Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, True Blood, NCIS, Big Bang, Chicago Fire, TVD and More

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Question: I hear that Grey’s Anatomy‘s season finale is a big secret, but surely you can find out something for us. —Barbara
Ausiello: Challenge accepted. Last month, Shonda Rhimes sent Grey’s fans into a veritable tizzy when she tweeted that everything she previously said about this season’s finale “NO LONGER STANDS,” adding, “We changed everything.” Well, sources confirm that the scoop Rhimes gave me back in February — that the episode would not feature a [spoiler] — still holds true. So, um, phew.

Question: Now that it’s been confirmed that Muse Watson is coming back to NCIS as Mike Franks, can you give us some spoilers about why he’s there and what’ll happen with Gibbs? —Marla
Ausiello: Fortunately, Matt Mitovich just got off the horn with show boss Gary Glasberg, who explained that the Season 10 finale, titled “Damned If You Do” and airing May 14, presents “a situation where Gibbs has to really question, ‘How far is too far? How far can you push the boundaries? How far can the team cross the line?’ And in looking at things from a moral stance, in terms of what has happened over the years, things get internalized and we’re very fortunate to have the ‘conscience’ that is Mike Franks there for Gibbs to interact with.”

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Question: Do you have anything new on the NCIS front? –Cheryl 
NCIS_Murray_HanksAusiello: If you, as many do, see a resemblance between incoming guest star Colin Hanks and Sean Murray (who plays Agent McGee), Glasberg promises that “absolutely” will be addressed on camera. “There’s a terrific scene in ‘Double Blind,’ which is the penultimate episode, when McGee and Colin (playing a DoD snoop) meet for the first time. And it actually comes up again in the finale as well,” the showrunner shares. “We got a big kick out of it around here!”

Question: I saw some Big Bang Theory finale rumors floating around that Amy gives Sheldon an ultimatum — either he sleeps with her or they break up. Can you confirm? —Nora
Ausiello: I can’t confirm that specific scenario, but the May 9 episode, tellingly titled “The Love Spell Potential,” does address the sex issue head-on. “They have a scene toward the end which discusses that quite a bit and kind of goes right at their relationship and will it ever be physical or not,” previews exec producer Steven Molaro. “It is an incredible scene and I can’t wait for it to go on TV.”

Question: There are rumors that True Blood is going to kill off the gorgeous and sexy Eric Northam! Please tell me this isn’t true. He is one of the main reasons I watch. —Kelly
Ausiello: I can neither confirm or deny the rumors, but I can offer you two pieces of evidence that suggest such a twist is in the realm of possibility. The first one comes care of Joe Manganiello, who tells TVLine, “We’re getting to the point in the season now where people are starting to die. The table reads are starting to get smaller, and I’m sure they will continue to do that.” Exhibit B, meanwhile, arrives in the form of Episode 7’s title — “The Funeral.” Sorry I don’t have better news for you Kelly.

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Question: Any serious True Blood scoopage? —Colleen
Ausiello: I suppose that depends on how you choose to interpret this additional, equally provocative tease from Mr. Manganiello: “I think [the producers] looked at some things that went on with Alcide last season, and thought, ‘How can we top that or how can we get even racier?’ And I think they’ve succeeded… Right out of the gate, it’s really juicy.”

Question: Do you have any new scoop on Chicago Fire? I’m especially interested in what’s next for Casey and Hallie. I love them together! —Máté
Ausiello: One red-hot, smokin’ Casey/Hallie scoop, coming right up: The return of Casey’s ex “complicates things a lot” for the firefighter, says executive producer Danielle Gelber. “Hallie has come back with renewed vigor, and is also passionate about something new in her life – not a person, but a pursuit… There’s really a feeling that she took a step away to get some distance, perspective, and she’s back with not a vengeance, but with renewed passion.”

Question: Cary/Kalinda of The Good Wife are my favorite current pairing on TV, followed by Schmidt/Cece of New Girl. Can you give me scoop on what’s going to happen with either couple between now and the end of the season?  You get 1K cool points if you spill spoilers for both couples! —Flora
new girlAusiello: Are these cool points redeemable at Blossom Du Jour? I’m going to assume they are, so, first, let me tell you that I’m hearing from semi-credible sources that the “shocking announcement” threatening to derail Cece’s wedding day does not involve a bun being present in the bride-to-be’s oven. So, that leaves… what? Hit the comments with your theories. As far as Cary/Kalinda, Good Wife exec producer Robert King tells me that their “career and personal [lives] start colliding” in the final two episodes of the season, adding, “Our intent is to go a lot of miles with Kalinda and Cary because they’re such an odd couple. And both Matt [Czuchry] and Archie [Panjabi] are wonderful together.” Regarding the decision to imply rather than show the pair’s romantic rendezvous following their recent bar flirtation, King explains, “You always want to tease out these relationships and not spill your goods. We didn’t intend to do anything other than leave the audience wanting more.”

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Question: I am getting really nervous that Glee has not been picked up for a fifth season yet. Will it be renewed? —Nadia
Ausiello: Your answer is right here.

Question: When do you plan on updating your May Sweeps Scorecard? —Jeff
Ausiello: Um, I added about a dozen new (albeit spoiler’d out) entries this week alone. Take particular note of the expanding pregnancy category.

Question: In the promo for this week’s Vampire Diaries’ prom episode, Stefan and Elena seem to be sharing a moment — is it genuine or is Elena pitting the Salvatore Bros. against each other? Also, any nice Delena moments in the episode? —Ana
Ausiello: Elena and Stefan do share an incredibly heated dance, but it’s his intentions you should be asking about. As for Delena, let’s just say Damon’s doubts about Elena’s feelings for him prove to be a sore spot.

Question: I would love to know if Caroline dances with Klaus at Vampire Diaries‘ prom? It is kind of their thing. —Amy
Ausiello: Although Caroline’s dance card is pretty full in the episode, she doesn’t hit the floor with Klaus. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, prior to the big event, those crazy kids do share a nice moment — during which Klaus actually proves to be a friend! Stop the presses!