Grey's Recap: She Ain’t Crazy, She’s a Mother!

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Recap Sarah ChalkeThis week on Grey’s Anatomy, special guest star Sarah Chalke is so convinced that her son has something way worse than strep that she convinces everyone else that she’s nuts. Everyone, that is, except for Meredith, who respects her mother’s intuition and finally diagnoses the boy as having Kawasaki disease. Afterward, Mer asks Bailey to do her genome mappy thing on Zola so that, if need be, she, like Sarah, will be able to fight for her child. She also wants to be checked out herself, for fear that she’ll someday be stricken with Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile, the rest of the hospital deals with the fallout from a tanker explosion by necking, crying and calling each other names. What? Doesn’t your HMO cover necking?

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THIS MIGHT HURT A LITTLE | When Matthew is brought in injured after saving a kid’s life in the tanker blowup, April is all “OMG! OMG!” to his face. However, behind the scenes, she seems to be rethinking her past (and future?!) with Jackson. (When he comforts her following the death of a patient, they nearly kiss, even!) Later, as April prattles on to Matthew about God intending some people to be together, Matthew jumps to the absolute wrong conclusion and announces, “I love you, too.” Awkward.

STICKS AND STONES | After Alex finds Jo and Chesty making out – twice, for Pete’s sake! – the level of animosity between the rivals rises to such a level that it’s a wonder sedatives aren’t prescribed. “You’re a douche,” Alex says. “You’re a douche,” Chesty replies. And with that, they conclude their Oscar Wilde quote-along.

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FATHER FIGURE | When both of a boy’s parents are left in serious condition following the highway disaster, Owen’s paternal instincts kick in big time. In fact, not only does he bond with the youngster, he even questions Cristina’s treatment of his dad. Oh no you di’n’t!

HEADACHE | Explaining that Owen says she “need[s] to learn brainy things,” Heather crashes Shane’s rounds with Derek. But, as soon as McDreamy warms to Mousy, ol’ Happy goes from being supportive and encouraging of his friend to paranoid and nasty to his foe.

SPEECH! SPEECH! | Callie is bummed that, because of all the surgeries that suddenly need to be performed, she won’t be able to attend the TED conference – until Arizona lets slip that her cartilage speech is deadly dull. Luckily, by the time Arizona and Richard arrange for Callie to “attend” via videoconference, she’s been coached enough to know that she needs to personalize her talk.

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  1. Martin says:

    Is it too early to say – “And the Emmy for Guest Actress in a Drama goes to…Sarah Chalke!!”

  2. Ana says:

    Here’s my review: Sarah Drew has gorgeous hair. Sarah Chalke was phenomenal and I could not keep my eyes dry during her scenes. I got an education tonight on something I knew nothing about. This story touched me so much I won’t even make a stink about the fact that this was a peds case and Meredith never bothered to consult anyone in peds until after she diagnosed the disease. Jason is such a skeezeball that I am now finally rooting for Jolex to happen. I want to see Alex wipe that douchey smile off McJerky’s face. Nicely played Shonda. This is the first episode ever that I was interested in a neuro case because I loved Heather, the circus act. She was awesome. My dislike for all things Shane and Stephanie continues to be reinforced. I’m not minding Leah. I like her bedside manner and her competence. But quite unexpectedly, what really rattled me was the promo for next week. Meredith is not and has never been my favorite but if she comes out positive for Alzheimers I will probably throw a fit. That promo actually made me cry even more than the KD story. This was a very emotionally draining episode.

  3. me says:

    Today I’ve finally realized that I have become readdicted to Grey’s Anatomy. Having forgotten the murkiness of the Izzie/George random double deaths and the inappropriately placed Callie/Mark sex, Grey’s has refound its footing (which I thought it lost forever after killing Mark and Lexie)! And I am so happy. I have never been more invested in so many storylines. The new interns are actually kinda fun, the writers know just how much screentime they should have. The Alex-Jo pace is perfect as well as Jackson and April (who btw have ridiculous chemistry lately!). Todays episode was beautiful and heartfelt. I’m glad the mother wasn’t crazy because sometimes they can be right! The season is moving towards a great season finale. I can’t wait to see how the hospital ownership plays out, what happens between Owen and Cristina, and if Jackson will take his shirt off again! So excited!

  4. Donnie says:

    Um. Plot hole. Does nobody remember that Callie is terrified of presenting? Remember Time Warp?

    • Ana says:

      Not a plot hole. That was the point of everything that she went through this episode. That she hates to speak in front of crowds. That’s why she had such a hard time working and delivering her speech. But at the end she realized that she just had to make it real instead of being just about the science. That was her journey tonight. If anything, plot explored, developed and realized… She found a way to connect with her audience.

  5. forwarddad says:

    What did the recapper do watch this ep on ff?

  6. Jam says:

    Worst recap ever

  7. tega says:

    Bad recap

  8. tega says:

    Bad recap!were u forced?

  9. luli says:

    Please, if you are going to recap a show at least invest some time and effort when doing it, maybe a little of emotion? thank you.

    • shuaib says:

      I have been saying this for so many weeks! Andy patrick is as douchy as pecwell.
      If we all tweet at ausiello and tvline to change reviewers it mite work.

  10. Tia says:

    Meredith’s case was the best. Loved to see Ellen and Sarah in scenes together.

    MerDer were so cute in the beginning, need more of them!! And Zola is adorable. The last scene broke my heart completely and the promo made me bawl.

    Too much April and too much Owen. Owen with the boy was forced. It’s like the writers don’t know what to do with his character and put a boy there to follow around.

    Calzona storyline was boring and didn’t fit.

  11. FanAgain says:

    The recap is spot-on. I thought Grey’s Anatomy was back on track but this weepy of an epi was just horrible. So I feel the recapper’s pain. I think the only other thing he could have done was to say that he didn’t enjoy this episode. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s totally legit. I absolutely hated this episode and thought it was utterly boring. That’s usually the case when GA focuses on the patients and the storyline involves some lame catastrophe.

    I wish Owen and Cristina would break up already. He wants kids and there’s no denying it. No amount of carnal pleasures can make up for it. Plus, their relationship is based on hot air, there’s nothing to save.

  12. Jess says:

    This Episode was great, loved everything about it, and next Week looks even better OMG Meredith

  13. Ted says:

    Best show ever, i wonder how the season 9 will end????? this is just getting more and more interesting and DRAMA all the way like it :) I wonder if the ending has something to do with the detective who is coming to investigate something??

  14. hello says:

    Lexie back to life yet?

  15. kimski says:

    I loved the show. I wonder if Grey’s will end after 10 Season’s. I know the main characters are all signed through next year. It was right that Meredith take the case since when the show started she told Derek Zola was coming and she knew because she could feel it and sure enough when he opened the door there she was. I so hope she gets to have the baby without any major complications. It would be nice to see her character have a happy period without any bad tangled story in it. Meredith deserves it.

  16. Sam says:

    Way way way too much Owen. Couldn’t care less about his aching womb.

  17. A says:

    Clearly the whole Owen and the kid thing is gearing up to the having kids issue between him and Cristina being brought up again. Really not looking forward to this inevitable story line. Sarah and Ellen were amazing in this episode. So sick of douchy Peckwell. Mousy is awesome! Meredith and Bailey at the end was so sad. I truly hope she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s.

  18. Rod says:

    Liked this episode more than the previous one, but still can’t see the need of showing a shy Callie again, can’t see weepy Jo/jealous Alex anymore, can’t stand C/O anymore and that fake relationship they pretend to have and I developed an outstanding aversion to Owen. Sincerely, the kids storyline it’s beyond predictable and I am fed up of kids in this show. Enough of the damn kids! I hope He gets his kid and leave to the sunset with him hand in hand. I loved the kawsaki syndrome, that is an important issue to be highlighted in a show like this. And yes, they are shoving the interns down our throats. Jo is the most insufferable.

  19. Dani says:

    I think it would be interesting for Christina and Arizona to have a conversation about not wanting kids as they originally shared the same view the only thing that disappointed me with the whole Christina and Owen baby problem is that Christina never seemed to give his point of view any thought

    • Ninna says:

      She did give his point of view a thought! Unfortunately she didn’t give in to his demands because after thinking about it, her will prevailed, as it should since it was her body and her life that would be seriously affected, not his.
      The last word was hers and he didn’t accept this fact.

      • A says:

        I’m honestly so disappointed how some people like you completely ignore the man’s side of things and act like its so insignificant. First of all, no, Cristina did not give his point of view a thought at all. I don’t know what you were watching but she completely dismissed him over and over. She never actually “thought” about having a family. She just shrugged his wants without a care and what mattered to him and what he wanted was never gonna happen and he was forced to accept that. Secondly, yes it is her body and her life but what about “his” life? Is it completely insignificant just because he’s not the one who will carry the baby? And I don’t understand how you can say that it would only be “her” life that would be seriously be affected. Would they not be raising the child together? Are they not both surgeons who work and would have to balance their lives for their child and would affected by it? Is it because of her ambitions that his wants are inferior to hers? How is it fair for you to say that one spouses wants are inferior to another? Whether she ultimately wanted to have a child or not is besides the point, she was in a marriage. She had a partner, a husband and she needed to at least hear him out and acknowledge his needs, but she never really did. She just expected everything her way. Granted, Owen didn’t really make the situation and better by agreeing to her abortion and then getting angry about it. Its still a significant issue in a marriage and its not fair for one person to completely have a sole decision in the matter.
        Side note: This marriage was a ticking time bomb from the moment it happened. All of these issues should have been discussed before they got married and now that they are divorced and just having casual sex, its not really interesting because the marriage is doomed and a train wreck waiting to happen and it is inevitable that the family issue will come up.

  20. Maria says:

    There are way too many characters on the show right now, some of them are not needed. Sarah Chalke did a great job, as did Sarah Drew. The Jackson and April story arc has been a refreshing one to watch and it helps that they have chemistry. Looking forward to the build up to the finale.

  21. Nancey says:

    Solid episode all around.

  22. Ninna says:

    I was watching the part where she said she didn’t want kids in front of him, Teddy and Callie , BEFORE marriage and the camera showed that he perfectly understood that but dismissed that as something trivial and that in due time would be solved in his ways.
    He just shrugged her wants without a care and what mattered to her. What mattered to him was his welfare.
    I was watching the part where she went and told him how distressed she was for being pregnant while she could have gone in his back, aborted it and she had avoided everything she went through at his hands.
    I was watching the part where he kicked her out of their house, and she didn’t attend the first appointment and tried to call him for TWO WEEKS for them to talk about the issue and HIS FEELINGS, but as the child he is, he threw a huge tantrum and refused to talk to her. It was only after this that she made the second appointment. It’s not that she didn’t take his feelings into consideration it’s that in the end it’s her who chooses and we saw she was torn in that appointment. The problem here is that he didn’t want her to take his opinion into consideration , he wanted her to change her mind. He wanted things his way.

    Yes, when we marry, our partner’s needs have to be counted in consideration, and this is true also for Owen, but what were you expecting? she would have kids only to please him even she doesn’t have the slightest will or parenting instinct? Should we rape our soul only to appease a partner? He should have married a woman who wanted kids so badly as him not to force them on one who clearly don’t ache them and warned him in the first place.
    She never actually “thought” about having a family, neither should him after being married to a free kids person. Doesn’t that behavior of him touch you as something so very selfish? She’s the only selfish here?!

    Why do I say ” “her” life that would be seriously be affected. Would they not be raising the child together? Are they not both surgeons who work and would have to balance their lives for their child and would affected by it?”

    Because the women are the ones who have the teats. Because what we see around us is woman sistematically harmed in their aim of life over kids. Kids are still women propriety nowadays. And with that kind of man, she would be expected to step in full force once his more important job demanded his full attention. And frankly to let the kids 98% of the time with nannies, why have them in the first place?
    At my house I do 90% of work in raising my kids, but my husband is absolutely convinced he does the same amount as I do. And surprise, surprise at my sisters and sisters-in-law happens the same. And with my neighbours too. I don’t need to tell you what are the ramifications of all this, do I? Of course men want kids and all of them without exception promise to share the work, but you know what, THEY DON’T. In the end is woman’s life and career which is affected badly.
    Just to end, I’m honestly so disappointed how some people like you completely ignore the woman’s side of things

    • tonywife says:

      I got your point, Shonda has no plan to Crowen couple, that’s a big problem Crowen story made no sense all the time, Wouldn’t surprise me if Crowen get marry in saeson end? or Cristina agree to have kid with Owen? or Owen will adopt a kid and leave Cristina? who knows?

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