Scandal Sneak Peeks: Fitz Gives [Spoiler] the Big Chill, David Deals With a Bloody Mess

Scandal Season 2 SpoilersThis Thursday on ABC’s Scandal, 10 months may have passed but time has by no means healed all wounds — especially when it comes to President Grant and those closest to him.

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In the first clip below, it’s evident that Fitz is still freezing out (at least some of) those who withheld from him the rigged election secret.

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In this second video, David Rosen — who last was seen suffering another ginormous loss in the courtroom — gets an entirely different kind of rude awakening, the kind that only his arch frenemy Olivia Pope can fix.

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  1. Choco says:

    Love the show but after the last episode I dislike Fitz so much. He was basically the only character that was “good” but now…

    • Dawn says:

      I love how Shonda Rhimes flips the script, drive us over a cliff, and drops emotional grenades that keep us on our toes. I have never been this excited and engaged about a television show. I look forward to MORE Scandal. The show is called Scandal for a reason.

      • David says:

        You got it!

      • Mary says:

        Whoo I am right there with you and whipped….lol

      • Lanette says:

        Your hit the nail on the head. Theses people hating Fitz and who stop watching because it takes a new twist … are somehow living vicariously through the show. I love the way Shonda writes and the roller coaster ride she gives us. I don’t even watch TV and had not for years until by hazard I saw the show while talking with my niece. I got hooked and that night started on season 1. Its the only one I watch but believe me its more than enough. Great Show Shonda!

    • mehere says:

      Maybe it’s all the bullet holes in his body that changed his character. I’m sure Shonda will redeem him after his head wound and emotional trauma heal. Why so tough on this character when murderes are a dime a dozen in TV scripted dramas? Even in cinema, presidents are often deeply flawed and some major bad guys.

  2. mquincy says:

    Fitz was never “good,” if it were up to him, that intern he had an affair with would have had her life ruined by Olivia. He lied right to Liv’s face at 1st too. They are all very flawed characters…I root for them anyway:)

    • David says:

      Very accurate description. But by he’s not one of the bad guys either. Each of them are flawed, that’s what gives them depth. Doing bad things for good reasons, or in a way that makes it justifiable to them.

  3. Susie says:

    I LOVE Fitz and last week broke my heart. But this is good drama. I trust the writers to build him back up beautifully and I’m excited to see how Tony plays it.

  4. ScandalFanatic says:

    Hate when spoilers come from this site. Every other site (Aol, YouTube, kaltura, etc) makes them available for molbile viewing but not this useless site.

  5. Stacy says:

    This argument about “good” is boring. These characters are human and they make bad decisions that have serious consequences for themselves and for others. When Liv fixes things don’t you think she runs a few folks over to make sure her clients get the result they want? Harrison said as much to Abby. Also, I guess we’ll never know for sure just how much Amanda new about setting the President up but it was implied that she was aware of what Billy was up to but started having doubts. He gave her that dog, right? It was him she wanted to see, right? She was willing to ruin the President’s life by saying she was the girl on that tape. She certainly didn’t deserve to die but she made a bad decision and ended up paying dearly for it. It’s the nature of the show. Just sit back and enjoy it for the amazing characters with serious flaws or go watch another show.

  6. Guest says:

    I always feel so bad for David. He really has the worst luck ever, lol. He needs to do something else and move across the country and away from all the crazy people!

  7. you know says:

    Poor,McPOTUS!I feel for him!

  8. Olitzz says:

    Every last charecter on the canvas is “bad” all of them have demons. We cant excuse Liv for sleeping with a married man while prenteding to be friends with his wife and despite what her intentions were she still WILLINGLY took part in defrauding the USA in the election, how can we forgive that but condemn Fitz for how he treated her or what he did involving Verna when he has pretty much being scandalous from the very beginning. I love Olivia despite what she has done and I love Fitz too, I rooting for all of them including Cy and Mellie to find their way out of this mess….OlitzForever!!!

  9. anon says:

    I think I can forgive him, if I think he is remorseful about it. I’m willing to see where it all goes. However, I do take exception to people dismissing everyone’s actions as they are only human and make mistakes. The “mistakes” are monumental in this show. Your average person isn’t going to steal an election. Most normal people don’t kill each other. Or put a hit on their husband and then change their mind at the last moment. This isn’t shades of grey we are talking about, this is pretty deeply dark. This is a different kind of show than what I thought it would be. I really have no clue about where it will go, and that’s ok with me right now.

    And Cyrus, it’s been 10 months, and you are *STILL* wondering why he’s just not that into you? Particularly since he probably really altered his personality about the time of Verna’s death? I thought you were brighter than that.

  10. SJW McIntosh says:

    Every character in this show is ambiguous. Life is ambiguous to have a facile mindset to believe any one human being is only one thing is fatuous at best. Part of the reason I love this show is because everyone has something going on within and for those that need a reality check that is called life. Get over yourselves. This is an epic soap and fun to watch. You never know how they are going to play it next and I for one enjoy the hell out of it.

    • Dawn says:

      Well said SJW Mcintosh. If they don’t like it, all they have to do is switch the channel. As Olivia Pope once said, “Normal is overrated.” Who want’s to watch a show for so long with everyone being Mr. and Mrs. goody too shoes. Boring…..

  11. mehere says:

    People perturbed about the morally compromised Scandal characters really need to give it a rest or turn the channel to Dallas, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Damages, Boss, Boardwalk Empire, and so on and so on–or Disney. I’m starting to really see that the bogus complaining about Scandal’s morally questionable characters–a staple of TV drama depicting the fallen and then redeemed–is about something else. I think the show is hyper scrutinized because the cast is multiracial and far too many viewers still think acting parts come assigned black, white, latin, asian, and that comedy and serious roles are also color coded. It’s 2013 people!

    • the girl says:

      I agree with you so much. Even the characters on Disney shows struggle with morality and making the right decision. You can’t get away from that – what you can do is display troubles that are youthful in nature (should I cheat on my geometry test?) or ones that are more mature (should I cheat on the US election?). Quite frankly I find the mature ones more compelling, and realistic, because I happen to be an adult. I do wonder how much of people’s dislike has to do with the President having an affair with a Black woman (which I was very glad Cyrus made mention of because it would have been facetious to pretend that is a non-factor, even in 2013).

  12. Heiress says:

    What amazes me is that peple watch and read the news and see factual proof every day that there is deep dark ugliness in many human beings all over the world, but they a up in arms over this television show. I have a news flash, there are many people who believe that a real US election was rigged and stolen and nothing happened to the perpetrators. Also, I’m pretty sure that powerful people have killed to cover up things in their lives that they didn’t want to come out. I am not anti-America, I love my country, but from a lot of the posts I read, I think a lot of you would be flabbergasted to know somethings that has gone on in this country, but has been covered up. Scandal is “fiction” based on some real life and then the rest is made up. It is entertainment and I for one am enjoying the ride.

    • the girl says:

      Right? Another excellent point.

    • Jenna says:

      I just want to start my post by saying that I love Scandal and I love most of the characters. I think the problem some people have with the characters and what they have done is that the main characters on this show do awful things. It’s hard for some people to root for characters that are so flawed. The examples you gave of people doing bad things every day, while true, is slightly flawed because we don’t root for those people. We aren’t invested in their stories like we are the characters on this show. If it ever came out that people actually rigged an election, I’d want them to be put in jail. It’s a crime, and it’s the ultimate betrayal of the American people, but obviously I don’t want the characters from the show to be put in jail.

      • starry118 says:

        The title of this show is “Scandal” and that pretty much sums up the gist of it. For something to be considered scandalous, it usually involves “awful” behavior of some sort. Also, the show is not sending a message that this is right, but In real life, many people’s crimes are not found out or punished. Soaps & dramas have featured that since time & memoriam (ex. Revenge). If some characters not being punished immediately for their crimes is an issue for some people, then they need to turn the channel to Nick Jr, Disney, or PBS, and give it a rest.

  13. Christine says:

    Does the first clip with Cyrus and Fitz take place 10 months later? It seems weird that they would have gone 10 months without something more being said. And does Cyrus not know that Fitz knows about the election rigging? It seems uncharacteristic for Cyrus to just sit back for 10 months without addressing the issue.

  14. dorothy says:

    i remember in the 1st ep of scandal season 1, when liv realize that fitz lied about amanda she slapped him in the oo. so now she needs to slap the mess out of him for the rude and nasty comment he made at the funeral after he killed verna. liv needs to move on, i can’t see her sad like that again. no matter what she did. he needs to stay with mellie .

  15. Joe says:

    Ok the election rigging won’t come out or the show will be over , the president being a murderer won’t come out or the show will be over & Olivia and Fitz won’t get together because the show will be over

  16. David4 says:

    I hired someone to kill my husband, I’m only human!

    I killed a Supreme Court Judge, I’m only human!

    Really people? Everyone on this show is evil besides David Rosen. We watch it because it’s fun, not because we think the characters are decent human beings.

  17. bryceradick says:


  18. Tippie says:

    Shonda has created amazingly dark characters while making us love them at the same time. I constanly try to anticipate her next move and like so many others I rarely get it right. I can’t hate Fitz. He was rushed out the hospital 3 weeks early because of a serious head wound, and the doctor warned us of multiple side effects. Unlike some of the other characters on the show Fitz has a legitamite excuse for his behavior.

  19. PhyllisD says:

    Once again here is the evidence of how gifted the writers and creators of this show are. The site postings show clearly intelligent people interacting with an art form (Scandal the tv show) and some of them struggling (in their art appreciation) as they access the art/entertainment within the contruct of their own personal lives. I am sure the people who are in a ‘struggling’ place (with the plot and/or character development) know it is a tv show, but because of their connection to the characters their objectivity has been reduced and has led them to want to ‘re-paint the canvas’ as it were. It is good art when the sheer size of its portrayal starts to promote the application of its premise to the appreicator’s self. In appreciating ourselves, we all know we are flawed, but think we are ‘not bad people’ or ‘a good person’ really. But in spite of what we think about ourselves, there are people who dislike us and think that we are ‘bad’ (based on things we’ve done or not done, said or not said). And yes, politics is VERY corrupt; and much of the real ‘dirty laundry’ is sanitized before it gets to general public. To believe that we are told all (even now in 2013) is naive. A good example of this is had in our last preseidential election, where a family member (involved in running the campaign) of a presidential candidate became a partner in a firm that made/owns voting machines in Ohio (feel free to fact check). Do you think that is all that is/was done? Yes the characters here have flaws that are ‘larger than life’, the life of the ‘average person’, but this is not a show about average people, because we would not watch a show about average people with the passion that we do this one. And another thing, in order to use these scenarios as catalysts/prisms to look at the everyday chosen actions of ourselves and our associates, they do have to shock us to say, “I would never .. I have never… my mother would never… my husband would never… and sometimes..I will never again” when we apply the underlying rationale for the character’s act (e.g. Mellie & the faked miscarriage). We are being ask to think of that, the next time (or the last time) we are choosing a course of action to get the end result that we want in our live’s and to see whose rationale/character’s rationale are we closest too.

    The point made that this show is called ‘Scandal’ is apt .. and I want more!!!

    • Diane says:

      Best post I have ever read on this site Phyllis. You seem very knowledgeable, and made it easy for readers to understand at the same time. Good job!

  20. Gabriel Milar says:

    A person of authority, uses and abuses that authority, plus cheats on his wife is not an honorable or honest person.