Exclusive: 90210 to End Five-Year Run in May

90210 Cancelled Series Finale in MayThe CW is relocating 90210 to the big zip code in the sky.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the network has decided to end the ’90s reboot in May after five seasons.

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The closure-filled series finale, which will likely be paired with a retrospective, is set to air on Monday, May 13.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the news.

Less-than-zippy ratings led to The CW’s call, as 90210 this season alone slid from a million viewers and a 0.5 demo rating (with its opener) to, at last tally, under 600,000 viewers and a 0.3, shedding a significant chunk of its Carrie Diaries lead-in.

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90210, a continuation of the 10-season cultural phenom Beverly Hills, 90210, launched to much fanfare in 2008 — with Jennie Garth among the original cast members who, for a time, reprised their roles in the new incarnation.

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  1. Lucky says:

    Not really that unexpected given the ratings. I’ve watched from the beginning, good show.

    • UKista says:

      The show was complete rubbish, but the Teddy gay storyline was touching and real. The actor Trevor Donovan gave live to that character even though they gave the gay storyline minimal air time. Props to the CW for touching on a sensitive topic even though they treated it like an ugly step child.

      • Faith says:

        That story line is a contributing factor of its tanking along with Silver sleeping around.

        • elliott says:

          Huh?? Trevor Donovan’s storyline was one of the best on the show, and I agree with the OP it was minimized.

      • Vd says:

        I enjoy season 3 and only because the gay storyline. Without Teddy this show is a crap.

        • Talia says:

          SOOOOOOO not true! The show is amazing, it has gripping storylines, loads of laughs and true chemistry between the characters. The storyline between Ivy and Raj was amazing- she stuck by him even though he was going to die. It was so touching how Raj broke up with her so she didn’t have to deal with his death. There’s more to the show than just Teddy’s gay storyline.

          • Candace says:

            I agree.. I love this show!!!!

          • jenn says:

            i hated how teddy got downgraded after season 3, after a great storyline it was annoying. His character had more potenial than alot of the others

          • makayla says:

            you cant end thw show like that at least havw one more season showing annie and liams wedding,sliver fighting cancer,navid and ads life,naomi and jordan and what about dixon thats not a sitisfying ending for the people who really love the show

    • Rivera says:

      Saw that coming since the start of this season.. poor ratings and incoherent storylines. Now Annalyne McCord can move to a show which can use her acting capabilities other than throwing parties and throwing hissy fits.. she can do so much better, even when 90210 gives her something meaningful, she does it so well!

    • antwon says:

      this show sucked anyways good riddance it should have been cancelled when this remake was thought of

      • lorna says:

        Agreed. I did like Melrose 2.0 however. Good riddance this cw president is much better than Dawn Ostroff.

    • Robert Hanson says:

      What the hell!!!? This is a very sad day in Tampa Bay:(

    • Goddessa says:

      I was so disappointed when I found out that 902010 will end it’s 5 year in May. I was just getting caught up from Netflix since i was not able to watch it after season 3. My life got so damn busy. I grew up on Beverly Hills 90210 and when I found out that it was going to have a remake of the original i was very excited about it. Although I now feel that the remake is a better version as most of the actors are close to the high school age, unlike the original most of the actors were like in their late 20’s to 30s etc, And the fact the actors/actresses for the 90210 series were all hot and can act! People these days have no taste not to watch the 90210 and that’s why these boring people didnt want to support this TV show anymore so that;s why it’s being cancelled.|The story lines were all good and it didnt drag like some tv shows! I hate when they drag a story line, it gets boring and frustrating. With 90210 the story lines are always exciting, never boring, it touches your emotional being, and it has lots of energy. And it gets to the heart and soul. So whoever is the writer for this 90210 series is brilliant and must have gotten the story lines from real life experiences. This is the first TV show series that I have loved all characters. Maybe because I can connect with all of them.. haha..especially with Annie, Naomi and Ade,,,I fully connected with their characters..Most people here comment that this show should have been cancelled along time ago but obviously, these people go for quantity instead of quality. Like duh, where do you find a TV show where they have hot actors/actresses and that can act? No where, I hope someone will see the potential of this show and bring it back again! I am sick and tired of watching TV shows with fugly people just cause they can act! BOORRING! As I said the actors/actresses at 90210 series were able to act and they were all great! I will keep hoping and wishing for the show to come back since there are too many TV shows with fugly people and it’s too damn boring! hahaha!

      • cmbaughman says:

        I got to agree with you goddessa. This is such a great show, so many plot twists and story lines. I couldn’t get enough of it! This show will be missed. Such a great cast!

      • Glo says:

        I agree! I loved the show too! so sad, I cried when I found out that the series is over. I’ve watched it from day 1. I also watched Beverly Hills 90210. I guess all good things must come to an end.

      • llll says:

        i agree im like so effin pissed that its happening cause its my favorite show

      • Rachel Electra says:

        YES OMG I really want them to bring back 90210. My life doesn’t feel complete without watching it anymore, I absolutely love it. I couldn’t believe it when they said they were cancelling it.

      • mariem says:

        I really think you are totally right I feel the same way as you and I watched since the beginning and I was a high school student so i always felt touched by the storyline as I break through some of the issues and it taught me a lot seriously I’m really heart broken when I heard it’s the end

      • bobby says:

        I totally agree with Goddessa the show is great and it should not have been cancelled unlike other shows like the vampire diaries which is great but unrealistic I find 90210 realistic compared to new tv shows. I really hope they can bring it back

      • Stephanie says:

        I agree with everything you said I love how you out that and I too would love to see the show return for more seasons

  2. jimbo says:

    About damn time. Does this mean HoD is certain to be renewed?

  3. val says:

    There is a god. Good riddance.

  4. Xandra says:

    I stopped watching 2 seasons ago, but is there potential for Kelly, Donna and Brenda to return? Did anyone else leave? My favorite was Ivy.

    • Jake says:

      They should totally try to get some of the OG 90210 cast back. And maybe Dustin Milligan lol

    • Dizzle says:

      Silver is still on the show so it wouldn’t be totally ridiculous for Kelly or Donna to come back, but I think the actresses are pretty much done with the show. The CW basically retooled for season 2 and didn’t want the old guard taking focus from their pretty young things.

      Personally, so many characters have left it’d be bizarre to have them all back for the final episodes. I say do a Harper’s Island and kill them off one by one until the end!

    • B says:

      No, they dropped Ivy like a rock. She’s in Mexico or something. She was my last reason to watch the show and zip, they took her away. It’s a shame too because Naomi, Annie, Silver and Adrianna all had such similar personalities (i.e. whiny b-words) but Ivy had something more to bring to the table.

  5. SylwekG says:

    This show was a mess from the start, but it was funny mess and get kinda better after season 1. But it became unwatchable since season 4. Good that they cancelled it right now, not in may, so it may get proper ending.

    • Spencer says:

      Truth. I used to it because it was an entertaining mess (I mean, Naomi alone was a one-woman show), but it reached such bad lows that I couldn’t even watch anymore.

  6. M80 says:

    I stuck with this show long after everyone I know had stopped watching, but this season I finally had to bail. I’m a loyal viewer, but it really became unwatchable. And clearly I’m not the only one who thought so given how bad the ratings have become.

  7. kat says:

    News that shocked no one…

  8. Amanda says:

    Thank god.

  9. OWL says:

    Saw it comming… Actually, it kinda surprised me. I really believed that The CW would be stupid enough to give them another season. After all, it’s semi-sweet. The show has been good, but crashed during its latest seasons. As such, I will miss them, because the latest episodes have really improved.

    RIP 90210

  10. luli says:

    Does this mean Nikita is safe?

  11. hello says:

    Hopefully they also dump Carrie Diaries since it is awful and doesn’t really fit anymore

  12. Josh says:

    The picture cracked me up haha…good choice

  13. Tedi says:

    My hopes for the 2013 – 2014 tv season re:The CW they RENEW NIKITA pair it with Arrow to boost the ratings….pick up The Selection, The Originals, The Hundred, Reign, Tomorrow People and maybe Oxygen. Cancel ANTM and Beauty and The Beast.

    • AgentVee says:

      ANTM did much better than Nikita in the fall, though. Why would the CW cancel that now?

      • Tedi says:

        You’re right they shouldn’t cancel ANTM, I just don’t think it should be paired with Nikita on Friday nights.I don’t think they mesh well. Arrow and Nikita seem to be geared in toward the same type of person.
        Nikita actually did very well when it placed earlier in the week, once it was moved to Friday, viewership declined, naturally.

    • Eric says:

      I think if Nikita was paired with Arrow, and Supernatural was paired with something like The Tomorrow People, things would go well.

    • Claudia Keller says:

      yeah is like the CW will put 5 new shows in the fall…..

      • Sg. Grant says:

        Part of CW’s problem this year was premiering them in October. That is too late in the year, and people have already set their DVRs for the new shows they want to watch, so they aren’t going to pick up something new if they already have a show at that hour, or 2 in the case of DVR usage. The CW needs to premiere these new shows a few weeks before the rest of the networks for them to have a chance.

        • Faster says:

          To be fair, they premiered the shows pretty much at the same time with other shows. Others that I watched anyway. Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Sons, Homeland, Dexter…all Oct. or late Sept. premieres.

    • Oliver says:

      ANTM has been moved to Summer.

      There’s no way The CW will use the Arrow lead-in on a low-rated veteran like Nikita. They will almost certainly launch a new show after Arrow.

  14. lynne says:

    not even surprised – congrats to those showrunners/writers. you did a grreat *cough* job!
    I hope they will end Nikita, Cult and TCD as well. Those show also got horrible ratings. ;p

    • shuayb says:

      Nikita got horrible ratings because of the way they set the programming. First @ 9pm on fridays then they took it off air. Its got nothing to do with the story at all. I feel that they need to pair it with a good show to get the ratings bumped up a little. 90210 will still earn money for The CW because it made 100 eps so its ripe for syndication.

      • xoxo says:

        to me, if Nikita is good enuff, they don’t need to be paired with other shows to get higher ratings.

        • Kristen says:

          Exactly. Shows like Supernatural – while there was fluctuation in the ratings when they moved it around on the schedule, it always stayed one of the more consistent shows for the CW. Nikita barely got renewed last season. Vampire Diaries and Supernatural are safe and as long as HOD isn’t cut then I’ll be happy. If HOD gets cut and TCD, BATB, or Nikita get renewed in it’s place, I’ll be upset. 90210 was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I knew the writing was getting downright horrible, but I stuck with it. Hopefully they will be able to wrap everything up in the finale. Not much time given the notice, but hopefully they can pull it off. I wish it were a standard that all series finales get a 2 hour time slot, but I know that wouldn’t do anything for the CW’s ratings.

    • luli says:

      Nikita is great, and it will not be cancelled

  15. Annie blue says:

    Never heard of that show….basically don’t watch too many tv shows nowadays they are all such dreadful stories…. and same old same old… Downton Abbey is the only thing worth watching – good actors good production values and well, basically great tv.. Long time until the next season so off to the library for some good books to READ.

  16. Ross says:

    I’m pleased they’re letting them do a series finale rather than just axing it.

  17. K says:

    Well. This means that Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast are both now SAFE.

    • Dawnmac says:

      I wouldn’t bet on it. HOD has been under performing this seaso and not a favorite of the suits.

      • Brandy says:

        HoD is stable in the ratings(unlike the rest of cw bubble shows), is cheap to make, does well online/ondemand and while its ratings arent great ,theyre even with last season, and its doing better than Nikita,Cult,90210,EO,CD. and same as BatB without a leadin or lots of promotion.

        • Claudia Keller says:

          Omg there comes Brandy! BATB doesnt have the promotion only the one that the fan does for free, BATB gets better ratings than HOD, BATB is cheap to produce as well, what else? Oh I dont hate on HOD fans or bash the show, it is what it is at the end its what the CW wants!!!!!

          • Brandy says:

            Omg here comes Claudia, who cant see that the last two weeks HoD and BaTB got the same 0 5_0.6 but HoD did it without promotion or a strong leadin and cant see that BaTB isnt doing great despite the great leadin and could be cancelled.Ive never bashed BaTB, just maybe me stating the facts sounds like it.I like BaTB and will be happy if its renewed but know therss a good chance itll be cancelled due to low ratings/retention ,just like SC.I admit theres a small chance it could get renewed but without VD leadin, itll likley get 0.3 next season.

    • Brandy says:

      Beauty is by no means safe.Besides Cult,90210,GG,EO,La Complex ,CW needs to cancel two more shows to premiere five shows next season,which they likley will.Plus, Beauty has low rstings for a freshman show and could drop futher in March on as most shows do and it looses a huge amount of VDs audience and The Originals will take its its spot next season and Beautys getting lower ratings than SC was this time last aeason.CW may very well cancel it and CD and premiere five new shows next season like this season,with at least two being cbs shows to replace 90210 & Beauty.

      • Claudia Keller says:

        Oh forgot to mention, BATB has generated a big amount of fans that no freshman show in the last couple of years from the CW has done, no Ringer, No TSC, No HOD not even Nikita!!!! oh in it sells internationally and online big time…and we still dont spitt to the air we will wait and see, I will be 100% sure that a PCA might not mean nothing competing against other big shows in the network, but competing against other bubble shows might mean something at the time of making a decission but again, is not up to us but to the NTW executives!!!!!

        • Dimah says:

          Shut up, claudia, you’re everywhere, get a life, get better excuses! If the show really had a huge fanbase it would be scoring better like spn does, that show DOES.have a big fanbase. But batb? 0.5 before spring? 0.5 in its first season? Mediocre. Ringer fans had the same internationally excuse last year and look at what that got them.

          • reward says:

            Ringer was cancelled because it aired after 60 days without any replace.
            Before of that Ringer was the 3dh series more important with 0.8

          • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

            How’s about you let Claudia have her opinion and stop trolling her every time you see her?

  18. jayne says:

    I’ve watched the show since the start and, honestly, have just come to hate nearly every character. I’m glad that they weren’t given a final season at the expense of any of the other better shows.

  19. sarah says:

    Personally I am bummed! I still enjoy this show.
    However you knew it was going to happen with the low ratings.
    I wish they could have been given a shortened final season to wrap things up as I am sure they have finished filming at least 3 episodes so if they are left with 4 or so more then they are going to rush to end storylines.
    So it looks like not alot of CW time for me next season.
    I think the CW is cleaning house and personally I think they are going to cancel Nikita and HOD and keep Carrie Diaries but LIKE Life Unexpected they will end up cancelling it half way through next season. They already gave Cult the worst timeslot after just 2 weeks too!
    So that leaves us with Arrow, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural and I do not watch BATB but I am sure it will be renewed. So they have 6 slots open to air all the new shows that will not do well!
    They have 8 pilots so they will pick up 6 of them to try and make it!

    • shuayb says:

      Nikita is a bubble show but it still does well enough to warrant one more season so it can be syndicated. 90210 is ready for syndication so it will still earn money. The only reason it jas been underperforming is because of how The CW scheduled it. Nikita deserves another season. HoD jumped the shark with Wade cheating on Zoe. How will these two be a credible couple? Nikita has a lot of story to tell and it will get it. The CW makes stupid decisions but they won’t prematurely cancel a show in season 3 when they can get a syndication deal. And they can. Nikita does really well overseas. In Amsterdam its paired with Arrow and it kills all competition that night.

  20. Ashley says:

    About time. I thought it was already announced that this would be the final year when they renewed it last year. Your use of that still was brilliant, though. Hopefully this translates to Nikita being safe for another year, but I doubt it. Maybe if it had a soapier feel or a supernatural element, people would give it a shot. It’s a great show. Shame. :(

  21. Allyson says:

    The original Beverly Hills, 92010 was so much better than this reboot. Even after multiple watching of reruns of soapnet, the episodes are far more quality than “90210” the new cast. The writting got so sloppy in season 4 and 5. It is no surprise the show has been cancelled.

    • RIGHT? I watch BH9210 reruns all the time and it never gets old. Even me being a 2000s kid, it’s so much easier to identify with the 90s characters than those nowadays. Mr. Spelling surely made this happen up there :)

      • Shuayb. says:

        Yeah, That show is just iconic. Its portrayed everything a teenager could and would go through. This show tried to do that but firstly they used amateur writers and show runners and then they got ridiculous actors like AnnaLynne McCord and Mat Lanter. I think Aaron Spelling must resting peacely now that this travesty has been put to rest.

  22. Christy says:

    I happily tuned in each week – I enjoyed their blink-and-you’ll-miss-it storylines and nonstop cheesy craziness. They had a good run though, so I’m not super sad about it ending. I’m glad they have a chance to wrap it up.

  23. Jaselle says:

    I’m already going through Teddy withdraws

  24. Dizzle says:

    My only regret is that we won’t get a weekly dose of Matt Lanter’s abs anymore. Can he move to Bluebell as the latest shirtless love interest for Zoe Hart?!

  25. Claudia Keller says:

    Im hoping with this news they keep, BATB, Nikita and HOD in that order and get rid off TCD and Cult next

  26. Summer says:

    As long as The Carrie Diaries and Hart of Dixie survive, I’ll be happy.

  27. kate says:

    I really hope they give The Carrie Diaries another shot. That and Arrow are my favorite new shows of the season.

  28. Scott says:

    Bring back Shannon and have her married to Dylan!!

    • Allyson says:

      I agree! Brenda and Dylan forever!!! I was a 90s kid and I miss the original Beverly Hills, 90210 cast. I hated what they did to the Peach Pit in the reboot version of 90210. The storylines on that show were well thought out and sadly on this show the storylines were sloppy.

  29. Tina B. says:

    It’s for the best, they better put Liam and Annie together, that’s all I got to say

  30. JT says:

    Well I didn’t see this coming. The only show I really care about at the moment anyway and am hoping it gets renewed is Nikita. If it does get renewed please, for everything that is holy CW, move it Fridays. Nikita is one of the baddass female characters on tv right now and you her Fridays? Come on.

    • kavyn says:

      I’m 95% sure Nikita will get a renewal, just because it’s one season away from syndication (which the CW needs). It’s better for the CW to keep it on Friday because nothing else is going to do better there anyways.

      • B- says:

        Hour-Long serialized TV Dramas (even if they are Action Oriented) are a hard sell. I know this because I worked for a Top Syndication Company. Shows like Nikita aren’t desirable to advertisers in Syndication because they aren’t well rated. It isn’t like procedural drama that you can watch without knowing the overall story arc.

        Also, Warner Brothers Television Distribution has a lot of super successful shows they already sell.

        Nikita being a year away from Syndication is not a guarantee it will be renewed. If Nikita were a comedy, it would have better chances for renewal.

        I say they should start programming the weekend again and move Nikita to Sunday with another new action show.

  31. Superhero says:

    Good. Now get Tristan Wilds to guest star in Suburgatory as a friend of Malik. Get Jermaine Crawford and Julito McCullum in there too, while you’re at it.

  32. ollie says:

    hopefully hod and nikita have an even better chance at getting renewed now. if they renew hod and tcd they should pair them together on monday.

  33. kates2424 says:

    I’ve watched the show since the beginning, but I am not surprised about it ending. I can’t stand Dixon or Navid anymore, the Teddy and Silver storyline is ridiculous and Annie has always had terrible storylines since season 1. I did like the episode this season where Annie dreamed about what would have happened if she had never moved from Kansas though. RIP, you cheesy show.

  34. Faster says:

    This show was only on for five seasons? It felt like a lifetime. I’m excited for the CW’s new season – the only things worth keeping are TVD, Supernatural, and Arrow (which I don’t watch, but have heard good things). Cult and HOD are awful. Let’s get those out of the way first to make room for the new promising pilots.

    • kavyn says:

      Arrow is worth it for Felicity and Slade alone. Everything else is just the cherry on top :)

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        The showed Slade shirtless this week. I watched. And rewatched. And rewatched. And then decided to watch Spartacus Blood and Sand. X)

  35. Erin says:

    Bring back LA Complex!!!!!

  36. Fernanda says:

    Rebecca Sinclar shoudn’t quit her role of showrunner. Patti Carr and Lara Olsen made terrible storylines and decisions about new couples. Liam and Silver, Dixon and Ade were terrible. Annie’s escort, Adrianna’s craziness and many others. Navid and Adrianna were great characters but only in season one. The Surfer Girl was the worst 90210 character in the whole saga. And the star of the show, Naomi Clark, my god, she began like a it girl but ends like a cartoon of herself.
    I don’t think the showrunners call any original BH90210 characters. Thank god Brenda has an asian girl, Brandon stays in Washington DC, Donna and David (I figure) still manage their marriage problems, and Kelly and Dylan are now divorced but parents of their child.

  37. gingerman says:

    Teddy Montgomery was my hero, he gave me courage. I’m a fan of Trevor Donovan for life

    • Spigner says:

      Trevor D has been such an amazing man for his portrayal of Teddy and his vocality on homosexuality. I love him so much!

  38. Petta says:

    CW better hold on to Trevor Donovan and Jessica Stroup. Those two are magic

    • Fernanda says:

      Annalynne should return to Ryan Murphy’s arms like she did on Nip Tuck. She would play a great victim or evil hctib (read in backwards) in American Horror Story

  39. Lets face it, this was a long time coming…

  40. Elyse says:

    glad they are finally putting this show out of its misery! trying to decide if ill check out the finale or not.

  41. rachelle says:

    I stopped watching halfway through Season 3, I think. It got horrendous. I say good riddance.

  42. Gailer says:

    We still watch it in our house even though Liam was so dumb and way too many psychos after him. RIP :(

  43. Aleana says:

    Love the show hope they ended with Liam and Annie and Naomi and Max together favorite couples just don’t cancel my show Nikkta

  44. Matt C. says:

    My mom and I were literally just talking about how this season should be the final season just a few minutes before I checked this site and saw this article! I’m a fan of the show, but even I can admit that it’s time to say goodbye. I’m glad The CW was smart enough to see that the ratings didn’t warrant a 10-episode “final” season. Hopefully now that the writers have been given enough prior notice, the finale might actually provide some proper closure.

  45. Leo says:

    Finally! It went on for a couple of seasons too long.

  46. robinepowell says:

    I have not watched the show in two years, since the kids graduated high school. I started losing interest at the beginning of the third season.

    It’s not like the orignal, so it’s not surprising that it’s ending sooner.

  47. JJ says:

    Hopefully nobody in Hollywood makes the mistake of casting Tristan Wilds in anything ever again. He’s half the reason I stopped watching this mess.

    • Spigner says:

      was the other half navid? I was so excited thinking they might kill of Dixon and have a legitimate storyline. But no. We have Dixon the parapalegic and Dixon the record producer instead of dead Dixon.

    • O-town says:

      Thank you! It was very difficult to buy into his storylines lately. A record producer, really? No college, no experience, but hey, let’s make him in charge of thousands/millions of dollars to discover talent and then market them? Really? And Navid’s a man-whore.

  48. Sunshine says:

    Hope they have time for a proper finale. Annie & Liam need to be end game and Teddy needs to come around and let Silver carry her own child. Never made any since why he would change his mind & agree but then not let her carry the child herself knowing this is her ONLY chance. Yes, she was selfish to sign those papers & yes it was illegal but she was desperate. He was ok with everything then did a complete 180 at the last minute about being part of the child’s life. Of course she was being naive & selfish not wanting him involved.

    • Spigner says:

      Annie & Liam getting back together is well on the way. Look at the last episode. The showrunners have been trying to fix some things they did in season 4. That’s why Ade & Dixon are no more and Annie & Liam are rooming together. I do like how they went back to a season 1 storyline with Annie & Naomi’s brother!

  49. Would love to hear what you all thought about Nathan Fillion’s performance on Par t 1 (Castle – Target) I thought it was worthy of an Emmy nomination.

    • Jody says:

      amazing, epic, just wow! I love love love Castle and think that both Nathan and Stana deserve Emmy’s for both episodes of the two parter and one for James Brolin for best guest performance ( if there is such a category)

  50. Jake says:

    I doubt they will move Arrow, the CW President said the current day and time its on is good.

    • shuayb says:

      Arrow won’t move. But the question now is what show will they put with Arrow. They could keep Spn with Arrow because its brought new life into the show. Which is good. But they also need revive and launch their new shows.