Revenge Recap: Dead in the Water

MICHAEL TRUCCO, MARGARITA LEVIEVAWe finally know who’s ship outta luck.

Revenge this week returned to the fateful event it teased in the season premiere: the sinking of the Amanda and the demise of at least one person on board. Warning: You may want to don a life vest, so adrift will you be on currents of disbelief at various points during the narrative. You also may want to grab some tissues, because one death — as promised — is a significant one. Now, without further ado, let’s review what went down — besides Jack’s beloved boat – in “Sacrifice.”

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A RAT ON BOARD | As the episode opens, Jack and Amanda are in bedded honeymoon bliss on the boat while Nate hides out in the closet — so not only is the Ryan brother a murderous thug, he’s also a creeper. Lovely. The next morning, just as Jack is puzzled by a pack of cigarettes and a lighter he finds tucked away on board, Nate makes his presence known. And he’s got a gun. Jack has no idea what their captor is talking about when he says Amanda’s responsible for Conrad pulling out of the waterfront-development deal. While Mr. and Mrs. Porter are locked up belowdecks, Amanda whispers that they’re going to have to kill Nate because he’ll never let them escape with their lives. And while I think she’s probably right, I have to hope Jack was at least a little freaked out by how quickly his new bride went there.

Meanwhile, back in the Hamptons, Ashley tips Emily off that Amanda blackmailed Conrad with some serious dirt. Em’s voice says, “I’ll talk to her.” Em’s face says, “I’ll rip her beating heart from her chest, blend it into a smoothie and sip it through a straw.” She boots Ashley from the house and checks her secret hiding spot, from which the laptop is conspicuously missing. She then visits Amanda and Jack’s apartment, where she finds Charlotte making a slideshow for her “sister” with photos from the wedding. Char shows Em one cute shot of the marrieds just before they shoved off, and Emily immediately zeroes in on something miniscule in the background: Nate’s thug face peeking out from the lower decks like a puppy in a pet-store window – a nasty, gun-wielding puppy. (Side note: I laughed out loud at Em’s realization. A little too easy, no?)

Emily summons Nolan for an emergency meeting, during which he tracks Nate’s cell phone to where it last pinged: out in the ocean, halfway to Jack and Amanda’s honeymoon destination of Nantucket. So Em and her sidekick jump in a motor boat and take off after the Amanda. (Side note regarding that cruising-the-high-seas-at-top-speed sequence: Did we learn nothing from Ringer?)

A SINKING FEELING | Back on the S.S. We’re Screwed, there’s a big, complicated subterfuge as Amanda makes Nate think the laptop is in Montauk, then Jack tries to make Nate think Declan’s laptop is the one he’s looking for, then Jack and Amanda fake a fight to cover the sound of them prepping the raft for a speedy getaway. They manage to lock the talented Mr. Ryan in the cabin – where the laptop is conveniently left open, allowing Nolan to watch what’s going on via a hacked webcam (I know, I know – but on the upside, those vests you put on earlier are not only crucial to your survival, they’re quite slimming. You look great.). So Nolan and Em watch as Nate shoots his way out of captivity – hitting Jack in the process. Aw, Jack. Your luck is truly terrible in all situations. Then Amanda pushes her hurt hubby into the inflatable so he’ll get away safely; she stays on the boat and tries to get the gun from Nate, but all she gets is a head injury and some unconsciousness. Meanwhile, despite its shabby exterior, the Amanda must possess warp capability – because by the time Nate realizes what’s happened, Jack’s raft is about three light years away from the boat.

Night has fallen by the time Emily and Nolan find her childhood love, who’s hopelessly bobbing in the deep blue like a tiger-free Pi. Nolan rushes the pale Porter to shore and the hospital; Emily commandeers the raft and, using its outboard motor, races to catch up to the Amanda. She does so just as the craft’s electrical system shorts out, thanks to Amanda opening a valve that floods the lower third of the boat. Nate and the women fight, with Amanda eventually landing a shot that fells Nate (and pierces the propane tank in the process). With gas and water filling the cabin, Emily hustles her old pal into the raft but at the last minute, Amanda goes back to grab the necklace Emily gave her as she left juvie. At that exact moment, a not-dead-yet Nate flicks his lighter and… the boat goes boom, tossing the ladies into the drink.

When Emily pulls Amanda onto the half-demolished raft, she realizes that the former exotic dancer is headed for that great strip club in the sky. “Jack and my baby, I need to know you’ll take care of them,” Amanda says, pressing her necklace into Em’s palm. Emily cries, promises and cries some more as Amanda dies in her arms and eventually drifts off into the depths as the raft’s air supply dwindles. Goodnight, Amanda, you nutty, Frank-killing, Emily-worshipping mess of a girl.

TAKE THE INITIATIVE Back at Grayson Manor, Victoria is unrepentant about murdering Helen. “The bitch had it coming,” she remarks as Daniel and Conrad wrap The Initiative operative’s corpse in a carpet. Vicky quickly comes up with a new plan: The Graysons are going to offer up Amanda to The Initiative, hoping that the secret organization will take down their shared threat. She even goes to The Stowaway to invite Charlotte to the family’s Labor Day party which, for reasons I seriously don’t get, is doubling as the announcement of Conrad’s run for the governor’s seat. (Side note: Take a look at baby Carl’s face in this scene. I swear to you, he rolls his eyes at Victoria’s lame reasons for wanting her daughter home for the evening. Smart kid.) While Charlotte and Declan get their things together, Victoria slips Helen’s phone and scarf under Amanda’s bed… where an Initiative dude named Trask, working off a tip from the Graysons, later finds it.

Meanwhile, Aiden’s trying to help Padma find out whether her father is still alive. She eventually talks to Trask, asking for proof that her pop’s not already gone; Trask says the package she just signed for contains the evidence she wants. It’s her dad’s finger. Exactly how does that prove he’s still among the living? (I know. Just like all of those safety videos say, I should’ve put on my own life vest before telling you to wear yours.)

Now it’s your turn. Did you guess that Amanda would go to her watery grave? How do you think her death will affect Emily? Think Jack will pull through? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Disastrous says:

    Awesome episode.. I knew Nate was going to die, but I didn’t see Fauxmanda dying in Emily’s arms. She died beautifully and in sacrifice to Em’s, Jack & Carl. LOVED IT!

    • TMW says:

      What was with Victoria’s stupid line in the opening scene about the “unseasonably hot weather”? It’s set onLabor Day weekend which is in early September and it’s more filthy hot and humid in NY (even out in the Hamptons) than it is in June. I realize that the heat was used as a framing effect and a plot device (the broken AC) but really, the writers need to start doing homework on the area they’re writing about.

      • Alexis says:

        Really? You chose this topic to complain about? Out of the whole episode this is what you remembered and had to write about?

        • Didi says:

          = awesome reply

          • KevyB says:

            No it isn’t. It is a blatantly moronic thing to say and makes it hard to believe that this is actually taking place in The Hamptons. These people are here during the summer and they are always dressed like it’s winter in Carmel. Continuity is a GOOD thing.

      • Ella says:

        I actually thought it was an additional plot device to justify why Emily hadn’t frozen to death while waiting for Nolan to rescue her.

      • eileen says:

        I was more annoyed by all the sweaters Nolan and Emily were prancing around in during this supposedly unbearable heat… and I am usually very forgiving of mistakes like that on tv but that one was just pitiful..

    • luli says:

      So sad!! i’m still cryings! That flashback scene and the i love you too KILLED ME! why did she have to die? Emily lost her real sister today… RIP Amanda

    • Santa says:

      I agree! Great episode!!!

  2. iMember says:

    One of the BEST episodes of the entire show. Tonight’s episode was fantastic! It made me smile, it made me laugh, and oh my gosh did it make me cry at the end. It was certainly a worthy payoff.

    I think everyone can rejoice now that the Stowaway plot is officially done as well.

    More than anything, Emily is going to go HARDCORE with her revenging now more than ever after this. And wow did the writers really make the Graysons back to their original form and this time giving us more light into just how things happened in the past with her father.

    A++++++ episode!

  3. Leondre says:

    I give it a 10/10. It was fantastic!

  4. megan says:

    FINALLY. Now can it PLEASE return back to being awesome?

  5. Drew Herring says:

    Definitely not up to par with last year’s midseason climax, but a fun episode nontheless. I wished with all my might that Jack would’ve gotten the axe instead of Amanda. For some odd reason, I just could NOT get emotionally invested into this episode. It felt super rushed, and they made it so obvious as to which main was going to die. I hope this sets up an interesting rest-of-the-season. Kim, loved your comment “strip club in the sky”!!! Lol!

    P.S. I know the Oscars are coming on, along with the premiere of “Red Widow”, but I’m EXTREMELY sick of abc going on a “mini-hiatus” with their Sunday lineups.

    • luli says:

      Definitely not up to par with last year’s mid season climax?! WHATT¿?!?!? did we even watch the same episode? This episode was breathtaking and heartbreaking and way better than the one in season 1.

      • Drew Herring says:

        Don’t get me wrong, it was really good! But it just didn’t feel the same as last season’s. Even though we knew it wasn’t going to be Daniel who died, everything about the engagement party felt so elegant and had that “whodunit” mystery feel to it. Tonight’s episode was great!

        • Nope. This episode was much better because they made us actually like and feel some sort of attachment to Amanda. They completely changed her character into a good person who we were kind of rooting for. Tyler was really crazy and entertaining but no one felt emotionally attached to him. They made us believe it was Daniel (which would have been much better) but let us down. Like last year, I already predicted it would be Amanda. I was actually much sadder Amanda died because she sacrificed herself to save her only family, Jack and Emily.

          • Oh I agree with you. I think most really learned to care for Amanda as planned. Mike had said earlier in the year we would have some feelings for her. And it was just enough to make it GREAT! And yes she absolutely saved Jacks life. He would have been dead had she not gotten him out of there. I watched Season 1 four times and each Ep twice Season 2, this was the best and just think we will have season finaly coming up! (-; Gonna be hard to top this.. I’m so addicted..wearing my double infinity ring.. hahaha~

      • Therese says:

        Best episode ever.

    • Alichat says:

      I think it was better than last season’s big death reveal. It had much more emotional punch.

    • bdwhat says:

      I was hoping Jack would die; Emily and Jack have no chemistry. ;P

      • vedder says:

        I agree about the “no chemistry” but I am glad he didn’t die.

        • I feel like they had so much chemistry when they first met and in the first half of season one then it all went to hell! They barely see each other and when they do, it feels forced and it’s like Emily’s always in a rush or they have a two second conversation. Before, they had long glances and double meanings in their conversations where they were both denying their feelings. Ugh another relationship ruined!

      • Mahalo says:

        I think they out-grew each other the show finale made me think it was to much of an easy ending to the show.

    • Alexis says:

      Really?? Calm down this episode was great and choosing Amanda over Jack you should have known that was a lose lose. Emily is going to get her happy ending with Jack she deserves it.

    • ellen8 says:

      FYI. ABC has pilot Red Widow on line to watch now. Don’t have to wait til Sunday.

  6. sammy says:

    nolan rushes pale porter to shore, not jack

  7. jonbua says:

    And what is up with that promo? Emily better not hurt Charlotte! Amanda had actually grown on me! Sad ending… Uh, hopefully the show gets so very good for the rest of the season.

  8. N says:

    I loved Amanda! Why not kill off Declan? Or Aidan? Hope she’s back as a ghost! ;-P

    • Robin says:

      Not Aiden either!! He and Amanda have a lot to help each other with but I bet he falls for the other harlot while helping her find her father and take down the initiative!! Declan and Jack have to play out the family thing for awhile to work the loss of Amanda. I was hoping it wold be Daniel to get him out of the hell he doesn’t deserve, yet!

    • Because Jack already lost his dad, his dog and his wife as well as his business and his boat lol. That’s way too much loss already.

  9. Lynne says:

    Great episode!!! And this will sound heartless to most I’m sure, but so glad that Fauxmanda is gone!!!! Long time coming with that one! Doubt Jack will die though. The show only does one major character death a season, last year was Tyler and this year Fauxmanda. Next year… Ashley perhaps?

  10. Linda says:

    “Jack rushes the pale Porter to shore and the hospital” …so Jack rushes himself to the hospital? :D

  11. Ana says:

    I am not happy that faux-Amanda was killed. She’s one of.the characters I enjoyed the most. I guess they had to.get her out of the way to make way for the Jake/Amanda pairing bit still… Emily/real Amanda should stay with Aiden who really gets and accepts her. Faux Amanda could have stayed with Jack. It was very emotional to see real Emily save Amanda but I’m not happy she’s gone. At all… Well, maybe now the initiative storyline and presence can be sent into the eternal sea of forgetfulness…

  12. Ana says:

    I have to add, it was one of.the best episodes although every time Padma came up I was just thinking about what a waste of time that story is. Hope is concluded soon. Also, while I enjoyed the episode I also found myself incredulous at the many flawed plot points. Definitely had to suspend disbelief to enjoy it.

    • Drew Herring says:

      Agreed! I kept picking apart all the flaws (Em & Nolan just happened to run into Jack? He could’ve drifted afar and there’s not a “straight route” to Nantuk..). They should’ve had the death on land so the producers wouldn’t have to rely on so much CGI/green screen.

    • I also didn’t care for the Grayson storyline. I just wanted to watch the boat the whole time lol. I wonder what’s going to happen now that the Initiative thinks Amanda killed Helen… Will they go after Jack?

  13. ChrisGa says:

    I hated her at the outset, but I came to greatly appreciate the unpredictability of Fauxmanda; you never knew what the girl was thinking or what she was gonna do next. She was a far more interesting character than Jack, Declan, Charlotte or Ashley, any one–or hell, two or three–of whom would’ve been better cannon fodder. Frankly, anyone outside of Emily, Victoria, Nolan and Conrad are dispensible in my book(though Aiden continues to grow on me).

  14. kees says:

    Unless they recover her body from the water, I will not be convinced she’s dead.

  15. Alichat says:

    Bravo Revenge! I like it when I am surprised! I did not think they would see that through since their track record with leaving pivotal characters dead is pretty weak, but I think that we can safely say that Faux is dead. I am genuinely sad. I liked her character. I really thought that we were going to see Nolan pull up at the last minute and Faux would be saved as well. I’m ready to see Em go crazy on the Greyson’s again. And I’m guessing Daniel will know they had something to do with Fauxmanda’s death since Victoria spouted that last line about her not knowing who she’s crossed.

  16. luli says:

    The end of the episode was just too much for me. The flashback between Emily and Amanda, Emily saying “I love you too”, and Amanda dying in her arms was just too much! RIP Amanda, you’ll be missed at least by me :'(

  17. anil says:

    Super super heart breakingly sad. I hated her when she first came but she improved to be a cool character as season 2 went along :( But I’m so stoked that the real revenge/revengeful Emily is coming back!

  18. anil says:

    If the rating demo doesn’t go up to at least 2.2, I’ll be pissed!

    • Drew Herring says:

      No way!!! They just had a 1.2 (not quite sure exactly) rating, I doubt they’d bounce back into the 2s just like that. As much as we want them to, I don’t think it’s possible at this point. Especially with The Walking Dead back on air..

      • ZmaX says:

        It got a 1.4 last week, I do hope it increases but yeah, a 2.0 might be difficult. As long as it increases, a bit i’ll be happy and hopefully this will bring back more viewers for the next episode. Unfortunately, there is another 2 week break, which will hurt the momentum of the show. Best of Luck, this show deserves better ratings, the viewers need to give it a second chance, it definitely redeemed itself with this episode.

        • MikeyM says:

          How fickle the public is. They have already abandoned a show that yes, has been a bit shaky this year, but is still a lot of fun.

    • ellen8 says:

      Network should change Revenge’s time slot !!

  19. Paul Penna says:

    They should be able to tell whether the finger came from a live person or a dead body.

    Thank you for teaching me that, Dexter.

    I kinda figured Jack was safe when they revealed that Nate was wearing a wedding ring, you know, I hope they eventually do off a member of the main cast rather than just supporting players.

    Yeah, the main characters are great, but there is very little suspense when you know that they’re not really at risk.

    • Drew Herring says:

      YES. YES. YES. Amanda dying was sad, but no surprising. Last year, they had us believe (eventually most fans were right in it being Tyler) that Daniel was going to die, which was fun because no one knew how ballsy this show was. But, Mike Kelley seems to have a “deeper connection” to his characters than his suspenseful writing abilities. Maybe the season finale will prove us wrong?…

      • me says:

        Ballsy? Mike Kelley wimped out the first season. once the show was renewed it became a disaster.

      • ZmaX says:

        Mike Kelly himself said that this “mid-season death” was going to be emotional vs last season’s shocking death. It wasn’t supposed to be twist or anything.

        This death is much better in my opinion, because it makes a bigger impact on Emily and her plans of revenge. It will move the show in the direction the fans have been demanding.

  20. Jon says:

    Sad that Amanda died, she was one of my favorites, I wish jack had died instead. It was heartbreaking with the flashback, Amanda dying in Emily’s arms, and my god Emily Van Camp’s crying just WOW. Atleast Emily will truly go back to exacting revenge on the Graysons not just for her dad’s death but now Amanda’s death as well. Regarding the promo for the next episode maybe Emily will turn Charlotte against her parents and somehow make her realize all the stuff they’ve done. It would really make Charlotte interesting and Emily could work with her other sister now that Amanda’s dead. Now if only ABC didn’t put the show on another hiatus.

  21. tracy84 says:

    I didn’t like Fauxmanda either but she did grow on me. I am an Emily/Jack fan so I wanted Fauxmanda to die but I found that I was sad after she did. I know it was necessary to put Emily/Jack together but it was still sad. Very well done. She died a hero which is something I would never call her character before. RIP Fauxmanda.

  22. Sara says:

    I didn’t expect Fauxmanda’s death to be so depressing and heartbreaking. Never cared a bunch for her until the last couple of episodes but they did the scene well. Loved that it was just Emily and Amanda, alone…just like how they started.

    • luli says:

      Yeah, they did an amazing job with the last minutes of the episode… Amanda going back for the necklace Emily gave her back on juvi, the flashback, the promise Emily made to a dying Amanda, the “I love you too”, and then Amanda dying on her arms… RIP AMANDA

    • ellen8 says:

      Agree – Faux Amanda was not endearing at all last season. I doubted her loyalty to Emily at every turn but she proved to be a trusting companion in their efforts. The show did a great job slowly developing Faux A to become someone we trusted and learned to love. She proved invaluable to Emily but I assume Em can take it from her with her trusted sidekicks, Aiden and Nolan.

    • Exactly how I felt. Fauxmanda was a plotting lying snake and I intensely disliked her and yet in her death scene I was bawling. Particularly when I realized what this was going to do to Emily. This guilt is going to be like a ton of bricks on her heart. She may go freaking crazy trying to get revenge now.

  23. Chicago Dan says:

    Goodbye, Revenge. Fauxmanda was the best character on the how, bar none. Someone who could kick butt and served as a reality check for Emanada. I stuck it out through this crapstastic season – only the last two episodes were worth anything. REV chooses to keep that loser Declan over Fauxmanda? No thanks.

  24. tracy84 says:

    As for the Graysons I find that Daniel has become as bad as his parents. He went along with framing Amanda for Helen’s death to protect the family and their assets. By this point he knows how dangerous the initiative are and it’s pretty clear if they felt they had an enemy they would eliminate them. So he basically went along with sacrificing an “innocent” mother to save his own a**. I hope that when he finds out Amanda is dead that he truely believes them framing her was the cause. He needs to be eaten with guilt for his selfish choices. I can’t wait til Emily/Nolan/ and my guess eventually Jack take down all the Grayson’s, including Daniel. They all belong in prison or the grave. Also Jack knows that Conrad sent the guy after them cuz he said so so I think Jack will start his own revengenda and eventually merge with Nolan/Emily.

    • Don’t forget Charlotte! I’m sure once she finds out what happened and everything they’ve done to her father and Emily, she’s going to take them down. Even if she didn’t die on that boat, she would have eventually gotten killed by the Initiative for that information she has over them and the planted evidence.

  25. May says:

    OMFG. Amazing. This episode and The Good Wife’s have been their best this season.

    I agree that this episode was better than the one last year. I mean, someone who we care about (love or hate) died. And I’m glad that this sets up the Graysons as the absolute cowards and bastards they are (including Daniel) and after Emily finds out that Conrad sent Nate and they incriminated Helen’s murder on Amanda, she’s going to go INSANE.

    Thank you TV Gods, a really great Sunday.

  26. Oh God, such a beautiful episode. It made the entire season worth it. I’ve never sobbed so hard over a TV show. This episode really did justice to Amily’s tragic story and combined so many elements (music, cinematography, flashbacks) to make it as gutwrenching as possible. RIP Amanda Clarke.

    Revenge will always be one of my favourite TV shows and episodes like this show why.

  27. RTM says:

    I think it too convenient that Amanda’s body was “lost at sea”. Takeda rescued her and my guess is she will be back by the end of season 3.

  28. kavyn says:

    I so would have rather had Jack die than Fauxmanda, I’m really going to hate this whole “brothers taking care of a baby” thing that those characters are now going to be forced into.

    But it was an amazing episode, and really well done. All the storylines were done phenomenally. I know I said I wasn’t going to tune in anymore with Fauxmanda gone but… I might have changed my mind lol. I’ll give it to the end of the season and see what happens with the characters, but if it continues to be like it has been for season 2A then I’m probably going to stop watching in season 3.

  29. Juan says:

    RIP fauxmanda, she was great and can’t believe she is gone, will be missed for sure.

  30. Chloe says:

    So very sorry that they killed off Amanda. I didn’t like her at first but as time went by, she became one of my favorites. I think it was a mistake to kill her off; she was a great character who would get what she wanted, no matter what she had to do to get it. And now, we’re going to be stuck with Emily hanging around boring Jack, boring Declan & a crying baby. Oh, joy – not.

  31. tracy84 says:

    Did anyone else catch that the body the divers found on the boat was wearing a wedding ring. That body had to be Nate’s cuz Fauxmanda is floating out in the ocean somewhere. Does this mean we are going to have to deal with a revenge seeking wife later? I hope not. That storyline needs to be over.

    • AT says:

      He was wearing a wedding ring. I actually excitedly texted as much to my sister when he first popped up with his gun in the Porters faces.

  32. Charlotte needs to accept her birth right as a Clarke and take down the Graysons. I know Emily will manipulate her and tell her all sorts of things about her family to turn her against them. She was always better than all of them. Daniel had the chance but he ruined it. He’s just as deserving to go down than his parents. I can’t even wait.

  33. Riah says:

    I’m so sad Fauxmanda died. I liked her chacter (I know in the minority). Glad to see that Emily will be back on track going after the Graysons (although hate that they’re making Daniel as bad as Victoria and Conrad, I’m totally team Daniel and Emily) of course with Fauxmanda dead they writers will be shoving Jack and Emily down our throats again. Would have been an utterlly amazing ep if Jack would have died (IMO him and his brother or worthless and show would be great to dump them both). Bring on Emily and her sharpie, now she’s got dead that she loved from the Grayson’s hand.

  34. luli says:

    Kim, you do the best recaps here on tvline. thank you, i always laugh out loud with what you write. :)

  35. Ronnie says:

    Can’t believe they killed Faux-Amanda!! I loved how unpredictable she was. But now that she is dead and the Graysons have directed the Initiative in her direction, where does all that go now? Can’t believe that we have to wait another 3 weeks.

  36. ZmaX says:

    about Padma getting her Dad’s thumb in a box, I’m pretty sure a medical examiner can figure out if a person was still alive when the finger was cut off. But that was still a bit confusing, and personally a package like that makes me think the person is dead, but idk what ever floats the Initiative’s boat…woops, bad choice of words. RIP Amanda :(

    • Lorilei says:

      I don’t think they will take the thumb to a medical examiner. How would they explain that?

    • tripoli says:

      Cnsidering that no one seemed to demand real proof of date in regards to the video of Aiden’s sister, I doubt they’re going to do much to confirm. Seriously guys, you just take the word of the crazy woman who’s involved in the kidnapping/murder of your sister? So dumb.

  37. Quinn Mallory says:

    FauxManda dying was a bit too obvious imho, but they did do a pretty good job for her death. I also like how this death would possibly push Emily on her path for revenge. The whole having FauxManda going back for the necklace that Emily have her was just both stupid and sweet.

    • Drew Herring says:

      Agreed. Even with spoilers, it just felt like the writers cornered themselves into a wall and this was the only way out; get rid of The Stowaway plot, while cleaning up Helen’s murder by putting it on a dead Amanda Clarke. Now hopefully this show will go back to the fun proverbial backstabbing and manipulating others. Cheers to the only good episode worth watching this season!

  38. sb says:

    I was hoping Ashley would have made her way on the boat somehow and was tied up in the closet when it blew up. Other than that – loved it!

  39. MaryAnn says:

    I absolutely loved this episode! We clearly know now that Emily does indeed have feelings still, and that she loves her foster sister and she loves Jack (whether as a childhood friend or in a romantic sense wasn’t resolved, and doesn’t need to be resolved at this point). We see Emily refocused on revenge against the Graysons and against the Initiative. When the series continues, Emily’s going to have no reason any longer to hold Daniel as any different from his parents, and the camps are going to have become more clearly focused with Charlotte and Jack clearly on Emily’s side in wanting revenge against those responsible for Fauxmanda’s murder and Jack’s attempted murder, and Padma has turned out to actually be on Nolan’s side after all. This epsiode was little short of genius, I am really looking forward to the rest of the season, and the direct fallout from everything that happened this week!

  40. Jojo says:

    I’m going to spoil the show for you guys: Ashley is the head of the Initiative and behind everything! She blew up the plane and killed David Clarke!

  41. rty123 says:

    If Revenge ends with Emily playing happy family with Jack and Carl, I will ask Mike Kelley for damages in terms of waste of my time.

    • Dalice says:

      THIS. That would be the biggest waste of my time ever! I hopped of the Jack boat after the first episode. He’s such a dweeb. He reminds me of Luke from Gilmore Girls, except I liked Luke a LOT better. I just don’t think Jack is written very well. His character is a dull idiot. I’m only miffed about the death of Fauxmanda because of that very scenario of Emanda-Jack-Carl happy ever after. No. Freakin. Thanks. (And why has Daniel drifted further into the background? He is still a major player if they write it right.)

      • Deme says:

        Just the thought of Emily ending up with this drip makes me want to bail on this show. The idea might have seemed good on paper but it’s not translating on screen. They are so mismatched as characters and especially the actors. No chemistry whatsoever.

    • Deme says:

      Big waste of time. Since this is suppose to be a reimaging of The Count of Monte Cristo, I hope he sticks with the book for the ending.

  42. greysfan says:

    BEST EPISODE of the series. Wow. Amanda dieing i really didn’t think they would do it. This is going to be an awesome rest of the season.

  43. Amelia says:

    And I was really getting invested in Amanda too. RIP Amanda you grew on me and the world. AMEN

    • bigdede says:

      Yes she did. I fell in love with that girl. Anyone willing to burn down a house, shot someone, shank someone, etc for family is great in my book. I loved that she didn’t plot, she actually went and did the hurtin! I still don’t understand why we have to endure Ashley but Amanda is gone. I guess the writers needed Emily to have a reason to focus back on the Greyson’s again.

  44. GM says:

    really good episode,but Fauxmanda’s death didnt really make me cry. I mean it was sad, but at the end of the day she was Living the life Emily wanted.. to be with Jack, marry him and have a child/children with him… and that poor sucker still thinks that she was the real Amanda from his childhood.

  45. Gio86 says:

    Really good episode of Revenge, it was one of the very best they have done. So emotional, so strong! Definitely a game changer!

  46. ollie says:

    now are they going to get rid of the other brother too. wont miss fauxmanda at all and why did she spill to nate about the real amanda agenda? at the end with both on raft had flashback to titanic and wanted the real amanda to ask where was the labtop. hate that daniel has turned into his parents.

  47. Gillian says:

    Loved it. The death of Amanda sets up so much revenge-y drama to come. I know a lot of viewers see Jack & Emily as end-game and they may well be but I really like Emily & Aiden together. He knows who she really is. Just like Em’s relationship with Nolan, her relationship with Aiden is also genuine and beautiful. I think Emily needs that to ground her.

    • Gina says:

      Agree 100% with Gillian…Luv Emily with Aiden!!

    • It’s not so much whether WE see Jack and Emily as it is the writers see them as Endgame. It’s been pretty much established that they do. They have been pretty clear about that. If they aren’t endgame I’d be shocked senseless. Not that I’m totally supportive of the idea. The writers have been clear that they will never get them together until Jack knows the truth about Emily and I’m sure that is going to be world ending for him. Since he is pretty much the only decent human being on this show (I love Nolan but he participates in some SHADEY things) I hate to think of him being exposed to the vicious world that Emily lives in

  48. ollie says:

    and I still dont trust padma.

  49. NCSouthernBelle says:

    Was anyone else reminded of the scene in Titanic when Rose finally let go of Jack’s body when Emily let go of Amanda’s body?

    Also soooo over the Padma nonsense. She brings nothing to the table but distracts Nolan from participating in more interesting story lines like he did last season.

  50. Mary-Anne says:

    It would be REALLY good if they could leave these continuing shows on for more than 2 weeks at a time. I’m tiring of these long breaks between shows. They should change the night of Revenge so that there won’t be so many other tv specials to interfere.

    • JEst says:

      22 episodes air over the course of 36 weeks. Three months off no new episodes, regardless of the night or how they are separated, is a given.