Josh Henderson Previews Dallas' Sexy New Alliance and the Big [Spoiler] Murder Mystery

Dallas Season 2 SpoilersThe enemy of my enemy is my… lover? John Ross Ewing put that sexy spin on the old axiom in Dallas‘ Season 2 opener, when he and Pamela “Don’t Call Me Rebecca” Barnes sealed their new alliance with a kiss and then some. Here, Josh Henderson weighs in on his alter ego’s calculated coupling (and who still has John Ross’ heart), then shares a peek at the exit storyline that is sure to do the late Larry Hagman justice. (TNT’s Dallas airs Mondays at 9/8c.)

TVLINE | There seems to be a sort of pattern, where each Dallas episode ends with John Ross “up,” and then in Act I or ACT II of the following week he’s knocked down a peg – or vice versa.
[Laughs] Yeah, that math about works. He doesn’t always end up, for sure. He’s definitely always trying to stay one step ahead of the next person, and as a result, he gets himself into situations. It’s an ongoing battle.

TVLINE | What do you think went through his mind last week when the elevator reversed and headed back up to Pamela’s?
It didn’t surprise him. He enjoys the competition with Pamela. He understands her, because they’re both kind of the same person when it comes to wanting to prove something to their father and make their father proud, and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. So when he saw the elevator head back up, to him it was just hilarious – “Well, I guess it’s go time!”

TVLINE | Julie Gonzalo seems to be having a lot of fun now that Pamela has revealed herself.
Yeah, she loves it, because it’s like she’s a completely different person. She and I, I think, have the most evolving characters, the ones that continually have to change themselves.

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TVLINE | How soon will John Ross and Pamela get wind of the fact that Christopher is forcing the real Becky to flip her story?
As the audience is going to find pretty quickly, it’s going to get a little crazy with that situation. The real Becky is in an interesting place because she’s promised us something, but now Christopher has information on her [being in on the con]. That storyline’s about to get really sticky.

TVLINE | I was trying to do the math in my head when John Ross, Christopher and Bobby each agreed to give Elena 5 percent of their shares. Because it would seem that if John Ross ultimately wants control of Ewing Energies, he’ll have to get Elena back onto his side.
The math thing is always funny to us, because we are always trying to figure out, “How much of Southfork do I own…? How much of Ewing Energies do I own…?” Basically, John Ross was agreeing to all be equal partners.

TVLINE | Agreeing bit too easily, I would say.
[Laughs] Yeah, you know something’s up. He obviously sees this as a good play for a certain reason. There’s a morals clause in Elena’s contract with Sue Ellen, and he thinks he can figure out a way to use those shares against her and take control. At the end of the day, he wants to gain control, and he hated the fact that Christopher and Bobby had [a combined] 60 percent.

TVLINE | Speaking of Elena, do you feel like she is with whom John Ross’ heart still lies? For him, was that real?
It was, absolutely. John Ross definitely cares for and was in love with Elena. But he was in such a place in Season 1, trying to prove himself and make really big moves, that it sabotaged their relationship. He put his blinders on. And as soon as she got with Christopher, it was like, “Game on. I’ve got to bury all of that stuff and really get to business.”

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TVLINE | Was there any one moment,Dallas / EP202 after Mr. Hagman passed, where you were on set and it hit you all over again: “Wow, he’s not going to walk into this scene when he probably would have”?
Almost every day. Almost every day. We keep his trailer on set, and his chair is always on set, so it’s a daily reminder of how much we miss him and how much he meant to all of us. And for John Ross, J.R.’s voice is going to be in his head forever. He’s always going to be trying to please him and trying to hopefully make him proud. It’s completely a passion of his to figure out what’s going on and how he can end up on top, because he knows that’s what his father would have wanted. Hopefully I can have J.R.’s spirit live through me for the duration of this series.

TVLINE | It’s been reported that J.R. is being written out by way of a murder mystery. What’s the over/under on the number of suspects?
Oh my gosh…. Sue Ellen has a line where she says, “Half of the people in this phone book wanted to kill J.R.,” so yeah, there are a lot of suspects. And John Ross will not stop until he figures this out, no matter how long that takes him.

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  1. TJ says:

    Totally loving this show, a great tribute to the original and yet moving it forward at the same time and Josh Henderson is a huge part of why this series rework is working! Will miss Larry Hagman’s JR sooooooooo much but a murder mystery is the perfect send-off. Wishing him peace and this series many years of success.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    I love the show but I’m forced to find it as repeats on the weekends. I would watch it live if they would move it back to Wednesday or even Tuesday would be even better. To many other great shows on Monday nights.

    • the girl says:

      I usually watch it online or On Demand. Those might not be options for you, but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case.

  3. Sal F says:

    I love this show so much I acutally went back and started watching the original one on DVD. I never watched it when it was on the air but am enjoying it now. Hopefully this reboot will go on without Larry Hagman who is already missed in my book.

  4. ruby says:

    Josh is effin’ amazing!!!when he entered the room to kiss pamela he was sexy as over the elena triangle,is this vampire diaries all over again??well atleast they aren’t blood brothers..great show.

  5. silk says:

    Love the John Ross and Pamela Rebecca alliance!!! Great story. Definately best chemistry out of the younger cast!

  6. buzybee says:

    loving dallas. second season is already better then the first season. anyway, john ross is everything. and pamala/rebecca, in a pairing with john ross as a power couple, would be off the hook. rebecca compliments john in a super sexy smart way and i am loving it. no more with elena. elena and christopher can have each other. it is john and rebecca who i have always thought should be together because of their dynamic chemistry and now that rebecca is being given more meaty story, it is only gonna get better.

    rip larry hagman. jr ewing will forever be missed on dallas.

  7. Dallas G K says:

    Love the show. JR will be missed! Love Christopher and hope John Ross gets what coming to him . He worse than JR going to Cliff Barnes and against JR his Dad! Pamela is good but better off without John Ross.

  8. Dallas JK says:

    I’ve been watching Dallas since the beginning and JR is the best! Can’t wait to see his Master piece.

  9. Christopher lover says:

    I love christopher!!!!?

  10. Patricia says:

    I’ve been loving this show since the beginning. There will never be another J.R EWING….he will be truly missed, hope that it will continue on for many more seasons

  11. Lori says:

    He married her! I cannot believe it. Actually I can a little but still, JR’s got to be rolling over and Cliff is gonna have a heart attack.

    • KansasGuest says:

      That was FABULOUS! Mr. & Mrs. John Ross Ewing III…Pamela has married 2 Ewings in one year while Elena has yet to make it to the altar.