Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Criminal Minds, Scandal, W13 and More

NCIS Once Upon a Time SpoilersIs an NCIS agent out for blood? When will Scandal roll out the voting booths? Will Criminal Minds‘ Reid ever catch a break? What’s up with Once Upon a Time‘s new “prince”? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

NCIS | Now that we have a new, “out of this world” Mossad director in place — and given that the synopsis for the April 9 episode says, “Tony suspects that Ziva is planning a risky move to avenge her father’s death” — it looks like TV’s most watched drama is poised to pick up the thread of Eli David’s murder and his badass daughter’s calculated (proportional?) response. “I hope everyone’s ready, because the sprint to the end of season starts now,” showrunner Gary Glasberg affirms. “Ziva is about to uncover a clue trail that will lead straight to her father’s killer, put the integrity of the team at risk and bring her closer to Tony in ways we never saw coming.” Thus raising the burning question: Does the same clue trail lead to Cote de Pablo re-upping with NCIS, for Season 11…?

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Scandal | If, especially ever since the 10-month time jump, you’ve wondered when ABC’s ultra-buzzy drama will need to uncork a re-election storyline (Defiance, we’re watching you!), I secured a firm answer from series creator Shonda Rhimes: “[Re-election] is pretty much whenever we need it to be.” (I have a funny definition of firm, yes.) Rhimes went on to more specifically say, “Technically, it’s probably another year away, based on the math of our show. But whenever we decide it needs to happen, it’ll happen.” What are your  predictions, Gladiators? February sweeps 2014? Leading to a Season 3 cliffie?

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And now, some excellent reader Qs, with excellenter As:

Is Spencer Reid ever going to catch a break on Criminal Minds? There has got to be some happiness for him out there somewhere! –Diana
I hereby present a sliver of hope, courtesy of Shemar Moore, who fancies Morgan as Reid’s “big brother.” Currently still reeling from girlfriend Maeve’s cold-blooded murder, “Reid finds closure, but it’s tough,” Moore told me. “Hopefully, all of us in life have had that one love that got away but you still hold true, and you learn so much from and you become better because of it. So, yes, Reid’s cracked a bit, but he will not break. It’s a process, but you’ll have happy, goofy Einstein pretty boy Reid back in the saddle before the end of the season.”

Do you have any scoop on The Americans? I love that show! –Elena
If you are worried that FX’s drama, like its high-caliber cable brethren, is going to end its freshman run on May 1 with a humdinger of a bombshell that leaves you screaming at the TV and cursing every day until Season 2 arrives (in January 2014), don’t be. “I don’t think this is a show about cliffhangers or urgent plot devices,” EP Joel Fields tells us. “So where we look toward the end of the season is teasing where we may go with the characters and the relationships. But it’s not about some crazy plot twist or cliffhanger.”

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I about died when I saw the beautiful Tom Ellis (The Fades, Merlin) in the Once Upon a Time promo. Do you have any scoop on his Robin Hood character? –Sandi
While Adam Horowitz says that Ellis is “amazing” in the role and Eddy Kitsis teases that he figures into “a very fun scene with Rumple,” the series’ creators stress that the Rumple/Belle-centric episode (airing April 21) will not also deep-dive into the Prince of Thieves’ backstory. “It’s done in the spirit of what we did a lot in Season 1 — bringing in a character and mashing him up with our story without having to do ‘the Robin Hood story,'” says Kitsis. “But now there is a character in our universe who, should the time arise, we would love to delve into further.”

We were given a hint about a connection between Once Upon a Time’s Neal and Hook in Neverland. Do you have any scoop about what their history might be? – Stef
I kinda sorta do, and I share it in the next episode of Spoiler Alert! But until that goes live, I can share that allll the dots will be connected in this season’s penultimate episode, “Second Star to the Right.”

I know I’m one of the few people who care, but any idea when 666 Park Avenue comes back this summer? –Erin
Lucky for you, I have a source who is one of the other few people who care, and the unconfirmed, unofficial buzz is that the remaining episodes will see the light of day starting in June, and likely on Saturday nights.

I have been waiting for Warehouse 13 to air the back half of season 4. Any scoop on what’s going to happen? –BrendanWarehouse 13 - Season 4
I’m going to be honest: Not a fan of the midseason finale. It was clunky, and the cliffhanger was only slightly better than what turned out to be the Alphas finale. (Which isn’t saying much.) That said… the resolution to all that Artie/Chinese Orchid hullabaloo plays out satisfyingly when the Syfy series returns April 29. Among the teasers I can slide your way: Leena resurfaces in an interesting way (as do the likes of Dr. Calder and James Macpherson); you’ll see the warehouse like you have never seen it before; Saul Rubinek turns in a heartbreaking performance; Caprica’s Polly Walker makes quite an impression; and James Marsters is pretty damn terrific in the guest-starring role of an expert on somethingoranother, playing “drunk” in the first stretch of scenes and taking part in a Buffy shout-out that will have you rolling.

I have never asked for spoilers but I am asking in my nicest, chattering-teeth way to sink your teeth into BBC America’s Orphan Black and give your readers some info. –Jen
Wowza, that was quite the request. How about an answer to the age-old question: Will Sarah start to develop real feelings for her clone Beth’s boyfriend? “Initially, Sarah doesn’t have any sense that she’s going to stick around long in this life, so there are no ties being made to anybody in Beth’s life,” says series star Tatiana Maslany. “But the more she steps into this life, the less she’s able to get out without causing trouble. So she does start to become very linked to all the people in Beth’s life.” OK, but: Paul included? “An interesting dynamic between Paul and Sarah starts to develop,” the actress hints. “Things definitely get more complicated.”

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  1. Ally Oop says:

    So far I like Orphan Black. Looking forward to seeing more. The show has a lot of potential.

  2. Maki says:

    Can’t wait for new OUAT eps. Tom Ellis is looking good as RH and hopefully he comes into the game and lights Emma up. she really deserves it.

  3. JC says:

    I’m a huge W13 fan, but I completely agree about the finale. “Clunky” is the best word for it. I hope the second half is better than the first. I didn’t think it was as strong as S3 was.

  4. maja says:

    Ncis makes me happy :)

    • Hoping says:

      The NCIS, Criminal Minds are truly the best programs on TV. They need to get rid of Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, So many of those ridiculous programs. You want music, Put on the radio. member those things??

      • June Hedley says:

        I totally agree, I get soo frustrated when those programmes mentioned run well over their allotted time. Too bad if you want to record them, and find you have lost the last 5 – 10 mins. Put Dancing with the Stars, The Voice and a few others on at a later timeslot.

  5. Matt says:

    I am very interested in seeing how Tamara and Greg/Owen are going to affect the rest of the season. Super excited!!

  6. Whitney says:

    It sounds like Neal may have been one of Pan’s lost boys – or even Pan? Which would make since if he was lost there in the crossover? Just a thought, my imagination might be running away with me.

  7. John says:

    All I ask for Ncis is number one please let Cote de Pablo work her magic as she did inShiva and number two don’t make this into a Tony romance finale like season 8. I really hated the Ej disaster. I really have loved this season as a newbie and am surprised that NCIS never gets Emmy nominations with actors like Cote de Pablo, Mark Harmon and Rocky Carroll. What a great acting trio.

    • NCIS4evr says:

      Tony “romance finale”?!! Seriously, there was no romance in the S8 finale between Tony/EJ. In fact, she left NCIS and Tony in the finale. Ziva/Ray was the only “romance”. And Michael Weatherly is a damn fine actor, if they ever give him anything to work with. Sorry, but Ziva/Vance is a snooze to me.

    • Jan Beckett says:


    • Katya says:

      Honestly, I find Cote de Pablo a very ordinary actress and definitely not deserving of an Emmy. None of the cast of NCIS is all that good with the exception of David McCallum. Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly have their moments and certainly stand out from the rest, but the writing isn’t good enough to give them enough chance to shine. De Pablo mainly belongs to the smirking school of acting with the occasional wobbly chin scene to denote emotional upset. She’s not bad per se but she’s not very good, either, and is definitely one of the weaker actors in the cast.

      • Shannon says:

        What show have you been watching? Have you seen all the seasons? I disagree and feel this is one of the few shows that has an excellent cast, writing and pulls off everything quite well without going over the top.

        • Ryker says:

          I agree somewhat with Katya. I love the cast, but the writing is weak at times and I am beyond tired of the teen soap/Gibbs is Daddy storylines. I miss the quirky fun!

        • Katya says:

          I have seen all the seasons except most of the current one so I am very aware of its evolution. I thought the actors tried harder in the early years, and they were an engaging and quirky cast with a lot of promise. However, a lot of the time now, the show seems very formulaic and their performances equally so. David McCallum clearly stands out as a superior actor and has since day one, but there have been times when Mark Harmon has given him a run for his money and whenever Michael Weatherly is given a big emotional scene he does well with it. But for the most part the performances on this show are pretty ordinary.

          Perrette is lovely as Abby, but take her outside her bouncy comfort zone and she’s only average – her big emotional scenes with Gibbs at the end of S7 showed up her lack of versatility, and Harmon acted her off the screen in that episode in the basement where he says virtually nothing as she confronts him about killing Hernandez.

          Murray seems to have given up long ago – his performance as McGee had much more energy and life in the early seasons, but now he’s like a pale shadow wandering through the show – the invisibility of McGee in the script can’t help him inject life into his performance, I suppose. He looks like he’s just turning up for the paycheck these days.

          De Pablo’s inexperience as an actress prior to NCIS shows – she’s got a few pieces of ‘schtick’ but seems to have replaced ‘flirting’ with ‘acting’ in most scenes now. There’s very little truth in any of her performances. I think she gets plotlines beyond her abilities and it often shows, which makes it all the more inexplicable that they give her so many plotlines frankly.

          Weatherly is similarly lazy on occasions with his comic schtick but I wonder how much of that is boredom on his part with what the show is giving him and how much he’s become the comic relief/Ziva’s accessory compared to the more interesting character he was in the early years when he had more action hero stuff to do – compare him in Angel of Death at the end of S4 with some of the tripe he does now, standing around letting Ziva do all the fighting as if he can’t, when we’ve seen perfectly well that he can. If called on by the script, he can still give an excellent performance but it rarely happens. All the angsty stuff goes to Ziva and Gibbs for some reason, and Mark Harmon is very one note with it (although at least it’s usually a truthful note!) while Cote de Pablo lacks truth – you’re always aware she’s acting.

          When you see really good acting, such as Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones, or Michael Emerson in Person of Interest, there is a massive difference compared to the performances the NCIS cast give. They’re fine for a formulaic procedural soap which is what the show has become – but worthy of Emmys? No. Let’s be real here.

          • Sam says:

            I agree with most of your assessment. As for Mark Harmon give him a good story and watch him dance. I never think he shines as brightly when they deliberately write an Emmy submission episode for him as he does when they write a strong military centric episode or a child in trouble. Same with Michael Weatherly. Give Tony a good story with a woman in trouble (and no, not the same one each time) or put him opposite a guest star and he comes to life. Let him be the hero we saw in earlier episodes. I just think he’s been bored in recent years and when he gets bored he gets silly. But they rarely write a Tony centric episode anymore. It seems to be a slight variation of similar episodes season after season.

        • Ellen says:

          Agree, if you watch long enough all of the characters have a depth that one might not appreciate at first

    • Shannon says:

      Welcome aboard newbie. Glad to have you. If you really want to get into the show and learn more you have a lot of good seasons to catch up on. You also have to watch the episodes from Jag I think season 8 or 9 because they had a couple episodes that introduced Gibbs and the gang. Yes NCIS is a spin off from Jag. You can catch up on all the Gibbs’ head slaps. I think the whole cast is excellent and yes it is a shame of how they always get passed up for Emmys, but they have a great fan base and yeah NCIS for reaching 20 million viewers and one of the top shows on TV. I agree I did not like EJ but they also throw people to wrench in the Tony/Ziva thing so I do not get invested in those other romances, because I know they will not last. Again welcome aboard glad to have you.

    • Judi & Ira says:

      Whatever you do, “DON’T KILL OFF ZIVA”. This is our favorite show ever. The cast is a perfect fit. We LOVE ZIVA. We hope the show is not cancelled or ending.
      Judi & Ira

      • Marcia says:

        I love the NCIS series. I was shocked at last nights ending. It just has to be better next week or someone had definitely died and I think it is Ziva. She looks like she has put on weight!
        No new contract?

  8. John says:

    Ok Cote doesn’t resign then the ratings will drop.

  9. Tom says:

    Ziva’s revenge arc has been completely expected since Shiva aired…no surprise there.

    Here’s hoping Tony’s gets closer enough to ziva to bring her down for all of her mistakes & lies of omission & outright lies throughout the years. & here’s hoping CBS realizes that the character is a complete drag on an otherwise stellar show & dumps her after this season finale

    • Gaara says:

      Duh, keep dreaming..

    • mimi says:

      This would be the only logical thing to do, so it’ll never happen since it seems NCIS tptb are trying to change a unique drama show into a soap opera just to keep a not good actress and an absolutely unbelievable and stale character on the show *sigh*

      • Gaara says:

        Lol, I often wonder what’s wrong with some people’s sense of proportions.. You really think the majority (or even the middle) hates Ziva/Cote like you do, even when EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE says the opposite? Oookayy then ._.

        Oh man, I wish I’d be able to see their faces when the next episodes air!

        • NCIS4evr says:

          “EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE” ? Now who’s blowing things out of proportion, Gaara?

          • Gaara says:

            Oh yeah, I forgot that everytime some media speaks good of / gives Ziva focus, then they are just “fan-gawking” and “biased” and “paid by CBS publicists to do it”. Oh and when Ziva is getting too many votes on any poll ( like that time she won TVline’s female character tournament) , then obviously they are all bots. Sure, sure.

          • Gaara says:

            Oh and the reason why her centric episodes’ ratings don’t drop undergroud, it’s because millions of people only wish to see her dead / shipped off to Israel. And TPTB give her so many storylines and screentime because they clearly hate her, and they want to torture their viewers. Riight.
            Should I keep going?

          • Nat says:

            Answer: YOU are, in your Denial of the TRUTH Gaara is saying to you. If you’re not happy; fine. Neither is the other 7 % of your supporters. But the REST of the 93% sure loves Tony & Ziva, and THEY will be looking forward to the “Year of Tiva” be fulfilled as promised by the NCIS Showrunners!!

      • vicki says:

        NCIS may be #1 in the ratings but I agree – it’s becoming a soap opera – not the fun, quirky show it started out as. The sooner we get over the Ziva/Eli storyline, the better. I prefer no shipping and no Gibbs-is-Daddy storylines.

    • Amaevis says:

      Like that would ever happen. In case you haven’t noticed TPTB and the fans love the Ziva character – hence all the Ziva centric storylines and the stellar ratings this season.

    • sofia says:

      Because the Ziva-centric episodes this season weren’t the ones with the biggest audience of the show ever or anything…, and of the highest rated too so, just keep living in your dream, it’s the best thing you can do.

    • betinigelineaunv says:


    • Burdie says:

      I totally agree. I’m sick of the Tony/Ziva crap. I have no idea what they mean by “in a way you never saw coming”. We’ve seen it all so no surprises there. Contrary to what some believe, Ziva isn’t all that popular, it’s the show. The cast as a whole. Personally, I like Ducky and Palmer, Gibbs and his father, Abbie and Tim. Many reasons. None of which is Ziva. I think the show would be better off without her. Let her chase her father’s killer and stay gone.

      • keja says:

        I watch the show for the team/family vibe. And though I happen to really like Ziva, and think her contribution to the cast is considerable, I don’t consider myself particularly overzealous about it, I feel that way about all the characters; love them all. But stating that “Ziva isn’t all that popular” really strikes me as being particularly dense and contradictory for the sake of it. Ziva is an extremely popular character and has been since not long after she joined the show (though the backlash at the beginning was considerable, since everyone was still mourning Kate), and it really strikes me as odd that some people find it necessary to imply otherwise just because they dislike the character. There have been many a popular character on many a popular show that I have hated with a passion, but I certainly couldn’t or wouldn’t deny their popularity.

        • Burdie says:

          I apologize for the wording. She is popular, but not the reason for the ratings being what they are. IMO, the cast, the writing, the show as a whole is the reason it has been on for 10 seasons, going on 11. There is not one character who can be given that kind of credit. I really liked Kate but my dislike for Ziva had nothing to with that. The thought that a Mossad officer working within NCIS was an ill conceived idea. As proven in many episodes, Ziva had mixed loyalties. Now that she is an American citizen and full NCIS agent, it makes a difference. However, too many episodes have had this cat and mouse game between Ziva and Tony and it’s gotten tiresome and boring. I have never liked shows that had two main characters getting “involved”. If they go that route, it isn’t going to be any “unexpected” surprise but it will ruin the show for those who don’t like that kind of thing on their crime or procedural shows. Giving Cote or Ziva all that credit is dense and contradictory and entirely not true.

          • keja says:

            “She is popular, but not the reason for the ratings being what they are. IMO, the cast, the writing, the show as a whole is the reason it has been on for 10 seasons, going on 11. There is not one character who can be given that kind of credit.”

            This we most certainly can agree on. (The rest falls into the category of “to each their own”, though your opinion is not any less welcome). Thank you for being civil.

        • Shannon says:

          I love Ziva and I agree at first I hated the character because I still wanted to have Kate around. I have grown to like the character very much. I just wish they would allow her to be her kickbutt self like when we first saw her because over the last couple of seasons her character has softened a little too much. I know people are still wondering where her true loyalties lie and if she is still working for Moussad and if it was a plan for her to become a US citizen and full NCIS agent. I think I kind of like that about the show and character. Still love the show/character etc..

      • Angely says:


        • Burdie says:

          Intelligent response. Fangirling. Cute. But shows you lack the ability to express yourself maturely. Are you sure you are old enough to watch this show?

  10. Zed says:

    So i have a theory on what might happen – and by theory i mean what I came up with the other night so humour me a little…

    How about Fitz DOESN’T run for re-election since being president is keeping him from being with Olivia.
    So he gets a divorce, and the affair becomes public. When that happens, Millie becomes the most loved woman in the US, because she was a victim and all that.
    PLOT TWIST ALERT: Millie runs for president because she thinks it’s her time to fulfill her political aspirations, and she wins because of, well, the victim thing.

    So… Yeah.

    • arial2 says:

      Hopefully, Fitz has Jake filming Mellie the same way he’s filming Olivia because Mellie becoming President is the scariest scenario I can think of! Love the actor, but really, really cannot stand Mellie the psycho First Lady.

  11. Josh says:

    Great now Robin Hood’s villain will be Rumple..*sigh*…I use to love this show, not I feel it’s so uncreative and fun :(

    • Mike says:

      I wouldn’t say not creative, more just predictable.

      • WingsStef says:

        I still like the show, but think it is kind of amusing (and not necessarily in a good way) that Rumble is so many “different” characters. It is not necessarily bad either, but strange. Either so, I am still quite intrigued how the show spins the many stories.

  12. Blue Sunflower says:

    Nice to see it confirmed there was absolutely no point to the Reid/Maeve storyline, and that all the show wanted to do was repeat the same old Hurt Reid and Everybody Leaves Reid storylines. So nothing new. Hence why I stopped watching.

    • stop whining and let it go says:

      Yes, we get it. You hated the storyline. You’ve been whining about this storyline for months now in every venue that you can post in, saying the same exact things. For someone who claims to hate this show so much now, you certainly can’t stop talking about it. Let it go if it bothers you that much.

      • seriously. says:

        Yeah I agree with stop whining and let it go. Seriously you comment on EVERY article related to Reid on EVERY site. We all get it.

  13. Naomi says:

    I’m still thinking Hook was Peter Pan in his youth. In The Crocodile, they did kind of give the vibe that he’s been to Neverland even before he had the hook. Perhaps he went in his youth and that was when he was Pan? :)

  14. My gosh tvline are true gladiators, there has not been not 1 spolier post where there hasnt been no scandal scoop but hey I ain’t mad, i’m a gladiator as well.

  15. kirads09 says:

    “Saul Rubinek turns in a heartbreaking performance”
    That statement is making me concerned. I hope nothing happens bad (permanently) to Artie because he is my favorite character on Warehouse 13. Love Brent Spiner. Also great to know Polly Walker (adored her in ROME) will be on. Not to mention how awesome CCH Pounder and Kate Mulgrew are. So much greatness in this show, hope it continues to use them to their potential.

    • Sheila says:

      It may just be Artie reacting to Leena’s death

    • Shannon says:

      I love W13 and looking forward to its return especially with James Marsters aka Spike to the show. I have to get use to James Marsters w/o dyed blonde hair like he did for the character Spike. He is a great addition, but did they have to get rid of someone to make room for him?

  16. kirads09 says:

    Criminal Minds just needs to do more Reid centric episodes. Hopefully with some positive things happening for him in his personal life. Need more MGG awesomeness – he is basically the only reason I ever tune in at all.

    • eds says:

      Me, too!

    • Angela says:

      I do love the cast and characters in general on this show-I think they’ve got a good chemistry and they’ve all had some excellent individual moments of their own. But yes, Reid is my particular favorite, too. I too hope he does manage to find some happiness, lord knows he sure as hell deserves it.

      • Blue Sunflower says:

        For a character who nearly cries when it’s announced they’re going paperless, it’d be completely out of character for him to get over Maeve and be happy any time before the show is ultimately canceled.

    • Dixie says:

      I love MGG too. But let’s not overlook Joe Mantegna. What a seasoned actor and a class act!

  17. Thilia says:

    I personally am shocked that 666 will air its final episodes during the summer. Last time I heard the summer episode promise it was for Breaking_In and Bones bonus episodes last season….both of which Fox never kept their promise on.

  18. Shannon says:

    I hope they are not going to make Belle also Maid Marion. That would just be annoying.

  19. Shannon says:

    I hope Ziva aka Cote De Pablo comes back for more NCIS. The show would not be the same without her. I am liking that she is coming back to be her kick butt self, but with some humor. Come on we finally need to see her and Tony together instead of these teasers we have gotten for 7 seasons.

  20. AT says:

    Tom Ellis is one of the stars of another pilot. So if that gets picked up (and I hope it does) they better do his backstory on OUAT real quick, otherwise what’s the point? He’ll just turn into another Lancelot (which was the worst interpretation of that character…EVER) and Tom Ellis is better than that! No need to waste good casting.

    • Autumn says:

      Tom Ellis deserves a better show than OUAT honestly. And his pilot sounds awesome. But I guess they could just have him guest star every once in a while. Certainly the best casting since Jamie Dornan.

  21. Guest! says:

    Really? I totally disagree with all the Ziva haters on this page.. All this hate for a fictional character is very amusing! So people want Ziva to pay for her sins and her lies? If you want to hold characters accountable for all their sins then we need to start with Vance, Gibbs and Abby. All three of them should have been fired at the end of season 7 for suppressing evidence and hiding and lying about the report that proved that Gibbs assassinated the man who killed his family. Of course that won’t happen because this is a TV show and it thrives on drama and unrealistic situations to keep the story line moving forward. And according to TV Q scores (they measure an actors popularity) Pauley Perrette is number 1 and Cote de Pablo is number 2 so I don’t think she will be going anywhere. And I am all for the TIVA! Bring it on! We have waited patiently for 8 years for them to get together. I think we deserve to have our patience rewarded!

    • Burdie says:

      If all the hate for a fictional character is very amusing, so is cheering for a fictional couple to “get it on”, “tired of waiting”, and all that. It isn’t a soap opera. If Tony and Ziva do “get it on” which they did in Paris already (and hints of it prior to Tony getting involved with Jeanne) it will turn this otherwise very good show into a soap opera. It doesn’t matter if Ziva pays for all her misdeeds and sins, just stop all this nonsense with Tony. Find a love interest for each of them and make it stick. Tony fell in love with Jeanne, was strongly attracted to EJ, obsessed over the lady who was a tv personality but ended up dying, obviously Ziva has never been enough for Tony.

      As for those polls, they are cheatable. And mean absolutely nothing. Nor would I put much stock in TV Q scores when there is absolutely not one single way to monitor 100% of the viewers to find out who is popular and who isn’t. To state factually and give credit to Ziva for the ratings, is dreaming at best.

    • estefania says:

      well said

    • Shannon says:

      Actually suppressing evidence is not so out there that it would not happen in real life, because it has happen in real life but it never gets news coverage. Abby did not suppress evidence she gave the report to Vance and the Lawyer chick got a hold of the report as well. Gibbs was ready to go to trial and Vance decided not to turn it over to the Mexico agent who turned out to be corrupted and he placed it in a box. The lawyer chick says she could fight it and win which under the circumstances if Gibbs was to go to trial for it he would probably be acquitted. Abby wanted Gibbs to tell her to destroy it, but Gibbs told her not to and to do what was right. The people who were asking for the stuff were corrupt in themselves, so I think you are misguided in your thinking regarding the characters and their suppression. Ziva has paid for some things in a way, but I think she finally realized where her true loyalties and where her family is in NCIS because they have always been there for her and had her back and helped her especially when Ziva was set up to appear as though she killed a federal agent and was being framed by her ex partner.

  22. Kay says:

    SPIKE!!!!!!! <3

  23. kath says:

    Thanks for the NCIS spoiler. I really like the character of Ziva, she’s larger-than-life and is a big draw to the show for me. I’m excited to see what this arc will be like.

    I’ll be interested to see how Tom Ellis does on OUaT, and looking forward to see his story with Rumple. The rest of the spoiler, not so much. It feels like the show has taken a giant step (pun intended) away from Emma and her voyage and become about everything but her — Neal and his story past and present, Belle, Mary Margaret’s descent into darkness, Mulan/Aurora/Philip, Regina, Cora and Hook, and most of all the show’s demand that I feel endlessly sorry for Regina no matter what she does. Right now, I’d prefer it if the show stopped throwing all those story lines at me about characters I don’t really care about and spent some time having its main characters, especially Emma and Henry, process all that has happened to them in the past two seasons.

  24. Berry says:

    James Marsters back on my tv screen in Warehouse 13?? Wowsers…please tell me it will be a recurring role as his guest spots always leave me wanting to see more !

  25. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Oh my goddd, flailing over here! Ziva is by far my favorite character, and I love when she gets the “big” storylines… Particularly when it pulls her closer to Tony! Here’s hoping this year is THE year for Tiva! Just saw the picture of them slow dancing from the April 23rd episode and I can’t stop smiling, hehe!

  26. Claire says:

    Fantastic news regarding NCIS! Looking forward to the last four episodes of Season 10 — although it was like we blinked at 10×1 and poof, here we are! Season 10 has by far been one of the most enjoyable seasons. The cast and crew are to be congratulated for showcasing some outstanding episodes. Now the cherry on top will be the news that Cote has SIGNED for another two or three years! Waiting ever so impatiently for that treat. :)

  27. star says:

    OMG at the NCIS spoiler,I am so excited,Ziva is my all time favourite character and I can’t wait to see what happens.

  28. MaryC says:

    Criminal Minds is the BEST show on TV. That is just MY opinion and I’m sure that of many others :) I have never missed an episode an episode. All of the characters have dealt with a horrible tragedy. Hotch/ the Reaper killing Haley (by the way I love Hotch, he’s hot and smart), Gideon’s girlfriend being killed by serial killer Frank, Garcia being shot, Morgan being arrested then revealing being molested as a youth, Prentiss’ past catching up with her about Ian Doyle and almost dying. But Reid has had the lions share of tragedy. One character always does. But I agree that he is way overdue for some serious happiness in his life and I hope they script some in for him.

    I love the story lines that are scripted. Scary. Some based on true cases. I can never get bored with CM’s. The only thing I wish that the creators would do is bring back Prentiss. She was awesome.

    Ok, thats my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanx for reading me.

  29. Katya says:

    I’m one of those hoping Cote de Pablo doesn’t re-sign for NCIS. I was an avid fan of the show for many seasons but finally too much Ziva and the focus on Tiva made me give up on it. It wasn’t the show I loved so much in the early years. If Cote left then I’d start watching again.

  30. Spikenalabama says:

    UGH I wish Ziva was gone from NCIS. I cannot stand that character (I know, probably in the minority here!!).

    • Krystal says:

      Very much in the minority

    • Memo says:

      So psyched about the NCIS spoiler. Ziva is my favorite so anytime she gets a storyline it makes me happy.

      As for Tiva –

      I saw the EW dancing in Berlin spoiler and their feelings for each other are easy to see and MW’s tweets about it made me a happy shipper.

      Can’t wait for the final 4 episodes in the best season ever

    • Burdie says:

      Not in the minority as much as it appears. Just because it is posted here, doesn’t make it necessarily true or accurate everywhere. Regardless of what is said, CBS made the decision to go with Ziva. Tiva was a done deal. It wasn’t because the fandom went crazy for either Ziva or Tiva, the decision was made and that was that. Whether you liked one or the other didn’t matter. If you want to watch the show, enjoy the rest of the cast/characters, you have to tolerate the one you don’t like. Eventually the show will end along with Ziva and Tiva. And what will they do then?

  31. kenya says:

    i saw the preview and I can’t wait for this episode, love ziva, love NCIS, love the show and every single one of them, the chemistry between the characters is what make the show # 1.

  32. Kerry says:

    Okay so I’m super exited for the finale arc, Tiva better happen cause us Tiva shippers have been waiting like for ever!

    As for you guys bashing on Cote/Ziva. We all have our opinions… yes, even I – an avid Tiva shipper- will admit at times I got fed up of all the Tiva hype every week just to come out disappointed every Tuesday night when nothing significant happened but I mean people come on! Enough with the exaggerations with the “I hate Ziva” and “cotes not even that good at acting”, “she’s not popular” etc etc. Because at the end of the day they’re just opinions, not fact.

    I understand Tiva may not be something some people may not want but I mean come on. Hating on us “shippers” isn’t gonna get you anywhere because like it or not we’ve got the biggest majority of people so your Anti-Tiva tirade is too little to late… if you hated it that much maybe you should have started at the beginning of it all in season 3 instead of waiting 8 years and allowing a HUGE fan base to form and then try and hate on the ship in its “prime year” where its most likely going to actually happen.

    • Burdie says:

      I am a non-shipper and don’t like Ziva. I don’t think the hating is right. And some of the opinions here aren’t made with hate. I see the word “hate” when nothing even close to hate was used. People jump to the conclusion that if you don’t like a character or couple, it has to be hate and it isn’t. It doesn’t matter what the non-shippers have done, CBS went with Ziva, her backstory, so on and so forth. It’s just that some of us have watched the show regardless of and in spite of Ziva. The only time these teasers show up is towards the end of or just before a season starts. Which starts another round of opinions and the varying ways of expressing them. It’s the same every year. I enjoy reading the different opinions if they are stated in a mature and reasonable way but when fans go off the deep end either way, it just riles up the other side and things get ugly. The non-shippers haven’t waited for a HUGE fan base to build up and then say something. It’s been the same season after season. Tiva could happen. But doesn’t anyone stop to think that they are throwing out the big teases just to keep those fans watching, keep their rates up, keep people hoping? Once they do Tiva, where do they go from there? Maybe they will do the same thing they did with Harm and Mac. Wait until the final episode, when the series ends, to put them together. I just wish they’d either do Tiva or give it up. Go one way or the other. Get it over with.

  33. Marisol says:

    Love Ziva – love Tiva – love the show

    And for you few threatening to leave the show if tiva happens or Ziva stays – good bye & good riddance!

    The shows is more than that, but if that is
    Where you want to hang your hat – don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Spoiled little brats who dont want to play anymore if things dont go their way.

    Your pithy numbers won’t even be missed.

    Test me on this. Please.

    • Shannon says:

      Well we got a really big tease when Ziva and Tony went to Paris to pick up the witness and each gave varying stories of their sleeping arrangements, so hopefully these 2 will do some more banter and teasing back and forth and then finally get together. Honestly, I was not pleased when Ziva came and always thought Tony would end up with Kate because before Ziva he risked his life for her. I think Ziva is Tony’s match and they compliment each other and isn’t 7 seasons of teasers enough? I agree Tony has risked a lot when it comes to Ziva. I also miss the Gibbs head slaps. I do have one question that I cannot remember if it got resolved or if it came to light for Gibbs. I forget which season, but we learned a few seasons ago that Ziva was ordered to kill her brother by her father, so she could gain Gibbs’ trust and access to the team. hence making her a double spy. I think it did, but was not sure I think it came out the season Michael Rifkin died and Ziva left and when she was kidnapped Tony and the gang rescued her not Moussad.

  34. Trish says:

    Yes, let’s just stomp & pout if we don’t get our way.

    Good thing the shippers didn’t feel that way the past 7 years.

    And as far as .Ziva has never been enough for Tony – what show are you watching?

    She’s the only he ever risked.his life & career for.

    The show is going there – get over it or get on board or stomp away.

  35. Sam says:

    Yes, let’s and while we are stomping and pouting lets also send hateful tweets to MW and anyone else at NCIS and CBS because surely they will listen to trash about their friend and costar and suddenly change their minds & fire Cote by killing off Ziva.

    You should really be careful because your ugly is showing.

  36. Shannon says:

    Here is to hoping Ziva/Cote gets to get back to her kick butt ways and see her fighting some more again.

    • kath says:

      I agree! The toned-down (dare I say wimpy?) Ziva of seasons 8 and 9 really made me miss who she had been.

      Ziva has always been a larger-than-life character on the show (as opposed to Kate or McGee or Palmer who are more realistic). Trying to cut her down to ordinary so she can be a non-descript team member while Tony and Vance starred along with Gibbs was spoiling the show for me.

  37. the color purple says:

    Love Ziva. Love Tiva. Enough said.

  38. Burdie says:

    Wow. The Tiva shippers aren’t much better than the Ziva/Tiva haters when it comes to sarcasm, put downs and being nasty. To hate a fictional character doesn’t make sense. Just like going off the deep end because you really like one, doesn’t either.

    Since when are the Ziva fans or Tiva shippers the only ones who have the right to voice their own opinions? We all watch the same show, we just see things differently and are entitled to voice our own opinions. Making silly and immature remarks to the non-shippers isn’t going to get them to see your point of view. Just as making the same remarks to the shippers isn’t going to resolve anything either.

    Cote will more than likely be back. Maybe the shippers will get Tiva. But I wonder. Are you going to go stomping around, throwing hissy fits and stop watching when it doesn’t happen? No, you won’t. You will keep waiting for it. Just like the non-shippers have the right to get tired of the same old merry-go-round that has taken up so much time for too many seasons.

    I suppose it would be too much for some of the fans to discuss their points of view in a mature and unemotional way. It actually does work. There is one important fact that everyone has agreed upon. This is a very good show and the ratings have shown that. We all have watched whether we like/hate Ziva or Tiva. The rest is based upon opinion, which everyone is entitled to.

  39. fan1 says:

    I am a Tiva/Ziva fan. I have been since Cote de Pablo joined the show in season 3. I have watched their relationship evolve over the years. I did not go on fan pages and whine and pout when Jeanne, EJ, Michael Rivkin, CI RAY, etc…made their appearances. I did not stop watching the show. I will not stop watching the show even if they are not together by the end of the season. I like their chemistry, but it is not the only reason that I tune in on a weekly basis. Yes, Ziva fans are a little defensive. Between this page and the TVFanatic page, any time one makes a comment about liking Ziva, someone has to make a comment about how much they hate her. Not really necessary because usually it is said just to get a rise from the previous poster. It also is frustrating because the episode could be about McGee or Palmer and Ducky or Gibbs and someone will find a 30 sec snippet about Ziva or Tiva and complain about it. They look for the one thing they hate about her(even when the episode isn’t about her) and go off on that tangent. I can handle someone hating or disliking a character. I get it. I have watched several shows where one of the leads really aggravated me. The difference is, I didn’t go on fan pages and state the same diatribe over and over again. I just stopped watching. And if I didn’t stop watching, I didn’t complain about that character on a continuous basis. At the end of the day, whatever happens between fictional characters in a fictional world will not change the outcome of your real life. So, if Tony and Ziva get together, so be it. If they don’t, I am not going to curl up in a ball and die and come on these pages and complain about it. Nor will I come on here and be overzealous and in people’s faces if they do get together. But, I doubt that I will be able to say the same for a lot of Ziva/Tiva haters that will go on fan pages and say the same things they say ALL the time. My favorites are that Ziva is a Mary Sue soap opera victim or that Tony is her purse or that the writers are wanking Ziva (look up wanking and please tell me what the ranter is trying to imply because I don’t get it) or that Tiva makes Tony look like a dumb ass, and so on and so forth. These things have even been brought to the attention of one of the writers, Christopher Waild. Another poster on another page stated how Chris Waild responded to a tweet complaining about idiot Tony & Super Ziva with the comment that was something along the lines of “if that is what you want to see or if that is what you are looking to see, that’s what you are going to see” These things are posted even when the particular episode being reviewed isn’t even about Tony and Ziva or Tiva. I guess it is just the mean spirited way that people talk about Ziva/Cote. it is really unnecessary and uncalled for. I am perfectly fine with a character/person being disliked but sometimes people hit below the belt. Nor do I believe that Ziva fans need to respond back so vehemently. There can be a lot more respect on both sides. I have never gone on a fan page and gushed about Ziva if the episode had nothing to do with her. I talk about what the episode is about and just ask that others do the same. Oh, and by the way, I totally agree with whoever said that Gary Glasberg saying that Ziva will become closer to Tony in ways we never saw coming is ridiculous. Come on GG! You would have to live under a rock or be in complete denial not to notice ALL the Tiva innuendos this year! So, whatever happens, happens. I just look forward to the wild ride that NCIS always takes us on at the end of every season. I intend to sit back and enjoy the ride for what it is-fanastic entertainment and I suggest that every one else try and do the same!! : )

  40. John says:

    Oh good Lord, when will they cancel this crap. All those crime series are incredibly boring and yet so many people watch them. I don’t get it. It’s all the same.

  41. Tony and Ziva may happen but not in the way a lot of you shippers think that it’s going to happen and they aren’t ever going to be the focus of NCIS, it’s just not kind of show, i think a lot of you “TIVA” fans are setting yourselves up for some serious disappointment when or indeed IF it happens. I do not care either way, what happens between them, but if it does happen, remember one thing… YOU WILL MISS THE CHASE WHEN IT’S GONE. One last thing i would like to is that they need to crap or get off the pot.

  42. Superninja89 says:

    I just found out that episode 10×21 of NCIS will be titled “Berlin” and actually partially take place in Berlin.

    Can this get any more perfect? An NCIS episode with a promising amount of Tiva spoilers, taking place in the city I live and grew up in, airing only 4 days after my birthday!
    I did not ask for any birthday presents, but I really hope this will be one. :)

    • Superninja89 says:

      Oh, and before somebody gets on my back:
      I do ship Tiva, but it’s not the (only) reason I watch the show. They’re more like a bonus for me.
      So when I say birthday present, I mean I hope they will give us a really great episode.

  43. ann says:

    I really think Ziva is not coming back to NCIS next season..She has not signed a contract yet and how long has it been in the works..If she or they really wanted her back they would have already signed her. Something is going to happen from now until the finale..She may get killed or decide to go in another direction with her life..I hope she comes back she and Tony are the main reason I watch the show..She doesn’t take bull from anyone and I really admire that in her..I have 71 shows recorded and if she does not come back I will delete every one of them and I will not watch any of her and Tony ever again.. I may not watch the show at all next year if she is not in it.. She and Tony is just so marvelous together..They really play well off of each other…..Please ZIVA stay with NCIS//

    • Annie Cheviron says:

      I love NCIS, and have watched it for years. Please, please do not kill off Ziva! I do agree that the writers need to wake up a bit and do some better, deeper rolls for all the actors, but I just love the actors and their rolls. Don’t ruin it!

      • Shannon says:

        I love NCIS. I like Ziva although it took me awhile to warm up to her because I was angry about Kate. I hope the writers do not do another Kate because that would be idiotic. I wish they would return Ziva to her kick butt self and that she and Tony either continue to banter and make fun back and forth or just go ahead and get these two together. Either way i am fine with it. I am hoping that she stays. What fun would it be to keep having all the female agents get killed? We again have to break in another agent? I do not think that will work this time. it was a hard enough time getting the hang of Vance.

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