Castle Recap: You Can't Win 'Em All

JACK COLEMAN, STANA KATICThis week on ABC’s Castle, Beckett had difficult decisions to make as she kinda sorta somewhat tried to apprehend the person plotting to kill her mortal enemy. Did Kate end up crossing any lines in the name of “letting justice prevail”?

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THE CASE | After a young woman turns up dead, stripped of nearly any identifying marks and incinerated in a trash can, it is discovered that she had been seen at a “discreet” hotel with Senator Bracken. The slithery politico however has an alibi. Besides, clues left behind by way of the deceased’s voicemail point Beckett & Co. to a stolen car and the gear of a sniper assassin. Bracken isn’t a suspect — he’s the target.

Bracken gets briefed on the threat, but refuses to cancel a very important speech that will put him “on the national stage.” He is then bemused to see that Beckett is leading the investigation into the man who wants him dead, as she runs him through the usual questions about possible enemies. He has many, he says, “but most of them aren’t crazy enough to want to kill me — present company excluded.” He then ventures, “This must be a dream come true for you,” him being in someone’s crosshairs. Actually, a stone-cold Kate corrects, “In my dreams I get to pull the trigger.” That said, she assures using potent words, “When somebody commits murder, whoever he is, I’ll bring him to justice — no matter what it takes.”

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Kate’s first real crisis of conscience comes when she hides from Rick a piece of Bracken hate mail that matches a notebook left behind by the assassin. Though she toys with torching the letter, she doesn’t — and she almost brings it to the team’s attention when RySposito interrupt with a new clue that points them to an auto body shop. That in turn leads to a flophouse, where Kate finds herself eye-to-eye with Bracken’s wannabe killer, Robert McManus. Yet when he cuts and runs, she can’t bring herself to shoot him. “I didn’t miss,” she later onfides in Rick. “I saw his pain, and I couldn’t take the shot.” Adding to Beckett’s burden of guilt: McManus actually has planted a bomb, meaning if he sets it off, that blood is on her hands. Luckily, RySposito bring the suspect in ASAP, yet Kate isn’t able to break him in interrogation. (And along the way comes thisclose to cluing in Gates on her vendetta.) Gates cuts the Q&A short when a bomb vest is turned up. Bracken, though, stops short of applauding Kate’s efforts, seeing as he knows she let McManus go free when given the chance: “Two shots, missed at close range…? I guess I was right about you.”

Beckett though gets to prove her mettle when she deduces the bomb vest wasn’t of McManus’ making and the real assassin is still out there. She thus decides to evacuate the hotel where Bracken is giving his uberimportant speech — a call that looks b-a-d bad when a bomb sweep comes up empty. But then Kate spies Bracken’s driver fidgeting with his Zippo in a tell-tale way, and is able to shield Bracken just as his ride goes kablooey. (Meanwhile, Rick tackles the driver FTW!) “You saved my life,” Bracken later notes to his adversary. “Can’t win ’em all,” Kate shrugs. Still, he says, “I’m in your debt…. You never know when you might need a friend.” What’s the saying — with friends like him…?

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THE CASKETT | The episode opens with a fleeting bit of banter about Alexis’ beau and Rick’s need to “meet and intimate” any possible suitors…. While sifting through the senator’s hate mail, Rick jokes about Kate’s death threats against the guy dotting the word “kill” with little hearts…. Kate confiding in Rick her inability to pop McManus made for a nice scene…. Rick is ready to ply his lady with celebratory vino when she kills the mood with her new theory…. Put this in a Hallmark card: Rick telling Bracken that, unlike Kate, he woulda let him get blown up…. Mild, across-the-couch coziness at episode’s end, as Caskett realize that Bracken is on the fast-track for the White House.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Recoil”? Not quite as many or as intense of Stana Katic moments as previous “My Mother’s Murder” installments, but surely an upgrade from the previous couple episodes in overall quality and level of tension.

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  1. “Not quite as many or as intense of Stana Katic moments as previous “My Mother’s Murder” installments, but surely an upgrade from the previous couple episodes in overall quality and level of tension.”

    basically exactly this. episode itself was a giant step up from the last few and beckett character growth is always appreciated. still having some serious issues with the lack of physical/emotional intimacy between castle and beckett- their relationship is being seriously wasted. just really underwritten. the only issues i had with this episode were the insertion of Burke that felt really unnecessary and the way Castle just left the precinct without even asking Beckett to go home and get some rest with him. that felt really off to me considering in other episodes involving her mothers murder he’s much more in tune with her & more unwilling to leave her alone. that felt weird to me.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I really felt the whole episode that it was Braken setting it all up.. To get rid of crazy dad, the girl he was possibly having the affair with, not have to give the speech and ruin Becketts career all in one fall swoop. Then the car bomb went off. I think he was far enough away… But even so.. I would love for Kate get her payback by getting Bracken to stand down (and be arrested). At a later date.

      Still waiting for a whole heap of Castle backstory… Lets hope next week’s V-Day episode shows us some Big Damn Heroes!! (And maybe castle will take someone, and take then hard).

      • Maria says:

        Excellent Firefly reference.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I had that theory until the very end, especially when Bracken threatened to have Beckett brought up to the review board — that this was allllll an elaborate scheme to discredit her for good.

        • Alan says:

          that would have been cool but im not sure how they could have worked out of it without bracken being caught and thus the end of the interesting part of the show. its better it went this way.

        • Grabaclue says:

          I totally thought that too. I thought that that was the way he would get rid of her and the other benefit was that whatever she had on him would have no credibility either.

      • Tina says:

        Agreed–with everything you said. My question is this: Do you think he will become president before she takes him down? Wouldn’t that be an interesting spin…

        • Alan says:

          i suspect he will be on the campaign trail, possibly only days from a landslide win when he gets taken down. in his moment of triumph he lets his guard down would be a good way for him to be caught

    • asdf says:

      “and the way Castle just left the precinct without even asking Beckett to go home and get some rest with him”

      Re-watch the episode. To me, it’s very clear that Castle knew that Kate was hiding evidence and was ok with it. You get a reaction shot when she sees and hides the letter, another when he sees the bullet holes. Then you get him dismissing “crazy conspiracy theories” — since when has he EVER done that? — several times at key instances. The scene when they’re at home and she’s reviewing the evidence and thinking that the crazy guy was set up by the real killer… look familiar? That’s the series pilot all over again, only this time he’s already figured it all out and is playing dumb.

      We see this mostly from Beckett’s POV, so it’s hard to notice, but Castle was terrified of losing Beckett and at peace with Bracken getting a dose of karma from the Universe. He tells Bracken he WOULD have let him die (and loved his face when he did) but he really DID try to let Bracken die.

      There’s more to this episode than what the characters come out and tell you.

      • Alan says:

        not to mention that he always does exactly as she says when we are in especially serious moments unless montgomery tells him to do something else so its not out of character for him to leave like that.

  2. Luca says:

    It was better than the last two episodes for sure. But that wasn’t hard to do. I loved the acting, Stana and Nathan were brilliant, with what they were given, but the episode was weak as a mythology episode. So a decent 6/10 for me.

    The “lack of Caskett” was better but it is still an issue going forward. That said, when this episode was filmed, the reaction to the last two hadn’t happened yet. So if TPTB are listening to us, we should see improvement from Episode 15 onwards. Although I hope before!

  3. vklapp says:

    more caskett please. that is all.

    • Alan says:

      ok, explain to me where you would have put more caskett in this episode without taking away from the important stuff happening in the plot. most likely to shoehorn in some caskett we would have lost the scene where gates begins to suspect kate knows more about her mother’s death than she is telling and that was quite clearly the beginnings of set up for the end of the season so we couldnt lose that.

      • Jon says:

        On the couch at the end. Have him sat close, holding her.

        That’s not shoe-horning anything or losing anyone else. Simple and effective.

  4. Mel says:

    Even though it was a bit better, it’s still boring. Castle is boring me this season. Where’s the spark, the energy… it just feels like any other bland show on TV. I miss the earlier seasons of Castle so much right now. :(

    • shuayb says:

      Then buy the dvds or download it…
      NO show can maintain consistency right through. We are definitely heading for good eps but there needs to be filler eps and things leading to the awesome eps.

    • Alan says:

      ah the nostalgia glasses are strong with this one. seriously go back watch the early seasons, and i dont just mean your favourite episodes from those seasons watch all them, and you will see that they still use the same structure for a season as they did back then. we get an occasional “mother case episode” and an occasional caskett heavy episode but mostly its procedural stuff like we have been getting all season.
      this is just the usual case of people preferring the older stuff just because they are more familiar with it.

  5. Fernando says:

    One of the best episodes this season..hope it continues on this path..with some more “Caskett” monents thrown in..*** out of four..Jack Coleman was excellent as Bracken..

  6. Andre says:

    I actually like this episode a lot. I think it is one of their stronger episodes in terms of moving the arc forward. I like the direction they took that Bracken is now indebted to Beckett instead of beating her “revenge” agenda to death without any other dimensions to explore. Plus, I love how Castle told Bracken that he would’ve just stood by had it been him.

    • Wanda says:

      I really think they are setting this up where Beckett will call in the favor from Bracken in connection with Castle and his Dad. They already cast James Brolin as the dad so look for that.

      • Alan says:

        thats in a couple of weeks so thats way too soon, they need to have that hanging over the characters for a while i think, its usually how stuff like this plays out

    • a says:

      Why would Bracken even care about any indebtedness to Beckett. He’s someone who doesn’t mind ordering a killing because it’s better for his career. The notion that he feels he owes Beckett anything is just crazy. He made the suggestion, most likely so he has the satisfaction of telling her no if she asks.

  7. I loved this episode! :) every single bit of it! and i’ve actually really enjoyed what AWM has done with the series this season! i am so invested in this show!! can’t get enough of it! yes, there may be lack of Caskett but i love seeing a domestic side to them! the show isn’t just focused on their relationship. there are more aspects to it and i am loving where it is going! keep faith, folks!! AWM and Co. know what they’re doing! i’m giving this episode 10/10! heck, i’m giving the entire season a 10/10!! keep up the good work Marlowe!

  8. James says:

    I’m conflicted. i loved the episode and am certainly more intrigued by the Bracken character now then i was at the begining. their were some great moments through out, but something just wasn’t right about it i don’t know what it just fell flat at the end. i will say this thier are some very interesting sub-plots here or potential for sub-plots that could be very intersting if done right. like perhaps Braken is the pawn and not the king. even if he was directly responsible for KB mother’s death it sort of seems he wasn’t alone, and i could be pulling this out of complete know where but Braken gave castle a look at the end that sort of said to me i know more about you mr castle than you think. perhaps something to do with Castle’s dad? that would be kind of cool to have it all connected somehow.

    the Caskett side of things is really confounding me, I don’t get what thier going for here. it seems most of the time that they aren’t a couple, like the last scene they could of at least sat on the same couch what was with that. am I the only one that found that strange? i personally think they need to start taking a paige out of Bones’ book and shorten the case of the week a little so they can fit more moments in to spice up the relationship cuz right now its a little dull. other then that good ep, and no matter what i’ll always have a soft spot for this show :) (sorry about the long comment)

  9. Emily says:

    Definite improvement over weeks previous. But I too was conflicted about the episode, loved Bracken and that arc, but the actual episode was lacking and I’m unsure as to why. I thought the two leads were, as usual, exceptional. But I felt there were character moments that let the episode down badly. (Kate choosing yet again to lie/omit from Castle being the biggest deal for me) I also have to agree that while there was an improvement in ‘intimacy’ from them as a couple it is still nothing like what is needed. A hand/arm touch is severely lacking as an indicator to a deep relationship. Separate couches. Castle not giving her a kiss on her cheek when he stopped by? I really have to say that this underwriting of the relationship is going to be the shows downfall. This fear to back up the decision to get them together is going to break the show. I never thought I would say this, but this season comparatively, Bones is doing it better. Way better.

  10. Jasmine says:

    Sad day when Bones is doing a better job with their couple. So, so sad seeing how Bones didn’t even have no lead up, they just randomly had some kid. Ugh.

    • slkmcs says:

      Maybe a sad day for Castle fans but the Bones fans are quite happy, thank-you very much. Just some “random” kid? That sounds as though the “kid” was pick out of a catalog.

  11. Jon says:

    Dear Mr Marlowe.

    I remember hearing you say several times in the past that their comes a point where, if you deny your main characters resolution, they become more like siblings and it damages the show.

    The way you are playing the relationship, the central engine of the show (your words Mr Marlowe) is even worse. You took the leap at the perfect time and yet from 13 episodes in, they are more like siblings that anything else.

    At this point, if they are within a foot of each other in the Valentine’s episode I will actually be shocked.

    Moonlighting Curse? You’re doing it. But backwards, which really is impressive in the saddest way possible for your loyal fans.

    A very frustrated and hugely disappointed LOYAL fan,

    • taliesin says:

      I really have to agree with you. What’s been missing from this season is the shipper moments. Castle and Beckett seem less romantic now then they did before they started having sex. If they’re trying to fool everyone into believing they’re not in a relationship then they’re doing an excellent job of it – of course as loudly as they talk about it in the squad room I can’t imagine anyone there doesn’t know about it by now.
      They really need to give us the shipper moments: the stolen kisses in areas of the precinct where no one’s looking, having dinner together, arguing about who used whose toothbrush, etc. There needs to be more things that make them seem like a real couple. We need are always moments.

    • Alan says:

      one thing i need to pick at here is the moonlighting curse. that supposed “curse” is one of the biggest jokes ive ever heard, moonlighting fell apart because bruce willis and cybil sheppard hated each other and didnt want to share scenes together, not because they put the couple together; if the two had the ability to not hate each other those post-hookup seasons would have been vastly better. i really think the moonlighting misconception is ridiculous and only used by people to complain because they like complaining.

      • Jon says:

        I used the term “Moonlighting Curse” as a reference to the folklore aspect of what it is, rather than the reality of what it was. Common understand of that term currently is a reference about any show failing after a relationship happens, regardless of the reality of the Moonlighting show in specific.
        For you to attempt to use that as a means to disregard legitimate concerns and critiques is unfair of you. You are entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine.
        For you to assume I like to complain just for the sake of it is closed minded. I was polite. I was non-aggressive, I merely stated my opinion. You have the right to disagree, but you do not have the right to put down a genuine critique just because you don’t like what was said.

        • Alan says:

          i dislike the use of the “moonlighting curse” because like i said its absolute crap and has just become a way to lazily sum up your issues with a show which doesnt ever reflect what actually happened in the end of that show. if you are trying to voice your concerns do it with a metaphor that actually makes sense rather than continuing the stupid misconception.

          • Jon says:

            Ask anyone what the Moonlighting Curse has come to mean and they will all tell you. The reality o the original series faults and issues is irrelevant to common cultural meaning. If you can’t grasp that and prefer to hide behind a literal, historical reality, then that is totally your prerogative.

  12. Kourt says:

    Recoil was such a good episode. I loved every second of it. I loved the way Castle supported Kate. I loved that Kate didn’t freeze Castle out. She told him what was on her mind. Definitely an improvement from Knockout/Rise/After The Storm Castle/Beckett are a real couple now and they are facing real life problems together. I think Senator Bracken will be back. My opinion is they need to wrap up the story-line it feels like the Castle writers are dragging it on for a long time.
    In terms of Caskett I do think the Castle writers can spice up their relationship a bit. In tonight’s episode I could tell that Beckett/Castle were a couple unlike Death Gone Crazy. I think Andrew Marlowe is just not giving us everything at once. There is only so much you can fit into a 42 minute episode. If it makes people feel better Andrew/Terri are co-writing the 100th episode (writers of Cuffed and the breath taking Season 4 finale Always). If Castle is so bad 8-9 million people wouldn’t tune in each week. And also Castle won favorite crime drama 2 years in a row at the PCA’s

    • Jon says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Castle is bad. I just think they are making a mistake with something fundamental to the show and people’s frustration will eventually turn into boredom or apathy and that’s when the show is over, when people don’t care anymore.

      Change it now and save it later, essentially.

      • Kourt says:

        I do think Castle will get a 6th season regardless

        • taliesin says:

          Yes. It’s going to go 6. It’s still the #2 show in its time slot; and generally has more viewers. They only way it wouldn’t go 6 is if contracts are up in 5 and the actors start making big salary increase demands.

          • Jon says:

            I agree with you both (Kourt and taliesin). I don’t think there is a doubt about a sixth season but I don’t want the show to die-slowly over something that is so fundamental to what this show is. Caskett.

        • beverly shaun says:

          6th season is coming cause ABC sold the rights to Castle seaons 5&6 to a pay tv channel in the UK owned by BBC.

    • Alan says:

      anyone who thinks they will wrap up the mother case before the show ends is dreaming, without it there is nothing to drive the show forward and we would end up with a twin peaks situation. once twin peaks wrapped up its central mystery (which was never supposed to be solved until the network got involved) it grew listless and had completely lost its direction and drive and guess what it was cancelled within the year.

  13. ollie says:

    really didnt buy castle just leaving when kate told him to. like in any earlier ep he would have know something was going on with the letter issue and no way he would have left her alone. caskett is such a non_realonship now its driving me nuts!! but im more intriqued by braken and something seems to be missing like we are not getting the whole pic of him regarding joannes death.

    • ollie says:

      joanna I meant

    • Susan says:

      Yes, the previous Castle would have read Kate better than that. Other than her touching his arm, it was no different than her telling Ryan or Esposito to go home. The Castle we know wouldn’t have just left, particularly not when she was working on her mothers case.

      • beckstle says:

        Actually, more often than not, Castle does what Kate tells him – particularly since the big time that he didn’t
        ( by looking into her mom’s case) almost cost him having a relationship with him at all. She sent him home when her ex-boyfriend and he had too much tension between them. She tells him not to get a Christmas present – regardless of what he thought about it – he didn’t get one. She tells him to stop talking, he stops.

        He DOES know her. The relationship they’ve developed now is that he trusts that she will will come to him when ready. He made the attempt of getting her to talk about things – and she wasn’t ready. Rather than get mad or push her, he backs off, gives her the emotional support of saying how incredible she is, and does what she asks. The next day she does goto him and tell him everything. The depth of the relationship that’s been built is really unusual for TV. I do agree that a bit more physicality when they’re truly alone would be nice and give a stronger sense of their being physically familar with each other, but it’s the cases that have built the deep trust and bond the two have. The idea of less case related issues in return for more gratuitous make-out sessions is not one I like because the best make-out sessions have ALWAYS come out of case-related material. Castle is complex in it’s story structuring and consistent in how it carefully does character development. I trust that there will be an episode that explores more of the physical passion of Caskett, but it will be built on issues and situations that have been happening all season. This will make it more than just a hot love scene. Like Always, it will have the emotional weight of everything that’s been happening all season. Save the empty fluffy stuff for shows that aren’t interested in honest & connected story telling, but value shocking the audience with episodic gimmicks.

        • Mari says:

          You should write all the reviews. I agree with everything you said.

        • Steph says:

          THIS. Nicely put!

        • Alan says:

          thank you for being the voice of reason among people who just like complaining for the sake of it. now could you just keep it up and answer everyone of the stupid posts like i am attempting to do, maybe we could actually get through to people and make them understand how a good tv show works

          • Jon says:

            FYI you won’t “get through” to people of opposing opinion by calling them stupid.
            I am happy for you that you find nothing to criticize the show about. However just because some of us are unhappy with certain aspects, does not make us stupid or “complainers”. Have some respect for differing opinions.

          • a says:

            And you’re obviously complaining about people who are complaining — for the sake of complaining. Why not just ignore us if that’s all we’re doing? ;-).

  14. Susan says:

    I have been enjoying this season tremendously, and have been a big defender of the relationship as it has been shown so far. That said, I am finding that I am having a harder and harder time defending the way the relationship is being portrayed. As others said above, it’s almost as if they have adopted a “no touch” policy. There were wonderful moments between Castle and Beckett tonight, but those moments could have been so much more intimate with just a touch or a hug. In the Break Room when Kate is telling Rick about the letter she found, he couldn’t reach out discreetly and comfort her? Both times in Becketts apartment could have shown their feelings so much more. But the ending really left me feeling let down after 4 years. We finally see them again in an intimate setting in Beckett’s apartment and they can’t be sitting together, can’t be cuddling on the couch? I find myself feeling let down for the four years I waited for them to be together. I absolutely love this show, but please make me feel like the 4 years were worth the wait. It really wouldn’t take much. I keep telling myself there must be a reason, but we’re 13 episodes into the season and these two characters and actors, along with the dedicated fans, deserve a little more.

  15. luli says:

    They were more like a couple when they weren’t in a relationship! Marlowe needs to spice up things ASAP between Castle and Beckett!

  16. Gringott says:

    Screw it, don’t care if I get called a troll. How the hell is this a chaste couple? They routinely sleep together and have a warm, relaxed chemistry, a lot of nice small gestures. I’m not going to talk realism or anything since, come on, its TV, realism doesn’t exist. However I will say its grounded, feeling stable, solid and with some nice moments of spice here and there. It feels mature.

    Still, I would be lying if I said I couldn’t see how they could throw in a bit more simple stuff. Even something like, “I’ll leave the light on,” when Castle left, implying she’d be sleeping over.

  17. somefan says:

    People here are so busy with their OTP, they can’t even realize how the acting was perfect, both Coleman’s and Katic’s. It’s sad , really.

  18. Jose says:

    I agree with what most people are saying….the episode wasn’t bad, had great acting, interesting case and the return of senator bracken but we need CASKETT….. The couple is the backbone of the show and yet they haven’t highlighted it in 3 episodes….. I hope that changes in the valentine episode!

  19. Caskettfanforever says:

    Fantastic episode, I just want to see more Caskett intimacy. Marlowe PLEASE, deeper physical intimacy between Caskett!

  20. lame says:

    This was indeed much better than previous episodes. It did display the intimacy that they should have. I know many are asking for more affection and after four years they probably are right, but this was okay. The story itself wasn’t as heart pounding as Probable Cause, but it did give us the evolution of Beckett and to a less degree of Castle. It would be fun to hear Castle’s “I got this guy” once again, but I guess those days are gone. I don’t know, I would like Caskett come clean to Gates, lets have her get involved like Montgomery used to. I guess we all would like to see Castle get super bowl numbers like NCIS.

  21. Astrid says:

    Loved the episode! Can’t wait to see the rest of the season, especially the 2 parter.

  22. Barb says:

    While a good episode, what is really starting to grate is a lack of any development on the Castle/Beckett relationship. They get together in the beginning of the season and now, the last few episodes there is nary an indication they are actually even together. While basically ignoring that aspect, they are messing with the feel of they show (some of they scenes just were played out wrong with Rick not as in tune with Beckett as he has been in the past). The banter is missing to lighten the undertone and the show is concentrating solely on the case which is a misstep to me.

  23. mr2boynz says:

    I respect everyones opinion and one thing I agree on is that we want more Caskett initmate moments. However, I think we all need to remember that majority of this season has been about the Caskett relationship 5×01 to 5×05 and 5×09 to 5×10 in particular had a lot of Caskett moments. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that the last 2 episodes have been disappointing from Caskett’s POV but I think they were good stand alone episodes which gave the other characters a time to shine so to speak. Even with tonight’s episode, even though there should have been more Caskett moments, I think it was very well done in terms of character growth and sets up a tone for the remaining half of the season, which I think will be intense (well hopefully anyway) and setting up the various story arcs to another big season finale!!
    Also I am happy to say that I am/was/willl always be a Chuck fan and for those that have watched Chuck will know what I mean. Some of these negative comments reminded me a little bit of Season 3 of Chuck but have faith in TPTB, I’m sure they have it all mapped out and if you a a true Castle or Caskett fan, you will stick by the show no matter what!! :-)
    Can’t wait till next week – I hope it will keep all the Caskett fans happy (me included)!!

  24. i don’t get why everyone is frustrated why castle left beckett on her research… castle knows what beckett feels about the whole thing(the vendetta ) and he stepped back a little cause this is beckett’s unresolved past! so he went home to sleep!
    i really love that they don’t have the romance thing going on all the time.. she is a detective, he is a writer who probably has a dark secret(remember the cia(or fbi?) agent who was kinda ex-lover to castle) there are some many strings on this relationship that just jumping to the lot of sex and cuddling and no mysteries will just be boring
    many of u say the moonlight curse… but u forget that moonlight was in the middle of a writer’s strike back then. i really love how castle is moving the different storylines and i believe that in the end what castel wants is beckett to resolve and get rid of her ”demons” instead of burying them to have fun with castle!
    short story i loved the episode!!!

  25. Maria says:

    Brilliantly acted, especially by Stana. She brought this deep, quiet intensity to Beckett with her struggle between what she wanted to do and what she needed to do.
    However, to borrow a rule from NCIS’s Gibbs: You don’t waste good. (rule #5) Mr. Marlowe is “wasting good” by not capitalizing on the sparks that fly when Castle and Beckett touch/hug/kiss/snuggle. The last scene, in her apartment, would have been sweet and still believable if they had been on the same couch and she’d just leaned back into him as his arm went around her, and the camera faded to black.

  26. Ali says:

    Amazing Stana was Amazing!
    The BEST Episode of this season..HANDS DOWN!

    • Jon says:

      She was, She didn’t have as much to work with as normal for JB-murder episodes, but did a stellar job with what she had. I have to be honest though, I think Nathan Fillion stole the show with one line. ‘I wouldn’t have done what she did. I’d have stood and watched.’

  27. caprigirl60 says:

    Hey Matt, I think you mean Castle needs to “meet and intimidate” any of Alexis’ possible suitors not “intimate” unless the show is going in a whole different direction.

    • Caskettfanforever says:

      LOL! I caught that earlier too. It’s the second site I’ve seen it written as “intimate” the boyfriends instead of “intimidate”.

  28. SnazzyO says:

    Good episode. I love that she went to Micheal Dorn (I don’t know what the therapist’s name is) because it suggests she’s still working with him (GOOD) and she needed a non-involved trusted voice.

    Regarding Caskett — I’m fine with it. I think “Bones” has done a better job of keeping the sizzle in the relationship but I’m okay with what they’ve done. OTOH, I’m not sure if hiding it from Gates is the best idea. I think the hiding is missing important drama moments.

    • Morisot says:

      I think that Emily/Bones acts like (and has always acted like) she’ll get cooties from David/Booth! Zero warmth or chemistry from her.

  29. Andrea says:

    I seriously loved this episode. I do think in some episodes we could see some more Caskett moments, but this one not one of them. Castle knows Kate better than anyone, especially when it comes to her mothers case. When she wants to be alone or wants space, he’s going to give it to her. I personally thought this episode was filled wit numerous undertoned Caskett moments, which made the episde even better. The acting was wonderful, as usual, and the storyline was great. If you’re only watching for 42 minutes of Caksett you’re missing out. And you’re going to be disappointed every episode because you’ll never get that much Caskett in one episode.

  30. James says:

    Castle is not missing a Beckett relationship on screen as much as he is missing a relationship with Alexis and Martha. Castle and Beckett are the heart of the show, however the moments Castle spends with Alexis really give it heart. Write material that has development with Castle, Beckett and Alexis in the same scene it would go a long way. MArtha and Alexis are just and important as Javi and Ryan, where are they?

    • Caskettfanforever says:

      I think Susan Sullivan (Martha) and Molly Quinn (Alexis) might have had the week off for this episode because they had a big workload for the two-parter coming up in two weeks. Since it’s Alexis-centered I’m sure we’re going to see a ton of Castle family scenes with Castle, Martha and Alexis.

  31. Steph says:

    The acting in this episode was just flawless. One of the stronger episodes of this season in my opinion.
    I on the other hand thought Castle and Beckett’s relationship really came through this episode. Castle knows from experience what the repercussions of Johanna’s case has on Beckett emotionally. In the early seasons, he was warned not to touch it, he has been kicked off her team, he was told he doesn’t know Beckett and they are done, more than once. Castle knows how Beckett works. He knew something was up this episode, confronted her, saw that she was not going to say anything and waited. What happened? When she was ready, she completely opened up to him, complete trust in him. That is a complete 360 from the previous Beckett’s mother’s episodes which usually resulted in some fight about the case, when really the fight was caused by their underlying/conflicted feelings towards each other.
    I am in awe of how this relationship has developed throughout the seasons. Yes, I have mentioned the lack of intimacy between the two, but there was such a deeper meaning to their relationship in this episode, I really could have cared less about the lack of intimacy. THOSE TWO WERE ON FIRE LAST NIGHT. Also, Jack Coleman was brilliant.

  32. Tom says:

    Yawn. I grew tired of the whole “who killed Kate’s mother?” story line two seasons ago. Now it’s just annoying. From now on, I’m not going to even bother taping the episodes that look focused on this old, tired story line.

    • Alan says:

      fine, you will miss the last ever episode whenever it airs then because the case will not be going away before then, its too important to the storyline of the show.

  33. Krithika says:

    Awesome episode but SERIOUSLY?? 3 episodes and zero indications that they are infact, NOT siblings. C’mon how much more can a shipper heart take?

    • Alan says:

      did you not see how he understood how she was thinking and feeling right through the episode and supported her? thats how a relationship should be portrayed, he knows her almost better than she knows herself. im glad they are taking the subtle approach rather than the over-the-top touchy feely time-suck a relationship usually becomes on tv.

      • a says:

        That’s pretty much how the relationship was portrayed BEFORE it was a relationshp.

      • Jon says:

        I don’t think anyone on here is asking for ‘over-the-top touchy feely time-suck’ type relationship. Most are just asking to be able to tell the difference between Caskett IN a relationship versus Caskett BEFORE they were in a relationship. Which is fairly straight-forward a request and an even more easily accomplished, without anything over the top or gratuitous. Unless you feel a cuddle on the couch while they watch the news after a hard emotionally draining case is OTT…

  34. Nalatwo says:

    Really enjoyed the episode and did not miss the Caskett so much this week, but I am hoping we see Gates explore the fact that Bracken killed Beckett’s mother and this was the first that Gates had heard of it. That got dropped into the episode with little fanfare – have to believe that it will come up again, especially since Gates knows that this was not a surprise to Castle. If they were keeping that from her what other secrets are they keeping?

  35. Jon says:

    I think, reading the new comments, a lot of people aren’t getting the point of the ‘Lack of Caskett’ comments.

    No-one is saying the show should forget everything else and just be about them making out or having sex. IMHO what is being said it that if you look at Caskett this last few episodes without knowing the backstory, you wouldn’t know that they are actually together. That is a problem. You don’t need gratuitous sex or making out to show intimacy, but this show very much needs to find the spice that Caskett had for the last four seasons again instead of running scared from the engine of the show.

    I will say that there was more in this episode, subtle moments, than we’ve seen for a long time, but they are still missing the easy opportunities to show these two are together. The couch scene in particular was terrible in that sense. All for the want of positioning the actors slightly differently! I don’t know where to put ‘blame’ for that. Actor choices, director choices, writer choices? Either way it was a huge missed opportunity and such an easy fix that I actually threw my arms up when I saw it and yelled ‘come on!’ at the screen.

    No-one is saying anything negative about the acting. On the contrary it seems everyone, myself included was more than impressed by how Ms Katic and Mr Fillion especially took what they were given and made it work so well.

    The problem to me is, this level of frustration fans are feeling, is going to become a serious problem.

    I am hoping that the episodes coming up will ease the frustration, though. Really hoping.

    • MF says:

      ^ SO MUCH THIS!!!

    • Tina says:

      Agreed. Completely. Still, I fear we are heading for bad news.

    • James says:

      Absolutely spot on Jon. I’ve said this before on this site that i think and still do think that when you look at this season as a whole so far its been the best yet. their where wonderful moments between the two that IMO show the talent of the actors, they make it so subtle yet powerful. Like you said however its the missed opportunities that’s frustrating. the couch scene is a perfect example. I’m not suggesting that they straddle each other or even cuddle, but at least be on the same side of the couch. it was just strange. Knowing AM he’s building up to something great, which would be awesome, but their needs to be more opportunity for them to explore their relationship instead of saying a few lines about Alexis at a crime scene have it at one of their apartements before they go to work, stuff like that is much needed.

    • B says:

      Totally agree about the blocking of the last scene. Definitely felt like a missed opportunity. Excellent point about new viewers too, but I do think everyone clamoring for more sizzle means that they’re doing something right. For the last four years, we’ve been yelling at Marlowe and Co. to put them together and he pulled it off flawlessly in its own time. Now that they’re together, we’re yelling for more togetherness. While I’ll be the first to admit that their chemistry is different, shouldn’t it be? For the first four seasons, Castle spent all his time pulling Beckett’s pigtails and she teased him mercilessly. Now, there’s no reason to do either of those things because they’re together. That being said, moments like last night’s closing scene need to be more overt. And for heaven’s sake, could they have just one moment of uninterrupted romance? I understand the restrictions of the genre, but really? I think it will take a while for them to find their groove where they can and do seamlessly fit those moments in. They famously shoot much longer scripts than average procedurals so there literally isn’t time for some of the stuff we think is important. One more thing: anyone who thinks Boreanaz and Deschanel have better chemistry is crazy. Nothing says brother-sister like that relationship. All they do is bicker.

      • Jon says:

        That is actually a really wonderful point you’ve made there B. I find myself agreeing with you greatly there. You’re right the chemistry should be different, but also they need to make easy moments more overt. I just feel that the weaving these moments in and finding their groove, I do worry that if that doesn’t happen sooner rather than later it is going to become a problem for the show as it (hopefully) moves into a sixth season.

    • Caskettfanforever says:

      Thank you! Perfectly said. Nobody is asking for Caskett porn throughout the episode, just the little signs of affection, touches, looks, hugs, their “handshake”, some private time together scenes, ILYs would be nice, anything that shows that Caskett are in a relationship now. Nathan and Stana have chemistry to spare, the fans want to see it and WILL continue to watch the show no that Caskett are together, so don’t be afraid to put those scenes in there, writers! It’s frustrating. Come on.

    • luli says:

      This x10!!!!!! You were spot on Jon :)

  36. Tina says:

    People have made many comments about the lack of Castle/Beckett intimacy scenes. However, I have been wondering…ever since Aus wrote the blind item predicting the break-up of a much beloved couple, I began to think it could be them. THEN, when ex-wifey came a callin’, you could see that her parting words to Beckett created a MONSTER issue–which will soon need to be addressed. And, I fear it put Castle/Beckett at the top of the blind item list. Anyone else think so? Personally, I think the writers have done a terrific job this season with this relationship, and I’d hate to see it end just to add more drama to the series.

    • James says:

      I can see why you’re worried Tina, but I seriously doubt Marlowe would break them up so soon after pairing them up i just think he’s playing the long game when it comes to Caskett. The Meridith words are a Huge elephant in the room for sure, but I personally think it will bring them closer to gather, like Castle did for her mom’s case She will do for him. I also think if they were the blind item that would mean next season would be its last I personally don’t see that, it’s still one of ABC’s biggest scripted drama’s even with the drop in viewership. my guess is they will milk it till it runs dry. Wishful thinking perhaps :)

    • Jillian says:

      I think the blind item is them too. They have major issues and it’s all coming from inside their relationship, so I can really see that breaking them up.

  37. John says:

    Castle’s been losing me for most of this season, can’t pin down exactly why but the show’s just stopped being “must see”: I TiVo and get around to it whenever. Still enjoy the characters but the episode plots don’t hold together.

    • taliesin says:

      I think part of the problem is that the show is so much more focused on humor this season. In the first few season the cases were serious and Castle, due to the way he sees life, added humor to the episodes – Castle made a serious business fun. This season it seems like the writers are trying to force the characters into many humorous cases and situations rather then letting the humor come naturally from Castle. Compound that with a decrease in Caskett/shipper moments and the show is just become ordinary rather then extraordinary.

      • John says:

        “Castle made a serious business fun.”

        Could very well be. I still love when he looks at his reflection in the storefront glass in one of the intros, or his and especially her, facial expression when he shows her his “Writer” vest…

  38. B says:

    Stana shows off her chops once again. I love episodes like this (think Kill Shot) where she simultaneously shows so much bravado and vulnerability. Her performance made this already solid episode one of the best this season. It was probably made better by the lackluster plots that immediately preceded it, but this one had everything that (at least) I want out of an episode of Castle: a strong plot, varied character interaction, and the wonderful subtext layered in via the off-dialogue close-ups (cheers, Marta Every). I also think they did a lot of setup for the two-parter and beyond: Castle hasn’t met this new guy in Alexis’ life, and we know she’s central to the sweeps spectacular; Beckett now has a reluctant, powerful ally in Bracken; and we catch a glimpse of what Castle might (or might not) do for the people he loves (“I wouldn’t have done it, you know, what she did. I’d have stood and watched.”). His smirk almost makes it a throwaway, as if he wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Some lovely stuff in this episode! Can’t wait to see where Captain Marlowe sails from here!

  39. Alan says:

    people who complain that caskett arent touchy feely enough with each other need to remember back to the last time they were and they were caught on camera, almost costing them their working relationship, they are doing it for a reason which if you were paying any kind of attention you would realise it.
    anyway bracken was great this week, im really enjoying jack coleman in the role, he has the menacing in private and friendly in public thing down.
    overall im enjoying this season as much as i have any of the others and just want it to keep coming. now can we just give gates some good moments so she can be a real replacement for the made-of-awesome montgomery.

    • taliesin says:

      You need to keep in mind that you can have shipper moments outside of the squad room. They don’t need to be for public consumption. The writers decide what we’re going to see. The actors don’t just make that stuff up on the spot.
      I’ve had more intimate relationships with my next-door neighbor while cutting the grass and saying hello compared to what I’ve seen between Rick and Kate for most of this season. And based on the ratings declines (down to 1.8 and 8.4 million this week) I don’t think I’m alone in feeling the relationship is missing.

      • Alan says:

        when an episode takes place solely on the job like most of the episodes that have been complained about then my point is still valid. its not going to happen while they are working because they value working with each other and since the story is that they work with each other then you get the subtle stuff rather than the overt time-sucking romance nonsense that some people quite clearly crave.

        • taliesin says:

          The shippers made Castle and they’ll unmake it if the shipper moments aren’t present; no matter how much you might dislike those who care about romance. As I said above, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the Castle is down in the ratings this year. When most of the shippers are complaining about the lack of Caskett moments and the ratings and viewership are down that should tell you something.

          • Alan says:

            check the castle numbers between any 2 adjacent seasons, there is always a fall off just like any show has over the years; tv networks expect it and this is just that until it reaches the stage where a massive amount of viewers suddenly disappear.

          • taliesin says:

            Of course we can also see that Bones, in it’s 8th season, scored more viewers then Castle last night. The Castle fall-off seems to be fairly steep, and we have seen a distinct growing mumble from shippers about Castle this season. It’s not hard to see the correlation.

        • a says:

          You do realize that the writers can have some of the show take place at other locations, right? They control the time and place of scenes, right.

          And stop with the strawman, puhlease. Because people want evidence that we have a couple rather than a brother and sister with occasional incest, it doesn’t mean we’re wanting them to suck face every week.

          What we want is some interaction. Lately it’s been awful.

  40. Phoebe says:

    I loved it. I was getting tired of the fluffy episodes. And of course, we need more romantic scenes.

  41. vincent dante says:

    I watch this show for the quirky humor of Castle and his relationships with the other characters. I am not a shipper nor do I care to watch a show that turns into Remington Steele, Jr. This show has always been (especially in the early seasons) a nice mixture of comedy and mystery. I get rather irritated that everyone expects a romantic storyline every week. This is not Hart to Hart. That said, please follow that you don’t need to ship every couple on television. Something tells me if this technology had existed in the 60s, we would have the Captain Kirk-Yeoman Rand shippers and the Matt Dillon-Kitty Russell shippers…

    • Alan says:

      im pretty sure that if the internet had existed we would have had jesus/mary magdelan shippers, it really is apparently the only way some people can enjoy tv.

      • Jon says:

        That was unnecessary and could be construed as offensive.

        However, I take your point that you don’t need to ship in every show. However, you cannot deny that the engine of the show has always been the Caskett relationship and the show has played to that from episode one. Mr Marlowe has stated as such several times. So I find it hard to take your complaints about shipping this particular show when so much of the show is based on shipping this couple.

        • a says:

          Actually, he DOES deny it. But yeah, the 70th percentile premise of the show is the ship. Sorry to those who won’t see that. And the lack of ship is likely the cause of the not so great ratings..

      • a says:

        How about you stop critiquing other people’s opinions and just offer your own.

  42. Wendy says:

    The only thing that annoys me is the running down of “Bones” and its couple because “Castle” refuses to give its fans what they want, romance wise. Why the need to even bring “Bones” into this? For years all I have read is that the shows should not be compared, etc. So why run one show down to make another look better? Focus that frustration where it belongs: On the “Castle” writing team and Andrew Marlowe.

  43. Kourt says:

    Excuse me ratings are always down for Castle when the Bachelor is the lead in. The drop from 10 m to 8 m has nothing to do with “lack of Caskett romance.” Ratings will probably be in the 10 m range when the 100th episode airs (Terri/Andrew) are writing that one. They wrote the Season 4 finale. Terri’s episodes of Castle are not a let down

    • rv says:

      Well, I was expecting the rating to be better now that Castle is in TNT. They are doing promotion for Castle better than ABC. I know of new fans who just started watching Castle on ABC because they saw it in TNT. So If not for TNT, I think the ratings would have been lower than what it is now.