Scoop: Castle Season 5 Is Extended

Castle Season 5ABC has cracked “The Case of the Missing Castle Episode” and extended the crime drama’s fifth season by one, to a total of 24 episodes.

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The increased tally matches that of Seasons 2 and 3. (Season 4 scored 23 eps, while the show’s freshman run, as a midseason replacement, fired off just 10 rounds.)

What does this boost mean for you, the consumer? One less repeat to endure during the month April.

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Castle continues Season 5 next Monday with an episode guest-starring Nathan Fillion’s Firefly castmate Gina Torres. Then on Feb. 18, the show plunges into its annual February sweeps two-parter, this time featuring Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck, Unforgettable) as an FBI agent and involving the kidnapping of someone close to Rick; the second hour also guest-stars James Brolin as Castle’s father.

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    • jenniefr says:

      Castle is a winner! Bright, and wonderful in the Tv world of Blaaaaaa! I know they are cutting Monday night episode, but I hope they add back into the season 5 – DVD set when released. ABC would be fools not to renew such a great show, with great actors and writers. Go! CASTLE! Season 6, can’t wait.

  1. Astrid says:

    Awesome! Shows that ABC has faith in the show!

    • Mary says:

      Or it means that later they´ll announce it will be the series finale:(
      Don´t get me wrong; I hope to be wrong but somehow that´s what my gut is telling me:(

      • asdf says:

        It’s a fair theory. Castle’s ratings are #2 after Hawaii 5-0, which consistently wins in the young demographic, but until recently has lost to Castle in overall viewers. It’s in syndication on TBS and has hit the magic 100 episode mark that makes that work. Without DWtS as a lead-in, it’s had trouble bringing in viewers.

        On the other hand, it’s ratings are quite good, especially with DVR re-watches. The Castle/Beckett relationship was well-timed, well-handled, and has breathed new life into the series.

        TVbyTheNumbers has it as likely but not slam-dunk for a renewal, and that seems pretty reasonable. So I’m thinking they’re just rounding out the season, but we really can’t rule out that being a series finale.

      • Astrid says:

        I’m positive there will be a sixth season ;) Ratings aren’t spectacular but good enough for another season. Positive thoughts!

      • Alan says:

        ratings are still good, in fact better than good, some people just seem to be blowing the usual drop off between seasons way out of proportion.

      • May says:

        Mine too. And I’m going crazy. It seems like a “last hurrah” to me. Though the renewal scorecard lists it as a safe bet, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

        • Elena says:

          This is not a “last hurrah” for Castle. The extra episode is not being tacked onto the end of the season. It is being aired in April so that we actually have one less repeat during that time. In addition, ABC has already inked a deal with UKTV to allow that British network to have exclusive rights to air Season 6 of Castle. Why sign that deal if there is no intention to renew the show? That doesn’t sound like smart or ethical business to me.

          • May says:

            It wouldn’t be the first time ABC did something like this. And there’s the photo Stana Katic posted on Twitter. If she’s leaving, I really don’t see the point in keeping Castle.

          • Ron says:

            There’s got to be a six season. The fan base is there just like it wasn’t Firefly and look after 10 years it still has a rage following. Go out on the seven season.

  2. Polly says:


  3. Brittany says:


  4. Elena says:

    This is fantastic news! Glad ABC is showing some support for Castle by ordering an extra episode! Woohoo!!!

  5. Andrea says:

    Wonderful news!!

  6. John says:

    Nice! One more ep.
    They should bring in Adam Baldwin again.

  7. Kourt says:


  8. martina says:

    Best news ever! Now we need an early renewal, just to be safe :)

  9. CarlagUK says:

    Absolutely great. Can always take more Castle

  10. MF says:

    ABC might haven’t had another choice to fill up their schedule with it’s lack of rating-wise working dramas. That’s IMHO the reason season 6 for Castle is relatively cut & dried.

    Don’t get me wrong: I used to love Castle but the last episodes left me feeling totally underwhelmed & I’m not sure if an additional episode can make up for that, if the writing and the off-feeling that acompanies this season won’t change.

    I just hope AWM & Co will rediscover the Castle & esp the Caskett-vibe! In that case I’ll take as much extra-episodes as I can.

  11. JAA says:

    Excellent news, YAY for ABC

  12. leigh says:

    Yay! This is great news :D

  13. Ace says:

    Did I miss the post where we found out James Brolin was playing Castle’s dad?

  14. c says:

    so we get an extra episode that marlowe doesnt like to do and SK posts a photo of an exit and knowing when to use one – me thinks we need to hear about season 6 soon

    • taliesin says:

      Marlowe gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for each extra episode – and this is the 2nd increase in episodes for season 5. Don’t fool yourself into thinking he doesn’t like to do them. :)

      • Karen says:

        I wouldn’t read much into that SK has a habbit of tweeting random things is more likely an inside joke that gets shared onset and sorry for the double post

    • Karen says:

      You know I would read to much into that pic SK has a habit of tweeting random things its most likely a onset joke or something

    • Biz ness says:

      Me thinks so, too! Three cheers for season 6!!!!

  15. april-ann says:

    To my surprise I am really enjoying Castle this season. Imagine, an hour-long that actually improved after the two leads got together, something which could very well be unprecedented.

  16. Lisa says:

    Yep they all get paid per ep. So NF gets another $150,000 for eight days work and I get another 42 minutes of NF. Win/win if you ask me. ;)

  17. Sam says:

    Speaking as someone who is pretty clueless on how network works in the USA, this is a good thing right? It means it’s pretty safe to think that ABC has all the intentions of renewing the show for a 6th season, right?
    I’m sorry to ask this but when I read the news I was very excited, then I thought the worst. Which is that they might gave Andrew Marlowe and extra hour to give the show a proper ending. I hate myself for even thinking this but I couldn’t help it.

    • taliesin says:

      Castle is still very popular, not only in the US but also around the globe. There’s very little doubt there will be some type of 6th season; even if it is only 13 episodes. Castle is still #2 in it’s time slot and could creep back to #1 with some writing adjustments. The only way there wouldn’t be a 6th season is if Nathan’s or Stana’s contracts are up at the end of season 5 and one of them doesn’t want to come back – or their salary demands are too high to justify their ratings.

  18. Sheryl says:

    I’m calling ABC to thank them for this second additional episode: 1-818-460-7477 then press 1-2-2-226. I started watching Castle for my Nathan Fillion fix. I stayed with it all these years because of the entire cast, crew, and writers. Most of the episodes are awesome and entertaining. Good balance between intensity and fluff.

  19. Audrey says:

    Who cares if this sounds like a broken record but…..YESSSS!

  20. Mari says:

    YAY Great news!!

  21. James says:

    good news. I wouldn’t worry to much about season six its still a cash cow for ABC, I don’t see that changing anytime soon, despite slight drop in the demo. if I’m not mistaken Bones has had very similar if not worse ratings for a couple years now and thier still around. procederals like this usually have little wiggle room as long as thier isn’t a consistent significant drop in viewership. i have a feeling that after the two parter this show is really going to take off, can’t wait to meet castle’s dad, great casting btw.

    • caprigirl60 says:

      You’re mistaken. Bones has never had a 1.8 Demo rating. They dropped to 1.9 once this year, but have since rebounded. Plus their total viewers are around 9M.

      • Mary says:

        Bones is around 9M now (without competition from The Voice), but not long ago they were around 7M and sometimes less… Castle, in the beginning of this season was up from 10M, and until now never worse than 8,5M…

  22. Deidre says:

    YAY!!! The more we get of Castle the better!!!

  23. intelliwoman says:

    better up their game over the last sev eps or it will be a series finale

    • Elena says:

      From what I understand, this extra episode is not airing as ep 24. It’s actually taking the place of one of the scheduled repeats to air in April. So, no, this episode was not given to AWM as an extra hour with which he is expected to wrap up the series.

      In addition, I just read an article announcing that ABC has inked a deal with UKTV giving that network exclusive rights to air Seasons 5 AND 6 of Castle (on the Alibi channel in the UK). So, it’s not a renewal announcement, but that gives me strong reason to believe that ABC has every intention of renewing Castle. I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of TV networks and how they do things, but it seems to me they wouldn’t sign such a deal if they weren’t sure they were going to renew for S6. That wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

      Anyway, I think getting an extra episode of S5 is great news for Castle! I doubt AWM, the cast, and crew are bemoaning the extra episode, either.

      • JuneB says:

        They are also releasing another Nikki Heat book in September around the time the new season would start and they wouldn’t be doing that if this was the last season.

  24. Beverley says:

    Oh, YES, YES! So much for the rumours/fears that Castle will be canceled.

  25. Barb says:

    Great. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix the balance between romance and the crime of the week which is pretty bad right now. A good sign for season 6 methinks.

  26. Shaun says:

    Does this mean they can fit in some dating this season?lol.Ridiculous hooking up characters like this and then pretty much burying it.

  27. Steph says:

    Well this is unexpected, but so very welcome! Hopefully a renewal follows.

  28. Kate says:

    Yay!!! What a surprise. The more Castle the better!!!!!!!!!

  29. Dick V. says:

    Great news. Best show on TV.

  30. Leona Palski says:

    If anyone listens to the fans they would see that there are a lot that are expecting to see more romance along with those mysteries. After all, we don’t want that curse thing to turn out true! There’s nothing like a good mystery romance, but you have to keep that romance in there or you don’t want to lose half of the fans. There has to be an even amount of the two, that’s why we call it mystery/romance after all!

  31. a says:

    Oh joy! More time to drag out the piddly few crime ideas they have and the pee-poor job at showing the couple’s relationship. I’m sure this extra ep will just be filler. Yick.

    So what will this extra show be? reality-star zombies?

  32. MJO says:

    I’m hoping for another season too!

  33. Guadalupe says:

    This is great news. This is the best show ever, and last nights episode was great. I hope that this will bring back all the fans that left(I don’t know why). And hoping for season 6.:)

  34. Nathan Fan! says:

    I’ve been following Nathan since Firefly. The best half serious/funny actor at the moment.

    You can download the episodes over torrent sites in case you are missing the shows, guys. I grab an invite over

  35. Morgan says:

    When is the next castle episode?

  36. Nathan fillion is great as castle and beckett too. I love their connection. pls continue show

  37. I never miss an episode and watch marathon episodes non tnt

  38. carniehermon says:

    I have just become a fan of Castle. Love the dynamic between the two stars. One comment though.. I note that recently she has one of those phony looking cotton candy mops on her head. Puuulease! just give us back real hair. Am happy that I get to see the early episodes in syndication.

  39. soban says:

    castle is awesome just love it want to write an episode myself someday