Revenge Dead Pool: Guess Who's a Goner

Death visits Revenge once more this Sunday (ABC, 9/8c), and it looks like someone’s going to end up on the bottom of the ocean. The mystery at hand: Which Hamptonite (or Hamptonites) are likely to meet an untimely end?

From fan faves Jack and Amanda to polarizing Padma, we’ve broken down the likely suspects in handy photo-gallery form, complete with some reasons why their respective untimely demises would ultimately benefit the addictive drama.

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And yes, we know that all of our picks don’t necessarily take into account the floating hand we saw in the season opener — but because the soapy drama is the master of misdirection, we’re OK with being a little flexible.

Browse the deadly lineup below, then hit the comments with your predictions: Who do you think won’t make it out of this week’s Revenge alive?