Post Mortem: Beauty and the Beast EP Weighs In on the [Spoiler], That Scene and What's Next

Tough LoveWarning: The following contains major spoilers from this week’s episode of Beauty and the Beast.

Matters of love… and death… loomed large this week on The CW’s Beauty and the Beast. Starting with the sadder latter, when Darius got into a bit of a pickle with some thugs he owed money to, Vincent beasted out and leaped into action, all in the name of saving Catherine’s sister Heather from being whacked as a witness to the illegal dealings. Alas, in the course of doing so, Vincent got Darius killed — the first innocent to die by his hands.

As for the love… well, at the climax of an episode that spent much time teeing up a fake, then possibly real, break-up between Catherine and Vincent, the show zagged instead of zigged and had the beauty proclaim her love for her beast. He responded in kind and then some, as they finally went all in on the kiss that for weeks has evaded them (and in turn taunted fans).

Knowing that you’d crave more, more, more, TVLine reached out to executive producer Brian Peterson about this week’s big happenings and the (sex-y?) twists to come when Season 1 resumes on March 14.

TVLINE | At the time I spoke to Sherri Cooper in early December and she said a first kiss was coming, did you all know back then that it would land in this midseason finale?
You know, everything on the show has been a constant conversation and has been slightly in flux because we’re trying to really pace things a certain way, to not hold things too long. We had somewhat intended it [to happen to by this point], but we weren’t positive. But now that it’s shot, it’s really going to escalate. We’re not going to do one of those things where we tease it and then pull it away. We’re really going to keep heating things up.BeautyBeast_0221_kiss

TVLINE | Was it important to you to bundle with this moment their exchanging of the L-word?
We want to make this show feel as real as possible, but it’s also a bit of the “epic love” that everybody’s hoping for. So we really wanted to hit the beats the way that you’d want them to fall. They say they love each other before things escalate beyond that.

TVLINE | But is it safe to say that, as much as you want to “keep heating things up,” there’ll be no sex quite yet?
I would keep watching. We really wanted to have a lot of integrity as far as the way that would play out. Coming back in the next few episodes, you’ll see their relationship change pretty dramatically.

TVLINE | On a very different note: Is Joe going to be particularly fired up coming out of Darius’ tragic death?
He is going to be furious, and that’s going to really drive the next several episodes for sure. He is out for blood and out, for vengeance.

TVLINE | Is this where Sendhil Ramamurthy’s “great antagonist” DA comes in, as the guy leading the new charge to hunt down the beast who killed a hero’s brother?
Yes, and he is fantastic. He comes in and creates a task force specifically to hunt this thing — and Cat ends up on that task force. She ends up right  smack dab in the middle of everything.

TVLINE | And how is Vincent himself going to cope with his role in Darius’ death? Is he going to make it a priority to hunt down the thugs that pulled him into this mess?
That’s a big part of the next episode. It is all about trying to track down the one witness who escaped [the crime scene]. It s very much is about Joe trying to hunt Vincent and Vincent trying to exonerate himself, so that he has some kind of a witness to say that he wasn’t completely at fault for what happened.

TVLINE | I found it a bit conspicuous that Vincent ran over to Heather and spoke to her while he was trying to wake her up. Is that something that she is going to start to recall, and place him at the scene? Because I was, like, yelling, “Dude, don’t let her know you were there!”
When you’re a beast, you sometimes don’t think things through. It’s just what happens. But, what I can tell you is somebody close to Cat, within the next few episodes, is going to find out that she’s connected to the beast. And that is kind of a big deal coming up.

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