Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington Endorses Alex-Jo Romance: 'I Hope I'm the One For Him'

CAMILLA LUDDINGTON JUSTIN CHAMBERS Grey's Anatomy Season 9Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes may be on the fence about whether to send Alex and Jo on the fast track to coupledom, but the latter’s portrayer, Camilla Luddington, isn’t.

“Personally, I do hope that it goes that way because I think they would be great together,” the actress tells TVLine. “But who knows? On this show I’ve seen so many people end up dating other people. Now Jackson and Stephanie are together!”

In the following Q&A, Luddington — who joined Grey’s this fall as part of the new wave of interns — explains why Jo has resisted going there with Alex, teases what (and whom) they’ll bond over in future episodes, and reveals what’s standing in the way of her becoming a full-fledged series regular.

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TVLINE | What has it been like working with Justin Chambers?
He’s great. He’s nothing like Alex. He’s so sweet. Not guarded. Just lovely.

TVLINE | Alex’s track record with the ladies is not the greatest.
Oh, yeah. I know. [Laughs] I think he really was in love with Izzie. Who knows where that could have gone? I think he would have stayed with her if [Katherine Heigl] didn’t leave. Since then he’s been guarded with women. And when he has let down that guard he’s gotten hurt. So I kind of get why he isn’t wanting a relationship. And why he’s sleeping with all the interns.

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TVLINE | That explains why he just wants to be friends with Jo. But what about Jo? Does she really only have platonic feelings for him?
I think she really does feel that way right now. She’s just as guarded as him. She’s very protective over this friendship. And I don’t know that she wants to think of it as anything else right now because she doesn’t want to lose it. She really does cherish that relationship. She can trust him; she doesn’t feel like he judges her. He’s her bud.

TVLINE | Do you think it’s all leading to a romance?
I’ve been trying to get information out of the writers, but they don’t tell us anything. I really don’t know what path it’ll take them. I just know that over the next few episodes they continue to bond.

TVLINE | What do they bond over?
They bond over Stephanie and Jackson hooking up. They kind of make fun of that. And Jo is working on PEDS with him again, so they are taking cases together. And, of course, there’s a panic right now going on in the hospital; everyone is afraid they’re going to lose their jobs, and that’s something that brings everybody together – including those two. The hospital going under kind of takes over everyone’s emotions and becomes the focal point in the upcoming episodes.

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TVLINE | Any hint of one of them crossing the line coming up?
Honestly, not that I’ve read [in the scripts]. We’re not anywhere near the end of the season though, so I don’t know where the writers will take that.

TVLINE | Shonda Rhimes did tell me in September that this is the season Alex finds love with someone who won’t leave him…
I read those quotes too. [But] things change all the time. I didn’t even know that Jo was homeless and that had a foster upbringing. That wasn’t mentioned to me until five episodes in. They’re careful about keeping information from us. I am a fan of Grey’s, and I love Alex — as much as he is a jerk. I’ve seen him go through all the peaks and valleys with relationships. So, of course, thought, “God I hope I’m the one for him,” because I love him as a character.

TVLINE | Grey’s has an option to pick you up as a series regular next season — any idea if they plan to exercise it?
That is not something we will know until we know if even Grey’s is [officially] picked up next season. I definitely think that it will be, but I don’t think anyone can confirm that until they knew that Grey’s is coming back. We all hope [to return] because we love being on the show. But we also know that we could step into an elevator [at Seattle Grace] and die. [Laughs] I don’t  take the job for granted. But I would absolutely love to come back.

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  1. maria says:

    i wish izzie would just come back..her an alex were perfect!

    • Kira says:

      I completely agree!!!! Izzie could be annoying at times but her and Alex were perfection!!!!

    • dude says:

      Blame Shondra. Katherine has offered to come back numerous times, she wants to give the storyline closure too. Shondra is still bitter over how everything went down and would sooner cancel her show than let Katherine Heigl anywhere near it. It’s a shame when showrunners put personal feelings about the creative direction of their series.

      • dude says:

        *above the creative direction…

      • Kira says:

        I second that!! I know they didn’t part on the best of terms but IMO a lot of fans still want Alex to end up with Izzie. No substitutes accepted LOL

        • ANONYMOUS23 says:

          YOU RIGHT!!!!

          • Alexizzzzzzzie4eva says:

            Alex x izzie ! Pleeeease ! They were the best couple on the show and with Katherine heigel offering to come back? I just wish those behind the scenes would be as all for it as the fans.

      • Ben says:

        I agree with this. I mean, I get why Shonda is upset with Katherine, but I’d like to see it put aside for the sake of closure. Perhaps when Grey’s gets to a final season.

      • Samantha says:

        Katherine didn’t want storyline closure soon after she left. She made it clear then in interviews that she was done with Grey’s Anatomy and that it was a closed chapter. She recently changed her tune because her movies have been flopping and she wants to win some of the old Grey’s Anatomy fans back. Wise up, guys and stop acting like Katherine is the poor victim in all this. She’s the reason Alex & Izzie ended so abruptly.

        • Mary says:

          Agreed. If I were Shonda, I wouldn’t want her back either. How can she bad mouth the writers and say they didn’t give her good material, and then want to put closure on the storyline and come back? It’s a shame what happened because I love the original Grey’s characters the most but I don’t blame Shonda. Katherine acted like a diva.

          • ReeRee says:

            yeah well, Shonda left nothing to ruin her character:
            – made her sleep with her married best friend (George) – still gives me the icks!
            – made her work on a deer
            – got the fiancé from the dead haunt her and then just drop the cancer bomb

            yeah i wouldn’t be too happy to work with all this happening and my best friend (as Heigl’s best friend T.R Knight) left the show. Not being a diva in my opinion, just having a voice about all the crap being shoved on her!

        • kimmmy says:

          Honestly, I don’t care much that Katherine heigl was trying to break into movies and was a “diva”.. She can act, she’s brilliant as izzie and has said that she wants to be back.. So i really really hope they make it happen :( :( Alex x izzie <3

    • Nicole says:

      Stop trying to make Izzie happen.

    • asli says:

      Agree! I like Camilia she’s cute. though I barely know Jo, [bc i stop watching the show] I don’t think Alex&Jo would make a couple like Alex&Izzie.. Izzie was the one for him, and I think she still is. So, yes Alex&Jo may be great friends, but not lovers. And Jo really is too young for him! Alex&Izzie was like MerDer to me, ending their stories without other one is not just true to me. Also Look at this page it’s a spoiler about Jo&Alex but almost everyone talks about Alex&Izzie. I mean alex and jo could be a couple for today, but alex and izzie will be forever..

    • HeArT says:

      That would be awesome;)

  2. Kira says:

    Love Camilla but NO to Alex & Jo!!! To me they have zero chemistry. Definitely better off as friends

  3. Jess says:

    I love the chemistry between Alex and JO

  4. Danielle H. says:

    I like how we are pretending that this isn’t going to happen. It obviously is…but it’s cute watching them grow as friends first. Alex needs a leading lady!!!

  5. maria says:

    I really hope they dont get them together shes just so young and not right for him… i hate all the new interns they are a poor imitation of the original cast.

  6. Luke says:

    Say no to Hobo Jo for Alex. Just don’t like how whiny she is.

  7. Rosie7 says:

    I so hope they stay as friends. I can’t see them together at all. ZERO chemistry. I think cause they have similar background they can support each other. When I see Alex with Jo it makes me miss Izzie and Ava so damn much! He had chemistry with them

  8. elodie says:


  9. Sarah says:

    I was a huge fan of Alex and Izzie together, but I actually think the Alex/Jo relationship is his best one yet. It’s definitely a more realistic relationship than most of the other ones we witness on Grey’s. Friends first rather than just falling into bed together. They have a lot in common and I’m really enjoying watching how things progress. Alex has been one of my absolutely favourite characters from day one (Justin Chambers is SO underrated), so I’m excited!

  10. Ashlee says:

    I hope they stay as friends, not because they don’t have chemistry, but because it reminds me of the friendship between George and Izzie to an extent. There needs to be more friendships and less hookups in this show.

  11. Maura O'Henry says:

    Camilla is lovely but Jo is annoying and I find zero chemistry between her and Alex. ZERO! She’s like his bratty, whiney, little sister. Other than Shane and Heather, these interns are just like flies, always buzzing around and being annoying. Jo is nice enough I guess but she’s boring and her scenes with Alex are so forced and contrived and not organic at all. Alex deserves more.

  12. William says:

    No matter how hard Shonda tries to push Alex into another relationship, it’ll never measure up to what he had with Izzie. I feel like the writers are pairing him with someone just so he wouldn’t be alone. I wish Shonda would put her pride aside and bring Izzie back. Either way you look at she’ll always be his soulmate.

    • J says:

      I so agree with this comment .I get that Shonda and Katherine ended on bad terms but
      it isn’t about that.It’s about a story and how to end the show if next year is in fact it’s final season.I don’t think they will find any match better for Alex than Izzie.I’ve been with the show from the beginning and I don’t want it to end with Alex and some new intern character for me it’ll always be Alex and Izzie and I know others feel this way too.

  13. Ana says:

    I second every anti-Jo/Alex sentiment above. I like Jo. I think she’s a fine intern but she looks/acts more like Alex’s little sister. There’s no romantic/sexual chemistry at all. And she looks so young that in comparison he looks too old which kind of makes him look like a perv. And she’s too bubbly and youthful in her behavior. He’s trying to mature and Jo makes him look like he’s regressing. No, please.

  14. marge says:

    At best, Jo is a poor man’s Izzie. And the chemistry is severely lacking. Besides, Shonda and Co. already made it a point to have her say that “ew, Alex is like her brother!” so I mean… WHY? Alex deserves love and to be happy but why with an intern? We’ve been there done that with the Attendings/Inters great!love (MerDer, Cristina and Burke, Cristina and Yang)… Alex deserves someone better and established.
    (In a perfect world, Izzie would come back. or at least they could establish a long-distance courtship.)

  15. ggny says:

    Ah after Alex and the Intern last year i would rather see with someone more mature. I want Rachael Taylor as Lucy. She was by far my favorite love interest for Alex expect for Izzie

  16. marge says:

    *Cristina and Owen (instead of Cristina and Yang. lol) But I guess one could say that she is in love with herself, too. lol

  17. Californiagirl78 says:

    I like Jo but I’m not sure how I feel about Alex/Jo relationship..Izzie is Alex’s true love. Shonda needs to get everything & bring Izzie back.

  18. Jessica says:

    Alex is one of my favourite characters and I wanted to like his storyline and his new love interest, but their scenes make me so bored. They have no chemistry at all. And Jo is whiny and annoying.

  19. Samantha says:

    I honestly don’t get anyone who says they are an Alex fan wanting Izzie to come back for an episode or two and Alex taking her back with open arms. I also don’t get how you can put the blame on Alex and Izzie splitting up on Shonda when Katherine was the one who spent over a year trying to get out of her contract until she finally did. Shonda intended for Alex & Izzie to end up together (she said that) and the reason they didn’t is because Katherine Heigl left. Blame Katherine, not Shonda.

    You need to understand that Katherine said she would like to come back but ONLY for 1 or 2 episodes not for a whole season or for a multi-episode story arc (and lets be real – the only reason Katherine wants back is because her movie career isn’t so hot anymore and she lost much of her fanbase which was the Grey’s Anatomy fanbase). After what Izzie did and the way she treated Alex you think that is something that can be repaired in 1 or 2 episodes? Alex would certainly look quite pathetic and like a real doormat if he took Izzie back so easily. It would also negate his personal growth (and that speech he gave Izzie in their last scene) to want to be with someone who is inconsiderate of his feelings and treated him like the worst person in the world. We know that Alex has major trust issues which is why he is so guarded and what Izzie did made Alex lose ALL trust in her. If he took Izzie back how does he know he won’t come home one day to a note saying she left him over something he may or may not have said or done? It’s not in 2 episodes that Izzie will earn Alex’s trust back. If he did take her selfish and self-centered a$$ back so easily after everything she pulled on him, he probably does deserve to be treated like crap and left with a note again.

    I’ve been liking Alex and Jo together. Alex is really happy for once and I think he likes being with Jo because he can identify with her. He feels like she understands him and understands what he’s been through more than anyone else he’s ever met. It’s the reason he can open up and bond easier with Jo than he ever could with Izzie. I like how Jo & Alex have become friends first and that eventually they’ll turn into more. It’s a much more realistic path for a relationship than if they had hooked up after they just met. I’m onboard for Jolex. Camilla sounds like a really nice, down to earth person and she likes Justin and being on Grey’s. Make it happen, Shonda!

    • Natalie says:

      NO alex/jo. Alex will always be in love with Izzie and he’d def take her back (they were always meant to end up together). Anyone who says otherwise is forgetting that Shonda, (who created the characters) purposefully had him call out after he’d been shot, how sorry he was for letting her go and how he always wanted to be with her! Shonda was on record saying, that was the writers way of getting across how he’d made his decision it was Izzie he wanted and he regretted sending her away! Obviously he can’t get back with her though, because of Katherine Heigls differences with the show runners! But I don’t think that means they should just try and force him in to a relationship with a bad Izzie replacement! They should write him a decent storyline that isn’t all about sleeping with an intern! Justin is an amazing actor and very underused since Katherine’s exit!

      • Kiki says:

        I agree love Justin! He deserves better material than this. Izzie was perfect for him, such a shame she left! I really hope shonda realizes Jo isn’t working!

        • BIANCA says:

          Alex and Jo??? —->>> good**

          Alex and Izzie??? —>>> The Best …

          * *besides don’t F*!% with the original baby!!!

    • BIANCA says:

      uhhhh… whatever

  20. Dominique says:

    Well off course she hopes Jo is the one for him, otherwise she’d get not much of a storyline.
    But Jo’s an annoying little brat and I want her as far away from Alex as possible if they’re gonna turn her into a love interest. Friends, I’m fine with. Love interest; no. There’s just no romantic/sexual tension there at all.
    I still believe Izzie is the one for Alex, she’s his true love. They went through all sorts of crap together, neither of them was perfect in the end, but they were each other’s greatest love, and I still believe that.

    • Jessica says:

      Right? What else is she going to say? “No, I don’t want them to get together so I guess I’ll be looking for a job at the end of the season?” IA about Alex and Izzie being each others true loves, they worked together so well and it stinks that both KH and Shonda have to be babies about the whole thing. Make up, move on and have Izzie come back.

  21. Sarah says:

    Even if Alex and Jo start dating and make a great couple, the relationship won’t be able to match Alex and Izzie. I loved them together. Alex has always been my favorite character and their relationship was my favorite to watch.

  22. Chrystine says:

    Alex deserves someone who won’t leave him after he’s stayed by her side through the bad and good times. Someone who won’t leave him after he’s shown so much love and dedication. We know that someone is definitely not IzzMe. She was all about what she felt, what she wanted, what she needed. Alex deserves better than that. Alex deserves to love and to be truly loved. I’m all for Jo being The One for Alex. I have loved watching them together and hope it won’t take too much longer for them to become a couple. I want to see Alex in love and in a relationship again.

  23. katy917 says:

    I seem to be in a HUGE minority, but I’ve loved Alex and Jo and think they have a lot of chemistry. If they do end up together, then it will have built up naturally, rather than them just jumping into bed together, they will have gotten to know each other as friends and people, first, and that is so much more important to a real relationship than sex. I have found their scenes together to be some of my favourite this season, with all the doom and gloom of the plane crash and everything that has gone on around it, it has been refreshing to have their light hearted banter and teasing.

  24. I still wish they would bring Rachael Taylor back from Africa. I liked her with Alex best.

  25. hanfran says:

    Honestly, I’m starting to like their chemistry as friends and nothing more because Alex needs that. I really wish they had gotten someone different as a love interest for Alex because I am so invested in his character finding love but their dynamic is too similar I would rather it were a brother/sister relationship. However, I understand why Shonda is being so careful with this relationship. An interesting dynamic I would have like to have seen would be Alex and Stephanie, that I would have been interested in. I don’t know JMO

  26. Amanda says:

    I like them as friends but nothing more. Her character really remids me of Izzie for some reason. But poor Alex does need himself a lady, I think the poor guy has been through enough in the romance department.

  27. Carrie says:

    Izzie and Alex were not a perfect couple and based on character storylines what she did to him was unforgiveable. Have we forgotten that she basically dumped him for her true love Denny, and abandoned him, not even willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and left him with huge medical bills – not exactly soul mate behaviour. Katherine Heigl wanted out and Shondra had to write her out in a way that would give Alex to move forward in his life. I like the Jo potential and that they are starting off as friends, discovering that they have more in common than either one thought and I think he gets to be his genuine self with her – all good signs. I’m glad Shondra is not interested in bringing Izzy back, that would just take Alex backwards.

    • dj says:

      Thank you! I agree 100% with everything you say. I’m tired of the Izzie fans painting her as the perfect girlfriend/wife and saying Alex/Izzie were soulmates. They really need to go back and watch previous seasons if they have forgotten the way Izzie treated Alex.

  28. Javiera says:

    The most important thing is not that a perfect relationship, the most important thing to know is that together overcome the Fallen, and that’s what made ​​Alex and Izzie. Shonda ruined their relationship, but still she can come back and get through this together. Alex changed his life by Izzie, change their whole way of being!!!.. I stop acting like an idiot and became a man, Alex had never been married to anyone if it was not really her soulmate, much less had endured all that endured with cancer izzie, she did suffer he when he was with Denny but remember that he also had cheated with Olivia, then they had overcome, went forward, who ruined all that, was shonda!!.. because although Katie had wanted to go, was Shonda, who made her look bad. Alex has been with many like Jo, but nothing happened like as what happened to Izzie.. Izzie is his one true love, the only way to give a good finish to Alex, is to Shonda leave your troubles behind, and bring them back to Izzie.

  29. Traci says:

    I have been loving Alex & Jo and can’t wait to see more of them. I think they will make a great couple and I need to see Alex in a happy relationship. Camilla sounds like a nice person and she wants to stay so I hope it does happen.

  30. shruti says:

    I Love GREY’S!!and i love alex even more…so please please shonda!! katherine heigl may have made some inappropriate comments but dont let that stop you from doing justice to alex’s character!!please!!him and jo seem great together but as good friends only!!!nothin g will match to the love he had for izzie….he became a better person cuz of her…when he thought he was dying he called out for izzie…that says it all!!:)
    izzie may have treated alex badly but she did love him and was there for him in his weak moments…..the reason alex had to tell her to go away was because katherine wanted to leave.and this was the best way of writing it off……if she would have stayed they probably would have worked out….

    • shruti says:

      i also want to say that im not blaming shonda,katherine or the writers in this….. the circumstances were such…it was bound to happen
      i just want alex to be happy!!that is my bottom line!!

  31. Sofia says:

    Alex will only ever have one true love Izzie!!! They were incredible together! The writing and chemistry was beautiful! Jo needs to find a younger version of Alex! And Alex needs to find Izzie again so he can be truly happy! Honestly the only reason he didn’t take her back was because the character of Izzie needed to be written out and as he was staying he needed to come off better! People saying their break up was all on Izzie, must have forgotten he basically jumped in to bed with someone else straight away, when his wife was still battling cancer! Neither of them were perfect, but they were meant to be, right from the start!

  32. Sophie says:

    Of course she wants them together!!! More screen time, money, exposure!!! I don’t like the character of Jo! She feels to cliched, whiny and immature!! I think the plan was to pair her up with Alex by now, but with the lack of chemistry and general reaction and love from fans, shonda and her writers are desperately trying to build it up more. At the end of the day there is either chemistry or there isn’t! It’s not working with jo, so bring back Izzie please!!!!!! Alex hasn’t worked with anyone else!

  33. Natalie says:

    I agree 100%, Jo is horrible with Alex! Sounds like the actress is already pretty certain it’s going to happen and she’ll be a regular next season though! Every scene they’re in together feels forced and dull, you are very aware they’re acting which is not good! I love Alex and he was perfect with Izzie, their story was beautiful and credible. Nothing will top that.

  34. LD says:

    Nooooooooo! Please, no. I wish Izzie would be brought back for Alex. They were my favorite couple on Grey’s Anatomy.

    • witchy_siren says:

      you got that right! IZZIE AND ALEX STILL ROCKS!

      jo and alex – I’m not interested, sorry :(. better luck next time

  35. I am sick of hearing about Izzie, she is gone so get over it. I think Alex and Jo can be good together. Justin Chambers can make one hot scene with any women. I am giving it a chance. I dont miss Izzie at all any more. Let Alex move on!

  36. Eva says:

    People will always talk about Izzie, right until the show ends, because she was an awesome character (even with some dodgy story lines) I can guarantee Alex & Izzie will be the one of the main couples people will always remember greys for! Right from the start they had incredible chemistry and for a lot of people their story just isn’t done!
    Justin is a great actor/hot guy. But even that isn’t enough to save Alex and Jo (a bad Izzie replacement)!

  37. sabrina says:

    GET OVER IT! Izzie left and Alex was hurt and it would be weird if she comes back and they get together, Alex deserves better and Jo is the one

    • ? says:

      @Sabrina: and you need to learn some manners instead of telling people to “get over it”. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their favorites.

    • Eva says:

      Jo isn’t now and never will be the one!!! She’s just one of many females Shonda has tried to force with Alex since Izzie left! And she’s getting more desperate now the shows ending!!
      Yes izzie hurt him, but haven’t all the main couples on that show hurt each other at some point. He cheated on her too, don’t forget!!! Alex was written to be deeply in love with Izzie, he cried out for her when he was dying, she changed his life! If shonda and Katherine Heigl could work it out for Izzie to come back, there is no doubt Alex would end up with Izzie.

  38. I wish everyone would stop blaming Shonda. Izzie was a selfish bitch who took what she wanted when she wanted it. She wanted to leave and Shonda had to write her out. Alex is a great character and we’ve seen his journey go up and down like the proverbial rollercoaster. His relationship with Jo is based on friendship and he is learning to trust again and that is a big thing for him. People are saying he’s too old for Jo??? what about Lexie and Mark 15 years age difference there. No mention of him being too old for her. I think people are grasping at straws looking for excuses why they shouldn’t be together. I think they will be great soulmates I think what he thought had with Izzie will soon be a far distant memory and he will find it in Jo.

    • lisse says:

      Actually, there were mentions of Mark being too old for Lexie and her being too young. Like, that’s why they broke up. And, Lexie mentioned it even in the episode before she died. That even though Jackson was right on paper for him and was younger than Mark, she didn’t love him. I have no problems with Alex/Jo, though, mainly because I like Camilla and because I really want Alex to get something good. I loved Alex/Izzie but it’s never gonna happen.

  39. Jen says:

    Izzie is a fictional character, created by and written by Shonda Rhimes, so if there is anyone to blame for her being a bitch it’s Shonda! She wrote the story of Izzie leaving Alex. There were other ways she could have written Izzie out.

    And Jo being Alex’s soulmate, seriously? Just because in a really bad cliched story, she grew up in a foster home too, that makes them perfect for each other! Where is the chemistry? She’s a bad Izzie replacement because Katherine Heigl left and they need to do something with Alex. But to me their scenes are wooden and forced, you can tell they’re acting and it feels like Alex is settling for Jo now because Izzie left and isn’t coming back. I think this storyline is a prime example of the show becoming tired now.
    Alex/Izzie’s love story was one of the best on the show. It was beautiful, well written and acted with insane chemistry and emotion for 6 seasons.That is why for a lot of people Izzie will always be Alex’s person, right up until the show/Justin Chambers leaves.

    • Eekim.2226Berendo says:

      I can say I’m one of those people who got carried away by Alex and Izzie’s relationship. It’s not perfect (cause izzie left) but somehow fans, like me, still expect something will happen to reunite and continue the story of their love…even though alex is link with jo… but when he’s one true love will show up, he’s heart and mind will dictate who is the one.

      What if? the mind says Jo cause Izzie left her
      but the heart says its Izzie

  40. Ruth says:

    I like Alex and Jo together and I would like to see Alex in a stable happy relationship and have other non-romance story lines develop for him. Maybe some family drama and another work related storyline like developments with his foreign orphan programme. The power balance has shifted a lot now that the rest of the cast own the hospital so I would like to see Alex have some personal professional success to get him back on a more equal footing.

    • Adriane says:

      I agree Alex should experience more professional success. After giving up Africa and Hopkins not much has happened to him professionally. He isn’t even part owner of the hospital. Success for Alex is long overdue.

  41. Adriane says:

    I would like better closure with Izzie and Alex’s relationship. Whatever happened to the eggs that were fertilized when Izzie was diagnosed with cancer. Maybe the show could bring Izzie back using the excuse that she wants to have a child now. That would create an opportunity for everyone to assess who Alrx is better off with and if he and Izzie were really meant to be. I don’t think that Jo feels the same way about Alex as he does for her. However, if she does like him she’ll probably need more time to mature within the relationship like Meredith and Lexie did. Interns in relationships seem to spook easily. Alex has been thru too much to now have to wait for Jo to take baby steps in establishing a mature relationship with him. He needs a mature woman not a young girl by his side. It seems like he’s being set up for heartbreak again, but who knows.

  42. Adriane says:

    * Alex