Once Upon a Time Recap: Enter The Dragon -- Plus: New Promo Reveals Tom Ellis As [Spoiler]

SONEQUA MARTIN-GREENOnce Upon a Time … via the Inside Line… I told you that, soon enough, you’d be wondering what the Phuket Tamara’s agenda is.

And now you have wondered, and now you (kinda) know.

This week’s episode also accounted for August’s whereabouts, shed a touch more light on Snow’s growing darkness and connected the dots between Greg Mendel and… “Her.”

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IN PHUKET CIRCA 2011…. | August awakens in a beachside bed, beside a logy local lass, to discover that she gave him a tattoo on his shoulder his leg has turned to wood. (Between the setting, the clock time, the subtitles and the crazy, it was easily the show’s most Lost-like cold open ever.) When a visit to a regular doc proves futile, August is directed to a mystical man known as The Dragon. And in that super-secretive waiting room, we also spy… Tamara?!

The Dragon recognizes August as Pinocchio and promises to cure his condition in trade for “an item of great value to you” — the string of his whale (heh) necklace, which Gepetto used to animate him back in the day — and $10,000. (Hey, Rumple told us magic always comes with a price!) TZI MA, EION BAILEYLooking about $9,990 short on the fee, August eyeballs the wad in Tamara’s purse as they chat at a bar — and then predictably pinches it when she goes to take a call, and buys his cure. She intercepts him afterward, however, retrieving the vial and leaving him in the gutter. We then see Tamara have a fateful encounter with the Dragon, learning she doesn‘t have any rare cancer but instead has been on a long, frustrating search for magic that only turned up frauds — until him. He’s the real deal, as evidenced by the potion made of no known elements, so she goes to kill him. “You have not met the real me,” he cautions, as plumes of colored smoke swirl out of his nose and such… yet apparently a $99 stun gun can nonetheless do him in.

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | While David checks on the magic bean crop, Mary Margaret goes into the woods to reflect on her recent dark turn (and give the ol’ bow a rockin’ plucking). There, she discovers a trailer where August has been hiding, having reverted back into a 100-percent wooden, yet ambulatory, man. He is relieved?/jealous-ish? that Emma has reunited with Neal, yet sees no redemption for himself, so he wishes to lay low.

Back in town, there’s awkward noshing of New York City bagels for Emma, Henry, Neal and the just-arrived Tamara (who reported that Hook was MIA from the apartment building’s storage room). When Neal tells his fiancée the truth about his origins, she rails at him for making a lame-ass attempt to blow her off in favor of “the cute blonde.” Over at the diner, after Regina recommends “the blackened sole” to her (ha!), Mary Margaret tells Emma and Marco/Gepetto about finding August — as Tamara eavesdrops.

Tams gets to August first, saying that, no, she herself isn’t magical, and her business in Storybrooke doesn’t concern him. But he does owe her, so she tells him to go to New York City and use her leftover cure, and never return. August sets out to do just that, but upon realizing that Tamara has been lying — and that she killed The Dragon — he turns around, to warn Emma & Co. But the Taser That Even Works On Wood dispatches with the marionette, who can’t quite utter his attacker’s name to Emma before he croaks. However… seeing as his dying act was “selfless, brave and true,” the Blue Fairy is able to revive Pinocchio, as his boyish self. The freckled lad, alas, has no memory of what he was about to tell Emma (which is good, ’cause Tams looked primed to Taze him too). Neal offers Tamara an out, now that she’s witnessed all the wacky, but she claims, “What I signed up for was you.”

That night, Greg — after having a run-in with Regina, who now realizes he is grown-up Owen and is determined to find his father — calls “Her” on his cell, but it turns out “she” is outside his door. And she is Tamara. And they begin making out…?

IN NEW YORK CITY CIRCA 2011…. | Upon returning from Phuket, August reports to Neal that Emma must have arrived in Storybrooke, so he’s heading there to meet her. He says he’ll “send a postcard” once the curse is lifted, but Neal worries his father will then come to find him. Tamara witnesses this encounter, then arranges for her and Neal’s “meet cute.”

What did you think of “Selfless, Brave and True”? How many “Tamara is Wendy/Pocahontas/Whomever” theories flew out the window tonight? (Sorry! That said, several of ya nailed the “Tamara is Her” thing.) And what do you think the magic-hunter’s endgame is in Storybrooke? (Remember, she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.)

Here’s the new promo for the April 14 “pop-up” episode and the new April 21 episode, which apparently features Tom Ellis (The Fades, Merlin) as a famed bandit:

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  1. Patti says:

    Great to see Eion Bailey back. He is great as August and I did love his friendship with Emma. It’s disappointing and frustrating that they turned him into a boy. I wanted adult August in the present.

    Tamara and Neal together was a bore but boy she got interesting with Greg and as a villain. Here’s hoping they don’t give her a whoa is me, poor sob story excuse and just let her be a villain. The show needs a straight out bad guy and she is excellent so far as the villain. Safe the redemption and sad stories for Rum and Regina.

    • Seanti says:

      Eion is so great –when is someone going to make him the star of his own series?

      • Elly says:

        He’s got a new series on TNT I believe.

        That said, that episode was great until they turned August back into a little boy. Seriously?!? Like thanks for not killing him off but this was like the second to worst idea.

        • prish says:

          I comfort myself with the thought that this is magic based, so the kid can grow up quickly. I just love Eion Bailey and hope he will be back, soon.

          • Elly says:

            That was my hopeful thinking too. It’s ridiculous far fetched (yes, even with magic) but ill take what I can get if it means we’ll get Eion back in other aspects besides flashback.

    • Liz says:

      Yes, the show was good until they turned him into a boy also the network needs to fix the times or get something together cause every time I’m waiting for ithe show it’s a re run or its not on so I don’t feel like waiting or watching it anymore

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      Is that a name for August I’m not aware of?

    • prish says:

      I assumed the red spirit is still alive. I’m sure he will be a huff’n and a puff’n, just when we need him.

      • the girl says:

        That’s what I think. He said “you haven’t met the real me” and I refuse to believe that the magical side of him could be killed… with a taser. Tamara killed his human “avatar” or something but not him.

      • Arguendo says:

        On that note, I suspect that the dragon could have just been Puff (the Magic Dragon). It could make August “Little Jackie Paper.”

  2. Khorrie says:

    Hated that we have boy Pinnochio back. I wasn’t expecting August to stick around, but I would have liked the option for him to be back in future episodes. Overall, a pretty boring episode. Again, we had all figured out Tamara was “Her” weeks ago, so that reveal lacked any kind of punch, and I don’t see the point of her or Greg being involved in the story, period. I’m only looking forward to Hook eventually killing Tamara (because that’s totally going to happen, right? right??) and Regina allowing Greg/Owen to leave with his life because he still reminds of her of why she wanted Henry to begin with.

    • Paul Perrin says:

      I must be dense. I did not see tamara being her. I think that Neal was a lost boy or Peter himself. One person said that Tamara could be Wendy. How could Wendy be a bad guy? I think the dragon is the red shadow from the Russian story Grandma Baviska.

      • RUCookie says:

        I do not know that Story… what is it?

      • Arguendo says:

        They made Jack the Giant Killer a bad guy, so it’s not inconceivable that Wendy would be a bad guy. It’s consistent with her not being from a magical land or being magical (because Wendy is not). Since Robin Hood is coming up, she could also be Maid Marion — she isn’t magical in any way at all.

  3. sofia says:

    Everything in this episode was just so predictable. Very disappointing.

    • Lauren says:

      Everything, you say? My goodness, you must be very wise and smart.

      I enjoyed the episode a lot, filled in a lot of holes and its quite curious that Tamara ISN’T a magical being. So what does she want??

      • sofia says:

        August turning back into a little? There were pictures of that going around on the internet for almost two months, so it wasn’t very hard to understand what was going to happen. As for Tamara, here’s what I commented about it last week “http://www.spoilertv.com/2013/03/once-upon-time-episode-218-selfless.html#comment-833064567”.
        What I didn’t get though was how Regina could still be the Mayor after her telling Henry she had been asked to step down from her position.

        • sofia says:

          *into a little boy*

        • Lia says:

          She isn’t the Mayor; Greg called her that because when they met she was and made sure he and his dad knew that.

          • sofia says:

            Yeah it could be, but not really. Regina presented herself to Greg as the “Mayor of Storybrooke” when they met at Granny’s and by then she still didn’t remember who he really was. And he only called her “Mayor” when they were in his room after her telling that she already knew who is was.

          • When she saw him (and his pie) at Granny’s she introduced herself as the Mayor of Storybrooke. Regina took back her spot as mayor when Cora was alive.

        • Bella says:

          This is too funny – you search out spoilers on the internet, then moan that an episode is predictable? If you want to be surprised, here’s a tip, don’t hunt for spoilers.

        • Paul says:

          Owen called her Mayor because that is how he remembers her. I do not remember is anyone told him the Regina was not the Mayor.

      • rhewtani says:

        Bet she steals the power of the dark one, eventually.

        • anakl says:

          maybe she attacks emma or henry & the Dark One interferes to save them as a favor for Neal… that way Tamara obtains the DO’s powers & it will be his undoing… but she mustn’t kill Rumple… maybe it will be a deal… but how can a teaser kill so many people (wood & magical)??

        • Thanh says:

          If Tamara ends up stealing the Dark One’s powers, and DO is finally super-evil (as opposed to ‘grey’ Rumple), it’d make her & ‘the Outsider’/Owen/Greg’s storylines finally interesting, at least to me. ‘Cause this shiznit is boring and sucks story from the core characters too much so far, with no reward.

  4. Jennifer Edwards says:

    Why did no one seem concerned that August was still dead? I mean, for all intents and purposes, the boy is alive (lovely), but the man he was is dead (oops?). And everyone seems cool with that? I am not cool with that… and not just because he was eye candy. I hope someone at least mentions it next episode

    • Christina says:


    • Khorrie says:

      Because they’re not concerned. It was basically said that he turned to wood because he wasn’t living the right kind of life (and clearly everyone else in Storybrooke is!) so him getting a blank slate to do everything over again is supposed to be seen as a good thing. I can’t say I agree, but that’s how I interpreted what the show was attempting to portray.

      • Lia says:

        He did so many selfish things right from the beginning (leaving baby Emma) that his reward is something I don’t think he deserved (he should have stayed dead). If he didn’t see the photo, he would have left for good as his normal selfish and impulsive self. Maybe this time Geppeto will teach him to be responsible before giving him any important thing to do.

        • Shaun says:

          And i’m not sure how a wooden man can be affected by a taser?

        • Shannon says:

          Remember Pinnochio is essentially not a real boy being able to understand certain things. Plus he was sent over when he was still a boy with a huge task. He stated to Neal that our world has many temptations that he is unable to resist. However, he saw the photo and everything came to fruition for him and he realized which he admitted to Mary that he made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions and him being wood was one of them and he was punishing himself by staying away especially from his father because he felt he had let down his father in so many ways especially not looking after Emma. When he was on the phone and Tamara confronted him he finally realized what he had done for so many years and realized it is not a potion that could make him real and get him back, but he had to do it on his own. He went back because he realized what Tamara was after which is all the magic in storybrooke for what end who knows at this point. Clearly she is using Neal/Own for her own purposes. I think turning him back into a real boy gave both of them a chance at a new beginning that finally in the end Pinnochio did what he needed to do for 28 years and protect Emma. Now Gepetto has his son and he can make up for his error with the Charmings like Cricket has to make up with Geppetto and Pinnochio can actually have a life with his father and grow up to be a better August. Maybe the new August will be able to redeem himself with Emma and maybe find a match in her. lol

          I did not know it, but I recently started watching Covert Affairs and could not place the character Ben Mercer and the actor who played him until I looked at the credits and realized it was August..

      • Mike says:

        August had to stay good or else he would turn into wood, te blue fairy in his original origin episode said he had to remain selfless brave and true or he would return to wood, it’s nt that everyone else in storybrooke is good, it just he was human under those rules.

    • luli says:

      The only thing that i liked about that scene was that Emma ran to hug Snow! (AWWWW)

      • AnotherGuest says:

        I am more happy that Henry finally stopped being a jerk and made up to Emma, his mother. It is about time people need to learn that no parent/person is perfect.

        • Tyi says:

          I agree, i must be from the school of hard knocks because sometimes Henry is a little bit too rude for my liking.Yea yea i know he started everything but sometimes its like I dont know how they let this little kid run around everywhere and say whatever he wants, in the streets all hours and running away everyother night lol. Also off topic I love Snow of course but sometimes she is just too much with her goodness, yes I know it’s her character but at a point it’s too over the top via the acting.

  5. girlinmd says:

    Good twist with the Tamara storyline i did not see her going after August but did figure she was “her” still wondering how she plays into all of this with Greg are they out to stop the magic because of his dad? Also confused as to why no one freaked out when Tamara saw magic happening they all just walked away like nothing happened and also she just showed up when August was turned back into a boy Emma not putting that together seems off that said the last part of the season looks like its going to be EPIC!

    • Jerry says:

      Neil told Tamara about magic and all of that so I assume they pretty much expected her to know and weren’t really worried about it. Of course no one told half of that group that Neil was going to spill those beans, so

    • Shannon says:

      What happened to Emma’s power where she can tell when people are lying. It seems like that gift has disappeared this season. Otherwise she would clearly see Tamara is lying and not who she said she is and she should return to her sheriff duties and solving things like who Tamara is and what she really wants. I agree everyone freaked out when Owen/Greg might have saw something and Emma did not pick up he was lying. No one freaked when Tamara saw the blue fairy use magic. is the blue fairy going to be on the Tamara hit list to try and obtain her wand? Are we going to meet or at least see Aurora’s fairy godmothers?

  6. Tori says:

    I was hoping Tamara would turn out to be from the Fairytale world but that is not the case. I think Snow to understand the fact that her guilt is so powerful it means the good in her is stronger.

  7. mg714 says:

    I’m also disappointed they decided to have August return to being Pinnochio as a little boy. I really enjoyed the complex character that August had been and I’ll totally miss Eion Bailey on the show. And count me as an Emma/August shipper – sadly that’s never going to happen now.

    • Maris says:

      i agree. I’m really mad that this show keeps sinking my Emma ships!

      • Autumn says:

        I stopped watching a while back because I hated the direction of the show. I had to read this recap because my sister told me how horrible it was. I feel for Emma fans. First, Graham (who is still the best), then they didn’t go down the route with Hatter even though they had chemistry, and now August gets turned into a boy as if he never existed? Well, at least she has Neal. Oh, wait. He’s exactly why I said bye to this show in the first place. When he is gone (if he ever leaves since somehow they think he is epic) and the stories get less absurd, then maybe I will return.

        • Shannon says:

          Agreed all my fav guys are gone. I was not a big fan of Emma/August but I saw the chemistry. I am still hoping for Emma/Graham talk about off the charts chemistry with them that you could actually see even with the Mad Hatter same thing. I have not lost hope for Adult August remember this is storybrooke with magic and he is not dead. He could always return via magic probably to Adult august especially if they need him.

    • gdv says:

      I can’t believe the writers/showrunners did that! Eoin was such a fan favorite…even my husband was like, “What? He’s a freaking little boy again?!?!” All of the characters’ reactions were strange too. Um, no one was worried that Tamara saw what happened? Did Snow, Marco, and Mother Superior get told that Tamara was Neal’s fiancee somewhere offscreen? Ugh. I just thought the whole episode was written really poorly.

      • rhewtani says:

        Snow, at least, reacted right. She realized that “redemption” for August meant the death of who he was to be reborn as someone else. That’s why she was terrified of it.

  8. Jordan says:

    I have a theory that Tamara DID find Hook still in the closet but realized that he might be able to help her in her quest to find magic also. Look for him to pop up sometime soon in cahoots with her.

    • Aimee says:

      I had the exact same thought.

    • Thanh says:

      Agreed. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Tamara managed to get Hook on her team. I’m hoping Tamara, Greg/Owen/Outsider, and Hook team up against Storybrooke by season’s end, and the Storybrooke peeps unite (both ‘bad’ and good guys) to take them down…and that we’ll finally be rid of these boring ass characters. In fact, as a bonus, if Neal/Bae ends up a casualty, I’d be all for it. Since it’s all ultimately Rumple’s fault (i.e., Bae/Neal being in this world, Cora/Regina/The Curse, magic being in Storybrooke, Hook’s vendetta, etc.), making his ‘price for magic’ be his son’s death, makes sense plotwise imo. And, let’s face it, Rumple has yet to really pay for his misdeeds (no, Belle losing her memory doesn’t count…not like she’s dead or anything).

    • Gizmo says:

      I agree that she let Hook out. Also, I think she knew about all about the
      Book but didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I just hope they keep Tamara nasty!
      The show needs to be more like the original fairy tales which were not all that nice! Any one else out there remember Cinderella’s wicked steps sisters damaging their feet to try to wear the glass slipper! The good stands out when surrounded by the bad!

      Wondering who ends up going to Neverland!

      • LadyT says:

        They recently released pics for the season finale… Emma, Snow, Charming, Regina, Hook and Rumple are all on the j. roger! :D

  9. D says:

    I am not trolling but I think the actress who plays Tamara and today’s episode was a disappointment. The dialogue was a bit corny and could’ve been executed better. Usually, it doesn’t bother me bu today was a bit much.

  10. Jordan says:

    Calling it now- Tamara is now working with Hook. She told Neal she didn’t find him in the storage closet, but she actually did and they’re working together now.

  11. Patti says:

    I liked that they finally brought up that snow or charming could have went with Emma. Great MM and August guilt scene. I want Emma/Neal badly.Wish August stayed an adult. Tamara better watch out For Rumple we’ve seen what he did when Bae just got a skinned knee

  12. Ashely says:

    One of the worst episdoes of the season. Tamera killing the Dragon with a taser was laugh out loud worthy

    • kavyn says:

      It was absolutely hilarious. All he had to do was say “Don’t tase me bro!” to make that scene perfect.

    • That’s not your average taser.

    • Will says:

      No, Tamara killing August, who is 100% MADE OF NON CONDUCTIBLE WOOD, was laugh out loud worthy.

      I was cool with the episode until they decided that a modded taser would be the best way to kill off a magical wizard man and a wooden man. Everything else was fine and in my opinion this was one of the best episodes recently outside of that single stupid decision. I’m still of the position that “The Dragon” isn’t actually dead and that he will at the very least be making a future appearance in past FTL if we ever get to see Mulan’s arc.

      • Dreamrose says:

        If Tamara was looking for magic, maybe she should have looked no farther than her own Taser. It certainly is magic if it can kill a guy made of wood!

      • the girl says:

        Yeah, her killing August with a taser was pure insanity.

      • Kay says:

        Seriously, not one person on that set knew that an electric current wouldn’t effect wood? My intelligence has been insulted

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Stay tuned….

          • rhewtani says:

            Could very well be, also, that since he did turn around and was already being brave that he was already turning back. Or, sure, magic taser. I would have been shocked if it had killed a normal August, too.

          • Sapphire says:

            I hope this means they’ll explain it and not that more unfounded things happen.

        • Autumn says:

          That’s seriously how he died? ROTFL. It’s like the dwarves coming out of the eggs only worse. Maybe I should watch the scene. Maybe it is less melodramatic than the one I am imagining in my head.

    • Gail says:

      Could be the Dragon is not dead. He said you haven’t met the real me. He could still show up in Storybrooke. Still don’t know how Henry got to Storybrooke as apparently was not August.

  13. mg714 says:

    Yeah, also agree Tamara with her taser was ridiculous… even if it somehow has some extra powers than a regular taser! LoL Hate her (but guess that’s the point) – I couldn’t stop yelling “B****!” at her whenever she was on the screen.

    • Shannon says:

      My sister made a comment stating the taser steals the magic. Which if it is the case couldn’t they have a found a better object than a taser? if the taser does steal the magic that would make sense as to why the dragon died because all his magic was gone. August stated he went back and found the dragon dead. Curious notion when Tamara came back to the Dragon the dragon not only knew she did not have cancer, but knew what she done to August stating the vile belong to the man you left lying in the gutter. How would the dragon know that? How would the dragon know about the string necklace was the string that Geppetto used to animate him from? Even the dragon could be more than he seems.

    • AnotherGuest says:

      Don’t feel bad about that I say worse when I see her with wig on in StoryBrook. I am still surprise that Rumble was NOT Dragon with way man told August about Dragon said “Magic comes with a price.” I hope that Dragon and Rumble/Mr. Gold can be friends and make deals in future shows.

  14. JO! says:

    BUT WHAT IS TAMARA GONNA DO? The episode raised so many questions involving her backstory, how she met Owen, if they have the same agenda, etc. The season is about to end and the promo already said they’ll be introducing yet another character. I’m hoping they end the season as well as the previous and that next season we go somewhere with the characters that we already have. Have we even seen Emma and Snow have dinner or do something together in Storybrooke other than deal with all the stuff that’s going on together? GEEZUS. Love the show though, and the big BELLE episode is coming next… OH WAIT IN 3 WEEKS RIGHT? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  15. Missy Kelly says:

    living on the West Coast – episode hasn’t aired yet – who is “Her” – Everyone Says that Tamara is her – who her – guess I’ll find out soon enough

  16. Viv says:

    So, Gepetto and Pinochio have their happy ending. They are reunited and Pinochio don´t remember that he wasn´t a good boy. And still I´m not happy that he is a little boy again. I knew it after I saw the pictures, but its somehow disappointing.
    I don´t have a clue who Tamera is. At first I thought “Wendy… could be”, but after this episode that theory is out for me.
    Now we have three weeks to wait to get answers? -.- Three very long weeks…

  17. Kam says:

    Tamara is definitely Tiana because she made a quote about frogs, and Tiana is the girl who had to kiss many frogs

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Tamara is not any kind of a character.

      • Arturo says:

        She could be. Didn’t she say she doesn’t have any magic but that doesn’t mean she isn’t from the fairy tale land. I can’t remember what she said exactly.

      • John DeMayo says:

        Are we *completely sure* about this? Like is it “confirmed”? Yeah, some of her actions would point towards “no”, but we still don’t know her complete backstory. Also, not all of the fairy tale characters are “magical”. Snow, Charming, Belle, etc. don’t have any magical abilities at all, right? PLUS… here’s what really gets me: Tamara didn’t seem fazed at all by the sight of magic. If she’s been actively looking for magic… shouldn’t she have had a stronger reaction when she saw the dragon levitate? And when she saw a guy made completely of wood? I dunno… she just seems so underwhelmed by it all. I think anyone… even someone as cold and calculating as Tamara — would react with a bit more amazement at the sight of all the magic going on. Couldn’t she know more than she’s letting on? The one drawback to my theory, of course, is if Tamara is a fairy-tale character… then how did she get to our world? She didn’t come through the portal, and she didn’t come with Neal. Then again, how did the Dragon get to our world?

      • Tyi says:

        I think she could be, hey she lied about cancer why can’t she be lying about that. She might be Tiana, although I don’t recall Tiana as being evil.

    • Katie says:

      Not frogs. Frauds.

    • Ron Zambor says:

      I thought she said Frogs too but she said Frauds… i had to go back

  18. Patrick Maloney says:

    1. I liked this episode
    2. However, I didn’t like that they just turned him into a kid after so much wait
    3. Liked the lost reference above

  19. Is Tamara Ursula from the Little Mermaid?

  20. Damongirl26 says:

    If Tamara tries to hurt Henry or Neal in anyway she better watch her back or she will face the wrath of Regina and rumple and for her that is no where near good.

  21. Moria says:

    I’m not caught up on a the shows so maybe I should know this – who is Tamara’s grandmother in the photo that made August figure everything out?

    • Mike says:

      Grandmother is irrelevant, August knew that was the photo that she gave to the dragon, and when he figured out it was back in Tamara’s possession, he knew she got it back somehow and figured she killed the dragon and took it back.

      • Rali says:

        The grandmother could be relevant, if Tamara lost her to magic. This would give her a reason to have the same agenda as Greg/Owen.

        • Rosa says:

          I was thinking, maybe Tamara’s grandmother was Wendy. Maybe she told Tamara stories as a child and she became obsessed, and then Tamara met Owen along the way. He was obsessed with finding his dad in a town that appeared after a purple smoke storm and then disappeared again. Although I don’t think Owen ever witnessed magic before he came back as an adult…why didn’t Frankenstein just let him die!! Ugh.

      • Therem says:

        but, how someone couldnt understand that, the dragon was killed (August said that “i went there a few days later”…)
        that was really interesting and i think there is a problem (or a clue that dragon just acting) in there.
        Second one why Tamara killed Dragon (or try), while greg desperately needs someone with magic. She killed dragon so noone can find him. I think she is just not an ordinary human… but who she is :))

  22. Mike says:

    While I am a tad dissapointed that Eion Bailey will probably never reappear, I enjoyed Pinocchio and Marcos reunion. I d

    • Mike says:

      I don’t know what Tamara’s plan is and while I was not surprised she was her, I’m glad Greg’s story is picking up after weeks of being dull. Overall this episode was the weakest in awhile, but still not among the worst episodes.

  23. LEP says:

    My daughter was like, “Anyone else think it’s awkward that Emma and August had been flirty and now he’s a little boy? Anyone?” And, “Did we really get any answers or just more questions!” Okay, I guess we now the postcard answer, the “her” answer, and where’s August been since the curse broke answer” but lots more questions. Too many freaking characters and more on the way. Watched via DVR, and the previews caught off at , “I’m Ro.” Assume it was Robinhood based on the costume and arrows….

    • LEP says:

      *now know the postcard*

    • a thought says:

      I don’t think August and Emma were ever supposed to be romantic. He was in a ‘big brother’ watching out for her type of role. And when he asked MM if Neal&Emma were back together it was pretty obvious he thought if they reunited it might ‘redeem’ him for not being there for Emma like he promised he would.

      • Shannon says:

        It was also August’s fault he broke up Emma/neal and why Emma went to jail. We still do not know that whole aspect of it because Emma would never have gone to Storybrooke if she Neal went tot Tallhassee. I think that story arc would be interesting in the future.

    • Ariel says:

      We got the postcard answer in Ep 6, “Tallahassee.”

  24. Spencer says:

    I liked the references to Tamara being Tiana from ‘The Princess and the Frog’: first off, her name sounds similar to ‘Tiana’, she was always in green (which was Tiana’s main dress color) and the frog quote thing. Overall I’m happy with the episode, I liked that August’s storyline was wrapped up. I don’t feel too happy about Robin Hood being introduced when there are sooo many other storylines and characters that need to be wrapped up first.

  25. Ben33 says:

    I think this actually beat out the dwarf egg episode on the Scale of Suck. And they’d been having such a good run the last few episodes too. Hope we don’t see Pinocchio again – there’s already one annoying brat on this show and he certainly doesn’t need a sidekick.

    • Paul says:

      You have to remember that it was Henry who started the whole show. If it was not for Henry Emma would not have come to Story Brook.

  26. Diandra says:

    One of the lures of LOST, which is why I started watching OUAT in the first place, was that we could never predict anything. So many times I thought I was predicting something and I was so off. It has been obvious Tamara was “her” for a while now. Along with the fact that something wasn’t right with Tamara. Obviously I didn’t predict all of this episode, but throughout the entire season I feel as if everything has been obvious.

    The taser thing was painfully laughable.

    Anyway, the fact that we have to wait four weeks for another episode is ridiculous. Losing steam imo. I would rater watch all of the episodes together and have an April finale. Plus, I know they are from a FTL, but it’s the year 2013.. should we really believe that sheriffs stations don’t have cameras? How did Tamara even know where August was?

    I don’t like how they just wrote this character out completely. But I’ve heard Eion Bailey was a disaster on set. It seems unfair that Gepetto gets to re claim his 28 years with his son unlike everyone else.

    • Mike says:

      Seeing how the town looks the same as it did in 1983, and how the nurses don’t have a 2013 nurse attire, I think we can assume there has been any update to the sheriff department since 1983. At least that’s my theory, but than that leads me to wonder how Snow has an iPod/music player.

      • Mike says:

        Has not*

      • Diandra says:

        Perhaps it’s a walkman.. but what year did the song come out she was listening to? :P

      • Gail says:

        Why stop there ? Since no one from the outside could see the town and therefore there have been no visitors except for a few, how does the town get gas, cars, supplies, food etc. Just have to the assume the curse or magic made all these things available.

        • Gabby says:

          Exactly, I really want to know how they are stocked on supplies without any exchange between SB and the outside world.

          • Rosa says:

            I was wondering about that too! How did anyone get anything in Storybrooke? I’m pretty sure I saw a mail man once. And now I also wonder, being that the curse is broken can everyone from the outside get in and see SB? If so Did all the ppl in Maine think it was normal that a town magically appeared in the forest? I’m thinking its still hidden. I thought that Owen was only able to get in to SB because it was at a time when Rumple was leaving. If that’s the case though, then how did Tamara get there? Maybe cause she believes in magic? Also I’m am so mad that August is a little boy again!!!! Wth!! They better bring him back…I loved him! And why the hell was Tamara at the sheriff’s station anyway?? Someone else wrote that its really annoying how she always happens to be at the right place at the right time, and I totally agree!!!!

          • Shannon says:

            In the flashback episode it appeared that the lived the same day for years and the only difference was what Regina/Rumple did because they knew who they were and had control while others did not. In the flashback episode and last season we saw Mary Margaret teaching the same lesson with the blue bird. My main question is while everyone else in SB did not age for 28 years how was Henry able to grow up in SB? That is also probably a reason why he realized something was off and that he was aging and others not.

      • LadyT says:

        she could’ve gotten it from her daughter ;)

    • Gabby says:

      My same thought, the Sheriff’s Dept ironically seems to be the least protected building. Anyone can enter in and there are no cameras?

      • Cory Myers says:

        Got to figure the Sheriff’s station is set up in late 1970s early 1980s fashion… before security camera were real big and all the fancy alarm systems.

      • Paul says:

        Story Brook is a small rural town. It is not a major city were the Sheriff’s office has cameras. It has an office and two cells in the back. The Sheriff was the only law officer in town. Emma is still the Sheriff and David is the enforcer. We have to remember the two worlds acting at the same time. One the world we know the other is the futal system from mid-evil times. This is just how I understand what is going on in the story line so far.

    • Shannon says:

      She may be human. Here is another thought. Rumple made a deal with King James that if he brought King James another son who happens to be the twin brother of the one killed he would tell him when the fairy godmother that is associated with his Family would be. then we see Cinderella and lo and behold Rumple shows up and kills her and takes her wand. making it seem like Cinderella’s family is related to King James family. Tamara said something about her grandmother and maybe the fairy god mother was Tamara’s Grandmother because magic does not always transpire to each generation. She somehow came to our world.. She knew our world had no/to very little magic and she needed magic somehow. Maybe to get revenge, money, power? But to what end?

      • Shannon says:

        Per Flashback episode when the curse is enacted and present the town was hidden and unseen because remember Own took the police back to where he saw his father and instead of seeing the sign for storybrooke we only saw a road. the SB characters are stuck in town because Rumple brought magic back making them cursed again and preventing to leave town. However, one thing is different now that the curse is lifted people outside of SB can see and come to SB despite being there/from there etc like the reason why Emma/Henry/August could come and go because Emma/August were originally from FTL..

  27. Mm says:

    I liked the episode, I was hoping for more Emma & Neal. Also very disappointed over August turning into a boy, I hope they find a way to make him grow fast

  28. Deena says:

    Even with all these questions, my main issue is how you fatally taze wood.

  29. snow says:

    Tamara IS a character. She said she doesn’t have magic and is human. So is Snow, Belle, Charming, Henry. There’s a bunch of fairytale characters who are human and don’t have magic. She could be anyone. I thought she might be Tiana but it looks like they are playing her out as strictly villianess. I think she’s from a different world too, like Enchanted Forest or Neverland and she wants to get back which is why she needs magic.

    • Rob says:

      I don’t think she’s Tiana or from another world. I think she and Greg are just there to expose magic as people from this world. Although “Tiana” is technically from this world because she’s from New Orleans. That’s the only possibility. But otherwise, I’m good with her being no one.

      • Aimee says:

        When they say she isnt a character I think they mean she isnt from the Enchanted forrest. She is from our world. Tiana would be from here but I believe it has been said (or implied or referenced) that there are parallel versions of our world (i.e. where Victor Frankenstein etc…) I think she is just a normal human girl. My Theory is she met Greg and fell in love He told her about his dad and she has been trying to help him find his dad and /or exact revenge on Regina and the town. Just my theory.

        • Mike says:

          I don’t agree from Paleyfest, I took that all storybook characters come from a alternate version of our world, like how they said Mulan is not from our china but an alternative China. So I would assume Tiana would be from an alternative New Orleans.

      • Gail says:

        I think Tiana is just using Greg and has her own agenda. She probably met him in a bar where he was got to talking about his father and this town that seemed to disappear and she realized he could help her obtain her goal whatever that turns out to be.

    • A.B. says:

      Booooooooooo! To kid August. Now some say that Tamara and Hook are working together which could be possible but what if Tamara has hook locked up somewhere else. She doesn’t seem to like magical characters. Now to The Lost reference, that show was so unpredictable that you couldn’t assume anything but they have almost done a 180 and made OUAT almost to predictable. Not complaining still love the show.

      • A.B. says:

        By the way would it have been too hard to have had Jiminy there also for the reunion of all three of them at the end. Just saying.

    • Paul says:

      That is how I understand the story. She could still be Wendy or Jane ( Wendy’s grand daughter). The backup for this is the fact that they have already had Frankenstein,and are bring in Robinhood. Tamara could be anyone from any story. She could be Lura from little house.

  30. Gabby says:

    I am so mad , I really liked August. I dont want to see Tamara, this episode made me angry.

  31. David4 says:

    The “twist” at the end was horrible. The episode felt like LOST, no real plot moment, just stupid. A taser that kills a magical being. Telling your girlfriend you are from fairy tale land out of the blue is just silly. Having the only black character on the show turn out to be evil… please. Going to a hospital and telling the doctor who you know can’t see the wooden leg that your leg is turning into wood is just stupid.

    It was stupidity over stupidity. The only bright spot was Snow’s dark spot in her heart. Be amazing watching her turn evil.

  32. Sarah says:

    my guess is that Tamera is Ursula…..boom!

  33. This episode was a real disappointment. It dragged on and it was very predictable. I’ve struggled the past few episodes to stay invested. I feel like they are just adding a bunch of random story arcs in there to keep it interesting, and honestly, it’s not holding my attention. I will continue to watch, but it doesn’t have the same flair it used to. Hopefully things will pick back up again, otherwise things aren’t looking good.

  34. Sarah says:

    Jasmine perhaps……

  35. Catherine says:

    My guess is that Tamera is Tiger Lily

  36. Yawn says:

    That was a terrible episode. Just awful. I watch for Snow, Charming, Emma, Rumple, Hook, and Ruby (the main cast) and I feel like their stories are never given enough attention. Doesn’t make sense.

  37. J says:

    So that’s how the show kills off a character you really can’t kill off…

    Damn shame. I’ll miss Eion Bailey. I’m still holding out hope for a “realm of rapid aging” somewhere out there (surely they’re holding onto it to solve the show’s Henry problem?).

  38. Bailey says:

    Thank god Tamara was not a fairytale character. And I was one of the many people who thought she was “Her,” so I’m glad that panned out. I’m also really happy she’s devious and not really into Neal and I can’t wait to see what havoc she and Greg are going to pull.

    Otherwise, I didn’t think this episode was very good.

    If “The Dragon” was a fairy tale character, cause he had magic, are they going to explain how he got to our world – with magic – or are they going to let that explanation slide? I hate that.

    • Khorrie says:

      I’ve been wondering the same about the Dragon, but I believe that part of the story takes place *after* Emma broke the curse. I guess that gave him a few months to get to “our world” and gain a reputation for miraculous cures. But really, who knows. This show certainly doesn’t pride itself on consistency.

      • lyn says:

        Emma didn’t break the curse. She only set wheels in motion toward the curse being broken. The curse wasn’t broken until the purple cloud engulfed the town.

  39. Mike Q. says:

    I have to three theories on Tamara. She could be from another realm (like Whale) where there is no magic. If so, she may well be a gender-bender like “Jack” and the Beanstalk.

    Two, she’s the Wicked Witch of the West.

    Three, the theory I like most, she’s Morgan Le Fay and was banished without magic to our realm in her fight with Merlin.

    • Superninja89 says:

      I love that you considered the Wicked Witch, because lately I have also been thinking it would be awesome if they included anything Oz in the show. :)

  40. Sheila says:

    There were two references to “fate” with Tamara. The first, when meeting Emma and telling the story of how she and Neal met, Emma says, “It must have been fate,” which prompts a look from Tamara. And, while August is yelling on the streets of Hong Kong, she says, “If this is your fate, you deserve it.” The Fates were also called the Moirai – very similar to Tamara?

  41. Kara says:

    Easily the worst episode of the season. It was such a disservice to August’s character to send him off that way (and yes, I’m aware he’s still alive as Pinnochio, but he’s not really ‘August’ anymore). I would have rather he not come back, then come back and be misused like this…

    Tamara intrigues me, but I’m not sure how I feel about her whole plotline at this point. Also, what kind of taser is that chick using?? I need to get me one of those – it takes out everything!

    • gdv says:

      I agree, the writers could have done a better job sending off his character. Even if he and Marco left to go live in the real world together, or if he died saving someone’s life (in more of an epic way than the whole confronting Tamara thing), that would’ve made sense. But changing him into a little boy felt like a big cheat.

  42. Luna says:

    Tamara and her taser…just like Ursula and her electric eels..in the original Ursula also wore a scarf. I say Tamara=Ursula!

  43. Name That Tune says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, but it appears to be a transition episode. Tie up the Pinocchio Story line, then prepare the characters to board Hook’s Ship bound for Never land. But, before we go, we meet Robin Hood. Emma: “Story brook is no longer Safe,” How does that happen? And, really, just how much more can they do in Stonybrook? Don’t you think Charming is bored there? And won’t things be more interesting if we can get Rumple and Regina back to their origins?
    And just because August turned into Pinocchio, doesn’t mean he won’t Come back to fill in some holes in the story. For example, just how did Emma’s baby get to Story brook? That’s a story about Stonybrook circa 2001

    And we’ve been prowised a story about “Racey Lacey” (Belle) which Seems to tie in with Robin Hood.
    Much of what we’ve seen this Season was foreshad owed

  44. Julia says:

    It must be me. But Storybrooke was so much more interesting when there was no magic and we were guessing everyone’s identity. I just can’t get into this season. And when the show goes into the fairytale world I just wish it looked -well, more “magical”. I don’t understand why the producers couldn’t filter that world with a different lighting style instead of making it look like any northwest forest. I guess I’m just disappointed the way this season has turned out. This used to be one of my must-see favorites each week -now I just watch to see if anything interesting happens.

    • A says:

      It’s probably because its a TV show and they have to do so many episodes a year they don’t have millions of dollars in their budget for each episode like a movie would.

    • Khorrie says:

      I’m sick of the “guess who so-and-so is!” game. It was fun in the beginning, but it’s run its course. It’s time to stop introducing new characters and get the focus back to the ones we already have.

      • Melissa says:

        I totally agree. Now there are so many characters its getting confusing. I want more development between the CORE characters.

  45. A says:

    OK seriously WTF just happened?!?!?!
    So bummed right now that August turned back to a boy. WHY?!! I guess my hopes for Eion Bailey returning are pretty much pointless.
    Who the hell is this Tamara girl. She has to be some character from FTL even if she has no magic. And I know a lot of people said that they already knew she was ‘her’ but I for one was actually shocked by that ending.

  46. ej says:

    I think the question is no longer who Tamara is, but who her Granny is and when her geriatric bad-ass-ness will show up.

    • Thanh says:

      Ugh. I guess they need a new baddie with Cora dead, and Rumple & Regina waffling forever on gray territory. If/when they do mention Tamara’s backstory & granny, I hope it’s done & over with quickly, for part of an episode, and not dragged on for several episodes.

  47. RobMF says:

    August turning back into the little boy was the biggest letdown this show has produced so far and that includes killing The Huntsman/Graham. That was just really really poor storytelling and you know the fans of the show loved August being played by Eion Bailey so that was a terrible idea by the writers. There really is no way that Tamara is just some random human. That would defeat the entire purpose of whatever she is doing. I could definitely see her being Ursula. I am so ready for Robin Hood though, hopefully they don’t do anything wacky with that character. Robin Hood is one of my all time favorite characters and I hope they at least stay mostly true to his character.

    • guest3 says:

      I still think the worst thing they did was kill Graham/The Huntsman. He is really the only one that has had great chemistry with Emma. I enjoyed August somewhat. This season just has not been as good as the first season. I hope they don’t make Robin Hood weak like most of the men on this show. Charming was great in the last part of the episode. He needs more of a story.

      • Shannon says:

        Also when are we going to See Charming be well a dad Dad to Emma? i know she is an adult but he is still her Dad and when is he going to come in and start kicking some butt? Does he really need a sword to kick some butt? Same with Snow and Emma when are these characters actually going to sit down and bond or do something? At the beginning of the episode I hated when Emma was being the parent like to Charming and stating Mary Margaret needed to grow up and get over it.

  48. Alvaro says:

    Episode was going great until they turned August into a little boy, second worst idea next to killing him off. I get that he’s getting his own show on TNT, but man it sucked

  49. ej says:

    Jane Espenson tweeted “I don’t think that was a regular taser” so maybe Tamara’s granny is the Walter Bishop of this world! Or she’s from Tron World? Do they have extra-fancy-taser-technology in Tron? I’ve never seen it. (Sorry, Adam and Eddy.)