It's Official: OLTL Actors to Return to GH In May

One Life to Live Actors Return to General HospitalThree of One Life to Live‘s finest are once again General Hospital-bound — albeit as completely different characters.

As first rumored back in March, suds vets Roger Howarth, Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson — each of whom brought their OLTL alter egos to GH following the former’s swan song — are slated to return to ABC’s sole surviving soap on May 10. The catch: The trio will no longer be portraying Llanview’s Todd Manning, John McBain and Starr Manning, respectively.

“Exciting storylines full of mystery and intrigue are planned to usher in the return of these actors that will lead to the answer of one of the most asked questions in Port Charles,” an ABC spokesperson said Thursday in a statement.

VIDEO | One Life to Live: Llanview Gets Sexy!

Prospect Park, the production company behind the upcoming online versions of OLTL and All My Children, initially proposed sharing the three characters with ABC and General Hospital, as they were said to be “essential” to the revival’s “production efforts, and a large reason [the company] licensed the program.” An agreement, however, was never successfully reached. Howarth, for his part, is set to reprise his role as Todd for several weeks at the start of OLTL‘s relaunch, which begins April 29 on both iTunes and Hulu.

Who would you like to see the One Lifers-turned-newish GHers play this time around? Hit the comments!

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  1. Mara says:

    This is a horrible idea, either let them be Todd Manning, John McBain & Star Manning or don’t bring them back to GH.

    • Dane says:

      I agree. I find it weird and disconcerting to just bring them back with different names and characters and pretend the last year never happened. And the fact that OLTL refuses to even acknowledge the character’s PC adventures is cringe-worthy for people who may have been fans of both shows. #GoodbyeOLTL

      • lynn clausen says:

        Good grief. The 3 characters, Todd, Starr and John were a perfect fit for their rolls at G.H.! I miss O.L.T.L., but these people adapted so well to G.H. that I was loving the new storylines and the way they interacted with new characters. Why make that break? And so suddenly? Poor Michael. That was just a dumb conclusion, Bring Todd, Starr and John BACK as before!

        • carly says:

          I agree, but hey obviously can’t do that for legal purposes. I am confident that Ron Carlivatti and the crew will make it work. I am glad Trevor is back on OLTL that is a gift for me, maybe he will be the new and improved Todd? He’s so much hotter than Roger, but that is my opinion.

        • Margie says:

          I agree leave them the way they were on general hospital they fit in good as Todd ,Starr, and John Mcbain gosh what a mess some of us cant watch it on the computer any way

          • Lanore says:

            I have seen everything. John McBain as a doctor with glasses and a little pony tail. I don’t even bother watching GH anymore. It is getting ridiculous.

        • Shirley says:

          I AGREE!. It is very disturbing. Here we are, glad to see these stars in good rolls and fitting in well, then turn around and do something so confusing and stupid!

          • I agree they should have left well enough alone.

          • Julia says:

            I am aware that the story lines can sometimes get a little our there, but bringing all three back as different characters is beyond ridiculous. I have watched GH for years, but sadly, I think I’m done. Whoever made this decision, made a very bad one.

        • CHERYL CADE HARDING says:

          I couldn’t agree more; regardless of the reasons for the changes, the new personas are truly messing with my psyche!

          • Anthony says:

            This is exactly why I tuned out permanently,it’s not worth
            it anymore in my opinion. Good luck with the ratings folks!

          • EMC says:

            Absolutely agree!!! It is so ridiculous and stupid I can’t watch anymore it has gone way off the deep end. No offense but I can’t really get into this new Lulu either. Way too many changes in such a short period. They can go ahead and take it off now looks like their out of good ideas anyway!

      • bigwilliestyle says:

        I don’t mind I don’t care what happens on GH. No offense to their viewers but I don’t like that show and I HATED that they killed Victor’s baby. Now that was cringeworthy.

        • yeah and before that they killed Jessica’s baby 2x it seems as though the script writers for oltl have given tips to general hospital script writers. Just like the bring dead people back to life, that move is old as hell and boring.

      • Karen says:

        Dallas wipe a whole year LOL Knots Landing went on with Bobby dead but both Gary & Val have appeared on the new Dallas.

    • Kvivik says:

      While I don’t really care much about Michael and Kristens new characters, I REALLY want to see what Roger Howarth could do as someone other than Todd Manning. I actually started to watch ATWT while he was Paul Ryan and loved the scenes where he was showing a much broader range of emotion and spirit.
      And if he’s a big bad, please let him not be a mobster, but someone along the lines of the Cassidines. The Cassidines rarely murdered people, they used their money and the power that gave them to destroy their enemies.

      • Michelle says:

        Lets pretend that helena captured them, brain washed them and cloaned them before she died. Helena’s good like that.

        • Michelle says:

          Or lets bring Starr back as another one of sonnys children, or connie’s, who was too busy being kate, and didnt know she had a daughter.b Bring Todd back as an officer of the law, and set him up with Carly again. This time “he looks like someone she used to know” and Mcbain as an archeologist looking for vampire findings.

        • J.HOUDINI says:


          • Anthony says:

            LOL, sad but all too true, actually I heard a rumor that Richard Simmons is coming on board as one the Cassadines. LMAO! GH is no longer on my radar, Valentini & Co. have truly ruined this show for good.

      • irene bridges says:

        hes probably gonna be franco then have plastic surgery to look like jason

    • Daven C says:

      This isn’t unprecidented, people.
      DOOL have done it twice (Josh Taylor brought back as Roman Brady after being Chris Kostichek, and Wayne Northrop as Dr. Alex North after being Roman Brady, though not at the same time and not this close together timewise between characters), Another World did it once and Guiding light did it once as well.
      And while ABC and PP have their hands in the pot of stupidity that this became, the actors also have a part to play. Kristen and Michael refused to go back to the reboot, and Roger did it only to properly wrap up Todd’s storyline history before he left.
      There are three sides to every story people, and in this case all three (ABC, PP and the actors) are equally at fault for this debacle.

      • D says:

        I understand that past soaps have done this. GH did this with Sarah Brown coming back as Claudia. However in most cases they are brought back on years after their original character has left the canvas. The “OLTL 3” would have be gone from the canvas for less then a year which makes bringing them on as new characters a little ridiculous. I will wait to see how this works but I just think that GH would have been better off cutting the actors loose.

        • dude says:

          Also, they’re not bringing them back because they’ve crafted exciting new characters they think will suit the actor. They’re wedging in new characters to keep the actors on contract.

        • PGP says:

          Guiding Light brought Joie Lenz(now known as Bethany Joie Lenz) on as Michelle a few months after playing clone Reva! It went over well because she was GL’s best Michelle. Coincidently, Jordan Clarke played two roles on GL as well!

        • my question is will anyone be watching??? if you bring back Michael Easton make him a FBI guy a good guy so I don’t throw something at the screen, other wise I will find something else to watch. AMC and OLTL the storylines are too confusing after almost 2 years.

          • irene bridges says:

            the oltl is now geared to a much younger audience no offense to the youth but its us old folks that kept it on so long in the first place

    • Debbie says:

      So glad to of read this .. Been looking for a date as to when this start…. but after reading this don’t care WON’T watch.. Should have known it was too good to be true.. and after the way you end Starr and Micheal.. for what… Won;t waste my time..ty

    • Fthurst says:

      I agree with her statement to a tee.As a matter of fact,I have played more than one character when I’ve done theater- you were a disguise of some kind.To look the same and play a different part,really makes no real sense.

    • Littlelill says:

      I agree with Mara. It is a horrible idea. Just make them the same characters with a new attitude. They move to Port Charles with a new outlook on life and then (slowly) change their character to fit the new characters they wanted them to be. Todd could slowly decide to be a stand up comic or a talk show host, with real guest, or a movie star that does a lot of charity work, and a playboy. John could change into a happy go lucky optimistic lottery winner who helps poor young kids and sets up safe places for them to go to after school and safe places to live. Starr should remain the same (a singer) for awhile and with Micheal till that playes out. Ok, I’m kidding. Just don’t bring them back as different people, that sucks littleLill

      • l kennedy says:

        you may have something there!

      • O-Town says:

        Did you not read that Prospect Park is suing ABC and it has to do with the characters from One Life to Live. Prospect Park owns the characters but not the actors. Talks to share the characters died and now, despite signing all three to long term contracts, they can’t be Todd, Starr, and John no matter how many of you are blue in the face, threatening not to watch General Hospital.

        Someone asked who Lauren Franco might be and I’m betting it’ll be Kristen Alderson. You’ll note that Luke and Spinelli are at two different doors, believing they each found Lauren Franco. The other door might be either Roger Howarth or Michael Easton’s new character.

    • Debi says:

      I totally agree. It would be way toooooo weird to bring them back as someone else. Do they think the loyal viewers are stupid or something. It is bad enough we have to live thru other actors taking over for characters we love. But to bring them back as someone else, just wrong.

      • O-Town says:

        Is this any stupider than when one month you have a child actor who can barely talk and then the next month, they’re a freshman in college? You’re all able to suspend belief that so and so just gave birth to this kid and then you go on vacation and then come back only to see the kid already dealing with a pregnancy and a drug problem. Yet you all still keep watching….rolls eyes…

    • Jeni says:

      oh my goodness! Do you think they will be back as vampires? What is this secret circle? smh

    • Marsha Stapleton says:

      I am in complete agreement with this!!

      • Lynnfleury says:

        I Say Let Them Breath new life into Roger Howorth & Alderson & Michael Easton i Think this will be Quite interesting those other Characters are old let them Create Something new. I Want to See What they Can do Just Saying lol

    • CSBeavers says:

      OLTL was canceled. GH was not. There was a reason for this. Now it’s getting ridculous. I’m not saying the threesome are not fair actors, just let them go someplace and find a job instead of ruing GH to fit them in!

      • bigwilliestyle says:

        I’d like to know what that reason was since OLTL was cheaper to produce had a larger market share and higher ratings despite being on when people are still in school whereas GH is on after school is over giving them potentially millions more viewers.

      • Michele says:

        The biggest reason OLTL and AMC were cancelled and GH was not was time slot. GH is on after all the teenie boppers are home from school and the others were on when they were not. Since most of the demographic was working while these soaps were on the air, the decline in ratings made it impossible for ABC to have all three soaps remain on the air. SoapNet was supposed to be the savior but ran these shows at odd times, not conducive to watching after a long day at the office.

        The actors are in no way “ruining” GH as it was GH that would not let them out of their contracts to pursue, if they chose to, returning to OLTL. Since Prospect Park bought the rights to OLTL which included all the characters, Todd, John and Starr all belong to OLTL, not GH.

      • Kmbr says:

        So agree with you!

    • Donna Petrillo says:

      Return them in their original roles PLEASE!!!!!! Everyone loves/hates Todd but that is who we want him to be!!! And John McBain?!?!?! Hunky, Hunky Hunky!!!! Leave well enough alone. And Starr Manning is a perfect match for Michael, I’m tired of seeing this kid get the crappy end of the stick. You know the old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!”

    • Miley says:

      I like John McBain and Starr as they are on GH the characters are really good and have a future. Todd Manning future was getting a bit thin. I like them as they are to change their characters will not be to good i think. Keep them the same.

    • Anthony says:

      I agree about the whole new characters issue, I don’t think it’ll work as I don’t think the viewers(myself included) will buy these new characters; it makes no sense to establish the llanviewers only to erase them. After Howarth’s stint is over on One Life I won’t continue to watch either show, what’s the point. I grew up watching both shows and grew to love the actors and their characters but this is a shame, it really is because they’ll always be Todd, John and Starr to me-I don’t care how you dress them up as.

    • donald says:

      I agree…this is STUPID AS HELL!!!

    • Amanda Scott says:

      I am so glad to be able to watch OLTL again. I am sorry that Todd Starr And John are not on there. But lets face it OLTL is the better soap GH just trying to hang on using them Good Luck

    • Heide says:

      I am so very upset about the new story lines for John, Star and Todd. It is a joke to make Kristen Alderson play the girlfriend to Michales brother!!!! I can’t even stand to watch her now because she has played a sweet, smart girl and now they are making her out to be a flake!!!! PC Adventures could have still used the character’s and had them appear in both shows and it would have made everyone happy. I will not be watching the new online One Life to live or All my children. They should have never taken them off TV!!!

    • Andrea says:

      Ever since Steve Burton left GH the show has been gone waaaaayy down hill…Vampires, old story lines, i think the writers are grasping at straws and trying to ride the coat tails of old success….I’ve been a loyal fan for 42 years…I can honestly say I feel cheated…

      • sharon byrd says:

        Totally agree now to confuse us even more they add these crazy reverse characters that leaves you so mixed up you don’t even want to watch ,bring steve burton back leave starr, mcbain and todd the hex who they are and let us enjoy watching our soap, as a fan I am so disappointed

        • Anthony says:

          I loved it when they crossed over the Llanview trio but since PP & ABC
          screwed that up thus having the GH powers that be create new characters,
          I’ve ceased watching the show. ABC stands for Another Bad Choice, thank you
          morons at GH, thank you very much!

    • irene bridges says:

      ii have watched both shows 40+ years and Gh is on thin ice. with Jason gone and now a new lulu and bringing back 3 characters as new peeps.????? nevermind!!!! and vampires and a wiccan wedding?????? they aren’t worth watching any more sorry to say after sooo long.

    • i agree. I think GH has the story going so many different way and concluding nothing that I may have to give up watching it after all these years

    • J.HOUDINI says:


    • abby says:

      I agree these new character suck. N I think they need to bring Lu Lu back

      • Anthony says:

        I switch the channel when GH comes on, such a total letdown; Emme Raylan would’ve made a better Lauren Frank instead, so many missteps. And having Roger play Franco,so
        not buying it here and Easton as an apathetic doctor, lol, next.

    • Joanna says:

      These new “characters” and storylines will be the final nail in the coffin(no pun on vampire story line) on on GH. I have watched this since 1980 and the return of “Kiki”, McBain & Todd as Franco is the most ridiculous and far fetched the ideas the writers have EVER pulled ! I am done…goodbye Port Charles!

    • I honestly don’t think that they should have brought them to general hospital in the first place, this is like when they started to transplant actors from port charles into general hospital. Also bringing them back into general hospital in different roles is ridiculous. I mean I know that I had a hard time getting used to the actress that played Libby play Sam.

    • Denise Page says:

      This entire show is a laugh….returning one life to live cast members as different characters after already being implemented into the current GH as starr todd and John. This is ridiculous. They have lost their minds and I will never watch again.

    • LaDonna Rae says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I began in the early ’70’s watching General Hospital because that’s the soap my mother always had on. Of course, because of tuning in early, I ended up addicted to One Life to Live and All My Children as well. Additionally, I watched Ryan’s Hope from beginning to end.
      What on EARTH makes General Hospital writers believe that anyone is going to accept Roger Howarth as James Franco? DUH, they are both unique actors. It’s positively insane to think one can sub for the other…would you put Franco in Todd’s role? I certainly hope not!
      And Starr? We have watched that girl grow up over many, many years. Suddenly we are supposed to accept her as the heir apparent to Franco?
      Are you people out of your minds, or are you doing everything possible to make CERTAIN General Hospital is canceled?
      Please get it together. I’m never going to watch my soaps on the Internet, so either you make this program work on television, or that’s the end of the road for this fan.

    • Carol Skurski says:

      I agree — bringing back old characters in new roles is absolutely stupid and an insult to viewers!

    • ljjkk says:

      This idea is very weird and an insult to the GH fans….take them off of the show! Go back to hulu where you belong

    • Marla Micallef says:

      Horrible don’t like these three characters at all!! I am fast forwarding through all the Franco parts especially the ones with Ava in it. I dont like her either. What a horrible idea bringing these three back as different people!!! Take them off!!!!! Not really looking forward to watching gh as I usually am. Even The new Morgan isn’t good.


      • Anthony says:

        I stopped watching a long time ago as I’m sticking with One Life until the Todd character is gone, so depressing GH is now. They mad a huge mistake by doing this, the new characters look forced and NuMorgan, I don’t care for him either.

      • Anthony says:

        I made the simple mistake of switching to ABC the other day and it made me laugh and not in a good way either, this really was a very bad move on both ABC & PP. The whole Franco, Silas and Kiki thing is beyond ridiculous and silly, no way will I ever believe that Roger will be Franco, paper or screen. Also watching Michael Easton in a ponytail with glasses playing doctor is so silly too, ” Hey John, can you do a consult with a patient of mine, he’s a former GH fan?”

  2. Kristin says:

    I honestly think this is ridiculous. Just let them come back as their characters. Who cares of they go two different directions on the two shows? They made Michael look like an a$$ when he “slept” with Brenda because Starr isn’t coming back. And what about Sam? Her and John had great chemistry hasn’t she gone through enough this year? (Unless Maks is staying on, then forget John!)

    • patrick says:

      blame on ABC, prospect park owned the characters and were gracious enough to lend them to GH and help frank and ron gain oltl’s fanbase over to GH.. now they were willing to share with ABC, but ABC once again is proving how much jerks they really are by not being able to play ball. i find it kind of funny how much of stink GH loyalists made when these three came in, and now they’re making a big deal again! i know Alderson and Easton moved to L.A., but Howarth still lives in the area, they should at least have worked out a deal for him. keep him with carly on GH, but still have storylines that don’t pertain to a love interest on OLTL. can’t blame PP for standing up for themselves.

      • StupidPeopleShutUp says:

        Yeah, I’m with you.

      • anon says:

        Firstly I feel like no one here understands what Prospect Park wanted. ABC wasn’t unreasonable. It’s been confirmed by numerous sources that in order for them to have the characters back? They’d have to run all their story-lines for said characters by PP beforehand. If they didn’t like them? They’d have to squash them. They’d get the characters, yes. But they’d never have creative control over them and PP could pretty much just yank the rug out from under them whenever they wanted.

        • Dane says:

          EXACTLY. Good post.

        • Asia says:

          Prospect Park wanted full creative control over those characters as well as characters they didn’t even own. Then because they legally own them them would be able to summon them back to OLTL whenever they wanted to (let’s keep in mind that two out of those three actors live on the west coast now). PP also had it where the characters couldn’t appear on TV and the online show at the same time. How was that going to work? Honestly, I blame PP. Yes, ABC cancelled the shows but so did PP. They suspended plans back in November 2011 and waited until over a year later when the characters were fully integrated into the canvas and fans were attach to yank them back. They wrecked story lines and pairings in the process. GH can’t even legally mention those characters names anymore. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad the actors are coming back, this clearly where they want to be. And I’m choosing to keep an open mind. GH is solid at this point and I think it has a better chance at making this all work. PP has yet prove its self as a successful venture and they have to recast 3 major characters. It would have been smarter to just leave them on GH with their original portrayers, (just my opinion on this whole thing).

      • Dane says:

        You are incorrect. The actors do NOT WANT TO BE ON OLTL. They just don’t want to. Should ABC force them to spend half their time in CT and half in LA doing both shows? ABC wanted to cooperate on a storyline to help wrap up the character’s time in Llanview and dovetail them back to GH with minimal downtime. PP refused. They wanted complete creative control and they wanted ABC to essentially coerce the actors to do both shows for some length of time. ME and KA refused, RH was willing to do it initially for the launch. PP ALSO wanted to re-write many of the stories that had already taken place on GH to better suit their vision. I totally understand that.. but if you were a writer on GH would that appeal to you? Either way they’d have to ‘re-write’ history. I guess they felt it was easier to just cut their losses. BUT ABC was stupid to take on the characters at all without buying the licenses completely. Either way.. the viewers are the ones who lose.

        • TV Gord says:

          You’re absolutely right. It’s frustrating that GH can’t use these three characters, because when the AMC and OLTL ventures inevitably fail. those characters will be lost forever when they could live on in Port Charles.

          Prospect Park is blowing a prime opportunity to get some ABC network cross-promotion for OLTL. They’ve shot themselves in the foot one more time.

        • patrick says:

          kinda funny you say that… mostly because of the latest news on the drama of this issue.… roger found a way, his choice to do continue doing both shows beyond his one life to live 4 week stint.. for a soap actor it makes perfect sense to do what roger is doing, they don’t get paid that much and to get the chance to get double pay is smart. it also creates a safety net for roger in the event his new character on GH doesn’t pan out and if OLTL really takes off, he still lives in the east coast.

        • Maxie says:

          Who cares what they do or play? I just want them all 3 back on GH. Oh, and bring back the REAL LuLu !

          • O-Town says:

            You realize her name isn’t LuLu, right? She’s actually an actress that does not live in Port Charles. There’s no such thing as Port Charles. It’s not real. So, there’s no real LuLu to cry about. Give her a chance.

      • Kimberly says:

        I agree completely. I think that it will be interesting to find out how they bring them back. Johnm could still play the vampire that didn’t really die and coud cause havok fo Sam and the boy. Todd could come back with a new look or ould I say his sexy look with long hair and catch Carley’s eye. As far as starr goes she can come back just the way she was and play a dfferent named person and they could just make reference to the fact that she looks a lot like his last girlfriend and this one could be a little more devious.

      • AngieLynn219 says:

        Thank you Patrick… I agree with you 100%

        • Iynn Fleury says:

          Your all Wrong whrn the Charaters Went to General Hospital No one & I mean NO 1 ONWED THEM THEY Were Free Then PP Bought the The Charaters Because They Saw Wgat a Fantastic Job Ron Carvalatie Was doing With them & Got Jellious & Wanted them Back . Just Saying :) lol ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  3. George says:

    For me I wont be watching to see who they turn in to. Them coming back as new characters is such a stupid idea and thereofre ruined my watching experience and have stopped watching GH the past few weeks. As a OLTL fan, i only started watching GH due to those characters being there and its the characters that matter the most. Love them all as actors, but no Todd Manning is crazy

    • Lynnfleury says:

      Oh but U are so wrong it Just makes it That much more interresting please Give it a try I promis U will Like NO I MEAN U will Love it i am Going in WithA open Mind & A Open Heart Fot these Pepole That love What They Do!!

    • O-Town says:

      You realize actors live off of playing different characters and getting people to buy them as different characters instead of the same damn character from one show/movie to the next. You do a disservice to the actors if the only character you see them as is just that one you care about. You would literally be killing their opportunities to work if you decided that the only characters they should be playing are the ones they played on OLTL. Poppycock. The lot of you.

  4. Lynnfleury says:

    ALot of people i Talk to Would like too see the old Starr as Serrina Baldwin & I would like to see Michael Easton be a Distant Relative of Caleb So He Can Stay With Kelly & Howorth Can be the New Bad Bad Guy in town Sonny’ Opponent

  5. Aryn says:

    This is why daytime Soaps are all but extinct…too many stupid, ridiculous decisions are made by TPTB!!!! Adios GH, sick of the “spin” it’s been a great 20 years but I am going back to DOOL now!!!

    • O-Town says:

      And another audience member departing like anyone else really notices.

      • Anthony says:

        Another thing that bothered me was the plot hole
        they left: who was the person that was watching over
        Starr and Michael when they were at the crash site
        where Cole & Hope died? We’ll probably never know
        since this was never addressed,

        • misfit says:

          I was wondering the same thing. And what about the time they showed claudia zacharra still alive with Franco drawing her! I know i didnt dream that

  6. Terry says:

    Stupid. Plain stupid. Do we really need them back at all? No.

  7. Tim says:

    Just unbelievable. First ABC/Frons kills off the soap, and now ABC won’t honor their agreement with PP and let the actors back to OLTL. And now, GH is saddled with 3 actors on contract that ABC is forcing them to keep, BUT has to make up new characters for them? WTH are they all going to be doubles? It’s just ludicrous and I feel bad for GH and OLTL…ABC can go to hell…

    • AJ says:

      Lots of assumptions there: “let the actors back to OLTL”: The actors would probably prefer to stay in LA and on regular TV instead of online only. “GH is saddled with 3 actors on contract that ABC is forcing them to keep”: totally your opinion. Frank is probably very happy to have these actors.

      • TV Gord says:

        Add to that the actors on OLTL are probably being paid rock bottom wages, whereas these three are still getting network salaries.

    • Ava says:

      The actors are where they want to be – working at GH. Now, lets see when PP recasts the characters of Starr, John and Todd – PP did say they were essential to the OLTL reboot. Surely they have recasted them by now, right? At least the Starr and John characters, since they’ve known for a while that they actors wouldn’t be joining OLTL 2.0 unless … this was all a power play or publicity stunt on PP’s part. Time will tell, won’t it? I’m sure die hards will ignore the truth and blame ABC but something tells me the truth isn’t as black and white as some OLTL fans want to believe.

  8. Debadoo says:

    I love this show and can not wait to see new people coming in

  9. StupidPeopleShutUp says:

    This entire mess falls on ABC’s hulking shoulders. Once again, viewers are screwed because of their disgusting avarice.

  10. Jaime says:

    Oh my gosh. Could everyone quit their whining? So ABC and Prospect Park couldn’t come to an agreement, who cares whose fault it is? These are people who make their living off of acting. Can we all just shut up about it and accept them to the wonderful fold that is GH? Don’t threaten to stop watching it, don’t blame executives, just watch this wonderful soap opera that is celebrating it’s milestone 50th year on television. Jeez.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, all the whining is really babyish. Chill, people, and see how it plays out. Complaining and crying is just immature and pointless.

    • TV Gord says:

      The world doesn’t have to react the way you dictate, Jaime. Stop telling people to “shut up”. You sound like a four-year-old. People are allowed to have opinions that don’t agree with your view.

    • Patricia says:

      I’m with you on this they are actors playing roles. Good actors shown by allthe whining over the loss of chareters like they are real people. It’s not like this has never been done befor,the one that stands out is Sarha Brown’s Carley -Claudia story,so it will work out and the whiney will be for nothing

  11. Chris says:

    The actors are fine, but I can’t stand Rapist Todd and his annoying daughter Starr. New characters can only be an improvement, unless things are dire indeed. I have never liked how Todd, a vile character at many points, has been transformed into a kind of hero. That’s just sick.

    I do like John McBain, but Easton can come back as Caleb or whoever. Easy fix.

    • Jen says:

      For what it’s worth, they did the same thing with Luke. I’m a big fan of Todd (Roger Howarth’s version) though, so I’ve always been happy with the transformation.

      • Chris says:

        I don’t think it was “the same thing” with Luke, though even if it were, that’s no excuse. I mean, if you’re saying that one rapist character was redeemed on the show so it’s fine that a second one is portrayed as some great person, no. Just NO. Aside from that, Todd was an outright villain for years and years, performing numerous vile acts with no reasonable excuse. In contrast, Luke has nearly always been portrayed as either an outright hero (in the years when his rape of Laura was whitewashed/ignored/retconned) or as a flawed but essentially good person. Totally different scenarios. Howarth is a great actor, but I think he might well be pleased not to be playing Todd the Rapist anymore.

  12. Ali says:

    seriously people? they will make it work somehow! Remember Sarah Brown coming back? She was the original Carly but came back as Claudia. It will all work need to freak out! I am thrilled they are coming back. it should be interesting to see how it all comes out!

    • Chris G. says:

      Exactly. Although there was quite a bit of time between Sarah Brown’s roles, you’re right, it can be done. Whether its a character being recast (how many different Luckys and Carlys have there been?), or an actor coming back to different role (Tony Geary for example), this is the world of soaps. Everyone’s up in arms over this, but it’s okay to bring back characters from the dead? Twice in some cases!

  13. Jen says:

    It’s a no win for the fans, I think we can all agree on that. I’ve been a fan of both shows for almost 20 years, so I’ve seen them botch storylines before. But even if the transition of introducing these actors as new characters is terrible, I’m not going to stop watching. It’s sad these characters will basically be disappearing from both shows (unless OLTL recasts), but it sounds like minds are made up, so I think fans just needs to accept it and relax.

  14. Trista says:

    First let me say I love all of these characters, but in fairness to Prospect Park – they purchased a brand and those characters are part of that brand. They should have creative control over those characters and that includes the decision to bring them back to the canvas in order to make the online version as successful as possible. The actors have exercised their rights NOT to return to those characters and ABC has exercised their rights to hire the actors back. There really is no blame here and we should all wish the actors, the shows and the audience well.

  15. discopunkk says:

    PP owns the characters and both ABC and the actors knew this when they brought them on to GH. But I think that ABC and the actors hoped or expected PP to fail and never really thought about the fact that their characters could be “recalled”. PP has every right to those characters and storylines because they PAID for them. OLTL is PP’s show now and it makes perfect sense to want creative control over it and the characters.

    ABC should have not cancelled OLTL in the first place so really it’s ultimately their mess that’s been made. Besides, ABC will make money if AMC and OLTL succeed with PP.

  16. Gillian says:

    Wow. Lots of anti-ABC posts. I for one am thrilled about the news. I love these three actors and am glad they are returning to GH. Cartinin’s GH is rich with history and I have no doubt that the new characters will bring something to the canvas that will enhance existing characters. I can see Roger as a Cassadine or Quartermaine. I can see Kristin as Serena Baldwin, giving more storyline to Lucy Coe and Scotty Baldwin. As for Michael, I expect he’ll be a Morley descendent but who knows – anything is possible. This show has been on fire lately. Whatever happens, I know the storyline will rock. So glad they are back on GH May 10th!

  17. Barbara says:

    I think that Kristen and Roger should still play father and daughter. Maybe they could be competitors to Michael and his father.
    I do not want Michael Easton to be a vampire again.

  18. Hermes says:

    Roger will be a Cassadie maybe Stefan’s long lost son Kristen will play his daughter and Michael will be tied to Caleb somehow.

  19. MuzzikLvr says:

    For years we’ve accepted new actors playing established characters. What’s the big deal about accepting three established actors as new characters?

    Someone above mentioned that GH is at fault for bringing the characters over to gain more viewers to their show. Yes, it’s true that it got some of us OLTL fans to start watching (again)…but, they deserve a lot of credit for keeping Llanview and interest in OLTL alive in our minds.

  20. Nyla says:

    This is the dumbest idea ever. It totally takes away the excitement of AMC and OLTL coming back. Its also going to make General Hospital look very foolish. I don’t care how good the story-line is.

  21. MLO says:

    Roger Howarth’s Todd is my favorite soap character hands down and I’m sure it has a lot to do with what Roger brings to the role. He inspires a certain pathos that Trevor St. John never did. Plus he’s hilarious – his bad eating habits, his ADD, the way he talks to himself and mutters insults under his breath… it seems so natural. Plus, the interaction between him and Kristen is so sweet. It will be hard to see the two on screen and forget they played father and daughter so well for so long. Whatever character he plays, I hope he brings to it this same naturalness and sense of humor. I will miss the scar, though. Stupid politics!

    • mike says:

      100% AGREE ! hes my favorite actor an now that jason morgan is gone -the todd role was perfect. SERIOUSELY THA GUY GETS AWAY WITH MURDER…LITERALY ! hope his new role is similar to the old one…jasons new role dont work right.just hope gh dont ruin his carrear…as for oltl…sorry but i aint watching it ONLINE SHOWS SUCK! AND PP ARE STUPID FOR REFUSING TO LET THOSE 3 STAY AFTER THE LOAN…their going to bomb and it will serve them righ. Thats not to say abc is smarteither. they canceled OLTL to put the CHEW on air…the chew? a show that sux so bad it draged GH into a lower timeslot hoping noone noticed…i mean really do we need YET ANOTHER TALK SHOW?? BAD DECISIONS ALL AROUND!!!

  22. Lp says:

    Let’s call this what it was and be angry at both pp and abc. Pp couldn’t succeed in rebooting oltl and amc so they allowed gh to use some oltl characters to keep oltl fans hooked ( I was one of them ). Once we were hooked on them at gh pp knew they could get a reboot going and fans would follow online because they had followed to gh. Now let’s also blame abc because they cancelled oltl and amc to begin with yet they used the defunct soaps for pieces in order to prop up the one soap they had left. I don’t and ME or KA for not joining the the online revamp. Would it have been a nice gesture to do as RH did and go there for a few weeks? Sure. But the east coast isn’t where their hearts were. And furthermore, RH did so with the understanding and agreement that he would return to gh after helping oltl. He even released a statement to that effect at that time. But now pp has reneged on their deal with him. He should be the very angry one in this because he tried to do right by all and what was best for himself and he ended up being the one deceived. As a gh fan though I will watch them regardless. Too much history of the show is being brought back to life right now to turn our back on it now. At our hearts don’t we all want to see soaps stay on the air? Not watching any of them doesn’t support that cause. I will also give the new reboot of oltl a chance but based on previews of how they have rejoined some characters and are so focused on the sexual aspect I can’t imagine they will keep me viewing for long. As an original oltl viewer I find that very sad though because I can’t stand the thought of character assisiination.

  23. Lp says:

    Let’s call this what it was and be angry at both pp and abc. Pp couldn’t succeed in rebooting oltl and amc so they allowed gh to use some oltl characters to keep oltl fans hooked ( I was one of them ). Once we were hooked on them at gh pp knew they could get a reboot going and fans would follow online because they had followed to gh. Now let’s also blame abc because they cancelled oltl and amc to begin with yet they used the defunct soaps for pieces in order to prop up the one soap they had left. I don’t blame ME or KA for not joining the the online revamp. Would it have been a nice gesture to do as RH did and go there for a few weeks? Sure. But the east coast isn’t where their hearts were. And furthermore, RH did so with the understanding and agreement that he would return to gh after helping oltl. He even released a statement to that effect at that time. But now pp has reneged on their deal with him. He should be the very angry one in this because he tried to do right by all and what was best for himself and he ended up being the one deceived. As a gh fan though I will watch them regardless. Too much history of the show is being brought back to life right now to turn our back on it now. At our hearts don’t we all want to see soaps stay on the air? Not watching any of them doesn’t support that cause. I will also give the new reboot of oltl a chance but based on previews of how they have revamped some characters and are so focused on the sexual aspect I can’t imagine they will keep me viewing for long. As an original oltl viewer I find that very sad though because I can’t stand the thought of character assisiination.

  24. Jacqi says:

    Glad to have them back on GH, but I am interested to see how the writers do it. Love Kristen Alderson!

  25. Julie says:

    I have a feeling KA will be introduced to the canvas as Serena Baldwin

  26. Renee says:

    This is wonderful news for the actors! So glad they will now be able to work and not be used as chess pieces.

  27. Ghjohn says:

    RH to play a cassadien , KA to play Lauren Frank ( which will kill any chance of a re hookup with micheal ( both are Qs)), ME to play a Morley … N

  28. Lynnfleury says:

    Tv line dont play Games With me & Say i All ready Said that When i know i did not I am not a child. Or take me off your List

  29. Diane says:

    Jason comes back as a Q, becomes a doctor, and the character of Jason is now played by Michael Easton. Ta-dah! lol

  30. priscilla says:

    Prospect Park can keep star and todd but give us john/caleb back to gh where he originally started! His character needs to stay with sam!

  31. Jan says:

    This was lose-lose from the get-go, even though it didn’t seem like it at the time. Prospect Park, by loaning the characters, allowed fans to have what they wanted at the time. But now Prospect Park wants the characters back — and they are PP’s character’s, not ABC’s.

    So, the characters will continue to live on OLTL, while the actors we associate with those characters will stay on GH.

    It was just a mistake all the way around. It’s going to be confusing for fans.

    As for this quote: “Exciting storylines full of mystery and intrigue are planned to usher in the return of these actors that will lead to the answer of one of the most asked questions in Port Charles.”

    I love GH, but I’ll have to see it to believe it.

  32. Patricia says:

    I remember reading an interview with Roger Howarth when he first left One Life To Live that part of the reason he wanted to leave was because of the character’s rapist past. He was only supposed to stay on the show for a short time with that storylines. No one wanted him to leave, so they signed him to a contract. Todd has done so, SO, many horrible things, as long as he keeps that smile and the humor- why not? He could come back as a doctor, a millionaire- who has a daughter he didn’t know about? Or?

  33. Rayna says:

    Happy to see these actors in any capacity. GH is my favorite show, and these are the best new actors, this show has had in years. Never watched OLTL, so it will be easier or me. It won’t change the chemistry they already had with Carly, Michael and Sam. Plus it will be fun and campy to ave thus shake up.

  34. kati says:

    i think its a terrible idea just let them b who they r !! everyone is used to them now specially people like me who were OLTL fan started watching GH because of those characters, its pure stupidity to bring them back now with different names and characters.
    what r u trying to accomplish? I dont get it

  35. soap_on_a_rope says:

    I can’t believe ABC doesn’t have enough money to throw at PP to buy these characters back! ABC is a major TV network; PP is an online start-up. Everyone has a price, and I’m sure PP has theirs. It makes me think ABC is cheap. I’ll be happy to get the actors back in any form, but this move really does seem silly, and it’s going to test the limits of my suspension of disbelief to see RH as anyone but Todd.

  36. Patti says:

    Bring back Todd with Carly

  37. Patti says:

    Carly and Todd. YES

  38. Erin "Lady E." McLaughlin says:

    What’s the official source that they are not returning to OLTL because I’m almost positive I saw KA in a promotion on Hulu.

  39. jeanie thompson says:

    I think you should leave Todd , Starr , and John at there characters and bring back One life to live because Victor is still alive and let all that come and air it on T V not online . Thank you

    • lisa says:

      I agree we need this back on tv because viewers that live in rural areas of the world don’t all get internet access and is very difficult to get internet…….please bring to the soap network!!!!

  40. Lanore says:

    I have watched OLTL since it first aired back in the 60’s. I was very excited to hear it was coming back. I watched it this morning at 2 am. It was good to see Todd but I wondered where Starr, Michael, and Jessica were. I do not like the new Destiny or Matthew and did not care for Daniella’s or Natalie’s new characteristics. The new Destiny is nothing like the original. I did not care for the first show. It has a lot missing for the ones who have been faithful followers. I was really disappointed. I have to agree, I would like to see this back on TV because even though Hulu is free I have limited Internet service which means I can only watch it between the hours of 2am to 8am and between 5am to 8 am I am currently watching reruns on SOAP for OLTL. It is like being back with family I have missed.

  41. sarah says:

    It makes no sense to me, why can’t PP just let the characters go and let GH have them. OLTL will have plenty of characters for us to root for and this idea is dumb. Who will they play on GH anyway?

  42. Morgan says:

    Let’s be honest. I started watching GH because ABC killed OLTL (my favorite soap) and that was the only way to get my RH fix. I kept watching as long as he was there. Now that he’s doing the online series, I’m SOOOO happy to see him on OLTL 2.0. He’s an amazing actor. Because of that, he’s the prize they’re all fighting for. I’d be open to seeing him as a different character on GH, but I WISH there was a way that they could still loan him out for OLTL. Todd’s my favorite character and it’s such a shame he’ll have to leave the role he initiated and perfected yet again because TPTB can’t play nice. Only the fans lose.

  43. Mike Coleman says:

    It would be great if Kristen came back as Franco’s daughter (a Quartermaine). Maybe Roger could come back as another Quartermaine. The Quartermaine family needs a reboot and those two would bring life back into the family. If the role of Franco’s daughter has been cast, then Kristen could be a different Quartermaine.

  44. Keep in mind people, characters are recast all the time. Yes it will be weird that three recent characters come back as different characters, after a few weeks, we would all get used to them. Remember all the different Carly’s? And, I think it will be a nice change for the actors AND the viewers to see actors we love play different roles with different personalities. I am bummed that we loose Starr and Todd, but characters change all the time. That’s SOAPS!! As soap fans, we will adjust!

  45. AJ says:

    I will miss Starr,Todd, and John on GH, but I think it’s a clever idea bringing all 3 actors back as different characters, that way they won’t have 2 here from OLTL needing there character’s back all of a sudden. Kristen Alderson should totally come back 2 GH with darker hair and play Franco’s long lost daughter.

  46. Lee says:

    Good riddence GH watching AMC and OLTL from now on.

  47. James says:

    all they have to do is tweek their names anyway, John Mcbain could be jack blain, get it, Todd Manning -Tag Danning, etc, its not that hard.

  48. Shellrowe says:

    No that is is one of the major problem with soaps is that many of today’s viewers want believability. Changing these actors identities doesn’t even make sense. IOt would turn me right off from wanting to see it.

    • lynn fleury says:

      Not me it Just Excites me More I Want To See If There Up For The Challange. It Must Get Boring Playing The Same People All the time so I SAY. Go For it . ILove it .

  49. afan says:

    This is so beyond stupid! I hate the new character change. They were so great the way they were why would you give the same face a different name? This totally killed General hospital. Such a disappointment.

    • Lanore says:

      I agree. Seeing John as a dorky doctor with black glasses and the little pony tail is beyond stupid. LOL I have stopped watching GH.

      • Anthony says:

        I love Roger and the rest of the gang but seeing like an art deco experiment gone awry turned my stomach, Michael Easton playing doctor, lol and Kristen playing a spoiled mob heiress, I’m not buying it….none of it. Anyway I stopped watching as soon as I saw Roger’s new getup, besides I’m watching Todd on OLTL until they either kill his character off or not. I don’t care who they recast as their One Life counterparts because it’s destined to fail, nobody can hold a candle to them and not only that but the hardcore fan base won’t care for it neither. Lately, GH has been very disappointing so I tuned out, thank you PP & ABC for screwing it up; I’m glad the actors still have a paying gig but I still find the situation more than ridiculous.

        • Mary says:

          Leave them who they originally were. No one wants to watch them as different characters…AND BRING BACK JASON….the original

  50. Zoii says:

    Seriously, is there a shortage on actors? It is absolutely insane of GH to recycle these actors. They should have kept Todd’s character, at least he can act. The others needed to go. To bring them back as new characters makes no sense at all. Changing their hair color and putting it up in a bun?? Really?!!!….. We deserve more than that.. If this is what GH has to offer, by all means please pull the plug on the show ASAP.

    • gail says:

      get rid of the writers,bring original gh back and leave the one life to live crew really sick of the crape they feed there viewers

    • BETTY says:

      I totally agree. They make Michael look really stupid that he does not notice that Kiki looks just like Star. Now they want us to believe that Todd is supposed to be Franko. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!