Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Glee, Shameless and More!

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Question: I’d be grateful if you could toss some Sons of Anarchy scoop my way. —Ron
Ausiello: Don’t look for Clay to find an easy way out of the pokey. Asked how long Ron Perlman’s ex-SAMCRO frontman will be behind bars in Season 6, series creator Kurt Sutter acknowledged that the character backed himself into quite a corner. “That’s a rough one,” he says. “We’re going to have to play out that storyline a little bit to know exactly where it goes. We’re still kind of figuring out the ramifications of everything in terms of where he lands.” The bigger question is whether there’s anyone left in Charming who gives a damn about him. “The interesting thing is by having the two people he loved most in terms of the club, Juice and Gemma, kind of turn on him,” Sutter notes. “I do think there was a moment  where, even though you despise Clay to an extent, you actually felt sorry fort this guy. So yeah, there’s not a lot of sympathy out there.”

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Question: Any news on the upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy? —Teresa
Ausiello: As a matter of fact, yes: Sutter essentially confirms that Jax has given up on the fantasy of ever getting out of the family business. “I think Jax has made the decision, ‘This is my life, this is what I’m supposed to be doing, but can I do it the right way? Can I get us out of guns? Can I go legit?,” shares the boss. “He’s at the same precipice his dad was at 25 years ago. It’s not so much about getting out but, ‘Can I make it less dangerous and keep people safe? Can I keep my family whole?’ That’s the shift that has happened.”

Question: So… 90210 is ending. Can you give us any sneak peeks as to what’s going to happen? —Sanjana
Ausiello: A major character will be diagnosed with the Big C (and I’m not talking about chlamydia.)

Question: I’m curious about this first son of Victoria’s on Revenge. Will we meet him this season? —Sam
Ausiello: Unlikely. Word around the Hamps is V’s MIA demon spawn will turn up next fall.

Question: Add me to the list of Walking Dead fans wanting more Andrea/Michonne flashbacks in Season 4. Any chance of that happening? —Carol
Ausiello: Laurie Holden certainly seemed game for a comeback when I chatted with her after Sunday’s finale, but it’s ultimately up to series creator Robert Kirkman and new showrunner Scott M. Gimple. For his part, Kirkman tells me there’s “definitely some room to [further explore] the relationship between Michonne and Andrea” moving forward, adding, “It’s always a possibility.”

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Question: I was wondering if you had any scoops as we head into Sunday’s finale of Showtime’s most underrated series, Shameless? —Mike
Ausiello: Although the penultimate episode strongly implied that Jimmy was about to sail away to his death, Emmy Rossum tells TVLine that his ultimate fate remains a mystery — even to her. “They shot a bunch of different things [in the finale] in terms of Jimmy, and they’re not telling us what they’re airing,” she says. “So I’m not really sure how the season ends, to be honest.” Meanwhile, Rossum says we should also be “worried about Frank, because we’re going to see him take the biggest toll in the finale.”

Question: What should we brace for in the Justified finale? The whole Winona/glider thing has me fearing the worst. –Elicia
Ausiello: Your intuition, like all of ours, would be spot-on. “Raylan has got a lot of s–t to deal with” during Season 4’s final hour, says Timothy Olyphant. “Winona is in trouble, and he’s going to have to deal with it by making some tough decisions.” All told, the actor-producer said of his just-renewed FX hit, “I’m really proud of this season, and I think it’s a nice finale.” (For Joelle Carter’s take on the finale, scroll down for the latest episode of Spoiler Alert!.)

Question: What does the Cul de Sac Crew do with all their wine corks on Cougar Town? I would love to see a wall in Jules’ house just covered floor to ceiling in them! —Nicole
Ausiello: [Crickets] So… Dan Byrd told us that this week’s Breakfast Club-themed episode is “one of my favorites” from all of Season 4, as the C-d-Sers expose their inner monologues willy-nilly. Although everyone, Travis included, gets to partake in the gimmick, “There’s definitely more voiceover with Jules” after she lands in “grocery store jail.” Says Byrd, “It’s a great little tool to add more comedy, to be able to say what anybody’s thinking at that moment.”

Question: I just watched the entire first two seasons of Awkward on Netflix in two days! Do you have any scoop for Season 3? BTW, love TVLine! —Elizabeth
Ausiello: Flattery won’t get you everywhere but it will score you scoop, Liz. During a recent Season 3 set visit, Beau Mirchoff told TVLine that Jenna and Matty are “pretty great” as an official couple, adding, “They both care about each other a whole lot.” But as Shakespeare once wrote, the course of true love neverith did runneth smoothith. “I hate to say it, but I wonder if Matty cares for Jenna a little bit too much,” the actor teased, before delivering this little tidbit: “You get to learn more about Matty this year in his home life. He’s not as happy as people may think.” (BTW, Season 3 launches on April 16.)

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Question: I’m so excited for the Carrie Diaries season (hopefully not series) finale next week! Have any scoop? —Julius
Ausiello: Exec producer Amy Harris is feeling so optimistic about a renewal that she’s already prepping her pitch to The CW for a possible second season. The theme? The age of innocence… lost! “After those [firsts] have happened and you’ve had some betrayal and some hurt along the way, who do you become?” muses Harris. Ideally, the start of Season 2 will feature “those hot, steamy New York summers mixed with the country club of Castlebury. That is going to lead to some exciting, very sexy stories.” By the way, did you see this tease about a Sex and the City character who’s mentioned in next Monday’s finale? Well, sources confirm to Ask Ausiello exclusively that we “might” meet him/her in the flesh during that aforementioned Season 2 heat wave.

Question: Got any scoop on Friday’s penultimate Spartacus: War of the Damned? —Stacy
Ausiello: A major character switches sides, and someone we thought was dead turns up very much alive.

Question: Do you know anything, even the smallest thing, about the Grey’s Anatomy finale? —Jessica
Ausiello: I know the cast received a very subtle warning not to share the contents of the script with anyone. I also know that it will be big — literally and figuratively. “The last two episodes of the season work together as a giant two-week finale,” reveals consulting producer (and Scandal co-star) Dan Bucatinsky, who penned the episode leading into the two-part closer. Titled “Do You Believe in Magic,” the hour — Season 9’s 22nd (of 24) — is “an exploration of magic,” Bucatinsky explains. “The magic of medicine, and also the magic of romance and the ways in which the revelation of a secret can play both as a blessing or a curse.” (Secret?! This secret?!) On the Mer-Der front, the abracadabra-themed ep will explore their “tantalizing and terrifying” emotions as they await the birth of their child. “They’re looking at both the magic of creating a family and the scariness of not knowing.”

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Question: What’s coming up on The Americans? It’s my favorite new show! —Hannah
Ausiello: The Season 1 finale’s coming up, and according to exec producer Joel Fields it will delve deeper into the ’80s phenomenon known as (the other) Star Wars. “That will play a fun role in the finale,” Fields reveals, noting, “Nobody called it Star Wars in 1981. It was Strategic Defense or the Anti-Ballistic Missile Program, which was a mouthful.” Fields is particularly interested in exploring the Day After-esque paranoia that pervaded society during that time. “We genuinely wondered when there might be a global, thermonuclear confrontation that would result in the end of all civilization in the matter of moments,” he recalls. “That was a real possibility that hung over all of us then. And that’s such an interesting world to [dramatize].”

Question: I need some Hart of Dixie scoop, please! —Audrey
Ausiello: A New York-bound Zoe will experience the flight from hell in the season finale when a passenger falls ill and, naturally, she’s the only doctor on board. Now I have a question for you: Who do you think is accompanying her on this trip? Because rumor has it she’s not travelling alone.

Question: Do you know anything about Royal Pains‘ fifth season? —Cristina
Ausiello: Hope you’re sitting down, because we have it on good authority that Evan’s well-heeled artist wife is getting a (gulp) 9-to-5 job. The show is casting the recurring role of Russel Berger, a fortysomething curator at Sutton and Chesterfield’s, where Paige is interviewing for an internship. Her fastidious potential boss looks her up and down, rolls his eyes and sighs, “Oh, that’s right… you’re a woman.” How rude (and kinda hilarious)!

Question: What’s happening with Monday Mornings on TNT? Has it been renewed? —Robin
Ausiello: If by “renewed” you mean “on the verge of cancellation,” then yes, it’s been renewed.

Question: Got any Glee scoop coming up for Santana? Maybe a new love interest? —Ashley
Ausiello: Ryan Murphy strongly hinted at that very possibility in a Twitter Q&A on Monday. Responding to a question about future Brittany/Santana duets, Murphy said, “Wouldn’t you rather see Santana singing to a hot together girl in NY who could emotionally give her a real relationship? I do.” (For the record, I do, too.) Meanwhile, the rumors are true: Rachel will dust off “Don’t Stop Believing” for her Funny Girl audition (but there’s a small, super-fun twist).

Question: Any juicy spoiler re: the Bones season finale? I’m nearly dying with anxiety! —Maria
Ausiello: What’s scarier than Pelant unleashed? Pelant unleashed with a [SPOILER]!

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