Exclusive First Look: Supernatural's New Angel

A new angel is joining Supernatural‘s flock, and we’ve got an exclusive first look at Curtis Armstrong (Revenge of the Nerds, Moonlighting) as Metatron, the reclusive scribe of God.

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Armstrong makes his debut in the May 1 episode (The CW, 9/8c) — penned by fan favorite Ben Edlund — when Dean and Sam seek out the heavenly creature to fill in the holes in Kevin’s research.

But will Metatron offer up his services to help out the Winchesters? It sure doesn’t look that way from the confrontational photos below. (In case you missed our earlier scoop, Dean will have his hands full with Tron.)

Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers Metatron

Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers Metatron

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  1. Alan says:

    well there goes my theory that chuck was metatron, damn it made so much sense too.

      • Alan says:

        i never agreed with that, he didnt seem powerful enough for it. plus it would have made sense that he was metatron because he was writing down the word of god (kripke) and left when god stopped making up stories.

        • shireoki says:

          Chuck was intended to be god. SPN was originally ending at season 5. At the end of season 5 i believed he just disappeared out of thin air like he teleported, or flew. but then the show continues and… they just kind of forget that happened and wrote him off

          • James says:

            They’ve mentioned Chuck a few times, mainly when Kevin was introduced as the new prophet and they asked where Chuck went (the answer was that the angels didn’t know – which immediately resonates that he was in fact God – a human couldn’t disappear from them like that)

            As for Alan – Chuck was supposed to be a metaphor for Kripke, Chuck wrote Supernatural, Kripke wrote Supernatural, Kripke was the creator of the Supernatural universe, Chuck was the creator of the ‘Supernatural’ universe

          • Ryan Smack says:

            It’s open to interpretation. I don’t think he is God, unless he was pulling “oh, you didn’t think I was God? Gotchya didn’t I?” persona. I just don’t see that with how he acted since we met him, but it’s plausible. Otherwise valid ideas all of you. I want them to bring Chuck back soon.

          • Chuck is not God if he was there would be a hole in Dean’s chest from the amulet burning in his presents. Has it occured to anyone that when a Prophet’s prophecy is complete they go to Heaven.

          • @tabitha Joshua said “magic amulet or not, you’ll never find him” Cas was going off of belief that the amulet would burn in his precense, as it was “supposed to” but that doesnt mean the rumor was true. I believe he was, and I dont think theyre going to bring chuck back into the mix until the end of the show, whenever that is.

          • Shannon2 says:

            I agree with Tabitha.. It is also mentioned this season Chuck as dead and that is why Kevin was activated because in Season 5 it is mentioned only one prophet could be at a time. Chuck’s time as a prophet was done and died etc..

          • Shannon2 says:

            Actually Joshua stated Cas would not find GOD with the Amulet as God is on Earth, but does not want to be found. Joshua confirmed the amulet would glow in his presence. Joshua still communicated with GOD and confirmed GOD did not want to be found and was disappointed with his flock. Hence if GOD did not want to be found why would they find Chuck?? If Chuck was all knowing he would have been able to help out the boys more, but he only wrote the books up to a certain point. The writers/ scribes on the other hand know certain points, but not all..

        • Shannon2 says:

          He was not writing down the word of God he was writing down Sam and Dean’s stories/lives into books. I believe the writers got this Idea from a fanfiction site etc..

      • Lizzy says:

        Chuck is so God!

        • Shannon2 says:

          I beg to differ Castiel stated he was a prophet and an Arc Angel was tethered to him hence protected. God would not need a tether/protector. The season last or this I forget which Castiel recites all the names of the currents current and future. he stated there can only be one prophet at a time and Castiel and Dean stated that must mean Chuck is Dead and Kevin was activated. The books Carver Edlund wrote do not cover everything (the name is from Ben Edlund/Jeremy Carver writers on the show not the creator of it) otherwise he would know what the other side was doing as well as the Angels and he did not.. I will listen to the DVD commentary of Season 5 with more details to show Chuck was a prophet not God.

          • walter says:

            i really think chuck is God himself,because i dont think it was an archangel that came to the aid of dean and chuck.it was the very wrath of God himself,because God can’t be in the same room as evil

    • Dannie says:

      I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

    • No, I really think CHUCK IS GOD ! That’s a fact.

      • Alan says:

        what you think is not fact, its opinion. nothing has been stated in the show so you cant just railroad your opinion into canon.

        • Come on guys ! He created SUPERNATURAL ! When the boys saw him for the first time : “I’m a god” ! He said it twice… You could watch Supernatural again – season 4-5 – and listen carefully when Chuck speaks : the way he speaks proves that he is (or he was) GOD.

  2. Katie1227 says:

    Metatron with a gun? Look like he may have lost his powers, he won’t be too much of a use :S Unless he still have some knowledge or memories about his tablets

  3. Frances says:

    That’s awesome that they’ve cast someone as Metatron. I’ve been hoping to see him since he was first mentioned last season. I’m glad they went for an older actor too, it seems to fit better with the character.

  4. Ashley says:

    This nebbish little dude as Metatron? How boring. Alan Rickman forever!

    • Kyle says:

      Dude, Supernatural can’t afford Alan Rickman!

      • Siobhan says:

        Which is so sad,cuz Alan Rickman would be an amazing Metatron :(

        • Shannon2 says:

          Alan Rickman would have been interesting as Metatron and his take on the role especially in the Supernatural Show. I am noticing a slight shift/error in continuity of some things through the seasons. I gather Kripke had a 5 year story arc and he never imagined the show going past season 5, but noticing stuff continuity wise nonetheless. Still watch the show though..

      • Evan says:

        Watch, they’ll be able to afford Alanis Morissette though. And get a Golgothan while they’re at it!

    • Alice says:

      “Say you’re the Metatron, people stare at you blankly. Mention something that was on the CW, and suddenly everybody’s a theology scholar.”

      • Shannon2 says:


        • Shannon2 says:

          Supernatural in all the seasons use stuff from Lore. Kripke stated in the first 3 seasons they scoured for American Lore and the lore had to be somewhat lore just like on House where they had real diseases, same with Supernatural to be on the show. They at least are keeping to that tradition about the lore stuff..

  5. I Cant wait to see this episode I will get to finally see Metatron .Going by this picture he mayhave lost his angel powers this will be interesting and makes more sense because if he was all powerful the writers will jave the same problem they have with my fav Castiel .

  6. Dreamrose says:

    Anyone else getting flashes of Fringe’s Walter Bishop here? I could swear that’s exactly the same sweater! ;-)

  7. Linda says:

    Hey, it’s BOOGER.

  8. CG says:

    Regarding the old spoiler about Dean having his hands full with Tron. Is it confirmed that they meant Metatron, or was it infact a sneaky foiler that was referring to ep 20 where he enters a video game like in the Tron movie. I realy hope that it’s the former as it’s about time Dean has a part to play in the mytharc. Sam has the Trial,. Kevin and Cas have the tablets – so what’s Dean’s role?

    Waiting for the usual response that “Dean is there to support the others and isn’t that good enough” in 3…2…1

    • Ta-da! Lol. I honestly don’t think there is anything wrong with Dean playing a supporting role, but it does seem like he might end up being tied to the angel tablet in some way, which I am equally all for.

      • Sara says:

        I have a problem with him playing a supporting role when he’s supposedly one of the two LEAD characters on this show. Give the guy a myth-arc sl(and follow through on it this time) already, writers. He deserves it and has more than earned it after 8 friggin’ seasons, FCOL.

        • Dean is my favorite character. I love his story arcs, and I resent people implying that he hasn’t been given anything important. And while Dean is one of the two lead characters, Sam is the OTHER lead character. It’s difficult to give them equally dense story arcs at the same time within the confines of a season, which is why they always seem to alternate. Whatever Dean is doing, it is important because he is important. Sometimes that means supporting Sam (as will always be his role as big brother), other times it means fighting his way through Purgatory, trying to stop the Apocalypse, or defeating the Leviathans.

        • Shannon2 says:

          I agree.. Dean and Sam are the lead characters and should be equal and be brothers.. I like Sam and Dean although Dean is my favorite I do not like Dean be cast as a supporting character when he is not. I just wish they would balance the characters again instead of it always being about Sam this and Sam that… It has been like that for a few seasons now. The show isn’t even about the brothers much anymore and hunting and bonding and seeking revenge..
          Just re-watch seasons 1-3 again even 4th if one can stand the Ruby 2.0, but it introduced Cas so that is cool. Since season 5 until now it has almost been the Sam show etc..Granted in Season 5 Sera Gamble took over and she liked Sam the most and turned it that way..

      • BennyFan says:

        If playing a supporting role is so awesome why not give it to Sam once in awhile.

    • Dave says:

      I do believe that Metatron was what the meant because Dean will have a story with him. As far as your complaint about Sam with trials and Kevin and Cas with the tablets with Dean not having a story, have you been paying attention this season. Purgatory??? Benny??? Where these not stories revolving around Dean? The writers do a really good job of giving both brothers screen time and stories.

      • Sara says:

        Purgatory WAS great, but when Dean’s PTSD disappeared after episode 2, it seemed like it became more Benny’s and Cas’ sl than it was Dean’s, and it wound up having no connection whatsoever to the myth-arc. Other than Samelia, the first half of the season was great. They should have built up the Purgatory sl instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water when they decided to get rid of the boring Samelia.

        • kate says:

          just out of curiosity, how does dean knowing how to get sam out of purgatory not relate directly to the myth-arc, when in doing the second task, dean has to know how to get sam out of purgatory? it’s not like ‘samelia’ was myth-arc oriented. all ‘samelia’ has done is make sam more annoying than ever with his constant pining for her and a normal life.

          • f_m says:

            Oh goodie. The fandom thought police are on the job. Tell us some more who and what we should like.

            BTW your little gang give your agendas away every time you so vehemently defend Dean’s irrelevance to the mytharc while complaining about how hard done-by Sam is.

          • BennyFan says:

            Why is Dean even allowed to help Sam in the first place? What happened to Sam whinging about how he had to do them solo?

          • kate says:

            ah, it’s the fandom crybabies who can’t even have a discussion without whining about their “feelings.” actually, I have no agenda other than living in some kind of objective reality. but keep at it.

          • Notyou says:

            It’s the holier than thou moron who can’t post stuff without resorting to STFU or etc etc. Truly a classic example of a blabbering idiot.

      • Maggie May says:

        Oh, you mean the 30 minutes of Purgatory flashbacks and those few PTSD scenes? Benny stuck around for 2 episodes before he was killed off to save Sam. Hard to say if Naomi/Cas/Dean stuff is going anywhere. Those were all great but none of them are season long arcs. Sam, otoh, is still pining for his normal life, establishing himself as the archivist and a new Man of Letters, and is set to do the trials solo to close the Hell Gates.

        So I gotta disagree that the distribution of storylines is even. And yeah, I pretty much hate Dean playing a supporting role and cooking eggs on a show where he’s supposed to be a freaking lead. It’s insulting.

      • kate says:

        omg, don’t even try, dude. the dean fangirls smell blood in the water and will leave you a million angry comments about a show that doesn’t exist and how dean is mistreated. …and I LOVE dean, who is infrequently whiny/annoying, compared to sam, who I find whiny/annoying much more often. the amelia storyline? ugh. SHE wasn’t even the problem, it was entirely sam who was aggravating. “should I stay with her? should I not?” STFU and make a decision already … ahem, I digress. point is, dean fangirls are not watching the same show as you are, and will respond accordingly with their version of reality.

    • Ruby says:

      Dean’s role is bein’ sexy. I mean, Sam’s got that covered too, but still.

      • kate says:

        lmfao! but sam’s hair hasn’t been sexy since, like, season 03.

        • Ari says:

          His hair is especially bad this year. I just can’t take him seriously with that hair.

          • jmac says:

            Actually I kinda like his hair this season. I like it more than last season when it seemed straightened most of the time and superglued to his head. :P LOL but in all seriousness I think my favorite Sam hair is in seasons 1-3.

          • kate says:

            lol, right? the one thing I had hoped Amelia would do was force him to get a haircut. alas, maybe next year.

  9. f_m says:

    Looks like Sam’s gonna play the martyr again. *Yawn*

  10. Please ptb give Dean a story line were he is not constantly worrying about Sam. Sam is a grown MAN caperble of fending for him self. It would be nice for once if Dean is the center of attention in the show and Sam worrys over his welfare. Instead of whinning about wanting a normal life. No wonder Dean told Castiel in Goodbye Stranger . That he needs him because Sam certainly dont want to be with him.

    • jmac says:

      @debbie webster .. Um, when did Dean tell Castiel he needs him because Sam doesn’t want to be with him? I’ve seen that episode a couple of times now and I never heard him tell Castiel that Sam doesn’t want to be with him. And no, it’s not because I watched it with “Sam Girl glasses” on, I’m a fan of both brothers. If that’s the way you interpreted Dean telling Cas he needs him then fine, but don’t put words in the characters’ mouths that were never said.

      • Anon says:

        If Dean had relied on Sam’s brotherly love he’d still be rotting in purgatory. Sam spent the entire first half acting like Dean coming back ruined his chance at normal. Sam may not have said the words but then his actions speak a whole lot louder.

        • jmac says:

          Did you read my comment? I said I didn’t hear DEAN say that Sam doesn’t want to be with him. I’m not defending Sam’s behavior while Dean was in Purgatory or anything after that – I don’t like what the writers have done to him in that respect. But the previous commenter made it sound like Dean actually told Cas in the episode that Sam doesn’t want to be with him, and that’s incorrect. That’s what I have the beef with. Don’t say that a character actually said something they didn’t. If it’s something you implied from other words they spoke or their actions/behavior, then fine, but just say that.

    • Sue says:

      Sam has never said he doesnt want Dean in his life he just wants normal. But no it has to be turned into some sort of poison or proof that Sam doesnt want Dean and doesnt love him. It doesnt matter how anybody chooses to interpret what they want to see to make Sam wrong.
      However to Sam the simple fact is that Dean and hunting and are two separate things and doesnt dictate his relationship with his brother.
      And for somebody that doesnt want to be with his brother well there he is right there with his brother the one he is so desperate to get away from.

      • jmac says:

        THIS. Thank you for saying this. I hate when every single article/spoiler/etc. turns into some Dean vs. Sam thing. I like both characters and I’m tired of feeling like I have to defend either of them.
        And you’re right, if Sam just didn’t want to be with Dean, why didn’t he just leave him and STAY away? There have been plenty of times in the series where they would have a falling out and Sam would walk away. But they always come back together.

      • kate says:

        this is true. also, when the chips were down and Dean basically said to Sam, “You can’t be half and half, so are you in or are you out?” Sam was in. He picked life on the road with Dean over running away with Amelia, actively. I REALLY don’t like that Sam didn’t even LOOK for Dean when Dean went missing, but when Sam had to choose, he picked Dean. and Dean did the same, more or less cutting Benny off when Sam decided he wasn’t going back to Amelia.
        one of the reasons Sam thought he should be the one to do the trials was that Dean was looking at it like a suicide mission, and he didn’t want that. for once, I thought Sam was right about why he should be the one to do something. he wants them BOTH to have a normal life and a happy ending, and Dean doesn’t even think of that as a possible outcome.

  11. Shereile says:

    The tron spoiler better be a storyline for Dean that carries over to season 9 with Dean playing the major role in the angel tablet story. Not Sam not Cas. Not anyone. Dean! Tired of him reacting and worrying about others

  12. deancrzyfan says:

    guys…i have heard that charlie is gonna die in PAC-MAN FEVER???? REALLY!!!!!!!!

  13. Jmac did you watch the first episode of season 8 . Sam spent the whole year with Amelia did not bother to look for Dean who was in purgatory. when the brothers reunited Sam admitted he did not bother to look for Dean, and there was no apologey either. In later episodes he told Dean when the gates of hell were closed he wanted out and a new life. It says it all really dosnt it Sam wants a normal life away from hunting. Dean only knows the hunting life.

    • jmac says:

      Of course I did. And yes, I know Sam didn’t bother to look for Dean at all and it really bothered me (again I’m not a Sam or Dean Girl, I like both equally). I kept hoping they would give some kind of explanation for it and I’m still waiting. The writers are really pissing me off this season. I was hoping that someone like Naomi or the other angels had gotten to him or done something to prevent him from doing so but I guess that would be too easy. *glares at writers* And for the record I’m glad that Bobby called him on it in Taxi Driver.

      • Shannon2 says:

        I am upset that Sam did not even try to look for Dean, but more upset that he saw some cases and did not even bother to investigate or help and he stated to Dean they were minor and no real big cause for fuss. Sam did not even answer his phone especially when Kevin tried to call him after getting away from Crowley. I got really pissed when Sam did not even look for Kevin and the writers have yet to explain that..
        Dean I can understand and a normal life, but Sam after Jessica was murdered chose to go hunting and seek revenge and has chosen the hunting life since. Now he wants a normal life back??
        Those were the good old days when we had the trickster playing fun with the boys, Bella and Ruby 1.0 pushing the boys buttons. Sam and Dean being brothers pranking each other, but each brother has his owns skills and in each case had a balance of sorts to solve each case and eradicate the demon, supernatural being etc..
        Sam has always been the better at researching and knowledge which I thought tied him more into the men of letters
        Dean has always been the better hunter/fighter and to me tied more into the hunters on his mother side. However, you can see it starting in Season 5 the shift in balance between the brothers and this is when Sera Gamble took over.
        It seems like Supernatural is getting too crowded and too many people trying this and that and it is all taking away from the 2 leads who are the brothers.

  14. jmac BTW you miss read my comment about Dean saying he needed Castiel. My mistake i worded it wrong Dean needs Cas because he knows Sam dosnt want to live his life as a hunter .

    • jmac says:

      Ok thanks for letting me know, I wasn’t sure if you were just repeating something Dean had actually said or if it was your interpretation. But I see what you’re saying so thanks again.

  15. Supernatural says:

    re-watch that esp when dean showed chuck the necklace and look at his face he looked scare because he thought it was going to light up. also chuck is a host so maybe it will glow when God himself appear

  16. Dhilty says:

    Regarding Chuck. I do believe as others that Chuck represented Kripke aka the Creator/God who made Supernatural. If you remember the ep where Sam and Dean got shot and went to heaven…they met the gardener who told them to stop looking for God. And he said he/God know about the amulet and that it would not work.

  17. Shannon says:

    Metatron reacts the same way the recluse hunter did last year when Dean asked him to research and find what he could about the Leviathans and to get the winchesters’ new Identities …
    Chuck is dead as stated when they were asking about Kevin and how Cas stated there can only be one prophet at a time meaning Kevin to be a prophet Chuck had to be dead. granted they never answer the question why Kevin is not tethered to an arch angel, but I am assuming because all the archangels are busy, dead, somewhere else etc.. I knew Metatron had to be outside the boys and Cas.

    • Joey says:

      He doesn’t need to be dead if he was never a prophet to begin with Kripke, Collins and Benedict all confirmed Chuck played as God (At conventions) so unknown to Castiel Chuck isn’t actually dead it was just he was never a prophet to begin with and he was getting his powers because he was God and not a prophet

    • He is likely not tied to an Archangel because the angels are no longer following the rules of the old regime- no one is doing their jobs anymore.

  18. Shannon says:

    I love all the episodes Ben Edlund writes. He is one of my favorite writers for the show. David Nutter and Kim Manners(rip) were/are my fav directors.

  19. I really hope the ending to season 8 is going to be epic and not a disapointment. Rumor has it that badass demon Abbadon is giong to make an appearence. I really hope so she was one nasty demon . Just a thought what happens if out of desperation Crowley unleeshes her on the Winchesters and she kills Crowley for betraying Lucifer and takes over hell?

    • Shannon says:

      Actually, I do not think Chuck is god because he was tethered to an Arch angel and plus when they visited heaven it was stated God wa son earth, but did not want to be found. This was after they found Chuck.

      • Really ? Actually I think GOD is funny !

        Didn’t want to be found ? YES ! and Nobody finds GOD ! Or, NOBODY knows who he is ! They all think Chuck is a prophet, but he isn’t !

        We don’t have to found who is God, ’cause we have already seen him. Watch the first episode the boys meet CHUCK. And listen carefully when he speak : the way he speak proves that he is GOD. He said – twice – – : “there is no doubt, I’m a god”…

      • Yes, they found Chuck- not God. This doesn’t mean that Chuck wasn’t God. This simply means that the guys found Chuck the prophet. If no one knows who you are, they haven’t found you simply because they can see you.

  20. Kaci says:

    I noticed a few people mentioning how Sam didn’t try to find a way to save Dean from purgatory and stopped hunting but does no one remember Dean did the same exact thing when Sam was in Hell? Just saying… BTW I’m a fan of both brothers.

    • Shannon says:

      Sam when he was able to take control of his body with Lucifer also inside told Dean not to look for him and made Dean romise he would go find Lisa and have a good life. That is what Dean did, but when Sam returned he did not let Dean know he was back until a year later and did not know he was w/o soul until Castiel told him. Last season was different no promises were made etc.. Sam did not know what happened to Dean or Castiel and instead of trying to find out what happened and where they went he chose to leave things. So we do not know how much crap happened while Dean was in purgatory because Sam was not looking and helping people. Granted could they have picked the most boriest character of Amelia seriously they have no chemistry just like no chemistry with Ruby 2.0.

      • Sam answered this already- he and Dean had an agreement that they would not look for each other, so Sam honored it. Agreeable? Not necessarily. Confusing? Not in the slightest.

        • shannon says:

          I was pointing out that in the past they had an agreement/promises to each other, but no promise was made when they killed Dick and it landed Dean and Cas in purgatory. So there was no reason why Sam should not have looked for Dean or at least figure out what happened. I was also pointing out that Crowley kidnapped Kevin and he did not bother to look for him.

  21. Supernatural fan says:

    Chuck debate–
    Chuck stated I am a god notice lower case g, but never states I am god. Chuck has visions and his pseudonym is of the writers not of Kripke himself. It has never been confirmed by anyone of the Supernatural staff that he was intended to be GOD.
    see season 4 episode 18–
    Season 5 episode 22–
    Season 6 episode forget which Cas stated something about GOD
    I was thinking they should bring back the Trickster/Ghost Facers they were way funnier than anyone now.

    Carver stated he has a story arc that he has planned that would take them to season 10 and maybe beyond and the CW president stated they are more than happy to keep Supernatural around. It makes me happy Supernatural is finally receiving the respect from the network especially since this show is their top preformer with a very large and vocal fanbase. I am assuming next season they will get things back on track hopefully.

    Cure a demon is the third trial–
    hmm interesting

    I figured the trials are “purifying Sam” maybe all the blood is the demon blood that has been circulating in his veins is finally being pumped out.

    I also wish the Pyschic Missouri would come back;

    I know Amanda Tapping is probably expensive and the boys being the leads for some many seasons have definitely upped thier billing price. I believed Supernatural received an increase in budget with all the special effects, so I am assuming they might have been able to snatch Alan Rickman, but then that would have been too coincidental and probably would have made too many references Supernatural was copying the movie etc..
    I like Armstrong as him though because you get another feel of the different types of Angels.

    Naomi made a point recently and that Castiel never dies properly meaning she does not know GOD has resurrected him all the times and for what purpose..

    I wonder if Supernatural is running out of Lore to tell??
    I noticed in the latest episode Dean hacked into systems and is more the research techie guy that used to be Sam because Sam was better at hacking etc..Dean never really knew how to use a computer except to watch porn etc.. That is a big difference

    • I’m so glad you brought up Sam’s demon blood. I feel that he is being transformed, but purified fits, too, especially since Cas said Sam was too damaged to be healed- and then said no more about it. I suspected then that Cas knew more than he was letting on, but then they never touched on it with him again, so it could’ve been nothing (or another thing they let drop.)

  22. So, all of this debate about Chuck being God is done under the assumption that God would WANT to help the boys more if he were indeed using Chuck as a guise. Joshua said that God was disappointed. Our free will is a powerful and important thing- it’s what made us special in God’s eyes. God (as Chuck) may have just wanted to guide the boys, not do it for them (as any good parent does.) There is so much pomp and circumstance with all the rituals, rules, etc that pertains to all of the angels and demons; perhaps God CAN’T “do it for them”- perhaps they (we humans) have to do it themselves. God has intervened only when he wanted to- not when they (and we) thought he desperately needed to. The fact that Cas said Chuck was a prophet and the fact that he had an Archangel protecting him means nothing; if God didn’t want anyone to know, they wouldn’t know. There is also nothing that says that God was Chuck the whole time- God could’ve “popped in” at anytime. Or, he could’ve been Chuck all the while. Or, Chuck could’ve been simply a prophet whose time was up and whose story was done- both in and on the show.
    It’s never been made clear- in fact, when asked about it, they won’t give a straight answer, saying it’s open to interpretation. I believe the whole mess was created because of the assumption that there would be no more Supernatural. I’m very excited to see how they wrap up the whole “where’s God” thing by the end- if they even touch it. It’s not in anyway necessary. Hell, we didn’t even believe in angels until Castiel decided to save the world from his brethren.
    I find myself wondering if Metatron is just Metatron. I mean, the whole idea is dependent on Chuck having actually been God, but if he did it then, why not now? It lines up, as far as I can tell- he’s been gone for a while, and I would think he’d be largely avoiding the mess his children have made. And the trials set forth to Castiel seem to me to support the theory of the fulfilling the pomp and circumstance needed for all of these doings that need to be done. I mean, are these tablets not just God’s way of grounding his kids? Or, he could just be a wussy pencil pushing angel. *shrug*
    No one knows, everyone speculates- that’s the fun of it all.
    (Also, what happens when Heaven and Hell are closed- there are worse nasties out there than angels and demons- including other gods.)

    • SL says:

      If were are to assume correct most of the “other gods” were killed by Lucifer a few seasons ago. I think Metatron is just Metatron, but he downplays his power abilities. Since he is the scribe of God it make me more so believe that Chuck was a prophet telling the story of the brothers as far as he was able to etc..
      There are quite a few episodes in season 4/5 that strongly point to him just being prophet. God is all knowing and Chuck was not otherwise he would have known what both sides were up to. Even Crowley had to go bad to Chuck’s books to gain an upper hand. Chuck got worn out from his “visions” just like Kevin does reading the tablets. Additionally it may be the trials, but Sam is hearing the real voices like Cas tried to do to speak to Dean the first time thinking Dean was special and could hear his true voice. In lore it is stated that only one angel is capable of hearing God’s true voice..
      I read an article and the writers etc will not give a direct answer to the Chuck thing because they think it s so much fun just having everyone debate over it.