General Hospital Photo Album: 13 Spoilery Takeaways from the Nostalgia-Filled Nurses' Ball!

General Hospital Nurses' Ball SpoilersBy this time next week, General Hospital‘s hotly-anticipated Nurses’ Ball will be gracing the small screen (beginning Monday, April 1) — but why wait until then for a glimpse into the revived fan-fave festivities?

Timed to the ABC soap’s 50th anniversary, the big event will feature familiar faces from GH past and present — and, based on the following sneak peek pics, will also alter countless storylines along the way.

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Scroll on for our spoilery takeaways from the fancy schmancy Nurses’ Ball, then peruse the photos and hit the comments with your observations and snappy judgements!

1 | There’s a step and repeat (!) at the Nurses’ Ball, providing a place for Port Charles’ finest to walk the red carpet (!!) and do interviews (!!!) about the charitable event.

2 | Sabrina has finally undergone her ugly duckling-to-swan makeover — and the results are epic! (To be fair, we thought the adorkable nurse was perfectly lovely as is. But still…)

3 | Brenda is back in town and, as always, looks to be butting heads with her ex Sonny and his ex Carly.

4 | Ellie may very well be overhearing Maxie’s bombshell of a baby secret. Too bad her boyfriend is at the center of it all…

5 | As it should be, the Nurses’ Ball is honoring the “late” Robin Scorpio Drake in a major way.

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6 | AJ and Elizabeth are (still) making seriously googly eyes at each other.

7 | Sam’s date to the festivities (now that John McBain is gone and not coming back…?): Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy aka brother of Val, Kelly Monaco‘s former partner on the competition series.

8 | Richard Simmons is on hand to whip hostess with the mostess Lucy Coe into tip-top shape! (Is the campus disco still open?)

9 | Duke is donning a kilt — and sharing a romantic dance with his ladylove Anna. Might they be recreating their memorable tango from so many years ago?

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10 | In-laws Monica and Tracy are putting aside their differences long enough to perform a number with alpha-nurse Epiphany.

11 | Felicia is still playing the field when it comes to the two loves of her life, Mac and Frisco.

12 | Look at you go, Rick Springfield — er, Dr. Noah Drake.

13 | Not all of the ladies’ gowns will land them on the Best Dressed list. (We’re looking at you, Lucy — but only in that big-bowed black thingamajig.)

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  1. amylee says:

    I’m so excited, looks like it’s going to be a good week on GH!

    Sabrina looks beautiful, but I like her how she is now. She’s so cute! I feel bad for saying this but I don’t want Robin to return. I like Patrick with Sabrina!

    • Katherine says:

      Robin is GH and the story is about her with her husband Patrick and child Emma. I had enough of the slanted writing propping this new nurse using Robin, Robin’s child and Robin’s husband. My goodness they took Robin’s life and gave it to this newbie. Bring Robin home and reunite her with her family. I want the Nurse Sabrina gone for good.

      • Kelly says:

        Well said

      • uh huh says:

        One problem with your little fantasy scenario. The actress who played Robin is GONE! And she has NO plans to return full-time. So you can put your wish for everything to reset to January 2012 away. Not gonna happen.

      • dmac says:

        You do now that the person playing Robin does not want to come back on GH. It was her choice so GH had no choice than to let Patrick move on. She may come back for a shot 1 or 2 day shot but that is it. She has moved on and so should you.

      • charlene says:

        feel the same. miss Robin.

      • ghfan says:

        no way! Team Sabrina all the way! Robin IS GONE she (in real life) CHOSE to leave GH and further her career! Now, who they really need to bring back is Jason! I would actually love for Robin to come back too but many of us have fell in love with Sabrina! They should get rid of “the britch” though! I am sick to death of the pyscho “britches” going after patrick let’s finally let patrick be happy! Carly is another one that needs to go! I have ALWAYS hated her too!

        • Loralee says:

          I agree with you! I love Sabrina and I love her with Patrick. I figure she will eventually choose Patrick since Milo really isn’t a prominent character on the show. Also, people do need to remember Kim was the one who chose to leave and everybody talking about the whole family riding off to the sunset isn’t fair to the actors who play Emma and Patrick they would be out of a job just because Kim did not want to come back. Cannot wait to see the Nurse’s Ball!

      • Robin chose to leave the show! There is no better replacement than Sabrina. I know Robin will come back when she feels like it, but she made me open my heart to someone else. I love Patrick with Sabrina and I hope it stays that way whether or not Robin returns. If Robin returns I hope she sees Patrick so in love with Sabrina that it turns her into a bitch. Don’t really mean that, but love to see Patrick and Sabrina together. Sorry Robin, but Sabrina stole my heart.

      • please bring robin back sabrina is porbably francos daughter

      • Marilyn says:

        I could not agree more!!!!!

      • matt says:

        I think its time for robin to stay died and I want to see Patrick with someone else.

    • Kristin says:

      I love Patrick and Sabrina together. I miss Robin but Sabrina means well unlike Lisa and Britt.

      • JASon says:

        I like Patrick with Lia Niles. Bring her back!!!!

      • Katherine says:

        Sabrina is a overpropped character on the back of a GH vet Robin using Robin, her history and family. No writer tells me who to like. I didn’t drink RC kool aid and RC “I still don’t love her let alone like her”.

        • dmac says:

          I don’t think they care if you like her or not. There is plenty of people who do and who understand that the person playing Robin does not want to be on GH any longer. It wasn’t GH fault they worked around her decision…time to move on.

      • Katherine says:

        More like RC made Britt so evil others will then have to like Sabrina. Sorry Sabrina is blah and boring. She has no depth where Britt at least has that. Sabrina was accepted because RC used Robin, NB and Emma to get people to like her. No thanks just bring Robin home to her family.

        • sladewilson says:

          You do realize that it’s Kimberly McCullough who chose to leave because she’s directing now. She has agreed to film some for GH but she has already stated she’s not looking to return full time any time soon… Since Jason isn’t leaving GH, they had to do something with his character…

    • Kathy says:

      I agree… I dont want her back either! Patrick and Sabrina make a good couple…. She wi be beautiful at the Ball…

    • c says:

      Robin and Patrick— period!

    • jean says:

      robin chose to leave Her family should have sabrina

    • Libby says:

      Really just wish they would ditch “THE BRITCH”!!! Hate the character & the story line that seems to be coming into view. When I see her & her weird ass mother Dr. Olbrecht on screen I change the channel…..seriously, I change the channel!

    • Chris says:

      I would love to see Patrick with Sabrina and not the britch, don,t change Patrick and Sabrina i would love to see what is in store for them.

  2. Spencer says:

    Not gonna lie – I’m pretty excited. I can’t wait to see Brenda! Also, if they don’t get Patrick and Sabrina together by this point, I will have to just claim him for myself…

  3. Katherine says:

    I want to see gorgeous Robin back with her family, Patrick and Emma. I am interested in seeing Robin back with her husband and child, who she tried to get back to so many times. Emma has a mother Robin! Let the nurse go find her own family.

    • uh huh says:

      Wow, enough already! How many different ways can you post the exact same NEVER GONNA HAPPEN scenario? You’d better get over it.

    • dmac says:

      Earth to Katherine, time to face facts: Robin isn’t real, the women playing Robing isn’t going to play her anymore.

  4. Kristin says:

    Sam with Maks!?!?!? Are they just gonna throw them together? That’s just odd! I’m so sad that she’s not gonna be able to be with John.

    • Gillian says:

      If what I read is true, he is involved in Sam finding her father. I am so excited about this! GREAT AJ and Liz pic! And the tribute to Shel Kelper (Amy) – awesome! So glad Lucy is back! So much to look forward to!

  5. laura says:

    Where is Jax???

  6. Robert says:

    I want to see Monica and Tracy’s performance. That will be a high light.

  7. roz says:

    i glad brenda’s back!!!!! but i’m not a fan of the dress wow that awful

  8. JASon says:

    Like that they are going to honor Amy Vining! Did the show kill her off when she died?

    • uh huh says:

      Me too! So glad to see that pic of her. And the pic of Jessie, too. Oh, wait. Jessie Brewer. Jessie’s Girl. Suddenly that makes some tiny bit of sense….

  9. Meaghan says:

    Thanks for covering this! Loving A.J and Liz!

    • Jules says:

      I have to say I am too. I have always been s Jason and Liz fan but I really am looking forward to the two of them getting together and not entangled with Sam.

    • SM says:

      Me too!! I was a Liz/Lucky fan & then a Liz/Ric fan back in the day… However, if Billy Warlock was back as AJ, I don’t think it would have worked as well. I think Elizabeth & Sean have really good chemistry!

  10. Kelly says:

    I am excited for the nurses ball. Glad they do focus on Robin. I am loving AJ and Elizabeth together. So Cool to see Noah back. They should have gotten Frisco/Jack Wagner to sing as well. And Mac deserves better. Someone who loves him and not cause he is reliable.

    • uh huh says:

      But is it Noah, or is it Eli Love, that rocker doppleganger he played a while back? That looks like Eli Love to me.

    • Ck says:

      I’ve heard there is a musical showdown between Mac and Frisco for Felicia. So I take it both will sing at some point.

  11. Josh says:

    Oh i see RC is going to try to make Ellie look bad by finding out the Secret about Maxie’s baby and kping it from Spineill to prop Spixie screw Spixie! That relationship sucks and Maxie and Spineill have treated her badly Ellie is better than both of them

    • Anna says:

      Sorry, but Ellie is pretty meh. She is a less interesting (toned-down) female version of Spinelli with a science-y twist. Putting Spixie back together is inevitable, so Ellie is on her way out anyway. Plus, whether or not you like the characters, Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson have incredible chemistry, so it makes sense for the writers to keep putting them back together. They shine onscreen together.

  12. Betsy says:

    between the GH Nurses’ Ball and the Veronica Mars movie I have done nothing but squee like a fangirl for weeks. PS: Vanessa – take a hard look at JZ. That could be your future. Just say no.

  13. jaelyn96 says:

    it should be Brenda or Someone close to robin on that stage honoring Robin. someone who atleast a knows her and not using Emma to get close to Patrick. RC plan fail because I dislike Sabrina more than I do Britt. You can’t force chemistry

  14. Kelly says:

    I hate the Sabrina make over thing. Makeovers are so cliche. She should be wanted as she is. They should pair her with Milo

  15. Tani Kaimi says:

    i think whats goinng to happen is brit is going to find out robin is alive & she will defy her mother & get robin to nurses ball to breakup patrick & sabrina.just as robin sees patrick with sabrina kiss or something brits mother or another villian grabs robin and brit ends up dead.i think brits father maybe a believed dead cassadine mikos or someone else?

  16. Beth says:

    If this is going to like all the other nurses balls, Lucy will end up in her underwear at some point in the evening/ CAN’T WAIT .

  17. JAMANDAFAN says:

    This looks amazing!! Ron and Frank made my dreams come true by bringing back the Nurses Ball!! I can’t wait to see it!

  18. Sarah says:

    I have always loved the Nurses Ball and I’m so glad they have brought it back. I would die of happiness if Robin came back too. I would love to see her with Patrick and Emma again even if for a short time. I like Sabrina but not for Patrick. I want the Scorpio Drakes together again! Please let Robin come home.

  19. Caro says:

    I wish everyone would realize and accept the fact that GH did not fire Kim McCullough! Kim quit and GH really wanted her to stay! Kim wants to direct and do other things so she is unavailable to GH most of the time otherwise I am sure they would bring her back. I wish GH had left the character of Robin alone after the fire. I’m glad they didn’t kill Robin the way that moron Guza wanted to but GH could have indicated she was alive or let us believe she was dead but then just had her be missing or gone. Having Robin in limbo like this makes it hard for Patrick to move on which makes it hard for the actor portraying him to have a good storyline. I like Patrick with Sabrina so I’m not as bothered by their potential romance as some people but I also think we need to understand that as long as KM doesn’t want to come back there is only so much GH can do!

    • Callie says:

      I like Patrick with Sabrina too. Obviously, Patrick and Robin will always be end game if KMC returns. Until then, it is a sweet story of a father finding love again affter his wife’s death. It shows Patrick’s progression. He now finds someone attractive, in part, because of Sabrina’s pure heart and the fact that she is wonderful with and loves his daughter Emma. Priorities change and once you’re a parent, there is nothing more attractive than someone who loves your child.

    • Maryjane Doe says:

      I agree that GH fans need to accept that KM left GH because she wants to direct. The rumors for a long time have been that KM will come back and that “Patrick & Emma” will then ride off with her into the sunset.

    • ShanyLu says:

      I don’t like Sabrina with Patrick just because I don’t think it works. I actually thought she seems to have better chemistry with Milo. Before AJ came back I thought Patrick and Liz would be good together, they have always had great chemistry. Its not always about wanting KM back.

  20. Jamie says:

    I am so excited to Sabrinas transformation. I love Patrick & Sabrina together and I love the the story of the doctor falling for the student nurse. It’s like the good old GH days. I know everyone wants Robin back but the actress already said she doesn’t want to be back so let Patrick & Sabrina be together with lil Emma.

    • Loralee says:

      I have to agree with you. My mom remembers those days on GH with a storyline like this one. I loved yesterday’s episode with Patrick and Ephiphany when she told him that Sabrina went on a date with “Magic Milo.” LOL… I also like that Milo is being a good guy and saying he would step aside if Patrick would like to date her. I just hope that Patrick doesn’t say that it is okay for Milo to date her..

  21. Jj says:

    The rumored sing off between Mac and Frisco has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. How embarrassing for Kristina Wagner, Jack Wagner, and John York to have to deal with this garbage gimmick in front of the entire cast and crew and all of the fans. I am not a fan of the new GH. GH was best in the 80’s and 90’s when the writing and directing brought out the best in the actors and show. It was funny and interesting. I have been watching since the vets came back and am not impressed at all with the young actors or the story lines or the writing and directing. Fail.

  22. Shay says:

    Totally agree with the Sabrina slams….girl is sooooo annoying and BORING!!! Pleeeeze get rid of her, and bring some sort of resolution to the Robin storyline. If KM doesn’t want to return full-time, so be it. The writers and producers have been extremely creative with their storylines as of late, particularly with their returning cast of vets….I’m sure they can think of an open-ended Drake family conclusion that will satisfy, yet still allow a bit of mystery for future possibilities. This game with why Robin was taken and by exactly whom (Jerry and/or Faison and etc.???) is getting really old…hard to believe that all of GH’s fabled supervillians are suddenly in cahoots at this point after many years of supposed disappearances and long-ago deaths…just waiting for the numerous late Cassadines to reappear!!!!! (Could one of them be Britt’s daddy?) Am loving the nostalgia with the oldies but goodies, but enough is enough. Need some real answers here soon…..

  23. christine says:

    no where have i seen any upcoming predictions of robin coming back for the nurses ball…i want pat with sabrina..

  24. margaret mccurdy says:

    I like robin. But if Kimberly has moved on and left gh then i want
    Sabrina and Patrick together they would make a great love story.

    • Loralee says:

      I agree with you…. I know that Kim did film a few scenes for GH in the past month, so I will be interested where they will fit in with the Nurse’s ball.

  25. Loralee says:

    I am so excited for the Nurse’s Ball to be back! I have watched GH on and off since I was 12 and I am now 29. I remember the final Nurse’s Ball in 2001 and I was so happy they did something like that. You were able to see the actors use their different talents! I have been wanting Patrick and Sabrina to be together from the minute that she came on screen! I think that the reason I like them so much together is because you really get to see her beauty on the inside and the reason that people like her so much without her looks. Granted, she is pretty even when she is the “supposed ugly duckling” I know that Robin and Patrick are endgame, but you can’t bring back someone that doesn’t want to come back to the show and they could never recast that character,people would be in an uproar. I hope that the Nurse’s Ball receives great ratings and they will do it again next year!

  26. Loralee says:

    I am interested to see how many of the old characters will be staying on the show after the Nurse’s Ball. I know that more than likely Frisco and Felicia will be leaving together, I heard that Bobbie’s stay is openended, would like for Scotty to be gone, heard that Laura is now on contract, I would love for Lucy and Kevin to stay. She adds a comedic element to the show that I believe they need! Also, I do not like that they are going to have the OLTL characters come back as completely new people. It doesn’t make sense, we have been seeing them on the show as one thing and now they are going to be something else. I bet the storyline between Michael and Starr will be that she is staying in LA and they break up, so enters the character that looks exactly like her.

  27. Shay says:

    My problem with the Sabrina/Patrick pairing has nothing to do with not wanting to see him move past losing Robin. If there is nothing in the cards for KM’s return, then that’s fine…but there have been and should be other romantic options available for Dr. Drake beyond that insipid little mouse with the teenage crush on him. (Britt really nailed it with her apt description of “Nurse Santiago” during the meeting with her mama….) I didn’t mind him with Dr. Westborne before her evil ways emerged, and it always seemed that Elizabeth would be an ideal partner for him…they were good together in the early days after Robin’s “death.” (Although her new thing with AJ is getting fun….) At any rate, I simply cannot stand the Sabrina character and the actress portraying her…she rubbed me the wrong way from the moment she was introduced and has become more and more grating since that point. Ditto for that so-called Milo/Felix/Sabrina triangle…it’s all too silly!!! Maybe Britt and her mother will do us all a favor and bump off a few of these frivolous characters so we can move on with the stellar vets that have reappeared. Loving Frisco’s stint…please keep him for awhile and use him much much more with or without Felicia….he is a strong enough presence to stand on his own! Ditto for Duke and Anna. Also enjoying the launch of the new Luke and Laura adventure! Some of these great older cast members really need to extend their stays far beyond the “Nurses Ball.” (Hello Rick Springfield!) They have been truly missed! On the other hand, a few of them should leave asap: PlasticBobbie, Scene-ChewingLucy, BoringDocKevin, and tomorrow’s big “get” that loon Richard Simmons!!!! Spare us!!!! Lastly, let’s see Scorpio again, plus a few Cassadine shock returns in the upcoming month(s)…they would take us all back to the best of GH’s heyday! Oh….and looking forward to Michael Easton’s return…with Kelly Monaco the chemistry is off the charts!!!! Enough said…

  28. nick1372 says:

    I don’t know whether I should be psyched or freaked out about #10…

  29. Jj says:

    If anyone is wondering how to look fantastic at 50 years old, just look at Kristina Wagner. Of course I don’t know for sure, but it does not look like she has had any type of nip or tuck at all.

    I always see the word stunning when people describe her, and she looks to be that in these pictures and on the show. Love her and Mac. Now if only they can get a decent writer to write for them they would be one of the top couples on the show. Old GH had several strong older couples to balance the young ones. This is where The new regime fails. Hopefully, they can work it out.

  30. MH says:

    Patrick take thee Sabrina. Amen!

    • Loralee says:

      I was reason some of the spoilers for next week and I have this awful feeling that Sabrina and Patrick aew not going to be together for awhile. :( apparently towards the end of the ball Britt has some shocking news. It better not be that she is pregnant or something.

  31. Jess says:

    Some people just don’t like Sabrina and it has nothing to do with Robin. Sabrina is just an annoying girl who acts like she is in high school and tptb are writing Patrick out of character. I want Robin to come back for Emma. And besides Sabrina/Patrick won’t get their happily ever after, not with Britt in the way

  32. cheyenne says:

    who was in the closet when that lady gasped

  33. Terri says:

    Love the Sabrina story line with Patrick and Emma. They look good together. Glad they brought back the Nurses Ball, hope they plan on keeping it going again.

  34. Barb says:

    I absolutely love Sabrina and Patrick together. It’s about time! Get rid of the evil bitch, britt. The kidnapping tale of robin is so stupid, makes no sense at all. Why keep us in suspense, especially when we know she won’t be coming back for good? Why not just let her HIV get really bad? What’s with the stupid britt and her evil doctor mom obsessing about Patrick? Dumb! Worst storyline tho is kidnapping robin. No real explanation. Did someone want together back at Anna and Robert?

  35. maria says:

    Dr Noah Drake and Eli Love are played by Rick Springfield. Even though they are different charactors. I do wish Robin was back for good I mean I cried my eyes out when they took out of the story. The memorial tribute when they had her funeral had me going through kleenex.I know she decided to not do the show anymore so I am glad to see Sabrina and Pattrick happy. So I am on team Sabrina I think she is adorible. No dhe is not franco daughter she is Juan Santiago cousin. I think Ellie is Franco daughter. She looks like a Quartermane and heir to the Q’s. She kind of reminds me of Tracy. Unless they are going to write her in as Tracys. Because edward q does not know that jasons twin was franco so why would he be in edwardz wil.I guess we have to stay tune and see

  36. Shay says:

    Excellent Friday on GH…Frisco was FAB! How could any girl in her right mind not melt with that musical tribute/proposal????? Cannot wait for the follow-up! Also looking forward to next week with Rick S.! On the other hand: Regarding the ridiculous Sabrina character…that makeover was terrible! She looked like an over-painted Tijuana tart and her schoolgirl personality seemed more immature than ever when they tried to have her APPEAR (operative word here…) “adult-like.” Get a grip Patrick and start behaving like a grown-up again! I, for one, will happily welcome any monkeywrench that Britt can temporarily throw into this ludicrous and contrived “romance!” At least that will buy time until either the Robin storyline is properly closed or a more appropriate WOMAN can be found to share Patrick and Emma’s life together. Also, once this “Nurses’ Ball” is over, can we please dispense with the eternally annoying and over-acting “Lucy Coe?” She (and Brenda, Bobbie, and most especially Richard Simmons with his hissyfit melt-down) are just bad remnants of the past and need to leave pronto. We have had so many top notch returns as of late, and the really talented vets should be encouraged to stay as long as they wish, but REALLY…bringing back some of these second-string characters has gotten soooo tedious!!!! (However, still anxiously waiting for another Cassadine to pop up out of nowhere and the return of Michael Easton….)

  37. Jennifer says:

    Of course we all love Robin and Jason and there are no other actors out there who could ever replace them in my opinion especially if your a longtime fan like me but if the actors chose to leave what can be done to bring them back if they don’t want to come back right now? And if your going to have characters like Patrick and Sam move on then I am happy if its with could characters like Sabrina. I like her and I like that Patrick started to have feelings before her makeover which is genuine like his character is now and opposite of who he was when he first came to town. And lets all remember that its because of Robin that Patrick became a great guy, a wonderful husband and a doting father!!

    • Loralee says:

      Hey! I agree with you! Patrick and Sabrina are great together and no matter how many people want to bash this coupling, they are good together. I think it is finny that people want the character of Robin to come back, bit if they don’t want to then give them a character lime Sabrina!

  38. Shay says:

    To all you Sabrina lovers….our objections about her have nothing much to do with her coupling with Patrick, as opposed to a reunion with his “dead” wife!!! We simply cannot stand the character or the actress portraying her! It is NOT due to an attachment to Robin (who I always personally found irritating…although I admit she was good with/for “Drake Jr.”) Nor does this issue deal with not being able to let go of legacy roles like Robin or even Jason, for that matter. It is just not liking THIS particular storyline and the person involved. As a matter of fact, I have NO problem with Sam moving on….she was great with McBain, and I loved her dancing turn with Maks. Kelly Monaco has the talent to work in a number of possible romantic scenarios…she doesn’t need “Jason” to define her!! The actor who played him chose to leave, and that is completely acceptable…it has freed Sam to find new love. And if they can manage to find a suitable person for Patrick, I will feel the same…. just not this with this “girl.” Maybe Sam and Dr. Drake should get together…could be interesting!!!! At any rate, I don’t see the need for either character to necessarily get serious with anyone yet…they should have some fun and enjoy exploring their prospects…and of course, we have to see what Britt will be bringing to the table next week. Should be juicy…..

  39. LM says:

    I just want to see Robert Scorpio back, I saw him on Marie show 1/11/2013 saying he was coming back on GH. This is now the nurses ball and I have yet to see him and to the person who said britt better not be pregnant read the spoilers because that is exactly what she says and it is Patricks.

  40. Jennifer says:

    I think this storyline with Britt and her mother is stupid and bad writing! I understood the Sam/McBain thing because of being on Port Charles together and I personally like Sabrina and I like her with Patrick but this storyline with Britt is so unnecessary and its stupid stories like this that make yoyr viewers tune out until its over or when that story is on air. First Lisa Niles now this crazy Britt? Why not let a different character deal with crazy for awhile?

  41. Shay says:

    After yet another insufferable day of the “Sabrina” storyline, I will take any relief we can get from her presence, be it from Britt or anyone else! That musical number with Emma was so over-the-top silly, it was nauseating. Even that kid is starting to wear thin with her matchmaking efforts for her father…a little bit of her goes a really long way. Please at least get some sort of Robin info tidbits back into the storyline, we seem to have veered so far from the original tale of her disappearance….who’s keeping her now and why? Jerry Jacks? Or another villain? What is their end game? A few hints would be appreciated! As for Richard Simmons, what can I say???? That pathetic display of his was absolutely demented!!!! He needs to be committed!!!!! How could that well-meaning, off-the-wall exercise elf from the glory days of GH return as such a bitter and twisted goofball???? Explanation please…..Today did have some delightful details…the Anna and Duke tango was sublime (though not as good as Sam and Maks’ dance….she really was robbed on this last round of DWTS!) and Rick Springfield totally rocked!!! Cannot believe that dude is over 60 years old!!!! Was very sad for Frisco….he sang his heart out and that was a beautiful moment!!!! Hope his departure is short-lived, and that he will soon return to stop the Felicia-Mac nuptials…the Mr. Marbles dummy skit was so lame and distasteful, Scorpio deserved to lose the girl just for that alone!!!!

  42. jean says:

    sabrina and patrick and emma make a great family. robin is missed. robin wanting patrick
    to move on and find someone to make him and emma happy. and to be a good mother to-

  43. Shay says:

    Okay…after today I have officially overdosed (More like gagged…) on the Sabrina-Emma campaign….soooo overdone!!!! What is it about those particular (annoying) characters that the GH producers have this seeming compulsion to push upon the viewers???? They are such a small part of the cast and have a minimal impact on the storylines, especially given all the current heavyweights that are present. Please move on and away from them! Stat. Also, think that the NB ran a day tooo long….the highlights were the Frisco/Rick Springfield performances, and should have ended with them and Britt’s BIG announcement…(You GO, Girl!!!! Keep making your Momma proud so we can see her dance again…LMAO!) Looking forward to her, ahem, “expanding” role and the resuming of the Luke/Laura adventure…could their next nemesis be an alive Tony Cassadine (Hello again, Thaao??? ) or yet another new family member? Can’t wait to find out…also appreciated the mention of Jerry Jacks and getting back to the Robin question at hand…may we please have some Robert Scorpio news, too???? Last but not least, thought the abrupt end to the Frisco arc was totally undeserved….hoping for a swift return for Jack Wagner…he definitely deserved better!!!! P.S. Time to houseclean the more superfluous characters and give their space to the stellar vets who have been gracing our screens with their awesome talents. Oh….one last thing: Have long wondered if anyone else has noticed that Emma has a strangely “exotic” look given that her two birth parents are Robin and Patrick….very little resemblance to either one of them. Should have thought that it would not have been difficult to find a little KM clone that would have been far more convincing as her/their offspring…just saying!

  44. What a wonderful ending to the nurses ball. You’re not alone is a great song and Patrick and Sabrina sang it beautiful together.

  45. Jennifer says:

    This is my last comment on here but to you people who don’t like Sabrina, we get it! What I don’t get is why you would even think for one minute that he should be with Britt? I personally like Sabrina but besides my feelings I am also a mother and if my fiance spoke to my daughter that way he would be dropped kicked out of this house. And for all you Robin lovers which I am too I cannot believe you would support a woman who walked onstage while Patrick was honoring Robin who to everyone else is dead and announce she is pregnant and you guys like her? Even if she couldn’t get Patrick to listen to her there are a lot of other ways she could have told him. The only thing good out of all this or could be good is that Britt looks like she doesn’t want to be this evil but its her mom pushing her. Although the whole being mean to Emma was all Britt. If Robin were alive and this Britt girl was pulling this crap all you people would have something a lot different to say

  46. Jennifer says:

    Oh and lets not forget that the last time Patrick cheated on our beloved Robin with a lunatic Dr, Robin almost got killed and Emma almost got killed but I am hearing some of you fans want to go down that road again because you don’t like Sabrina? Ok I know this is a soap opera and not real but stating you would rather see Patrick with Britt than Sabrina is a slap in Robins face!

  47. Shay says:

    I, for one, have NEVER stated that I “wanted” Patrick with Britt…I simply desire that the storyline putting him with that Sabrina person to end. You’re right, I don’t like her, for a multitude of reasons, and it really irritates me that the writers are really pushing this particular relationship…I am looking for any means possible for this ridiculous coupling to cease…that’s all. I do not particularly care how this is done….for now, the “Britt Twist” seems like a good diversion….although I seriously doubt in the end that (supposed) baby is even Patrick’s, so I don’t believe for one minute that the endgame will result in any sort of permanent Drake family situation. As for Robin, I am not all that concerned about her character reuniting with her husband for the foreseeable future, either. I would very much like to see more movement in the how’s and why’s of her disappearance, and have the news that she is/could be alive perpetrated in Port Charles so that Patrick will (for all intents and purposes) remain a married man once again…not free to play the field. I think JT would do a great job with an arc that features such a torturous possibility…in many ways he never accepted his wife’s death anyway, and there does seem to be some sort of “psychic” connection between the two of them. They could play that up without KM actually having to be present for the most part. So, that is just one temporary solution…all I have been quite strident about is that I truly hate the ludicrous pairing of Nurse Santiago and Dr. Drake….she is just too silly and unsophisticated for the likes of Patrick, and were it not for the constant encouragement from his daughter, there would be no reason for these two to even be together. That’s ALL I’ve been saying!!!!!

  48. patty says:

    It’s time to really kill off the character of Robin. The actress has no desire to return and the chemistry between Sabrina and Patrick is off the charts. The Britch and ” mommy dearest,” need to fly off on their brooms !!!!!!

  49. Shay says:

    Uh, what chemistry is that??? All I see is a goofy, overbearing girl with a childish, high-school type crush and a man who desperately needs someone to help him look after his rambunctious daughter…..this is not an adult relationship between equals in any sense of the word!!! It gets more ridiculous by the day….cannot understand what attachment some GH viewers seem to have to this Sabrina character…she is soooo boring!!! There are many different ways to proceed with the current storylines being presented, and hopefully, we will soon be spared any further development of this ludicrous romance…with or without Robin, makes no difference to me! P.S. On the possible return of Thaao Penghlis’s character, it is actually VICTOR Cassadine, and not his brother, Tony, that I was previously referring. Mixed up the name with the role he played on DOOL, “Tony DiMera.” My bad….Read on another website that he really may resurface at some future point….cool!

  50. patty says:

    Lucy Coe began on GH as a mousy librarian and transformefd into an amazing multifaceted character who we love, and she cannot sing like Sabrina !!! Brich would be better with Nicholas, they could compare psychopath parent stories !!!