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Once Upon a Time SpoilersIs Once Upon a Time‘s Regina truly back to being a bad girl? Will Beauty and the Beast give new meaning to “safe” sex? Who’s back from the Dead? Will Castle be left in a father daze? Get answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Once Upon a Time | Since many – myself included – have speculated that Cora cast some sort of spell on her daughter, and that’s why Regina seems to have abandoned her redemption tour, I asked the series’ creators if we are onto something. Short answer: Nope. As Eddy Kitsis reminds, “In Episode 9, we saw Regina say, ‘I have to kill you, Mother. Your grip on my heart is too strong.’ So while the audience is right to be wary of Cora, and Regina is right to be wary of her mother’s true intentions, we can never forget how important the need to get your mom’s approval and love is.” Adam Horowitz meanwhile offered this teaser for fans of Lana Parrilla’s ever-unpredictable alter ego: “We’re going to see some Regina unleashed!”

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Beauty and the Beast | Admit it. You’re curious. Because VinCat’s first kiss surely will lead to a second, and … etcetera. So, should the lady cop be worried about him beasting out mid-coitus? EP Brian Peterson, whose Smallville dealt with a similar sitch (with Clark/Lana/”super-sex”), tells me that after Season 1 resumes March 14 , “We definitely play that — and we play it much more on Vincent’s side, because he has so many fears about who he is and what that could turn into.” That said, Peterson says that — in part because it’s simply “not very sexy” — “We didn’t want to make it such a big deal. So it is absolutely addressed, but it definitely is not a major, major plot point.”

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The Walking Dead | A quick heads-up for this Sunday’s episode: One of the major characters is going to get quite the blast from the past, and as Michonne makes headway with Carl and Rick, be prepared to lay witness to the katana-carrying badass’ softest moments to date.

Smash | Karen may be doing her best to get Jimmy’s Hit List off the ground, but it’s her roomie Ana who will land one of the lead roles once it takes shape. “It’ll be interesting to see how two friends who are very close handle rivalry in the business,” series newbie Krysta Rodriguez told me. “You see how you maneuver a relationship that can sometimes be tricky.” But first things first: The gals will hold a reading of the boys’ musical, at their cozy digs.

And now, diving into the reader mailbag — starting with a Castle trifecta….

James Brolin was so good as Castle’s father. Will Martha and Kate hear the entire story? –Cynthia
We will have to assume they both were utterly regaled by the overseas espionage tale, because as Nathan Fillion told us at the show’s 100th episode party, there’s “nothing in the episodes that we’ve filmed” since the two-parter that calls back to the paternal reveal. As for how the long-awaited father/son meeting played out, Fillion said he was “very satisfied,” explaining, “To find out that his dad has had a hand in his life ever since he was kid, that his dad has been there in the wings, I think, for Castle, is a good feeling. He can’t have any feelings of, ‘I was abandoned.’ He knows now his dad has been a shadow.”

Was Castle‘s second kidnapping really shot in Paris? Or on a sound stage? –Leslie
Molly Quinn confirmed that she, director Rob Bowman and her TV dad’s stuntman got to travel to France for a quickie shoot – yet nonetheless fielded tons of teasing/envy, especially from Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever. Says the actress, “I kept telling them, ‘I feel bad. I wish we could all go. But really, I’m going to go there, I’m going to be jet-lagged. I’m going to work three days and then I come back, I’ll be jet-legged again and then I have to get back to work!'”

Can you tell me the name of the actor who played Henri on this week’s Castle? I have seen him in other shows and cannot place him. –Marty
That was Christopher Heyerdahl being suitably sketchy as Castle’s double-crossing cohort. You may know him from such series as Hell on the Wheels!, The Stargate of Atlantis! and Space Sanctuary!

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Where do I go to find spoilers on Scandal? –Dorrett
Do not go to one of those “big box” stores; they’re killing the local mom-and-pop merchant. Instead, ask me – because I’ve got one! The long-lens photographer who’s snapping a pic of Olivia with Jake in the promo for the March 21 episode? He’s going to really regret doing that.

What does the Season 3 finale of Pretty Little Liars hold for us? -Fernando
Just as I was hand-crafting this week’s column, ‘Nando, this official synopsis for the March 19 season ender, titled “A dAngerous gAme,” arrived from ABC Family: “Spencer is back home and presenting a good front, but Aria, Hanna and Emily are not so sure their friend is fully back after seeing how fragile she was just a day or so before. Unfortunately the girls don’t have much time to ponder Spencer’s health as shocking revelations are brought to the forefront. With so much happening and new information being uncovered, will the Liars be ready for what is waiting for them?”

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