Grey's Anatomy Recap: Who's the Boss?

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Grey Sloan Memorial HospitalOn Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Jackson faces so many obstacles as Seattle Grace’s new Big Kahuna that it’s a wonder he doesn’t sing a chorus of “Take This Job and Shove It.” But, bless his heart, he hangs in there, and before the hour’s over, he not only begins to get the hang of things, he even wins over his resentful fellow doctors/board of directors. How does he do it? Read on and find out!

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THE BLAME GAME | Right out of the gate, Jackson ticks off the board (aka Derek, Meredith, Callie, Arizona and Cristina) by telling them that the Harper Avery Foundation hasn’t yet decided whether or not to reopen Seattle Grace’s ER. Furthermore, they’re thinking that Owen should be pink-slipped. Yikes! Catching wind of this, Owen flips, and, during an argument that starts with Jackson and ends with Derek, he quits. Later, Derek reassures Owen that he doesn’t blame him for the plane crash, he’s just pissed at the world and, in particular, at Mark.

LOSING PATIENCE | Though catching Jo and Chesty (who’s real name is Jason, it turns out) canoodling in an elevator puts Alex in a snit for the whole episode, there is an upside to his upset: It allows him to construct a convoluted analogy that convinces a young patient on dialysis that she should “take this kidney so some dude with big arms doesn’t get it.” Later, after Alex tells Jo that she’s not needed during the transplant – he already has a pretty substitute scrubbed in – Meredith tells him how hard his gal pal fought to get him the organ. This, in turn, prompts him to crash Jo and Chesty’s date to apologize.

DYING WELL | When April pushes an ALS patient too hard not to exercise his right to die and donate his organs while they are still viable, he fires her. Soon after, however, off a conversation with Cristina, she “gets it” and tells his family about all the people his sacrifice will help. Meanwhile, Cristina is tasked with making a “62-year-old getting a 70-year-old’s hand-me-down” heart sound appealing – in spite of the fact that the geezers are long-ago romantic rivals!

SINK OR SWIM | When not drowning in incomprehensible paperwork or being peppered with questions he can’t answer, Jackson overhears Richard telling Catherine that, by putting her son in charge, all she’s really done is set him up for failure. Yet, rather than let that straw break the camel’s back, Jackson mans up. First, he unclogs a clusterf— at the OR, then he tells the board that he – not the Harper Avery Foundation – has made three decisions: 1. He will reopen the ER. 2. He will rehire Owen. And 3. with their blessing, he’ll rename the hospital Grey Sloan Memorial.

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  1. Mike says:

    Grey Sloan Memorial sounds weird, I get the meaning behind it just sounds weird. I miss Lexie so much.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. Before he turned the paper around I thought it should be Sloan-Grey Memorial. With Grey first it sounds weird. But I also get that by naming the hospital this way, the principal characters can leave the show after next season and it can still be called Grey’s Anatomy.

      • Annie says:

        I think that’s probably a smidge too close to Sloan-Kettering.

      • Mike says:

        I didn’t realize that, now their not stuck with Meredith bvein the focus, though I will stop watching once all the originals are gone.

      • Red says:

        I agree. Kind of weird that a resident’s name would come before a high profile, double boarded attending plastic surgeon. But I’m sure Shonda’s intent was to keep the “Grey” name in the forefront.

    • wordsmith says:

      I have to agree – Grey Sloan Memorial doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue like Seattle Grace. Sloan Grey Memorial is slightly better, but it sounds more like one person’s name rather than two.

    • Nancey says:

      It should have been Sloan-Grey. He was a department head / attending and she was a resident. It has a better ring to it IMO. I think his name should be first and it just rolls better off the tongue.

    • guest says:

      disagree, it sounds perfect.

  2. AJ says:

    After he suggested renaming the hospital, I new Avery’s new hospital name was going to be Grey Sloan, but I still got choked up when he turned over the paper he had written it on. I miss Mark and Lexie!

  3. Ioanna says:

    Sounds like a great episode. Can’t wait to watch it tomorrow. Thank you for the recap.

  4. HeatherC says:

    I have to admit that I started crying pretty hard when Avery showed them the new name of the hospital. What a wonderful guesture and a beautiful reminder and memorial of their lost friends/family. Pardon me, I have something in my eyes again… *sniff sniff* =(

  5. Tony says:

    The ending nearly had me in tears as well.

  6. AB says:

    Me too. As soon as he suggested remaining it I knew it was going to be Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital but when he showed them the name I started to cry. I miss Lexie and Mark.

  7. Kaylee says:

    Wish it was Sloan Grey so the initials would be the same. (SGH equals Seattle Grace and Sloan Grey)

    • Alichat says:

      I thought it was going to be Sloan Grey Memorial……Grey Sloan just doesn’t have the right rhythm. My first choice would have been Lexie Sloan Memorial…..but I suppose that’s not uh…hospital-y…enough.

    • Rob says:

      I agree. My OCD self was screaming at them for not doing SGMH because that’s the same as Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital without the West. Not perfect but SGM Hospital sounds much better than GSM Hospital.

  8. Cathy says:

    Ok did I miss something along the way? They are naming hospital after Dr.Mark Sloan, right? Then where does the name Grey Sloan come from?

  9. juan says:

    that ending was perfect, I loved the change of name

  10. Alichat says:

    Forgot to mention…..everyone’s attitude toward Jackson was getting on my nerves. It was quite obvious from the look on his face and his reaction to his mother that he didn’t know she was going to drop this bomb on him. So why go at him with the petty comments and rude behavior? I understand they were defending Owen and the hospital, but they were killing the messenger.

  11. Maggie says:

    my grandfather died of ALS, that death scene with Kepner’s patient was pretty brutal to watch, it was eerily similar to how my mom described my granddad passing. well done to the GA team.

  12. Antwon says:

    Loved the episode. Grey’s has been so good since the winter finale. I still can’t believe this is season 9 and they are still cranking out gems. The writers do a good job balancing such a large cast.

    I hated everyone being in Jackson’s face. He didn’t ask for this it was thrust upon him. I wish he was more mean when he told him that the foundation saves the hospital and its why they all still had jobs. Attitudes were definitely bouncing off the wall. Callie was annoying me the most. The Derek/Owen confronting was especially good!

  13. Ana says:

    Greys is still my number 1 show. But wow, am I seriously disliking Avery. People can’t respect nepotism. Catherine put him as the head of the board because he’s her son, not because he had the experience to do it. And to try to turn him into some kind of savant that can miraculously and apparently by osmosis turn into a great leader is an insult to the doctors who actually sacrificed something to acquire the hospital and who have more experience and skill than he has. I’m glad he came around at the end and proposing the name change was touching but I seriously hope he gets de-throned before the end of the season because this is a joke. Other than that, it was nice to see a little more focus on the patients. But, where was Arizona? Oh, wait,.being used as a prop again…

    • Terence says:

      Without Jackson’s family connections the hospital will cease to be. Its only Nepotism when the person isn’t capable, and what we saw tonite he is more than capable! Everyone else failed to step up !

      • Ana says:

        Nepotism is granting something to someone because of relationship regardless of merit. Whether or not Avery is capable of doing the job is besides the point. He was appointed by his mother by virtue of their relationship, plain and simple. How would you like to be standing in line for hours and someone just walks right by you and moves to the front of the line because they know whoever is in charge? And yes he stepped up, after Owen quit because of him. He merely fixed what he himself broke. Avery may become great, that’s not the point. He got the position because of mommy, that’s never, ever going to change. And if you watched the episode you will know that was the tone. He hasn’t invested a single penny into that transaction, unlike the others who gave everything. They could have all just gone somewhere else with their millions, but they were invested in the hospital and wanted to save it. Avery, on the other hand, would have been to happy to go somewhere else for better opportunities. It doesn’t matter. Some people favor some characters over others. That’s fine. My position stands. This storyline has made me lose total respect for Avery as a character.

        • chris says:

          sing it! Could care less about Avery and his mom handing him a hospital is nothing but nepotism. The whole crash-lawsuit-docs buy the hospital storyline has been awful. Oh and how is it all the men are in charge/power positions? why not AZ for chief of staff? why isn’t one women at the head of that board table rather than the two men being in the power seats? AZ brought in a 25 mil donation, won the carter madison and set up a whole health care system in africa then found a way to staff and run it from the US, not to mention she has more seniority and credentials. She certainly had the best run dept/visionary and well spelled out plans for the one mil challenge the chief ran (even if he did give the mil to the guy/owen ). Speaking of Owen his walking out when he has 3 transplants going shows he has no respect for his job or his patients – no way should he be brought back, he just throws tantrums, or cheats on his wife, or ignores phone calls, when he doesn’t get his way. This show needs a new show runner who can get it back to basics, sex and scalpels is what its about, not lawsuits and babies.

          • Antwon says:

            Who cares? Look at the drama that it caused! I’m loving it. This has ripple effect has been HUGE! It gave the actors something meaty to sink their teeth into and was interesting to watch.

          • CJS says:

            It’s also Arizona’s fault that this entire ordeal happened. If she had been the bigger person & not been a bitch by forcing herself onto the plane instead of Alex (who it should’ve been all along,) then none of the ensuing madness occurs. Heck if I was in Charge of the new Grey-Sloan Hospital, I’d fire Arizona immediately for all the insanity that she caused by being a bitch. Also, lawsuits happen all the time in medicine; GA just exaggerates them to the extreme. Furthermore, in case you didn’t know, sex=babies ;)

          • um, coz’ Arizona is an annoying troglodyte? Arizona caused the whole debacle when she bumped Alex off the plane in her twisted panty snit, Arizona has been pretty much the most passive-aggressive monster i’ve ever seen on TV since she first showed up, and while the scripts indicate her prowess as a physician, they don’t show her with any level of professionalism necessary to run a hospital. i wouldn’t let her supervise my dog’s bath.

          • Ana says:

            @ nobody special
            Wow. You just went from critiquing a show to making it personal…awkward…

          • Jan says:

            AZ did not bring in 25M. She brought in 15M like Derek Meredith Cristinia and Callie.

          • Xtina says:

            HA! Don’t even get me started about Calzona and the crap they’ve pulled….

          • Ninna says:

            Who cares? I do! Like the drama? fine. But keep the man who didn’t bother checking the Charter working in the same job, is not drama is dumb. Everyone take measures to fly in safe cª. Well, I do! I know many names of domestic and international airlines to avoid. That moron didn’t. Not to speak he kept screwing things afterwards. He’s a complete incompetent. If he had checked that for a start, Arizona wouldn’t have the chance to screw anything.
            I give my vote on the “kick owen’s ass out” thread line open here some reviews ago. Preferably, out of the show and warm blankie-Cristina-when there isn’t a blond around.

        • Alichat says:

          Yes, him getting that position is nepotism, but I feel like you’re laying alot of blame at Jackson’s feet that’s not his to bear. Avery didn’t ask his mother to slap a big target on his back with this deal. And it seems apparent that the Foundation wouldn’t buy the hospital without him on the board, so he was stuck between a rock and hard place. That’s why I loved the scene with Webber voicing his concerns to Catherine about her setting up her son for failure. She seemed completely oblivious to the storm of ridicule and hate she dumped on him. And the blame for Owen’s resignation can be put on all of them….Owen, Jackson, Mere, Arizona, Callie, Cristina, and especially Derek (whom I’ve always thought is a total douche…but that’s neither here nor there.) Owen fought hard to keep that hospital running and afloat and felt left out. Should they have included him in the talks after the deal? Probably. Should Cristina have dumped the ‘they’re replacing you’ information on an already stressed Owen? Not at that moment. When Owen blew up at Avery, did he handle it well. No…he was a deer in headlights, understandably. Did Owen overreact? Oh yeah. Did Derek make things worse by throwing blame in Owen’s face…again? Of course. I think this situation has given me more respect for Avery’s character, and I feel a bit of sympathy for him. He’s spent his career trying not to be defined by his family’s name, and the one person who should respect that….his mother…completely ignored his wishes. I would love to see a scene in the next few episodes where he confronts her about that.

          • Ana says:

            I will just use Catherine’s logic to evaluate the situation. She said “nepotism is for the weak” because she knows it is. Promoting someone out of relationship rather than merit is a stain on that person’s reputation because regardless of whether or not they are qualified, they didn’t compete fairly or earn that position. Period. If you want to be taken seriously and be respected, you have to be willing to pay your dues and work hard to get to where you are going, which Jackson has done as a surgeon but not as a board member and certainly not as a leader. So, by her own definition, Jackson is weak. And blaming the board for Owen’s resignation is a stretch. They all opposed Jackson’s announcement. But hey, you like him, knock yourself out…

          • Alichat says:

            Ana – I understand why you want to call Jackson weak. My point was that I don’t agree with laying that judgement against him for a situation he didn’t create. Based on your logic, I don’t find him weak, but I find his mother to be a hypocrite. As for Owen, I didn’t blame the board….I blamed everyone. That statement includes Owen. He overreacted. But the others didn’t handle things well either. It was an accumulation of egos, fear, and rude behavior that led to his resignation.

        • Nicole says:

          I get that Jackson got the job because of his mother but here’s the deal, the Crashies took that deal because if they didn’t no one would have a job. EVERYONE was going to get fired. If they really thought that they and they alone would have complete control of the hospital that was stupidity on their parts. As for him doing what the Foundation suggested when they fire and replace Owen he never said that’s what he wanted. He simply was relaying a message. I don’t think he wanted to replace Owen. But it’s a fair conversation to have. Owen is the reason the Crashies were hurt in the first place and everyone on staff knew it. That puts his judgement into question. All of the Crashies took the deal and should have know that a huge Foundation like the Harper Avery would have some rules they wanted to change. What I want to know is why were the Pegasus rules still in place. YOu would have thought that they would have gone back to the old SGMW ones.

    • Kel says:

      I completely agree. Considering how much Avery didn’t want to capitalize on his famous last name, I’m surprised he caved to his mom and took the seat on he board. He just finished residency, in no way is he experienced enough to run the hospital.and considering the near bankruptcy circumstances, is having him learn on the job really in the hospital’s best interest. I get the Catherine wants him to have more responsibility, but this wasn’t the way to do it.

      • Ana says:

        Thank you! What really gets me is how just last season Mama Avery herself was proclaiming that ‘nepotism is for the weak’ and yet all she has done is push Jackson to take advantage of the name regardless of whether or not he’s qualified. If Shonda wants to establish Jackson as the next leading man of the show, this is not the way to do it because, what kind of respect can he get like this?

    • CJS says:

      Well I didn’t like how everyone else (Meredith, Callie,etc.) treated Jackson in the beginning of the episode just because things didnt pan out exactly how they wanted. It’s not like Jackson planned to get the position; heck for most of the episode it seeme as if he didn’t want it. I found it really immature. I get why they sued the hospital, but they can’t expect everything to go their way all the time just because they own part of it. To me, it seems as if they don’t know how to comprise at all. Jackson was exactly right when he said that no one asked them to sue the hospital into bankruptcy. However, the end of the episode was encouraging. Hopefully if they disagree with Jackson in the future they will not just resort to bringing up the fact that he got the job because of his mother, because it’ll get tiresome really fast (although preferably Richard should be the representative by season’s end) We get that you don’t like Avery, but can you at least admit that everyone else was out of line tonight?

      • Ana says:

        No. I don’t agree that people were out of line. You make it sound like everyone was just throwing a hissy fit. The group had a business plan. They had a vision and a mission they wanted to accomplish. Jackson had nothing. He had no plan, no investment and no interest in the position. The group was forced to accept Catherine’s proposal because they were invested in saving the hospital. The group and Jackson were in two completely different mindsets and as the people with the plan and the vision to see junior come along and change everything must have been infuriating. Especially since he obviously wasn’t even engaged in the process himself. He was just parroting whatever the foundation wanted. He had no stake in the outcome and that was obvious. By the episode’s end he came around and put his heart into it and he got the respect of the others. But only after HE changed his attitude. And even if you detest Arizona, it is an absolute stretch to blame her for the outcome. It wasn’t her job to know the fine print on the hospital’s insurance policy. That was Owen, the same guy that ok’d the plane company change without doing his due diligence. And, did you not hear Meredith’s response to Jackson’s accusation regarding the suit? Mark and Lexie died. Arizona lost a leg. How much is one of your limbs worth? How much would you take for the life of one of your siblings or loved ones? Please…

        • CJS says:

          Give me $1,000,000 & I’ll give you my left arm; give me $15,000,000 & I’ll give you both my legs plus my sister ;)
          Seriously though, I’ll agree with you that Owen is more to blame instead (it’s easier to blame Arizona simply because she was on the plane instead of him) But I stand by everything else I said.
          Jackson was making the best of his new situation & everyone else was making it more difficult than it had to be.

          • Ana says:

            No problem. It’s all a matter of perspective, really. No matter what, at least there’s drama and it’s keeping things exciting on the show so it’s all good.

    • Sarah says:

      Avery was the best one on this show. All the rest acted like entitled brats. Callie telling him he should sign his own name not his moms, b!tch please where does she get off?

      • Ana says:

        Avery was the absolute worst. Hence the name calling. Even Richard doubted him, and he actually cares about the boy-king. And I think investing 15 million to Jackson’s 0 gives Callie the advantage.

        • CJS says:

          Jackson was FAR from the worst last night. Again I say, Jackson was making the best of his new situation & everyone else was making it more difficult than it had to be. And technically, Callie hasn’t invested 15 million of HER money (she is simply part of this only because of being Mark’s proxy) so no she doesn’t have an advantage over anyone. Hell she wasn’t even on the plane so she should just shut up (Yes, I am aware of who was on the plane, but still, she should shut up)

          • Ana says:

            Heck no! Callie was not on the plane but she lost her best friend, her father’s daughter and in a sense, her wife. She has been more affected than Derek and Cristina who both recovered fully. Callie is never going to have Mark back. Her daughter has forever lost her father and her wife is never going to get that leg back which will forever impact their marriage. And she may not have an advantage over the other board members but she sure as heck has an advantage over the boy-king that came late to the party because mommy made him. And Callie is just Mark’s proxy so technically that wasn’t her money???? What the heck kind of logic is that? Mark left everything to her. It was hers and Sofia’s. Good grief! Not to mention that it was HER idea to save the hospital. Feel free to love on Jackson all you want, but dismissing Callie as irrelevant is completely illogical.

  14. TV Gord says:

    I think it should the Dr, Mark Sloan Memorial Hospital, named for the character Dick Van Dyke played on Diagnosis Murder. ;-)

  15. sarah says:

    Great episode! :)

  16. forwarddad says:

    Horrible recap. The author clearly not a fan just going through the motions.

  17. Jess says:

    Great episode love the new name of the hospital :) next week it will be fun to see McDreamy maybe go McCrazy hehehe

  18. mary webb says:

    great show. back to the original Grey’s format.

  19. greg says:

    Uhh.. SO didn’t anyone notice they spelled “grey” wrong. On his paper it said, “Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

  20. tiffany says:

    The new name is ok. I would have liked Alexandria Sloane Memorial. It represent Lexie and Mark more.

    I also I have a question about the name. The Grey stands for Lexie Grey right. How is this possible when Shonda make it’s perfectly clear that Chyler/Lexie would never be the Grey in Grey’s Anatomy even if Ellen/Meredith left the show. That Ellen/Meredith is the only Grey. Shonda blasted Chyler for saying she’d step up if Ellen left. Which is the reason some believe Chyler left, not me l believe it was family. So is it possible Lexie the now.

    • Ana says:

      Seriously? I had my suspicions about this because in the summer of ’11 after Ellen was talking about leaving, someone asked Chyler if she was willing to become the ‘Grey’ of the titular name and she was happy to do it. A few months later she quits because she wants to spend more time with the family? And she recently signed up for another show? This didn’t make sense to me and I always felt that she left because there was backlash from her comment about carrying on the name. But I never heard about any feedback from Shonda….Wow. Talk about poetic justice. If Ellen leaves, for whatever life the show has after that, the ‘Greys’ on the title will be because of Lexie. I am completely okay with that…And I think that Shonda is totally getting ready for an Ellen and Patrick departure and with the new hospital name, it’s possible to go on without Meredith.

    • JLC says:

      That’s all BS. The last season that Chyler was on GA, she was pregnant with like her 3rd kid. After the baby came, she decided that she wanted out. There was never a problem with her saying she’d gladly stand in as the Grey in Grey’s Anatomy because when she said that she was just responding to a question asked of her. How else should she have responded? Duh. Shonda has stated over and over again that she loved Chyler and was sad that she asked to be written out. Why do people always have to look for a scandal when there isn’t one? Stop making things up.

  21. tiffany says:

    THE Grey

  22. H.Houston says:

    When he turned it around… the new name. I had tears in my eyes. It was one of those moments – one of the ones that will live in TV history.

  23. luli says:

    couldn’t stop crying for more than half the epusode and that last scene was beautiful!

  24. Leigh says:

    Who plays Jo’s boyfriend, Jason? What is his real name… he looks familiar and it is really bothering me because I can’t place him!!

    • jenk says:

      His name is Charles Michael Davis. You might have seen him on Switched at Birth or The Game. He has his own pilot this fall!

  25. Danielle H. says:

    This whole story line of buying the hospital has me bored to death. It feels like a totally different show. I don’t want to see the management side of the hospital; I want our characters out being surgeons. The only remotely Grey’s like scene was the final one. I hope the show can get back on track now and become at least somewhat interesting again. Won’t stop watching though, have been here since the pilot and will be here until the ship sinks.