Idology: Did the Judges Lie About Candice? Plus: The Lazaro Epidemic and Our Top 3 Picks!

Is Season 12 of American Idol being produced in a freakish alternate universe?

It would certainly be one explanation for last week’s baffling Top 7 results-show telecast, where America thrust He Who Cannot Remember His Lyrics into its Top 3, and everyone except Mariah Carey: Voice of Reason (TM pending) left Candice Glover out of their personal leaderboards.

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On this week’s Idology, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I discuss/rant whether the judges were flat-out lying during the infamous “who’s on top?” segment, and then counter by offering our own Top 3 selections. Spoiler alert: Executive producer Jason Averett attempts to end the show prematurely to quash my polarizing opinion — but fret not, I cannot be silenced! Plus, Melinda writes an open (and rather impassioned) letter to America during our chat about the ongoing Lazaro Epidemic. And yes, brace yourselves for clips from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Modern Times and Star Trek.

VIDEO | Idol‘s Devin Velez on Nicki Minaj Feud and That Infamous Trio! Plus: Bieber & Pink Theme Nights?

So press play below for the whole Idology enchilada, and for all my Idol-related news, videos, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Dan says:

    Candice, Kree, and maybe Amber or Janelle are my top 3! Angie isn’t there because of Shop Around.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Agreed. And picking between Janelle and Amber is tough. I’ll will give it to Janelle because sometimes she really connects to the song and creativity. I don’t think Amber has connected to anything and it’s getting boring.

      • lemon says:

        Amber has a voice that comes around once a decade, if that. But yes, she could use some practical work on stagecraft, and creating the “I’m connecting with you right now” feeling through the camera.

        • Michael says:

          She could also practice singing an uptempo song for once. Even when the theme was “No ballads” she sang a ballad. She has a great voice but dang could she be more boring?

          • lemon says:

            We might sit and cheer for an Amber uptempo, but voters will go and vote for someone that sang a ballad. I don’t blame her for being strategic. Ballads got her to where she is now.

          • Joy says:

            @lemon: But given that she’s already been bottom three once, and either 4th or 5th place last week, it doesn’t seem like the fan base she’s got is likely to be enough to get her to the finale and that guaranteed recording contract — and sticking close to what’s worked so far isn’t necessarily going to win her any new fans. (For my part, I finally stopped voting for her last week, after giving up on ever hearing her try anything new.) It seems like we’re at the point in the competition where strategy dictates taking some risks, if she wants to be, as a certain judge would say, “in it to win it.” :-)

          • lemon says:

            Amber is always on the bubble. I believe that the ballads have kept her on the show. Look what happened to Angie after her uptempo. Angie’s huge fan base kept her on the show, but Amber lives song to song. It’s a Catch 22. If she does what you want, she might not be on the show to do anything after that.

          • Lee says:

            My Top 3 are Candice, Janelle and Angie–in that order–because all of them take risks. To me, both Kree and Amber are repetitive and as a result–boring! Neither shows any emotion when they sing and this was in evidence last week when Kree sang a Janis Joplin song and Amber sang ANOTHER sappy ballad.

      • lemon says:

        I personally don’t see anyone “connecting to the song” other than Janelle, who has a natural, organic talent for it. The rest of them have to work on it.

        • deedee says:

          Not true. Candice also connects. She knows how to be present within a song, and never leaves me wondering if she understands what she’s singing.

          • lemon says:

            I don’t see it. The whole concept of “connecting” is in the eye of the beholder.

          • Ben says:

            I agree deedee. And, I have to disagree with lemon that connecting to the song is in the eye of the beholder. Many things about a performance are, but someone either connects or they don’t – it isn’t a subjective thing.

          • marie says:

            I agree with deedee. Candice delivers on all levels.

          • kevin says:

            The only thing I am sure everyone agrees is all the five women are better than lazaro, and if one of them is gone (after the save) and lazaro is still there ( hope not), I WILL NOT WATCH THE SHOW. at this point, I blame it not only on america, but also on the judges for even letting lazaro get to the voting rounds.

        • Will says:

          Though many say she never has, I saw Angie connect with both of her Vegas performances. One was by her favorite musician, and she put a ton of passion in that performance, and the other was one she connects to on a spiritual level and she just generally has a connection to any song she’s playing on piano. The spiritual shtick isn’t my thing, but I can’t deny that I saw her passion towards those two songs (and her own) more than any of the song’s she’s done since these theme weeks started. Hopefully she’ll give us another performance on that level this week, being given a chance to perform a song of her choice, and return to the piano.

          • Dianne says:

            They set out from the very beginning to make it as difficult as possible for a male to win especially a caucasian one who they removed “IMMEDIANTLY” from the top 10. It’s not always just good looks that tips it in the males favor, but it’s also the likeability factor. The men seem more likely to have that charisma, the smile , the thing draws you in, Sorry to tell you but Lazaro has it.

            Devin had a lot of personality and was also the best male singer in the competition. His voice, the tone, and the style is mesmerizing. It is so mentally soothing I just moan in pleasure when he is singing. His voice literaly feels like someone is massaging my brain. And when breaks out into those romanitc spanish lyrics , OH My God, I just placed my hand over my head and go absolutely crazy.

            Why should Devin or any other male in the competition have to be treated so poorly just because of five previous male winners. Lazaro (handsome) and Burnell did poorly in the group songs and the judges and Jimmy took Devin down with them. Jimmy called them ” The Wrong Direction” and Nicki told them to get off he stage which is a rude thing to say to three very nice gentlemen. Why should their dream of winning the competition be shattered, sabotaged, destroyed and why should they be treated like criminals simply because five males won before them? Devin had nothing to do with the winnings of all males in the past five year, the teenage girl voters did. Why should he have to pay so heavily for it? Every contestant should have an equal opportunity to win regardless of past winners.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            ” His voice literaly feels like someone is massaging my brain.” I love that!
            I agree, Devin’s elimination was a disappointment. I remember back in Season 9, I was so upset when Didi Benami got cut that I turned and told my mom “I absolutely have to go see the tour!” Because with her being cut so early, I was afraid it would be the last I saw of her. Devin made me do that this year, so even if everyone else says it’s going to stink, I’m waiting to get my tickets.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Yeah I remember that season. I generally liked Kara as a judge, but she couldn’t seem to help getting all catty and insecure when there were cute contestants like Didi, and she she kept saying stuff like “oh please don’t even try to pull sexy off because you can’t” and ragging on her performances no matter what. I forget for sure, but I don’t think Simon was that big of a fan either, oh well.

        • Tom22 says:

          Candace has connected to many songs. Less so this week. Personality does come through when listening to even a great connected song. You can hear a “worldview
          ” in an interpretation. An “artist” is always a bit of a philosopher no matter what the genre … from the paradise city to louis Armstrong singing its a wonderful world.

          Candace might not have messages to us about the world un expressable any way but musically

          Kree seems like a more complicated person but doesn’t find enough way to let the songs tell us emotionally more .

          Jannel does seemvto really be sharing something with us even without the video. Her early Hollywood ones were more interesting but the songs live haven’t yet been exactly what she has to say but not bad either. Shes kinda quirky I bet if you got to know her

          I see that potential in amber too who seems comfortable in her own skin with I sense sees ironies in the world and enjoys the very thought of delving into them. She has the most powerful pure right at you voice but needs more time performing and coaching to get there

          I suspect Candice has reached her full form which is exel

      • John Tillman says:

        I think the thing about amber is that she has a different voice from Candice but same kinda genre and what not, but amber has a better style and prescience and therefore is sort of more marketable which will help her in the industry. She’s young and fresh and with a voice like that could do anything. Candice definitely has a killer voice but needs to prove that she could be successful. Kree is a little lackluster but could be a big country hit and Angie is very talented but being a typical pop rock girl she kinda falls in the crowd and that could hurt her in the future

    • ejones says:

      Very poor song choices in the last 2 weeks have affected Candice’s chances, not helped by her size, yes, looks are important.

    • billh says:

      boring . . . bingo! that is why I am a confessed . . . Lazaro 50 point block facebook voter! . . . there I said it. really, it’s the only thing interesting about this season. sure, Candice is great. Amber has awesome legs. Kree hits it out of the ballpark. and hopefully Angie can get out of high school musical and back to her own composition . . . but they all bore me to tears. I tune in to watch Lazaro screw up in front of millions. the kid has heart. and it serves the judges right for putting him into the top 20. heck, I’m a big Charlie fan too. I thought he was great, just because of his unpredictability, quaking like a frightened puppy. but that was DRAMA! NOT BORING. Lazaro is not boring!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Nope, Lazaro’s not boring.
        Neither was Charles Manson.
        Good night, what crazy logic. Has the country gone mad?

        • mike Hollingworth says:

          Hey evil i love your wit, keep it coming

          In highschool i had a buddy who had a very pronounced stutter and he always insisted that he did not mind……why, cause he said it always took him longer to cccccccccccccccome

          now you may not find that funny…unless you knew Reg Thibault…an original

  2. Dan says:

    Why did you edit so much? I would love to have a 20-minute Idology!

  3. Adam says:


  4. QueenJ says:

    Clearly the top 3s were influenced by looking at vote totals. And even Melinda was giving Lazaro a pass as little as a couple weeks ago, so it’s hard for me to buy that dramatic shift in opinion. Yeah he was useful to Ameica a few weeks ago but apparently that usefulness ran out. And Angie? She’s getting the most votes, duh.

    • Jessica says:

      I completely understand the shift. He has had weeks to improve/study and he has not. It’s sloppy and lazy and he’s in the top 3.

      • Dianne says:

        They set out from the very beginning to make it as difficult as possible for a male to win especially a caucasian one who they removed “IMMEDIANTLY” from the top 10. It’s not always just good looks that tips it in the males favor, but it’s also the likeability factor. The men seem more likely to have that charisma, the smile , the thing draws you in, Sorry to tell you but Lazaro has it.

        Devin had a lot of personality and was also the best male singer in the competition. His voice, the tone, and the style is mesmerizing. It is so mentally soothing I just moan in pleasure when he is singing. His voice literaly feels like someone is massaging my brain. And when breaks out into those romanitc spanish lyrics , OH My God, I just placed my hand over my head and go absolutely crazy.

        Why should Devin or any other male in the competition have to be treated so poorly just because of five previous male winners. Lazaro (handsome) and Burnell did poorly in the group songs and the judges and Jimmy took Devin down with them. Jimmy called them ” The Wrong Direction” and Nicki told them to get off he stage which is a rude thing to say to three very nice gentlemen. Why should their dream of winning the competition be shattered, sabotaged, destroyed and why should they be treated like “CRIMINALS “simply because five males won before them? Devin had nothing to do with the winnings of all males in the past five year, the teenage girl voters did. Why should he have to pay so heavily for it? Every contestant should have an equal opportunity to win regardless of past winners.

        They set out from the very beginning to make it as difficult as possible for a male to win especially a caucasian one who they removed “IMMEDIANTLY” from the top 10. It’s not always just good looks that tips it in the males favor, but it’s also the likeability factor. The men seem more likely to have that charisma, the smile , the thing draws you in, Sorry to tell you but Lazaro has it.

        Devin had a lot of personality and was also the best male singer in the competition. His voice, the tone, and the style is mesmerizing. It is so mentally soothing I just moan in pleasure when he is singing. His voice literaly feels like someone is massaging my brain. And when breaks out into those romanitc spanish lyrics , OH My God, I just placed my hand over my head and go absolutely crazy.

        Why should Devin or any other male in the competition have to be treated so poorly just because of five previous male winners. Lazaro (handsome) and Burnell did poorly in the group songs and the judges and Jimmy took Devin down with them. Jimmy called them ” The Wrong Direction” and Nicki told them to get off he stage which is a rude thing to say to three very nice gentlemen. Why should their dream of winning the competition be shattered, sabotaged, destroyed and why should they be treated like criminals simply because five males won before them? Devin had nothing to do with the winnings of all males in the past five year, the teenage girl voters did. Why should he have to pay so heavily for it? Every contestant should have an equal opportunity to win regardless of past winners.

        • Ramification says:

          Nick telling them to ‘get off the stage’ was a response to them messing up the song and she was mad at the unprofessional behaviour. People voted Devin off fair and square.

        • Tom22 says:

          Devin did have some personality to him YET , he didn’t bring it to his songs. Poor song choice and I really don’t think he brought as much to them as he might have… didn’t hit the lyrics in any special way etc. I was dissapointed in him because I had higher hopes for how he’d actually sing.

          I wasn’t really sure he was up for trying although he might have seen the writing on the wall and stopped really fighting the last week.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      How do you know Angie is getting the most votes? Just curious…

      • Angie best matches the last five winners the best out of all the women, contemporary rock, but with a wholesome conservative image. I don’t agree that she should be getting the most votes, Kree and Candice have been the most consistent, but its completely plausible when you think of the voting demographic that Angie is getting a lot of votes.

    • Joe says:

      I agree 100%. Melinda backtracking on Lazaro & his sweet child bearing hips in this episode felt really wrong. She had been making excuses for him & pushing the “courage” vote for him with those excuses and now all of a sudden enough is enough? Sorry Melinda. Love ya babe and they should retire My Funny Valentine because of your performance, but you flip flopped in a major way this week. I guess you know you helped create the monster and now you want to slay it. Sadly, the monster is way too big to slay at this point. If he’s getting top 3 votes last week, he’s going to be here for awhile until Candice vs Amber Kree vs Janelle faceoffs get settled and their fanbases leapfrog the pity vote.

      • marie says:

        I disagree. I think Melinda may have been responding to Lazaro’s continued refusal to work even hard enough to learn his lyrics. Also, Melinda may have offered some mild praise to Lazaro in past weeks, but she has NEVER said he is at or near the top of the pack, as he evidently is for the voters who put him in the Top 3 this week. Hardly a major flip-flop.

        • Joe says:

          marie – I don’t think she ever put him in the top, but when Slezak was ready to pounce on him early on she was defending him & trying to be nice. She has a cute boy thing where she ignores the voice sometimes & gives in to guilty pleasures. I mean, I think she wanted Johnny Keyser on the show and he was nothing as a singer & a vacant lot as a performer. That’s why when she spoke to America to get rid of Lazaro it rang hollow to me because some of her reactions early on were to see past the voice and now she wants us to judge the voice. Of course, in the editing of the episode she could’ve copped to flip flopping on him before she said what she did and they just didn’t show it.

          • marie says:

            Or maybe she just got sick and tired of him? I could see that – I never thought he was a particularly good singer, but early on I was more willing to cut him a break here and there because he seemed like a nice kid AND, more importantly, because at first it seemed to me that he was at least trying. Now he seems to me to be just coasting, and I’m tired of it and unwilling to cut him any breaks on those terms. Whatever the reason, I think most of us agree he’s well past his pull date.

          • Lee says:

            I would’ve taken Keyser over Lazaro.

          • marie says:

            @ Lee: At this point, I would have taken even Charlie over Lazaro.

          • Joe says:

            I would’ve taken Jda over Lazaro. The only thing Johnny Keyser can hope for is some day someone writes a Karate Kid musical and he can play one of the singing Kobra Kai who wails “Get him a body bag!”

          • My Alter Ego says:

            I don’t see her “flip flopping” at all. As you pointed out, her tendency is to “be nice.” A few weeks back when Mr. Slezak first — or, perhaps, really — started criticizing Lazaro, her response was to bring up the woman with the stuttering son who was inspired/happy because someone with his problem was on AI. Even Michael Slezak recognized what that meant. That wasn’t about his stage persona, that was about how he was an inspiration to others.
            The next week, she maybe have been somewhat on the fence about him, but it had more to do with her not wanting ANYONE to go home, and wanting to give him another chance. By last week, she was ready for him to leave. And, well, after her impassioned speech on today’s edition of Idology, it’s quite clear where she stands.

          • ramification says:

            She did not backtrack, she agreed that Lazaro isnt the best singer but she understood why people voted for him, and besides, people are allowed to change their opinion as time goes on it does not mean their current opinion is somehow invalidated just because they expressed a different point of view in the past. Have you never changed your mind about any opinion you had in the past in your entire life?

      • robinlemke says:

        It did feel wrong. And honestly it’s probably just going to mobilize votes…

        • marie says:

          What, mobilize LAZARO’S voters into voting for him more? How? Who watches Idology? The people who read Slezak’s columns and who, if the comments are to be believed, are hardly a bunch of Lazaro fans. Don’t worry about that.

          • billh says:

            I love Slezak and I’m also a Lazaro fan . . . because . . . I feel the need to counter the sabatoge from the shows producers, aka “Uncle Nigel” . . . who has decided it’s time for Lazaro to go . . . watch them pull out all the stops to feed him crappy song choices, someone needs to stand up for the kid against “The Man” . . . that’s right America . . . STAND UP for Lazaro. He needs us now more than ever. 50 block votes all the way till the bitter end.

  5. noa says:

    YES! Jason and the truth are back!!! Kree and Candice FTW. seriously.

  6. Amy says:

    Yay!… like awaiting a 14 hr. labor…you guys must be tired. :) On to Idology………………

  7. Jessica says:

    Great points Melinda! Candice, Kree and Janelle are my top 3.

  8. MB says:

    It’s tough this year because all the girl’s are great and because of that my top three changes. Angie is my favorite and usually is in my top three except maybe the week she sang Shop Around.

  9. duke says:

    Jason is back b……

  10. Aidan says:

    Candice and Kree are so clearly the top two. Love you, Michael, but you’re smoking some crack if you think otherwise. Melinda (and the editor) for the win!

    • tewence says:

      YES! what is this janelle being in the top two business?? cray cray.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Ugh. That was a little disheartening. I mean really. But I think Michael just wants her to connect to the songs. And it seems like a reasonable request. So we are not talking about technical ability, but performance. Her performance could be more emotive, intense, just more. She has ample real-life experience from which to be inspired, which also makes it perplexing that her presentation seems so hollow and empty. So on the technical scale – of course, Kree nails it. But on connection/stage presence – she is neck and neck with Janelle. And there were clearly times, Janelle beat her.

        • Chris says:

          i agree. If I had to choose between seeing Janelle live or Kree, I’d pick Janelle because her concert would be more fun. I wonder if performing in cowboy boots doesn’t give Janelle a comfort level that the high heel women don’t have.

          • Lee says:

            I agree. I’d rather see Janelle in concert over Kree. IMO Kree has a terrific voice but she is nowhere near Janelle in terms of performance.

    • Will says:

      Candice and Angie are my top two. I’ve liked Angie more than Kree for most of the competition, and while I fully admit to her shortcomings, I can’t push aside the fact that her vocal and tonal quality surpasses Kree in my opinion and that Angie’s best performances have outclassed Kree’s.

      I hear strain in Kree’s voice where others apparently hear clarity, especially when she reaches up for those belted notes (which she does hit, don’t get me wrong). I hear quavering in her tone and a nasal quality that often lessens her vocal impact, and Angie just doesn’t have those things.

      Granted, I could be totally off base, and other people who aren’t me could be right, but given the fact that other people who aren’t me also put Lazaro in the top 3, I’m not about to adopt anyone else’s opinions any time soon. I’ll stick with my judgement.

  11. dj says:

    Does anyone else feel like Charlie Chaplin just got majorly dissed? Charlie Chaplin was a comedic and dramatic genius of his day who wrote the classic song, “Smile.” Jason, smack yourself upside the head for me for making Charlie Chaplin the Lazaro of Idology.

    I agree with Michael about Kree’s performance. I didn’t believe her that she was in a relationship that was breaking her heart. She does have a great voice, though, but she needs to work on that connection to the lyrics.

    • AlyB says:

      No. Chaplin the man was a comedic genius. The character he portrayed was a lovable, bumbling goof. I thought that footage was a great choice and actually sweet since my feelings toward Lazaro are considerably more negative than how I feel about Chaplin’s character. It’s no dis of the man to use the character he created to illustrate something. It’s actually a compliment.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Agree on Kree 100%. She sings like she’s never felt pain. If you can’t sing about pain, then pick happier songs. Melinda is dead on about that.

      • Karen says:

        Try rewatching Kree’s performances of Stars, Up to th Mountain and Stronger and tell me she sings like “she’s never felt pain.” The girl is pure soul. The problem with the recent performances has been Idol’s overproduction of her numbers, and her high heels.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Up to the Mountain was perfect. If she could bottle that and bring it to all of her performances, that would be great.

        • Tom says:

          Yes, both “Stars” and “Up to the Mountain” proved Kree is capable of infusing her performances with emotion. I continue to blame the high heels.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          Perhaps, she doesn’t want to remember painful experiences that would make her “connect” better with the songs she’s singing. Which is all the more reason that Melinda’s idea (sing happy songs) is a good option.

      • Joline says:

        Angie is the one who sings like she’s never experienced pain or angst.

  12. marie says:

    Yay!!! This week’s Idology is finally here!
    Boooooo!!! Now I’m at work and can’t watch it immediately!!! :-(

    • deedee says:

      Put on some ear buds and watch anyway! It’s a good one.

      • marie says:

        LOL!!! Five minutes after I posted, I could wait no longer, and I did just that – but only listened; couldn’t watch yet. Just watched too now on my lunch hour. Yes, excellent episode. I see what Michael means re the choice of favorites gets hard at a certain point; for me, after Candice (and of course excluding Lazaro), my next favorite has tended to switch around among Kree, Amber, and Janelle (Angie does nothing for me, but I acknowledge that she is talented). I don’t know how some have branded this season boring – that’s a very competent, very well-matched (in terms of talent) pack of young women.

        • Terry says:

          Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t get anything from Angie at all. It’s a mystery to me how she seems to be leading the popularity polls. Oh well, my faves never win, so…

        • Joy says:

          Agreed that they’re very talented — but I feel like there are very few surprises. Most of them come out every week and deliver exactly the (highly competent) performance I’d expect from them. The exception that come to mind is Janelle’s “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” but one performance does not an exciting season make…not when I’m comparing to past years where any given episode might have seen (to choose a favorite example from recent years) any of Haley, James, or Casey twist in a surprising direction. I wouldn’t necessarily say those three were more talented overall than Candice, Kree, or the other women this season, but it felt like the bodies of work they generated on the show were more multifaceted, so that we got to see all that talent revealed layer by layer…which for me was more exciting than just “Here you go, this is it.”

  13. 14a says:

    Jason! YOU KILLED IT!! Editing was awesome this week.
    I seriously laughed like a crazy person.

    Also Melinda, PREACH! Lazaro has got to go.

  14. Mary says:

    I am not upset about the judges top three. I love Candice voice, but I think she sounds the same every week and to be honest I am not in the big diva voices. I probably would not purchase her music. Having said that I like her better than Angie. But I think Angie is more marketable. My top two are Amber and Kree. I would purchase their music today if available. I honestly believe that Amber is the whole package, and could do well. I know she won’t win, but I hope she does get a deal. As far as Lazaro being in the top three – well at this point I blame the Producers for putting him in the top 20 in the first place. Personally I think it is a combination of the back story and America sticking it to them.
    I hope America comes to their senses because it is getting old. I guess the save will be used this week because one of the girls will be going home – it is obvious that Laz is not going anywhere soon. Sad really Sad.

    • Scott says:

      The problem with Candice — I agree she has a killer voice — is she gives off a middle-aged vibe. Maybe it’s hard not to seem young when you’re forced to sing songs written before you were born, but the others are doing a better job of it. Slezak did a great job describing the problem of Kree. I think this competition is between Janelle and Amber.

      • tewence says:

        would you mind giving a little more about why you think janelle could win? in my personal opinion (just the way i see it), her vocals are lacking and she is missing a power in her performances. when compared to previous idol winners, she seems very amateur.

        • Scott says:

          She’s growing each week. Her performances now are far better than they were at the start. I don’t think any other person left has improved more. Maybe Amber. Angie is still coasting from her original song, and is erratic. Kree is consisently good, Candice sounds great, but the middle-age vibe will end up killing her, I think.

          • tewence says:

            i feel like this would easily segue into the whole “performance vs. vocal ability” debate of last year with phillip and jessica. performance can be improved more than vocal ability. janelle will never sing as good as candice, kree, amber, or even angie.

      • Chris says:

        The same thing could be said of Amber. I was shocked at how young she is. She sings like someone who’s been there and done that. I like it but it sounds very mature to me.

        • biwy says:

          The same could not be said of Amber. Her vibe is perfect. She is gorgeous but appears grounded and pleasant. She carries herself like a 19 year old would and should in a popularity contest.

          Candice is the one with the age problem. She is matronly and dour, and has always been.

          • marie says:

            “Matronly and dour”!!! For shame!!! I am SO sick of folks dissing Candice for 1) her face, which she was born with; and 2) her facial expression, which is also natural to her, most likely does not mean she’s unfriendly or unpleasant, and which would be very hard to change although she seems to be trying (see my other comment)!

          • Name That Tune says:

            Amber is a budding little narcissist. Pretty girl who knows it and takes pictures of herself? Ugh! No wonder her performances feel so lifeless. She only knows style and not substance.
            Put the camera down and study your craft.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Yes, Amber is in need of an attitude adjustment, but she’s not the one who needs her camera taken away. Why do you think Lazaro is the last man standing? He keeps posting pictures like this on Twitter! Somebody confiscate this guy’s phone!

      • Luke says:

        I think you are right that Candice gives off a middle age vibe. What is also happening is she is not savvy about how she is being perceived when the camerais on her. Not when she is performing, which I think is strong. She has this very serious expression the camera is catching – It may not mean she is unfriendly but perception is everything. Watch Janelle – she is very upbeat – super supportive of her fellow contestants – That is going to help her even when her vocal is not as strong. Kree’s hugging video is likely to help her voting. If week after week voters see too much of a non-smiling face – likability is important.

        • marie says:

          It seems looking “upbeat” or “friendly” or whatever you want to call it IS something Candice is conscious of. I watched her carefully on the last results show, while she was still sitting on the sofa on the right, waiting to hear if she was safe. She did look somber at first, but at a certain point, I could almost hear her reminding herself to “Smile! Look cheerful!”, because she did suddenly smile and hold that expression. I think this is a struggle for her, and I empathize, because (as I’ve said before, so sorry to possibly belabor the point), my own “normal” facial expression is rather gloomy, which DOESN’T mean I’m unhappy, unfriendly, unapproachable, or anything else, but still, sometimes people who don’t know me well tell me to “cheer up” when actually I might be perfectly content. So, yes, Candice is most likely aware of this “problem” and is trying to work on it.

      • marie says:

        Oh please. I think you may be reacting to Candice’s face, actually; she can’t help it if she looks older than she is, and yes, if met her at a party or at work and she said she was 35, I’d believe her. That’s no sin. And that’s the ONLY thing I can think of that would make anyone think she gives off a “middle-aged vibe.” She’s a young woman of, what, 23? She’s quite young indeed! She doesn’t ACT “middle-aged” (and I should know; I’m sort of slipping past middle age myself!)

        • Mary says:

          I think Candice always looks serious. I don’t think it is a middle age vibe but just a introspective look. So I can see how people think she is stand offish. I think she needs to show versatility. We all know she can hit those crazy notes, but I think it would serve her well to just sing a nice soft ballad.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I disagree with the assertion that Angie is more marketable. They both have a lot of work to do on consistency, stage presence and even being able to sing and walk at the same time. I am not saying they are not talented, but on what basis are they more marketable? The producers are working hard to make it seem that Candace is old and cranky and unmarketable. But these are same people that think a Burt Bacharac week is somehow relevant in 2013. Consider the source.

      • Chris says:

        I think marketable is code for hot and being the overweight pretty girl makes you not as marketable. It has nothing to do with singing ability. It’s why Kelly Pickler has a career and some more talented former Idol singers do not.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Ohhhhh… I don’t why I didn’t pick up on the code. I can’t even imagine why they let her through then… it’s not like she suddenly gained weight? Oh well. That’s sad.

        • AlyB says:

          Makes you wonder who they’d choose as their favorite if they had both Ke$ha and Adele on the show.

        • Mary says:

          I might be naive but I don’t think it has anything to do with her weight. They want a pop singer that can sell and unfortunately R&B singers don’t sell as well.

          • Name That Tune says:

            So what genre do you think Adele sings? She’s listed as soul, R&B, and pop. Last I heard her work has gone platinum several times & she’s won multiple Grammy awards. And she’s overweight. But the one thing she shares with Candice is that she can sing. Anything.
            The argument that R&B doesn’t sell is hogwash. Talented female singers will always sell. Candice has the kind of voice that sells. She just needs modern material – which is limited on Idol. And that is what she got dinged for last week.

      • The Beach says:

        I think a lot has to do with the “market” we’re talking about. Janelle is definitely marketable to country fans, Angie to Christian radio and Kree could probably blur the lines between several genres. Since Amber is young and pretty she could be marketed, but until they move her in a different direction, not to the Top 40 audience since a big power ballad diva is just not in style right now. Then there’s the wondrously talented Candice. Do I see her as marketable to Top 40 radio? Actually, no I don’t. But I can see her being very marketable in the current jazz singer arena like Jazmine Sullivan and Diana Krall. To me, that’s her sweet spot and where she could be very successful.

        • marie says:

          I WANT TO HEAR CANDICE SING SOME REAL JAZZ!!! She’s said she likes the genre. Won’t ever happen on Idol, of course.

          • The Beach says:

            Fingers crossed! Since Idol continues to drag out all the old themes, probably our best hope is the American Standards Songbook.

          • marie says:

            Hmmm, could be, Beach. She’d be great. I’m pretty sure that would be a “rewind moment” for me.
            And she would REALLY be throwing any chance of a win in the crapper, sad to say. Oh, well, she’s not going to win anyway.

          • My Alter Ego says:

            “Won’t ever happen on Idol, of course” (in reference to Candice singing jazz)……
            Have you all forgotten that breakout performance of Haley and Casey singing “Moanin”? (Which brought down the house that evening, I will add.)

          • ramification says:

            Me too, I would have loved to see a jazz duet on the results show like with Haley and Casey. It’s a shame Lazaro is still there because I feel like they won’t do anything like that during the results shows until he is gone so we are sticking to the bland group numbers.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Best explanation I’ve heard so far… it will be interesting to see what happens. Clearly, all of the girls have talent – where they “fit” is a whole different story.

        • Name That Tune says:

          I think that is what she grew up in. But is that the genre she wants to pursue post-Idol? Because she could be successful in a number of genres. She just has to commit to it. I think a pure jazz singer would have a hard time winning Idol. But if that is where her heart is, she should go there.

  15. Sasha says:

    Hahaha I Love Jason!

    I would rate is as Candice, Kree and maybe Janelle only because i like no one else.

    Seriously the rest are unlikeable and their performances ….really aren’t that great.

  16. Malcolm says:

    I find it funny that everyone is criticizing Kree for not connecting with lyrics now. If I remember correctly, her thing in the beginning was that she got so lost in the lyrics that it was captivating. Perhaps it just depends on the songs she chooses

  17. Amy says:

    Tku!..and Jason…made up for a few weeks away.
    5th Freakin’ Place?!
    I hear ya Michael…I LOVE Kree’s voice…and I don’t know what it is that makes her almost too laid-back in performing. I think she just is so easy with the vocals, she is too relaxed-looking in it…so yes…it needs something else “for the stage.” But, I’m on board with Melinda as far as a recording artist…if you just close your eyes and listen…the tone and quality, and clean performances Kree gives us every time are great. And I wouldn’t put her 5th! That’s Angie for me, because though I liked this past week, that was the first one I liked or remembered since her original…even though I admit she is talented and can sing. But Kree beats her vocals for me.
    I agree with you on all you said about Janelle, her performance this week, though not a perfect vocal or song choice…she’s winning me over and gets points for growth, grit and fighting for it. And I love her genuine personality.
    Candice is my pick for this season’s best…and I’m not usually an R&B diva type record buyer…but I love her vocal chops. She’s delivered flawlessly, consistently. She’s entertained, gone with every flow of a theme, even when supposedly out of her wheelhouse (not sure anything has been)…she has delivered. And I just love her vocals, period. Not sure she’ll meet “Idol winner type” for America…but she gets my pick for this season’s best singer. Kree is my other favorite vocalist, in style and sound.
    I’ll miss Burnell’s vocals this week…they were just soothing, and mellow, and unique…and I just enjoyed them and him.
    Well…on to this week, Bacharach (sorry but, Zzzzzz), and the show that Lazaro broke!
    ~Tks again for Idology~

    • Natou says:

      So Idologie is now on a ‘Janelle’ bangwagon after she made bottom 2. And who is going to make that happen? That is setting ourselves up for failure. Start picking up winners, please. The winner going to be Kree, Angie and least likely Candice. Kree already had a recording contract and was dropped. To me, that’s not a good sign. I already have Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks. So I do not care for one more. I want Angie. After Idol, she is not going to sing Shop around. So, who cares she had 1 bad performance. What I learned about her is, she is willing to take chances. Win or lose she never settled for boring. After ‘shop around’, Randy gave her the opportunity to make excuse about her hearing loss but she did not. I am voting Angie all the way.

  18. Amy says:

    ps. didn’t mean to leave out Amber. She is obviously talented. I thought this week her vocal was good. I do see her as a Jordon Sparks type–young, talented, sexy, beautiful, ie. marketable…that Idol may be wanting to start pimping. Not who I’d likely buy records from. But, I thought Whitney was one of the top singers of all time, phenomenal, and I loved certain songs of hers …still I don’t own one Whitney cd or download….was enough of it on the radio for me. Who I think is great and who I think is great and love to listen to all the time can fall into two categories…Amber is the former for me.

    • Adam Fachry says:

      But Jordin took some pretty big risks with her song choices back in her season. See, this is why I find it hard to compare Amber to Jordin. Jordin delivered Give Me One Reason, Hey Baby!, Heartbreaker, not to mention she’s the OG I (Who have Nothing), managed to balance out uptempo and ballads performances, I was mad when Melinda got cut back then, but I think Jordin’s win was deserved as well. Amber’s still far from achieving Jordin’s level of risk. So far, I only liked My Funny Valentine and She’s Leaving Home.

      • deedee says:

        I agree with you completely. Jordin was a different performer than Amber. She had a certain grit and determination that Amber appears to lack. There was more “there” with Jordin – she just came across more aware, strategic, and competitive, whereas Amber is just coasting from one ballad to the next, seemingly content with herself.
        I think Jason is right about the show trying so hard to bolster her by being overly enthusiastic with the personal top 3 placements, and the standing Os all the time. She’s probably just hanging on vote-wise, and because Jimmy sees star potential in her, they want to keep her on the show as long as possible for the exposure. Jimmy learned from Pia that it’s risky to sign someone who places low on the show because people will forget them.

        • Amy says:

          I actually agree with you both on all your points about Jordon and no comparison with Amber.
          When I said that I really just meant in terms of “Idol marketability type”…but you are right…Amber and Jordon don’t really compare otherwise. And to me, as I recall…Jordon became the dark horse because of all she kept delivering, and her marketability was just icing on the cake, once she started to shine, week after week. She didn’t have to be “pimped.” Amber hasn’t had that kind of consistency, versatility and fire in her. She may get pimped a little toward top 3…I do think Jimmy likes her and sees a potential “sell.”

  19. Vocally, it has to be Candice and Kree. Personality wise, Janelle is the spark plug of the group. The judges need to be careful about what they say regarding Lazaro’s performance. I do believe he’ll be in the TOP 5 and get that trip to perform at The Disney World Idol Experience. Maybe he can practice singing more before the tour begins?

  20. AlyB says:

    I thought the Chaplin cut ins were inspired. The whole Lazaro phenomenon is surreal. I don’t even want to see him on my tv anymore let alone listen to him sing when and if he can remember the words. I don’t think the mere sight of a contestant has ever gotten me angry before. He does that. I find myself saying his name like Seinfeld used to say Newman. Putting him into the voting rounds has to be one of the biggest mistakes this show has ever made. Seeing someone that can’t be bothered to even prepare enough to go on stage get voted through week after week alienates more people than it inspires.

    Candice is actually running away with this whole thing as far as I’m concerned. The judges seemed to be aware of that and as much as said so in all their comments till the reveal of their top 3 picks. What that was about is anybody’s guess but whatever it is, isn’t good. I loved Kree and Angie going into this. Kree is fading performance wise. I keep waiting for something she’s just not delivering. Angie is irritatingly chipper and her delivery is more high school talent show than star. Amber has a great voice but doesn’t seem to be aware of what she’s singing. I’m coming to appreciate Janelle more week to week but she’s not in Candice’s league vocally though she does have a sweet, pure voice.

    Overall, I’m more irritated by this season of Idol than enjoying it and that’s just sad. I used to love the show. Wish you could expand Idology to a longer bit Michael. It’s probably the only thing I’m enjoying about the season this year.

    • deedee says:

      You pretty much expressed every one of my thoughts is this post, AlyB (except Angie was irritatingly chipper for me from the start).
      Kree frustrates me to no end because it’s clear she’s one of the top tier singers in this group, and yet manages to leave me unsatisfied at the end of each performance. I agree with Michael – the passion and pain are in there somewhere, but she hasn’t once accessed whatever is inside her soul. Her delivery just hovers above the meaning of the songs, and never takes the plunge. She makes me feel like I’d just eaten an order of supersized take-out .. full, but undernourished.

      Janelle started out for me as expendable fluff. Week after week, though, she has managed to surprise me. People didn’t like her Billy Joel performance last week, but I’m with Michael on this one. She was fun, engaging, energetic, and likeable. I really enjoyed her last week and was a bit shocked that so many people didn’t! I’d be ok if she finished 3rd.

      Amber has slipped for me. Her voice is gorgeous, and she’s a stunner, but she’s not fighting for the win. I feel like she has no game, and is content to get by on her good looks and strong voice. That leaves me cold, so I’m off the Amber express now.

      Candice is masterful and even though I doubt she’ll win (for stupid reasons that have nothing to do with singing or performing), I think she’ll find a place in the music world one way or another. She was born to sing, and she will definitely make a career from her stint on Idol.

      I think Angie is running away with the votes, and that’s why the judges can afford to criticize her performances AND put her in their top 3. My bet is still on Angie for the win, even though it will cause massive eye-rolling and dramatic gagging in my home. To me she’s a “let’s put on a SHOW!” high school theater arts-level talent who should get a degree in physiotherapy or something, and one day reminisce about playing pop-star on TV in 2013 in her youth.

      • marie says:

        deedee, I have to say I agree totally with what you’ve written (and with much of what AlyB has written too) – thanks for saving me the trouble, LOL!

      • marie says:

        Yes, I think Angie will win, and further, I think Top 2 will be Angie and Lazaro. Depressing, but I think that’s what will happen. No way Candice, the best singer, wins this, any more than Melinda won her season. Sucks, but that’s Idol. Doesn’t matter much, though; not all winners have gone on to wildly successful careers, and more than a handful of non-winners HAVE gone on to great success. So will Candice.

        • deedee says:

          GAH! Lazaro top 2? For his own sake, I hope not. This whole thing can’t be a comfortable situation for him. And speaking of Lazaro — ROFL @ Jason cutting away to Laz singing, “and bad mistakes, I’ve made a few” :D (which sounded more like “and bah mistay …” but that’s another story).

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      What’s wrong with being chipper??

  21. Muushu says:

    Delightful editing. The charlie chaplin for Lazaro was so perfect. And the early cut to “you’re watching ENTV…”

  22. Adam Fachry says:

    LOL @ Amber not being mentioned by both Slezak and Melinda. And it just so happened, she had a twitter feud with Slezak. But anyway, mentioning the third person for the top three is very hard, indeed. To me, personally, I agree with both Melinda and Slezak that it’s a race between Candice and Kree. Gosh, if Lazaro ever manages to outlast both of them, I may not watch this show ever again (I said “may”, cause hey, everyone needs a good bad tv).

    • Sheila says:

      I’ge watched. Idol since the beginning and been frustrated many times (Nikkii outlasting Tamyra; Jennifer Hudson’s elimination ; fantasia, Jennifer and latoya being bottom 3; Chris daughtey’s elimination; and Sanjaya). I never said I’m. never watching again. If LAZARO wins I’m done with Idol.

      • 5talentgirl says:

        But is it ‘Idol’s’ fault or the voting public?
        Guess things could change if Idol changed the voting rules, though….

        • Jay says:

          It’s Idol’s fault for putting Lazaro in the voting rounds. He didn’t deserve the spot back then and, in retrospect, deserves it even less at this point in the season.

    • Tusk says:

      “Feud” might be a slight overstatement, it takes two to feud :P
      Amber just coming off as, overvaluing herself and acting with unnecessary indignation. She’s just being a young and immature, it’s just she performs older than her age and she just turned 19, I think. You’d expect more maturity from her, but we live in the Twitter age, and there are men and women on the internet, much older than she, who have said vastly more immature things out there.

      Michael on the other hand, defended Amber the right to have an opinion.

      “Michael Slezak ‏@MichaelSlezakTV 7 Apr
      .@shoshpd I wore a $7 @OldNavy tee on #Idology that made me look like @YoGabbaGabba’s Brobee. @AmberAI12’s allowed 2 throw shade back :)”


      The “Feud” is mostly blog fueled, in addition to the whole Angie/Laz ‘Favoriting” incident, these contestant’s Twitter chatter has more buzz than their performances :P

      • Mary says:

        I’m not on twitter but when I read this, I actually thought Amber’s response was good. She said she liked her outfit and who is Michael to say differently. I thought it showed that she is secure enough with herself and she does not care about other people opinion. I actually liked her outfit, I would never wear it but I thought it looked great on her. But as you said, it got blown out of proportion. I liked the fact she stuck up for herself.

    • CRC says:

      Wait, what happened on Twitter??

      • Emma says:

        Amber dissed Slezak, and Angie dissed Lazaro by favoriting tweets that said something along the lines of ‘WTF is Lazaro still on the show’. LOL. I hope Lazaro goes farther than Angie just because that’s mean and it would be kinda funny in a totally ironic kinda way. LOL.

        • marie says:

          Angie did that? If so, she has absolutely no class. The little viper. PLUS that makes her a fool – you just don’t do that; you invite others to criticize YOU when you do something like that. Ugh. Vile. And stupid.

          • white lancer says:

            Why is that vile? Is Angie not allowed to have/express an opinion over which of her competitors are better vocalists, or whether Burnell or Devin deserved to stay over Lazaro? You have to know that the others are thinking the same things, and I wouldn’t have a problem with Angie being honest about it.
            That being said, the tweets that she favorited also said something along the lines of ‘@Angie to win it all!’ and if I were betting, I’d say that that part influenced her favoriting the tweet moreso than the slam against Lazaro. Who shouldn’t still be there anyway.

          • Will says:

            The only posts she favorited that also had a message against Lazaro staying were ones that supported other contestants or her. One said they wanted her to win, the other said Burnell should’ve stayed, and the other said “Lazaro??? Really??? Above Amber???”

            If we’re allowed to have opinions and like some contestants over others, so can she. And she had to deal with singing a duet with the kid, so she definitely knows more than we do.

        • marie says:

          Of course she is allowed to have opinions too. And IF all she said was something like “Lazaro over Amber?” then I retract what I said. If, however, she “favorited” a number of posts that actually ridiculed Lazaro, that would be tasteless and show bad judgment.

  23. tewence says:

    jason is amazing…he’s the real voice of reason. well, melinda, too, because i agree with her HAHA.

    also, i personally have angie ahead of amber because she is more versatile. amber is kind of a one-trick pony. amazing voice, but nothing is there emotionally or personality-wise.

    also, slezak, GET OVER JANELLE. average at best.

  24. Vighorois says:

    I think that Candice is in danger of becoming Melinda or Mamasox; she set the bar so high from the start, and each week she brings the solid performance that it becomes less flashy than some of her competitors. I mean, Janelle shows growth, Angie and Amber are more conventionally pretty, Kree shows more fun personality with her interaction with judges; even though I think Candice’s ease with rock shows her versatility, some people may not think it’s enough.

    • Stacey says:

      They have definitely prettied up Kree since the finals started. Not that she wasn’t pretty before, she was. But she’s definitely being worked on to give a makeover. Before, she was more plain. Now she’s presenting more of a sexy look. Janelle is the same. Angie either has her wavy hair or straight. Sometimes more sexy than others. Candice has stayed the same. She has a incredible voice. But I can see if the race with the girls. She might be losing ground. I have doubts Janelle was in the bottom last year. She did have a more subdue performance than the previous two, and Amber got a late slot. It’s a real hard race with the girls. All of them should win. And any other year, they might have… Just the misfortune that someone will lose… Janelle and Kree are the best marketability these days with the country market. The others might have more issues…

    • marie says:

      Agree with Vighorois!

  25. Teeny Bikini says:

    Look, it is clear that they [Nigel and Co.] do not want Candace to win. There was a clear shift in her packaging and editing last week – and I do believe the judges Top 3 said it all – as there is no way any “real” musician [I use that term loosely, Nicki] would not recognize her artistic superiority on most levels. Most, not all – but definitely Top 3 material. They don’t know how to market her so “they” are shafting her. The only other contestant that can rival her – technically “only” – is Kree. To say anything else is a bold-faced LIE. That is all.

    • AlyB says:

      I think you may be right that they’re deliberately shafting her. The edit on her package last week was pretty brutal. I still don’t get Nicki’s comment about her picks being “girl’s girls”. I actually think Candice & Janelle are easier to identify with than any of the others. I just wish the people that are so mad at the show that they’re pushing Lazaro through would reconsider and stick it to them by voting for Candice. What they did to her last week was just wrong.

      • 5talentgirl says:

        Yeah, I was upset for her. If singing your best and knowing that you are good, and better than many around you, doesn’t get reflected at crucial moments it must be pretty deflating. What else can she do?? Must have reminded her of last year when she got cut in Hollywood just seems plain unfair.

    • Mary says:

      I don’t think the judges lied I actually think they picked talented and marketable people. R&B singers do not do as well as pop or country on a show like this. We all know in this day and age of music, technical singing has very little to do what is popular. Everyone has different taste, so I do not see the big deal of the judges not picking Candice.

    • marie says:

      Very valid points, Teeny Bikini.

  26. fullyCOOKed says:

    I resent the first minute being used for host self promoting purposes, and the time taken up by the cute movie/tv show clip inserts. The relevant content is being overshadowed by the production, just like the show it covers, come to think of it. Aside from that, I always look forward to Michaels brand of humor covering what has become a dismal subject.

    • Lori says:

      I disagree. The inserts represent a third and very valid point of view, and are very entertaining as well. Please keep it up.

    • Chris says:

      The inserts are one of the reasons I watch. They’re often laugh out loud funny and very well selected to match the commentary. Keep them coming.

    • Luke says:

      Most of the people that watch Idology are fans and Want to know what Melinda is doing – and the clips have always been one of the best parts of Idology – Jason is brilliant at it! If your time is that precious – you could probably find a blog that has less wit – less talented hosts who don’t have talents to promote….

      • deedee says:

        LOL, exactly. I don’t understand why people bother with Idology if they dislike its very essence! There are one million boring, uncreative, straightforward reviews of Idol on the internet. Go read or watch one of those. Who’s stopping you?

    • Tusk says:

      Jason get an infinite pass for me for his epic Buffy and Power Puff Girl Edits during Haley’s season.

      Also, his edits are like the bass in a band, it sets a rhythm to the show that is noticeable when absent.

      Dr Who fan from Way back…. to Quote Ecclestone, (#9)…


      Keep it up Jason

  27. Lauren says:

    Finally! You know, no one would complain about a much longer Idology. Then you wouldn’t have to spend so much time editing. And this is coming from someone who generally hates watching video recaps.

  28. Blinged Up says:

    I’m sad Burnell is gone. He has the most beautiful tone….

  29. LeahKittyS says:

    To everybody panicking about Lazaro’s trajectory in the competition: calm down. The six of them have their heads on a chopping block, and based on my so-far-totally-accurate source, it is oscillating between Lazaro and Janelle’s necks. I don’t know what they have against Janelle, but considering she was in the Bottom 2 this week, maybe her fan base is weakening. This week I see one of two things happening.
    1.) Janelle (or maybe Amber because she’s my personal least favorite of the girls) goes home this week, the judges save her, and Lazaro goes home the following week.
    2.) Lazaro goes home this week, the judges don’t save him, and Nigel and Ken pull something out of their butts to make up the extra week in the schedule.
    Unfair as it may seem, Lazaro could potentially outlast Amber and/or Janelle. But Angie, Candice, and Kree are untouchable. So keep calm and carry on.

    • biwy says:

      Sorry, but its not time to calm down. Each year Idol has the same demographic that pushed the tuneless wailing of Lee DeWyze into the top spot. Lazaro now has the entire “i have a crush on you” voting base. That is a huge group as we’ve watched them force their contestant/Fantasy Boyfriend through every week through many bad performances.

      This show is screwed. Candice isnt an Idol. Amber is likely to get the “so pretty I hate that bitch” effect, Angie is inconsistent and Kree is a talented lump that never connects to the song and deliveres the most boring stage performances in idol history.

      Janelle is the only threat due to her countryness. So she’ll have the votes of the same hayseeds that got Alfred E. Newman-McCreery the win.

      Lazaro will be in the top two at the very least.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I beg to differ. Top 3 at the very most, and that’s not even what I see. I don’t see him going beyond 4th. Here’s why:
        1.) The girls, specifically Angie, Candice, and Kree, are just too good. If a girl does not win this season I will be astonished.
        2.) The producers will do everything in their power to keep him from touching their favorites. Even at the risk of exposing more manipulation and even being accused of tampering with the votes.
        3.) He’s the Vote For The Worst pick. When has their initial pick ever won? Pretty sure never.
        4.) Now that the pictures of him and his supposed boyfriend are circulating, at some point it will bite him in the butt.
        This season is so heavily manipulated, I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers activated “the clause” to keep Lazaro from going too far.

        • marie says:

          Even if the ladies ARE “too good” (I disagree about Angie, but I digress), on Idol, there IS such a thing as “too good” meaning “too good to win.” Happened to Melinda. Happened to Adam. Happened to Crystal. Happened to Haley. Going to happen again this year, I think. Angie and Lazaro will be the Top 2; a toss-up as to who will win. But Candice has no chance, and I don’t think Kree or Janelle or Amber do, either, for various reasons.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Okay, valid point. But (I’m just making a good-humored little debate here, not upset) you only touched upon one of my reasons. What about the producer manipulation, the VFTW label, the producer manipulation, the boyfriend pictures, and did I mention that this season is very heavily manipulated?

          • marie says:

            @ LeahKittyS, yes, well, producer manipulation is de rigueur on Idol, and has been for some time. No argument there. I’d like to think that in 2013 the “boyfriend pictures” aren’t a big factor, but maybe I’m being naive; anyway, I think the “Fantasy Boyfriend” factor someone mentioned, i.e., younger girl viewers crushing on Lazaro, might counterbalance any negative effects from “boyfriend pictures” (and there were quite a number of girls and women of various ages who had crushes on Adam in his season despite his presumed gayness [he wasn’t “out” for the season of course]). As for VFTW, in my opinion, they’re legends in their own minds and have a negligible effect on voting, if any.

          • Will says:

            Happened to Pia, happened to Jessica, happened to Joshua, heck it even happened with Carly on X-Factor. Whenever someone’s on a level above the rest of their season it just creates a rift between their trajectory and that of lesser contestants and ruins their “relatability” with the voting demo.

          • deedee says:

            Marie, I agree with you about VFTW getting more credit that they deserve for their power and influence. However, I’m wondering if this season they have a bit more leverage than usual because of the 50 vote Idol app in a year with relatively small vote numbers.
            I never believed that the VFTW followers actually ever spent 2 hours every week phoning in votes for their pick. That’s a lot of effort. But now with the quick 50 vote app, it’s possible that more are doing it this year. Plus, it’s their final year, so maybe more of their readers are joining the fun (or “fun”). Still doubtful that they have much power, but they might be tipping the balance. Just a theory (probably wrong :) )

          • LeahKittyS says:

            I think you guys misunderstood me. What I meant was, because Lazaro is the VFTW pick, there is no chance of him winning. Their initial pick never wins; it’s a curse. And even if they are making up a larger percentage of voters this year, the producers have “the clause” they can activate if they are desperate enough to keep him from winning.

    • Libby says:

      @LeahKitty- Scenario 1 is exactly what I think will happen. It’ll look too obviously if another guy goes home this week, so they’ll try and insert some suspense/drama and use the save. And then it’s buh bye for Lazaro next week.

    • Joy says:

      I like those predictions, and hope you’re right.
      My personal fantasy for the rest of this season:
      – Amber is the low vote-getter this week. Janelle’s fans are mobilized due to last week’s close call, Lazaro’s fan base is still hanging in there, and Amber’s the only other one who’s ever been bottom three. But the judges save her.
      – Next week, with the save already used, we get a repeat of last year’s post-save shock boot. Thanks to a complacent fan base and an excellent but relatively predictable performance that the producers let get lost in the shuffle, Angie goes home. She gets signed instantly — and, like Colton and Pia before her, becomes the one contestant in a position to debut original material on the tour. Ultimately ends up more successful in her career than almost anyone who outlasts her.
      – The following week, despite the producers’ best efforts to milk all that commercial potential they supposedly see in Amber, her number is up again, and she goes home in 5th after being saved at 6th — making it the least effective save ever, and costing the show another strong contestant in the meantime. Maybe the producers finally learn a lesson about manipulation, but I doubt it.
      – Lazaro, having lasted just long enough to forever cement his place as the most hated contestant in the history of the franchise, goes home in 4th place.
      – My favorite contestant never wins, so with Janelle still working the “growth” angle and Kree consistently solid, Candice is out at 3rd. She ends up signed to an indie label, and releasing music that’s less commercial and more artistically satisfying than anything she’d have gotten the opportunity to do on Jimmy Iovine’s watch.
      – Despite much weeping and gnashing of teeth in the Idolsphere over the prospect of another all-country finale, Kree brings an extra-heavy dose of rock and soul to her last set of performances, and Janelle goes more classic and folksy (in the vein of “I Will” and “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”), and it actually turns out to be a great mix and a great show. Kree is the higher vote-getter by a wide margin, but going head-to-head with her lets Janelle stake out her territory as more than just the “other country girl” of the season, so they both get successful singles out of the show and go on to solid careers in Nashville.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I would be totally fine with this except for one thing. I want Angie to get past sixth place so she can break the record of Siobhan Magnus, the only other finalist from Massachusetts. Yes, I have always had home-state bias for Angie. But everybody has bias about something with this show.

        • Joy says:

          Ha, I can understand that! I picked Angie for my shock boot because I think her loss, more than any others, would provide maximum payback to the producers for playing manipulation games, and do the least actual harm to her career — or possibly even benefit it, if it meant getting started sooner on writing and recording an album. Hopefully the latter would also be a plus in the long run for her fans…but I know a lot of people would miss her performances in the meantime! I’ve never lived in Massachusetts (barely ever even been there), but I love Siobhan, so your bias is good by me. :-)

  30. Adam Fachry says:

    Some of these kids need to learn how to “fake it till you make it”. Joshua Ledet hasn’t known much of his songs iirc, let alone understood their meanings. But he knows how to bring intensity, how to sing so severely, it makes his performances convincing. Really, on a singing competition like Idol, sometimes singing is not enough, you’ve gotta act too every now and then.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Adam, you raise an interesting point — although Joshua certainly did not do anything with his Billy Joel week song. But Joshua, through his singing, kind of does what Daniel Day-Lewis does in acting: they lose themselves completely (or, perhaps, they give themselves up so fully) to the role/song, that the audience forgets its being performed to or at and becomes equally immersed.

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Right? I mean, we never knew if Josh did grasp the songs he sang or not, but even he didn’t he never let it show.

      • deedee says:

        So right, My Alter Ego. Joshua had his flaws, but one thing he knew how to do better than anyone was inhabit the song. It was like he went into a trance or something, and he totally mesmerized me. I still marvel at his “I Am Ready For Love” performance – both on the show and in his studio recording. IMO, it’s of Idol’s best moments ever.

  31. Robin says:

    That was the best Idology so far this season. Something is missing when Jason is not injecting his two cents…glad he is back. I love the clips of GoT and The Muppets…hilarious! And Melinda, I am with you girlfriend…preach on sister! Why Laz was in the top 3 is just beyond me. The dude is dropping lyrics left and right…luckily this week no one will be saddled with his extra baggage. If he leaves..this week.. then all will be well with the Idol universe. I liked Devin and Burnell, but they were never really contenders for the crown. A girl will win…and for me…it’s a toss up between Candice and Kree. Candice for me just slays a song everytime she sings. Kree is vocally flawless but I do agree that she needs to connect more…lose the killer shoes! I think that their song choices for me each week are the best as well. Angie and Janelle should take 3rd or 4th. With Angie Shop Around and Yesterday were subpar…Bring me to life-super. Janelle was fabulous Beatles week and Motown week. Amber is my least favorite of the ladies…ballads are just not my thing. As long as Laz goes home, I am really fine with anyone of the girls winning. Just my two cents…

    • noa says:

      i agree with everything you wrote. just thought i’d mention it. ;)

    • Jay says:

      “As long as Laz goes home, I am really fine with anyone of the girls winning. Just my two cents…”

      At this point, I couldn’t agree more, Robin!!

  32. Annie says:

    \Where is Burnell’s elimination interview!? :(

  33. Dave says:

    Sorry, but Kree’s performance was far and away the best this week. I second Melinda’s incredulity that Michael couldn’t recognize how fantastic a vocal it was.

  34. drjphd says:

    What disturbs me most about Lazaro’s habitual incompetence is Nigel’s hypocrisy. He would never tolerate that kind of behavior from a SYTYCD competitor . . . or would he?

    • Will says:

      He tolerated Cyrus, who had the exact same issue Lazaro is having in just not being good enough, but at least he was great in his own style and had a good personality. Lazaro lacks either of those things too.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Cyrus did actually work hard each week. I wasn’t at all a Cyrus fan, but he really was trying. He was hugely disadvantaged because he hadn’t had years of dance training and knew only his style. But he did try — and he was never cocky. (Just this past weekend, I was trying to follow up on some Eliana Girard news, and saw some post SYTYCD articles. Eliana was so sweet about Cyrus [even though it wasn’t always easy for her — physically, much less how much the choreography had to be racheted down because of Cyrus’ deficiencies.] She was kind about him, because she was impressed by his willingness to tryand work ethic and because of his sweetness.)
        For the last 3 weeks at best, it seems that Lazaro hasn’t attempted the slightest effort, makes the same excuse each week, and (adding final insult to injury) has become quite arrogant.
        And this is what some folks will vote for. ?????

  35. LeahKittyS says:

    Don’t worry, Mike, I have had the privilege of seeing Melinda sing live, at my very first American Idols Live! tour. She tore it up on “(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman.”

  36. Bonnie A. says:

    I finally realized after watching this terrific Idology that what bothers me the MOST about Lazaro is that he doesn’t seem to care that he doesn’t know his lyrics–just assumes he’ll be voted through anyway, and who really cares if he knows the words?

    Totally agree with Melinda’s “talk to America”. I don’t know if I can even watch Lazaro anymore.

    I am not sure who my top 3 are, but I do think Janelle has more of a connection to the song and audience than the other girls, but not sure she’s the best singer.

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you! That’s what kills me about this supposed sympathy vote. He seems so smug but at the same time like he really doesn’t give a crap about this competition. He does not seem like he tries at all. He’s not the only one on this show who has had to learn a new song. He just doesn’t put forth the effort into learning them. I don’t find him likeable at all. People, get on Idol’s Web site and give your votes for whomever wavers in their performance this week (besides Lazaro)! We’ve got to get this kid off the stage.

    • WL says:

      I Know! Lazaro never seems humbled when he is voted thru either – I really can’t bear his personality – comes off very whiny and entitled. Watch how he plays to the camera when not performing – he purses his lips and has this camera-ready smile – Yuck.

  37. Stacey says:

    The fact Candice is not blowing away the audience is not surprising. She has a excellent voice. But her song pick last week wasn’t that great for her voice. Also, the others are a little more commercial than she is right now. I am sure they could sell her, but there isn’t a market for Candice. She would sell in R&B well. But not in the true commercial market these days. Kree, Janelle and even Angie could do well…. Although Angie could go more in the gospel, Christian music. Although she is in the line of the recent guy winners. A song writer who can sing. I don’t think the judges are lying. Candice is obviously not leading the votes…

    • marie says:

      Sad but true (I did think she blew away Satisfaction, though, even though she could have chosen a song more suited to her strong points).

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Either “Gimme Shelter” or “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” would have showcased Candice’s voice and delivery better, IMO. (Crystal Bowersox killed “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” as I recall).

    • Adam Fachry says:

      I can see her having a Chrisette Michele, Janelle Monae, Ledisi, and Jazmine Sullivan kind of success. Not a chart-topper in terms of singles, but her album will be critically acclaimed, if she does make a remarkable one.

  38. Lauren says:

    I wish we could have gotten a bit of an eulogy for Burnell. He did not deserve to go home over Lazaro or even Angie considering how she’s been performing lately. I hope we get to see an interview with him soon!

  39. Tedatbent says:

    I can’t believe that after all these years Slezak hasn’t figured out that the vocals are secondary to marketability. That is the reason why Candice wasn”t in most top 3s, Amber is getting the big pimping routine, Angie can be forgiven for a bad performance, etc. As for Lazaro, his inspirational story will sell lots of auto-tuned records to the teen girl lemmings that watch AI. Marketability is also the core reason why AI’s ratings have dipped this year. The decision to force a female winner down the viewers’ throats has caused their core viewers (teen girl lemmings) to leave in big numbers. Would NCIS replace Mark Harmon with Sally Field? No..because it has smart producers who know that their core audience of middle aged women would stop watching. They want to think about Gibbs when they are in bed with their fat, balding husbands, not Sally Field. Teen girl lemmings want to think about Scotty and Phillip when they are doing whatever they do in their pink bedrooms.

    • Stacey says:

      The wish for a female winner isn’t the reason for the ratings dip. Maybe it helps. But I think Nicki is more polarizing than people realize. And maybe having mediocre guys don’t help. But IDOL is old. Performance reality shows are suffering. The Voice might not be as much yet because it’s still viewed as new. And we’ll see if they dip once the blind chair auditions are over this week. And also having double seasons of the Voice and X Factor in the fall has helped sink Idol faster. I actually think the judging is okay. Nicki is annoying. And she barely cares. So they might try to get someone new, or shrink the panel down to three next year. I do agree marketability sells the most. The girls are marketable. Candice is the least even though she maybe the most gifted. But all five girls are fantastic. Lazaro might stick around this week because not only sympathy but he’ll be ONE GUY battling FIVE GIRLS. Which make the ability of the girls to split the vote worse… And might backfire on the producers. But then they still have the save…

    • deedee says:

      Wow, you have such a high opinion of women and girls, eh?

      • Tedatbent says:

        I love women and girls, but I am not the primary audience of Idol. It has been well documented that teen girls are. Teen girls want cute teen guys on TV, not these 5 women. Just look at the past 6 winners.

    • Leah Hoffman says:

      Teen girls DO NOT WATCH American Idol. It’s the grannies voting for Lazaro.

  40. Billie says:

    Nice recap! My personal Top 3 though are: 1. Candice, 2. Janelle, and 3. Kree, just the same as Michael. BTW here is my WEEKLY RANKING for the remaining Top 6:
    6. Lazaro Arbos (up from no. 8)
    Waaah! Why are you still here? :cry: :cry: :cry:
    5. Amber Holcomb (up from no. 6)
    So, previous week was a chance for her to do something upbeat, and then she chose midtempo “What About Love”??? Plus, she sang it the way straight ballads were sung, and there’s nothing new from her. If in rock week she wasn’t able to do something that will test her artistry, I doubt it will do happen on this next coming week.
    4. Kree Harrison (down from no. 3)
    Let me guess, after weeks performing songs with higher tempos, she will go back to the ballad zone as well as her momentum by giving a strong performance for this week. Sure she’s suffering from pinched nerve for her not that strongly delivered Joplin effort, but she’s performing in the non-ballad repertoire for weeks which were aren’t that stellar, leading to the problem that is, she can’t only shine on downtempos, and the only time I’ve seen that is when she delivered “Evidence” which is a very long time ago.
    3. Janelle Arthur (up from no. 4)
    Now this creative lady is a real dark horse. The down side is, she’s in the recent Bottom 2 and since the now deflating Kree started the competition performing well at the top, I felt like America has already chosen at the beginning of the live rounds their ‘country artist’ representative, whether or not Janelle is showing growth – going upwards performance-wise while Kree is somewhat going downwards.
    2. Candice Glover (5 weeks no. 2)
    True, Michael said it. She’s the strongest competitor in terms of body of work. But I felt like the reason why Jimmy and 3/4 of the judges excluded her from their Top 3 wish lists is that she has this question mark in being captivating enough for a potential in commercial success unlike Amber who’s young, pretty, have cute dimples, have legs for days, blah blah blah…just look at the inorganic standing ovations given to her. In the end, basing on all of the performances by the remaining finalists, it will be unfair if she’s not in the Top 3.
    1. Angie Miller (up from no. 5)
    Well…er…uhm…I’m not sure she should be no. 1 but that Evanescence performance was redemption. And with vote splitting between Janelle and Kree as well as between Amber and Candice, as long as she always backs it up with solid to strong efforts, she seems to be the only contender who is a Top 3 guarantee. I mean it would be fine for me if she’s in there, as long the most consistent Candice or even the most improved Janelle will make Top 3 as well.

  41. person says:

    Kree is screaming 5th place?!…be careful around Jason, Slezak

  42. Eli says:

    (sorry guys, Jason rocks!)

  43. CJS says:

    1. Michael has the best reasoning as to why “He” is still here. As long as Kree, Janelle, Amber & Candice are all still in the running, they will most likely keep splitting the votes between country/R&B voters, and thus allowing “Him” to stay and keep the national nightmare going. Sadly, this probably means that one (or maybe even 2) of the above ladies have to go first before the nightmare ends.
    2. My own top 3 (based on probability of winning) are Candice, Janelle, & Angie (I forsee Kree & Amber being the victims of the vote-splitting) My top 3 (based on my own preferences) are Janelle, Amber, & Angie (I just don’t get Kree & Candice just isn’t the type of artist I would regularly listen to.)
    3. If Lazaro somehow makes it into the top 5, then whoever is 6th gets saved. It doesn’t matter who it is, they’ll be saved. Now if Lazaro is 6th, conventional wisdom says he goes home, but I say save him anyway. Truthfully, he has no realistic shot of winning, so why create the potential problem of an extra week if you don’t have to?

  44. Yo says:

    About Lazaro. He might not have been right as a top three pick, but Burnell certainly deserved the boot. He really totaled his song. Horrible. Lazaro did better than I expected and while I wouldn’t have voted for him, I figure that is why many people did. Amber and Kree now both have the same problem; they are emotionally flat. I love both of them, but I have been waiting so long for Amber to step it up I’m not sure she can and Kree is plateauing. Candice certainly deserved a top three place – and I think she is just as marketable as anyone else on stage. Probably more so.

  45. SuziQ says:

    I am rooting for Janelle..a definite dark horse. I think I saw her struggling to keep back tears on the couches when she was not named in anyone’s top 3. I hope she doesn’t feel defeated and fights back with all her creativity and performance skills.

  46. Name That Tune says:

    I’m with Michael on Kree. She’s not connecting to the lyrics. Jimmy mentioned oversinging. I think it is that and song choice. None of her choices have been that good. I wonder what would happen if she pulled way back and went accapella.
    And as far as top 3 – It’s Candice and Kree and one of the Barbie dolls.
    It’s almost certain that the bottom 2 will be Amber and Janelle with the judges save usdd. Won’t matter because that will be the same bottom 2 next week.

  47. Jpdx says:

    Candice would be in my top five, BARELY.

  48. AM says:

    Is it true that there is a web site to screw idols voting? They tell you which number to vote for, so that people that have not even watched the performances, vote for the most outrageous singer. That is the only way Lazaro has survived. Here’s plain bad! And he is lazy and doesn’t even make an effort to remember lyrics anymore. Such lack of respect to the public. If he survives next week. I am not watching idol anymore ever! It stopped being a place to find nice new singers

  49. Terry says:

    Honestly, it wouldn’t break my heart if both Amber and Angie were eliminated before Lazaro. (ducks for cover).

  50. Lois Benton says:

    Candice, Amber and Kree are the Top Three in terms of voice, musicality and performance. How can there even be a question about that? I’d also say that Angie and Janelle are pretty much tied for 4th place. Angie has the better raw instrument, but Janelle has everything else. Angie has a lovely theatre voice. She can sound very beautiful and lilting when she sings quieter songs, but it shows that she’s too inexperienced, and she doesn’t connect with most songs. Janelle exudes personality, is in touch with the emotions of the songs she sings, and has given some dynamic performances. Angie has the better voice, but I prefer Janelle.