Ratings: The Voice Returns Up and Dominates Night, Revolution Dips But Wins Time Slot

The Voice - Season 4NBC’s The Voice launched Season 4 on Monday with 13.4 million total viewers and a demo rating of 4.7, up 9 and 12 percent from the competition’s previous opener and dominating the night.

Leading out of that, Revolution resumed its freshman run with 7.3 mil and a 2.7, down 14 percent and just two tenths from its midseason finale, more than doubling Deception‘s final tallies and topping the 10 o’clock hour in the demo. The post-apocalyptic series also snatched from The Following the title of “Monday’s Top-Rated Drama.”

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Both Fox’s Bones (6.8 mil/1.9) and The Following (6.6 mil/2.3) slipped 10 percent and two tenths versus stronger competition.

Over on ABC, Dancing With the Stars (14.1 mil/2.3) dropped 18 and 28 percent from its premiere, while Castle (10.7 mil/2.1) ticked down 5 percent and a tenth.

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CBS’ How I Met Your Mother (6.9 mil/2.7) was down 7 and 10 percent, Rules of Engagement (6.2 mil/2.1) dipped 9 percent and two tenths, 2 Broke Girls (8.6 mil/2.9) ticked down a tenth and Mike & Molly (8.6 mil/2.6) rose two tenths. Hawaii Five-0 (8.2 mil/2.0) slipped 9 percent and a tenth.

The CW’s Carrie Diaries was flat with 1 mil/0.4.

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  1. anon123 says:

    I’m getting kind of scared for Castle’s ratings rn. :(

  2. Leigh says:

    Remember – Castle may have a lower demo but it usually wins in total number of viewers. It was a good episode but next week with it being the 100th episode the demo should be higher.

    • taliesin says:

      Remember that ad rates aren’t based off of viewer numbers. They’re based off of the demo/share. More viewers simply means more viewers outside of the ad-rate demo: meaning more viewers in the 50+ age category.

      • eridapo says:

        Castle’s ad rates have been about the same for the last 3 season’s (125K per 30 second spot), and given that this season it is much in line with last spring’s numbers they wont change.

        • taliesin says:

          And Castle’s production costs have increased over the last 5 year as well.
          The average 1 hour drama costs between 3.5 and 4.5 million to produce. $125k per 30 seconds is about $4.2 million per episode. Castle is within the break-even point right now, and lower demo means lower ad-rates per quarter.

          • eridapo says:

            No they have not… Nathan and Stana’s salaries have not increase that much, and they haven’t had to spend money on sets since the first year… Also Castle’s syndication deal with TNT is helping in the financing of the show ABC gets about 2M per episode from syndication, so half the costs of production are being absorbed by TNT.

          • taliesin says:

            Yes, Nathan and Stana’s salaries have increased dramatically, as have everyone else’s. There’s a reason why we hardly see Alexis, Martha, and Gates in the episodes now: it’s to keep the costs down. It’s cheaper to pay those actors a holding salary than the per-episode salary.
            And you are forgetting that all the actors and producers also get royalties from that syndication. It’s not 2 million in profit.

          • eridapo says:

            Gates is not on as much because PJJ is attending Law School (something PJJ wanted to pursue). If you go back to season 2, Montgomery wasn’t on that many episodes. Martha and Alexis roles have been declining as the shift has been moved to em phasing the Caskett relationship. Also your Costs estimate for Castle is way to high… The last time I read Castle was around 3.0 million, and this was last year when people were talking about Smash’ high cost of 3.5 Million (from THR 2/2/12). Also the entire cast sign 7 year contracts at the start. They might have been given a raise, but no anywhere near what others leads currently make. Nathan is said to make $100K (Stana is reported to be making the same now) which is below the 225K DB makes on Bones..

      • Leigh says:

        Yeah. I all ready know that. but thanks

        • scooby says:

          It wouldn’t be Tuesday if taliesin weren’t gloom-and-dooming Castle’s ratings. Might be good to get the numbers right on the average 1 hour broadcast drama cost: $3 mil not $3.5-4.5. Source is ultimately the NY Times but here it is in a handy dandy chart. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2010/04/04/tv-economics-101-cable-vs-broadcast-dramas/47327/ So Castle’s normal. No point in having Molly Quinn on the show as much. She’s supposed to be living in a dorm. Forcing opportunities for her to be in the loft would look silly. Martha doesn’t live there and it’d make things awkward for Castle to bring his girlfriend home for cuddling time only to have to work around his mother. It was already used for comedic effect in the S5 premiere so can’t really go to that well again. Penny’s gone a lot right now for reasons she’s created for herself and already talked about. Castle is following reality show dinosaurs in the form of DWTS and The Bachelor. Don’t think ABC doesn’t know that and how it affects the demo. They also don’t bother promoting it much because they save on advertising costs while getting very good return on their minimal investment since so many of us watch anyway and promote for free on social media and through things like the Peoples Choice Awards. Castle’s a useful workhorse for the network in that timeslot so it’ll keep on trucking.

  3. taliesin says:

    Preliminary numbers:

    Revolution: 2.7, 7.25 million viewers
    Castle: 2.1, 10.66 million viewers
    Hawaii 5-O: 2.0, 8.16 million viewers

  4. Jess says:

    I am strangely ok Bones numbers. I did expect it to dip. The Following too. Their slots are like a dog fight for ratings now with The Voice and DWTS back in the game….. Last week they both got adjusted up…. Waiting for finals….

    • taliesin says:

      Yeah. Bones is up against big competition in The Voice and DWtS. I’m surprised it even got a 1.9 in that situation.

      • Katie says:

        It’s disappointing for Bones fans. It was such a good episode, everything many of us wanted to see this whole season. The competition is brutal. *sigh*

        • taliesin says:

          Yeah, it was one of my favorites for the season. Still, at least we know Bones has been renewed for Season 9, so lower ratings right now isn’t really hurting them in that regard.
          In a relatively recent Hart Hanson interview he did with Emily he said he’d like to see Bones go 10 Seasons, as that would equal exactly 206 episodes: the number of bones in the human body. :)

  5. shuayb says:

    Glad to see Castle capitalising on the DWTS numbers! I hope next week we can crack the 3.0 demo for the 100th ep. Can’t believe we’ve got five seasons of Castle. Still so good.
    Lol. NBC execs must be so excited now that their ratings have increased. They can eat meat again!

    • Mary says:

      I´m a huge Castle fan and expect (hope) the demo to be up next week, but not even in my best dreams it will be a 3.0 or even close to that, unfortunately:(

      • Leah says:

        I’ve never seen a show jump 1.0+ in the demo week to week, or even more than 0.7. Does anyone know if that’s ever happened in this day and age of delayed viewing?

  6. Crazy to think The Voice is on the verge of overtaking Idol. Then again, I swore never to watch The Voice and started watching midway through last season and loved the addition of Shakira last night. Maybe they’re just doing things right?

    • taliesin says:

      The Voice is newer. Idol is showing its age.

    • eridapo says:

      Idol this season premiere with similar numbers as the Voice… Expect the Voice to go down in the coming weeks..

      • taliesin says:

        I think viewers are much more interested in Idol and Voice than DwtS at this point. The voice will constantly dominate DwtS, so while the numbers might dip it’s still going to win the time slot and be the dominate show on Mondays.

      • Trent says:

        Idol premiered to FAR less competition than The Voice, which faces not only DWTS but The Following (the only new midseason scripted hit) and the reliable CBS lineup. Also, The Voice’s ratings in the Fall did not dramatically drop, but remained consistent throughout the season.

  7. davey says:

    I’m kind of burned out on singing competitions but I have to say the addition of Shikira and Usher have made The Voice so much more fun than watching the painful judges on Idol. Except for Keith Urban who is adorable.

  8. Jared says:

    Although I really like The Carrie Diaries,those numbers are pretty pathetic. I wish the CW would have launched this series in the Fall instead of mid season giving it a chance to possibly grow its audience throughout its run. I dont see any reason why the CW would renew this show with those ratings. BatB seems a lot safer at this point for a renewal which is fine by me!

    • Elyse says:

      I agree about TCD!! I tried watching BATB in the fall but I was afraid it would be canceled (after Secret Circle last season I just don’t trust the CW!) so I didn’t watch any episodes after the pilot. If it gets a season 2 i’ll have to check out season 1 on netflix before next fall!

  9. siskaaw says:

    I stay positive Castle will be renew for another season. The ratings just stable every each episode. And for the 100th episode I think it’ll get higher ratings.

    • eridapo says:

      I’m more than certain it will be renewed… .Castle has a solid and passionate fan base…. It is one ABC’s most stable shows..

    • Meg says:

      TVLine’s renewal scorecard lists Castle as “A sure thing.” They’re usually pretty spot on with their predictions

  10. yankeesrj12 says:

    It says 2 Broke Girls ticked down a tenth. Didn’t it rise a tenth week to week?

  11. Elyse says:

    i’m done sugar coating it for myself. the Carrie Diaries is probably not getting a second season. thats ok i’ll just enjoy whats left of it! YAY FOR REVOLUTION! stinks it was down but it still won that timeslot! :)

  12. Shar says:

    Perhaps NBC could arrange a one hour special of just the 4 judges/coaches singing together. The opener was amazing!

  13. Leah says:

    Well, The Following is still above a 2.0. Fox can’t say that about many (or any? not sure) of their scripted shows. But I must admit I stopped watching after Joe Carroll escaped. I’ll probably catch up again later, but I’ve lost interest at the moment.

  14. Mari says:

    Castle dropped 0.1 from its failure lead in. H50 dropped 0.5. But Revolution dropped impressive 2.3 rating points from the last half hour of its lead in. The way I see Castle is the real winner here with a steady loyal fanbase.

  15. Patrick Maloney says:

    Kind of interested in Bates Motel ratings since I had to choose between Revolution or that