Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Scandal, Red Widow, Once, Grey's, POI, Beauty and the Beast and More

Scandal Grey's Anatomy SpoilersWill a Scandal secret-keeper be “exposed”? Can Red Widow solve a coke problem? What twists does Beauty and the Beast have on tap? Has Person of Interest‘s Finch met his distaff match? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

You’ve got Qs, and I’ve (usually) got As! On with the show….

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My crystal ball – or one of Kerry Washington’s tweets – told me there is at least a steamy Jake/Olivia sex scene in Scandal’s future. In which episode will that scene be featured, and will it involve shirtless Scott Foley? – Patrick
I cannot seem to track down this alleged/supposed/rumored KW tweet, but I nonetheless will assure you this: A well-placed source confirms that “a very hot shirtless Scott Foley scene” is a-coming. (Brace yourself, Felicity!) The precise when and why, though, I must leave you to ponder.

Any spoilers for NCIS: LA? Pleeeeze!!!! –lgnyc1
If only because you went with the non-traditional “z” spelling of “please,” I give you show boss Shane Brennan talking up the season finale (airing May 14). “It is incredibly powerful, and I can tell you it involves Sam and his wife and the story arc that we’ve been playing so far over the season,” he shares. “It’s a fantastic finale. We’re coming home very strong, we feel.”

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Please give us some Beauty and the Beast scoop! Thanks! — Lindsey
What if I told you that secrets about Cat’s family will start to unravel… and they might not be about whom you think? (That’s just me being coy: They will not be about whom you think.) Watch for those twists to trickle out soon and continue to do until the very last second of the season.

I’m hooked on Red Widow! Any spoilers? The show keeps getting better I can’t wait for the next episode. –nkristel
I have, alas, no spoilers. Unless you count an exclusive clip from this Sunday’s episode a “spoiler.” If so, then yes, I have “spoilers”:

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How about some Person of Interest scoop? Like, will there be any more Zoe this season? – Shawn
There is still no news on the Zoe front, with Paige Turco busy off shooting her CW pilot. Instead, I can A) remind that Sarah Shahi is due back as the similarly kick-ass Shaw on April 4, and 2) reveal that the just-renewed CBS drama will introduce in its Season 2 finale (airing May 9) the recurring character of Mrs. Penn, a powerful, intelligent and wry 50something femme who never flinches in the face of danger.

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If Once Upon a Time‘s Tamara basically has been lying to Neal about everything, then she also possibly lied about Hook. Any scoop on him? –@onceuponamirror
Your hypothesis would seem to be sound, about lying liars and the lies they tell and all. As for scoop on Hook himself, I can promise you’ll never guess where he next turns up. BONUS SCOOPLET: This just in from Deadline: Brit Michael Socha (aka Tom from the UK’s Being Human) has been cast as The Knave in the Wonderland-centric Once spin-off.

How can I sign up to be on the show Stranded? –Mark
Rest assured you are one of many readers who have asked/are asking about going on a ghost hunt. Alas, I am told that production on Season 1 of the Syfy freshman is already wrapped, so… cross fingers and hope it scares up a renewal?

Do you have any info if April will be taking her boards again on Grey’s Anatomy? – Babar
As a matter of fact, I brought your inquiry to Sarah Drew herself. “She brings it up again in [an upcoming episode], but she still has not taken them,” the actress answered. “I don’t know if that’s going to happen before the end of the season, or if it’s not happening until next season.” Asked to account for the hold-up, Drew ventured, “I think she’s just been pretty preoccupied, and hasn’t had a chance to do the studying and prep in the way she needs to.” Oh, sure, blame it on the hunky guy named Matt. Typical.

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[Tonight] is the two-part season finale of Raising Hope, and those two episodes are the 21st and 22nd ones of the season. I’ve read on other sites (like The Futon Critic) that the show has a 24-episode order, so what’s the deal? –Nicolas
The “deal” is that those “missing” two episodes were in fact shot but are being banked to air as part of the already-ordered Season 4.

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