Castle Recaplet: The (Massive) Luck of the Irish

NATHAN FILLION, JON HUERTAS, SEAMUS DEVER, JULIANA DEVERThis week on ABC’s Castle, Detective Ryan returned to being the (made) man he once was, while a bit of sleep-talking had Kate wondering who “Jordan” is/was to Rick.

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Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this episode, but there’s never any predicting if others will want to weigh in. THE CASE added some color to Ryan’s background, though it asked us to take several leaps — including that not once over the years, during any number of endless stakeouts with BFF Javy, did Ryan bust out an anecdote from that time he went deep undercover with the Irish mob for 14 months.

The expediency with which “Fenton” was accepted back into Bobby S.’s fold was a stretch, too, and didn’t even call for the cursory “prove yourself by whacking someone for us” test. Yet, overnight, he managed to bring down a whole crime organization. The case, though, had its moments, including a nice display of chemistry between Ryan and old flame Siobhan (though one suspects Mad Men alum Cara Buono ignites with everybody). In fact, I’d argue that those fleeting scenes — much more than, say, the hoodlums’ pool night — hinted at this “other” person Kevin used to be, at the different life he lived. The Kate/Jenny interaction was nice, especially as the latter shared her theory on why Kevin was “manning up.” Also, the arrest scene, as Ryan called out for his “crew,” though cheesy, illustrated the respect and affection he has for Javy, Beckett and (“Seriously? I didn’t bring my vest”) Rick.

Lastly, the coda for Ryan and Jenny, while predictable, had to put a smile on longtime fans’ faces.

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As for THE CASKETT, the sleep-talking B-story was a long walk to find out the store was closed. So, the Jordan car company was the subject of a school paper that Rick hired someone to write for him, ultimately shaming him privately and motivating him to become a great writer. But why was this on his mind now, to the degree he’s murmuring about it in his sleep? And while the tale did, I suppose, represent an instance of Rick “revealing himself” to Kate (contrary to Meredith’s warning), it was kinda thin. I’m sure that some viewers would rather he be dealing with remnant anxiety over Alexis’ abduction, his torturing info out of that guy, or finally meeting his father.

Regardless, you got this: “What happens if you don’t like what you see?” “What happens if you don’t let me look?” And then: “It does change how I see you. It makes me like you just a little bit more.”

Again, yes — Castle opened up. But the subject matter seemed wholly random, unless I missed a scene/line while crunching stats for my upcoming fantasy baseball draft.

Lastly, of THE QUIPS:

“I know nothing. Nothing is a good friend of mine. This is not nothing.”

“Interrogating me in my sleep? Would you stoop that low?” “Who says I haven’t already?”

“I thought you liked it when I play doctor.” (Javy to Lanie, failing to get any fist-bumps from the fellas.)

What did you think of “Wild Rover”? And here, courtesy of YouTube/TelevisionPromos, is the teaser for next week’s Episode 100: