Once Upon a Time @ PaleyFest: Scoop on Dark Snow, Storybrooke's First Days and the Finale

OnceOnce Upon a Time executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and several cast members took the stage at PaleyFest 2013 on Sunday to talk about Snow’s dark turn, a visit to Storybrooke in 1983, the Season 2 finale (yes, already!) and much more.

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The panel kicked off with Ginnifer Goodwin dropping some scoop about Snow’s journey from white to something much murkier following the events of tonight’s big episode and next week’s even more powerful outing.

“What she is going through is going to shake her self-identity, her self-definition,” previewed Goodwin. “If she’s not the Snow White she can read about it in story books, then she doesn’t know who she is. That opens a lot up for her. She can get in touch with a more evolved way of protecting herself and her family.”

As Snow attempts to guard her loves ones, her rivalry with Regina will “get pretty intense,” teased Lana Parrilla. “We’re definitely going to see a different side to Mary Margaret, and I think we’ve earned it.”

But just how dark can Snow go, especially given that the character is owned by the family-friendly Disney? Kitsis assured fans that after next Sunday’s episode, viewers will see that “they’re pretty much letting us do what we want.”

And how will Charming deal with his wife’s new path? “It concerns him a great deal because someone that he loves with all of his heart is hurting,” said Josh Dallas. However, David “knows better than anyone that people can mess up [and] have darker sides to them. … He’s going to be there for her no matter what.”

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Other topics touched on during the PaleyFest Q&A:

TRAVELING THE LANDS | The show will visit a new realm this season, during which viewers will get hints about a significant resident of said land. That character, however, won’t make his or her debut until Season 3, previewed Kitsis. Meanwhile, David will want to get back to his home. “As much as David likes electricity, he misses his sword and his castle and his horse,” said the EP. “He wants to rebuild his land. That is something a lot of people will get on board for.”

WELCOME TO STORYBROOKE | “We’re going to see the first week of the curse,” said Kitsis of the March 17 episode. “We’re going to see the Huntsman. We’re going to get more insight into what it was like that first week in 1983 and what it was like for the Evil Queen to win.” In the hour, viewers will also glimpse why Regina went to adopt Henry. So why air such a pivotal flashback so early in the show’s run? “When you see the episode, that answer becomes very clear,” replied Horowitz.

THE END IS NEAR | This season’s two-part finale will be titled “Second Star to the Right” and “ And Straight On ‘Til Morning.”

FATHER, SON, GRANDSON | Rumpel and Bae’s relationship may be in a sad state of affairs right now, but “there’s a little gamechanger” in Episode 22, hinted Robert Carlyle. As for the seer’s warning about Henry and what the Dark One will do with that information, “The question is: Has [Rumpel] learned anything [from his past mistakes]?” said Kitsis. “What chance does his grandson have?”

NO MADNESS | Addressing recent reports that the Mad Hatter may be recast and spun off into his own show, Kitsis insisted that “we have no plans to recast anyone.” However, Jefferson’s portrayer Sebastian Stan “is a very busy man,” he added. “I don’t know when he will be making his way toward us.”

TEAM EVIL | “Regina the Evil Queen is going to make a comeback, but in a different way,” teased Parrilla. As for the dastardly Captain Hook, “you will see him pop back into the season in a fun way,” revealed Kitsis. But will the foe find romance with Emma, setting up a triangle with Neal? “It could happen,” is all Horowitz would say.

LACEY RACY | An upcoming Belle episode will reveal the character’s cursed persona. “Lacey’s very interesting,” Emilie De Ravin teased cryptically, while Kitsis added, “She’s the opposite of Belle. Things are going to get a lot more interesting for Mr. Gold.” But will Belle ever regain her memories of her true identity? “Have hope and faith and we’ll see what happens,” offered up Kitsis.

AND EVEN MORE SCOOP | Also on tap for this season: The reveal of where August ran off to and what he’s been doing (just don’t expect answers this year about how he knew Neal was actually Bae); more of Hook and Bae’s backstories; and possibly some romance for Regina. “Everything that motivates her is love,” explained Kitsis. “She has a huge capacity for love. She’s just got a strange way of going about getting it.” Added Parrilla with a smile: “She’s holding out for the right one.”

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  1. Mike says:

    I thought we weren’t going to see Neverland this year, nonetheless, it’s clear what this next realm is. I wonder what is going to happen to Neal and Rumple in the finale. I enjoyed the panel, Lana Parilla is awesome and I’m so excited to have the evil queen back. Just to let you know from Kitsis’s twitter it is Lacey not Lacy.

    • thunter86 says:

      They never said we wouldn’t see Neverland. They said we wouldn’t see Peter Pan or Oz this season.

    • Leena says:

      I just watched tonight’s episode, it’s becoming very clear that Neal is Bae is Peter Pan. Should be interesting!

      • Kelly says:

        That’s kinda disappointing. I was hoping just a lost boy, not peter.

      • Louise says:

        I hope not. A lost boy is fine, but Peter’s a little too much.

        • Katie says:

          I kind of think you might be more correct, Louise. Peter Pan is probably the “significant resident” we won’t see just yet.

        • Christi says:

          I agree with Louise and Katie. I don’t think Neal/Baelfire is Peter Pan. I think he’s just one of the lost boys like Hook said in Tallahassee “… I’ve worked with lost boys in Neverland…”

        • Alice says:

          I think he is probably a Lost Boy but not Peter himself.. In the story of Peter Pan, Peter doesn’t leave with the LostBoys that go home with the Darlings. He would rather never grow up. But if Bae was one of the Lost Boys it would explain how he left Neverland. I’m betting Tamara is connected as well. For her sake- normal people aren’t exactly welcome in Storybrooke.

      • Michelle says:

        Are you sure, they said we won’t say Peter this year, sounds a bit contradictory to inferring we won’t see a character this year if Bae is peter, of course they could have been referring to Tinker Bell. I’m hoping for a lost boy.

      • Name That Tune says:

        No, not Peter Pan. Neal told Emma he knows how to pilot Hook’s ship. That makes him one of the Pirates, possibly Billy Jukes, who was the youngest pirate. With all that is happening in Storybrook, it makes you think that we’re headed to a side trip to Neverland before they get Gold back to Storybrook.

        And how useful is the dagger without Gold. Hasn’t Cora promised Regina that she will have Gold “kill whoever she likes”?

        Anyone think that Gold has placed some sort of protection spell on that dagger?

      • JLC says:

        I think Henry is Peter Pan.

      • Morgan says:

        I don’t think Neil actually dies. I think the bean transported him back to neverland where he gets healed. And then maybe he will find his way back to Emma/Storybrook . Or the residents of Storybrook go back to their lands and Neil finds Emma there.

  2. Dominique says:

    I was a little annoyed at how little Josh and Colin got to talk. I don’t think Colin even got to answer one question all by himself, because the producers kept interupting him.
    I was very excited to hear some of he spoilers, like the flashback episode, the season 2 finale, etc.
    And as always; most of the audience was awkward as heck with their questions :P

  3. Dominique says:

    Great job btw Matt! You were a great host! :D

  4. Olivia says:

    What’s Mr. Gold’s given name?

  5. Liz says:

    Oh, ok, so I bet that we will see our favourite couple be separate in the finale, with Prince Charming going back to Faery Land, and Snow remaining in Storybrooke with her daughter & Henry.

    • Michelle says:

      I don’t think Charming would just leave Snow, no matter how much he misses his Kingdom.

    • A says:

      I hope he leaves and doesn’t come back! Sadly though that would never happen. I don’t think he’d ever leave her intentionally.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Really, what has Charming been allowed to do this season? Cook breakfast, I babysit Henry & suffer a sleeping curse. Not much for such an action oriented guy. He must be bored to death in Storybrook while the ladies in his life get to do all the fun stuff. Send him back so he can have a purpose -he’s not cut out to be a stay at home dad.

  6. At this point all I care about is Emma and Neal.

  7. Kelly says:

    THanks for the scoop. I love the charming family and Emma/Neal. I was thinking the finale title means a neverland appearance.

    • Will says:

      Indeed. We’ll probably see Neverland in the finale, and then see Peter Pan in the first few episodes of season 3. At least, I hope that’s it!

  8. Lilly says:

    The audience questions were so lame some weren’t even questions, just a lot of gushing, I wish there was a way to have the internet audience ask questions live.

  9. Kelly says:

    I wonder if welcome to storybrooke and the finale will reveal more about the henry prophecy and his fate/destiny

  10. Tom says:

    Am I the only one who thinks “Greg” is Peter Pan and “Her” who he texts is Wendy and he got taken by the curse, thus causing him to grow up and stop believing in magic (which is why he’s so fascinated by the magic…not that anyone wouldn’t be. Just a thought.)

    • Kelly says:

      that is interesting. i do wonder about greg they need to move that along and they said her is not important but how can she not be when she is getting videos showing magic

    • ej says:

      From the way Adam and Eddy explained it, Wendy, Alice, and Dorothy are all from parallel earths with pseduo-magic, like The Land Without Color, so none of those characters would be living in/had lived in the world in which Storybrooke resides.

      • Rob says:

        Yeah, but the way it seems to work (if I understood correctly) is that some of those lands were potentially also affected by the curse (a la Frankenstein) so it’s possible to think that people from those lands were, too, brought over by the curse, maybe in a different area altogether that is a mirror image of Storybrooke, just with the citizens of Oz. That’s such an interesting concept.

    • Clint says:

      THANK YOU! I have scoured the internet looking for SOMEone… ANYone that also believes Greg is Peter Pan. Too coincidental that Peter Pan and a black person (could be a boy or a girl since their face is covered) are looking for Henry, and then Adult Greg and Tamara (also black) happen to be the ones to find him.

  11. meggo says:

    Darn, I meant to send in a question for you guys to ask! Paley Fest really creeped up on me this year. Oh well, next year!

  12. James says:

    What about Ariel? I want to know how they translate her story to the show…

    • Melinda says:

      I do believe at one point Hook was talking about that black ink Rumpel could have used to get out of the jail cell but instead wrote Emma’s name all over it, and he said that it was deep in the sea where only mermaids could get it. That was a subtle reference to her I believe.

    • Oscar says:

      Well my friend and I were discussing the possibility of Ariel being part of Neverland in Mermaid Lagoon because they were never so clear. And I think Tamara could possibly Tiger Lilly. I would just die if that happened hahahaah

  13. Jessica says:

    I thought the character of Peter Pan was owned by the J.M. Barrie estate, not Disney. Unless they clear that hurdle, I don’t see how anyone could be Peter Pan.

    • Lyndsey says:

      The copyright has long been expired here in the U.S. (remember the original material is over 100 years old). The hospital with the UK rights has tried to assert its rights here but I don’t believe they’ve been successful with the courts. Therefore Disney most likely can do what it wants (after all it has built a lot around the Neverland story).

      • Tarc says:

        Disney’s made a whole series of Tinkerbell movies, so they either have the rights, or it’s a nonissue.

        • WingsStef says:

          I am not certain. But I believe it it possible that Disney might have secured a continuous license on a version of Peter Pan.

  14. LINDS says:

    If this season and next season continues going back and forth between 3 lands then I will stop the show. The past/present is enough. I hated the first few episodes of second season. Not only, are there way too many characters in the show, I don’t like it in the present on how the characters are separated. Because in today’s ep-Emma/Henry etc only had a few scenes where Mary etc had a lot. It is not even, I just want Emma to come back already to Storybrooke.

    • Tony says:

      Staying in storybrooke would get boring, I understand the frustration about missing your favorite characters in some episodes, but it makes the show better, IMO the show benefitted from past/present FTL, but I seem to be one of the few that think like that.

      • A says:

        I enjoyed it as well. While I didn’t always like how they structured some of the episodes with one week being about Storybrook and the next about present FTL , etc., I did enjoy them being there. They could have cast better actresses to play Aurora and Mulan though.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Be prepared for some back and forth this week. “The Miller’s Daughter” most assuredly will take us back to the roots of Rumple’s past & identify who she is. Because the original Grimm story has Rumple (in full imp character) bargaining with the girl for her first born child so that she can spin gold from straw. Any doubt we’re about to learn more about Cora’s past – & the first born daughter? Regina?

  15. D says:

    I am starting to think that maybe there is more than one Peter Pan. Also, maybe before becoming a pirate, Hook may have been a lost boy.

  16. loki says:

    How dark will Snow get? Well it’s not like they’re making her a LESBIAN or something like that. God forbid.

    Something dark and dastardly. OOH no…We can’t possibly have that on a family show!

    Matt Mitovich did an excellent job with the panel BTW.

    • Micah says:

      No they’re saving that for Mulan and Aurora, I’m very excited to see Snow become a darker character, it should be interesting.

      • loki says:

        Dark Snow is promising. But Mulan and Aurora? Blah. If we’re gonna have lesbians, lets at least have the lesbians that make literary sense.

        • Mike says:

          I think it was a joke, and what lesbians make literary sense?

          • Alice says:

            Maybe they meant picking characters who did not already have a male love interest as a big part of their story? We’ve already seen Phillip. But Red Riding Hood, Alice, Dorothy, Wendy, Maleficent, their adventures don’t focus on princes so you don’t have to change the fairy tale just add to it.

          • Mike says:

            Oh, I get it now.

    • Viv says:

      Too bad this show isn’t on ABC Family.

    • Gail says:

      Perhaps Snow will kill Cora or cause her to die . Someone big is dying next week. It could be Cora since she is at the center of the flashback next week. The show doesn’t need two evil queens.

  17. Raina says:

    I hope that Bae is Peter!!! I love that idea and he is too important to be some random lost boy. It makes everything with hook so much more powerful and love that he is involved in multiple stories. Also, what if they twisted it in some way and could make Emma, Wendy? Like instead of London, he visited the London Orphanage in Boston or wherever.

  18. Tarc says:

    I guess I’m not understanding Snow’s conflict here. She gave Regina every shot, and doesn’t owe Cora one either. In fact, she just witnessed Cora murder someone. The white hats are entitled to take them out now – no mercy. And if I were Snow? I’d nab Regina’s stuff and blow up for mauseleum for her nanny for starters. It’d be great bait.

    • Cory Myers says:

      Think of it as Batman’s No Kill rule that he has. No matter how dark and evil a villain might be, what horrible crimes they might commit, he will not kill them. (not on purpose anyways)… Snow White is respectfully similar… Like when she prevented Regina’s first execution, how Charming stopped her from killing Regina with the arrow, etc… Snow White is purely good, she cannot kill another human-being, it is just not who she is. She is the type of character that feels they should be allowed to live, but be locked away so they cannot harm themselves or anyone else. She always tries to find the light in the darkest of people. Sooo the conflict for Snow is that she has now decided that it is time for Cora to die (notice she did say Cora, but not Regina)… and the way it was stated, Snow said not for “justice”… meaning Snow is out for vengeance… which, unless Snow White is starring in a Chuck Norris action movie… good pure people like Snow… just does not go out for vengeance on anyone.

  19. loki says:

    No you’re right there. Snow’s only conflict is with herself. She was a kid then and she regrets her decisions or at least second guesses them. And I’d hazard a guess that 28 years under a curse hasn’t given her much time to process things appropriately. Cora seems to be the one to blame across the board for what’s happened. I’d be interested to see if next episode will feature a backstory for Cora and Ava that at least gives some insight into what happened between those too. My guess: Ava somehow got the better of Cora and became Queen, when Cora should have been the one to be Queen according to the original tale of Rumplestiltskin. But that’s just a guess.

    • Julie says:

      My friend and I think that Ava and Cora are sisters, somehow separated and that Ava was taken in by royals and Cora by commoners and it irks Cora that she wasn’t a royal, so to get back at Ava she was going to kill her and make her daughter queen, because at that point she was too old to be suitable wife….

  20. Kath says:

    They’re going to have to push her further than just Snow killing Cora or even Regina. Right now, killing Cora just seems like good sense.

    Unless Regina double-crosses Cora in some way to save Snow, Charming, Rumple or Emma, she’s pretty much dead to me. Accepting that her mother murdered not only her love Daniel but also Snow’s mother so that Regina could become queen is too much.

    I hate the idea of Emma with either Neal, the guy who set her up to take the punishment for his crimes and abandoned her as a minor in prison, or Hook, who is in league with Cora and Regina and keeps trying to kill various members of Emma’s family and friends. This is NOT romantic, especially for Emma who the show considers the saviour.

  21. Rob says:

    A boy being Rumple’s undoing–couldn’t that be Pinocchio? I mean, he was a boy that saved Emma and led Neal away from Emma. Or, it could be Peter Pan. Both have “boy” connotations. I definitely don’t think Henry or Neal is Peter Pan and Henry is definitely not who the seer was talking about.

  22. lessthan says:

    Matt was a great moderator and, most importantly, does a really good impression of Rumpelstiltskin! I definitely think that Bae is Peter. The beginning of Cora’s episode was really interesting. That’s going to be a good episode.

  23. Kevin says:

    If I can recall, “Second Star to the Right” and “Straight on Til Morning” directions Peter Pan gives to get to Neverland. There was a song about it in the movie.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, Neverland is in the second star to the right. So we’ll be going to Neverland for the last two episodes I assume.

      • Katie says:

        Considering the titles of the finale two-parter, I’d be pretty surprised if they didn’t head back to FTL. Neverland wasn’t affected by the curse so it would explain why this new big character is coming around in season 3. They’ve been in Neverland these past two seasons

  24. Shannon says:

    Questions not asked and answered: If Bae is Peter Pan does that mean his Finace in new York is Wendy? Is the Fiance in new York the same “Her” the outsider has been contacting? August knew who Bae really was, so why did Bae leave her to be arrested? August could be working for some persona nd hopefully he is not evil and did ot send the outsider himself.

  25. Shannon says:

    More Questions not addressed: Emma’s kiss with Sheriff Graham broke the curse before anyone, has anyone ever thought why that might have been? Maybe because her heart was true with him? Meaning the curse ould be broken by a kiss of true love. They should not have killed the Sheriff if Emma had any chmistry she had the most with him and he brought out some things in her that no other suitor has and he challenged her.

    • Will says:

      I think Graham dying showed for the very first time how dark the show truly can get, and that’s a great thing, to me!

    • A says:

      Please. Get. Over. It!! The Huntsman’s gone. He’s been gone. He’s staying gone. He won’t be revived. Frankenstein is not gonna try to bring him back to life. Be happy you’ll see him in a flashback. So sick of the whining over this character. It’s over and done, Move on with the show and your life.

      • Ser_Dragon says:

        No need to be harsh! Some peoples loved Graham so maybe YOU should give them a break. I don’t know if you have a favorite character at all in the show, but if you have I would really see you face if ever he/she dies.

        • A says:

          I understand being upset about losing a character you like but seriously he was barely around for that many episode and second of all, its been over a year and people still complain about his death. It happened. It’s done.

      • Kath says:

        As Shannon said ” They should not have killed the Sheriff if Emma had any chemistry she had the most with him and he brought out some things in her that no other suitor has”. That’s the real problem with killing off Graham IMO if the show wants to put Emma into a relationship. Neal, Hook and August have all treated her badly and are men I want her running a mile away from.

      • Mandzie says:

        don’t you have a group of teenagers to stalk A? :p

    • Gail says:

      We know Emma has powers she is not aware of. We also know she was supposed to break the curse. Her kiss of the Sheriff was just a part of that. Perhaps she could have broken the curse by kissing everybody.

      I wonder why if Rumple retained his memory when the curse was cast why did he have to worry about losing his memory when he left Storybrooke? Shouldn’t he have been as unaffected by the curse as Regina, Cora, and Hook ?

      Also why are people in these comments wondering how the show could use Peter Pan when they are already using Captain Hook from the same story. If they can use Hook they can use all the characters from “Peter Pan”.

      Snow White is in the public domain and is not owned by Disney. Disney owns its version of Snow White and its version of the Seven Dwarfs, which were named by Disney. They had no names in the original story. I don’t think Mary Margaret is the Disney Snow White. When Rob Lowe sang with Snow White at the Oscars years ago, Disney claimed copyright infringement because Snow white was dressed as the Disney version.

      • leonard says:

        “Perhaps she could have broken the curse by kissing everybody.”

        kept thinking about that the whole first season!

      • Nobody. says:

        “I wonder why if Rumple retained his memory when the curse was cast why did he have to worry about losing his memory when he left Storybrooke? Shouldn’t he have been as unaffected by the curse as Regina, Cora, and Hook ?”

        He didn’t have his memory when the curse was cast. When he first heard Emma’s name, he got his memory back so his curse was broken by Emma just like all the others.

    • Kath says:

      Emma’s kiss brought back some of Graham’s memories but it didn’t break the curse maybe because it wasn’t true love yet. It might have got there eventually but the show killed him off before that..

  26. A says:

    So excited for August and Hook backgrounds and the first week in Storybrook. Also excited for a Neverland-centric finale. I hope the land looks different and cool. Kinda getting tired of the Fairytale Land look. I thinks it’s time for a bit of a change. I also hope there is a lot less David and more Regina/Snow and Emma/Regina.
    And that clue about the new realm being visited and hints about a Season 3 character I think was ruined by the title of the finale. It’s clearly Neverland and Peter Pan. I hope to be proven wrong. :)

  27. leonard says:

    My theory on WHO will be going to this new world (if it is indeed neverland) is either Neal/bae and Emma or just Henry. The first because they could use the alone time, and the last because he hasn’t been in another world yet so he is due to have people looking for him vs the other way around.

  28. ej says:

    Damn it, I posted and my comment went off to cyber Neverland! I am unsure if Neverland was actually curse or will it just be a flashback as with Wonderland? After starting out in FTL, another present-day world would be a little excessive; although this season has been about excess, and who doesn’t love flying? If it wasn’t cursed, it would explain how Neal got to the LWoM after the curse. And maybe August was there for awhile and that’s how he learned Neal was Bae?
    I was glad at least Ginny thinks Emma/Hook is creepy based on Hook having slept with Neal’s mom. The “yeah, but it was 300 years ago” defense by Adam and Eddy made me cringe. I don’t know why they keep hyping that “ship” other than for ratings, which I know keeps a show alive, but it would be nice if they would acknowledge that if it does happen, it would be really weird and for the purpose of adding more angst and dysfunction to the family tree, and not give CaptainSwan shippers hope that Emma and Hook will have a big happy wedding aboard the Jolly Rodger after Neal has walked the plank. Even JeMo seems to be on the side of thinking Emma has been undressing Hook with her eyes, which is disappointing. Why must Emma and all other TV heroines have a thing for the bad boys? We don’t need a Buffy/Angel/Spike reboot. Emma should just focus on dealing with her bowl of soup family right now, not buying condoms or picking out floral arrangements.
    Peace out, you bowls of soup!

  29. Tommy says:

    Who’s dying? It says deaths by I haven’t read anyone written here as dying.

  30. Ann says:

    I think that the reason August knew who Bae was was because when ugust ran off with some of the boys from the orphanage, he found out they were the Lost Boys. And they were the ones who told him about Neal. And Neal is Peter Pan.

  31. Jason says:

    Good lord, can people on panels please learn MANNERS? When one person is talking, aka “Hook,” please shut up and let him finish his answer instead of constantly interrupting. That’s why I just abhor panel discussions. Everyone wants to be the comedian.

  32. Edna says:

    I just hope they finish the Cora storyline. She is boring.

  33. Sheri says:

    So what about the hospital patient? Couldn’t he be Peter? and the HER on the phone is Wendy? I really don’t think he is just an ordinary joe…
    I think Bae was the youngest deckhand on Hook’s ship. It would make sense.
    Paleyfest was good and the writers are so IT…

  34. JLC says:

    Now that we know that Henry is the offspring of 2 fairytale characters, then we have to assume that Henry is also a character himself. So who is he??? What if HENRY is Peter Pan?

  35. JLC says:

    When the seer told Rumple that the boy would be his undoing, I definitely think she meant Henry, but I don’t think his “undoing” is his death. I think in the end, Rumple will give up his power for Henry. He’ll go back to just being Rumplestiltskin and won’t be the Dark One anymore. Also, according to the seer, there is no way that Rumple can change this. His destiny will come to pass no matter what actions he takes, just like it did in his past. So even if he tries to kill Henry or whatever he does, it won’t matter. The boy will be his undoing regardless.

    • Sw says:

      I agree I think Rumple is going to lose his powers because of or for Henry. I just hope he gives them all willingly for his grandson.

  36. sammy says:

    But if Dorothy and Wendy are from parallel Earth, why their stories are in Henry’s book. There are only stories from Enchanted Forest ( Frankestein isn’t in).

  37. me says:

    all I care about is Rumple/Gold. I like most all the others but hook couldn’t care less find him boring. Want Emma/Bae. Love the relationship between Rumple and Bae. If I have to watch weeks of Rumple trying to kill Henry I will quit, growing tired of Henry as it is.

  38. papaka says:

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  39. Anonymous says:

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  40. Cailin says:

    I really want to see Rumple and Belle together as an item for good. It’s been on again off again for too long. Their romance is far more exciting than the others on the show. He is such a great actor you can see the love he has for her. She’s a sweetheart but can’t expect him to change overnight. Lucky girl!!!

  41. Deirdreerin says:

    Robert Carlyle is hot!!!!!! He’s not a pretty face (like Charming) which is my type, but theres something about him. I hope Rumple and Belle can have what Snow and Charming have.

  42. Not happy for the 3 week wait says:

    The show was off the air for 2 weeks, then they give us a recap with the writers! What kind of trash is that? It’s interesting but doesn’t take the place of an episode. It was just a recap of what we had seen. They should have waited until after the finale. Another stall, which is disrespectful to the fans. It seems they ate takimg advantage of the show’s success….

  43. Wlmey says:

    I would like to know where snow white’s sister, rose red, is. Their mother had planted a white and a red rose bush, for each of them. So, where is rose in all of this?

  44. julia says:

    I think storybrook is going to neverland? And Neal I don’t think his dead , I think he’s allready there, and captain hook is going to save neal haha just guessing , anyhow can’t wait