Dallas Post Mortem: Weigh In on J.R.'s Funeral and Get Scoop on the Shocking [Spoiler] Reveal

Dallas Season 2 Spoilers Pam Is AliveWarning: The following contains major spoilers from this week’s Dallas.

This week on TNT’s Dallas, the late and very great J.R. Ewing was paid his final respects, as many tears flowed. But it was what happened in the closing minutes that roused longtime fans from their somber mood and raised a big ol’ question:

Is Pamela Barnes Ewing really alive?!

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The hour opened in Mexico, where J.R.’s body, felled by bullets, had inexplicably been found in a hotel room. And though the local police were quick to pass it off as a random crime, nothing added up for Bobby, John Ross et al. Why would J.R. claim he was in Abu Dhabi? And if he was in Mexico, what would possibly bring him to a seedy flophouse? (And don’t tell us it was some comely local girl!)

While that shred of a murder mystery simmered, time was made for J.R. to be remembered by friends and family, from near and far, including several returning cast members from the original CBS series. At the funeral itself, moving eulogies were shared, but perhaps none more gut-punching that those delivered by Sue Ellen, who declared J.R. the love of her life, and his brother Bobby.

In fact, so devastated by the loss was Sue Ellen that prior to the service, she just barely — and then totally — tumbled off the wagon, sloshing back J.R.’s fine bourbon.

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Just as J.R. was laid to rest, Bobby, John Ross and Christopher were paid a visit by his go-to snoop. Bum came bearing a box full of intel, pieces of what J.R. was calling his “masterpiece.” And first among them was a file showing that J.R. was in Mexico following the trail of… Christopher’s mother and Bobby’s ex, Pam.

Is Pam alive in the TNT series’ continuity? Exec producer Cynthia Cidre concedes that “the mythology is torn” when it comes to the character created by Victoria Principal.

“The last time she was seen, which I believe is Episode 282 of Dallas 1.0, she had hit an oil tanker and the car exploded, and she was burnt,” Cidre recalls. “The last time Bobby saw her she was wrapped head-to-toe in bandages, and then she ran away. Several months later, there was one scene where she asked Cliff, her brother, to come see her in a hotel room, and she was with a plastic surgeon who had made her presentable. Cliff says, ‘Don’t you want to come back to Dallas?’ She said, ‘No, I don’t.”

What that “new” Pam — played the one time only by Margaret Michaels — was hiding was that she only had months to live, and as such didn’t wish her loved ones to “lose her again.”

Bringing back Pam with a new face would certainly rock the worlds of both Christopher and Bobby and solve the issue of Victoria Principal’s  steadfast refusal to reprise the role. In a statement issued this month to our sister site Deadline, the actress said:

Since the inception of Dallas, the creators and fans around the world have referred to Bobby and Pam as the Romeo and Juliet of Dallas. I could not agree more. And since the original author of this scenario, William Shakespeare, felt compelled to make theirs a tragic love story, of epic and unforgettable deathly loss, I think I shall respect that very successful example and leave the legacy of Bobby and Pam’s tragic love story undisturbed and intact. When I filmed Pam’s fatal car accident, for me that was the punctuation mark on my role as Pam. I cannot be held responsible for any choices made by producers, once I left Dallas, but I do take responsibility for my decision, not to risk tarnishing Bobby and Pam’s love story with a desperate reappearance.

Asked by TVLine about that proclamation, Cidre shrugs, “Well, we’re not in control of Victoria Principal’s statements, and let’s just say that we have had a plan for this character from the beginning, actually before Larry [Hagman]’s passing.

“We were always going to have Christopher go looking for his mother,” the EP continued, “and I can’t reveal to you how it turns out, but I think it’s pretty clever!”

Would you welcome Pam back, with a new face? If so, any casting suggestions?

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  1. Michael says:

    She better not get in the way of Ann and Bobby. Have her cause some trouble though.

    • Phil says:

      ICAM!!!! Ann is my favorite!

      • jackie fox says:

        I just want more! Pam can or could comeback but a new low she could have but since she died 24 years back do not stop being DALLAS please! the story can go on with the sons doing the story Jr jr can get into alot of trouble by him self!

        • jackie fox says:

          IF VICTORIA Prinicipal does not want to be it, get someone that will there are a lot out there! She was burned so she would not look the same! We out here want more of DALLAS so keep giving us more! TNT show us more!

    • Kvivik says:

      While Bobby said “Pam” as Christophers mother, I’m hoping JR was actually looking for Kristen (her sister that is Christopher’s biological mother and somewhere in hiding. She was the original “who shot J.R.” culprit and escaped prison and has never been seen since).
      I don’t want Pam to come back. Even though I’m pretty sure she is from what the EP said in the article. Ugh. Ann and Bobby have enough problems now without adding that one.

      As for the rest of the episode, the title sequence was beautiful and the end scene where Bobby lost it in JR’s bedroom was awesome. Everything in between was mediocre.

      I was hoping for more interaction between Gary and Bobby over JR’s influence on them. I wanted all of J.R.’s sons to be there. Apparently Callie didn’t feel it necessary to bring their son with her, and James wasn’t even mentioned.
      Obviously the new producers are picking a choosing what parts of the original cannon they are accepting as happening in this new reality. :-(

      I do like the fact that JR has set Bobby up to now become more like him. This whole Masterpiece is going to be interesting.

      • Marnie says:

        Kristin died at the end of season 4, she was found in the ewing pool. Season 4 cliff hanger. It could not be Krsitin.

      • NC. Waters says:

        Krisitn was in not in prison she drowned in the Ewings pool.
        Christophers real mother is dead.

      • NC. Waters says:

        Krsitin was also Sue Ellen’s sister not Pam’s
        Christopher is actually related to Sue Ellen and John Ross by blood.

      • ceejay says:

        It could be interesting for them to end every episode from here on out with someone going up to JR’s room for advice and a nightcap.

      • Osborne says:

        Kristen was Sue Ellen’s sister, not Pam’s.

      • Deskboy says:

        I to felt the producers and cast did an excellent job at paying theirs respects to Larry Hagman/JR. Having lost a younger brother recently, it got me. Larry Hagman, one helluva guy….

        • Shannon Hughes says:

          My brother & I watched Dallas together when we were kids when it came on the 1st go around. The way the producers wrote Bobby’s emotions for handling JR’s death hit home for me. I lost my brother 14 yrs ago last month. I was actually crying watching the episode.

    • ceejay says:

      It looks like ANN has already gotten in the way of Ann and Bobby.

      • Brianna says:

        You got that right !. I want Pam back but the original it won’t be the same without her and Pam has always been the love of Bobby’s life, he’ll probably always love her more than Ann no matter how many mistakes she made. Just my opinion

        • Another Pamela says:

          Absolutely! Soul mates don’t just stop being soul mates.

          • Mumma says:

            Yes! I would love for the original Pam (TO REPRISE HER ROLE) I loved her and it would be interesting. She could come back and date Ann’s x and cause havick for the Ewings. There could
            be so many ways to bring her back and then WATCH OUT.

        • carly delane says:

          Bring Hunter Tylo.on as Pamela- She has the good-girl-gone-over-the-edge mentality amd LOOKS to do it
          What great scenes she could have with “Christopher ” – her real-life sons name!

          • Jackson Taub says:

            I think the finale resolved the issue of Pamela…. she’s dead, which is probably a good thing. Anyone know if they have signed on for a “3rd” season?

        • Angelique Knowles says:

          I do agree would rather have Victoria Principal, but if they cannot get her then to find a nice actress to play her and let Pam and Bobby get back together, everyone loved their relationship. Anyhow who is this this Ann anyway, nothing to do with the old series.

      • Susan cox says:

        wait till Bobby finds out Ann had a one night stand with Cliff way back. I bet you Emma belongs to Cliff Barnss not Ryland!!

      • K H says:

        Seems that way to me also. But there may be problems ahead for her as she was apparently badly injured in the explosion and is in the hospital with some pretty concerned family members and especially Bobby. Tonight, should give us a clue as to how this ‘part of the scheme’ of things is going.

      • Another Pamela says:

        Yes, she has. Bobby is disappointed with Ann not telling him all. I would feel the same way if someone I married had kept such a secret. Bobby has reason to be disillusioned with Ann. She has obviously lied to him about having a child and did he know of her substance abuse background? Those are things you tell someone before you marry them.

    • SCOTT says:

      Remember how wonderful DONNA REED was as an ACTRESS — but she still couldn’t pull off MISS ELLIE – only BARBRA BELGEDDES WAS miss Ellie ! Only VICTORIA PRINCIPLE is PAM . And if you watch the HOTEL ROOM CLIP – she looked pretty good after the fire when CLIFF went to see her . No one else is PAM . I’d hold my breath if PAM and BOBBY ( Victoria & Patrick ) locked eyes once again across a crowded room . And while I’m thinking a out this ….. Did anyone catch that JUDITH LIGHT is only 4 years older then MITCH PILEIGI in real life but she’s playing his mother . Good or Bad — I’m just happy this show is back — I feel entertained again !

      • Barbra Bel Geddes was 6 years older than Larry Hagman

      • Another Pamela says:

        Barbara Bel Geddes did not have major reconstructive surgery on her face and come back many years later. This is a huge difference. I believe the audience will accept a good re-cast of Pamela Ewing. After many years and many surgeries and wondering if she was alive. It just has to happen. They will cast well, I am sure. They have done a great job with the present cast. Pamela is probably the easiest and only one that could be re-cast because of the facial reconstruction. That would seal this as the best all time show ever.

    • denise reid says:

      sorry i dont like Ann at all, get rid of her.

      • Angelique Knowles says:

        I agree who is she anyway, i dont remember there being an Ann in the earlier series, now if it had been Jenna Wade you could understand. Bring back Victoria!!

  2. mspenn1013 says:

    The entire episode was very well done.

    • S says:

      No. It wasn’t. But I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway.

      • Jackson Taub says:

        I expected so much more than they gave. I don’t know what constraints the current producers are working under but there was so much more that could have been and was left untouched. Plus, where was Donna and Mitch and yes, Sly… But I suppose at it’s core, the current version is about the core family, Bobby, Christopher, JR/Sue Ellen and John Ross and the ending tied it up nicely.

    • Didi says:

      I agree, it was an incredible episode. I can’t wait to see what is to come & I love that we now have a new mystery!

  3. Sarah says:

    I love Johnross & Christopher

    • Carlitta says:

      But Bobby has another son, Lucas…..where and when is he going to be mentioned….love to see Jenna. Ray didn’t mention her at all!

  4. TM says:

    I think it was actually that crazy looking blonde extra sitting near him at the bar during J.R.’s phone conversation last season and then exactly in the same spot again in last week’s episode who did it. She looked CRAZY. Or maybe it was Marilee Stone who did it after downing too many tequillas. A lush ended up finishing J.R. off, after all, and it wasn’t Sue Ellen.

  5. mantua says:

    I still hope Victoria Principal comes back, I don’t see the reason bringing back the character if they can’t get the actress who played the iconic role. It’s as if last season they had brought back Bobby and had Peter Gallagher play him. It’s not that he couldn’t have done a great job…it’s that he couldn’t have possibly done the RIGHT job.

    • Rich says:

      Victoria principal and Patrick Duffey had chemistry which was lacking when they paired him with Priscilla Presley. I would rather see him with Brenda Strong than a Pam look-a-like! Shame that Victoria Principal won’t come back for closure to their love story!!

      • Angelique Knowles says:

        I think Victoria too scared to look older on the camera even though she looks pretty good to me, and therir still seemed like chemistry when I viewed the reunion of them.

    • Another Pamela says:

      This is so different, again Patrick Duffy did not have major facial surgery and look at the number of years that have passed. How many of us have changed? Especially if you’ve had facial surgery? Victoria is too full of herself as Juliet. Obviously, not what the original Dallas writer thought or he would have just let her die. He kept the spot open with questions, so let someone else reprise the “Juliet” role. Christopher deserves his mom.

      • Has anybody seen Loni Anderson lately. She must have used the same plastic surgeon Victoria is divorcing. They look so much alike. Even the hair style. Color is very different. But Loni was originally a burnette…. hmmmm.

  6. The only age-appropriate red head I can think of is…….Marilou Henner. LOL!

  7. Mark says:

    I would have liked to have seen at the end of the opening credits when they showed Larry Hagman to have included 1931-2012 similar to the way they did Jim Davis on the original series. I also noticed J.R. Ewing was listed 1939-2013.

  8. S says:

    What a poor episode to say goodbye to a legend. Too much focus on Emma. It all felt too rushed. It needed to be longer to accomodate everybody. I’m tired of Lucy and Ray getting 2 second cameos while Jesse Metcalfe gets what feels like a painful 10 minute monologue.

    • Didi says:

      She had 3 short scenes, get over it. It was a great episode.

    • TV Gord says:

      If you don’t consider Christopher and John Ross to be members of the Ewing and the Dallas families, you’re not a true fan, so your opinion means less to me.

    • Terry says:

      Obviously you are living in 1984. This is 2013. Have you seen any other TV dramas of late? This is how they are done now. Get over the past …and your negativity!

    • Tanya says:

      Jesse Metcalfe ….

    • Jackson Taub says:

      Yes, I expected at least a 2 hours episode…. not even 120 minutes to memorialize the late great J.R. Ewing and Larry Hagman….

      • liz moffre says:

        I loved the episode especially Sue Ellen . . . I cried right along with her. As for the length more would have been great but let’s remember the people on the show were his friends in real life and it must have been very hard on them.

  9. forwarddad says:

    Good job Bobby showing a little gumption at Ann. Also l

  10. forwarddad says:

    Sorry hit post by mistake. Liked the slowed down music. opening

  11. That's it - Pam is back! says:

    They can bring Pam back – alive. That accident at the train crossing/oil tank where we believe Pam is burnt in a fire, and all the subsequent years after [1987-2013] – it was all a dream! That’s it – Pam wakes up in 2013 in bed, she’s just had a bad dream, Bobby comes out of the shower, and well, you know the rest.

    • Phil says:

      NOOOO!!!!!! I like Bobby with Ann

      • sha100 says:

        Me too, leave Ann and Bobby alone!

        • Alexis says:

          Me too Annandale Bobby are good together! I’m over the Pam thing ! Who cares if Victoria comes back ! Christopher is fine he’s a big boy! I never understand when parents don’t become a part of a child’s life from the start? Don’t come in at the easy part when there grown shows a selfish Coward to me no respect.

  12. RIP says:

    Seriously, Victoria Principal? It’s a freakin TV role. Stop acting all high and mighty. That statement is silly.

    • Margot says:

      The executive producer, Cynthina Cidre, tried to pull a fast one on fans by sending Jesse Metcafe, who was led to believe that he would be working with Victoria, out to do an interview in a despicable attempt to exploit Hagman’s death by fooling fans in to thinking that Victoria would be back to play Pam. Victoria did the right thing by her fans and Hagman by stopping Cidre in her tracks and putting the focus back on the goodbye to Hagman and JR instead of the false promise of her return. Cidre is full of it. She never had any intention of bringing Victoria back as Pam – in an interview she publicly dismissed Pam as not worthy of her creative talent to write for. And then she had the audacity to expect Victoria to come running to bail her out when Hagman died. Too bad, so sad, karma came back to bite her.

    • loveandhuggs says:

      Kim Zimmer would make a good Pam Ewing.

      • Jennifer says:

        kim zimmer is only will only be Reva. Reva and Josh and Josh and Reva. That is what ruined Kim Zimmer to be honest she only held the one character for over 30 yrs so no one will take her seriously as a Pam Ewing. Shame though.

      • Maxie Ford says:

        No, she would not. She has tripled in size like an overblown whale and destroyed Guiding Light because everything was about Reva and Josh and it was absurd. No other characters from the past were brought back to save that sinking ship. When she drove her Monte Carlo off the bridge and “died”, I was glad. Good riddance. Jean Carroll’s Nadine was a great replacement for a Reva-like character….and she was prettier….and when Kim was “resurrected”, Nadine was killed off. Patrick Duffy and Kim Zimmer?? Good God…are you completely stupid?? That would kill Dallas for sure!!!

    • R says:

      No it isn’t. She’s probably sick of people asking her about it.

  13. dee123 says:

    Well Pam being burned means they have the excuse not to use Principal.

  14. Dan says:

    I was very disappointed in this episode. I thought that they could’ve done a lot more. I also wish that they had some flashbacks to the original show, but there might be a legal reason why they can’t do that.

    • Mark says:

      I was hoping for some flashbacks too like the episode when Jock died. I wish it had been 2 hours instead of 1 hour and had more guest stars but I guess it wasn’t in the budget. This Dallas, with less episodes than the original, is faster moving.

      • Jackson Taub says:

        Sorry that I couldn’t agree more… sadly… I am ‘glad’ that I am not the only one who felt this way…

        • I think the reason for that was TNT owns the rights to Dallas, but CBS or who ever still owns the original show, and it’s footage. I would have like to see flashbacks or even more pictures of younger JR. at least more than one

          • R says:

            Warner Brothers owns this version of Dallas, & the original, along with Knots Landing & Falcon Crest. WB bought Lorimar Productions in 1989 while all 3 we’re still in production.

    • TV Gord says:

      Why clutter the show with time-consuming flashbacks. We have the DVDs.

    • dan says:

      A different viewpoint from a different “dan”. I thought the episode was well down, just the right amount of emotion and a nice nod to the history of the show with the appearance of some former characters. However, they also moved the storyline forward and had a forceful ending. The previews make the next several episodes look awesome! I was getting tired of the Ewing Energy fights (really, who cares about Elena being on the Board?) so these newer storylines should help invigorate the rest of the season just as if JR was still around to cause trouble.

      • Tanya says:

        I hate Elena, she needs to get off the show and take her bro, Emma and Ann!

        • Alexis says:

          Yea Eleana not a good actress too back and forth with the cousins! Doesn’t that bother Christopher?

        • I think Elena’s mom is the one that killed JR. It was mention for no reason that she was in Mexico, and she has motive.

        • Maxie Ford says:

          Elena is horrible. She played Hal Munson’s daughter on As the World Turns when she was a kid and the character was boooooring…as is this charcter. I just think she is a poor actress and has a skeleton face. They could have picked someone way better than little Nikki Munson to be thrown from Ewing bed to Ewing bed. She has an uppity way about her for the housekeeper’s daughter.

          • Jackson Taub says:

            Seems both Elena and Rebecca have shared the Ewing beds… I was about to say that I didn’t think any of Bobbie’s ladies slept with J.R., but I think April may have, and of course Jenna slept with Bobbie and Ray, just continuing the family tradition… no?

  15. ragincajun says:


    • Mark says:

      I’m not for John Ross & Christopher being actual brothers.

    • lesfeldick says:

      That’s the ticket. Christopher, after all, was adopted, so they’re not necessarily talking about Pam as his mom. The real mom could be anyone, but the dad–JR. I also wouldn’t mind if JR was also Rebecca’s dad–he and Afton had a history, after all. Then you’d really have a class-A soap opera mess.

      • Christopher’s biological mother was Sue Ellen’s sister, Kristin, who died in the season 4 cliffhanger of the original Dallas back in the 1980’s. The only mother Christopher has ever had and known is Pamela, and there is no doubt about it – unless the writers want to contradict the original show, which is highly unlikely and very stupid.
        Also, J.R. was not the father, it was some bum from California, and Kristin had only let them all believe that J.R. was the father to blackmail him for money and to keep herself out of prison after the discovery that she was the one who shot him. Changing this and suddenly uncovering that Christopher was J.R.’s son, even after his death, would be a horrible move on their part, and even though it would create a short term plot and storyline, it would only be enough for a few episodes, whereafter they would be stuck with a terrible new actuality.
        Even though it is possible that J.R. could be Rebecca’s father, it would be just as stupid as having J.R. being Christopher’s father. It would create a short term solution for a storyline, but ultimately would be horrible.
        The kids live through their parents and represent the feud between said parents. One can’t alter the story, making them all J.R.’s children – Bobby and Cliff would be pushed out and the show would fail.

        • Tanya says:

          I think JR should be Christoper`s father and not Jeff Faraday for sire! (sic) lol

        • Carlitta says:

          Bobby has another son…..Lucas who Ray adopted with Jenna! I think the writers forget history and not just Dallas but every soap ever written. Pretty sad the fans know the soaps better than the writers. So why aren’t we getting the big bucks?

      • ceejay says:

        I believe JR located Pam and it will be revealed, in true soap opera fashion, that Christopher’s true birth parents are Bobby and Pam.

    • Gloria C. says:

      I happen to like Jacqueline Smith… but I really do miss Victoria Principal, and for whatever reason she does not want to come back.. it is her choice. However, I am one of the many fans of the original Dallas… it was a must see back in the 80ties..
      So whatever way they go, works for me.

      • tiffany says:

        I would LOVE Jaclyn Smith to play Pam. She’s my favorite actresses of all time since 1976 (the year I was born). Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) also would be great.

        • mon says:

          I am all over the Linda Carter thought! She is a strong actress tthat could bring it with the rest of the Ewing clan

  16. Sunshine says:

    Pam was my favorite & Pam & Bobby was my favorite couple. (Still prefer them over Ann & Bobby)
    Loved Victoria Pricipal in that role & not sure why she won’t return. That’s the role that made her famous. If she didn’t have that opportunity she never would have been about to have her skin care line & no one would have cared about her in those infomercials. She needs to get over herself & realize that the show made her & without it she wouldn’t be a household name… Well household name in the older set that it ;)
    With all that said… While I’d prefer her to come back in the role I’d accept someone else… Maybe Terri Hatcher. Marcia Cross. Sela Ward.

    • Ram510 says:

      I would love to see more Desperate Housewives alum on the show. That would make me very happy!

      • Phil says:

        Sela Ward is closer to Victoria Principal’s age, but isn’t she on CSI:NY? Was that canned? I guess the age could be stretched. Marcia Cross could give Pam an interesting twist, but Felicity Huffman would be a fantastic addition to Dallas as any character!

    • dan says:

      Victoria Principal was never in the “in” crowd on the original Dallas. According to things I’ve read and heard in interviews, the “core” group was always Larry, Linda and Patrick. Although they didn’t ostracize Victoria, she was apparently on her own much of the time. Maybe she still holds some bitter feelings from those days and just doesn’t want to revisit her past.

      • Ava says:

        I read that Victoria chose not to associate with them. It bothered some of the cast and the director asked her about it. She said that Pam was an outsider therefore she wanted to be an outsider too. She preferred it. Method acting?

    • L says:

      I loved Pam & Bobby in the original run of Dallas as well. But I like him with Ann too.

    • R says:

      She’s well aware this show made her a household name. She’s already said that she’s too busy to do Dallas, plus its filmed in Dallas. Its you that needs to get over yourself.

  17. Pam says:

    I was named for the original Pamela Ewing played by Victoria Principal. I wish she would come back to the show. I don’t think anyone else can tackle that role even in Dallas 2.0. I think that with the loss of a legend such as Larry Hagman they need to keep everyone from the original in it as long as possible to keep the momentum and spirit of Dallas alive. I think Pamela had something to do with the whole Rebecca thing because she lost her memory of being a Ewing after the explosion and her brother cliff brainwashed her to bring them down!

  18. Mark says:

    I still wouldn’t be surprised if we see Victoria Principal back as Pam….last scene of the season?

  19. Taryn says:

    I think it would be an interesting twist if Pam was the one that shot JR, to keep him from telling everyone that she was still alive.

  20. Den says:

    Thrilling episode, if Victoria’s not interested that’s fine but feel free to spare us that entire pretentious statement likening her character to Shakespeare’s. Geena Davis would make a feasible post-op Pam.

    • Another Pamela says:

      My thoughts exactly, Likening her character to Juliet; no way, babe. Besides, the writer (who was not Shakespeare) left an opening for a Pamela return; writing her off with a fiery explosion and leaving her alive with some facial work done, and obviously more needed. You can replace her with any good actress that can sound kind of like Pamela. And I have noticed in youtube clips, her “southern” accent changed over the years.

      • R says:

        That “Romeo & Juliet” thing came from David Jacobs back in the 70′s when he created Dallas, not VP. She’s just repeating what was the premise of the characters. There was no opening. Pam said she only had months to live, so everyone was to assume she died. As for the “southern accent”, Valene Ewing also lost hers, because producers told her to.

    • R says:

      That “Romeo & Juliet” thing came from David Jacobs back in the 70’s when he created Dallas, not VP. She’s just repeating what was the premise of the characters.

  21. joe says:

    what about JR’s other two sons… where were they? and Bobby’s son with jenna? where is he? and why doesnt christopher call sue ellen “aunt” she is his biological aunt. where r bobby and betsy? where is afton? they could at least mention them

    • Den says:

      Bobby and Betsy are Knots Landing characters and there are legal issues around that. Afton is back in Episode 10.

      • Tim says:

        Plus, Bobby of Knots Landing was named after his Uncle Bobby of Dallas who had just died at the time and remained dead thru the complete run of Knots even though him dying was all a dream on Dallas. I’m curious to know how they’re going to handle that once Valene shows up or if they are just going to pretend Lucy’s an only child. Not to mention-where are Lucy’s kids?

        • They treat the Gary and Valene of the Dallas universe as different characters than the ones in the Knots Landing universe, after Dallas chose to bring back Bobby. They will most likely just leave it at that.

      • Yes Could you please tell me who Afton is. I am 19 ans have never watched to original show

        • Vi says:

          Afton is Pamela Rebecca Barnes mother.

        • Big Rollo says:

          Afton Cooper (played by Audrey Landers) is…
          1. the sister of Lucy Ewing’s ex-husband Mitch Cooper:
          2. one of J.R.’s many paramours (J.R. first nailed her on Lucy and Mitch’s wedding day, at Southfork no less);
          3. Cliff Barnes’s former live-in girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Pamela Rebecca Barnes; and
          4. When last we saw her, in “Dallas: J.R. Returns,” she was still a cabaret singer.

          • Alexis says:

            So Pamela could be John Rosses sister that should gross him out! Yuch!! teach him to slow down on the sleep overs! He can’t get pregnant she already is ! That’s just messed up!

      • R says:

        There’s no legal issue’s. Warner Brothers owns the rights to both Dallas & KL. Since this show is fast paced, there isn’t time or even the need to mention them.

  22. kelly says:

    Don’t want her back. Live Ann & Bobby.

  23. Scott says:

    Definite lots of possible recast Pam Ewing’s that would work: Jaclyn Smith, Annette O Toole, Connie Selleca, Lesley Anne Warren. Any would shine in the role

  24. Scott says:

    And Sela Ward too! Great suggestion: she also would be awesome!

    • Den says:

      I suppose Sela Ward could capture the dullness of the character, but what about someone more feisty like Geena Davis?

  25. Sunshine says:

    Exactly where were JR’s other kids and why not at least a mention. I was wondering where Bobby & Betsy were too. Saw that Val is making a cameo but be great is the twins did too, or at least a mention.
    I read somewhere that Afton is suppose to show up eventually.

    • Margot says:

      TNT can’t legally use the characters of Bobby and Betsy because they were created for KL. They can only use Gary and Val because they were original characters on Dallas.

      • R says:

        That’s what Joan Van Ark said, but she’s wrong. They could work Bobby & Betsy in if they wanted to. Warner Brother’s owns both shows, therefore they own ALL the characters.

  26. kibblesandbits says:

    Did Bum tell Christopher to find Pam? He said find your mother- that is all we heard. Perhaps they are going to bring Kristin Shepherd back. Maybe the pool accident was a stunt and she went into rehab for serious coke addiction and the whole lie about her baby with JR being miscarried. Christopher and John Ross are really brothers- and you heard it here first! JR was killed by Kristin again in Mexico! Maybe JR had a terminal illness on the show too and went to Mexico to die. Just tossing out some plot twists for fun!

    • Fun ideas, but I hope they don’t implement them, it would just be too weird. Kristin is dead, and should stay dead. Christopher never knew her, the only mother Christopher has ever known and loved is Pamela, so if Christopher were to even find Kristin, bringing back someone who clearly died about 25 years ago, he wouldn’t even look at her twice before forgetting he ever found her. If he found Pamela on the other hand, emotions would be flying sky high. Both for Christopher and Bobby. Brining back Pamela would be the best decision – even though it would be fun having the original shooter from the 1980’s once again be the shooter in 2013, finishing her job, haha.

    • Margot says:

      Oh good grief, they aren’t bringing Kristin back, Sue Ellen accompanied HER BODY to HER FUNERAL. And Mary Crosby was very close to Larry Hagman, so I seriously doubt that she would ever agree to be the one to kill JR after losing him in real life.

  27. David says:

    John Ross and Christopher are not brothers. In the original series, Kristen (Christopher’s biological mom) was pregnant and then miscarried while she was blackmailing JR, Jordan Lee, and others. She quickly became pregnant again with Jeff Faraday. After giving birth to Christopher and Kristen dies, Faraday sells Christopher to Bobby and Pam. I can see Christopher going to look for his mother only to find out that his real mother is Kristen

  28. Scott says:

    I thought the same thing that this is all leading to Kristin Shepard. But really hope they recast Pam Ewing: there are so many stories for season 3 with her character back

  29. tp says:

    Someone just told me that Dallas and Monday Mornings aren’t going to make it. This sucks.

  30. TW says:

    Loved every minute of it. A little piece of my childhood was buried along with JR tonight. (Sniff.) I hope this show isnt cancelled. I’m barely over losing Leverage and with the possibility Southland is a goner, I’m not sure i can handle losing Dallas too.

  31. Jeff says:

    My opinion is that jr found out he was dying and decided to reveal all his secrets and take his own life!

    • That would make sense because his fine line of dialogue with John Ross did seem like he was saying good bye, plus that letter to Sue Ellen and Having his affairs in order do recently. I could on board with that story line

    • jane says:

      Yep, totally agree with that except that instead of taking his own life I believe JR put out a hit on himself so he never would know ‘the time or the place’.

      • I can see it as him putting out a hit on himself, but Elena said in the hostage episode that her mom was in Mexico, and her mom didn’t return until the funeral. JR helped John Ross try to take Elena’s shares and give them to Sue Ellen, and if JR busted Harris, Harris could expose Drew. Carmen never really liked JR anyways. She doesn’t have an alibi other then being in Mexico where he was killed. I strongly believe that Carmen, Elena and Drew’s mom, killed JR. Thoughts?

  32. ejknight says:

    Great episode. Loved the opening. Where was James Richard and Vanessa? It would have been great if Leanne DeLaVega(Barbara Eden) was at the wake and had a line or 2 that called him a ‘major’ or a ‘master’ businessman.

    Here is my suspect list and odds I put together after last weeks show:
    So, Who “killed” J.R?: Suspect/ Scenario…………..ODDS
    1) James Richard Beaumont 1-2
    2) Vanessa Beaumont 3-1
    3) Cliff Barnes 500-1
    4) Callie Harper Ewing 5-1
    5) This will all be a dream of Sue Ellen’s 25-1
    6) J.R. will be revealed to be alive in the SERIES finale 10-1
    7) The original Pamela Barnes Ewing 2-1

    Looks like Pam is the culprit.
    If/when they show her why not have Margret Michaels play her.

    • Those are good, but Larry Hagman is dead so JR is really dead eliminating 5 and 6 and I think that Harris Ryland could have done it

      • saxophone says:

        I think it was Harris’ mother who did it or at least hired some people to off him…

        1) no mention of her was made this episode, which leads me to believe we were all supposed to forget about her and her promise to Harris when he was in the hospital, and concentrate on the red herring that was thrown out..Pam.

        2) Harris told the Ewing bunch when he went to get Emma back and was refused that “they didn’t know what they had started.” no mention Of his Nutbar mother, but he would be in on it with her if it was her.

        3) J.R. Was in Mexico finding dirt on Harris. Mama may have found out about that and wanted her involvement hidden and “protect her son” in that weird incestuous way she has been with him.

        4) Whatever was in the messages from the grave given by Bum to Bobby had something to to with Harris.

        Do Harris and Cliff have any past, I wonder?

        • In the hostage episode Elena said her mom was in Mexico, Carmen didn’t like JR. JR helped John Ross and Sue Ellen take Elena’s shares. If JR busted Harris, It might expose Drew, Carmen didn’t return until the funeral. She has no alibi other than being in Mexico where JR was shot. That’s who I think did it, any thoughts?

  33. Bradster says:

    Sela Ward would be amazing. You need someone with some balls.

  34. TV Gord says:

    It’s great to think of Victoria Principal returning to Dallas, but that statement seems pretty conclusive. I’m happy to see the journey to find her finally happening, but I don’t want to see anyone in the role but Victoria.

  35. jesse says:

    Shame they didn’t bring back Sly for the funeral, great episode though

  36. Marnie says:

    Why didn’t they bring JR’s 2 other children, James and the unnamed baby with his second wife… she did make an appearance herself?????? Where is Lucas in all this

  37. travelocity gnome says:

    So is Christopher technically having babies with his cousin??? Or am i missing something ? I’m confused…

    • Marnie says:

      Yes he is, since Cliff Barnes is his adoptive uncle that makes Pam his adoptive cousin… therefore non blood cousin having kids togethter

      • Wendy Higgins says:

        legally still first cousins in the eyes of the law and against the domestic laws of the state of TX illegal to be married no blood running btwn them takes away the “ICK” factor but still the show ignores that pesky little storyline detail

  38. paul says:

    I thought the episode was good by today’s standards. Sue Ellen pouring her heart out in the cemetery was a standout performance for Linda Grey as was Bobby’s attack on Ann and his breaking down in the final moments. This is why they were smart enough yo incorporate just enough of the old to add to the new.

  39. Lou says:

    Maybe Ann is Pam. If they stick with her having had plastic surgery….

  40. SteelerFan says:

    I think that JR found out that Harris and Anne are working together. I think that Emma is NOT their daughter but a “decoy” to infiltrate the Ewings and go for everything that they have. Why else would she jump into the sack (or back seat of a car) with John Ross? Bobby said, at the end, “Pay off who you have to and when the time is right, we will deal with this as a family”. He also said to Anne earlier, while upset over her withholding information, that he “doesn’t even know the woman he married”, seven years ago. I think that JR was onto Harris. Afterall, isn’t that what he said he was following up on per Bobby’s request?

    • L says:

      I think you’re reaching re Anne, Emma & Harris. Harris does NOW have a problem with the Ewings, especially Bobby, because of his ex-wife. He’s still bitter that Anne left him and is happy with Bobby. And if that isn’t enough, he’s lost his daughter to them now too. It doesn’t make any sense if it turns out Anne & Harris are working together. What possible grievance would he have against the Ewings? As for Emma jumping into the sack with John Ross, I think it’s just a case of two lonely, hurting souls seeking comfort in each other.

    • L says:

      But I do agree that JR’s “masterpiece” will include some scheme to bring Harris down. He’s doing this for Bobby because he knows his brother loves Ann. Harris really hurt her, so as her current husband, it’s natural that Bobby wants the former to pay for his crimes.

    • L says:

      P.S. I forgot to add that Harris is rich and powerful in his own right so he doesn’t need to fleece the Ewings for all they have.

    • liz moffre says:

      Real Good Fiction but I think that is a little out there. Secondly have you looked at John Ross, Why Indeed!

  41. Gail Gerich says:

    Who shot JR? Who else – Kristin

    • L says:

      Kristin is DEAD. We saw her body floating in the Ewing swimming pool in season 4 I believe. So it can’t be her.

  42. Faster says:

    So much information introduced that it’s impossible to make sense of it all at this point. Someone mentioned this show might not make it, is that really true? I find it hard to believe that TNT would cancel Dallas, the viewership spans multiple generations. And I for one have never watched another show on TNT.

    • The series premiere of the reboot attracted almost 7 million viewers. Episodes in season 2 average about 2.5 million viewers. From the looks of it, viewership has dropped dramatically, and TNT might not be making any money off of the show anymore. However, DVR ratings are not calculated (to my knowledge), so viewership might not be as badly affected, and the first season was also broadcasted during the summer, in which most tv networks have off seasons (reruns) – meaning that these ratings should not be taken too seriously. Also, if the show is the most popular for the channel and it brings in more viewers for their other shows (being a good commercial for the network), they might continue it even if they’re losing money from the show. This all means that it is very uncertain for now, so you shouldn’t believe anyone who says that the show will be canceled for sure. We’ll have an answer by May.

      • Another Pamela says:

        I don’t know how they could be losing money on this show. All my friends talk about it every where we go. Dallas, Dallas, Dallas ….. Even my daughter-in-laws grandparents are hooked. There may be a lot of DVRing but there is tons of watching also. Where are they getting their supposed numbers. And I watch as many commercials at regular time as I do when it is DVR’d. I use commercial time sometimes to run do something in the kitchen, etc. So DVRing does not effect commercial time for most. My husband and I usually spend commercials talking about what just happened. That is the most action packed show I have ever had the pleasure of watching and I hope it has many years of success!!!!!! Go TNT. Thank you so much for providing this. I had almost quit watching anything but a couple of reality shows until now. Dallas is sooooooo exciting. I want Pam re-cast and I see every reason in the world to do it. But I will watch no matter what!!!!!

  43. Lucy Masters says:

    I too find that Christopher and Pam getting pregnant together wouldn’t they be concernd with cousins being evolved by now kinda creepy? And the baby’s health might suffer? It would be great if John Ross and Christopher were brothers good good and bad like jr and bobby.

    • Christopher and Pamela are in no way blood related.
      Christopher’s mother is Kristin, who’s sister is Sue Ellen. Christopher and John Ross are blood related cousins, but Christopher and Pamela are not blood related – since Christopher is only adopted by Pamela’s aunt, and wasn’t born from her.

      • Margot says:

        Doesn’t matter, they are still FIRST COUSINS, and Pamela knows that they are. That’s why it’s so incredibly icky.

        • By Law they are first cousins and I believe that that is grounds for an annulment, the judge is obviously not fit to serve.
          “Oh you unknowingly married your cousin and she stole someone’s identity, no you have to go through divorce hearings” Makes no sense to me

          • Alexis says:

            Yes not fit to serve for sure plus she is just lier ! Can’t they see that! They did with Rylan thank goodness horrible man ! I would love to see Jackie Smith play Pam. Or Sela ward.

        • I was not contradicting that thought, I was merely saying that the health of the babies will not suffer, as the parents are not related.

          • Alexis Kelly says:

            I want to know who is this Emma? 18 yrs old she knows to much and is way to friendly with John Ross so fast? She can hold her liquor to! And I also noticed that Anne did not pay much attention to where she was all night? And what is the Meds for? I like they show but they are so dirty to one another? It’s a nice change when they get along. Will they babies of Rebecca – Pam and Chris be sick because they are related? In real life not a good idea? It’s hard enough to have normal kids now a days without being related yuck! And she knew from the start! They are messed up!

  44. Ana says:

    I didn’t watch the original Dallas so some of the references to old characters is lost on me. I am familiar with Pam and Bobby though. If Victoria Principal doesn’t want to come back, someone else can play her part, if it’s necessary for her to be brought back. I’m ambivalent about it. That being said, last night’s episode was excellent. I don’t like John Ross much, maybe because he’s such a bad boy, but he had me crying, as did Bobby on that last scene. And when Bum was going through the box I was on the edge of my seat. JR was a genius. Even from the grave he’s still making things happen. Cannot wait to see this unfold. I’m confident it will be renewed. Considering the time of year it is doing really well in cable ratings.

    • Alexis says:

      When did cliff and an have a fling? Did I miss something? He’s older than she is why?
      What is up with John Ross hair cut? The hair line is awful ? In the back odd looking.

        • Alexis says:

          The same Anne that bobby is married to? Was Ryland in it back then. It doesn’t seem like they are following the old Dallas ? Don’t they know people will catch on and stop watching? When it stop not matching up ? Why would Mrs Ellie. Not leave money toll her grand children? Not just one ? She had a few more not mentioned.

          • ken says:

            Didn’t Ms. Ellie die off camera and when was her will actually read?! But, the episode last night was just referring to SF and makes sense. She wouldn’t have given it to JR, nor let anyone know that John Ross was going to get it, b/c of the schemin that would have transpired…. wouldn’t it be a real nasty turn if somehow John Ross had found out and arranged to have J.R. killed?!!!! Then he’d be worse than Cliff Barnes….

          • Yes, Miss Ellie died between the two shows in the early 2000’s so her will would have been read between the shows

          • People are saying Ann had an affair with Cliff because Brenda Strong played an unnamed one night stand with Cliff in 1987. Harris Ryland was not a character on the original. She left Southfork to Bobby and then left half to John Ross. I do not know why she didn’t leave anything to Lucy. The new Dallas never said that Gary other two children or JR’s other two children didn’t exist they just haven’t mention them yet. Patrick Duffy(Bobby) and Linda Gray(Sue Ellen) will not remain on the show if it get to far away from the original

          • Alexis says:

            Thanks for the update

          • Lupo says:

            Un dallas 1.0 Mitch Pileggi played an unnamed guy who was on the helicopter bringing Pam to the hospital after the truck accident. This opens possible scenarios to Pam’s real destiny! Also, Cliff’s unnamed one-night-stand played by Brenda Strong should be taken in account by the writers.Since these characters were unnamed, they could have been Ryland and Ann.

          • Exactly the perfect connection Ann and Ryland linked to the Barnes

          • This may be a little out there but what if Pam’s unnamed assumed husband was Harris

  45. Will says:

    Bring back V.P. as Pam. As fans we want the real Pam and not a fake. V.P. gave Pam life, and it would be an insult to replace her.

  46. toto says:

    No recast…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Miffy says:

    I wouldn’t want a permanent recast for Pam; they’d never be able to duplicate the chemistry that VP and Patrick Duffy had. But a recast for an episode or two, where we find out what happened to her, would be just fine. Just cast another iconic 70s/80s TV actress. How about Pamela Sue Martin? She’s another soap actress who left her show much too soon and never looked back. Besides, it was rumored years ago that she would replace VP on the original series.

  48. Scott says:

    No recasting is fine. Love Victoria but we want Pam Ewing back and there are so many fine actresses who could play her

    • So true. Many, many want Pamela back, with all the years and plastic surgeries that had to happen to a burn patient, it would be sooooo easy. Has anybody notice Loni Anderson lately. She must have has plastic surgery from Victoria’s ex. Same face, same eyes, it’s wild. Same hairstyle even. Check it out.

  49. Linnea Rochester says:

    Emma killed JR. She is working with Cliff and Ryland. Just like Rebecca/Pamela.

  50. Lori says:

    If Pam’s not dead, are Anne and Bobby married? Was she ever declared legally dead?