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Question: Two weeks until Grey’s Anatomy returns! I need scoop, STAT! —Babar
Ausiello: Now that Jackson has been handed the keys to Seattle Grace, expect some “pretty significant” changes, previews Jesse Williams, who notes that the promotion represents both a “leap forward” and a “leap back” for his well-pedigreed alter ego. “He wants to be taken seriously and to make his own name for himself, but he’s also getting handed a responsibility that is a [direct] result of his legacy and his family, which is what he set out from the very beginning [to avoid]. So that creates some inner turmoil for him, and maybe a little bit of guilt. But he’s going to have to make it work or get run over. And I think we’re going to see that struggle over the course of the next few episodes.” On the personal front, Williams — who spoke to TVLine over the weekend at a Montblanc/UNICEF pre-Oscar charity brunch — hints that the Jackson/April/Stephanie/Matthew imbroglio will come to a head. “Something is going to have to get figured out with April and Jackson,” he surmises. “I don’t know about a resolution, but [those] two ships are going to try to meet at some point by the end of the season.”

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Question: I’ve just finished watching the first season of Once Upon a Time and I love it, especially the relationship between Emma and August/Pinocchio. Do you know if he is coming back in Season 2? —Gaia
Ausiello: Yes, as previously reported, Eion Bailey will resurface later this season as August — as will Jamie Dornan as Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman! — but Emma will only reunite with one the fellas. “I don’t have scenes with Jamie, unfortunately,” Jennifer Morrison shares with us, “but I do have scenes with Eion.” Bonus Scoop: Though Matt Mitovich teased in the new Spoiler Alert! that there would be one death in this Sunday’s episode, technically there are two — one in each realm.

Question: Got anything on ABC’s under-appreciated Happy Endings? —Claire
Ausiello: I actually have a question for you Claire: Why are Dave and Penny holding a (totally fraudulent) casting call for a baby? In other Happy news, did you hear about this?!

Question: Any info on Jenny Slate’s Parks and Recreation guest stint, beyond her playing Jean Ralphio’s twin sister? —Lily
Ausiello: Her character, Mona Lisa Saperstein, is being brought on primarily to terrorize Ben. “One of my favorite things to do in the world is take awful people — like Jean Ralphio or Mona Lisa — and just put Adam Scott in scenes with them,” says exec producer Mike Schur with a laugh. “I have them act so horrifying and then have Adam just basically be the conscience of the show, and be absolutely blown away by how horrifying they are.”

Question: Is Eve Best leaving Nurse Jackie? I read that O’Hara was going to leave for London. —Mayara
Ausiello: Jackie lose her BFF? Pshaw. Per a Showtime rep, Best will be back as a series regular for Season 5 (bowing April 14).

Question: Sorry, Mr. Ausiello. I am French and it’s difficult for me to speak in English. I am going to try it. I love the show called… —Fabrice
Ausiello: Let me stop you right there. Can’t understand a word you’re saying. Next question.

Question: Southland scoop? —Charley
Ausiello: Now that Cooper and his young boot have parted ways, get ready to meet John’s new partner in this Wednesday’s episode. Yes, we said partner, not trainee. “John gets to a point where he just doesn’t want to train for a while,” previews Michael Cudlitz. “He’d rather be on the streets again with a seasoned officer, and he makes that choice as he reevaluates things in his life.” Enter, Third Watch‘s Anthony Ruivivar as Hank Lucero, a 10/15-year veteran of the LAPD. It’s a “very normal partner relationship with two seasoned officers who are at different places in their careers,” says Cudlitz. “So you get to see a little more active day-to-day policing.”

Question: Suburgatory scoop, please. – Latifah
Ausiello: Bad news: Ryan Shay’s leaving. Better news: I’m kinda-sorta screwing with you. The truth is, Ryan will be going off to college on a football scholarship in the Season 2 finale, but series creator Emily Kapnek insists Parker Young will be back next fall (assuming the show gets a third season pickup from ABC, which, come on, it will). “We have a great, fantastic scene with Ryan and Tessa coming up in the finale,” Kapnek tells TVLine, “[where they are] navigating his departure and whether or not he can live with being away.” Adds Young: “[They] learn to come to terms with the fact that they can’t be together forever…. [Tessa is] a strong girl; she can handle being abandoned.” Bonus Scoop: Kapnek says Tessa’s mom (played by Malin Akerman) will resurface before season’s end.

Question: Happy belated birthday!  Do you have any scoop about the 100th episode of Castle? —Sue
Ausiello: I’ve got two words for you, and one of them’s “*e*r” and the other one’s “*i*do*.” Also, true fact: Birthday wishes don’t mean anything unless they come with a gift. (Look, I don’t make the rules.)

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Question: I will Smurf whatever pull I have with the big Smurf in the sky to rain blessings upon you if you deign to tell me if there’s more Quintana coming up on Glee? —Rob C.
Ausiello: As of this writing, no. But there’s a lot of Season 4 left.

Question: Any scoop on the upcoming Klaus sex scene on The Vampire Diaries? —Holly
Ausiello: There will be blood ink. Teases exec producer Julie Plec of the anticipated coitus session in Episode 16 (airing March 14): “I will say that Joseph Morgan has some tattoos that I didn’t know he had until shooting this scene.” (BTW, Plec wouldn’t say if his partner in fornication was someone we’ve met before).

Question: Any scoop on Elijah’s Vampire Diaries return? —Jessica
Ausiello: Plec confirms that viewers will get “a little Elijah flavor” before the planted Originals spin-off airs in April. “It’ll be fun to have him back in our Mystic Falls universe,” she adds. “We finally get a sense of what he’s been doing during his whole absence from our world.”

Question: Can you give us any Vampire Diaries scoop on Silas? —Holly
Ausiello: Plec will eventually put a face to the name, telling TVLine, “We do plan at some point to meet the real Silas.”

Question: Suits fanatic here. Is it too early to beg for details about next season? —Anelej
Ausiello: Folks, you really need to stop asking me if it’s too early for scoop. As the Ask Ausiello mission statement clearly states, it’s never too early. Case in point: I already know that Season 3 will continue the Rachel-wants-to-become-a-lawyer plot, despite her recent rejection from Harvard. “I don’t think her quest to become a lawyer is dead,” shares EP Aaron Korsh. “[But] she’s going to have to deal with what she wants to do [in Season 3]. She acted with hubris [and] didn’t apply to a backup school. There are other schools she can apply to. She’s got to decide what she wants to do moving forward.”

Question: Any Sons of Anarchy Season 6 scoop? —Ashley
Ausiello: It’s a little too early to be asking me that.

Question: I’ll take any Cary-related Good Wife scoop I can get. —Jessica
Ausiello: His estranged pop (played by John Shea) resurfaces in the March 17 episode — only this time he’s bringing new business to Lockhart Gardner. “Robert and Michelle [King] really enjoyed John’s work,” Matt Czuchry tells TVLine, “and loved what it did in terms of opening up Cary’s personal life and professional life.”

Question: In the last new Nashville, Glenn quit working for Juliette. Does that mean she’s going to have a new (and maybe young and hot) manager sometime soon? –Dana
Ausiello: Her new manager is certainly young and decidedly hot… and that’s because Juliette’s new manager is herself! Despite the country star’s new sense of direction, “She’s not better off without him, that’s for sure,” says creator Callie Khouri. “She’s certainly not the best person to be managing her own career. So we’re going to watch that for a while.”

Question: I refresh the TVLine homepage a dozen times a day waiting for the story that HBO has come to its senses and renewed the brilliant Enlightened for Season 3. End my agony and give me some news — good or bad — because I can’t wait anymore!–Petula
Ausiello: First of all, thanks for your obsessive use of the “refresh” button: It’s readers like you who’ve contributed to TVLine’s success story! Secondly, while creator/executive producer/star Mike White is uncertain of Enlightened‘s future, he has good news about Sunday’s Season 2 finale for both fans and detractors of Laura Dern’s protagonist Amy Jellicoe. “People who hate Amy are going to love the scene where she confronts Krista (Sarah Burns) in the hospital room after she’s had her baby. And people who love Amy will enjoy her final showdown with Abaddon, which brings her as close to a Norma RaeSilkwood type of heroine as she’ll ever be.” And just in case the season finale turns out to be a series finale, “Both scenes are nice little bookends to how we set up Amy in the pilot with regards to her relationships with Krista and with Abaddon,” adds White. “It all comes full circle.”

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Question: I’d like to know how much longer Fitz is going to go down this dark path on Scandal before we get to see him happier again. —Carly
Ausiello: Well, first he has to stop surrounding himself with such lowlifes. Case in point: An upcoming episode will involve a Supreme Court nominee (played by Tim Halligan, Commander in Chief) whose skeleton-packed closet threatens to tarnish Fitz’s recommendation and image.

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  1. Larry says:

    Don’t understand the need to put Glee in the title of the article when there is no spoiler attached. I know the show sells interest but that little bit wasn’t anything. Sorry, Ausiello.

    • Michael says:

      They either added it in after reading your comment or you just don’t know how to read, because there is a Quintana item.

  2. Juju says:

    Wow you can’t understand a word Fabrice is saying, and yet you publish it anyway. Classy.

  3. Steve says:

    My jaw dropped that you ignored that poor french guys question. Very VERY rude.

  4. Mandy says:

    Yes! We made it another week with a bit of Scandal scoop. Thanks Aus!

  5. Merikat says:

    I appreciate a little snark, but sometimes, Mr. A., you go beyond the snark and hit rudeness. You did it twice today. It doesn’t look good on you.

  6. Bella says:

    I was hoping that Klaus would sleep with Caroline but since they just spoiled it as episode 16 I guess that confirms its that random character Haley

    • Brenna says:

      me too!! hopefully we get something good in the last batch of episodes

    • Diva says:

      I really don’t see what’s so great about Klaus. As an actor, the guy is fine, but I’m not doing any back-flips for it. And I really don’t get the whole Klaus and Caroline thing. They’ve had what like two good conversations but all their conversations end with I’m gonna kill your friends, not if we kill you first.
      There are some relationships that can get around it but I don’t think this is one of them. Especially when she gave him an out by not going after Tyler and he didn’t take it.
      Klaorline fans, let this one go.

      • Radha says:

        I agree. I don’t get what Julie Plec and these fans are seeing in the character. First off, the actor is good, but he’s not at all handsome. At least not to me. As for a villain? Elijah always comes off more menacing but honorable. I find Elijah much more interesting.

        Caroline belongs with Tyler. His character has come leaps and bounds since season 1 and I don’t get the hate.

    • Autumn says:

      That’s what I thought as well. Sounds like Haley which is just weird. I hope she is not meant to be a love interest for Klaus in the Originals…Anyway, I think Joseph Morgan did say that after episode 16, he would probably get hate mail.

    • Babybop says:

      Oh goodness. I never thought about that. Weird pairing, but I think you’re right!

  7. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the Suits scoop!

  8. Billy Bob says:

    I thought it was funny..

  9. christy says:

    The fabrice’s thing was a joke right ? It was so rude!

    Anyway please Shonda I begging you stop torturing Fitz, the poor guy can’t catch a breath! he almost died, the defiance’s thing, Olivia new love interest…Come on that’s too much.

  10. crazy says:

    Klaus will sleep with Hailey you guys, why the hell would she come back otherwise? It would be too soon for Klaroline sex.

  11. Alex says:

    I can usually take your snarky comments towards the readers but that one with the French girl was just rude and completely uncalled for.

    • Jul says:

      I agree with you but your comment is kinda snarky too since the French girl is in fact a French boy (Fabrice is a boy’s name)!!! Only difference with Ausiello is that you really made me laugh ;)

  12. rebecca says:

    lol where is camilla(?!) from? some words break out an accent.

  13. Nicole says:

    Yeah, your comment was really out of line, like people take the time to read and ask you question, the least you could do is be nice, or nobody is going to read your stuff, so stop acting like an asshole… Ughh

    • Cassie says:

      We’re called “Aus-holes” for a reason. There’s no saying that maybe the persons question was included under a different name or perhaps it is the truth– Aus couldn’t understand the question so he edited it and made it funny to some and not to others. Like “Community”. (Cue the Community Craze that will distract others from this)

  14. Liz says:

    It’d be nice if there was actual Glee scoop here.

  15. Kate says:

    Given during the episode Quinn/Santana happened Glee lost 1 million viewers during the episode, I’d say it’s wise not to bring it back.

    What a joke of a storyline

  16. Lisa says:

    Looks like its slim pickings at the Ask Ausiello headquarters this week.. why even post one if its just eight spoilers about a bunch of smaller shows? waste of time to read

  17. Leah says:

    Please Glee writers, be nice and don’t subject us to any more Quinntana. Completely out of nowhere couplings that make no sense aren’t what I want to see. Focus on good writing over ships

  18. martina says:

    Rear window? Probably they’ll be looking into the show’s past?

  19. Tod says:

    Lol who the heck asked about Quinntana? This show is bad enough let them worry about fixing their problems rather than adding another lame ass ship that isn’t compatible

  20. Mia says:

    Bram makes more sense than Quinntana. And that’s saying something hahaha

    • guest says:

      yeah, i never thought that there can be something much worse than bram. but then quinntana arose…

      • nyah says:

        yes because no one’s ever gotten wasted and ended up having sex with their best friend. I mean I know they don’t act like it, but they actually were/are at some point.

        • Laura says:

          Gotten wasted and had sex with their best friend, sure, if their best friend is of the gender they’re actually attracted to. Quinn/Santana hooking up was ridiculous and unnecessary.

      • Olivia says:

        Let me guess… Brittana shipper? Yeah, that’s the smell of butthurt Brittana shipper. Wasting their time yelling at the show for making Bram happen, and now they finally get that it’s a lost cause, they moved onto Quinntana. Anyway, if you think Dumb & Dumber being a real couple and being shoved down our throats for months > Quinntana hooking up without any drama for one night and being quite happy for once, you need to get your eyes check. Or a brain transplant because that is Bram-esque levels of stupidity.

  21. Lysh says:

    I wondered if there would be another death in Storybrooke this Sunday. Queen Eva in FTL was a little too obvious.
    Also what even about Fabrice? That wasn’t necessary.

  22. skrable2 says:

    People are taking this “Fabrice” Q/A seriously?

  23. Beachgal says:

    Yeap, the Fabrice comment was rude and unnecesary. Lovely way of reaching out to readers.

  24. May says:

    Wow. That joke with the French girl was outstandingly rude. I get trying to be a little snarky, but that was just plain tacky.

  25. MF says:

    I have no clue what the Castle-spoiler is supposed to mean :(

    And I’m wondering: will there ever be more hints about the BlindItems?

  26. Jo says:

    So what your saying is Enlightened is cancelled :(

  27. Joe says:

    That was incredibly rude. If you were not the founder and EIC of this site, you would definitely have been disciplined. This is a great site for information, but your attempt at snark was insulting.

  28. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the scoop. On Once, I’m guessing in fairytale land Snow’s mom dies and in our world it’s Snow’s nanny (guest star from downtown abby, i think).

  29. kavyn says:

    Yikes, poor Fabrice. She took the time to write you an email and you respond by attacking her English?

  30. skrable2 says:

    You folks realize that there’s likely a 103% chance that “Fabrice” doesn’t exist, and MA through that in there as a joke to help fill space … right?

  31. murley says:

    I always find ausiello’s snarky responses funny. Gives this spoiler column a little edge. And since what people are asking about is spoilers about television shows and not anything that is actually really important it doesn’t seem like it should be taken so seriously. Just my opinion.

    • ... says:

      You can make a joke without having it be on the readers. It’s not the first time he’s been overly snarky and it’s strange because we’re the reason he’s been a success, so you’d think there’d be more appreciation there.

    • Lisambri says:

      I thought he might be referencing the new season of Burning Love – Julie claims to not understand a word “Zach” is saying because she thinks it is Pakistani (?) but he is speaking perfect english – if you’re not watching Burning Love you should be (from one Aushole to the others)

      • AUShole12 says:

        Gotta be honest…. I am french and love being an Aushole all at the same time. Everyone just take a breathe, grow up, and enjoy life more often. Ausholes UNITE!

    • Natalie says:

      Hear hear!

  32. Kate says:

    I’m really looking forward to see what they’re going to do with the 100th episode of Castle!

  33. Emma says:

    Thank goodness Eve Best is back for Nurse Jackie, wouldn’t be the same without her. I really don’t want Jackson to turn into an ass over this ‘promotion’ storyline. Fact is he’s a fellow and hasn’t the slightest idea how to run a hospital, as hard as he may try, my guess would be he’ll fail and I rather see him succeed as a surgeon.

  34. mary says:

    I stopped reading after Fabrice’s question. Very rude reply!

  35. Kassie says:

    YAY O’Hara is returning to Nurse Jackie for another season!

  36. Patricia says:

    I’m so disappointed with this season of the Vampire Diaries. But I am looking forward to this Klaus hook up and hopefully it’s Hayley. I can’t stand Caroline anymore plus her and Klaus have no chemistry I never liked the idea of them being a couple.

    • christina says:

      did u reallyyy say that…..m sure u r a klaroline hater thats y u r saying like this..noo person can say that klaus and caroline dont have a chemistry….well their chemistry is beyond incredible….ard 95% people wants to see them togather…i m sure something is wrong wid u..

      • Viviane says:

        Well, I agree with Patricia… Something must be wrong ‘wid’ me too…

        • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

          Me too. Caroline + Klaus = contrived.

          I got a headache from Christina’s comment.

          I agree with Patricia (other than that I still love Caroline). :)

      • Ashlee says:

        I don’t know where you pulled your 95% statistic, because in addition to Patricia and Viviane, I don’t want to see them together. While I understand that it’s a TV show, too much of what Klaus has done is unforgivable for a relationship. Heck, even right now, despite whatever “chemistry” they have, Klaus is threatening to kill the person Caroline loves, how does that scream “let’s start a relationship”?

        Also, Christina, if you’re going to insult someone and tell them that their opinion is wrong and something is wrong with them, at least learn to type and speak proper English. “U” does not equal you, “wid” is not with, r is not are… etc. Is it really so difficult to type the extra letters when you add letters to other words (example: reallyyy)?

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion, doesn’t mean something is wrong with them just because they don’t share your opinion.

        • Name says:

          I agree. People think slang is more approachable but it turns out to be more difficult to understand than Urdu.

          P.S: Does anyone else suspects that Klaus wants Caroline as a “beard”?

          These girls are turned on by violence tho. Can’t wait to see who will date Silas (played by a 20something formel model, I suppouse)

    • Melinda says:

      I understand not wanting him to be with Caroline. But really though, Hayley? Hayley? Who most fo the viewers hate and possibly slept with Tyler? Hayley who no one gives a real crap about? I would prefer anyone but her. She’s absolutely useless. Plus I have a hunch that they may somehow be related.

  37. Mari says:

    The birthday thing has something to do with the castle scoop or was it just about YOUR birthday? I’m lost.

  38. Alex says:

    Even if the Fabrice thing is fake, it’s a very unamusing attempt at humor. I mean, if Fabrice exists, then the answer is really rude. If Fabrice does not exist, then the answer is a boring waste of space. Either way, major FAIL.

  39. Mike says:

    Thanks for the Once clarification, I think we all knew Snows mom will die in the flashback, it’s good to know the other death could be a surprise.

  40. Beth says:

    You guys are ridiculous. Do you really come here for the sensitive, PC commentary?? Get over it and quit taking this so seriously. I think Fabrice will survive.

  41. Josh says:

    Oh God…Elijah is such a good character…when they say “give him flavor” it immediately sends up flags. Why fix, what ain’t broken? Flavor on TVD usually involves a love triangle, a murderer spree and whining :(

    • Alia says:

      I think you might be misinterpreting. The scoop suggests that the show will be getting a new flavor, and that flavor is Elijah (i.e., Elijah is in town, so things are Elijah-y). I didn’t take it to mean that they would be altering his character in any major way. Hope that helps. (-:

  42. guest says:

    very rude answer to the french question.

  43. Erin says:

    I usually can’t stand Ausiello’s attempts at humor, but the Sons of Anarchy line made me laugh. Well played, Aus.

  44. Raven says:

    Mr. Ausiello is probably cracking up at the whiny “concern trolls.” Poor dear Fabrice. heehee

  45. jenn says:

    Well that was rude. As a native French speaker fluent in English, I though that was ridiculous. I have nothing against snark Michael, but that was out of line.

  46. Ali says:

    Happy to hear about Anthony Ruivivar coming to Southland. I love Michael Cudlitz’ character but didn’t like the most recent trainee. I did love the chemistry with he and Lucy Liu and miss her so Anthony will be welcome. How about getting Jason Wiles to play “Boscoe.” He could relocate from NYC to LA and play the same character. That would be so much fun. Loved him and his snarkiness. Also miss Faith from Third Watch as well. Southland is kind of the same thing but just in L.A. (which is why I love it so much) would love to see some of the third watchers show up. Just not that creepy Eddie Cibrian.

  47. guest says:

    If it was meant as a joke I really don’t get it…

  48. Babybop says:

    Is anyone else wondering who the OUAT death is?? I’m thinking Pinocchio or Cora.

    • Mike says:

      Pinocchio does reappear until episode 18, the major death is in episode 16.

    • gv says:

      I’m guessing Cora, too, or maybe the “death” is really the death of Rumple being the Dark One? That’s my other theory.
      Ausiello: Is there any scoop on who the “Her” is (that Ethan Embry’s character keeps talking to on the phone)? I have a theory that it’s going to be Bae’s finance!

  49. K says:

    Where does it state that Klaus will sleep with Haley??