Carrie Diaries Boss on Carrie and Sebastian's [Spoiler] -- Plus, Is a Sex-y Character on the Way?

Carrie Diaries Season 2 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Monday’s episode of The Carrie Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

On Monday’s The Carrie Diaries, hearts were broken once again.

Sebastian kicked off the episode by telling Carrie he loves her, but she never found the perfect moment to return the words. Then the couple’s night out in the city, which was supposed to end with a night in a hotel room, if you know what we mean, blew up in their faces when Carrie’s work got in the way. The ensuing fight ended with a break-up.

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Below, executive producer Amy Harris sounds off on the troubled pair’s future. She also previews the finale’s big surprises and even hints at what a possible Season 2 has in store for Carrie and her pals. (Might a Sex and the City character come to play?!)

LOVE IN THE TIME OF SEX | “Relationships have a lot of ups and downs and are very complicated,” says Harris, so Carrie and Sebastian’s doomed romance isn’t necessarily over. “What I like about Carrie Bradshaw is she can make a lot out of nothing and then sometimes, she’s looking at it in just the right way. It’s a journey for her… This is a relationship I want to keep mining for as long as I can.” Next Monday’s season finale picks up a few weeks later with a rite of passage that may now be thwarted for Carrie because of her split from Sebastian. “That’s a big debate – what will happen with her and prom, and where are they? They’re in a surprising place at the end of that break-up.” Rather than being angry, Harris says, “this one is just sad for both of them.” Adds Austin Butler: “It gets revealed in the next episode how he feels. It’s one of those break-ups where it’s like this explosion that neither side really wants, but it feels like there’s no other option.”

THE FIRST TIME | Did Dorrit lose her V-card to Miller at the end of the episode? “They’re just laughing and talking,” says Harris. “That journey is for another episode.” As for the effect the impossibly smooth high schooler has had on Carrie’s rebellious little sister, “At first, we thought he was manipulating her to control her,” reveals Harris. “But the more we started talking about it, it felt like meeting someone like Miller would open her up and want her to take off her armor.”

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NODS TO THE CITY | “We’ll get an introduction to one of the Sex and the City characters” in the season ender, teases Harris, and it’s not the same one from the close of the Carrie Diaries book! While we won’t actually see him or her in the episode, the EP is “excited about the idea of starting to introduce some other people from the Sex and the City world into the [Carrie Diaries] world for Season 2.” Also sure to make diehard Sex fans smile: “We’re going to see Carrie using a different mechanism for writing, which is a little nod to seeing her typing later. We’ll see some New York street scenes that are reminiscent.”

Carrie Diaries Season 2COMING OUT | He wasn’t in Monday’s episode, but Carrie’s secretly gay friend will have a big story next week. “Walt’s going to be forced to face his choices a lot sooner than I think he wanted to,” previews Harris. “And it’s going to have some pretty dramatic effects on everybody when it happens.” Some people, in particular, “are going to be quite shocked to figure it out and be very upset because their past will have been sort of rewritten… There’s some pretty big repercussions in [Episode] 13 that then end up [affecting] everybody else’s stories, also.”

DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY | Remember how we mentioned prom? Well, the dance “is going to be surprising for a lot of people,” teases Harris. In fact, “it might not actually be prom” for many of them since “a lot explodes at the beginning of the episode.” As a result, not everyone gets dressed up for the occasion, but we can assure you that you’ll see Mouse sporting a Laura Ashley-esque dress. However, “[Episode] 13 is more iconic for its New York experiences than the prom.”