Beauty and the Beast: A Curious Cat, A Hidden Agenda and More Season-Ending Qs Answered

Beauty and the Beast PreviewThis Thursday at 9/8c, The CW’s Beauty and the Beast resumes its freshman run with the first of five — count ’em, five! — consecutive episodes, including the sure-to-shock season finale airing May 16. Given the events of the most recent episode, in which Tess learned Cat’s secret and Evan got a beastly eyeful, TVLine invited executive producer Jennifer Levin to field some burning questions about what’s to come.

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IS TESS NOW ON TEAM BEAST? | “Down the line, there will be conflicts for her, of course,Heart of Darkness but right now she’s bought in,” Levin assures. “She’s going to be a confidante for Cat, and she’s also going to be able to help them deal with Muirfield and the assorted issues that brings up.” Among them: “What happens when Evan exposes Vincent?”

IS EVAN’S LOVE FOR CAT THE TRUE ENEMY? | Yep, you read that above line correctly. Having spied an extremely agile someone do a five-story leap from Cat’s cradle, Evan “reaches out to Muirfield and basically leads them to Vincent,” Levin shares. That tattling, though, “comes from a place of love,” the EP makes clear. “Evan is always going to first do what he can to protect Cat and be on her side.” Nonetheless, when he professes his feelings in this week’s episode, “Cat’s reaction is one of a little bit guilt, of culpability, like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ because she kind of knew, and she probably should have addressed this sooner.'”

WHAT FAMILY SECRETS WILL SHOCK CAT? | Although an upcoming episode synopsis reveals that Catherine will come to suspect that her famously murdered mother is actually alive, that might — might — be a red herring of sorts. “Cat’s family issues aren’t what you think they are,” Levin cryptically shares. “They’re not what she thinks they are.”Playing with Fire Elsewhere on the family front, we’re going to venture that Heather might not want to buy any green bananas. “I can say, I think, that someone’s life is put in danger,” Levin warns. “Someone that we really care about.”

WHAT IS THE ADA’S BEASTLY BEEF? | Gabe Lowen has been like a dog with a bone in hunting down the city’s cross-species vigilante, who — despite JT and Cat’s best attempt at subterfuge — he knows is still alive and running wild. Asked to explain Gabe’s vendetta, Levin would only say: “He has a personal issue with the beast,” to be revealed by season’s end.

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IS THERE NO MORE TIME FOR SEXYTIMES? | (After all, as seen above, there seems to be a lot of drama ahead.) “Oh my God, I hope not!” Levin answers. “No, almost all of the episodes” coming up, she says, have moments to please VinCat fans. Asked to single one out, she thinks for a moment before saying that Season 1’s penultimate hour, “Date Night” (airing May 9), “is a special one that comes to mind.”

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  1. Kira says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!!! Every episode gets better and better!!! All the relationships are well written and things have happened that I didn’t think would happen til season 2. So glad I gave this show a chance :)

    • ZmaX says:

      Definitely, this show has improved so much over this season and i love that they dropped the weak procedural cop cases and are focusing on the serialized mythology of the series.

    • Shannon says:

      Just found the show and trying to catch up by buying episodes on Amazon and there were a few episodes that were so so most have been awesome especially Jay Ryan as the Beast he is hot. i love the show and hope it gets renewed to see where they take things. It has similar aspects to Pretender, but since I loved that show to I can let it slide. It seems like it would do better with a different pairing though. maybe Nikita or Hart of Dixie. Why does the CW always put shows up against other networks juggernauts? I was not a fan of Kristen Kruek on Smallville because I thought Lana was dull, but I am really liking her on this show.

  2. ma says:

    Maybe i.should check.,it over the summer

    • Absolutely check it out! As soon as you can! But do not stop watching after the first few eps, most fans agree they weren’t the best, but after 5 to 6, the show started improving and it was exponentially better since then. The current episodes are some of the best on TV right now.

  3. Thanks for the scoop on BATB I always find TVline scoops the most complete of all. Thanks again and cant wait for Date Night :)

  4. Sapphire says:

    Can’t wait!!!

  5. thereasonsy says:

    I just hope they get renewed! I will be pissed if there is no resolution to this great show.

  6. Love this show! Can’t wait for % straight weeks of new episodes!

  7. Thanks for the great update, can’t wait to watch Heart of Darkness tomorrow night ! Anyone who have not seen Beauty and the Beast need to get on it and watch ! Love Kristin as Catherine and Jay as Ryan. Their connection and chemistry is unbelievable !

  8. Ooops , meant to say I love Jay as Vincent ! Love the characters and actors so much !

  9. Alichat says:

    So does this mean Heather may die? Cause…uh….I’m ok with that. I hate that character.

  10. Sunshine says:

    BATB had a relatively slow start but I’m so glad I stuck in there as this has proved to be a wonderful show. I could sense the potential with the storylines & my instincts proved correct. Great writing & acting!! Of course watching Jay Ryan each week is a plus ;)
    If the CW has any brains they will also see the potential in the show & renew!!!!

  11. ellebatb says:

    I just can’t wait to see everything, love BATB. We need a Season 2, don’t break our hearts CW, the writers, cast, crew and fans deserve this.

  12. mia says:

    This show has made me ridiculously happy. Its so perfectly well done I have NO complaints about it. No nitpicky issues or anything. I was worried that Cat+Tess wouldn’t get back together, but that’s been handled perfectly!!!!!
    The whole show is just PERFECT!!!!!!!!! RENEW IT CW!!!!!

  13. mia says:

    And I must be in the minority, cause this show had me totally hooked within the first 20 minutes of the pilot. Obsessively hooked. And I don’t think it’s had any slow spots all season.

    • Sara says:

      Me too mia. There isn’t one episode that I haven’t watched multiple times! How can anyone watch it and not get hooked? Can’t wait until tomorrow!

      • mia says:

        Yay! Not alone! And it is totally rewatchable! I’m looking forward to the DVD release so I can marathon the whole season again!

  14. I love BatB so much, I can’t live without anymore. *-* VinCat love touched me.

  15. Jared says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! Love this show!

  16. Dulci says:

    Thanks for the spoilers. This show has evolved so nicely over the past season. It is a real treat to watch the characters and their relationships unfold and evolve. You have friendship, love, partners, enemies–all done to perfection. I cannot wait for what appears to be a real ramp-up to the season finale.

  17. Jmom says:

    Please CW give BATB a second season. So happy Cat has her bff back.

  18. Rachel says:

    Excellent show!! Didnt start watching till half way through. Got into it and have now caught up with every ep. This show has got better and better to the point that I look forward to each week its on. I work so cant ever see it live but its the first thing I put on when I get home and stay up rediculously late to watch it. So please dont just take the veiwing figures into account cause there are many like me who cant watch live to boast the viewing figures but love this show…Please renew this show!!!

  19. Nicolette says:

    Can’t wait to see this new episode of Batb “heart of darkness”. Sounds promising…and the previews are mysterious…Have a lot of questions now…want to see them answered. Ep come soon…waiting…waiting…waiting…

  20. Yaayyy cant wait to see more of VINCAT! their chemistry is amazingly beautiful and the show is well written.. love the music as well so in tune with the emotions ..LOVE IT! Hope to see a second season CW better give us beasties a second season..#VINCAT #BEASTIES

  21. Susie says:

    So excited for the next episodes coming. Thank you Matt for the article!

  22. Daydreamer72 says:

    This show has improved by leaps and bounds over the course of this first season. The writing is great, the actors are fabulous, and at the centre of all of this is the most amazing and romantic love story of all time. I can’t wait to watch the next 5 episodes. Based on the scoop above, it looks like we’re in for a wild ride!!

    The CW MUST renew this show!!!

  23. kirsten says:

    I adore this show, and can’t wait to see the 2nd season (please!!). Hands down my favorite show on television!! I have watched every episode multiple times, it is just THAT good! Thanks for the scoop, and come on renewal!

  24. I absolutely love this show! Loving the chemistry between Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan and the story gets better and better. I will be very devastated including the millions of fans that this show has if it will not be given a second season.

  25. lil ole me says:

    Love this show… any news on a second season pick up?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Our always updated Renewal Scorecard, as it has ever been, is linked to from the top of every TVLINE page.

      • lil ole me says:

        thanks, Matt… yes, I check it religiously… and Beauty and the Beast is still sitting at “could go either way” which makes me :(

  26. Marsha says:

    I have been a fan from the pilot on and love each episode. I never found the earlier ones lacking in drama or action. They were great, but the story line is getting more intense and personal. The cast has great chemistry and most of the fans just look past the plot holes and prop problems. During this ridiculously long hiatus, I went through withdrawal, so had to go back through the episodes from the beginning several times. Glad the wait for a new episode is over.

  27. Crossing my fingers says:

    This show has quickly become one of my favorite on The CW (after Supernatural of course, but anyway). I’m really glad Tess and Cat are finally back an a good place. It’s really frustrating that all the other shows I watch on The CW are already renewed (or in Cult’s case canceled) and this one is still sitting at a 50/50.

  28. John says:

    Nice show. I’d had better expectations for Arrow yet it’s this one that’s holding onto my interest.

  29. Jared says:

    Considering the amount of press BATB has been receiving lately, I can’t imagine why the CW wouldn’t renew this show. The producers seem pretty confident going into the final 5 episodes that a renewal is on the way. BATB reminds me of series like Scandal and Awkward which had steady first seasons but began to pick up some steam during there second season. Based on how loyal the Beasties have become and the power of social media id truely be surprised if BATB wasn’t picked up for season 2.

  30. I really need this show to be renewed because I am sooo in love with it now!!!

  31. This show is so great! Exceptional on quality and great storylines level, with superb acting, loads of action, fun and romance. One of the best shows out there!

  32. lovinmybeast says:

    just read of arenewal for seaon 2 !!!! OMG ! love these 2 characters the sexiest couple on the CW