Tony Goldwyn Discusses Scandal's Heartbreaking Twist: 'I Literally Couldn't Speak the Words'

TONY GOLDWYNIf you think it’s hard watching Scandal‘s Olivia Pope get the hook, try being the guy breaking the fierce fixer’s heart.

When last we tuned into the sophomore ABC drama, President Fitzgerald Grant (played by Tony Goldwyn) was dealt two blows — first with the discovery that his road to the White House took a very sketchy detour. But in tandem with that, he realized that the love of his life was among the election-rigging scheme team.

Oh, and also during that very bad day he ushered a frail Supreme Court Justice to her death, to boot.

TVLine spoke with POTUS’ portrayer about his first (and difficult) reading of that dynamics-changing script, the “devastating” actions of she whom Fitz had put on “the highest pedestal,” and the Season 2 scene that has surprised him the most.

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TVLINE | We’re coming off quite an episode. What do you think raced through Fitz’s head when Verna revealed to him the truth about the election rigging?
It was, I think, a three-part reaction. Maybe four parts. First, it was complete shock at what she was saying to him, because at first he thought she was in her delirium. When he does realize what she’s saying, the realization that Olivia Scandal_FitzVernawas involved is absolutely crushing for him because, you know… he “gets” Mellie. And he’s not terribly shocked that Cyrus is an opportunist, even though he’s deeply hurt and disappointed. But Olivia is someone who Fitz had put on a pedestal — the highest pedestal, really. She is someone he came to rely on as a reflection of the best part of himself or the man that he aspired to be, which was the antithesis of his father. So her having betrayed him in that way invalidates everything for him and confirms his worst fears, in a sense, about himself. If she is corrupt, then everything loses all meaning. And that’s absolutely devastating.

TVLINE | And the way Verna drove the dagger in a bit further, with the comment about his father….
When Verna says, “I owed it to your father” to tell you the truth… That’s a moment where he, for me, was first saying, “[My father] wins. He was right about me,” and I think the bottom falls out of his life. And when I walk to the [hospital room] door, in that moment I think he has the opposite reaction. He sort of feels, “I’m not going to let [my father] win. He’s not going to beat me. I made a commitment to be something, to do this job right. And this was not my decision to steal [the election].” I think he believes he could have won it, maybe, and he’s not going to let Verna, this sort of surrogate for his father, take him down — so he makes this insane decision to kill her.

TVLINE | Actors, of course, can be very protective of their characters. What was your reaction when you heard for the first time that Fitz would end Verna’s life?
We got this script very late; I don’t think any of us got it before the table read. So when we sat down to read it out loud together and I got to the scene that precedes that — at Verna’s funeral, when Olivia comes up to me and says, “I will wait for you Fitz. I’ll wait as long as you need,” and I turn to her and say, “Oh yeah, about that; I changed my mind” — I was completely shocked. I literally couldn’t speak the words. I couldn’t figure out where that came from because [it preceded the flashback to Verna’s reveal]. As far as I knew, the last time I spoke to Liv, I said, “Wait for me,” and suddenly coming out of my mouth are these words that are the antithesis of what I’ve felt. I somehow forced the words out and [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes] looked at me and mouthed, “It’s going to be OK, don’t worry.” Scandal_0207_Olitz_DWAnd then the scene came up, the scene with Verna that followed, and I realized, “Oh my God, I’m going to kill her.” I was shocked by that, but I was less shocked than I was by my reversal with Liv. I couldn’t process that. I had, like, a literal and physical reaction.

TVLINE | I wanted to ask about that funeral scene. Up until then, every scene between you and Kerry Washington was either simmering or boiling over. Was it kind of odd for you two to do your first scene where it was just ice cold?
Because I didn’t understand what was informing it, reading it was really bizarre. But actually doing it wasn’t so hard for me because I had the context of how much her betrayal meant to me. Kerry would have a very different perspective on this, but for me, at that moment, Fitz feels that’s he’s been completely used by her, that everything he attributed to her was phony and she was no different from the rest of them and all of her protestations of loving him and blaming him and being a victim of him, and the Sally Hemmings business, was all bulls–t. That she really wanted him president because she wanted to trade on that power. I suddenly saw her as the worst kind of political opportunist who, sure, in one sense, can say she was in love with me, but she wasn’t in love with me. She was using me. Remember that scene where we touch the Constitution and I say, “It’s everything” and she says, “It’s everything. It’s a new world”? To connect in terms of our political ideals was so profound for him, and to have that betrayed was the worst thing that could possibly happen.

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TVLINE | Adding to the bittersweetness of the funeral scene was the look Olivia was giving Fitz as she said, “I’ll wait for you.” Her eyes were like saucers and so full of hope. She had this new outlook on a future she had thought impossible just a few scenes prior.
I know. And she’d always been the opposite. I’d always been the one fighting for her and she was pushing me away constantly, so to all of a sudden have that switched…. It’s brilliantly written. In a way, it’s so easy to play because the writing was so good. And now I’m fascinated to see where this is going to go, because I don’t know — how do they reconnect?TONY GOLDWYN, BELLAMY YOUNG

TVLINE | Meanwhile, where do things stand with Mellie and Fitz in this Thursday’s episode, picking up 10 months later?
You know, it’s not good. You’ll see this week. It ain’t good. He said, “You’re all I’ve got…. You’re the only one who has always been honest about who you are,” and I think that he credits her with that. They try to make it work. They do try, but it’s very, very difficult and I think that sends Fitz into a real tailspin. He’s very depressed, so it’s not going to be easy with Mellie.

TVLINE | The one confrontation we didn’t see was with Cyrus. How are things between the president and his chief of staff?
Fitz boxes Cyrus out. This is never explained, but for me, he has to keep Cyrus close because he can’t fire him, because he knows too much. If Cyrus were to turn against him, that would be very bad, so he has to control Cyrus. Fitz is in a very tough place right now.

TVLINE | Out of Season 2 to date, which scene or moment has surprised you the most?
The one I mentioned [above]. That scene in the church when I tell Olivia I’ve changed my mind, and I say that mean thing to her about how sleeping with my mistress is one thing, but marrying her is another. That really shocked me.

TVLINE | Your next TV directing gig is with Scandal, right?
I’m going to be directing Scandal next month. At the moment, it’s supposed to be Episode 20. That’s not in stone, but I think it’s going to be 20.

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  1. anon says:

    That episode was so unbelievably sad. Tony crushed my heart in the scene with Olivia and with Verna. Come back to the light, Fitz!

  2. Melinda says:

    No I love the story that marriage won out in the end. Maybe in the far future Fitz and Olivia can come back to each other but now I was really happy with that episode. They both had unrealistic expectations of each other. Plus it sent Scandal back to the case per episode format which I really enjoyed from season one.

    • Doris Bell says:

      As a Catholic, I believe that marriage is “till death do us part.” And there were three children to consider. It was up to them to work it out. For what it’s worth, I believe that Mellie loved Fitz in her own way.

      • Brenda says:

        SO Fitz and Mellie should stay together despite the fact he is clearly in love with another person. Despite the fact that they are clearly unhappy together, Fitz and Mellie had a dead marriage before Olivia even entered the picture. I don’t see how these two staying together does anything for their children seeing their parents constantly unhappy and fighting.

        That is not good for the children, Fitz and Mellie ought to divorce, Olivia or not but this being a show I know thats not going to happen/ but it should down the road.

        • Antoinette says:

          I’m married, a Christian, and I fully agree! It’s 2013, and folks get divorced! And people who are in love, get together!!!

      • Angel says:

        Did Mellie consider her three children when she said she would bury their father? Did she consider her last child when she had the doctor induce labor a month early for her own benefit? Yes these are all characteristics of a ’till death do us part’ situation. The love story is Fitz and Olivia not Mellie and Fitz

      • Me says:

        Mellie was not concerned when she was complicit in the affair.
        I understand the whole Catholic thing and marriage. Hey sometimes you have to do what you gotta do. If it is not working out you have to let it go.

      • Donotgetyourvaluesfromtvshows says:

        People it,s a SHOW..Keep your moral view to yourself.go watch TV LAND.Fitz & Liv FOREVER.

      • Jaki says:

        Mellie loves Fitz’s POSITION and the perks that she is afforded as the First Lady.

        There was a scene in the car when she asked Fitz to forgive her and she began to admit, “We were never…but we were always partners.” They were never LOVERS, they were always partners. There was another scene after Fitz usher Verna to her destiny when he asked Mellie if she loved him. He had to ask her more than once. He finally had to rephrase the question and ask, “Do you love me enough to be on my side?” He is aware that she is an opportunist which is why he turned to her. It was hard for Fitz to accept what Cyrus and Liv did to him, but not Mellie because he has come to expect if from her. Mellie is what she is and Fitz knows and accepts the fact that Mellie is deceitful and she will go to any length to get what she wants; including ruining him if he tries to leave her. Mellie gave up her law career for Fitz to run for Governor and President, now she wants what she thinks she deserves.

    • hlh says:

      The marriage may have “won out” but not for the right reasons; so basically, it’s still a very bad marriage and he still doesn’t love her (nor she him). They stayed with each other out of desperation and political ambition. If there was a sense that they stayed together because of feelings for each other or family or something along those lines, then I would agree with the marriage “won out” thing. But true, it is impossible for Liv and Fitz to be together too early in the series. They have to drag it out to keep everyone interested.

  3. I think not only did Fitz break Olivia’s heart, he broke his own saying that. He needs to accept that she’s flawed just like everyone else though before he can truly be happy with her. And he will be happy with her, he has to be.

  4. GS says:

    This is without a doubt my favorite show right now! I honestly did not see that coming with Fitz but loved it! Verna went out swinging and I hate that she did that to Olivia but it made for great tv. Cannot wait to see where this is all going. I also could not believe that Cyrus was so power hungry he almost had James killed!!! If that’s his love, I don’t want any part of it…lol. I loved when he told James that he would have been a great President but had to settle b/c he knew people would never be ok with the fact he was gay (I’m totally paraphrasing). This cast is so awesome!

    • Doris Bell says:

      I don’t believe he almost had James killed because he was power hungry. I think he did it because he didn’t want to go to prison. He was (1) older, (2) gay, and (3) the president’s chief of staff. I can only imagine the hell it could be for him unless he was in one of those “country club” prisons, and even then. . .

      • eileen says:

        It was so much more than that! It was to protect the fairy tale of America, as he had said before. If it got out that they stole the White House it would destroy the beautiful illusion of our government and it would cause total chaos. The repercussions would be long lasting and incredibly damaging to far more than the few involved..

  5. bmarie3668 says:

    Ep.213 was the hardest show to watch. My heart felt like it was breaking for Olivia. Verna thought only of her own legacy. I hope Olivia/Fitz reunite. Love always finds a way.

    • LeftonPost says:

      @bmarie. It was SO heartbreaking. I know the writers think it’s best to shake things up all the time, but it’s hard when you invest in a character or a love story and it all falls apart in one episode. People want to see couples stay together. If not in real life, then most definitely on television. That’s why we watch.

  6. kai says:

    Fitz and Mellie don’t belong together and I’m starting to lose interest.

    • lauren says:

      LMAO. OK….

    • I’m with you Kai. I was so angry that night that I vowed to stop watching. I also like House of Cards. That’s a brutal political show starring Kevin Spacey. I just hate it that Fitz is now a murderer. This truly changes things for me. What is Shonda thinking?

      • kai says:

        She’s not thinking that’s the problem. I’ll watch a couple more episodes but if this Fitz and Mellie garbage continues I’m OUT.

        • anon says:

          You do realize the only reason he’s “back” with Mellie is that she’s a snake and he knows it? Mellie is the least of the Fitz/Olivia problems, I think. He doesn’t love her, the marriage is back to it was before the campaign, and that’s not a good place. People here who actually root for it as a love match are ridiculous. The best thing that you can say about their marriage is that it was a political partnership and that if they sat down and talked about what they really wanted, they might be able to get out of it with good graces and political capital.

          • Plum says:

            Plus Fitz is angry at Olivia so the best way to get back at her is to go back to scheming Mellie. Don’t forget too, after the head injury he’s loopy and he commited homicide. I love that people are more concerned about the breakup than the murder! C’mon, we know that Fitz and Olivia will make up.

        • Joe says:

          It’s a nighttime soap people! Happy people in love is boring , he is also the president he dosnt divorce the First Lady to marry his mistress ,

          • Kay Omit says:

            Like Cyrus said they are not french so Fitz can divours the first Lady and marry his mistress Liv.Not on America.

        • cuius says:

          Yeah, they should be a real presidential family – him playing golf all day, and her at the dressmakers – enough of this dramatic stuff.

        • barbara young says:

          I feel the same, what’s up with these writers?? They want your input, then when you give it to them,they do the exact opposite. Everyone loves “olitz” but they just gotta find a way to mess it up. Now here comes Scott Foley for Liv, how many guys is Liv gonna sleep with? DAMN!

      • Susie J says:

        I HATE that they made Fitz a murderer too, don’t care if they blame the head injury, there’s just no way back from that for Fitz. And after last night’s episode I’m thinking Olivia is an idiot.
        So I think I’m out.

    • hazel says:

      get over urself, its only a show a wonderful one at that, but it’s not set in stone and anything can happen, that’s what makes it so intriguing

    • SOKOLATA says:

      Fitz and Mellie are not going to be together. Fitz had 2 reasons for hooking back with Mellie.
      1 – Because he wanted to hurt Olivia
      2 – To keep her close because he is affraid of what she is capable of.

  7. David P. Graf says:

    This isn’t a reality based show. It’s a character driven show and as long as their actions match what we know of them, then Shonda hasn’t jumped the shark. I loved last week’s episode.

  8. Mary burch says:


  9. Plum says:

    Olivia helped Fitz get elected, because she wanted to give him that victory over his father. But she didn’t get that Fitz could have lost but he’d at least have gotten to be with Olivia. They never let him win or lose on his own. Plus keeping that huge of a secret, plus that she joined the others in assuming he couldn’t win on his own, youch. It makes the show better to have these titanic shifts and so much at stake.

    • SOKOLATA says:

      Totally agree. A lot of people expect Soap Opera type writing. Scandal is for gown ups with issues that are not black and white. It challenges your belief in many things and shows that even people with the best intentions have to make not so simple choices. Makes sense when a lot of Scandal involves our judiciary, political and military systems. It also depicts the fluidity of ethics and the role of power. For Mellie and Cy, it didn’t matter how they attained it – but for Fitz, he had to do it on his own. He could have tried to buy it himself through his father, but it would have never been his accomplishment, nor his victory. He had to prove to his father once and for all that he did it!

      The realization that Fitz didn’t do it was crushing along with Verna’s horrific verbal blows about his pampered life. She made him feel like a total loser. If I remember correctly, she called him a punk. So Olivia is lucky Fitz is still in love with her. AFter their closet scene, did anyone notice that he was crying and his chin was quivering?

      I feel like people need to understand that Liv did a bad thing and they are acting like Fitz is the bad guy.. She walked away, but not as emotionally devastated as Fitz is.. Fitz killing Verna means that Liv can move on, he is tuck in purgatory with Mellie.

  10. theOtherMonique says:

    Love you Matt! I think, unless I’m mistaken, there’s an itty bitty typo in your first paragraph. The word “trying” I believe is the issue. XOXO Thanks for the article! I love TVLine’s Scandal fixes!

  11. Me says:

    @Barbara Young
    Hmm.. Olivia has only had sex with 2 guys on the show. Calm down. Fitz in flashbacks and Edison which I am glad we did not see.

    Shonda did this on Grey’s when she broke up Meredith and Derek. She put Derek back with his wife Addison but eventually they did divorce and Derek and Meredith got back together.
    Putting Olivia and Fitz together would kill the show. Give it some time it will happen though.

  12. Allison says:

    Ok. Calling Olivia his mistress is insult to the fans of the show? Really? What would be the correct word? I recall Edison not only using that word but raising his voice at her. Was that ok? Anyway, I would still like to know what the correct word is but keep in mind, this is TV and the show is Scandal not Morals.

    • Joe says:

      Ok, he is married ( not happily but married) Olvia knew that before she started to sleep with him yet she decided to sleep with him, I don’t know what else to call her except mistress , because that’s is what she is and yes I watch and I’m a fan of the show ,

    • Me says:

      It was insult to fans because in Season 1 when Olivia called herself a mistress. Fitz sternly told her to never call herself a mistress because they both knew better.

      • SOKOLATA says:

        Bingo! Fitz and Mellie’s so called marriage is on paper only for the presidency. He wanted out of there 3 years ago and it is Liv’s fault for not letting him make his choice to walk away. Selfish Cyrus give him this GREAT MEN speech but he never won. I love the Mellie is his wife crew, but wasn’t Mellie sleeping with that Porn/Foot Fetish Dude and that Scandal was almost exposed? Go back to season 1, Mellie was no injured wife. She was cheating long before Fitz fell for liv.

    • shaelyn says:

      Don’t be silly. Liv’ and all of us know what the correct word is. But in Fitz’s idealistic/unrealistic world, that word doesn’t exist. That is what shocked us the most. He doesn’t see her as that, so that he used it, tells us that he is now back to reality. I think that it would be fair to say also, that it is symbolic of him seeing her for the first time for who she really is.

  13. itsmarciibitch says:

    I don’t understand you people who are complaining about Shonda’s writing. This show is excellent; probably the best show currently on TV. If Fitz didn’t go back to Mellie and went ahead and got with Liv, there would no longer be a point to shoot the show anymore. The fight for their love to work between Liv and Fitz is what keeps us interested in the show. The fact that one is always wondering how they will possibly make it passed this and make it through that is why we continue to watch and be thrilled every Thursday! Liv and Fitz will get through this, we all know it. So let Mellie and Fitz have their time; let them remind us that Mellie is no Olivia! Chill, it’ll all work out. Shonda is just taking us on her Shondaland rollercoaster once again!

  14. Andrea says:

    I love Scandal for the politics,even if is fictional. I’m not at all into Olivia/Fitz, nor do I think they are some great “love” story. I also don’t think Fitz and Mellie should stay together either, Mellie is so good at being bad. Bellemy Young is awesome, and I was thrilled with the twist. It turned the show on its ear so that hopefully it won’t turn into some insipid, sappy love story. Forget flowers and hearts. Give me gladiators in suits!

    • Yana says:

      I agree, I haven’t really been a fan of the Fitz/Olivia love story since season 1. I genuinely just like the show and their love story is just an accessory. That cheesy music they play every time they look at each other cracks me up! Maybe it’s because I’m married, but I actually root for Fitz and Mellie. Bellamy Young is a very talented actress and my favorite on the show. In an era where all that’s on tv is a bunch of reality shows I am so glad that Scandal exists! I haven’t been this excited about a show since the original 90210 back in the 90’s!

  15. GS says:

    And I personally can’t wait for Scott Foley to make his appearance regardless of his role. He is just awesome to look at with those gorgeous eyes and I’m glad Shonda is giving him another role since she killed my Henry off of Grey’s!

  16. theOtherMonique says:

    WWWWWOOOOOOWWWW @ tonight’s episode. So much going on but BRAVO TONY GOLDWYN!!! AMAZING RANGE OF EMOTIONS!!! I’m an acting snob and my gosh… just WOW tonight. You’re interpretation was amazing, everything you did made sense and was so powerful! Wow!

  17. Erin Avery says:

    Ditto, ditto Tony Goldwyn gave the performance of his life. And from his comments in the article about his table read, this episode broke his heart as well as his fans. Bravo Tony you made me cry!

  18. Dorisjo says:

    I agree with you. Fitz and Liv fell in love not on purpose, it just happened. With the rigging scheme she was totally against it, and when she went to tell Fitz about it, he told her his father had died. Mellie is the biggest liar, I don,t understand why he would believe anything she says.

  19. petra says:

    I must admit I was surprised about these changes. Keep in mind the fan based that kept this show moving for a season & 1/2. We are totally locked into Olivia and Fitz. It is only within the last month that the show became solid with it’s numbers for it’s time spot. Why risk alienating the fan base.Who have no interest in a Mell/Fitz storyline
    It’s good that the core of the show OPA is back in tow with new clients. We shall see. The show just got it’s legs. Love TG he exudes class,sex appeal and superb acting. Kerry is in a class all by herself…beautuful. Let’s hope the show can last into 2 more seasons.

  20. Cindy22 says:

    After reading some comments about religion and beliefs here, I have to share my thoughts on the love triangle on my favourite TV show ‘Scandal’. I hope my thoughts are not too free and wild to offend anyone.

    Firstly, Mellie is a very selfish person who will gladly sell her soul and the people she claims to love to the devil just to move an inch closer to her goals in life. So when people say she loves Fitz in her own way, it terrifies me. Nobody deserves to be loved that way. People only settle for that kind of love when they know no other kind.

    Secondly, Mellie is not anti-divorce. She was going to divorce Fitz in season 1 when he wouldn’t lie to save his presidency. So way to go with “marriage is till death do us part” and Mellie’s idea of “marriage is for better or worse”. She just won’t divorce him as long as he has the power she craves. It’s a good thing their children are away at school and do not get to build their ideas of marriage on their parent’s sad excuse of one. Their marriage was long dead when the show started. Fitz is dying slowly in that marriage and Mellie is getting the brunt of his frustration. So for God’s sakes, what’s the point of staying married?

    Most importantly, I support true love and people’s chance at real happiness. If Fitz chooses to divorce Mellie and be with Olivia, then that’s a choice he should be allowed to make without anyone’s religion and beliefs making that choice for him. Their children will be fine as long as Mellie doesn’t poison their minds against him (that’s one more mean thing she’s capable of doing).

    Unfortunately, Olitz may have to wait until Fitz’s presidency is over (just to satisfy some people’s double standards) in order to be together publicly. In the meantime, I am going to sit down with my legs crossed, WITHOUT JUDGING, and watch them make this interesting but complicated journey together.

    Olitz shipper to the end.

  21. sassy says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot “hotter than hot”! DVR”d , have watched many times. Don’t let anything happen to Fitz or Liv, just more of the broom closet sex. I normally don’t like cheating spouses but Mellie will be okay. Find her somebody to cheat with! Tony Goldwyn is my new fantasy man! His face is so glorious! He was thinking about Liv while in the shower with Melie? Will never stop watching! Love all the characters, except the new guy, kind of creepy he’s got cameras on Liv! This is Saturday, I can’t wait till Thursday. Please pay attention to us old people, I’m 75, on 2/19/13. I love, love, love this show!

  22. RobinB. says:

    It’s JUST A SHOW people a WONDERFUL SHOW!! Our personal life or morales have nothing 2 do with the show it’s ENTERTAINMENT. Maybe some of you guys have a lil SCANDAL @ home

  23. Deb says:

    Wow! Looks like Mr. President is turning into an alcoholic. Sad. Very sad!

  24. Deb says:

    Dont like how the writers are portraying Olivia now…makes her look trashy and weak! Why would Shonda allow Fitz to keep going to the extreme to hurt Liv?? Everything is cruel and hurtful words to her. Now he see her as his mistress. Really Fitz! I hate that he grabs her when he is upset not a good look even though this is TV. I cant stand watching much more if the storyline continues like this im done watching.

    • theOtherMonique says:

      I think Shonda is expecting her audience to understand the subtext and to also consider things from Fitz’s point of view (not just Olivia’s).

      We know that Fitz will always love Olivia, but he was hurt to his core. The magnitude of his hurt is bigger than “Olivia’s Betrayal” or his girlfriend making a bad decision. He is embarrassed, doubts himself and his future choices as Executive Leader of the United States (major), and always knew that his partner, Mellie didn’t believe he could accomplish anything (of value) on his own without trickery (which is one of the reasons I believe he loses patience for her, while she believes herself to be helping),. This POWERFUL love Fitz seems to have for Olivia comes with a hell of a lot of burdens and expectations, similar to when Abby turned on Olivia when she realized Olivia was not perfect. Olivia seemed pure to him, and fought for him, as far his he knew, not only as a hired gun, but because she BELIEVED in his clean campaign (therefore she BELIEVED in Fitz and his abilities). This was very important, I think, as it helped him to emotionally lean on someone, after all of these years, he thought he could trust. Something he couldn’t do with anyone around him as they were always willing to “break the rules” to get him ahead.

      Fitz’s love seemed very much based in “NEED” and a hunger for unconditional acceptance. He was coping without it for so long, but when presented with it, via a smart, beautiful, and incredibly capable (therefore valuable person) Olivia Pope, he could not live without her affirmation… an affirmation he didn’t receive from his family when growing up, or his new family, with Mellie. After Verna’s confession, Olivia, who had become like “nectar of life” for him, fell from grace. The only person whom he thought believed in him, doesn’t, hence his downward spiral. He is angry and hurt, still in love with Olivia, but doesn’t want to be, which brought us the closet scene. He wants to hurt her as much as she hurt him, but again, he still loves her and [feels like] needs her, he is just in an emotional free-fall. As I said before, Goldwyn’s acting was brilliant as you could see his anger, desperation, hurt, and need for affirmation running across his face in throughout. This is not the first time we are seeing this behavior from Fitz. This behavior is exactly the behavior we witnessed once his father joined his campaign.

      Please also note: Fitz not only saved himself by “letting Verna die”, but he saved Mellie, Cyrus and Olivia. He saved them by doing something he never, in his heart, thought he could do. Something that has changed his idea of who was, an above board politician who wanted the best for the American people, now… he is a murderer BECAUSE of what Cyrus, Mellie and Olivia chose to do. Instead of Olivia protecting him, she participated in his greatest failure. He is now alone, with absolutely no one he can trust.

      As for Olivia, she knew she was wrong. She couldn’t anticipate what Fitz was going to do when he chased her down that hall. I think she might have desperately wanted to explain over the 10 months but wasn’t given the chance, but didn’t anticipate how cold he was going to be. There are different types of love and what Olivia really wanted was a passionate love, which can be explosive and painful. Even without Fitz, Edison would not have been the one… he would have simply been expedient as she would be to him. Edison had, apparently in the past, chosen work over Olivia, where Fitz was ready to give up his presidency for her. Her guilt level MUST be off the charts as she compromised EVERYTHING, including her love of country, for Fitz who is now a true love that she has thrown away. She did betray him, and she knows it. She gave up who she was for him (she became a mistress and her election rigging) and now doesn’t
      know how to move on. She hadn’t “been” with Fitz since Camp David, almost 2 years. She
      desperately “needed” him however she could get him. Her character is not a stereotype, or a
      trope, so we can’t anticipate her motivations especially since we don’t know that much about
      her background. I appreciate the ambiguity of her decision as, in my opinion, it keeps her character 3-dimensional. I am REALLY looking forward to watching this story develops!

      Sorry for the long post, but I just don’t think people are empathizing with Fitz the way, I think, they really need to. Hope this was helpful – sorry if it was long-winded.

      • Cindy22 says:

        You really nailed it with your post. I’ve always seen Olivia as the stronger party in their affair so frankly speaking, I empathize with Fitz more than I do Olivia. It breaks my heart to watch him suffer emotionally, especially in the last two episodes…the shower scene was the hardest for me to watch. I hope they talk about their issues so they can be happy again this season.

        Also, I think Shonda is using Olitz’s time apart to show viewers what Fitz and Mellie’s marriage looks like without Olivia in the picture. And I think it is a brilliant way of showing how dead their marriage is and Olivia is not the one breaking them up.

        Lastly, this is for those who think Olitz closet sex was demeaning. Seriously? Really? We are all watching the same show, right? It was passionate and intense sex which is pretty much expected from lovers who haven’t seen each other in a long, long time.

      • hazel says:

        Best post ever. you really grab the whole concept of what has happened without getting bent out of shape and threatened to stop watching the show bc things are not going ur way. it’s a great show and u get that it’s a show. some of these post that I have read, I really believe that some viewers need therapy. thank you for your post I hope everyone reads it, even though it is long, lol. Like I said best post ever

      • theOtherMonique says:

        Thanks guys. I see I dropped a bunch of words and was changing up tense, but I hope it makes a difference to someone who might have grown cold to Fitz’s character, because it would be a shame to not show empathy to character who is being soooo carefully and beautifully developed for television. I really admire the brilliant writing on this show and the actors really giving their all for us. I love it… @Cindy22 – I think it was a brilliant power move for Shonda to take Olivia out of the picture, as well. We’ll definitely get to see how the Fitz/Mellie relationship develops. @hazel – Thank you so much. I do know what you’re talking about. There is a lot of instant gratification that some seem to require, but my thing is… if you’re an Olitz fan… I just don’t see how these two will not EVENTUALLY be together, and with all of this drama, the payoff will be so much more gratifying, I think.

        • When Fritz kills Verna and later breaks up with Olivia, I vowed to stop watching
          The show. I felt the writers were manipulating me – taking cheap shots with my
          Emotions. Imagine. One week Fritz begs Olive to wait for him and the next one
          He changes his mind. What kind of hero is that? I thought Fritz and olive were
          The hottest couple I’ve seen and that’s from an 80 year old who watches MSNBC
          all day. Scandal was the only “soap opera” I’ve watched.

  25. Eliza D says:

    Was out of town for a bit and just got caught up on the last two episodes. In checking the sites I see a lot of people whose posts are very negative about ‘the passions of Oliz’ and how is it portrayed. I feel the urge to add ‘some experienced’ input for consideration.BTW It is amazing how much depth the creators and writers can portray, congratulations to them.

    People, this is not an average love, you don’t find this everyday; and because of that many maybe challenged to step into the ‘current’ of it. This kind of love has a force field all it’s own.It is not a level of emotion you choose to feel, and you can’t mimic it, even though many try. It is the stuff that love songs croon about & fairy tales promise, but then when it gets brought to life, all the other elements of real everyday living (eg. career, religion, age, marital status, finances, family, etc) come into play, and it starts to look like this. Those who never really lived it will find it difficult to believe that Olitz is a real depiction of people who love each other, are in love with each other and are fighting to understand and honor that love, all within the confines of the ‘place’ where they find it. These characters found it, or it landed on them in a very complicated ‘place’; she was working for him, he is married with children, he was running for president… Many of our western values talk about the greatness of the love between a man & a woman, they say that that love should be the single most important thing in your life … With love comes yearings that have little to do with reason and a lot to do with an other worldly bliss that is so desired/desirable and powerful that billion $ industries are built around selling the trappings that could help you get it, feel it, fake it,etc. We often get envious when we see people we think may have it, we want information about that rare stratesphere, thinking if we just hear how they did, feel, live it, we too can pull it into our lives. But sadly, that is not to be for many of us. Everyone waits for it, and some people figure out they’re not built that way, their ‘passion high’ just is not this kind of love. (This is who Mellie is, I think.) Most of us are driven by other concerns, our need for family, to settle down, not to be lonely,getting older as you are waiting (for that big love the songs & books write about) and so we get into relationships that are based on similarity of purpose, familiarity of culture and life experience, we ‘get along well’, and have fun. Olitz is not that, and it is possible that if you have a narrow scope for how this comes, and how it should look, that you will only see this as a negative. (BTW there are negatives here, but that is the trick in life isn’t it? How we handle the negatives.)

    Those closet & funeral scenes seem to touch a nerve with people and seem to represent Fitz demeaning Liv; it is not so.( And I hasten to point out the the character of Liv knows when she is being trivialized and stands up for herself. It is Fitz who has trouble with his self worth.) Let me just give you the script, the words that were being acted out by these lovers in the closet, take the scene from the rose garden (‘I wait for you, I watch for you, you own me, control me, etc). Remember most significantly, at the end -‘ there are no victims here’… in that closet Liv was not ‘sexually dominated’, she was not his victim. When she felt she was being touched with anger, she slapped him. But he did not leave nor did he fight, he just stood there with the big emotions running between them saying ‘Where do we go from here?’ And so she she showed him ‘where’.

    Outside of the closet she tripped him again – he was still in a sexual fog and she said ‘mistake’, which he thought was about the love-making and he lashed out. He in essence said ‘You don’t get to say that our love making meant nothing, I am saying it too. In fact was so nothing, it will never happen again.’ (It made me laugh. I got an image of 1 child telling another ‘You don’t get to say you don’t wanna play with me any more. I am saying that more. Plus you will never get to play with my toys ever again!) The ‘mistake’ there was that she did not speak of being sorry for what she did, and she left the moral high-road for hiim to take … and he did, while slinging a last punch just because he was hurting again. This is not ‘whore’ talk of a john – it is a broken lover talking to the source of his pain, who happens to be ‘the love of his life’. Is it any clearer now? A man dealing with a whore would have zipped up his pants and left her in the closet, not kissed her after climax (which you saw before the scene closed) and waited for her to exit before him. Even when Cyrus called him for the Seal team strike he had difficulty walking away from her. Do you see?

    Now about Mellie (Great, well fleshed out character with marvelous portrayal by that actress). Haven’t you met these people in your life? (I have 2 alone just as my siblings; my oldest brother gets multiple O, when he meets a powerful, moneyed woman. He uses them like commuter trains to further his ambitions. This is not a commentary of him as a brother, but of him as a man in relationships.) Mellie is a woman who very early on in her life, realized she has a great package, brains, beauty & charm, but no soul. She knows who she is and knows that she cannot maintain a pretense of being soulful for long stretches. She is the woman who knows the ‘right’ people, sends the ‘right’ gifts, belongs to ‘right clubs’, etc but gathers no real heart connections along the way, unless they are partners in crime. In her own words, she found Fitz, groomed him, and placed him where s/he needed to advance her agenda (the White House & possibly a presidency). She would not have been able to do this with a man who knew his self worth, she would have been ‘released/discarded’ long ago. She has controled him for a long time but he had the temerity to grow and change it ways that she cannot comprehend. When that happened she happily ‘out-source’ the job (to Liv). She assessed that Liv was safe, would not derail her agenda, and then Fitz had the nerve to that that ‘recreational activity’ that she permitted could become a real life choice. So now she frequently has to go to work (poor hard-working Mellie) to reel back in her ‘recalitrant puppet’. Imagine the nerve of this man thinking he could ‘operate without her pulling the strings’, she sees herself as Gepetto. Her best manipulation tool that she pulls out is her Guilt Stick, which usually comes with her ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ posture – that is what I call that gesture she has when she puts up her two hands, pulls back and opens her fingers, while closing her eyes and bowing her head in ‘hurt’. And that man-child, Fitz falls for it every time and starts apologizing for putting boundaries on her. He is a ‘good’ guy who is grateful to her for all that she has helped him build, and for his kids, but he is not yet ‘whole’ enough to know that there is a limit to how much you owe someone in gratitude.

    Well that is my two cents…

    • RobinB. says:

      That was GR8!! Hopefully other ppl will read this and understand that these r 2 ppl in love who is hurt’n (once again ENTERTAINMENT SOAP OPERA) and who haven’t had time discuss their problems…love it about 2 watch episode again :-)

    • theOtherMonique says:

      Oops.. I posted on the wrong page again… I love your character study. Nice ElizaD!

    • mrenee says:

      Excellent post! Mellie made her first mistake agreeing to “outsource” her man. Now, she’s stuck embarrassing herself in the shower. Geez, she certainly is getting exactly what she deserves, isn’t she?

      Also, I dislike the idea that sex with someone you love must be some particular way–must be in one particular position. Olivia and Fitz love hard and sex just as hard. Why is it demeaning for a woman to know what she wants and to willingly receive it? They have extreme passion for each other. He pleasures her exactly as she wants it. Why is that bad? the way, she has always given full consent. So, what’s the problem with that?

      Fitz placed a tremendous burden on Olivia’s shoulders–he was extremely needy and fragile. The moment she said his name, she traded in her fixer hat for one of a lover. She would have been much more helpful to him from a distance. Part of her decision was made out of guilt. Her love for him clouds her judgement and and makes her not proactive, but reactive. She chooses not to fix the situation, instead she wants to fix him.

      Alas, it was the wrong cholce and he didn’s ask them to choose for him. I believe Fitz would have been just as happy if he could have divorced Mellie and had the like that he wanted–that he always wanted, with the woman that he loved. She was wrong to decide for him and limit their relationship to longing and waiting. But as he continues to spiral downward and drink himself into a stupor, I understand the fear she felt. She wanted him well and she gave up everything for him. That was her first mistake.

    • Lanette Wynn says:

      I love what you have written Eliza. When the two are in the closet, both his pain and love are obvious to me. The way he is kissing her mouth and arms does not say hate no matter what his words say. Finding out Liv was involved says to him that she really did not think he could make it and she validates the words of his father. He could get over the others if he could still have Liv as his confident. In the end…she is the only one who can save him, one way or another.
      I love the roller coaster ride that Shonda takes us on. She is awesome!

    • Yvonne Sherrill says:

      Who Eliza D — that wasn’t two cents thats was twenty-five cents worth of analysis! Great job on the sysnois of the Liv, Fitz, Mellie drama — I don’t know where the writers get this from but the keep the Gladitors on our toes don’t they. By the way what you wrote is how I feel exactly!

    • shaelyn says:

      Eliza D. THANK YOU! Now I see the episode clearly through the eyes of the writers and producers, and it all makes so much sense. THANK YOU! You are really deep! And I am grateful that you took the time to put what we saw into perspective, in such a brilliant way I hasten to add. Now I feel like such a shallow viewer because obviously the scenes have so much more depth than what meets the eye or should I say, that assaults the brains of the viewers. GREAT JOB lady! Thank you ever so much once again. Now, I can now watch the episode with so much more sympathy for fitz , and understanding for the depth and complexity of love that these two people have for each other! THANK YOUUUU!

  26. B says:

    To me he’s always the guy from Ghost.

  27. jt (@terps9) says:

    matt, awesome article! sorry i didn’t say so earlier. i just read it. here’s my take on fitz so far… I really feel for the guy, I really do. This is how I see what’s in his head now… he’s not thinking rationally. The poor boy’s been told his whole life he’s a looser who wouldn’t amount to s**t without his fathers’ intervention. But low and behold in walked Olivia a ray of sunshine in his otherwise stormy life. She became his world (to sound cheesy) and ultimately helped him get over this “self-fulfilling prophecy” he had manifested to create a successful future in the white house. So, he gets elected, YEA, but instead of finally being happy (conquering past demons and all) he’s miserable!! Fitz realizes just how miserable he is after he gives the State of the Union Address and now sees that he is trapped for 4 years in the most public of positions and “in no way, shape or form” can he be with the woman he loves. He can’t divorce his wife, he’s stuck, for the next 4 YEARS! This epiphany leads Fitz to the crux of the problem we are facing in E02X14. When Fitz get into office his motivation switches. He tells Olivia he doesn’t want to be President anymore he wants to be with her. (which basically tells her that she just risked everything- for nothing). Showing that when Fitz finds out that for TWO YEARS he has been lied to by his best friend, most trusted ally, lover, political confident and campaign fixer- Olivia Pope. (Holy Moly) In conclusion, Fitz believes that Olivia has crushed not only his heart but his motivation to question, why. He killed a woman to protect… what? So now here we are, episode 2X15 and our Fitz, the fake President of the U.S., is just a broken down, beaten man. He’s been shot in the head, his heart ripped out, killed someone, and his presidency taken away from him … so he drinks. He drinks to shut his brain off from feeling, thinking, and anything else that might allow him to live beyond coping with “the now”. But it’s gonna catch up with him. Maybe soon, maybe not but when it does it’s gonna make for “must see tv” and SHONDA AS ONE GLADIATOR SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF MANY… I CANT WAIT!!!

  28. Eliza D says:

    It is good to see this segment of the viewing audience (I am referring to the last 4 or more postings). Our ‘voices’ represent (in my opinion) the art appreciators who can dissect a ‘piece’, look at its layers, see their representations, discourse about same, all the while marveling (thanking and praising) at the artists who are able to use their medium to take us there. In this case the artists extraordinaire are the creators, writers, producers, directors and actors of Scandal. A cyber standing ovation to them all.

    Often browsing these sites, it is difficult to find the ‘appreciators’ who see/wrtie about the LAYERS, as opposed to the overt/obvious canvas. It is refreshing to meet you all, and I thank you for your added ‘meat’ to some layers that I had not previously considered or seen.

    Hope to ‘see’ you here next week. Ciao!

  29. sabrina says:

    What was the name if the song and who sang it, when Fitz chases Olivia down and they have sex

  30. sassy says:

    Got to get my two cents in here! I also remember Tony from Ghost as a murderer, but he’s so much more now as Fitz. Yes, some would say, still a murderer but I see it more as helping a sick old lady slip away. And only he and all of us know it and I ‘m not going to tell anybody! Let him feel guilty for a while then get back to the task of running the country, putting up with Mellie, looking sexy as hell and thinking about Liv and what he’s going to do to her the next time he sees her. Screw politics, lets have more closet sex!

    I don’t mean to offend whoever made up “Olitz” but I’m thinking “Livitz”! Anyway, my first thought when I got this morning was “IT’S THURSDAY”!

  31. beryl says:

    I love this show! And reading some of these posts gives me a better understanding of the complications and dimensions of true love and the depths one goes to for another person. Liv loves fitz and even tho it was wrong it all boils down to the question of “what would you do for the person you love?”. Sometimes we r just put in situations that less than honorable but wouldn’t we sacrifice our own needs and wants for the one u love. And I think this show brings to the fore front that question? Love is not black and white. And true love is messy, complicated, painful and hard and to be able to overcome such heavy burdens is the point that Shonda might be getting at. There are no fairytales and simple happy endings in life! And if there are Liv is Fitz knight rescuing from the broken man he is, giving him a platform to be the man that he can be, sacrificing herself to give him what she thought would make him happy.

  32. Jessie says:

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    your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently quickly.

  33. Nicole Lynn says:

    My heart is BROKEN after watching this devastating episode. I am counting on LIV and FRITZ to end up together. Their love is complicated, but they’re soul mates. Please make this happen in season 3! I have spent too much of my free time getting addicted to this engrossing love affair – it’s the ONLY reason me and millons of other people watch.

  34. TRK says:

    I love Olitz! They’re the reason I watch The Fixer… please make it more scandalous by getting Liv pregnant with the president’s baby too!