Bones' John Francis Daley Talks Sweets/Daisy, Being 'Adopted,' and 'Kicking [Spoiler]'s Ass'

Bones Season 8 Booth Sweets Shirtless Are Booth and Brennan about to break up… with Sweets?

John Francis Daley, whose shrink alter ego has been crashing at B&B’s crib on Bones (Fox, 8/7c) for three-plus months, hints that Sweets’ may find an eviction notice on his bedroom door soon.

“I think he might’ve overstayed his welcome a little bit,” Daley admits to TVLine. “Staying with someone for more than a couple months is a serious commitment. When I have people come over to stay with me even when it’s family — after about five days you’re kind of ready to have the house to yourself again.”

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Selfishly speaking, Daley isn’t anxious for the living arrangement to end. “I like the way Booth and Brennan have unofficially sort of adopted him as their son, even though he’s a grown man capable of doing grown-man things,” he says with a chuckle. “Booth pretends to hate Sweets being there, but I think part of him takes a little comfort in it.”

Read on for Daley’s thoughts on Sweets/Daisy, Sweets/Olivia and Sweets/Pelant(?!)…

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On the prospect of a Sweets/Daisy reunion | “For now there’s no hint of them getting back together,” he says. “[The story] is running the course of a real oliviabreak-up, and at first it’s really painful. I thought the [recent] scene with Cam and Daisy was really spot-on as far as how much it sucks to break up, but sometimes it’s necessary. Loving each other is not enough. You have to be compatible and you have to be happy.”

On romance blossoming between Sweets and Danielle Panabaker’s Olivia | “She’s a lot of fun to work with and her character brings something out in Sweets we haven’t seen a lot of before,” Daley notes. “She makes him act a little cockier than he is, possibly because he wants to impress her. At least that’s how I play it.”

On facing off with the Big Bad Pelant | “I would like to kick his ass,” Daley says with a laugh. “But I have no idea if we will interact at all.”

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  1. Gabs says:


    • Ash says:

      What do you expect, he’s talking about the most useless and over used characters on TV. Imo. Zzz…

      • Vicky says:

        Booth has a son and his name is Parker. P.A.R.K.E.R. and the fact that he said that “unofficial son” is just wrong on so many levels. He works for them, with them, their friend he aint their pseudo son. Bones writers just ugh.

      • Andi says:

        Thank frak for that. Sweets is finally leaving the Hut…. He has been there way too long as is. Added nothing to any movement forward in plot….Ha! No wonder the actor is sad to see Sweets move out, he won’t be hogging so many scenes now. Ego tripping.

        • Ed says:

          He had a lot of scenes even before Sweets moved in. He will likely have a lot of scenes after Sweets moves out. Keep entertaining your delusion, tho, by all means :)

        • Server Qbert says:

          “Ego tripping”? sweets (or daley, rather) wrote horrible bosses and incredible bert wonderstone. AND I read he’s directing a reboot of natnl lampoons vacation. you really think he gives a sh*%t about his screen time on Bones? haters gotta hate.

    • Ellen says:

      Ahhhh…..take that Sweets living at Booth and Brennans defenders! Even the frakking actor thinks he has over stayed his welcome. Which is what many fans have been saying for months. D’oh

      • KevyB says:

        Most of these “fans” are little more than fans of Bones and Booth being together, not the actual show. At least Sweets has brought a little fun to that boring, boring household. It’s about friggin’ time the writers made Sweets a little entertaining instead of everyone else’s punching bag.

        • hellr says:

          oh please .Sweets is the bore. He does frak all except mooch off Booth and Brennan’s life both at work and at home.

        • max says:

          Sweets is a creepy creeper living in a kids room for months on end. UGH Be glad to see the back of him, just like the actor said, he has outstayed his welcome in my book.

  2. Nicole says:

    Just wanted to leave a reply saying that Daley (and therefore Sweets) is literally one of the only reasons I’m still watching this show before all of the psychotic ‘fans’ of the show start crying about how much they hate him and how offended they are that something was written about him on the internet. He’s great, even though the show itself is really struggling to stay fresh.

  3. Sara says:

    I hope Pelant does meet Sweets again so that Pelant can kill off Sweets. A win for me and a win for Pelant

  4. divinerush ღ says:

    Fantastic interview!

  5. fanofgoodshows says:

    i like sweets and olivia together they r sooo cute!! JDF and DP are awesome together and DP is such an awesome actress :)

  6. CC says:

    Awesome! I love Sweets and I’m glad they are treating the breakup like a real one, and I can’t wait to see him with Olivia. It will be nice to have a new dynamic on the show because it’s really struggling these days. Also I’d love to see him kick Pelant’s ass because I am so not into that storyline and want to see Pelant go for good.

    • Swampy says:

      I enjoy storys with Sweets. He needs to move out,play the field,and help Bones examine her encounter with her mother (in her so called dream ). He could give advise on a new nanny– might have an affair with her.
      Some how someone needs to Off Pelant. It could be someone else besides them thus preventing them from the honor. They get to ID.the remains.
      Just a suggestion. Yes I know it’s just a story.

  7. Erin says:

    Sweets is the worst character on TV. He’s gross too. Hope he moves out ASAP. That was the stupidest story Hart ever pulled. I wish JFD would just get fired. End out misery of watching Sweets!

  8. Leire says:

    We want Sweets to hook up with Genevieve Shaw, not Olivia Sparling. Hart Hanson, hear us!

    • taliesin says:

      The reason Sparling was brought is is due to Tina Majorino working on Grey’s and being in the pilot Legend for TNT. Tina wasn’t going to be available so her character was replaced.

  9. Karen says:

    I don’t mind sweets but his constant screen time is boring me and I am sorry to say that

  10. Jen says:

    Gee, Sweets haters on a Sweets article. Why are you wasting your time? He’s not going anywhere, so you need to decide if the bitching it worth it, or if you maybe just need to move on. Seriously. It’s getting old.

  11. T Garvin says:

    Daley’s directing the new Vacation movie. Wonder how it’ll affect Sweets on the show.

    • taliesin says:

      I assume the movie was be filmed while the show is on summer break. Beyond that it’s not like any of the secondary characters get a lot of screen time. The 3-6 minutes Sweets is in each episode is about the same 3-6 minutes Cam is in each episode. Those minutes aren’t exactly taxing on their free time. :)

  12. Elle says:

    I do not mind Sweets as much ars others. I believe that they use him to free up time for Emily and David, who I believe, wanted to spend more time with families. They are both producers and have a lot of pull. If they did not want Jfd filling the void, I am sure it would not happen. He has scenes with Booth to free up ED. David has been doing some lab scenes this season which I heard he had avoided because they took much longer to shoot. Therefore, Jfd has picked up some interrogation scenes.

    Also, JFD is becoming pretty popular now in Hollywood and I am sure they want that association. After eight seasons and the money the stars get paid, I think the show is now just giving them what they want.

    I only watch the more serious episodes and I watch on dvr later. If the reviews do not excite me, I do not watch. I am excited about tonight’s episode but could care less about Sweets and the new agent. I do like Sweets as part of the group.

  13. petradgoode says:

    I have been a Sweets fan since the first moment he appeared and am enjoying the culmination of several years of growth the writers have allowed him as a character. And his presence has long served as a catalyst to B&B’s relationship, and brings things out in them we might not see otherwise. The people who hate him are saying much more about themselves with their venomous comments than they are about him.

    • 4theloveoffilm says:

      :o) Yes.

    • claudia says:

      Disagree Sweets has added nothing to B&B household. We have saw all the following *already* with or without Sweets; B&B dancing, check. B&B eat dinner, check. BB bicker, check. B&B interact with Christine, check. B&B make dinner and chat about their day, check. B&B interact with other people in their house, check. AND we will see a alot of these things when he leaves too. He adds nothing.

      • Fraggleicious says:

        …nothing except for the fact that he’s one of the best actors on the show. I mean, c’mon people. Anyone see freaks and geeks? The guy’s a gem.

  14. Danielle says:

    Personally, I like Sweets’ character. I think him and Booth and him and Brennen work on screen well together, their banter always makes me laugh! I especially loved the earlier seasons “sessions”!!! To me having Sweets stay with B&B was a creative way to show the audience B&B home scenes, while still being relevant to the show and it’s case. Admittedly, I am a B&B shipper first and foremost, but I do find the cases and their story lines interesting, and do like all the characters, well……except for Cam. I could do without her. So, yes my favourite moments are those with Booth & Brennen, and yes I would love it to be the B&B hour, but that’s unrealistic! The show needs characters like Sweets, Angela, Hodgins, etc. to make it go round. I like knowing what’s going on with Jack & Angela, and I am interested in Sweets & this new FBI girl (thank goodness Sweets & Daisy are over!) I think the show has done well creating interesting secondary characters, but everyone knows it always comes back to B&B. Yes, they are spread out a little more these days, but come on people, we are going into season 9! So please, can’t we all just stop complaining and play nice?

  15. jennifer says:

    I love Sweets, he’s kinda grown into his character…..he’s the reality both Booth, and Bones need, even if it is in the same house. and with Pelant running around..not a bad idea if you ask me..write on writers…write on!

  16. Brittany says:

    Dang! He has come a long way since his days as Sam Weir on Freaks & Geeks!!

  17. Bob says:

    Actually, they could bump off both Booth and Brennan, then make Sweets the star. Ooooo, I’m such a troll.

  18. Amy says:

    Was anyone else just as confused and angry as I was during last night’s episode that according to JFD’s logic his character’s Pseudo-mom was like barely grasping to life in the hospital and then we see him talking to the new agent about his/their sex life? Such an out of place scene.

    • taliesin says:

      The whole episode was really jumbled. Angela comes in to tell Cam and Hodges that Bones is awake and then Cam says: Brennan says she felt cold from the shot. How would Cam know that when Angela just told everyone she was awake?
      It just seems like they wanted to do a “Brennan finds God” story but had now idea how to properly pace it.

  19. Charlotte says:

    People are waaay to over worked up on here about Sweets living with Brennan and Booth…I think it was a nice change to see them more in an “out of work” situation. Sweets was a great addition the show because before he came along I honestly was getting really bored with a lot of the cast. Hodgins is my favorite followed by Sweets. Saroyan has always bored the crap out of me and her buggy eyes are a constant irritant. I’m hoping that she’s the one that Pelant kills off actually. :P Angela is great but getting too wishy washy lately, she doesn’t seem to care about anything really and just whines a lot. I am really glad that the latest episode didn’t push too hard with the god crap, I personally can’t stand religion so Booth’s god side is really annoying but I just try to ignore it, but when I saw previews that looked like Brennan might open up to the thought of god, I thought “great, looks like I’m dropping this show.” The fact that Brennan is rational and always has facts to counter religion is one of my favorite parts to the show. There are enough shows out there that cater to the after school special church goers. That’s just my opinion though.

    • Danielle says:

      As a “church goer” I beg to differ. There are VERY FEW shows that cater to us who buy into that “crap”. Most shows are riddled with filth of many kinds! Very few acknowledge the existence of God and religion. Myself, I absolutely LOVE Booth’s faith!!! It was definately part of what made this show my MUST watch, number ONE show!! (Well,….and David Boreanaz. :) If this show dropped, disrespected or portrayed religion poorly, I don’t know if I could continue to watch. It’s refreshing to have a strong character on TV these days who has a strong faith. Hopefully it will make a difference in peoples lives. It amazes me how many people don’t know, understand or haven’t heard of God. You truly are missing out. B&B’s religious bantering has always been entertaining, but I have always seen Brennen’s inability of acceptance, acknowledgement and factual point of view on the matter as another example of her narrow mindedness. Look at all the things her character has missed out on because of it.

      • faith_brennan says:

        Amen! I’ve always loved how B&B’s bantering brings up real questions and challenges that people do have with the Christian faith, and discusses them in an honest, and often very insightful, way. One great example is Booth’s line from “The Man in the Fallout Shelter” when he replies to Brennan’s skepticism by saying “You know, you don’t know if you’re sick, but you’re willing to take drugs just in case. It seems to me that you could give the man upstairs [God] the same benefit of the doubt that you do an invisible fungus.” (pardon my mistakes, I was quoting from memory). Also, I love how they deal with religion in general, not just Christianity. Arastoo’s defense of his faith in “The Patriot in Purgatory” was absolutely stellar, memorable, and thought provoking. Go brilliant Bones writers for your amazing scenes and scripts! And you fabulous actors and actresses for bringing them to life in fantastic ways! *BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE* ;D

  20. Dee says:

    I don’t mind Sweets too much. I didn’t like him in the begining because I liked Gorden as the psychologist and I also felt like they were useing Sweets to try and replace Zac who I loved as a character. (I was kind of hoping Sweets would turn out to be Gormagon’s apprentice). He’s grown on me as a charactor but it perturbs me that he hasn’t figured out a way to free Zac or at least get him back at the Jeffersonian. Patient Doctor confidentiality doesn’t apply if the patient is harming themself or another. How is taking the blame for a murder one didn’t commit and spending the rest of your life in a mental hospital not harmful and if he was declared not-competent for murder charges that should be applied to accessory charges for telling Gormagon where the lobbyist was for the same reasons as he took credit for the murder? Couldn’t that reduced charge merit a reduced sentence at the institution and what better way to pay ones debt to society than using your skills/intellect to catch murders under the supervision of the FBI (AKA Booth). Plus, as smart as Sweets is supposed to be, he’s not a match for Pelant, but Zac is.

  21. tori says:

    I love everything about this show!!! I would like to see Booths son Parker back and interact with Breenan and the baby. This shoe is based off the books… which are amazing as well!!! The only one that could be replaced is Cam!

  22. faith_brennan says:

    You know, I’m not going to rant and ridicule all of you, but I am going to say something. People like the show or don’t, (though I don’t get why you wouldn’t lol) but if there is an article solely about Bones, and you “bleeping hate the show”, then why on earth would you 1) read the article; and 2) feel the need to share your hateful opinion with everyone, in a forum to be read by people who actually like the show? And I get that some people like Bones, but not one character, or relationship, or whatever, but what’s the point of arguing about it and dissing good people that you’ve never met in order to express your opinion?! Honestly! If you were a real Bones fan, you’d have your say NICELY, and be tolerant of others’ opposing views. Really people, think about it a little before you go spreading venom and hate. I’m 16, love the show for all its ups and downs, and I can’t stand it. ‘If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.’

  23. Marilyn says:

    I hope Sweets and Daisy get back together. They had great chemistry and Daisy is so adorable and quirky… I found her annoying at first but she has become one of my favorite characters. I’ll watch reruns just to see some of her facial expressions which always crack me up.