The CW Sets Finale Dates: Who's Done First?

The CW Finale Dates: Arrow, Vampire DiariesThe CW on Tuesday became the first broadcast network to unveil their season finale plan for spring, and the annual goodbye tour begins with The Carrie Diaries in early April.

All of the network’s other series, however, will wrap their runs in May (the sweeps period runs April 25 to May 22), with Hart of Dixie leading the way and Nikita bringing up the rear. Thus far, only Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow have been renewed for fall.

(Before anybody asks, ABC, CBS and Fox typically announce their finale schedules in mid- to late March, while NBC last year held out until April.)

All told, The CW’s confirmed finale plan — which was first leaked by The Futon Critic — looks like this:

8/7c The Carrie Diaries

8 pm Hart of Dixie

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9 pm 90210

9 pm Cult

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8 pm Arrow
9 pm Supernatural

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8 pm The Vampire Diaries
9 pm Beauty and the Beast

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8 pm Nikita

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  1. Tiffany says:

    While it’s a bit awkward at times and they’ve got to bring the real George Tucker character back, I truly enjoy Hart of Dixie and hope it gets another season.

  2. Pepper Weeks says:

    I really really want the Carrie Diaries to get another season it’s adorable.

  3. Did Arrow get a full season order? I thought there were only 18 episodes?
    Hart of Dixie should be renewed, Lemon aside it’s a really fun show – Anabeth is one of my favourite characters, and the proposal with Tom & Wanda was one of the coolest moments the show has had!

  4. claudia says:

    BatB needs to go on show getting better and better

    • gabriele says:

      same! i’ve tried to contact CW to ask for BATB to keep going, but the feedback page is unavailable ): maybe if someone else tried… :/

      • Jacki says:

        Gabriele, do you live outside the US? If so, that may be why you can’t pull it up. You can use a service like Tunnelbear to access or you can contact BATB by sending a book for the BATB Fan Campaign, don’t think I can put the website for the campaign but if you good the Beauty and the Beast fan campaign it will pull up

  5. shuayb says:

    Eek! Excited! Nikita might get renewed!
    Hart of Dixie is just ridic now. I loved the first season but I seriously lost interest after the election saga. I love everything Rachel Bilson but seriously they’ve messed up season 2. Tom and Wanda’s engagement was just about the most exciting thing so far. Wade/Zoe Zoe/George is a snore fest. 90210 should also get the heave ho. 893K it made 100 eps so they should syndicate it and send it packing.
    The carrie diaries is good but they made a HUGE mistake last night by ending Carrie and George (I think that’s his name) relationship so weirdly. Its gonna cost them. Also not a good sign if they’re airing the finale so quick.
    Cult is stupid. Cancel it. They are trying to be intelligent when they’re not.

  6. Joe says:

    @Brian Arrow got a 23 episode order

  7. shuayb says:

    I know this isn’t the place for it. But here’s what my ideal line up for the fall of 2013 should be like.
    Monday: 8pm- The Tomorrow People
    9pm- Oxygen
    Tuesday: Mary Queen of Scots.
    The Naval base drama
    Wednesday: Arrow and Supernatural
    Thursday: TVD and The Originals (99% chance this will be a reality)
    Friday: Nikita and BatB.

    • dude says:

      I don’t know if they’ll debut five new shows in the fall, they’ve never done that but lord knows they need new programming. I’d stick with four and keep Hart of Dixie. You’re also forgetting about America’s Next Top Model, which really should be sacrificed to Tuesdays at 9pm so none of the new shows get stuck in the death slot.

    • J says:

      They aren’t going to put BATB on Friday. I think that’s going to be a repeat night. If BATB gets renewed it will be used to anchor a night, most likely Tuesday. Plus, they are probably only going to do 2-3 new shows in Fall.

  8. Michael says:

    BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! Amazing show! #VinCat!

  9. Jade says:

    Hopefully the CW renews both Hart of Dixie and BATB. Those are definitely two of my favorite series on TV period.

    • Teleah says:

      Totally agree hart of Dixie and BatB are the best shows on the network

    • jules says:

      I also like a couple of other shows, on TV in general and on the CW, but from the remaining shows on the CW (yet to be renewed), BatB and HoD are the two that definitely deserve it! Love both shows.

  10. WennieZ1 says:

    Beauty and the beast must renewed!!!! Epic forbidden love drama. Gets better and better…

  11. ali says:

    hart of dixie and nikita are the only 2 must renew for me out of the ones that are left…i have been a loyal 90210 fan since it began and i still hold out hope that they will give us one more season to say goodbye but i have to admit it’s had it’s time to shine…they rush through the story lines and jump all over the place now…annie didn’t even grieve riley who she told she loved a few hours before he died…we had one episode of sad shopping and that’s it…all these characters that just get left behind and never a second thought drive me crazy…this show just skips closure altogether…

    • Tess says:

      90210 is just curb junk. It needs to end.

    • ray says:

      90210 is jumpy, but I still love it :)
      Annie not grieving or suffering from PTSD (Liam did, for an episode) was an eye roll. If Silvers baby storyline wasn’t dragged out (it gets screen time every episode) I’m sure other characters would have a LITTLE more time to have close to realistic reactions.

  12. BATB – my favourite shows for YEARS! never have I been so invested in a show before. It’s an epic fairytale with something for everyone. And the fan base are so loyal, it’s great to feel the BEASTIE LOVE!

  13. Kristi says:

    The Carrie Diaries needs to be renewed!

  14. Daniel says:

    The CW has to renew Nikita and then pair it up with Arrow. That’s what they did in the Netherlands and I believe it is a very smart move. Both shows are about crime-fighting killing machines. They are both unwanted murderers and both have a target: Nikita has the Dirty Thirty and Oliver has the list.

    • Hyde says:

      that is the best idea i have heard in a long time, i’ll drink to that!

    • oliver says:

      Yeah my thoughts exactly. Arrow and Nikita have pretty much the same audience them being an action type of series. Supernatural should be paired with TVD since no other show retains much of TVD viewers, Supernatural is the safest bet. Honestly speaking though, pairing TVD next season with the Originals kinda feels like TVD overload to me.

      • Shuayb. says:

        That would be awesome but only one thing is that Superanatural has new life since being paired up with Arrow so The CW is unlikely to change that especially if they want to give it two more years.

        • Also Arrow and Supernatural are the only real guy-friendly shows they have that air new episodes. Still holding out for the domino mask and hat along with the nonlethal arrows like the boxing glove arrow for Arrow, also some cameos by other heroes but don’t be so over the top like Smallville was about them. The problem I had with Smallville was that it always felt like they had an insanely small effects budget. Doomsday was probably the worst effect in the entire series though.

  15. Emily says:

    Beauty and Beast needs to be cancelled terrible show, terrible acting – I don’t get why shows like Emily Owens MD get cancelled but this hack of a show is still on. CW are pretty dumb. Cult needs to go, another terrible show with horrible plot line. If they cancel Nikita and keep Beauty and Cult, I’m going to be pissed. CW seems to hate great shows (remember Veronica Mars) and tends to drag on terrible shows for some stupid reason.

    • ali says:

      oh, veronica mars still ticks me off to this day…that has got to be the most unsatisfying finale ever!!!!!!!!!!! it was ridiculous…and i agree…emily owens md should still be on…it started out slow but got better every episode!!

    • Jolie says:

      You’ve obviously never seen an episode, or perhaps another besides the pilot. I liked Emily Owens MD a lot too, also watch Nikita, and I’m not a fan of Cult either. But you don’t have to hate on BATB to defend the others. Obviously I’ve made it work! :)

    • Kristina says:

      And yet, it won the Peoples Choice award!! I get that you don’t get it, but I do!!! That show is freaking brilliant with wonderful acting and an exciting storyline and I love it. Love it!!!

      • Alan says:

        people choice awards mean about as much as an election in a fascist country, they are very easy to screw with and usually end up going to the most devoted following, not the show that deserves it. dont base anything on those awards because i can guarantee that the networks dont.

        • Claudia Keller says:

          Might not mean nothing if we were competing against Arrow, SPN or TVD, but it would mean something competing against other bubble shows with lower or same ratings as BATB and with less fan base. I would say it would mean something for the networks when they get to choose which show stays and which show goes….

    • georgiamadman says:

      Emily Owens sucked so bad it broke my remote’s mute and fast forward buttons. Poor Justin Hartley getting stuck in such a dog of a show. Bet he was wishing he’d gone with Arrow instead! Beauty is head and shoulders above Emily Owens…. a show with Rachael Bilson sound asleep for a hour would outdraw Emily Owens (and be more interesting, too).

  16. mia says:

    While I want Beauty, Carrie and Hart to get renewed – I’ll sacrifice them all to save Beauty and the Beast. I’m obsessed!!!

    • Claudia says:

      hahahaha you are not alone and the direction the show is taking much more, now they are going undeground hiding, VinCat stronger together than ever and the love story just getting better and better why would we want this show to get cancel now….FTW

    • Marymo318 says:

      I hope BATB gets renewed!! It is one if the best shows on the CW. I love everything about the show especially the love between Vincent and Cat!!! Please, Please renew BATB!!!

  17. Dizzle says:

    I always thought it was weird they never paired Nikita with Arrow – it seemed like it had more potential to continue than a series already 8 years old, especially with the reboot at the end of last season. So I hope it gets another shot and gets paired with another big genre show next year. Aside from that, Hart Of Dixie is cute and has a good heart so I hope that goes on, especially compared to the crapstorm 90210 has become.

    • Brandy says:

      Nikita is and has been one of the lowest two rated cw shows and will not leave fri,where it was shipped due to low ratings/underperforming after VD and Likley would’ve brought Arrow down and Arrow I doubt would’ve helped Nikita’s ratings.CW also wanted a strong ratings night which they have thanks to the Arrow/SpN combo.

      • Oh Brandy, I laugh my ass off at how you pop up like clockwork whenever there’s a Nikita-related article, no matter on what site, in order to diss it. The phrase “get a life” has never been more appropriate. Now go back to TVbtN and let the grown-ups talk, please.

        • Alan says:

          as a nikita fan i commend you. brandy you are a jack ass, go away, gain some maturity and then maybe you can sit at the grown up table again.

        • Claudia says:

          hahaha dont worry she is BATB basher too, wonder what she likes if anything at all on the cw?

          • Sarah says:

            Is that the same Brandy that keeps tainting every article remotely related to BATB over at TVBTN?

          • Alan says:

            she hits everything nikita related too for no apparent reason, nothing more than an annoying troll. i dont like beauty and the beast but even im getting sick of seeing her bashing it, almost as much as im sick of her bashing one of my favourites, nikita.

          • She likes Hart of Dixie, although for some reason she fails to acknowledge that that show gets dreadful ratings as well and would have gotten the axe ages ago if The CW’s standards hadn’t dropped as low as they have.
            I get that she’s entitled to her opinions but as someone else mentioned, she’s a broken record repeating the same old tired arguments over and over again. The fact that she can’t stick to her beloved TVbtN but has to seek out every article out there about The CW in order to cry for the cancellation of other shows is… sad, frankly.

      • oliver says:

        Well just to wanted to say that if you review the ratings of Nikita when it was paired with TVD, Nikita has had the best ratings compared to Secret Circle back then and BaTB today. And Nikita started off really strong in its first season. With that said, i truly believe Nikita would not be one of the lowest rated shows today had it not been shipped to friday especially after airing for just one season.

    • dude says:

      Arrow and Supernatural has been their most successful timeslot pairing to date. Not only does Arrow do well but Supernatural is actually gaining viewers back. They will definitely continue with this pairing. That much is certain.

      • Dizzle says:

        Oh completely, I’m not saying they should mess with success. It’s just typically when your show is 8 years old its on its way out and not likely to gain much life, especially compared to a young show that rebooted itself. I wouldn’t have paired SPN with Arrow to begin with, but I guess that’s why I’m not making the decisions either!

      • Melody Paris says:

        It’s the strongest and most consistent night of the week for the CW, it would be silly to split those shows up. As a fan of both shows, personally I prefer them paired.

      • lll says:

        The CW is crazy to split those two shows. Keep what works and work on the rest of the week.

  18. Playhouse says:

    Doesn’t make much economic sense for the CW to renew HoD with its low ratings, especially with a whole slate of new shows to try out next year.. Renewing Nikita at least guarantees the syndication package, so it seems like a shoe-in despite its dreadful numbers. 90210 is all but dead. Cult is DOA, and they already pulled the repeat viewing from this Friday. That leaves the toss-up between BatB and TCD. With a stronger fanbase for BatB, I see that being kept.

    • Boiler says:

      New is rarely better, especially for the CW. Keep HOD

    • Dizzle says:

      Hart of Dixie is actually one of the CW’s higher rated shows, especially in their target demo (women 18-34) – it normally only falls behind TVD and BATB in that regard. Of all the bubble shows, it has the strongest and most reliable numbers. Plus it’s doing better than 90210 was in the timeslot last year, whereas BATB is actually underperforming when compared to Secret Circle last year. Year-to-year comparisons is what the networks consider when making these decisions – “did it do worse than what we tried last year, or better?”

      • Claudia says:

        well i dont think they go by comparisson year after year, if we compared all the shows to how they did one or two years ago they all failing, but they do measure which ones make money or will potentially make more money.

    • Brandy says:

      BataB is underperforming with the best leadin and will fall further if renewed for next season during next season.I think they will try to syndicate HoD as well as Nikita,90210,VD and HoD will make money in a syndication deal.HoD has better ratings so far in season two than Nikita did.HoD is much more stable than Nikita,90210,CD in ratings and doing better in ratings then them.

      • Claudia says:

        OMG for Gods sake!!! already enough with the Lead in, is proven no show will retain the audience from a previous show, since the invention of the remote, the dvr, the internet etc. this is obsolete so is the freaking nielsen boxes …Gosh!!!! seriously!

        • Jolie says:

          This is actually true even for TVD specifically. Apparently no show has performed too well after The Vampire Diaries. The Secret Circle being the most recent example.

          • Sarah says:

            TVD has proven to be an awful lead in. When Nikita aired after TVD it ended up as a toss up by the end of its season, TSC had the same fate but it actually got canceled due to it’s high budget and now BATB is having the same issue.

            CW has finally realized this, this is why they’re copying and pasting TVD with The Originals.

  19. kat says:

    Nikita only needs 21 more episodes to reach stripped syndication numbers. If everything else on the CW was doing well that probably wouldn’t be enough to save it with the low ratings it’s been getting, but with everything except the already renewed shows doing quite poorly, Nikita will most likely get a season 4. After all, they renewed it last spring when it was getting .4s. I doubt they expected Nikita to do much better this season. It’s been doing about the same, with the exception of last week which may or may not have been a fluke, and is even closer to syndication now. So…

  20. nick1372 says:

    This is not new. The Carrie Diaries’s finale was announced weeks ago, when they announced that Oh Sit! would take its spot starting April 15.
    As for the shows that deserve to be renewed, from the CW’s standpoint (aka $$), it’s Hart of Dixie & Nikita.

  21. Daisy says:

    Despite the bad ratings, I doubt Nikita will be cancelled because of syndication reasons. Once you have a 3rd season, a 4th season is 99% guaranteed.

    I only watch Nikita on the CW, but if I had to pick one other I had to watch one, I would chose HoD.

  22. Stacey says:

    Not good for Carrie Diaries if it’s ending in April. While the others get May.

  23. Jj says:

    I don’t really care for the othera except Nikita, Arrow and Supernatural. Cult is good but a little too complex for the target demographic. 90210, I’m afraid has to go soon. I too have been loyal and found the new season go back to the craziness drama that the original and Melrose place had,like the stalker thing and I enjoyed it. Hopefully the Cw tries to fix it and keep all my favs.

  24. Alice says:

    I definitely want Hart of Dixie to be renewed- it’s so different and adorable.
    I don’t watch the others,yet, but I voted for Beauty and the Beast as well: because I feel like I’d eventually start watching that as a Sally-Come-Lately and then get super-obsessed.
    But maybe that’s because after dismissing TVD for years without ever watching it (Don’t judge me- like you didn’t hear “teen vampire” in 2009 and roll your eyes?) I finally saw an episode 2 weeks ago and am now ridiculously invested in it.
    That’s just how I roll.

    • Claudia says:

      Oh Alice you should already! Show starts very slow and weak but if you havent been so invested in a show in a long time you will, it got it flaws as many shows in the cw but the stronger side is the build up of the love story and the leads chemistry I havent seen that in YEARS since Roswell maybe. Take the ride now, this show got really underestimated by many!!!!!

    • Carrie says:

      Alice you should really check out BATB! I watched the pilot and honestly wasn’t that impressed, but decided to give it a chance anyway. . . now I’m completely obsessed and couldn’t imagine it not getting renewed! I don’t watch many CW shows, (Beauty and the Beast and Arrow), but the love story and wonderful comic relief and quotable moments from the “best friend” characters are great! If you gave it a shot you’d be hooked for sure :)

      • Macmitch says:

        I agree with you Carrie. Since I started watching Batb. EVERY other show has taken a back seat. It is exciting, keeps you guessing and the chemistry between Vincent and Catherine.. well you got to see it to understand what I”m saying. Batb needs a second season.. every episode is better than the previous one. Give it a chance!

  25. L says:

    Is “none of the above” a good answer? I watch some of these but wont really miss any of them if they are gone.

  26. Stephanie says:

    Nikitaaaaaa. It has done better on Friday than any other CW show probably would. If the CW moved it to a different night (and maybe paired it with Arrow?), I don’t think it’s fate would be in question. I’m hopeful though, considering syndication, that it will be renewed. It deserves it. So underrated.

    • kresh says:

      Don’t think that they will jeopardize the viewers that Supernatural has when paired with Arrow, sorry Supernatural wins !

      • Lena says:

        I agree. I don’t think the CW will separate the awesome pairing on Wednesday nights. It would be a bad move. Arrow and Supernatural work. The ratings prove this.

  27. Allison P says:

    I feel like it’s too soon to put Cult in the poll, since only the pilot has aired so far…

  28. d01 says:

    Hart of Dixie is all I want next fall!

  29. Jenny says:

    Hart Of Dixie!!

  30. daydreamer72 says:

    Beauty and the Beast definitely deserves to be renewed! This show has it all….drama, action, suspense, humour, and a really EPIC romance!!! I have NEVER been as captivated by a tv show, or it’s main characters as I find myself to be with BatB. The writing is fantastic and the show just keep on getting better! The entire cast is amazing, and Kristen Kreuk and Jay Ryan as our Beauty and Beast are incredible! Anyone not already watching should give it a shot…BatB is the full package!

    • Tasha says:

      Def agree…BATB deserves a 2nd season!! I think what hurts them is their time slot…they come on the same time as “Glee” and “Grey’s Anatomy” 2 powerhouse veteran shows!! They need to be moved to a different night not against huge shows in different networks!!

  31. Jake says:

    Beauty and the beast and cult have really bad ratings time for these two shows to go… take 90210 along with you. they’re so bad it’s sad that people actually these shows.

    • Claudia says:

      Beauty and the Beast has bad rating OMG compared to what, it hasnt hit a .4 and its stayed above HOD most of the time…..and dont start me with the lead in, its proven none of the shows after TVD will keep the audience NONE…..

      • ChrisGa says:

        You’re right, no show thus far has been able to hold on to TVD’s lead-in numbers yet the CW keeps expecting one day a show actually will and thus Beauty and the Beast, much like The Secret Circle, will probably get canned simply because it follows TVD. If it were doing those numbers behind any other show on the network it’d be safe. I’m hoping it and HOD both get a renewal though I still find it insane that Emily Owens was yanked so prematurely considering it had better ratings than it’s lead-in.

  32. ABC says:

    Hart of Dixie and BATB. I really like both shows.

  33. Nikita without a shade of a doubt. Apart from the fact that it’s the best of the bunch creatively (just ask the critics), it’s simply good business to renew a show for a full fourth season, so it can reach the desired 88 episodes for syndication and bring home the big bucks. Are the ratings dreadful? Yes. Are they worse than other CW shows’ ratings (except the 3 that have already been renewed)? Barely, and Nikita is on Friday. So the gain of renewing the show at this point far outweighs the loss.
    I also voted for Cult. Based on the pilot episode, it’s still got some kinks to work out, but it’s at least a show with an original premise and an intriguing mystery/puzzle at its core. I’m pretty certain it’ll get cancelled, though, judging by the poor ratings of the series premiere.

    • kresh says:

      lol do you really call cutting of a hand creativtiy? They couldn’t move on the story with Niktia and Mike so they cut of his hand lol again..

      • If you “lol” at someone losing a limb, instead of understanding that this storyline illustrates the painful and realistic consequences of war (which most shows wouldn’t have the guts to do), you clearly lack the maturity to appreciate shows like Nikita. I suggest you go back to watching Gossip Girl reruns, which is about the level of complexity you can handle.

  34. Jason says:

    Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if they scrap all of those series mentioned and start fresh with 6 new shows to complement Arrow/Supernatural and Vampire/Originals (a shoo-in for pickup). The CW pilots all sound very intriguing, and I have a feeling Top Model will really rebound with the wayyyyy-too-late addition of male models. Earth to Tyra: Do you realize the huge gay audience your show has? The male models were so overdue, it’s pathetic. Girls will watch for the hot guys, and guys will watch for the guys, as well. That’s just common sense 101.

  35. Michelle says:

    I’m definitely hoping that “Hart of Dixie” is renewed, i LOVE this show. And i’m also enjoying “Beauty and the Beast” so i would like to see it get a 2nd season.

  36. James says:

    Why is there only space for two more shows? Can’t there be a midseason replacement or something?

  37. Alan says:

    that is showing a serious lack of confidence in the carrie diaries by having it finish long before sweeps.
    so glad to see nikita is the last show to finish up, gives them a better chance to give the writers notice just in case but also shows that they want it in the sweeps.

  38. Dominique says:

    Hart of Dixie, but definitely Nikita! I feel like Nikita is finally stepping away from the horror that was season 2, and is getting back to the awesomness they had going for them during the first season. The characters are more fleshed out, there are many more possibilities, and I’d like to see where they can take it all next season.

    • Alan says:

      did we watch the same season 2 of nikita? because that was incredible, the twists and turns were fantastic, the dialogue was as good as always and the action scenes were top notch; i just dont understand how anyone could think something that good was bad.

  39. CWilliams says:

    I really like Beauty and The Beast. I hope the CW renews it. If they cancel BATB i’m going to stop wathing the CW network

  40. Win says:

    Oh dear, someone let the beasties out of their cages…… HoD rating wise is stronger than BatB. BatB in it’s first season matches what hart does in it’s 2nd…..HoD is The Cw’s 4th most watched show where it counts when Live + 7 is factored in. HoD (.9) vs BatB (.86).
    HoD will only need two seasons to reach syndication while BatB will need three…hmmmmm.

    I’d say renew both and actually pair them together. but in the end only HoD is worthy.

    • Claudia says:

      hahahaha I agree, both are good shows, and I rather pair them together and as much as I liked Nikita with 3 seasons is enough, please Nikita boys…enough is enough give other fans a chance for developing and yes Im a beastie and I get out of my cage with 2 weeks hiatus all we have is post in this sites, the show just got so exciting we cant really bear losing the show now….you should give it a try :P

    • Georgia Madman says:

      I gave HOD a try because of Bilson but gave up after two episodes. Hollywood hasn’t a clue about the South and can’t write a series about it that doesn’t ring totally false. Bitchy southern sorority women…please! Beauty kicks Dixie’s ass up one side and down the other.

  41. luli says:


  42. Diamond says:

    Beauty & The Beast Has to be renewed. It keeps getting better and VinCat’s love story is so hottt!!!.

  43. Bella says:

    Beauty & The Beast needs a 2nd season. Love the storyline and the romance of VinCat is beautiful. Can’t get enough of the show.

  44. Drew says:

    I hope Cult’s ratings go up. It’s an interesting show… and the CW is in desperate need of interesting shows. 90210 needs to end. Hart of Dixie went from “quirky fun” to “nails on a chalkboard” pretty quickly. Cult is interestind and different. I hope that they at least let it play out the season and that it doesn’t end with a cliffhanger. I also hope that they hold off on canceling it until they see if it can build an audience. We don’t need another Lone Star experience here.

    If I were making the decision, I would give 90210 a half-season to wrap up next year. The back half would be picked up by The Carrie Diaries (I don’t like the show, but it has an audience I suppose). I’d cancel Hart of Dixie. Renew Beauty and the Beast (it won the people’s choice award, after all). I’d probably pass on The Originals… or split the season with The Vampire Diaries (not 50/50, since TVD is established and performs well, but maybe give The Originals a miniseries type season), but I would not have both full time. TVD has been suffering in the story dept. as it is. Do they really need to dilute their story even more? Nikita is iffy. It’s not quite at the point of being safe for the sake of syndication, but it is almost to that point. If they renew it, it’s really more of a two year commitment, so I’m not sure they’ll want to do that.

    Cult… I’d give it a chance to grow before canceling it, but obviously if the numbers don’t pick up, it has to go. Like I said, I just hope it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger.

  45. Wii_ju says:

    It better be Beauty and the Beast and Nikita!!

  46. BabyFirefly says:

    My parents tried to watch Cult, and turned it off after 5 minutes, stating the acting, dialogue, and effects were awful. I pointed out that the show started with a show within a show, and I thought it was supposed to be bad – to indicate a fictional tv show. Now I wonder how many other people tuned out in the first few minutes before it was clear the “bad” was on purpose.

    • Drew says:

      The show within the show is really no worse than any of the other shows on TV right now. I’d say that it was probably better than The Following, the Law & Orders, or anything on CBS. :)

  47. Viviane says:

    Beauty and the Beast must be renewed, this show needs a second season! Second Season for Beauty and the Beast, we love Vincent and Cat!

  48. Jelena says:

    I am truly enjoying The Carry Diaries (Austin Butler = HOT) and i hope it will get renewed,
    TCD and TVD are my favorite CW shows!