New York.

    • Aeol says:

      I did wonder if the Hotel Carter has some secret fabulous ballroom I don’t know about! Kinky Boots and Matilda both just had their opening nights at the Marriott Marquis.

  9. Alex says:

    Tom is TWICE Kyles age. Yuck. Although I would bang Tom in a heartbeat!

  10. Melinda says:

    NBC has nothing better to replace “Smash”. Sure it’s not perfect, but it’s a wonderful, special TV experience in the midst of all the garbage that is on. I will miss this show and all the actors in it. Is there any chance that NBC will reconsider or has everyone in the show moved on?

    • Malchizadek says:

      The show brings in around 2 million viewers. Literally anything would be a better replacement. Smash is dead and gone, buddy, and it has been ever since this season premiered.

      • Lexus says:

        They replaced Smash with Ready For Love, which was failing so badly despite the HUGE lead in from The Voice that they’ve already yanked it off air completely after only 2 weeks. So no, your comment is wrong.
        With the poor lead in from The New Normal and Go On, Smash was doing just as good – even better – than Ready For Love did behind The Voice. If they had put Smash behind The Voice….go figure.

        • AngieD says:

          However, Ready For Love was a lot cheaper to produce than SMASH. Musicals are expensive between filming, choreography, song rights, recording studio time. Thus, the show is no a full season because of the time and cost of producing each episode.

          Glee is proof that a musical can be successful, but the problem with Glee is that season 2 started off really badly and started getting better far too late.

          • Lexus says:

            Shut up. Both Glee and Smash are great. Neither started any season “really badly”. Don’t be stupid.

          • Stamanah says:

            I agree, though I probably prefer Smash slightly more, despite its lack of consistency. The sad thing is Glee was just renewed for a fifth AND sixth season while Smash fans are left wondering if a third season is even a remote possibility.

    • Mike says:

      Look at Ready for LOVE, Smash’s rep[lacement…..CANCELED after 2 episodes. SAVE SMASH

  11. marta says:

    gotta say McPhee sang ‘Don’t Forget Me’ 100000 times better!

    • Ann says:

      Nope. Megan sang it better. But I have to admit, Katherine McPhee did a better job with her acting this week. Maybe she’s been taking lessons…or maybe the director was better, I don’t know. She did a good job this week.

      • Lily says:

        Katharine McPhee’s “Don’t Forget Me” was unforgettable – vulnerable in the beginning and triumphant at the end. I had chills when the song ended and stood up clapping for quite a time. That was my favorite season finale of any show. I really enjoyed Katharine’s and Megan’s duet and liked Katharine showing her fun personality. And I don’t understand the griping about Katharine’s acting; she acts very well when good material is given her.

      • jess k says:

        Both of them sing it beautifully! Megan sang it the way it really would be on stage, and McPhee sang it the way you would expect to hear on a single.

        • Chris says:


        • Linda Cable says:

          Exactly!!! Megan is B’WAY!!! Katherine has an adaquate voice,but I don’t think you could pick her voice out from a record.The vocal gymnastics most the young singers do today (maybe because they can;t find the note) is truly annoying!!!! Katherine is ok on a record,but not unique.

          Megan is already a star on B’way.Far to much time was spent on Katherine, Jennifer Hudson (who just screams!!!) & Jimmy.Finally they brought Megan back,she is Marilyn,(to all you youngsters, way back in the day,I was an aquaintance of MARILYN’S roommate is her early days.She would never ever have chosen Katherine to play her!) Broadway is another world, and pop singers should stick with what they know.One more thing, Broadway shows should not be miked!!! We had the chops,we worked hard for it,you have to reach the rear orch and upper baloney sans mikes.

          One last tidbit, the envy,jealousy,back biting etc…come with it.A Chorus Line was fiction.

  12. marta says:


  13. jc says:

    That’s Life was FREAKING AMAZING!

    Love Karen and Ivy as friends <3

    Ivy's scene with her mom was lovely!

    Tom's becoming a total douchebag or is it just me?

    Omg Derek is a SLAG! I'm glad Ivy brushed him off. Karen and Ivy could do so much better.

    Jimmy was growing on me a little tonight. Like for the first time I was thinking he and Karen were kinda cute together, and just when I think that, RELATIONSHIP OVER! Lol

    • Lily says:

      Yes, Derek was a slag tonight. He is only in love with one person though and I really hope there is a Season 3 where Karen and Derek end up together.

  14. Smasheroo says:

    Holy sh*t, Thats Life might just be my fave musical moment of the season!! Both kat and Megan killed it! Wow! And awwww their bathroom scene was cute. I love them together

  15. PJ says:

    Will Ivy get to sing a duet with Karen at the Broadway opening night party of Hit List? I somehow doubt it.

  16. ghum says:

    Seeing Karen and Ivy absolutely slay their duet and have cute scenes together has made me sad that they’ve been kept apart so much this season!

    Oh and I’m over cartwills now. Derek’s just a man whore, lol! Can he not keep it in his pants for one night?! :lol:

    And I hate myself for agreeing with poster above, but I found myself warming to Karen and Jimmy tonight too! Haha

  17. BonnieW says:

    Wow…..fantastic episode! I hate to see the show end. I’ve loved it since day one.
    Last season, I watched Karen sing Don’t Forget Me over and over…and tonight I was blown away by Ivy’s version. I wish Directv would pick it up the way they did Friday Night Lights.

  18. Robert says:

    I have to say that tonight’s episode DELIVERED!!!! Its what we have been waiting for since the pilot and I guess I can say I am happy that Ivy and Karen both got leading roles, but I really think this whole Hit List thing is a joke. I mean Bombshell was Karen’s life, where did that go???? I’m glad she has a lead role but I wish it would have been with Bombshell. But aside from that, really hope it gets even better from here on out. I will Miss this show with all my heart. (fingers crossed ratings raise.)

    • Wenders says:

      I still find it highly implausible, no matter how “great” the music was or whatever, that Karen would leave a show that she was starring in and headed to Broadway for Hit List. It’s like suddenly being given an opportunity to be the editor of the New York Times and then deciding to go back and head up the small paper back in Iowa. WTF.

  19. Cate says:

    Wait… What happened to Blake the lighting guy? He and Kyle were definitely together last week- and they were the only couple I actually liked this season!

  20. David says:

    This was absolutely the best episode of the season and perhaps the best since the pilot…well, except for the Jimmy stuff. While I like the actor, the character drags down every scene he is in.

  21. rebecca says:

    I will miss this show…hopefully it will magically get another chance

  22. Caro says:

    Great ep tonight! Loved the Karen/Ivy duet and Karen dumping Jimmy! Bring on Karen and Derek and give Karen that Tony! Ivy was good as Marilyn but Karen is better!

    • Zooey says:

      Really? Have you seen them? Just take a look at their interpretation of Don’t Forget Me! Ivy maker Karen look like a big amateur!

  23. Taylah says:

    The last two episodes have been so good it’s just *now* when I’m sad the show’s getting cancelled. If only the writers had gotten the grasp of how to do this waaay before, this show wouldn’t be where it is right now.

    I cried watching Ivy do Don’t Forget Me, I thought that had been Katharine’s best performance last season (though I don’t like McPhee much and I was rooting for Ivy all last season) and that it’d be hard to top, but Megan didn’t just sing it beautifully, she actually made you FEEL it. When she was singing “Take care and don’t forget me” I was bawling my eyes out and thinking “I WON’T FORGET YOU I PROMISE”. Damnit, Ivy Lynn, you were born to play that role.

    The whole Hit List/Bombshell thing is making me so mad. THIS is where the show fails. Pitting the two musicals against each other will bring more unnecessary drama now that Ivy and Karen made up. I would like, though, for both to get a fair share at the Tony’s, if nothing so we all get happy, maybe Hit List winning Best Musical and Ivy winning Best Actress.

    That and the whole Jimmy/Karen thing. The show took too long to make Jimmy any kind of redeemable. I don’t like Karen much at all, but damn, even *I* think she deserves better than that jerk.

    • Ann says:

      I like the idea of HitList and Bombshell competing against each other. It does bring good drama for these two shows to compete. It’s not too contrived either, since the Tony’s sometimes have a couple of great shows competing for Best Musical. The David (HitList) and Goliath (Bombshell) aspect of the competition is intriguing.

    • Maury says:

      I disagree. As usual, Megan sang well but nobody can top Katharine’s Don’t Forget Me. Katharine conveyed everything – from youth and innocence to magic and strength as she held that final note. I have replayed the final scene so many times my daughter has memorized the song.

      • Viv says:

        Mcphee did Don’t forget me better yes, but in the That’s Life duet Megan Hilty was alive and passionate. As soon as K started to sing, she sounded like she was behind a pane of glass. She has a fine voice but as everyone has said, it’s bland; there’s no emotional complexity or adult subtly. She sings like a Disney princess — it’s safe and annoying. Just like all of those untrained, reality tv singers. Jennifer Hudson sang Effie just fine but she ain’t Jenifer Holiday or Etta James — there’s no RAW power behind those voices. Hilty’s got raw power dripping from her fingertips.
        Mcphee’s acting & singing is anemic. I’m not hatin’, really. I hate to say this about anyone who works so hard. But she is the symbolic symptom of everything that’s wrong with pop culture today since 9/11. It’s anemic, bland, cozy, fast food, safe: like a cheap cupcake that never satiates.

        Based on these comments, I just looked up Hilty’s rendition of Popular from Wicked in the L.A. tour — a-freakin-MAZING!! Wow…. hilarious, a million different acting choices and the character of Glenda was adorable. She out-did Chenowith! No one out-clowns Chenowith! Megan is 10 times more talented, sweet, refreshing & funnier than they wrote the character of Ivy. I’m sorry–I am totally Team Ivy now. NBC hedged their bets — With Jack and Debra & Megan: all that hilarious super-talent & they screwed it up! I’ll miss you, Smash. You could been a contendah…

        Look at Megan — Wow:

        • Lexus says:

          Girl good day with all this.

        • fossegal says:

          Exactly!!! Megan is B’WAY!!! Katherine has an adaquate voice,but I don’t think you could pick her voice out from a record.The vocal gymnastics most the young singers do today (maybe because they can;t find the note) is truly annoying!!!! Katherine is ok on a record,but not unique.

          Megan is already a star on B’way.Far to much time was spent on Katherine, Jennifer Hudson (who just screams!!!) & Jimmy.Finally they brought Megan back,she is Marilyn,(to all you youngsters, way back in the day,I was an aquaintance of MARILYN’S roommate is her early days.She would never ever have chosen Katherine to play her!) Broadway is another world, and pop singers should stick with what they know.One more thing, Broadway shows should not be miked!!! We had the chops,we worked hard for it,you have to reach the rear orch and upper baloney sans mikes.

          One last tidbit, the envy,jealousy,back biting etc…come with it.A Chorus Line was fiction. You have to be a Triple Threat ( dance,sing,act ) to make it on B’way.

      • Taylah says:

        It’s nice that you disagree, but the amount of feeling a singer transmits to you is totally personal, so this discussion goes nowhere. Don’t Forget Me was Kat’s best performance last season. But I like Megan’s one best, because she transmits to me much more than Katharine does. I am speaking about my experience, and people who liked hers better can bring up 1000 reasons as to why they think hers was better, but it won’t change the way I felt watching it.

  24. AngieD says:

    If season 2 had been as good as this episode’s and last week’s, the show would’ve had a shot at continuing IMHO. Too much too late. Always love Ivy and Karen as best frenemies……I really don’t want Derek and Karen romance. He likes the idea of making Karen into a star, but he won’t do it at the expense of his own success either. There’s no way that they could be a successful couple while he’s directing her – she’s already taken some of his decisions about Hit List personally. The guy who plays Derek has great chemistry with everyone, but that doesn’t mean that Derek is in love with either Ivy or Karen….

    • Reh says:

      I don’t see any chemistry between him and Ivy…

      • Rebecca says:

        Really? I actually think Derek and Ivy are cute together. I didn’t at first, but it grew on me. She brings out a playful soft side of him and he has real conversations with her about what they do. They seem pretty compatible and like equals. If he wasn’t kind of a man slut I would actually like them together.

    • big cheddar says:


  25. Kisha from Houston says:

    I love this show. Every episode this season has been amazing. I love to see a show with so much heart where people have so much passion for what they do. So glad Ivy is finally getting her turn in the sun. I think Karen is beautiful but her character either comes off as whinny or too sugary sweet.

  26. Brandy says:

    Such a good episode.Loved seeing Ivy/Karen get along and Ivy/ her mim.Glad Karen stood up for herself with Jimmy and Ivy with Derek.Liked Ivy/Karen duet.Loved Elieen saying”lets sweep the Tonys”.I lije Tim/Julias friendship and am sad theyre on the outs.Ivy did good signing “Dont forget me”, my favorite Bombshell sing.Cant believe its episode 12 of 17 already.Im gonna miss Smash.But, its winning in eonlines save one show campaign, everyone go vote for Smadh and like the Save Smash facebook page. I got the feeling Tom and Kyle will hook up.Derek will never change, gets rejected by Karen so sleeps with Ivy and gets rejected by Ivy so immediatley moves on to a gal who a gal who accused him of sexual harrassment.If Bombshell was real and had Karen starring ,id go see it.

  27. Elliott says:

    Gee, where was Veronica (Jennifer Hudson)? I thought she was a supportive friend of Ivy’s. I guess she was out there somewhere singing “I Got Love.”

  28. jamccul says:

    One of the best Smash episodes! I really don’t want to see this show end. Anyone else notice the subtle reference to “Some Like It Hot” by having the after party band include both a saxophone and bass player in drag?

  29. danoregon says:

    Was listening to the Bombshell CD today (yeah I bought it – and the first one too – so what?) and remembered the amazing “Let Me Be Your Star” – got the same spine-tingling feeling watching tonight’s episode. (For the record, had the same feeling when I saw Bernadette Peters on Broadway doing Annie Get Your Gun).
    It is what has always awed me about Broadway, just thinking about the many years of practice in various disciplines (dancing, singing, the orchestra) it took for the performers to get to that point.
    Bravo Smash. Team Ivy for the Win!

    PS – And I’ll buy the Hit List CD if and when it comes out as well.

  30. greysfan says:

    This show is getting better and better and i would go to say this was one of if not the best episode of the series. NBC really killed a good show if you ask me. They should have held it off and aired it behind The Voice instead of that reality crap they put on and now they have egg on their face. It will be a shame to see this show cancelled at the end of its run but thats what happens when networks do stupid things. I’ll enjoy whats left while its still around.

    The best part of the episode was Karen and Ivy singing together. So awesome. This is why Smash was so good.

  31. gail says:

    Loved the show and it should NOT be cancelled because that would be said. I just want
    to know when Derek and Karen will finally get together. He is so in love with her.

  32. Evan says:

    Great episode. The only thing I don’t approve of: Kyle and Tom, the two main gay characters, hook up (to quote The Book of Mormon:) “just… cuz.” Why was that necessary?

  33. CD says:

    The thing that stood out the most to me about this episode was that Julia wants to do Gatsby and we were treated to a whole scene of her talking about how it used to be her and Tom’s dream project. Cut to next scene: WHERE KAREN IS STYLED LIKE A 20s DAME – from the dress to the hair…JUST LIKE DAISY. I literally rolled my eyes and said “Now I guess they are going to shove Karen as Daisy down our throats.”

  34. Dani says:

    Best episode since the pilot ughhhhh too bad it’s too late for it to even matter now :(
    ivy and karen make much more sense to me as friends than as enemies, ready for them to take over the world tbh.
    thank you karen for finally kicking jimmy to the curb, hopefully it’ll stick, but eh not keeping my hopes up.
    also, impressed with how much better mcphee got with her acting???? i knew you had it in you girl!

  35. amanda says:

    I live in california and have time warner cable and when I went to watch the episode at 9 it was an episode of The Voice. The guide still had it listed as Smash though. Did this happen to anyone else?

    • Cara says:

      That happened to me, too, Amanda! I’m so bummed! I have Charter Cable though, and not Time Warner, so I’m guessing it was the network that screwed up…. :-(

      • Babygate says:

        I have Direct TV and I DVR’d it. The show was scheduled for 8 this week like it was last week. Your service providers messed up if the guide was showing it at 9. Next week, however, it does go back to 9.

    • AngieD says:

      I’ve got TiVo. During the week, the Saturday episodes were set to start at 9, but then on Saturday evening, it changed to 8pm. The guide actually said 9pm until right at 8pm…. Fortunately, TiVo recorded.

      • Melinda Granieri says:

        The show is on as of this morning. You can catch it there. The schedules on the east coast have said 8:00 p.m. for weeks.

    • Sue in FL says:

      Yes, it happened to me too. I turned on my tv at a few minutes before 9, ready to watch Smash, and saw just the last 5 minutes or so. We also had a repeat of The Voice at 9. NBC is certainly doing its viewers no favors by switching times like this. Are they TRYING to get low ratings just to justify their cancelling Smash? I’m really disgusted, especially now that I hear you all saying it was the best episode since the pilot. And I live in Florida, not California, so it must have been nationwide.

      • sonja says:

        My GGI Comcast DVR in Anchorage has kept up the schedule changes but it was still listed at 8:00pm so I just had to watch on I will miss Smash. It is just a fun show!

  36. Babygate says:

    Solid episode. The only weak parts were all related to Jimmy. Oh, and now we have to deal with his brother. So that part of the story gets worst and worst. Poor boy. He’s the iceberg that sank the Titanic. I really believe that it has to do with how Jeremy is portraying him. Not as a compelling, angry-but-likeable character, but as a self-entitled, obnoxious punk. Tom going for Kyle was almost as creepy as Derek’s obsession with Karen. Can’t they go for age appropriate partners? And what happened to the sweetie pie Kyle was seeing? Eileen FTW! She still hasn’t thrown a martini in anybody’s face but the bucket of ice was close enough. For the first time this season I liked Karen somewhat. She didn’t kiss Jimmy’s butt and her interactions with Ivy Lynn elevated her character. This is the way Smash was supposed to be this season if the worst-character-since Ellis Jimmy hadn’t been written in to totally mess up the show’s dynamics. Favorite line, Yvy Lynn telling Derek, “I’ll let you know if I need you again”. Woo hoo! Finally she’s realizing she’s too good for him and that he was only playing her.

  37. David says:

    Ivy made Karen promise not to open on Broadway for the season; it was phrased
    a joke, but obviously leading up to the point where both shows will
    have to compete. I just hope we get to see that before the season (series) runs out.

  38. tiffanie says:

    I hate that NBC threw smash under the bus to get cancelled made me so sad after this episode. Already thinking how greatit would be to see Julia team up with Kyle and Derek and stick it to tom doing. Gatsby together I’m so sick of networks sinking shows that are good with great actors especially NBC and ABC

  39. Cortis says:

    OMG they were def foreshadowing a great gatsby s3 musical, especially with Karen dressed liked that. Now gutted we’ll never get to see it :( I bet Julia and Jimmy would have teamed up as the writing/song duo with Karen starring, and then maybe Ivy doing Angels of America. :(

    Really loved this episode, and I liked that Karen’s reactions were so human with her being jealous of Ivy, because it humanised her more, which is something the Smash writers have failed so badly at these past 2 seasons.

    And Thats Life was amazingggggggggg. Maybe my fave moment of s2 so far. Megan and Katharine nailed it. Ivy and Karen are so great together. I’ve missed their interactions this season.

    I didn’t feel Dont Forget Me as much as I did the s1 finale when Karen sang it, but it was still a great moment for Ivy.

    And Ivy’s “I’ll let you know if I need you” to Derek was best line of the night! You go girl! I loved that both Karen and Ivy showed some good self respect in ditching their respective me and looking after #1! It won’t last but I’ll enjoy it while I can, lol!

    Oh and before his punch up, jimmy grew on me a tiny little bit, lol

  40. jess k says:

    So depressed about the end of Smash, particularly after that episode! For me, that may have been the best one of the SERIES. I even liked Jimmy’s character for a few minutes!
    Loved that we got to hear Ivy’s “Don’t Forget Me”. For me, that’s what it would have sounded like in a real stage production, versus Karen’s version which would have been a fantastic single. “That’s Life” was just phenomenal! When the writers combine their voices it is so lovely, I wish they would have done more!

  41. astrid says:

    GREATEST episode ever! I LOVED Ivy as Marylin. Great duet with Karen. and both leading ladies making sensible decisions about the jerks in their lives, how surprising was this ;)
    seeing how great this is again with Ivy back as Marylin – aren’t viewers returning??? Isn’t there any way a third season will be made?
    What does “unofficially cancelled” mean anyway???

  42. Anna says:

    I just desperately want Tom and Julia to kiss and make up – and decide to do Gatsby – before the finale. But then I’ll be kinda heartbroken too, because Gatsby’s one of my favourite books and I’d love to see how they’d do it as a musical. Oh, why didn’t this show have more viewers? This makes me really sad, seeing as this episode showed that there’s still so much potential for this show to be truly great!

  43. Jai says:

    ivy is maryln! she was always so much better than karen. i like karen but she need to do a younger pop-ier show like hit list. anyone else like derek and ivy together? i don’t want to see cartwills, he was just obsessed with her but he actually seems to have an relationship with ivy and he was the one who wanted to tell everyone. and he didnt hook up with ivy again just cause karen rejected him.

    • AngieD says:

      I agree. I think Derek likes the idea of making Karen a star – he doesn’t know her as a person at all. His friendship got stronger with Ivy when he was no longer her director whereas his relationship with Karen is non-existent outside of work.

  44. Carl says:

    This is whats gonna happen! Both musicals will be nominated for Best Musical and Best Leading actress in the Tonys. I would love to see Ivy win because she is 1000 times better then karen but with the writing of the show and for some reason the writers like when karen succeeds She will get the The Tony and Hitlist will get the Tony and Ivy will be left with nothing…. again!

    • mom says:

      Ivy would win! In Hitlist Karen’s character is being shown up by the DIVA!!! Karen is too boring – good singer (not amazing), but in desperate need of acting lessons!!! She’s too BORING!!!

    • megs says:

      With the way Hit List is shaping up, Karen could be in the supporting actress category. That way both of them could win, which isn’t good for a show with another season coming up, but great for a series finale.

    • I'm Batman! says:

      Karen and her show will win the Tony’s. That way both shows and stars are “equal” as Bombshell opened first and was hot longer….but not enough to hang on for the win.

      End of series. Once the producers took the emphasis and spotlight off McPhee and on to Hudson when the season began, the writing was on the wall.

      Jennifer Hudson – showkiller.

      Megan Hilty – good but always destined to be a second level star

      Katherine McPhee – as long as she was the star of the show and its major cast member, the show was a hit.

      Wrap and done. Buy the DVD from the discount bin.

  45. Natalia says:

    In the series finale, the awards presenter will open the envelope and say, “And the Tony goes too…” cut to black FOREVER. Yes, we’re left with a big cliffhanger.

    • TrickyGreyArea says:

      I hope you’re right, because there is no way in Hades I could buy Karen as legitimate competition in the acting department. I only read spoilers for “Smash” sporadically and didn’t really want to take seriously the Tonys spec in here the past few weeks, so I was dismayed to see the show is legit going to try to turn this into an actual “Best Actress in a Musical” race. Puh-leeze.

  46. agnes says:

    Best episode of the season! I loved Ivy and Karen making peace, I loved Ivy’s rendition of Don’t forget me and especially Karen&Ivy delightful duet That’s life. but…. To Hell with Jimmy&Karen relationship!! Jimmy looks like Karen’s younger brother. Karen needs to wake up and go for Dereck! the poor guy is like a lost puppy without her….

  47. Linda says:

    Question from someone in the Midwest who has never seen a Broadway show….does the director normally sit in the audience to watch? I get the feeling his job is finished after the opening…correct?

  48. Jared says:

    I personally gave up on Smash this season but still can’t believe that NBC didn’t just wait for the Spring Cycle of The Voice to premiere it. Instead they launch a reality show that got pulled after a couple episodes when Smash might have done better with that lead in. Oh well.. surprised that Tvline is still doing

  49. Shar says:

    So Tom is concerned that no one likes his directing since most of the show is Derek’s ideas and staging and even Julia had to step in to solve the intermission issue?

    If/when this gets cancelled can Olivia Pope hire Agnes to be a gladiator? or at least can NBC give her a spin -off??

  50. gipsy says:

    Love the show! What a great episode and the DUET!!! Awesome. I hope the show comes back … it has so much potential.