Dallas Season 2 Finale Recap: The J.R. Mystery Is Solved (Twice) -- Plus: Did Pam Ewing Return?

Dallas Season 2 Finale Recap Pam Ewing ReturnsWarning: The following contains Texas-sized spoilers from the Season 2 finale of TNT’s Dallas.

TNT’s Dallas on Monday night sewed up its sophomore run with a pair of episodes that alternately shed light on the Pam Ewing mystery and revealed J.R. Ewing’s killer, twice.

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HOW I DIDN’T MEET MY MOTHER | Following leads to Zurich, where his mother presumably was drawing from a savings account, Christopher instead found Bernard from Lost, who ultimately confessed that Pamela Ewing Barnes was, in fact, dead. Bernard, who had been Pam’s taller/swarthier plastic surgeon after her car accident, explained that Christopher’s mother had stayed away until she could have enough surgeries to look presentable. Alas, once that day came, she realized that she was dying, and she bequeathed her third of Barnes Global to her son. But Cliff enlisted Bernard to maintain the illusion that Pam was alive, lest a Ewing lay claim to a chunk of his company. With a death certificate found in Cliff’s safe deposit box, Christopher was able to prove Pam’s passing and grab his birthright, giving Team Ewing two-thirds control of Barnes Global. And that… was that. No Pam for you!

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WHO KILLED J.R.? | En route back from his whirlwind elopement with Rebecca (which accounted for the other third of Barnes Global), John Ross gleaned — through a prolonged session with a certain brand of tablet computer! — that Cliff had been in Nuevo Laredo at the time J.R. was shot dead. Bobby then corralled the gang to reveal his plan, to prove that Cliff murdered his longtime rival by planting a duplicate of J.R.’s stolen belt buckle in Cliff’s (increasingly not-)safe deposit box, stashing Barnes’ gun aka the murder weapon in his car trunk, and then luring the old coot to Mexico to be arrested without extradition concerns.

Cliff, though, protested loudly — and convincingly — once the federales showed up to cuff him in Nuevo Laredo. Later, behind bars, he warned Bobby, “When [Rebecca] finds out that you framed me, it’ll be a third-generation blood feud.” Bobby offers Cliff a deal — ‘fess up to the rig explosion/murdering his own grandchildren in trade for the J.R.’s murder rap. Cliff, though, refuses, as he ever has, to take anything from a Ewing.

Toward the end of the second hour, Bobby and Bum are visiting J.R.’s gravesite when John Ross and Christopher show up to demand the truth about “J.R.’s masterpiece” — and Bobby gives it to them. J.R. knew he was dying of cancer, yet was determined to put and end to the families’ feud once and for all, before his time ran out. To that end, he had Bum steal Cliff’s gun and shoot him dead in Mexico, knowing that his rival was in town for some annual fishing thing. “The only person that could take down J.R…. was J.R.,” his son mused. UPDATE: Later, John Ross rendezvoused with Emma for some shtupping.

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A NEW THREAT? | With Cliff in the Mexican pokey and Harris Ryland behind bars Stateside (thanks to daughter Emma turning his drug trafficking records over to the authorities), have the Ewings run out of adversaries for any possible Season 3…?

Perhaps not. Because from the squalor of his South of the Border confines, Cliff sets up a meeting with Elena, to reveal that J.R. years ago duped her great-grandfather out of oil-rich land, by swapping deeds and saddling the Ramos patriarch with a worthless lot. We last see Elena, after much wiping of tears and driving fast — and just as I was mulling how little they give her to do, despite two seasons’ worth of some effort — pull up to a heavily fortified hacienda to see an old (and obviously powerful) friend named Joaquin….

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  1. Kit says:

    You didn’t say anything about the actual final scene with John Ross & Emma! This was an incredibly short recap(ulet) for a 2 hour finale. Is this getting picked up for season 3 or what?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “John Ross is a scoundrel cheating on his new wife.” There ya go! (And there is no official word on Season 3, though Patrick Duffy has been making rounds saying things look good.)

      • Kit says:

        Much obliged :) I still have mixed feelings about this twist, as I thought John Ross & Pamela’s feelings for each other were believable & I like them as a couple. I guess John Ross can still love Pamela but sleep with other women (like he did when with Elena & like JR did on Sue Ellen).

        • soxfan says:

          I felt really bad for Christopher for all the years he thought his Mother abandoned him – instead he finds out his Mother has been dead all these years. And it’s like J.R. told John Ross – he’s like his father tip to tail – yah, well, I thought Pamela & John Ross had feelings for each other – SHE told HIM she loved him but he never responded to that. And remember what his Mother told him …. be nice to his bride & what he responded? Well, John Ross you ARE a scoundrel – it’s too bad your new wife is got the shaft from you already. And I thought the beautiful bouquet of flowers was for his new bride – silly me. I loved the entire 2 hours, except that very last minute. Not cute or funny at all. I don’t know the name of the song but I am pretty darned sure that was Raul Malo singing it – not sure if it was a cut off of a “solo” album of his or if it was one off of an album with his group “The Mavericks.” I’ll be very surprised if it was not him/them.

          • LJ says:

            Definitely Mavericks…”Come Unto Me”

          • Lisa says:

            I agree – I loved all of it until the final scene of John Ross & Emma – I really like him and Pamela together – I thought Emma might only come between them if she showed up pregnant with a “who’s the daddy?” storyline –

            I thought they were setting up Pamela having been turned against him via a heart to heart with Elena whereby she’d toss the flowers in his face –

            I think Joaquin is going to turn out to be the head (or very high-up) in the Mexican cartel that Harris was dealing with

          • Terry says:

            I wish Pam had got back on the show. even for just a few shows. I alwayes wantedx to see her come back

        • Trista says:

          Kit – the way I look at it is J.R. / Sue Ellen rounds 2. J.R. loved Sue Ellen but being faithful was not in his DNA. I think John Ross is the same. if he can use sex to get what he wants then so be it. He better watch out though – cause Pamela is nothing like Sue Ellen. She is a force to be reckoned with.

          • Kit says:

            Pamela is a wild card to me after the last two weeks. She’s probably capable of anything & equally as untrustworthy as John Ross – those two make a delicious, made for each other pair. She’s truly conflicted about her father. It seemed a little bit far-fetched to me, however, that last week she was crying during sex with John Ross about wanting revenge on her baby-killing daddy but then this week, her eyes were awfully sympathetic to Cliff throughout the JR murder take-down. I hope we get a season 3. Pamela & John Ross could just keep inflicting each other with pain back & forth while remaining married. I don’t want a true repeat of JR/Sue Ellen with divorce, remarriage, divorce & dinner plans to get back together :)

        • dude says:

          I feel like it was a cheap attempt to make him the new JR. Would have much preferred if they left him and Pamela happy for a atleast a little while as they’re the only couple worth rooting for on the show. That said, I guess it could be just as likely that Pamela is aware of what he’s doing and in on it, they do keep lamenting how the two are “two sides of the same coin” and he did it to get evidence against Harris Ryland (for God know what reasons).

      • Robert Rivera says:

        Who was John Ross poking at the end of the finale? It looked like Emma, but i could not tell.

      • LoveTheMichaels says:

        I really think you are kind of a jerk. You are one of the reasons I’m tending to go elsewhere for my TV news.

      • breedgesweeney says:

        i loves dallas especially bobby ewing

      • Jeri Jackson says:

        What is the song playing?

    • Bob says:

      I sure hope that it does. It deserves it for the great job the production team did.

    • DONNA says:


  2. Sarah says:

    Elena sux

    • Chloe says:

      Agreed! She & her brother are both a waste of air time.

    • Evan says:

      She’s definitely stupid in this case. First of all: NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING CLIFF BARNES SAYS! Second, even if its true (and probably is anyway) JR’s dead so you have no reason to be vindictive against the rest of the Ewings. Show them the proof, they’ll make it right. Maybe even John Ross. Maybe.

      • KansasGuest says:

        AGREE! She is supposed to be a brilliant engineer. But, her first move isn’t to verify anything that Barnes tells her back in the U.S. It’s to drive to the HQ of a Mexican drug cartel in the middle of the night without even giving Chris (or any Ewing) a heads up about Barnes’ claims. Chris, the guy she was begging for a second chance less than 24 hours earlier. UGH!

    • lena says:

      i hate elena!!! seems like she wil have a lot more screen time next year and that annoys me but otherwsie i loved it!! i guessed the conspiracy of cliff covering up pam death to keep the shares but didnt guess jr killed himself. im disappointed in myself because i should have know “nobody beats old JR”!!!

    • Sarah Rivers Conway, Arkansas says:

      I LOve the on going saga of my all time favorite TV show “Dallas”. So glad it is back on ready for season 3 please keep it ongoing

  3. StupidPeopleShutUp says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song that played during the leadup to John Ross/Emma’s boinkfest?

    • Adrienne says:

      Did anyone tell you the name of the song yet? it was great!

      • Kathy says:

        Song is by the Mavericks… Ven Hacia Mi (Come unto Me).

        • soxfan says:

          Thanks @Kathy – I didn’t see your post before I posted on the song that played at the end of the 2nd hour of the show. I was pretty darned sure that was Raul Malo’s voice – just wasn’t sure if it was with or without the rest of the Mavericks – they have made some great music over the years and HE has a fabulous voice. Very dreamy to listen to …. :-)

        • DLC says:

          Thanks, do you know the name of the song that was playing when Emma took the food to her father Harris when he was still in bed. It was kind of a dark song but I can’t identify it. Any help out there

          • Christie says:

            I’m looking for it too! I’ve searched ‘the devil is a liar everywhere, but haven’t found it.

          • Marion says:

            who sings the devil is a liar?

          • Carrie says:

            Nobody knows where to find this song, I have been searching for it since they used it in episode 4 – False Confessions. It’s driving me mad I hope this song gets released, even if it’s to raise money for charity please just release this song whoever you are out there!

          • Theresa says:

            i am also looking for the name of the song and the artist name too !!

        • Laura says:

          Thanks for the info. Will download that song right away. Terrific choice, by the way, for playing during the scenes to end the highly charged Dallas season.

        • Christie says:

          What about the Devil is a Liar song??? It played while everything was going down, starting with Pamela planting the gun through Ryland getting arrested. ‘My Time Has Come’ is not the one I’m looking for. Nor is ‘Come to Me’. I like both of those, but really want the Devil song!!!

    • Martina says:

      It was Come Unto me by The Mavericks. I thought it was an excellent end to the series, I think this season was much better than last although it was a mistake for them to air it in spring time. I felt when Bobby was crying reading the letter at the grave they were almost real tears from Patrick Duffy over the loss of his friend Larry Hagman. I really hope there’s another season.

    • deb says:

      if you are talking about the finale – Come Unto Me, the Mavericks (who have recently reunited as a band and are on tour)

    • Giusipina says:

      use Shazam :)

  4. HRG says:

    If this was the final episode ever, I would be satisfied! Thank you!

    • Robert says:

      Completely agree. If the series doesn’t get renewed (please let it be renewed), that ending will work well. John Ross is becoming more like JR, Bobby is happy, Cliff and Harris are defeated and JR got the last laugh.

      • ejknight says:

        Yes HRG and Robert, it was the perfect ending for the series finale. If they don’t get picked up in the fall it ended well. (Although I loved this incarnation, I won’t be sad if they don’t come back., Barnes-Ewing feud is over and JR got the best of Cliff and Ryland.) I’m not that interested in what will happen with the Barnes/Ramos-Ewing feud. It’s just a good plot point to end on to show that the Ewings will cintunually have adversaries.

    • DONNA says:


  5. ABC says:

    Loved the episodes except for the last minute of the season finale. I can’t stand Emma. It soured my looking forward to a season three (I’m sure I’ll get over it by next summer).

  6. Gertrude says:

    Well, I guess they were being consistent with the show’s canon all along — Pam was dying the last time we saw her on the old series, and they stuck to it.

  7. TT says:

    Please God they can convince Antonio Banderas to play Joaquin for Season 3.

    • Gillian says:

      ^^^This would be awesome! Love this show and this season finale was perfection (even though I would have preferred John Ross & Pamela in the final scene, he is JR’s son and is a scoundrel so it was true to form). This season was well written and the cast is incredible – Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Josh Henderson and Julie Gonzalo knocked their storylines out of the park this year. What an amazing tribute to Larry Hagman, the character of JR and the faithful fans of this show who watched both the original and this incarnation. I want a third season, TNT! Pretty please! Dallas is more than deserving.

      • Sarah Rivers Conway, Arkansas says:

        Keep “Dallas” going I love it!! It keeps me going til the next episode just like in the old series. Had always hoped it would return with the kids grown and an on going saga of their lives. I live for the next episode of my all time TV absolute favorite of anything on TV “Dallas”!!!!!!

      • Robert Rivera says:

        I would like to see Pam (Julie Gonzalo) reunited with Christopher. I just like her character.

      • Robert Rivera says:

        Who was John Ross poking in the final scene of the finale. It looked like Emma. I’m not sure.

  8. team JR says:

    JR would be proud love the show but I can’t see it going much further without Larry Hangman He is and always will be Dallas if it ends now what a fitting way GREAT Job

  9. Sunshine says:

    John Ross is definitely his father’s son! Scoundrel indeed!! But couldn’t he have picked someone better than Emma?! Really?! Emma?! Bleck! I can’t stand that character.
    I’ve loved all the characters & the writing but that character & that plot point seemed too contrived. (One minute shes an addict sleeping w/guys to get pills the next she’s drugging her dad to get the goods on him?!?! it seems like we missed some scenes. What happened to Ann sending her to rehab?! what she gets info & they forget to send an addict to rehab?! Fallon’s alien abduction on Dynasty in the 80s ALMOST makes more sense than that about face) I know it will hurt Ann but I hope Emma quickly goes away & soon!! I find myself wanting to FF most scenes she’s in & I’ve never said that about any character.
    I really do hope their is a Season 3! Curious who this Guy is that Elena grew up with… She must not have grown up with him long since she also grew up with John Ross & Christopher. Glad to see her get a backbone but I do like her relationship with Christopher, don’t want that destroyed. He’s lost enough.
    Dallas season finale overall was great & had me crying as Bobby & Christopher read JR’s letter!!! Loved how JR referred to Bum as his best friend!! That was awesome as was the Boys realizing that Cliff wasn’t the killer & demanding answers.
    JR (and his portrayer Larry Hagman) will be missed but will forever live on . . .

    • Kit says:

      The final scene with Emma served an important purpose (regardless of my disappointment in John Ross sleeping around on Pamela already): establishing John Ross as a true bad ass! Despite all this JR master plan, grieving daddy’s death & getting hitched, John Ross still had the brains & energy for a side job (implication & contents of suitcase to be revealed). It’s impressive & shows he is not a bumbler, as I felt he seemed at the end of season 1. Last season (much to establish his falling out of favor with the pristine & pure Elena), John Ross started out as a bad ass in a stetson & boots kicking ass, taking names & using sex to gain advantage but ended the season as a drippy sad sack, almost becoming someone’s bitch in prison & being spurned by Elena. This season, John Ross completed his evolution into his father, including the swanky three-piece suits & swagger – despite the let-down of trading cowboy hats for perfectly gelled hair :) I do hope (assuming season 3 happens) that John Ross remains conflicted about his feelings for Pamela. I loved the scene earlier in the season when he almost cried thinking about Tommy hitting her. Love is the best weakness to exploit in great drama, from the Greeks to the present. Love is why I get invested in characters, even when it leads them into chaos.

      P.S. Emma needs to have an accidental overdose or the writers need to develop her into something meaningful before she devolves into a one-dimensional fluzy who serves only as a device to keep John Ross & Pamela apart. If she ends up pregnant (which I thought might happen with her character before the finale), the baby should have some serious birth defects – Klonopin is serious badness for pregnant women!

  10. TV Gord says:

    I loved it! Everything was woven together so well, I am very happy with the way it was all resolved. I am anxious to find out about a season three pickup, but as others have said, if this is it, this is great. A fitting end to J.R.’s story, and if Victoria Principal is never returning, then I’m glad to know Pam is dead, and has been all along. I knew Pam was dead as soon as Dr. Gordon said he didn’t want to see Christopher. The reason she didn’t want to go back to Dallas back in the 80s was because she knew she was dying. For her to say–after all these years–that she didn’t want to see him made no sense.

    Fingers crossed for season three.

  11. Dallas has always been one of my favorite shows on TV and to see the new Dallas on TNT is so refreshing.The season finale was so amazing ” We just have to have a season 3″

    I got the chance to work on the season finale of Dallas that aired tonight and it was an honor to be on the set with some of the cast. I also got the chance to see and know what scenes were cut out of the finale episodes it was so amazing to watch.

    • Jen says:

      Can I ask if any of the scenes cut were of John Ross and Pamela? I was hoping we’d get a honeymoon scene or him telling her he loved her. Because that last scene made no sense whatsoever since the whole season was us watching them fall in love. UGH :(

  12. I hope we see a season 3. This year has been far superior to the first season when so much of the storyline revolved around Jesse Metcalfe, who to me, is the weakest actor of those portraying main characters. The new emphasis on Patrick & Linda as well as Josh Henderson doing an outstanding job as the new generation’s J R, John Ross, bodes well for future seasons. I agree with most of the previous posters that the Emma character needs to go, that entire storyline was just awful. Hopefully we will see more of Ewings united against new adversaries in future seasons, Bobby, Sue Ellen and John Ross were all superbly played and written this year.

  13. Lp says:

    The episode kept me hooked for the entire two hours, had me crying as Bobby read JR’s letter, and felt like the original series as John Ross was alreading cheating and using another woman just as his father always did. Although I would agree that I love John Ross and Pamela’s chemistry over whiny Emma, the end had me going down memory lane. It was a fulfilling episode that could serve as a series finale but for this loyal viewer I hope it serves to setup the next season.

  14. DLC says:

    does anyone know the name of the song that was playing when Emma took the food to her father Harris when he was still in bed. It was kind of a dark song but I can’t identify it. Any help out there!

  15. Chloe says:

    I thought it was great & as others said, if this is it, then it was a satisfying conclusion to the series. But I really hope that there is a Season 3.

    Two things I didn’t like – one was John Ross cheating on Pamela, although as JR’s son, it wasn’t surprising. The other was pinning the murder on Cliff. I hope that if the show comes back, they’ll find a way to get him out of prison, not only because he’s innocent, but because he’s fun to watch. And I was more than a little surprised that Bobby would go along with framing him.

    Not sure what to think about the “Pam is dead” storyline. Is she really dead? Jesse Metcalfe indicated in an interview the other day that he thought she would be back if there is a Season 3. And I’m curious as to why a plastic surgeon, who was probably already loaded, would be so willing to go along with Cliff, when it meant going against the wishes of his late wife by keeping the info about her death, her will and the letter a secret. If he truly loved her, wouldn’t he have wanted to honor her last requests & give some closure to her son? And he seemed awfully cozy with the nurse. Is it possible Pam is being held captive & even Cliff was deceived about her death?

  16. Wizard62 says:

    My question is…why would Elena even go down to a mexican prison to speak with Cliff knowing all he’s done to the Ewings over the years? I mean, even if the documents were true, it was J.R. who stole the land, not the rest of the Ewings. She’s supposed to be in love with Christopher. She (supposedly) grew up on Southfork. She’s about to marry into the family. Seems to me she didn’t miss out on anything. Her mother still lives at Southfork and has worked for them for years for christ’s sake. So go back to Bobby & Chris, show them the documents, tell them what Cliff told her, and see what everybody wants to do about it to make it right. That makes the most sense. You don’t run off to some Mexican drug cartel. I loved pretty much most of the finale, but that who last scene with Elena was moronic.

    • Kit says:

      I think the writers just needed to set up a conflict for season 3 & connect the cartel (alluding to as a big bad) to the main characters. You are right. It is totally against Elena’s character to do this. I mean, JR is dead & the current gen of Ewings had nothing to do with these land deeds. Plus, Elena is one who lied to Christopher! I don’t get too excited, however, about Elena period based on how quickly she tossed John Ross to get back in the sack with Christopher during the season 1 finale. I just don’t think the writers have defined her well. I loved the post about Elena seemingly growing up in Mexico AND on Southfork! Just another sign to me that the writers having been paying much attention to her as a person. This season did a much better job of defining Christopher, Jphn Ross, & Pamela. I guess there’s only so much time – especially when you squander time on the Ryland family story…

  17. TW says:

    Were we supposed to know what was in the suitcase Emma gave John Ross? If so I think I missed it. Loved the episode. Already downloaded that song from iTunes! :)

    • Christie says:

      What song are you talking about? Is it the Devil is a Liar song? Is that the name? I’ve looked everywhere for it!!

      • Karen says:

        did u ever find out the name of that song about devil is a liar…am going crazy trying to find it with no luck

  18. Carrie says:

    I really enjoyed the finale. I knew John Ross couldn’t be giving up his naughty ways and I wondered why his ‘relationship’ with Emma seemed to have been forgotten. I feel a little bad for Pamela, though. Hallelujah, they’ve finally given Elena something interesting to do. She is one of the most boring characters I have ever seen on any TV show. Let’s just hope the show is renewed for a 3rd season.

  19. GeoDiva says:

    Bummed about John Ross and Pamela. Loved them as a couple. Wish Elena, Drew and Emma would just go away. Otherwise….excellent finale!

  20. Cliff indicated that Pam was alive when she was actually dead. But, Katherine is probably not dead. Perhaps, Cliff put her in an asylum. She was madly in love with Bobby, and nuts.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how Cliff will manipulate Elena from prison to go up against the Ewings.

    The Ewing/Barnes feud is not over, yet!

  21. Trista says:

    To me this finale was a better send off to Larry Hagman than the funeral episode. When Bobby broke down in the end it broke my heart. This season could have been and epic failure with the death of Larry, I mean who would have ever thought Dallas could survive without J.R., but from start to finish it was AMAZING!!!! RIP Larry, but long live Dallas!!!!

  22. mdb says:

    Cliff is not innocent. Just innocent of killing JR. He can rot in the mexican prison for killing the babies and Ryland’s henchman, and I think that is how Bobby sees it. It also, “puts and end” to the feud. However, we know that somehow he’ll be back.

    Amazing episode. Amazing season. PLEASE TNT, give us more.

  23. heidi says:

    Dallas was absolutely amazing. John Ross is just like his daddy. The writers did an amazing job. I give it a 10. Thank you. I cannot wait till season three.

  24. Lisa says:

    Where’s the Castle recap? You guys are generally the only site that cares even a little about the show and it’s disheartening to see that stop.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Obviously I was watching/recapping the DALLAS finale this week instead. Did anything good happen?

      • Chloe says:

        You have to watch it at the same time as we do? Wow. You guys always get the recaps up so quickly that I assumed that you had advance copies of the episodes. I’m impressed! *two thumbs up*

  25. Kira says:

    I think season 3 will be John Ross and Christopher vs. Pamela and Elena. Never thought I would say this but Team Pamela all the way!!!! I think John Ross forgot exactly who it is he married. Hehehehe I’m sure Pamela will remind him :) Emma will lose her sh!t over John Ross. And for the love of Dallas can we please get slap and a fight that ends in the pool!!! The best part of this show is the backstabbing, betryals, and craziness that seems to affect those in love. I freaking love it!!!!

    • KansasGuest says:

      My wish list for Season 3 of DALLAS: 1) Ewing family barbecue w/a fight that ends up in the pool; 2) Ewing family dinner scenes where Ann says, “Can we PLEASE leave business at the front door?” 3) Oil Baron’s Ball where Pamela serves John Ross with divorce papers & informs him she performed some legal mumbo-jumbo where her shares aren’t really hers, and he’s out of Barnes Global because he’s been screwing the ranch tramp.

  26. zyriah says:

    I loved the ending and really hope Dallas comes back for a season 3. The hardest part to watch was seeing pamela being lied to and betrayed throughout the two episodes.First,with the Ewings telling her that Cliff shot JR and then her husband cheating on her in the end. But, they better watch out because once she finds out there will be hell to pay.

  27. Sebastian says:

    Get Victoria Principal back as the original Pam. Period. Do whatever it takes, but bring her back!

    She is the thread to a new generation of dysfunction. She has ties to Bobby, Christopher, Pamela, Cliff, John Ross, Sue Ellen, and Cliff! The storyline possibilities are endless. She has unresolved issues with everyone!

    Plus, she would bring old-gurad Dallas viewers with her. GET HER BACK.

  28. jw says:

    Decent but kind of predictable finale. The stuff with Elena at the end with Cliff was beyond ridiculous. Land from the The Mexcian War? Is that seriously what they are going with? I really hoped Elena would die as I’m sick of looking at that awful Joker smile. Between that smile and that Dent on Pamela’s forehead, I really think the show needs to upgrade its women. btw,

    What exactly is Barnes Global? I’m assuming its supposed to be Wentworth Industries as PAm and Catherine owned 1/3 of Barnes Global. I watched the original series at least 3x through. Rebecca Wentworth left Cliff the company she bought for him from Wade Luce, one the members of the cartel. She also left Wentworth Tool & Di, Herberts Wentworths first company to Cliff, Pam, and Catherine. The biggest asset was Wentworth Industries which she left solely to Pam and Catherine. It seems like they just turned Wentworth Industries into Tool and Di which is pretty stupid.

    I also want to know why Bobby doesn’t seem to have a lot of money. They needed 200 million dollars which Bobby should have. Jock left him $30 million plus he had 30% of Ewing Oil which he received at least $200 million for. There’s also the question of Sue Ellen. She’s supposed to be one of the richest people in Texas and it seems that she and Bobby could easily come up with 200 million. They need to hire a Writer who actually watched the show

    • TV Gord says:

      How classless can you be to attack someone’s appearance?

      • jw says:

        If you are an actor/actress on tv, its more than fair to attack or criticize someones appearance. It’ Stop being so sensitive!

        • Zyriah says:

          Does Pamela have 1/4 of southfork,1/3 Barens global and 10% of Ewing energies?

          • jw says:

            John Ross shouldnt even own 50% of southfork. It’s impossible for him to get any part of southfork as Miss Ellie’s will went through probate. let’s say we suspend reality like the producers do. Pamela would likely get half of John Ross’s share of Southfork and his shares of Ewing Energies. He would be entitled to half of her shares in Ewing Energies and he shares of Barnes Global. Now, what;s interesting is if Catherine comes back which I think is more of a probability than Pam being resurrected. I doubt Catherine is dead as I still have a problem with her willing her shares or anything to Cliff. She hated Cliff more than anyone. She also owned 50% of Wentworth Industries. My guess if that he has had her locked up for years in some type of institution and she’ll be coming back to claim her shares.

        • TV Gord says:

          I’m not being sensitive. You’re being a jackass.

          • jw says:

            you’re way too sensitive. It’s free speech and if I want to knock the way someone looks on television, it is my right. If I think the Kardashians are fat pigs which I do, that’s also my right.
            I don’t make fun of kids and civilians, but if I see you on my tv, you are fair game

          • TV Gord says:

            Nothing you’ve added makes you any less a jackass.

          • jw says:

            You are a hideous troll. You add nothing of value in any of your comments. I

          • TV Gord says:

            No, I’m not a troll. I’m just a regular guy calling someone on their completely classless behavior. You really should be ashamed of yourself, but you clearly don’t have the sense for that.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Please talk smart about TV; thank you. There are 1 million other websites that accommodate, even welcome, superficial commentary/snark.

          • TV Gord says:

            That’s because nobody calls them on it. If someone says something completely classless, I have a right to express my opinion about it. Snark is one thing, but picking apart a human being’s appearance crosses a line that a lot of websites don’t tolerate.

  29. Whatever says:

    Pamela got 1/2 of Southfork in her marriage to John Ross and he’s cheatin with Emma (puke).
    That should be interesting if they renew for season 3, I hope they do.
    I thought the Finale was great.

    • TV Gord says:

      Actually, John Ross got half of Southfork, which means Pamela’s share would be 1/4.

    • DONNA says:


  30. rheffero says:

    Great execution of the ending, right up until the Elena angle. JR’s master plan is bunk if Cliff/Elena take away Southfork. JR is dealt with the most major loss of his life if this story line continues. From a fan view, Pamela is way more interesting character than Elena. Help my murdering brother escape, means that the Ewings can have her tossed in jail before any plan gets going.

    Considering that the history of the ranch; Southworth; was established several times by Miss Ellie, WAY before Jock even stepped foot on the land, it seems like a MAJOR rewriting of history has to happen.

    Best way to move forward, tie off the Ewing/Barnes for good, let the boys fight some common enemies for a bit, then set up a showdown for Barnes Global.

    Losing Southfork to their maid’s husband, WHY?
    Wasn’t Bobby already selling the place last year?

    • jw says:

      The whole Southfork ownership story is ridiculous. You are absolutely correct in that Miss Ellie’s family, the Southworths owned Southfork. Ellie then married Jock to save the ranch. Jock paid off the mortgage on the ranch and owned the ranch. JR then proceeded to mortgage the ranch for the Southeast Asia Deal. The deal worked out and the mortgage paid off. no one ever drilled on the ranch for oil until this reboot started. It;s insulting that they need to use this as a story going as far as bringing up the Mexican war.

    • Joe says:

      I don’t think Southfork is the land that JR ‘stole’ from Elana’s Dad.It was another piece of land.The storyline will not involve Southfork as far as Elana is concerned so in reality,Cliff can’t get his hands or anyone else’s hands on Southfork.

      • KansasGuest says:

        Isn’t the land that Cliff was discussing the Henderson ranch land that was taken by the governor under eminent domain laws? That’s how I understood it. It’s adjacent to Southfork, not part of it.

  31. Jen says:

    The finale was brilliant up until that final scene. Yuck! So much for the John Ross I fell in love with this season. He could still be a scoundrel without cheating when the ink isn’t even dry on this marriage certificate. John Ross and Pamela are the best thing on the show and are pure gold together. Can’t believe they had us fall in love with them all year only to pull the rug out from under us. Any excitement I had for season 3 is now gone.

  32. Pastence says:

    I did not read the whole article because I have not seen the last episode yet, but seriously, why do you guys have to put spoilers in titles? This happened the other day as well with an article about the season finale of “The Walking Dead” (Andrea) as well. Really guys, DO NOT ADD SPOILERS TO TITLES!

  33. Jay says:

    Why won’t VIctoria Principal participate? IS she too unattractive from plastic surgery and years of substance abuse?

  34. Bunny says:

    John Ross is his father’s son… tip to tail! I love the story their writing for his character. The writing on the new gen Dallas is excellent. I am completely happy with every story line. Completely impressed. I wish much success with this series and hope for many more seasons!!!!

  35. CM MacNeil says:

    As an alumni of the original series, the finale of Dallas 2 was bittersweet in that we said a final good-bye to J.R. and Pamela with no plot twist to bring them back. In the end, Pamela Ewing died with a goal to return to Bobby and their son; J.R. died with a goal that he never had before he learned he was dying – to save his family from financial and business ruin, and bury the notorious Ewing-Barnes feud with him. The show’s writers are commended for giving us something good to remember J.R. Ewing and Larry Hagman.

  36. Tom says:

    I believe Emma handed the payoff to John Ross that Cliff gave Ryland to take his mothers company. The package looked familiar. Anyone pick up on that?

    • KansasGuest says:

      If that’s what it was, you have a good eye! I was completely livid that Emma wrapped herself around John Ross like a boa constrictor, and didn’t hear a word that was said.

      • DONNA says:


  37. Tom says:

    Maybe I’m wrong but I went to bed with the idea that the last scene was a side deal…not a love affair. True JR fashion if so.

    • Joel says:

      Exactly! It was just sex. I don’t think either Emma or John Ross care about each other. And it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about Pam either.

  38. Kathy says:

    I think Pamela and Christopher should console each other for their loses.

  39. Larry says:

    I love how they wrapped up a long standing loose end from the original series. After Victoria Principal left, they brought a new actress in as a post plastic surgery Pam who was seen once, saying she couldn’t go back to Bobby knowing she was dying. And then we never saw her again and it was never referred to. This tied it all up nicely telling us what happened and thankfully did not “rewrite history”. Loved the whole episode. Hope they bring back Lee Majors and I can see how the feud is now passed to the third generation.

  40. Cubby says:

    I was disappointed to see Bobby — always the “good guy” — stooping so low as to frame Cliff Barnes and dupe Pamela. It seemed so out of character. In the old show, Bobby could somehow overcome JR’s nasty tricks without having to play dirty. I like Elena, but the twist at the end is ludicrous. Will she really fight the love of her life over some property that might, or might not, have belonged to her family years ago??? Couldn’t she go to Christopher and Bobby first? It was also preposterous that Drew was “forced” to blow up the Ewing’s rig because “they would kill Elena.” Why not go to his almost-brother-in-law and tell him someone is out to sabotage his invention? Emma is just an unlikeable tramp, one minute she’s with John Ross, the next minute with Drew, with no apparent feelings for either of them. Perhaps she can move back to England take care of her grandma and we can be done with her.

  41. dude says:

    Does anyone not believe Pamela would be THAT pissed off if she found out Bobby framed Cliff? She wanted to get justice for him killing her children, it’s not like she was that manipulated into betraying him, she was pretty ready to do so before that.

  42. Magically Suspicious says:

    I loved the ending. John Ross the Scoundrel is his father’s son….tip to tail. Any other ending for him would have been forced and false.

  43. selina says:

    i thught that the episode was amaysing and loved it except the last scene whith emma and john ross and emma(tramp) ,i mean love rohn ross , love pamela ,emma not so much so it was a pretty big spoiler for me , and i hope there while de a season 3 or it would suck.i hate the idea of elena and drew and especially emma.

  44. William says:

    The ending concerning John Ross and Emma rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve gotten really attached to his relationship with Pamela, so it pissed me off how the writers managed to destroy their progress all in one episode. You’re trying to tell me that this entire time he has been in cahoots with Emma after a one night stand? The move came off as cheap and forceful in my book. John Ross was the one person who witnessed Pamela’s vulnerable side and I find it hard to believe that such a thing meant absolutely nothing to him. It felt like I was witnessing a 180 as there were a number of scenes proving how much he cared about her. *sigh*

    I also didn’t appreciate the fact that Pamela got screwed over once again. On top of being victimized by her own father, she was not only misled into thinking that Cliff killed JR but she will have to face the fact that her relationship with John Ross isn’t real. I just can’t…

    • KansasGuest says:

      I have to shake my head at you, and everyone else’s, comments about the John Ross-Pamela marriage. Did we watch the same scenes? Was there ever any indication that this marriage began for ANY reason other than revenge? The way you (and others) describe Pamela makes me think that there are STILL so many assumptions viewers make about female characters on tv. Pamela was NOT a doe-eyed innocent who demanded complete fidelity and undying love from her groom. She used John Ross to stick it to her father because he killed her children, and didn’t think twice about maybe killing her when it served his purpose. She’s a smart, cutthroat lawyer who knew the score, and enjoys sleeping with & sharing secrets with John Ross. But, you’re interpretation of their relationship sounds like something out of DR. QUINN; not DALLAS. They’re friends. They care for each other. But, their marriage was not based on love.

      There is also nothing to indicate that John Ross feels anything for Emma other than lust. JR treated his bed partners the same way – sex was sex, business was business, and his mistresses were just temporary appetizers who could occasionally be used to his advantage. Bringing someone home to Southfork to meet Miss Ellie, sit at the dining table, and bear his children was on a whole different level. JR kicked more than one mistress to the curb when she dared to presume that she was part of the Ewing family. This IS the show we’re watching – DALLAS. What did you expect? Picket fences, hearts & flowers, and happily ever after? Even the guy who was capable of it – Bobby – didn’t get that in all 13 seasons of the original show!

      • William says:

        Clearly you’re seeing what you want to see. Did you forget about the scene where Pamela said she loved John Ross? What about her conversation with Christopher in which she spoke about a future with him? Or even last week’s episode where Pamela proved to John Ross that she wasn’t playing games…? Yes, their relationship stemmed from a sexual attraction as well as revenge, but it became more than that as the season the progressed. Fans cannot deny that. It was only in the finale where it was established that the relationship was one-sided.

        And I never said that John Ross was in love with Emma. I expressed my discontent with the two being allies. Viewers witnessed them interact once throughout the entire season and now we’re expected to believe that they’ve been scheming behind the scenes all this time? I don’t buy it. And I’m sorry but I’m not going to give John Ross a free pass just because he is JR’s son. One minute he’s eager to provide Pamela with emotional comfort and the next he’s willing to spite her? Regardless of Dallas being a nighttime soap, it still doesn’t make sense. It also doesn’t excuse the fact that it was sloppy writing.

        • Joel says:

          I didn’t take it that they were scheming together all that time at all or that he didn’t care for Pamela. It was just sex as a business transaction.

      • Pat says:

        Thank you! Exactly what I was thinking all along, notice how Pam said she loved him but he didn’t respond. I knew he only married her to get the shares, remember when they were in Bobby’s office and he asked John Ross if he loved her, you knew right then and there he was going to do whatever it took and would use her.

        I also knew at the very end there was a build up so that we’d be in for a shock, emma, urgh can’t stand her either.As for Elena, I like her, hate all you want, but she shouldn’t have helped drew. I hope her and Christopher work things out. Also Elena and John Ross might be at war soon since he has half the land.

        • KansasGuest says:

          The Ramos land is not Southfork land. Southfork belonged to Miss Ellie’s family, the Southworths, before Jock married her. She needed Jock’s help to keep the ranch in the family. Cliff referred to a parcel of land somewhere in Dallas that JR wanted because it was oil rich. JR drilled on that land and it earned Ewing Oil a lot of money. But, not all their money. Southfork isn’t in danger because the ranch obviously isn’t the same as the Ramos land. There was no drilling on Southfork until this series began. So, it isn’t the disputed Ramos parcel.

  45. Digger239 says:

    Nice to see last scene john Ross opening rylands briefcase and wearing the famous Jr Watch!! Took me a second to realize but most people didn’t notice.

  46. Maurice says:

    As a die-hard fan of the old “Dallas”, I was expecting much more excitement from the Who Killed JR mystery. I agree with most people’s comments that framing Cliff Barnes for a murder he didn’t commit is really STUPID … the writers could have used their imagination and have him sent to prison on other charges. I feel that even Cliff didn’t deserve this. Also, it was dumb to have Cliff paying the plastic surgeon to keep Pam’s death a secret for the past 24 years … in spite of his flaws, Cliff loved his sister and would never have done something like this, especially to this only nephew. After Bobby read JR’s letter and Bum announce that he shot JR, I actually believed that this was all a cover up just to satisfy John Ross & Christopher’s curiosity, and I was expecting the true killer identity’s to appear towards the end for a cliffhanger!!! I thought it would have been more exciting if Katherine Wentworth wasn’t really dead and she killed JR. It would’ve been great to bring back Morgan Brittany in that role after 25 years. With the chapters closed on JR and Pam, they should just cancel the series. The young actors are BORING, the Ramos family even more BORING (I can’t believe the writers created a storyline around the Ewing cook’s family!!). I only watch the show to see JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen.

    • Joel says:

      It’s not the 80s and Morgan Brittany can’t act. No one does cliffhangers like that anymore. Judith Light is much better. Are you even in the target demo anymore?

      • Wizard62 says:

        Oh, so now people have to be in a target demo to watch a show? Morgan Brittany was one of the best things about the original Dallas. Her character and storyline were integral to the story then and would fit in perfectly to the story now, while maintaining continuity. Instead, we are constantly presented with implausible explanations, curious scenarios and lazy writing at every turn. Not to mention Morgan can act the pants off of Judith Light, who was completely mis-cast by not being old enough to be Mitch Peliggi’s mother, and who thinks dragging every word and syllable out of her mouth in a long low-pitched drawl constitutes acting. Please!

      • Maurice says:

        Excuse me, I know it’s not the 80s anymore. I am SO sick & tired of hearing these comments by stupid people. I am only comparing the eras … I’m just saying there was a time when TV was much more fun and entertaining than the CRAP that you people are watching now !!!!

      • Maurice says:

        Joel, what planet do you live on? Since when do people have to be in a “target demo” in order to watch a TV show??? Gimme a break!!! FYI, I don’t watch much TV anymore because most of the shows are all CRAP and are not of good quality compared to TV shows our generations were accustumed to!!! I haven’t followed a new TV series since “Frasier” went off the air in 2004.

    • DONNA says:


  47. Deborah says:

    Just so disappointed about how they have ended Pam Ewings life – she and Bobby were the original soap lovers and I wish they had a ‘happy ever after’. Not sure I care what happens to the Ramos family !! I too only watch for the original dallas cast although John Ross casting is genius !!! Wish they could’ve talked Victoria Principal into coming back she, too me, is the first lady of soap and I loved her with Bobby !!

  48. INGRID says:

    It was a good episode but hated how they made us believe Pam was coming back but kiled her off. At least a love letter from Pam to Bobby could have been done. She wrote one to Christopher what about Bobby?????? Pam would have said how she truly loved Bobby and always will and wish the best for him because he deserves it, that would have been an ending Bobby and Pam deserve but they did not do that what a disappointment!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tones21 says:

      It was a great episode to tie up the loose ends from the past. It made perfect sense that Pam did indeed die as it tied in with how they left the character from the original series and truly explained why Pam would stay away from Bobby and Christopher all that time. And yes I agree, there should have been some goodbye letter from Pam to Bobby. It did disturb me that Bobby so caverliely disregarded Pam as “Christopher’s Mother” during the season. The writers didn’t seem to reference his love for Pam. Anyway, still a great way to end the season and a part of me is mourning what finally seems the death of Pamela Barnes Ewing.

  49. t86 says:

    Great finale! John Ross is totally becoming more like JR..btw, the scene at the cemetery when Bobby was reading the letter that JR left was really intense. and about the plot with Elena, i think was totally out of character that she trust to Cliff Barnes words so easily, but hey, clearly, the writers are planning to finally do something to her character, and well, is about damn time. I’m really excited to see a renewal for Season 3! Come on TNT!