The Carrie Diaries Finale: 5 Developments that Have Us Excited About a (Possible) Season 2

Carrie Diaries Season 1 RecapThe following contains spoilers for Monday’s episode of The Carrie Diaries. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

The Carrie Diaries (season?) finale on Monday was full of heartbreak and potential — for both its characters and the CW series.

With one couple calling it quits and another on the verge of starting something new, TVLine presents five developments from the season ender that have us crossing our fingers for a renewal.

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CARRIE ON THE PROWL | After her umpteenth break-up with Sebastian (upon finding out that he not only lied about her dad, but also cheated on her with Maggie), Carrie is a single girl again. And while heartbreak certainly hurts, we’re sort of delighting in her pain. It was nice to explore the teen in a committed relationship — and Sebastian is certainly not hard to look at — but part of the fun of Sex and the City was watching and relating to Ms. Bradshaw’s travails in dating. So bring on the (cute) new love interests!

A NEW ROMANCE | Pushed out of the closet by Maggie’s very public outburst, Walt encountered something else unexpected: the courage to accept his feelings and finally kiss Bennet. Sadly, Walt’s pal wasn’t quite ready to reciprocate, although he was definitely interested; he just didn’t feel right Carrie Diaries Season 1 Spoilersabout their age difference. But don’t fret, the high schooler turns 18 over the summer — come next season, anything goes! After the thoughtful, sensitive way Carrie Diaries has portrayed Walt’s coming-out arc, we simply must see what his first honest relationship looks like.

SUMMER IN THE CITY | Carrie is taking up residence in Larissa’s loft while she’s out of town, which leaves the door wide open for countless New York-set adventures (Carrie’s first house party, Carrie’s first city-cockroach sighting, etc.). Executive producer Amy Harris also confirmed that she hopes to spend the first couple episodes of Season 2 in “those hot, steamy New York summers mixed with the country club of Castlebury. That is going to lead to some exciting, very sexy stories.” Not to mention, the temporary move puts Walt, who’s shacking up with Carrie, and Bennet in close proximity. (We really like them, OK?).

BLASTS FROM THE FUTURE | It was only a passing line, but we’re already anticipating the introduction of Bennet’s club promoter pal, Stanford! And if we should be lucky enough to meet a younger version of Mr. Blatch, who do you think should play the part?

NEW PAIRINGS | If there’s anything Carrie Diaries proved this season, it’s that it can take any combination of characters — Sebastian and Mouse, Larissa and Tom, even Donna and Dorrit — and make them work, thanks to the charismatic cast and deft writing. With several couples and friendships coming undone in the finale, there’s lots of opportunity for fresh dynamics. Plus, some new pairings are just heating up, leaving us with lots of questions: Will the impossibly smooth Miller break Dorrit’s heart now that they’ve had sex? Will Sebastian and Maggie find themselves drawn to each other after being booted out of Carrie’s life? And can anyone crack Donna LaDonna’s neon-colored shell?

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  1. brycealexander says:

    PERFECT finale. Gave me chills. Mags outing Walt was perfect and I’m so glad Bennet wanted to do Walt right. I was on the fence about Dorit losing her v-card but that story went very well and will open things up next season (if…) that will be spectacular. I was afraid that Carrie and Walt wouldn’t be spending the summer in the city because time on the episode was running short, but it ended so well. Very impressed by how dynamic the storytelling was this season. All the characters have grown so much and I am praying for more time. Best freshman show I can think of in a long, long time.

  2. Kayla says:

    I’m kind of pissed about Sebastian not being Carrie’s first. I really loved them as a couple and while I know SATC was about lots of different relationships, I wanted more of Carrie and Sebastian together. I’m glad she gave it to Maggie at the end…Maggie was my least favorite character on the whole series. Anyway, I hope we get a season two. I really enjoyed the show and I love the characters, but I want to be able to get past how upset I am over Kyddshaw being over and not have that be the first thing I think about when I remember the show.

    • Tina B. says:

      Totally agree with everything and love Bennet and Walt!

    • Michelle says:

      i definitely agree about Sebastian and Carrie!! I wish they were still together, I was kind of upset that we didn’t see more of them as a couple and the struggle of maintaining a relationship. I absolutely love them together and I’m saddened by the outcome, Especially him kissing Maggie how much of a whore could they possibly make her. I hope we see more of Sebastian in season 2, of him trying to when Carrie over! ijs

      • Michelle says:

        I definitely agree about what Kayla said about Sebastian and Carrie* & I thought they did it ?? I guess I was wrong :(

  3. TT says:

    The chances of this being picked up for another season are very slim. I have a feeling The Tomorrow People will end up in its timeslot.

  4. Michael says:

    I find Sebastian so incredibly tedious and off-putting, from his blah-blah-boring bad boy backstory to his pouty-lipped,duckface smile. I’m sorry, but Chord Overstreet 2.0 can barely act, and even if he could, he wasn’t given much to work with. He’s a stockcharacter without much depth and his relationship with Carrie does nothing to develop her character at all. Deep-six him. Can we finally get some viable male love interests in a teen drama that aren’t such boring cliches?

    • Katy says:

      I agree with you. He can’t act his way out of a paperbag. Get rid of him and maybe the show will get better ratings. He is only famous for his girlfriend.

  5. Wrstlgirl says:

    I have mixed feelings. I really wanted more for Carrie & Sebastian. Dorrit turns me off, completely, not interested in her story at all. But I love Walt & Bennet and would love to see where that goes. If this gets renewed I’ll watch but if it doesn’t it won’t kill me :-)

  6. Tina B. says:

    I’m sorry? Carrie was in a committed relationship with Sebastian? when? seriously where was the committed part? She was always breaking up with him for the stupidest reasons. She wants to end up with a white picket fence, a nice guy and a station wagon? Brady Bunch? Carrie pisses me off, some parts about her are ok, but she is so stupid and clueless, and not adorably either like Alicia Silverstone. I know she goes through a lot of other guys but Sebastian really loved her and he was committed despite his messed up parents. I can’t keep watching how poorly she treats him, she never deserved him. I wasn’t a huge fan of sex and the city either but this is worse! I liked Carrie and Big in SATC and I liked Steve, that’s about it. Charlotte was an insecure whiner, Samantha was a slut but interesting, and Miranda was the worst, never liked her. Carrie was the least messed up in that whole group. I love Bennet and Walt. Don’t care for Dorrit and Maggie is a slut.

    • Andy says:

      I actually don’t mind Carrie. Adult Carrie was the same. She always over think things. Remember she broke up with Big in the beginning because he never told his mother about her and he won’t say she was the one..blah blah blach. Then she hook up with Aiden and then cheats on him with Big.

  7. Carrie says:

    too bad it’s gonna be cancelled!

  8. lorna says:

    Agree w/ comments about Carrie getting upset with sebastian over dumb things, but i love them together. Hopeful for a s2. Walt and Bennet are cute. I like Maggie with the cop, they deserve each other.

  9. J says:

    Season two? The abysmal ratings say otherwise. The show just aired its series finale.

    • B says:

      All remaining CW shows are at semi-similar ratings and they won’t be canceling all of them. I’m hoping they keep Hart and Carrie

  10. Dan says:

    I can’t believe they ended with Carrie still a virgin, especially since this may be the series finale. It was still great, though. I’m hoping to high Heaven for a second season!

  11. Anne says:

    I too am upset I am over Kyddshaw being over. They shoulda had Sebastien as Carries first and have dorrit’s bf/cheating seriously? 1st ur puttin Donna w/Seb,now Maggie? Kinda want a season two to see where the writer’s take this.@least have Carrie tell off Sebastien! Hahaha

  12. Lee says:

    Carrie is an idiot I don’t think she deserves sebastian at all but I hope there’s a season 2

  13. Joline says:

    I sincerely hope this show returns for a second season. It got off to a slow start but really gained steam towards the end of the show. The last few episodes were amazing. With time for a reboot (losing some characters, picking up the pace, keeping the center around NYC) it could really be a great show.

  14. Jess says:

    Ugh…I just hope that if Walt and Bennet do end up going out that it doesn’t last long. I’m not a big fan of Bennet. :/

  15. Mari says:

    I absolutely love this show and know a lot of people who also love it! As a dedicated fan I am so thrilled for season two. It’s amazing to watch how dead on Carrie plays Carries role, amazing! I enjoy watching all the characters and seeing them behave like normal people experiencing the highs and lows that life throws and growing into who they are. I think the writers know exactly what they are doing because I cant get enough. And I think Sebastian is absolutely gorgeous. They couldn’t have done a better job casting him. All the characters are great in their own ways.

  16. Elyse says:

    TCD <3 please give us a season 2!!!

  17. Lea says:

    I think this was a very overstuffed finale that went a long way to cram acceptable solutions to all longer storylines into 42 minutes, and I think that took away from many things, for example the more important plot points, the character development and the interaction (which is the best part of the show, in my opinion).
    Case in point: I really could have done without the Dadshaw and Dorritt stuff and instead focus more on Carrie and her stuff, and Walt and Maggie. It would have been okay for me if some of this had already gone down last episode, or not at all, really.
    The break-up number 500… sigh. That felt a bit rushed.
    Walt’s storyline was great, if short, and while I found Maggie’s reaction to be awful, it is also realistic. Not everyone can shower Walt with loving support – some people will always react to a coming-out with disgust, in 1984 and today, even though that’s utterly stupid and abhorrent. I did like that Bennett told Walt to wait until he’s of age; very mature and thoughtful and such a nice contrast to eighth-grader Dorritt DATING A SENIOR. UGH. (Also a nice contrast to shows like Pretty Little Liars, which I like, but I’m not always comfortable with some of the relationships).
    Mouse is adorable, and I think she was great in this episode, finally telling her parents off.

    While I really enjoy this show, I felt a bit let down by this finale. But I still would watch the hell out of a second season, especially with Walt and Carrie together in the City (my dreamteam). I think the show has done a great job in making me root for those characters and their friendships. For a sadly unlikely season 2, I would wish for a clearer focus on certain characters. Carrie, Walt, Mouse and Larissa as the main focus, Mr. Bradshaw, Maggie, Sebastian, and Dorritt supporting. Then integrate Donna into the plot, and maybe turn Larissa into a character instead of a surprise bag of anecdotes and quirks.

    This show has so much potential and a lot of heart, and I’d be very sad to see it go.

  18. Belle says:

    AWESOME!! I have a feeling Maggie is going to be pregnant and not know who the father is – Sebastian or the “booty-call” newly engaged cop??? Weirder things have happened :) Bring on Season 2…

  19. Belle says:

    P.S. How true to life was the breakup/get back together between Carrie & Sebastian? I mean seriously, that’s high school for sure…I don’t know how many times I broke up with a boy only to be back together within a day or two.

  20. Jared says:

    As I watched this episode last night I realized something. The Carrie Diaries certainly isn’t the most highbrow show in my DVR queue, but I have really grown to like these characters as people–yes, even Donna–and enjoy spending forty-something minutes with them every week. It dawned on me how rare that is. I mean, as obsessed as I am with The Americans and The Following, how many of those characters would you actually want to know? My caring for these characters really really snuck up on me the same way it did with another ratings-challenged period drama from a few years ago: Swingtown. Like that show, The Carrie Diaries has given us a finale that makes the possibility of it not continuing feel like cruelty on the part of the network. Here’s hoping it doesn’t suffer the same fate!

    • Rebecca says:

      Oi, don’t even get me started on Swingtown! That was such an awesome show and it’s really unfair that it only lasted 1 season. As soon as I saw some of the actors appearing in other places, I knew the show was over. Sad.

  21. Jason says:

    I hope the show continues, as well. Really like the Miller character, much more so than Sebastian. I have to say, AnnaSophia Robb is an amazing find for the CW. That chick can ACT. The Larissa character really became the glue that held the show/worlds together, unexpectedly. And, as most have noted, Walt and Bennett are just the bomb.

  22. Celia says:

    If this show isn’t renewed I will loose all faith in Humanity.

  23. Tee says:

    Not the best show I’m watching, but it is cute and fun enough. It would have made a nice summer show, if CW went that route ala ABC Fam.

    I was already over Sebastian before the latest make-up and break-up.

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  25. Jones19 says:

    I really hope they keep the show. I love the Sebastian/Carrie drama and Walt/Bennett are great together. Dorrit and Mouse are really annoying, I hope we see less of them next season. Every show needs a villain and Maggie is very interestingly damaged, she and Carrie could really have some epic cat fights.

  26. Erin says:

    This show has recieved such harsh ratings, largely in part (in my opinion) because people are comparing it too closely to Sex and the City. Cut the show some slack, there’s a 20 year difference between the two worlds, 20 years of personal growth that Carrie has to experience. What hasn’t been recognized enough however, is how talented AnnaSophia Robb is. At first, I wasn’t so sure about her playing a young Carrie Bradshaw, but within the first 5 minutes of the pilot she reeled me in. Somehow, the girl has managed to get all the mannerisms of SJP down to an art – so many times I find myself going “That was SO Carrie!” about the way she said a certain phrase, or cocked her head as she said it. This show has far too much potential to be cancelled.

    Also, I don’t think networks are taking into consideration that we are in a different day and age – viewcount can’t be solely taken from the timeslots of TV shows on their networks, we’re in an age of advanced technology where no one has time for TV and commercials anymore and instead watch majority of TV shows online.

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