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Supernatural Grimm SpoilersWhat tribulations (if not Trials) await Supernatural‘s Dean? What’s the story behind Smash‘s controversial coupling? What’s the status of Grimm‘s big, bad mother? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Smash | We lead off this week with the answer to a musical mystery — namely, why is Karen Cartwright giving moody newbie Jimmy the time of day? “I know that some people have said that they find Jimmy sort of unlikable,” showrunner Josh Safran acknowledges. “Our goal was to create a complicated character that pushes everybody away that he cares about, and acts out, and is a little bit of sort of loud and reactionary. The journey for him this season is coming to grips with who he is and trying to let people in, much like Billy Bigelow [in the musical Carousel] — and hopefully people who stayed with the show will see Jimmy learn his lessons and crack open.” As for the way the wannabe Hit-maker treats Ms. Cartwright, Safran notes, “I don’t think it’s specific to Karen” but simply the way he is with everyone. “Right now, she’s sticking around because she finds him incredibly talented, and she’s drawn to him.” That said, “She knows he’s very clearly not a healthy individual, and that comes in to sharp focus very soon.”

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Grey’s Anatomy | Just a quick casting nugget: If you are an All My Children fan of any duration, KYLE SILVERSTEIN, KEVIN MCKIDD dahling, know that grande dame Jennifer Bassey (aka Marion Colby Chandler) is set to guest-star in two episodes (starting with No. 21) as the grandmother of a little boy whose parents are both critically injured in an accident. (Owen takes said lad “under his wing” during the difficult time, at least until Grams arrives. Hmm….)

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And now, diving into the reader mailbag….

Will we ever get a glimpse of Deeks’ childhood on NCIS: LA? Or of his mother? –Laura
“Yes,” show boss Shane Brennan answers, “but not this season. Next season we’re going to learn more about Deeks, including some insights into his past, his relationship with Kensi and his future with NCIS.”

Any news on what Supernatural‘s Dean will be doing while Sam is dealing with the Trials? –Sue
I turned your query over to exec producer Jeremy Carver, and his response was: “I can’t say much about the Trials, but when it comes to what might be in store for Dean, I have one word: Tron.” (Could that be, as I suspect, a reference to a certain casting notice that circulated last month?)

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Do you have any news on when Nick’s mother (played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) will show back up on Grimm? –Amanda
I do not — and apparently I am in the best of company in that respect. “Truth be told, we have absolutely no idea,” the NBC drama’s producers say in a statement to Inside Line. “Hopefully next season!!”

There’s conflicting information out there about whether or not the whole cast of The Vampire Diaries has been filming scenes in New Orleans for the back-door pilot episode, or if it’s just the Originals cast. Can you confirm which one is true? – Audrey
I am assured that TVD regulars definitely appear in the planted pilot, but the exact and complete RSVP list is a well-guarded secret – including who appears in New Orleans, in Mystic Falls or in both settings.

I’m waiting for Alfred Molina’s character to get called to the podium on Monday Mornings. Who would be able to do that, though? –TP
Will the officious Dr. Hooten ever himself be the target of an M&M grilling? Jennifer Finnigan aka Dr. Tina Ridgeway notes that in exec producer Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book, that twist does take place, “But in Season 1 [of the TNT show], no.” As for who would put the screws to Hooten in such a sitch, Finngan says that in the novel, “[Dr. Sydney Napur] is actually vying to replace him when he retires. So who knows if that’ll be a twist for Season 2?” Short of Hooten being summoned to his own 311, Finnigan reveals, “In the season finale (airing April 8), he is challenged. The doctors stand up to him and really question him.”

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Now that Mr. Gold is alive and well on Once Upon a Time, what will happen to the relationship between him and Neal? –Margena
“Gold, he’s such a flawed character, so he’s trying to do the right thing but he doesn’t really know how,” says Robert Carlyle. Meaning, above and beyond that wacky offer to turn Neal into a teenager again, “He doesn’t know how to take that further, so it’s going to take a while to get any kind of resolution on that. But in Episode 21 or 22, something happens which changes [their relationship] forever.” For the better…? “Maybe,” Carlyle teases.

Once Upon a Time fans were given a hint about a connection between Neal and Hook in Neverland. Do you have any scoop about what their history might be? –Stef
For now, I’ll just say that one particular rumor making rounds as of late absolutely will not pan out.

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