Once Upon a Time First Look: The Charmings Stare Daggers at Regina! Plus: Meet Snow's Mom

You’ve got a week-and-a-half until ABC’s Once Upon a Time resumes Season 2, but in the meantime here’s a flurry of photos from that next new episode.

In “The Queen Is Dead” (airing Sunday, March 3 aka the same day as Once’s PaleyFest panel), Mary Margaret and David — with the aid of Mother Superior — make it their mission to find The Dark One’s dagger first, upon discovering that Cora and Regina have their own, decidedly devious designs on it.

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From the looks of it, a wish of Ginnifer Goodwin‘s may be coming true here. As she shared during my visit to Vancouver, where Once films, “Consistently Snow White — and even Mary Margaret, for some reason – has always chosen to be the bigger person [when it comes to Regina] and even at her own peril, and I don’t really understand the ‘even at her own peril’ part. It’s the part of the princess code I don’t understand, because at some point you’ve got to, like, have some balls and put an end to conflict.”

Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, the Blue Fairy offers young Snow White (Bailee Madison) an “unconventional” enchantment that could help save her dying mother Eva (played by 24‘s Rena Sofer).

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  1. I’m so tired of Once Upon a Time. The side stories bore me to death and the main story is just weak. it’s about time they reveal the next layer of mythology and it’s better be good or I’m dropping the show by season’s end.

    • Zach says:

      Side stories = character development. But I do agree, they need to reveal the next layer of mythology. Last season we knew the show was about breaking the curse. What is this seasons main goal? There really isn’t a big end goal.

      • I’m a huge fan of character development through side stories and that was the most brilliant part of Lost to me, but the ugly truth in this show is that this season’s individual stories are dull, childish and predictable, nothing like the first season’s incredibly imaginative renovations of the fairy tales. Also, the main story is not buying either, Baelfire and Henry’s father nith being the same guy was something I saw coming before season one even ended, Hook, although somewhat interesting, ended up with this pointless and stubborn revenge storyline and Cora, to me, is just Regina 2.0 because Regina 1.0 had gone soft. And Belle right now is just a whinning b****.

      • Rissa says:

        Remember when Henry said “When the curse is broken the final battle will begin?” We’re setting up for the final battle! (Slowly but surely)

        • jc says:

          In 1×01 pilot…Rumpel says the same to Snow and Charming:«…When the curse is broken the final battle will begin..»

          The only war that came after the curse be broken was the shipper war….lololol

    • Choco says:

      The main story isn’t that weak but I feel like the show moves too slowly. I do agree that the side stories are getting boring.

    • Tarc says:

      I’m not sure what show you are watching, but the show is firing on all cylinders, better and more interesting than ever.

      • I can relate to “firing on all cylinders”, alright. The part I don’t get is “better” and “more interesting than ever”, because it lost its ability to surprise and entertain me quite a few weeks ago.

      • Suzi says:

        I love the show! It is off the main stream of who gets killed every week, the language is not offensive and with all we have going on in the world today. I enjoy watching Once Upon A Time. Even though the stories don’t move fast it still gives a much more in depth view into a world we all grew up with in fairy tales. I am enjoying every second of it and I give thumbs up to those that created it, are staring it in and those behind the scenes. They have a fan for life with me!

  2. xav says:

    LOL, I love Ginny’s quote just because Snow is so condescending to Regina and not at all the bigger person.

    • Rachel says:

      How is she not the bigger person? She had multiple opportunities to kill Regina and decided not to. How is that not a bigger and better person?

      • xav says:

        She decided not to murder someone, such a big person. At least to me, being a bigger person is out of sincerity, not because Snow wanted to feel better about herself and have a clear conscience.

        • Kira says:

          Snow also believed there was still good inside Regina, which we’ve seen is true. She gave Regina a chance and she literaly stabbed Snow for it. Nobody is perfect but damn if Regina doesn’t make it hard for people to believe in her.

          • xav says:

            Unfortunately, that wasn’t a real chance, it was a set-up by Rumple. So while the feeling behind it means something, as a genuine chance it doesn’t because with the knife hidden then pulled, it was just supposed to prove to Regina that Snow couldn’t be trusted and then literally show Regina that she couldn’t harm Snow and push her to enact the curse.

    • Kira says:

      I think Snow has been pretty nice when it comes to someone who has tried to kill her for most of her life. She even spared Regina’s life when literally nobody else wanted to. The thing that bothers me most about Regina is she blames Snow for everything that happened. She was a child when Daniel died. Regina knew how manipulative her mother was. How did she expect Snow to outwit Cora when Regina couldn’t do it herself???? That being said, I would love to see Regina and Snow get closer. I love how their relationship was when Snow was young. Regina and Snow vs Cora would be a great showdown!!!

      • xav says:

        That’s just it, she’s not really all that nice. She decided not to murder Regina, sure, which wasn’t really a smart decision based on what they knew Regina capable of, which means it was about making Snow herself feel better and not actually about trying to be a better person. Especially when she consistently denies that Regina is Henry’s mother, that’s incredibly petty and emotionally manipulative.
        Regina’s anger is supposed to be misguided, based upon abuse and the inability to process it. (Plus presumably Rumplestiltskin in there influencing it).
        I’d like to see them grow closer as well. I want Regina to let go of her anger and come to terms with the abuse from Cora and her husband and how it caused her to hurt others. And I want Snow to grow up and have a little empathy, just sort of let go of that naivete that allows her to think that if she says she’s good often enough, it’ll be true.

        • Alice says:

          Regina’s go-to method of conflict resolution is to poison/curse/kill the people that she is unhappy with. She cursed an entire civilization to make herself feel better. She put out a hit on her own step-daughter. Then framed her for murder- because being cursed just wasn’t enough. She is only satisfied with her “beloved” son when she has complete control over who he loves, and when he starts to display independent thought her solution, after trying to make him think he was crazy, is to kill the rest of his family so he can only love her. Pretty much EVERYONE is a bigger person than Regina.

    • Mike says:

      Well it’s kind of hard not to be a bigger person as Regina, but to act like Regina is equal to Snow on any level is ridiculous, Snow may not be a “big” person but she is a bigger person than Regina, not that that is saying much.

    • Anita says:

      I never thought of Snow being the bigger person either. Feels more like she “had to” be the good one, instead of actually being generous because that was her true nature.

  3. majamababe says:

    Looks like Snow and Charming have Rumple’s dagger. Hope they haven’t been tricked into teaming up with Regina and Cora against Rumple.

  4. Name That Tune says:

    They’re building towards a big season finale, much like last year. These side trips are just filling in until we get there.

    • Ndrtb says:

      You can’t base a tv series on a season finale. All episodes must be interesting and convincing, there shouldn’t be episodes that are so dull you almost fall asleep while watching (the wolves one) just cause they’re filling in until the season finale. That’s just plain wrong.

      • Name That Tune says:

        But they all do. The showdown is coming between Gold Henry Regina Hook & Cora. Somehow I see Regina saving Henry from Gold. But at what cost?

  5. Drewer says:

    Oh it’s Baily Madison again, guess I’ll be watching this episode, because she does such a good job of playing Ginnifer.

  6. gdv says:

    What is Regina holding in those first couple of pics? Looks like a stone/crystal of some sort? Or maybe a heart?

  7. Mike says:

    Evil Regina is back, you have no idea how happy this makes me.

  8. Man for those of you who don’t know anything about anything, yes side stories are for character development. There is a bigger goal to this season and that’s to find a way back to Fairytale Land, but the reason why it feels like its moving slow is because all shows contain episodes that are fillers. They don’t push the story forward. The reason being is because its a 22 episode show, unlike HBO where their shows have 10 episodes, makes it easier to conclude the story than it does in 22. If you don’t like the show then don’t watch, plain and simple

    • It’s not about having or not having filler episodes, it’s about their quality, which suffered a huge drop in comparison to last season. And I really don’t intend to keep watching unless they give me a reason to.

      • Tony says:

        I must be the only one that prefers season 2…

        • Lea says:

          You’re not alone. I’ll take Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, the Giant, Hook any day over Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Belle in the guest appearance department.
          Season 2 felt more cohesive while Season 1 felt more disconnected with many bad episodes, like Dreamy, that Hansel and Gretel, etc.

          • Mike says:

            I still believe season 1 had more filler than season 2 IMO, mostly because at least in season 2 we make some progress( excluding Frankensteins first episode)while season 1 filler just felt like stand alone stories.

  9. Gilda says:

    What is Regina holding?

  10. Mimi says:

    I’m getting really bored with this. I want more focus on Captain Hook, and his back-story for a little while. I’d like to know why he is a pirate, and I’d like to see more character development for him. I’d like for tension to be eased from off of the same old stuff.

  11. jc says:

    I still die with laughter when I hear that Captain Hook need more focus on him. lol. The producers and media, tiresome focus on about Captain Hook his season putting him almost above the main cast and promoting him as hot, charming and as Emma’s love interest as if he were dragging audiences. Crushed, the creativity of the main characters development.
    I loved, loved season 1. Miss Great main stories about Snow, Charming, Rumpel, Regina, Emma. This season 2 the scripts of them are so weak as if they did not know what to do with them.

    • Sarah says:

      Eccch. The main characters can’t do it on their own. I want more Hook. I’m tired of having the same stuff and being 100% honest, Hook is the only reason why I watch the show. Yes, the rest of it has grown that stale. The day Hook is gone, is the day I stop watching.

      • lol says:

        How nice! You can stop watching. but maybe those people, who doubled the ratings in season 1, returned. And this season disappeared.
        If you see Once Upon a Time, only by Hook. Then you’ll be upset because the show is about countless charactes. The show is not only about Hook and Peter Pan

        • lol says:

          The main plot is abot Snow, Charming, Regina, Rumpel and Emma. The day when Hook, becomes the hero of the story, smashing the main cast, the show will lose many fans.

          • Sarah says:

            I’m not saying the show should only be about Hook. It’s just the only thing about the show that I find appealing for myself. Outside of that, I’m still waiting for another shoe to drop. Some shoe. Any shoe. Somebody take off their shoe!

          • Sarah says:

            The show won’t lose fans if Hook becomes the hero of the story. Hook can be just as well liked as anybody else on the show. Anybody else who feels differently has forgotten it’s a tv show. It’s just a tv show. It doesn’t owe me anything, and I don’t owe anything to it. Point given: if the show loses what I like about it, I’ll find something else to watch.

          • lol says:

            Hook is no more than the entire cast. Each character has his allotted time on the show. Because all … I repeat all are important.
            If Hook is treated like the other characters, I keep quiet. If he starts to be superimposed on other characters, so I complain.

  12. Mikael says:

    So Regina still hates and wants to kill Snow White, but has forgiven her mother who is the REAL reason Daniel is dead? Regina needs more sessions with Archie. They should have just stuck with Regina being insanely jealous over Snow’s beauty. The Daniel thing makes NO sense.

  13. Michael says:

    The main story I think the producers wanted to address this season was redemption and weather or not evil deserved their chance at redemption

  14. I’m just curious on who’s heart Regina’s holding? Especially to have Snow and Charming react the way that they are in those photos.

  15. Suzi says:

    I love the show! It is off the main stream of who gets killed every week, the language is not offensive and with all we have going on in the world today. I enjoy watching Once Upon A Time. Even though the stories don’t move fast it still gives a much more in depth view into a world we all grew up with in fairy tales. I am enjoying every second of it and I give thumbs up to those that created it, are staring it in and those behind the scenes. They have a fan for life with me! Keep up the good work!

  16. cherish says:

    belle needs to regain her memory already, im tired of waiting

  17. Nikki says:

    Once Upon a Time is an AMAZING show, quite criticizing it is 100% better than real Housewives or some other shows out there. The story has to move a little slow so they can have more seasons. If they hurry and send them back to the Enchanted Forest what else is left. There are more characters to introduce and so much they could do. Snow is the bigger person, you are all looking at it wrong, she didn’t just decide not to murder Regina she ends he conflict and tries to call a truce, The Evil Queen was sentenced to death for her crimes and Snow spared her life not to feel good but because she felt there was still good in her heart. Regina has been very evil towards Snow and Charming, Snow has just expressed anger. She is the better person in every way compared to Regina’s past and present actions so quit talking about stuff you know nothing about. If you don’t like the show you have no imagination and need to wake up it is the best show on Sunday nights and the best one since Lost.

  18. S. McKenna says:

    Granted there’s a tilt toward the increasing chaos of “Lost,” but even if the story line were trotting along toward major epiphanies, it would get lost amid the barrage of commercials that interrupt every scene for at least the same length of time as the the scene itself. I’m thinking of bagging it ’til it shows up on netflix and enjoying some narrative continuity.