American Idol Season 12 Top 8 Results Recap: Ask a Baby Not to Cry [Updated]

American Idol season 12 Top 8 results recapPractically every second of American Idol provides juicy fodder for conspiracy theorists, paranoid superfans and hardcore cynics on their second glasses of sauvignon blanc.

Take, for example, the Season 12 Top 8 results telecast: As the five remaining ladies and three surviving guys teamed up for a performance of Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll,” I wondered to myself, who’s going to be stuck with the line, “say I’m old-fashioned, say I’m over the hill”? And will that be the tipoff as to who’s walking the plank and joining the “Eighth-Place Club” alongside Jon Peter LewisMichael Johns, Nadia Turner and Haley Scarnato. (Three out of four ain’t bad!)

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Even though we had Jimmy Iovine predicting the end of the road for underperforming Lazaro “two songs in one week is one song too many” Arbos, it was, alas, Devin Velez who got the dreaded lyric in question. Would it spell his d-e-m-i-s-e? Let’s cut to the critical shenanigans. Before we do, however, an update: Top 7 Week theme will be “Classic Rock, No Ballads.” Dare I say I’m intrigued and optimistic??? 

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SENT TO SAFETY (in no particular order)
Kree Harrison
Candice Glover
Janelle Arthur
Angie Miller
Amber Holcomb

Lazaro Arbos
Burnell Taylor
Devin Velez
CORRECT! (Based on overall body of work, anyhow.)

Burnell Taylor

Lazaro Arbos

Devin Velez: Perry Como’s “It’s Impossible” | I can’t say I was rooting for the judges to use their save — Lazaro* Devin has never really performed like a potential winner, and probably needs a good five years before his depth of feeling matches his pitch perfection — but this was a pretty flashy vocal without any technical flaws whatsoever. (* See how my subconscious takes over when it’s angry about results? Oy!)

And yet, it was not enough. “It is not unanimous,” said Randy Jackson. “We’re not gonna use [The Save].” Not surprising, really. The Season 12 save actually has this symbol carved into its visage. (Also, Nicki’s seated position as her fellow judges offered a standing ovation for “It’s Impossible” was a pretty good indicator of how it was gonna all play out.)

Colton Dixon American Idol performanceSure, it should have been Lazaro who walked the plank — he was clearly No. 9 out of the Top 9, and clearly No. 8 of the Top 8 — but fluttering eyelashes, good hair and the threat of tears can carry you pretty far in this competition. (Probably not past seventh place, though.)

A few other notes on the telecast:

keith-urban-american-idol-performance* Is there a sadist in the Idol wardrobe department, or was Lazaro’s white suspenders, gold bowtie, and white shirt with turquoise tropical scenery a fashion hell of his own making?

* True confession: I miss the “Ford Music Video” segment. But that package about the Top 8 mentoring grade school kids on how to sing Phillip Phillips’ “Home” made me a little misty-eyed. (Yes, okay, I’m a softie!)

* I have to say, Jimmy’s unwavering enthusiasm for the awesomeness of Candice Glover has improved my opinion of him in a major way. Also: Let’s hope he makes good on that promise to include “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” on Janelle Arthur’s debut disc.

* Then again, what’s up with Jimmy insisting how much help Angie Miller needs? I mean, dude, you’re her frickin’ mentor! If you’re not down with her song choices, arrangements, and staging — then maybe you ought to verbalize it!

* I’m gonna need a few more listens to figure out if I dig Colton Dixon’s “Love Has Come for Me,” but he was in great voice — and he’s got stage presence out the wazoo. Nice to see him succeeding while staying true to his authentic self!

katharine-mcphee-one-republic-idol* I had similar feelings about the One Republic** Direction-Katharine McPhee duet, “If I Lose Myself,” especially because of the weird way Ryan Tedder held Kat’s mic. I dunno. She’s the Idol alum. I feel like her voice should’ve been more front and center through the performance, right? (**It’s all the same…only the names’ll change…)

* Keith Urban: Incredible! Mariah’s “#1 Keith Fan” placard: “Hashtag: Nyet.”

* After Kree’s off-screen faceplant (while celebrating Janelle’s run to safety) I have to ask: Why are the Idol stylists so hellbent on putting female contestants in literal killer heels? We can’t get a female winner if the Season 12 ladies are all sidelined with sprained ankles!

With that, it’s your turn. What did you think of Season 12 Top 8 results night? Did the right person go home? How’d Lazaro survive (again)? And did you dig Katharine McPhee and/or Colton Freakin Dixon? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. girlinmd says:

    Ridiculous Lazaro needs to go home! They have kicked people off for far less worse than him it’s getting annoying but YAY for Candice!!

    • Given that Lazaro was never even in Bottom 3 until this week it’s a big sign that the majority of whoever was voting for him at Top 10 and last week has almost completely gone. He still has a few fans, but if he is anywhere close to what he was last night, next week then he’ll be gone. I’ll say this though if any of the girls go before Lazaro I would be mighty upset.

      • girlinmd says:

        Agree if any girl goes home before him it would be a bad day for idol hopefully he is gone next week and no one else who is better than him has to leave

      • SassySis says:

        I don’t even think that Lazaro was in the bottom 3. I bet he was in the mid center, but AI put him in the bottom 3 for dramatic effect.

        • PDW says:

          they didn’t actually mention a bottom three – did they – they just declared people who were safe – or maybe I just missed it.

          It could be the huge drop-off of audience numbers watching it from last year as got Nigel worrying that they pushed too far on the girls in the lead always front and they are losing interest from the cute boy voters.

    • Mark says:

      Lazaro is still my favorite. LAZARO FTW!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      So glad voters are coming to their senses about Lazaro. He is in over his head.

      • Candice'sKree'sVoter! says:

        Yeah, I’m so happy they’re starting to see the truth and reality (eventhough it hurts them). Lazaro shouldve been voted out in the top 10 round, bcause Curtis was better than him, and so was Paul, and so was Devin!

        • SG says:

          I agree, Lazaro should hv gone even before Curtis, I don’t even like Curtis!

          • Temperence says:

            Dear god, Curtis should never even have been selected for the final round – he had zero chnace of selling anything, and he was utterly unpalatable. Ugh,

      • tewence says:

        agree…did anyone else think the way he was sitting on the couch after all the girls left to be slightly obnoxious?

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Yes. He is getting cocky and obnoxious. He is worst than Curtis. At least Curtis could sing – at times. Emphasis on – at times.

        • Gata says:

          I thought it was coockie as hell… I hope a lot of viewers noticed it and was as turned off as I was. He actually was leaning back with his foot on the couch like “I got this!!!”

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            He deserved to go. He has had the weakest vocals overall (even if he did do somewhat better this week) of the top ten and by that he should have already gone last week. OTOH it’s dangerous to start accusing contestants of this or that. It’s not easy being judges by millions of people, but it is very easy to sit on your couch in privacy and judge, and it’s also very easy to misread people’s tiniest little actions.

    • gregk says:

      Saw on the news that Sanjaya was literally singing in a subway station in New York. This sad fate could await Lazaro also if he follows the vote-for-the-worst course.

    • Leo says:

      I’m really upset that the male species are extremely screwed over this year.
      I hope Burnell and Lazarro got cut next and we have Top 5 with all the ladies. (Which means 10 performances with 10 glory notes)
      Just the thought of it makes me want to barf. I’m not against the ladies, just what they did to the “guys” race this year really piss me off.

      • Trouty Mouth says:

        I love Burnell though. He’s definitely my favourite out of the guys. I’d rather see Angie or Janelle go home before him. Lazaro definitely needs to go first, though.

      • Harvey says:

        I agree. Intentionally planting bad contestants into the competition is never good.

      • rio says:

        I agree. The ratings hit a real low this year and I think that’s why. These 5 guys CANNOT be the most talented males who tried out. Look at The Voice. I’d sure like to see Candice and Kree battling it out with guys with equal talent, rather than this group of not-ready-for-prime-time contestants. I know that reality shows are never truly unscripted, but AI’s seams really show this year. I don’t look forward to the show the same way anymore.

        • gazebo says:

          I think the producers and judges clearly had an agenda going into auditions. I couldn’t believe some of the people who were put into the top 10 guys and I know better singers were let go. They wanted to guarantee that a guy did not win. Compare Colton and Phillip from last year with any of the guys this year. Unbelieveable.

        • April says:

          It’s not even that they are bad singers. I mean, Lazaro isn’t the best, but he isn’t completely horrid either. They purposefully cast males who had absolutely no charisma or stage presence whatsoever. Just looking at Colton Dixon’s highlight reel on the show last night reminds you of how much of a SHOW he gave the audience. None of the guys cast this season are currently capable of giving us that—while on the other hand, they did cast girls who do a solid job of connecting to the audience.

          The problem is, that it makes it rather predictable and a boring season overall.

          They will get their girl idol, but at what cost?

    • Deb says:

      Only reason lazaro is still around is the website VFTW!

  2. Adrian says:

    Poor Devin, another victim of Lazaro’s sympathy votes.

    So, next week marks Amber’s return to the Bottom 3, right? There aren’t enough guys left to cushion her, and Janelle is probably holding down the #4 spot in votes. Sucks, I really like her.

    • lemon says:

      With Amber and Janelle, it is all about song choice. Either one could end up in the bottom next week. Both are getting smarter about it….they know what gets people voting.

      • lemon says:

        Also, Candice could end up in the bottom, too. Her support at the beginning was full of superlatives! followed by exclamation points! Now, I see a lot of people saying that she’s “always the same,” and they’re getting bored and moving on to other singers. really, only Kree and Angie have support no matter what they do. No one else does.

        • JR says:

          If I had to use the correct analogy, I would say that Candice is the Melinda Doolittle of season 12 and Amber is the Jordin Sparks. Not because I think Amber will win, but it’s because Candice started so good and is so consistent that I don’t feel she can develop any more, while Amber is showing her true colours more and more like Jordin did.

          • lemon says:

            Amber is my winner. To me, she has the best voice. The other stuff, “connecting”…etc… can be learned as she transforms from talented kid to professional performer.

          • SG says:

            And front runners rarely wins, if not “never at all”.

          • scrutinizer says:

            very astute analogy. amber definitely is growing each week. the girl could definitely be a huge pop/r&b star soon.

          • Wendy L says:

            Oh it’s so encouraging to see others feel about Amber as I do. I started as a Candice fan – which I Still Am – but Amber is my favorite and will be getting my votes until she goes. I agree that Candice has the challenge of getting everyone to focus on her while Amber is like a flower that is blooming.

          • duranmom says:

            SG, did you not think that David Cook or Carrie Underwood or Jordin Sparks was a frontrunner their whole season? Maybe the judges didn’t have them as the winner in their eyes but sorry, they OWNED their seasons.

          • Mercedes S. says:

            The only true front runner, from early interview to victory song, was Kelly Clarkson.

          • MB says:

            If you read her story, I forgot where I did she was not the front runner until the end.

        • Candice'sKree'sVoter! says:

          Omg, Candice is the strongest contestant this season, Candice and Kree will make it to the finale, Angie’s talent is nothing compared to hers! People can’t just bluntly vote for commercially-successful-recording-artist-to-be, American Idol should be the place for people with real singing talent. Candice will be a singing legend when she gets older.

        • Candice'sKree'sVoter! says:

          Because Angie is more of a recording artist who could be commercially successful. She’ll succeed without having to win. AI should be the place for real vocalists like Candice and Kree, so I really hope the two make it to the finale. Top 5 should be all girls. Then, Janelle should be eliminated (she can’t control her pitch and can’t hit high notes). Then, it should be Angie’s turn (sorry, I love her but she just isnt much of a real vocalists and doesn’t know the right technique, that’s why she often goes off-pitch). Amber shouldn’t get any further than top 3. And that would leave Kree and Candice in the finale! But it would be tough choosing the winner…

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Oh, a Kree and Candace top 2 is the stuff of dreams. I am trying not to think about it. I don’t want to jinx it :) What a show that would be…

          • your wrong angie should win this competition shes really the best singer in the whole world no one can eliminate angie.. i think angie will be the winner of the american idol season 12 vote straight vote wisely vote angie miller

        • rio says:

          Candice is the biggest talent, but I don’t expect her to win. She seems older than everyone else–maybe she is–and she won’t appeal to young viewers/voters. And she’s the only contestant I’d like to hear sing a ballad right about now. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her as one of those “shock” eliminations. They’ve got to do something to goose up the ratings.

      • Owen says:

        It depends if Angie improves. She’s been in bad form two weeks in a row. And I’m guessing she was the last of the girls to make it through.

        • lemon says:

          I wish that were true. I feel like Angie has a massive voting army.

          • deedee says:

            I feel that, too, which is why I’m fairly convinced she will win this show. :-|

          • marie says:

            @ deedee: Ugh, you could be right. For a number of reasons, Angie is among the most likely to win. I really don’t think the best singer, Candice, will pull off a win. I think Kree has a shot, Janelle maybe as well. But fire some reason I can’t quite figure out, I have a feeling that Angie might well be the winner.

          • My Alter Ego says:

            @Marie, if you, deedee, and lemon are correct, then it only goes to prove, yet again, that this show is nothing but a popularity contest.

            And, yes, I know that’s how it works, but, I still sometimes have delusional thoughts that maybe the best talent might actually win once — again.

          • gregk says:

            I’m in the army and hope she has a great rock performance next week. I’m still waiting for someone to do Grace Slick, maybe Kree would be best though.

          • Trouty Mouth says:

            I feel like Angie has the support of Colton Dixon’s vomit-inducing Messengers. Unfortunately.

          • Temperence says:

            Nah, the Christian rock crowd is limited,a nd the producers will never let that happen – it’s chart suicide.

        • Bruce Wayne says:

          Angie was not the last of the girls to make it through. In fact, she was the second to Janelle this week. Amber was last with Candice fourth.

          • lemon says:

            The names of the contestants were read in no particular order last night. We don’t know the ranking.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            No particular order, bull crap. Ryan said so himself, the three guys were the Bottom 3. The girls clearly won the voting last night, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kree came out on top.

        • Trouty Mouth says:

          IMO Angie is very put-together and cocky, so it’s hard for me to get behind her.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I think the girls votes are closer than we think…. Why else would uncle Nigel conceal the rankings? He is up to something…

      • deedee says:

        Mmm, Not sure about that. Nigel is paying attention to feedback. We overwhelmingly didn’t like the rankings revealed, so they’re gone. Next week’s theme is “Rock – No Ballads Allowed”. Where do you think he got that idea from?

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Really?!! Oh, now that’s gonna be good!

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            I just wonder how many of this year’s contestants are going to pull it off well. They don’t seem like rockers. It’ll be interesting at the least, regardless, and may cause some separation between them.

          • Trouty Mouth says:

            I’m looking forward to seeing Candice rock out. I think she’s going to kill the theme.

          • marie says:

            I think of all of the serious contenders (I’m not bothering to consider Lazaro), Angie its going to have there most trouble with next week’s theme. Heck, she couldn’t even handle mid-tempo pop like Shop Around.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            She really mangled Shop Around, but maybe she learned something from that. Thusfar, I don’t recall Burnell coming out the ballad zone – I am looking forward to seeing him do something different. And I would like to see show more energy from Kree. Just a little…

        • I’m very disappointed that they took away the rankings. I think they should keep it. That’s one thing I really liked about X-Factor last year that they revealed the rankings of every single contestant on every show.

        • marie says:

          We’re doubtless not the only board, and Slezak is probably not the only columnist, who have been decrying the overabundance of ballads in recent weeks – but, yes, I have a feeling we did help pull that off.

        • Mary says:

          I think it is great. It can go either way. In my opinion it will separate the truly talented to just the good ones. We know a few can sing uptempo but I think Brunell will have difficulty. I am looking for a fantastic show or a train wreck we will see. A true artist should be able to sing anything.

        • Noah Coleman says:

          That’s bad news for Angie.

      • Name That Tune says:

        It’s not really difficult to derive the results. Angie came into the top 20 with a huge lead. Both Kree and Candice have been steadily gaining followers and they are very close to each other. They still have half the followers that Angie has but she is starting to level off and they continue to rise.
        After that it’s Burnell who is very close to Candice and Kree.
        There is a big drop off to Janelle snd then Amber. Janelle should see a spike this week due to her strong performance last night.
        Despite the “no particular order” from Ryan, I think the order they announced the girls in is pretty close to reality. The raw numbers on Dial Idol has had Kree getting the most votes the past 3 weeks.

    • Candice'sKree'sVoter! says:

      Both Janelle and Amber have great voice, but Janelle has less control on pitch and can’t really hit high notes, and that is an extra for Amber… Remember Janelle’s performance in the top 9 round when she performed ‘I Will’? It was beautiful, her voice was amazing, but when it came to the high notes, she screwed up, especially the last note; “I WIIIIILLL”.

  3. Justin says:

    And to think people said a girl would never win this show again…

    • Chrles. says:

      Well, they really made that happening, choosing guys who aren’t great and that obviously had no chance against the girls… I’m sure they could’ve chosen better guys, but prob they didn’t want to.

      • darcy's evil twin says:


        Man, do I miss WGWG.

      • Owen says:

        No matter how great it will be when a girl inevitably wins, it will be sort of hollow as the producers manipulated the result. Now we can just hope Candice wins, as Janelle winning would be just one step above a WGWG, she being a PWGSC (pretty white girl singing country).

        • My Alter Ego says:

          Interesting point.

          • lemon says:

            In the Idol “fan world,” playing the guitar, while “changing up,” a song, and sitting alone, on a stool, equals creativity. In the Idol “fan world” it’s the opposite of “Pageant-y,” a pejorative thrown at attractive,slim women, wearing sexy clothes while singing ballads. Honestly, there are 1, 876, 987, 894 YouTube videos of people “changing up” songs while playing guitar. And we still think this is automatically indicative of creativity? Nothing against Janelle…I like her, but she is being VERY strategic here. I don’t blame her of course. They have all got years and years of Idol to look back on, and can strategize based on results.

          • JR says:

            @lemon I agree completely with you. I loved Janelle this week but that was because she sang the song with restraint and finesse, but most people fell in love with her performance mostly because of the arrangement and the guitar playing.

          • lemon says:

            Yep. She’s done the “sitting alone on a stool, singing intimately,” thing two weeks in row now. Next week is Rock Week. If there’s a way to sit alone on a stool and sing Rock intimately, I’m sure she’ll find it.

          • Rick says:

            And she has a guitar :>

          • Trouty Mouth says:

            @lemon, I agree with you. Guitars are overrated. Drums are where it’s at.

        • teatime says:

          This is why it was foolish for TPTB to go out of their way to get a female winner if they did it to appease the critics. The fact is no matter who wins people will complain and find reasons to say it was undeserved.

        • Mercedes S. says:

          As for hollow wins – that’s what Kris Allen “won”. Adam Lambert was the trur winner that year.

        • PDW says:

          Actually she is WGWG (white girl with guitar)

      • Chris says:

        I’ll have to agree here. The guys just can’t compare this season to the girls. There is no way I believed the judges would use their save on a guy -it’s going to be for a girl just like last year. It’s going to be interesting once the competition is all girls to who the teens are going to vote for now. Or if they stick with the show. I’m guessing because there isn’t a strong male in the bunch that some girls will probably not vote as much or perhaps stop watching.

      • georger says:


    • MB says:

      If a girl did not win this year with all they did to make sure it would happen you might as well just put a fork in it and say it is done. Not such a great triumph considering the extent of manipulation TBTB went through to insure a girl’s win. Hollow victory and something that will be talked about for years in relation to her win.

      • forrest says:

        Ratings continue to tick downward week after week. Regardless of Ryan’s ’21 million votes cast” statement, Idol has run its course with the viewing market flooded with The Voice, X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, Nashville Star, Duets, etc, etc. I like the talent this year, but the bad, bad performances are a real standout blight to this season. The judges hand picked these participants, so I can’t fully blame the dialing / voting public.

        • Scott says:

          And yet — are there alumni from the shows you list that are successful? Colton Dixon seems to do well. Phillip Phillips had a mammoth song hit. Who from the Voice or X-Factor, or all the others compares to them? (Not really listening to current music, so I genuinely don’t know)

          • forrest says:

            No argument about successes. The TV viewing public has other choices for their ‘singing competition’ attention. The ‘bad’ portions of American Idol weather it be contestants, judges, production, whatever just tells me there are other outlets to turn to for singing contests. The product has been diluted. There are bright stars on the program, but A.I. isn’t the center of the ‘singing contest’ universe anymore. IMHO. Back to the original point: Ratings are eyes on the program and those ratings continue to diminish for Idol. By the way, why does The Voice seem so fresh and fun, as oppose to my DREAD of seeing another trainwreck of a performance from the guys / Lazaro / Group sing – week after week? I’m just sayin’.

          • Ann says:

            Phil Phillips stinks. He’s a one hit wonder. He got lucky someone doing the Olympics liked the guitar strumming and the “la la la la la la la” parts in the song…

          • karenb says:

            @Ann: Phillip Phillips does not stink! His CD is amazing and he puts on a heck of a show. I’ve seen him twice. More great things coming from that guy.

          • Markus says:

            I agree with Karen B. Phillip Phillips’ CD is fantastic.

          • waterbug says:

            I agree Scott and I am music lover. I will pay for good music and concerts. The Voice and X-Factor winners are curious. I was dumbfounded with the winners on both shows. I wouldn’t put their tracks in my collection even if they were free. On the other hand, I bought Candice’s ” I who have nothing”. The last track I purchased from an Idol was a track by Daughtrey. I like Phillip’s home, but its overplayed so much on tv, cable, olympics, etc etc etc. I would never buy it. Copies are never better than originals and the success level of AI contestants and the market supports this fact.

          • Temperence says:

            Phillip Phillips is doing great, and has a second hit and a successful album, and the album is pretty teriffic. The haters will jabber, but he actually *just* released his second single this month, so get a grip (Gone, Gone, Gone, which is a great song).

        • Nephtalia says:

          When it comes to ratings, I don’t think it has nothing to do with the quality of the program. It is the good old age factor. No matter how good a show is, it will peak and go down. It’s like good food, no matter how good the food is, you do not want to eat it everyday. I actually think Nigel is doing a great job with Idol. He actually listens to suggestion and changes what he can. Like ‘Classic Rock, no ballads’. I am sure he is listening and reads boards like this. But, after 10 years, the show is bound to lose ratings.

    • deedee says:

      The thing with Janelle and Amber is that they live song to song. At any moment they can slide right on out the show without warning. Kree has built up a bit of a following so she probably has a buffer of one bad performance before she’s gone. Candice also might have a week’s worth of buffer, but then, she never really has a bad performance so her trajectory is harder to predict. But Angie is untouchable, and there is no scenario I can imagine that ends in her getting the boot. She’s iron clad.

      • deedee says:

        ^^^ Why in the heck did my above comment get stuck all the way down here. I was responding to Marie way upthread about Angie being the next AI.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        So is Angie the “wgwp” (white girl with piano)? If so, Idol will ultimately regret “what they’ve done” cuz Angie will not be the “cat’s meow” as a pop singer.

        • deedee says:

          She’s not much of a pop singer, but she can do Colton-level-decent in the same genre. That might be a good enough success for an aging show.

          • dj says:

            I agree. I think the original song she did in Hollywood could be a Christian chart-topper for her. But I am rooting for Candice or Amber at the moment.

          • deedee says:

            Oh, dj, for sure! Amber, Candice and Kree for me – the holy trinity of season 12.

        • karen says:

          Well, Idol seems intent on throwing Angie under the bus. This is happening for a reason. The producers do not want her to be the winner.

          • deedee says:

            I don’t see that they’re throwing Angie under the bus at all. Looks to me like they’re trying to push her back to the “inspirational” singer-songwriter girl she used to be. That’s the main feedback she’s been getting recently. Jimmy has never been fully on the Angie train, obviously preferring Candice, Kree, and Amber. But even he is telling her she’s on the wrong track, trying to get her back to what she does best.

          • MB says:

            Just because Angie got constructive criticism does not mean she was thrown under a bus. She is my favorite but did not do well this week. It would be wrong to get praise where it is not due. They know she has a huge fan base and they want her back on the right track. Not everything that happens on this show is a conspiracy. Some times it is just legit.

          • Temperence says:

            Yeah, the ‘isnpirational’ singers have a much more limited market, and it’s uncommon for them to have even a Lifehouse level (minor to modest) of success. They’ll push for Candace or Kree – and as much as I like both, I don’t see either becoming huge sellers immediately. Candace is awesome, but her style is out right now (which is why we see Mariah, Christina, ect. judging music shows), and Country is very competitive. I’m not sure any of these folks will have the impact of Adam Lambert, let alone Carrie or Kelly.

          • Nephtalia says:

            And Karen, I agree that Jimmy not the producers for some reason does not like Angie. And I really think that would eventually hurt her cause he is mentoring her and contrary to Phil Phillips that always does his own thing no matter what everyone else says or Kree that has been in the business for a while now who knows her own voice. Angie not being liked by Jimmmy is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

          • Noah Coleman says:

            WHAT?! The producers do want her to win! But her performance of Shop Around was terrible!

      • Name That Tune says:

        Candice & Kree are nearly equal with Twitter followers, Kree having a slight edge.Candice gets nearly twice the views on YouTube, where both Amber and Angie are also strong. Even though Angie has had 2 suspect performances in a row, she’s the one with the buffer. I suspect Candice could survive a subpar performance. But Amber and Janelle could not.

      • marie says:

        I know. And I am not sure why Angie is, as you say, iron-clad. She is my least favorite of the women, but if I had to put down money on the winner right now, she would get my bet.

        • deedee says:

          Well, maybe not iron-clad. There’s always room for surprises on Idol! I just can’t imagine her being voted off at any point. She has inspired extreme passion and fierce loyalty in people that the other girls really haven’t. Maybe they’re just a small but vocal group of fans and I’m overestimating her popularity with the general voter. But for some reason, I feel I’m not overestimating the support she’s generated with the average Idol viewer. As she’s my least favourite, too, I’d be quite happy to be proven wrong.

          • Nephtalia says:

            You are not overestimating the passion for her, Deedee. I was a KrangieBer (Kree, Angie and Amber) fan when top 20 was announced. I found myself voting for her only the past 2 weeks. I have an Idol twitter account that I change name to reflect my favorites each year. The last time I see that passion for a girl on my timeline was with Lauren Alaina and Jessica Sanchez after the save. This year, there is no WGWG. Of course, just like Lazaro if she does not improved her fanbase would not be enough long term.
            Oh by the way, do not underestimate the power of those legs. Haley Reinhart stops being on the bottom 3 on season 10 after those short black pants on Motown week and the sexiness. I remember that up until now. Everyone thinks that was a bad performance to show some sexiness and flirtatious side. Believe me that will push some guys to pick up the phone and vote.

          • Trouty Mouth says:

            People said the same thing about Andrew Garcia in season 9.

    • Sally says:

      Don’t be so sure — Laz could take this. He’s got the girls voting, he’s got the Latinos voting, he’s got VFTW voting. Laz could win this.

      • deedee says:

        Could be. Laz and Angie have similar number of twitter followers, so it might happen. But … nah. Laz can only go so far before people start voting more seriously. VFTW is probably the only voting bloc that actually wants to see him win.

      • PDW says:

        And if they let Laz do a Classic Latin Rock – like Héroes del Silencio – we might get a better sense of him.

      • Jamila says:

        I’m with you! Obama is the worst president in the history of our country and he won re-election because of the latino vote. They are a large part of the population and they vote!

    • Noah Coleman says:

      When you get a bunch of duds into the top 40 and even top 20 (Charlie, Curtis, J Da, “The Turbanator”, LAZARO) for the boys, and several powerhouses (Candice, Amber, Angie, Kree) for the girls to make sure a boy does not win, of course a girl will win! I’m on to you, Nigel!!!

  4. Chrles. says:

    I knew there was no way the judges would use their safe with Devin, but I, somehow, really wanted them to, Devin IMO is the best of the guys, and the only one who has had performances better than some of the girls… and his “singing for his live” performance was impressive… I know that it was wise not to use it, since he has been in the bottom every week, but still, he deserved way better than 8th place.

    • Mich says:

      Agreed…Devin was hands down the best guy this season. The fact that he was bottom 3 every week almost guarantees that a guy will not win this season.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I know. He was a really talented kid. His voice was like honey. In a couple of years, he will be unstoppable. He just needs to be a little more current and less stiff. Too bad though…

    • DS says:

      100% agreed. I was praying for them to use the save… Just to give an old “eff you” to the producers and to the stupid Lazaro fans…
      I’m furious right now. How is this guy still in the competition?
      He is embarrassing. Reminds me a bit of Anthony Fedorov except even Anthony was better than him and I recall Simon literally telling him his performance was “hideous.”
      Drives me nuts.
      I’m too big of a fan to stop watching but I’m seriously considering it. At least until they pick themselves off their feet and realize the pimping of the girls is just ridiculous…….

  5. *Devin was in the Bottom 3 for the first 2 weeks of the Top 10, then last place this week so it’s no surprise that the judges did not give him the save. I feel any of the girls deserve that save given their track records at this point, Burnell has now entered the Bottom 3, so I don’t know if he would necessarily get the save. Lazaro won’t get the save.
    *The margin between the guys and girls was really highlighted with the results tonight.

  6. marie says:

    So Lazaro squeaks through again. I would have much preferred Devin could have stayed, but I understand why the judges didn’t use the save. I enjoyed Devin. Oh well.

    But Amber is safe – yay!

    • DW says:

      We don’t really know that Lazaro “squeaked through”, -did they actually say that he and Devin were the “bottom two”?

      • Mary says:

        Your right and I have a bad feeling his supporters will vote like hell next week to keep him in.
        It is like a recurring nightmare and I don’t think we are waking up from it.

  7. EVPandHC says:

    Three out of four ain’t bad? Are you singling out Haley Scarnato?
    Anyway, I am not happy that Lazaro is still around. Every 3rd season they have this sort of contestant. Underwhelming all through the season. Surviving over more talented contestants. Fortunately, they left at 7th (or in John Steven’s case, 6th). Can’t wait to say goodbye next week. And if I sound mean, I apologize.

  8. Nicole says:

    The girls’ deck is stacked, for sure, but it is a shame that of the five boys, only two are left, and one of them is Lazaro. What a slap in the face to the other guys.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      ‘Tis true — it’s sad and painful (like your “slap in the face”).

    • sg54 says:

      I’ve that about that a lot. It is a slap in the face for every guy that auditioned to see Lazaro still up there, forgetting lyrics and playing it cool. AI sacrificed their potential careers just to have their girl winner. Yeah, i really want a girl winner too, and this season is really exciting, but it would be even better if all the guys were competent. Devin was. I loved that guy, but hes gone now yet Lazaro is still here.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        “I feel your pain.” As much as I hate that phrase, it seems to work here. The obvious manipulation to ensure that the playing field wasn’t “quite level” goes beyond “unfortunate” and, is, obviously, quite short sighted.

        Initially, I had thought that Devin, like Amber, had this amazing potential, and if he could quickly absorb what the AI “machine” had to offer — despite all the machinations so that a woman would/will win this year -, that Devin could have surprised us all, and walked away with it. Obviously, that was not the case. We’ll probably never know , if the “poor song choices” that Devin made were really “his” choices (well, maybe Mr. Slezak can find out).

        That Lazaro is still around now is beyond stupid and pathetic, but rather disgusting and revolting! And, truly, those voting for him do him absolutely no favor. With each elimination, the level of competition is higher, and it’s abundantly clear, he’s not in the same league.

        His “fans” are just continuing and increasing his stress level (how kind!) and the VFTW group just come across as mean. Congratulations, folks!

        • Amy says:

          Actually, to me, Lazaro didn’t even seem stressed this week! More like he didn’t care about doing what he was supposed to in the 3 boys’ group number. And the talking over Randy, the “that’s ok!” stuff, after his solo, that came off arrogant…I really think was forced bravado he tried to muster up after last week’s tears. And btw, what’s with the old school vegas-Elvis poses he takes at the end of songs?!
          This season is turning out to be sort of a hot mess. Don’t get me wrong…I like Kree, Candice, Amber, (love Janelle this week) and I even like Burnell…but the contrived win for a girl has made it a bad, inauthentic year to some degree. I was never one who liked all the protest of WGWG…to me it was always just about who I liked best…W, B, Male, Female, Guitar, No guitar…however many years in a row…who gave a rip! j’s sayin’. :)
          Devin had a beautiful voice…but he just never connected, with me, or I don’t think with many others…not enough emotional connection or performing somehow…something was missing. Maybe it was all that marine training…too reserved or something! His exit performance was great, and had lots of feeling. I felt he was definitely singing it to the audience, and to go out on a strong note (Marc Anthony, you listenin’ out there?), not to the judges at all because I don’t think he thought for one moment he’d be saved.
          Well, I digressed from the Lazaro topic but I guess am responding to all I’ve been reading above!

      • Name That Tune says:

        Think about that trio on Wednesday. If that trio was Paul, Devin and Burnell, it would have been a different story. Paul would have carried his weight.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      I’ll be really pissed if Burnell goes home before Lazaro.

      • sg54 says:

        That would really be terrible. Watching Burnell’s audition and then seeing his transformation is inspiring. And his semifinal performance of “I’m Here” is tear-inducing.

    • Temperence says:

      And Lazaro still has a much higher chance of success in the biz than the others. *shrugs* He’s a talented kid in over his head that will figure it out later.

  9. Steve W. says:

    I’m so tired of these sympathy votes for Lazaro. Something has GOT to give. In no way should Devin have been the one with the lowest votes; however, I don’t blame the judges for not using the save. I feel they’re saving it for either Angie, Candice, Kree or Amber….to prevent another Jessica Sanchez situation from happening like last season. We all know that a girl will win this season anyway, but this was definitely Lazaro’s night to go.

  10. Mike D says:

    Devin not Lazaro, under the ‘Singing for His Life’ header.

  11. Dan says:

    Lazaro, you better die before the next show (just kidding). You were supposed to disappear from my TV screen!

  12. Nicole says:

    Also, I blame the producers. I get that they really want a girl to win this year, but it is so disgustingly obvious that they placed inferior guys in the semi-finals, and now we’re stuck with Lazaro (who I’m sure is a nice guy in any other environment, but doesn’t belong in this competition).

  13. sg54 says:

    You said Lazaro instead of Devin at the end purposely, didnt you Slezak?

  14. Jess says:

    Hi Michael,

    I think you meant to say Devin and not Lazaro in the second line below “Singing For His Life.” Thanks for your pithy comments and recap, as always!


  15. jaime says:

    Mike, no biggie, but i think you said Lazaro when I think you meant to say Devin when you said you weren’t surprised they didn’t use their save. :)

  16. flutiefan says:

    “Lazaro has never really performed like a potential winner”… i think you mean Devin.

  17. Mercedes S. says:

    Cat McPhee seemed like an afterthought. And her outfit! Couldn’t they have saved Angie’s trashy blue dress from last night? It would have looked better than those gym togs!

    • gregk says:

      What a waste of her talent. And her long hair that is usually so gorgeous was trimmed and awful.

    • The Beach says:

      I found it odd that when they introduced McPhee they only said singing sensation or something instead of the star of a big budget TV show. They so love to tout the successes of former contestants and yet don’t mention this…maybe because it’s on another network.

      • dj says:

        Yes, the whole thing was odd. The lead-in to the performance, the performance itself, her outfit. Different as day and night to the way they treated Colton.

      • Trouty Mouth says:

        I know. They had Jessica talk about her upcoming role on Glee though…but I guess Glee is on the same network, whereas Smash isn’t.

      • just saying says:

        If you haven’t heard, Smash is probably getting cancelled and McPhee is trying to distance herself from it. At least that’s what has been grist for the rumor mill for the past 48 hours. Do you read this website?

  18. MB says:

    I knew it was Devin who would be sent home but I am so upset. It is just wrong that it was not Lazaro. I am sure if Lazaro was sent home tonight it would be Devin next week anyway but still. I just am so afraid Lazaro will be around for weeks. Ugh, enough please, I can’t take it.

  19. LeahKittyS says:

    (Scene: backstage at the American Idol set. Burnell walks cautiously down the dark hallway, a terrified Lazaro clinging tight to his arm.)

    Burnell: Devin? Where are you? Devin?
    Lazaro: I’ve never b-b-been so s-s-scared…
    Burnell: Shh. It’ll be all right.

    (They continue down the hall. Creepy music plays.)

    Burnell: That’s three brothers missing…what’s going on?

    (They turn a corner. Lazaro lets out a small cry.)

    Burnell: What’s the matter?

    (Lazaro, trembling points to the wall. Burnell sees the wall and his face is agape with horror. This message is written in large letters, in dripping blood.)


    • RodMod says:

      Ha!!! Best comment so far!

    • Owen says:

      Okay, making fun of Lazaro’s flat singing is one thing, let’s not go and make fun of his disability.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I wasn’t making fun of his disability; I wanted the line to sound authentic. I would never be mean to Lazaro; I never vote for him, never have and never will, but I love him.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Correction: I voted for him to get into the Top 10. But I never voted for him after that, or for any of the men, only the women. I want a girl winner, too, just so people will stop complaining and maybe next season (If there is a next season) won’t be so blatantly manipulated.

          • just saying says:

            oh. so it’s YOUR fault. (Really, it’s the judges, though. He should never have made it to the audience voting part.I guess we’re lucky they split it between girls and guys, because if they hadn’t, we’d probably still be stuck with Zoanette right now.)

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      that’s funny. The only thing missing is Devin going to a dark basement to check the breaker switches when the power went out.

    • Guitar Blue says:

      ha ha ha Leah – cool scene-ography. —-they threw the girls in one heap with no order of finish – plus gave Kree a special side-shot with the endorsement for her song rendition.

      Maybe that was because Kree needed it, not for her singing ability, but because they hope to keep her popularity higher than Burnell, Lazaro or one of the other girls .The extra kudos in prime-time do have an effect on some of the voters.

      • dani n. says:

        Burnell? They hope to keep her higher than Angie & especially Jenelle.

      • Candice'sKree'sVoter! says:

        Kree is the best vocalist of the season after Candice. I’m very pissed off she has many haters on YouTube. Angie is popular because she already had fans even before she tried out the AI auditions. And her style & genre is similar to what most people today like. If only people would judge the vocals and versatility… -_-‘

    • analythinker says:


    • withgoddess says:

      Haha so funny! And after Lazaro’s save tonight I need a laff. Also why sis Jimmy whomever not comment on Burnell,s “Orm” phenomenon? I have been a fan of his but the “Orm” thing stunk.

  20. darcy's evil twin says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus, are the students at the School for the Deaf power-voting again????? Why in the heck is Lazaro still on my screen?

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      he did fall to 2nd (or 3rd from bottom) though. But yeah, Devin lost a couple weeks.

    • marie says:

      L-O-L!!! Must be, DET.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Ms. (or Mrs. if you prefer) DET, why on earth would you invoke Sweet Baby Jesus to respond to such a painful question. Hasn’t He suffered enough?

    • withgoddess says:

      Oh dear’ I REALLY shouldn’t late with this one but I did…

      • withgoddess says:

        Laff NOT late, I am getting more than fed up with autocorrect and this teensy weensy keyboard.

        • marie says:

          LOL, join the club! Auto-correct and the teensy tiny keyboard have become a fact of life, or better yet the afterlife, because the experience with them is totally hellish!

    • Temperence says:

      LOL! If you’ve seen Laz, you know why. None of the guys have a chance, and well, if you need to keep one, keep the one that’s (way,way,way) nicest to look at. I think they did him a disservice, really. He’s a talented kid that’s just not ready for this level, and he’s not coping with it well.

  21. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Well it was pretty much spot on other than Devin should not have gone home before Laz by any means. In that sense the save would’ve made sense but in the sense that he isn’t close to the top few and that going by his placement he’d be gone in one or two weeks anyway it didn’t make sense to use the save.

  22. marie says:

    McPhee: Ho-hum.
    Colton: Better than I was expecting.
    Keith Urban: Entirely too beautiful (sigh). However: On what planet is that “country music”? Amazing; there’s is SOOOOO much crossover today between rock and country. Thirty years ago, that would have been called rock.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Much of today’s contemporary country sounds a lot like rock music. there’s a market for country/rock music because so much of the dance crap on contemporary pop stations is just awful and there really isn’t much, if any “rock” music. Some of Keith’s music (“Where the Blacktop Ends”) sounds more “country”.
      I don’t care how much you like Keith, marie – you’ll have to fight me for him, LOL. I’ve only seen the second half of the program as we got home late. My husband asked me if Keith was trying out for American Idol. :-)

      • marie says:

        Oh yeah? (Now where did I put those boxing gloves…bring it on!)

        I agree with what you said re contemporary country music; I’ve said the same myself. My wife (a much bigger rock fan than I) and I have discussed how some modern country fills a big hole left by a dearth of old-school straight-ahead rock music these days.
        It’s kind of funny: a lot of rock music from years ago would be called “country” today – think of something like The Eagles’ “Lying Eyes,” for just one ready example – while a lot of contemporary country would have been classified as rock years ago.
        None of which explains why still have to listen to Lazaro for at least another week.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          your last sentence made me laugh!
          My husband always preferred more country sounding acts – The Eagles, Marshall-Tucker Band, Lynrd Skynrd, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Charlie Daniels Band, Joan Freakin’ Baez, etc. It was no surprise when he started listening to country in the 70s – about the time disco got big and Lynrd Skynrd died in the plane crash.
          My dad always listened to country music and the country stations played a lot of the Eagles’ music back in the 70s. My dad and stepmom have a picture of themselves “standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona”.

          • marie says:

            Very interesting: I really had no idea that The Eagles got airplay on country stations back then. Not stepped surprised, though.
            My wife is slowly becoming a fan of some of the – well, “rockier” country bands like Little Big Town.
            Hey, it’s all music, and if it’s good, it’s good.


            And of it’s bad, it’s Lazaro.

          • My Alter Ego says:

            @marie — uhmmm, well, there’s “MUSIC” and there’s music (a smaller or lower case I can’t get to in the reply box) and –ahem — no, it’s “not all good.”

        • Temperence says:

          Lazaro is still there becase he’s got the young girl vote and he has shown a lot of potential. Unfortunatley, we’re not seeing that potential grow and mature (if anything, the opposite). I think a lot of people were hoping for shades of Ricky martin, but we’re getting tentative Cuban lounge singer instead. And it’s perplexing that he knows none of the songs… why isn’t he picking things he knows to sing?

  23. Caroline says:

    Very concerning that Lazaro is still there. I love Devin and I hope he gets a good agent and breaks away from his Mom a bit too.

  24. My Alter Ego says:

    Dear Michael, perhaps I’m reading incorrectly, but in the first sentence discussing Devin “singing for his life” after the first dash, were you referring back to Devin, but Lazaro came out (Freudian slip — much understood)?

  25. Samuel says:

    With so many wanting a female winner this year, I’m very curious to how the ratings are going to play out with all the guys gone so soon this season.

    • PDW says:

      I suspect they already have started to see the fall out – that is why they want to keep guys in it for a while. Also why they didn’t say all the guys were lowest vote getters, just last to be safe. This also sets up a save opportunity for one of the girls – which is again a ratings boost.

  26. LeahKittyS says:

    Guys, don’t panic. All this proves is that Lazaro has absolutely no chance of winning. If he’s not gone next week, he’ll be gone the week after (see my “American Idol Horror Story” scene above). I liked Devin and his adult contemporary thing, but I’m not shocked. Just keep calm and do what I do: keep voting for the girls.

  27. Kristi says:

    There is not one contestant this season that has worked the stage like Colton did tonight. That aspect is sorely missing this season.

    Hopefully Lazaro will be gone next week.

    • Scott says:

      I don’t see how the girls can work the stage when they’re wearing killer shoes.

      • Kristi says:

        Exactly. They can’t. Did you see when Kree took her heels off after being declared safe? Hysterical!

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Actually, she sat down on the safety couch, jumped up and ran over to hug another girl, fell on her butt, and then took off the heels. If I were on this show, I would protest if they tried to put those heels on me. I’d demand flats, or at least wedges.

  28. Stacey says:

    Devin was never going to win. He just wasn’t ready. To use the save on him would be pointless, when a potential winner is there in the female. BUT, Lazaro should have gone home. Devin was better him by a long shot, and better than Burell. Wow, this might really get to a all girl top 5. Imagine the outcry if Lazaro takes out a female. Which is WHY they are saving the save.

    • Guitar Blue says:

      While Devin is a technically passable singer, he was one of the “set to fail;” guys in the year of Idol girl-power.

      • Stacey says:

        True. But still he was vocally superior to Burelle and especially Lazaro. I agree, they want a female to win. But sometimes males are known to surprise. But so far it’s going according to schedule. Although really, it is surprising. Two years ago were seeing all the females leave, leaving only two females for many weeks. And people were saying Idol viewers WOULD NOT vote for a female. I guess so far that is not proven true. They do want to save the save. If Lazaro took a female and they had used the save, mayhem would ensue…

        • PDW says:

          Devin might be technically better than Burell but I get a sense of emotion from Burrell that was totally void from Devin – and as horrible as you might find Lazaro – he too sang with emotion or connection to the song.

  29. Scott says:

    Could Lazaro’s shirt have been less well-fitting tonight? I’m not sad Devin went home — he had a smooth buttery voice, but no feeling when he sang — except when he switched to Spanish. I feel sorry for Lazaro — he must know that he’s the worst singer left. Maybe he’ll have Survivor’s Guilt. Loved Colton tonight. He still has toothpick legs, I see.

  30. LeahKittyS says:

    As for the guest performances:
    I love OneRepublic, but Katharine was just all right, for me for you.
    Colton still rocks and is still as hot as heaven.
    Keith is the perfect Adonis to Mariah’s Venus on the panel. How on Earth does an Australian sing like he’s from Kentucky? He’s one of my very favorite country acts, he was before he joined the panel. And I loved his little “Turn Me On” riff at the end.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Oh, and the segment with the kids was precious. So glad that stuff is going to be a weekly thing for Ford.

  31. waterbug says:

    The best was definitely Keith Urban tonight. And this says a lot since I am not a country music fan.

  32. Jacob P. says:

    I cried D:

  33. JR says:

    I think Lazaro has a beautiful and very melodic voice, but he has major pitch problems and he’s not ready to become a relevant artist yet. He needed one or two years to develop his singing skills and now that we’re in the Top 7 with him, Burnell and the five ladies… he reallu has to go. He’s not at the same level as the others.

  34. Rosalerfhan says:

    Mikeee, One Republic! :))

  35. db says:

    I would say after watching this for a few years, the ford video always is the place to look for the person getting the boot. Mcphee … I only watch smash cause she is there … is awesome. I agree with you Mike…that didn’t do her justice. That woman has amazing talent.

  36. Ken says:

    Well since apparently no one’s called you out yet Slezak, I’ll do it: Katharine McPhee didn’t duet with One Direction (I wish….), she dueted with One Republic

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I am so happy to read this! I thought, “One Direction? Really?”. I ‘ve only seen the second half of the program.
      Let’s cut Mr. Slezak some slack. He’s working to get these columns out as fast as his fingers will type and he’s bound to make a mistake once in a while.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Not to mention he can’t function properly when he’s angry…I never voted for any of the guys from Top 10 onward, but I am a little disappointed. Devin was one of three guys I literally prayed to make the Top 10. (Ironically, the other two were Burnell and Lazaro.) Oh well, there’s the tour, and I have all his iTunes stuff and videos fro YouTube. And I still have my girls. Who run the world.

  37. db says:

    Mike…one other comment…we need an international week….wonder if Devin could have handle Eros Rammazetti (sorry about spelling)…

  38. db says:

    Sorry…my auto correct bites….eric rammazetti

  39. Callum says:

    </3 Devin was the only hope for the guys. In the trio, he was really trying to make the other guys sound good. Lazaro was trying to make himself sound good, and Burnell was trying to make the other guys sound bad. I don't care which one goes first, I hate them both.

  40. Barb says:

    I”m glad Amber wasn’t in the bottom again–I really enjoyed her vocals. I’d have liked Lazaro to go before Devin, but they’re all in the tour and both will go eventually. I feel as though Kree is kind of holding back a bit–I hope the pressure isn’t getting to her. Love her and the girls.
    Janelle won me over with her version of the song, which I love. I love all the girls this season, and can’t choose which I like better. I think I love Candice’s attitude best of the girls.

  41. Name That Tune says:

    Ah, my heart is broken. Devin should have stayed & Lazaro should be gone.
    Here’s hoping that one of the girls doesn’t loose their place because of him.

  42. Jess says:

    What’s your damage in relation to Mariah? At a minimum the sign was cute. Plus, Keith’s song and thus performance was fairly flat.

  43. Rick says:

    This is a 4 girl race. Lazaro is gone next followed by either Burnell or Amber. Kree is clearly the best singer and should win but we all know the best singer does not always win. Angie and Janelle have those great smiles and sweet personalities, Candice is a terrific talent just does not seem warm and fuzzy to me and doesn’t connect with the audience. She’s clearly as talented as anyone but she is not going to win a popularity contest against 3 white girls. I know that sounds horribly racist but I’m a white guy and this show has done a horrible job of finding African American talent and an African American person has not won in almost 10 years. how in the hell can you vote off Jennifer Hudson and Melinda Doolittle. Well obviously its not only a color barrier look what happen to Adam Lambert. Oh well it is what it is, i don’t think I’ve ever agree on who they’ve picked for the winner over the last several seasons.

    • Name That Tune says:

      LOL, Rick, but Kree makes me feel the way you feel about Candice. She has been on a flat line for weeks due to song choice. OTH, Candice has been on fire.
      Either way I think the right finale is Candice vs. Kree & I hope we get there.

      • Rick says:

        I agree that Kree is not as warm and fuzzy as Janelle or Angie but at least her face lights up. And don’t forget the sympathy dead parents story. Candice just does not look happy, probably had a rough go of it in a poor family of 7!

        • A hometown fan says:

          FYI Candice does not come from a poor family. Her parents actually adopted 5 foster children that they were caring for. Candice is just a mature young lady who has always loved singing and takes this opportunity very serious.

        • deedee says:

          What?! Candice doesn’t look unhappy! She looks like a normal person with normal facial expressions. Do you smile and giggle all day and all night?

    • teatime says:

      Umm… The years Jennifer Hudson and Melinda Doolittle did not win, a different African American woman did win. The last time that happened was 6 seasons ago.

      • Name That Tune says:

        Sounds like you’re hoping for an Amber come from behind win. By that thinking, Burnell is this season’ s Blake. Candice is Melinda but who is playing the part of Lakisha Jones? Certainly not Kree!

        • deedee says:

          As much as I adore Amber, she’s not Jordin Sparks. Back in season 6, I picked Jordin for the win in the Top 24 or Top 22, when nobody was paying any attention to her – not only because she had a great voice, but also because I saw steel in her eyes. Amber has the great voice, but I have yet to see any real fire in her. She’s not really fighting for this, she’s simply relying on her powerful vocal ability and her great looks. If she starts competing like she owns this game and WANTS to win, she might have a good chance.

    • Noah Coleman says:

      Yeah, but Jennifer Hudson is having more success than most of the Idol winners anyway.

  44. Laura says:

    Colton Dixon’s album is my favorite of the year so far, and something tells me it might be my favorite of 2013 total. He is so amazing and I am so happy for his success.

  45. TT says:

    “a pretty flashy vocal with no technical flaws whatsoever”

    Michael, Devin’s voice clearly cracked near the end of his song for survival. It was wonderful but it wasn’t technically perfect.

  46. rwfblog says:

    I liked Colton’s song and performance. It bothers me to look at him, though. Are skinny jeans really appropriate when your legs are already undernourished twigs? I prescribe for him an extra ham sandwich, or Big Mac, every two or three days until the scale registers 30 more pounds. Skinny is not bad, but skeletal is kinda grotesque.

  47. I will laugh for pure joy at the day when Devin sells more albums than Nicki! She never liked him so I wasn’t suprised by her not wanting to use the save on him! Mariah is a true singer and she sees that in Devin – mark my workds – with the right coaching and producing — he’s going to be HUGE!!! Idol was just a launching pad for him!!!

    • Mary says:

      Never going to happen. Yes Devin has a great voice, but he has no personality. In today’s music
      nobody is going to buy an album of slow ballards that their parents use to listen to.

    • 5talentgirl says:

      Yeah, I was so disappointed in Nicki not making the save unanimous, the other judges seemed to definitely verge on wanting to use the save on Devin, cos he is so clearly a very talented singer. Nicki blocked it and it somehow seemed spiteful. Not happy.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        The problem with using the save on him is that his placement has been near bottom all the time so it might have saved him for only one week perhaps. That said, was it fair that he left before Lazaro though? No, absolutely not!!!!

        Although he was getting a touch dull, his overall body of work was probably better than Burnell’s too.

        Janelle came on strong the last two weeks so you can’t put him above her or the other girls though.

        So he got a bit shafted. But that said, using the save on him I don’t know about that. He wasn’t one of THE greats of the season and he didn’t seem like he’d last more than another week or so if saved so….

  48. Robin says:

    Yeah…Colton and Keith…finally some eye candy! Oh how I miss seasons 7,8 and 11

  49. Guitar Blue says:

    The catch-22 is that the voters can’t eliminate Lazaro by spreading their votes around to various girls. ————

    Lazaro will likely also pick-up some of Devin’s former supporters, and his troops are not jumping around to the girl of the week — but punching the 50 vote button for their guy. —————————-

    Next week is “Rock Week”, no slow ballads —- might as well get ready to ——-
    “Rock ‘N’ Roll with Lazaro”

  50. DAG says:

    Those damn shoes. I thought that last night when watching Kree. She’s had sky-high heels on the last two weeks. And, I think her performance has suffered. She’s worried about staying upright! It’s Haley Reinhardt all over again!