Raising Hope Exclusive: My Name Is Earl Cast Bands Together for Chance Reunion

earl castRaising Hope‘s throwing a party — and we’ve got your Earl-y look at the guest list.

A whole bunch of cast members from Hope creator Greg Garcia‘s former sitcom My Name is Earl will appear in the Feb. 26 episode (Fox, 8/7c), TVLine has learned exclusively. 

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The visit will be a repeat performance for several former Camden county folk. As they did in Hope‘s Season 1, Jason Lee will reprise his role as faded rock star Smokey Floyd, and Jaime Pressly and Ethan Suplee will play Burt and Virginia’s neighbors Donna and Andrew. (Yep — Lee’s going to sing.) Eddie Steeples also will show up again as Tyler the Gas Man, a pizza-delivery man.

Nadine Velazquez, Earl‘s hot maid Catalina, will play a party-supply store employee and Abdoulaye N’Gom, aka Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop, will round out the reunion as an airline pilot.

The episode, “Making the Band,” will find the Chances trying to throw a third birthday party for Hope. A second new episode — with guest star Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) — will follow at 8:30 pm.

Are you looking forward to checking in with your Earl faves? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Emily says:

    Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop I <3 U

  2. I’d like to see the characters back, not just the actors.

    • I agree. That would be SO much better.
      Remember Patty the Daytime Hooker was on RH as herself so it could be possible. Plus when Barney met Smokey Floyd at Grocerypalooza Smokey called him Kenny, and Barney mentioned that he had a twin brother that he didn’t name so it could be Kenny. Plus Darnell could be posing as Tyler since he is in the Witness protection Program which could explain all his different jobs on the show.

      • lol good ideas. Hopefully before Raising Hope ends, they will do some sort of crossover episode with the characters from Earl to show us (not tell us, like they almost did in the first episode of RH) how that story ended.

  3. Lana says:

    Did anyone else catch Patty the Daytime Hooker running with the crowd into Howdy’s on last night’s episode?

  4. nick says:

    Anyone else notice the name of the old folks home they put ma ma in?!

  5. carey says:

    Just Bring Back My Name is Earl ,,,, What a Great show!! Really Miss it!!!

  6. Cat says:

    I love the idea, but…Bring back My Name is Earl! I’m begging you!

  7. chris says:

    Agreed…bring back Earl…Joy is my FAVORITE!

  8. TV Gord says:

    I would like to see the Earl characters back, if only to resolve the cliffhanger. I love Raising Hope! I hope Fox isn’t getting ready to dump it.

  9. Roc says:

    Garcia’s contract is ending soon. Hope is most likely in it’s last season. He’ll get a new contract and we will see something new in about 3 years.

  10. brutony says:

    Dont worry-it will be back for its fourth and final seasonm-theyre almost at the point of syndication. And I do miss me some Earl, though!

    • Who Jackie says:

      Have you ever worked at Burger King?
      Just ;) wondering….

      • brutony says:

        @Who Jackie- Me? At Burger King? No, but Ive eaten enough Whoppers to have some serious investment in it! Why would u ask that? And ur story of meeting Garcia and co is WACKED! WOW!

  11. Fred says:

    A bit off topic: Nadine plays in Flight with Denzel Washington, where she shows full frontal. Google now, thank me later.

    • brutony says:

      Seriously? I’m SOOO watching that tonight! She’s also on The League, in sexy clothes, as she’s truly one of the most beautiful actresses alive!

  12. I just LOVE the cameos from the Earl cast. I miss them so much – yes, the best show ever. (love Hope too)

  13. Carol says:

    I love ‘EARL’ …. I LOVE Raising Hope!!! Got to save this on the DVR

  14. Brenda says:

    I love that whole “My Name is Earl” cast. That was one of the most creative and funny sitcoms ever on TV. I still watch the reruns and laugh out loud.

  15. yessi says:

    MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE. i have watched every episode of my name is earl at least 5 times loved this show

  16. kristie says:

    I love the cast of Earl. Everyone was so great. I really really miss Earl! Bring it back!!! Please!!! It was by far the funniest show on TV!

  17. love both shows and I would love to see Earl come back we miss you ….to add I love at least knowing they miss Earl to ..b/c I watch reruns almost every night but i would love to see the list finished …

    • brutony says:

      Dont get greedy now-Earl aint coming back-just some guest stars will be appearing on Raising Hope, as they already have done before! All, that is, except Catalina-now that shes a BIG movie star, she wouldnt want to “lower” herself to appear on “television!”

      • Who Jackie says:

        Well, maybe since she feels that way, I hope she ends up with a Whopper of a career!! Never bite the hand that is charbroiled!!

  18. michellezaragosa says:

    Just watched rh and was only interested in the appearances by the earl cast! Not being greedy but one more season would have been great!!!!! Leaving it cliffhanger like it was….not cool!! Bring it back or the movie…I have been searching for the movie has it not happened yet??

  19. My name is Earl is back….on TLC the new name is Honey Boo Boo.

    • brutony says:

      How DARE U sully the name of one of the greatest comedies ever to air with such a crappie reality show? U just made MY list- and its NOTHING like Earls!!

  20. Joe says:


  21. Jim says:

    I agree my name is earl is missed , the only show worth watching . Everything is fake reality now . One of my fav was ” COPS” episode . The last season was building up so good . My Thursday nights have a hole in them .

  22. Ed Spruill says:

    If Fox can get the earl cast together, can’t they bring the show to their network. Funniest show to ever go off the air

  23. Jeff Collier says:

    It was awesome to see Earl again! I hope that they bring it back after this!

  24. Chris Rodriguez says:

    They mention so much from my name is earl it was awesome bring back my name is earl at least a final episode :D

  25. theresa says:

    Loved the Almost Famous plane scene

  26. jose says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my name is earl.

  27. Who Jackie says:

    I hate t.v. Always have.
    Friends? Urgh
    Seinfeld? Can’t.
    Just Shoot Me. Exactly.
    Then September 2004 came and my world changed.(sorry I’m being so dramatic, but I have a reason.)
    Earl. The characters, the plot, the music, the writing, everything was so different than anything I had ever seen on t.v! I became a huge fan! (And Huge! I put on 100 pounds! But had surgery, and you know what I told anesticilogist before goin under,’Do whatever you want, just better make sure I am awake and coherent by 7:45 tonite. My husband n kids are calling on speaker and we are watching Earl together…’ And we did! )
    Then Garcia made commentary for season one. My dude said,’Thats filmed where I use to live!’ Named streets, landmarks, all of it! So, for my bday, almost to the last taping of Season 4, he asked what did I wanna do? I said,’Duh, go and actually FIND where Earl is taped!’
    We went on a Saturday, (now, in the meantime, I had no CLUE that Mr Garcia was secretly posing as a fan on a certain message board, and had been since day one! He would ask questions, (Murphy bed anyone?) give opinions, and just generally act like a normal fan. Now, I looked everywhere online for a board like this, but all I got were a bunch of drips or trolls. I found ALL of this out AFTER the show was over. I was, and STILL AM devistated! However…..back to my bday trip…
    We drove around to see if we could remember landmarks or signs that we saw on certain episodes. Just when we were going to give up, I looked up, like I saw Godzilla or something and saw ‘THE HEART.’ And the heart was pretty much it. The center of it all. The Ying to my Yang!! (Lol) So, we get to a building that had some ‘official’ business on it from the city and that stated that the city was allowing them to tape on that following Monday and Friday. (Most of my life, I have the worst luck, but when something goes good for me, I hit gold) (WAIT FOR IT)
    The next day is Sunday, my actual bday, March 8th(you guys have 8 more shopping days left!! Lol) my ex calls n says that my oldest wasn’t feeling well, he had been throwing up all nite but couldn’t take him to er cause he didn’t know any of the child’s info,( cause ya know, every emergency room turns you away when u don’t know your own child’s name and bday……ugh.) Well, that was and only thing that took me outta Earl Mode. Long story short, my poor baby’s appendix almost burst. What the heck!! I was mad! Still am! Well, I thought oh well, I got to at least go n see where they hang out,etc. so I honestly was happy with that!(hey! When your kid is sick, Jason lee coulda showed up*wait for it** and I wouldn’t of cared! So, appendix comes out, I’m another year older, my ex is another year more dumb, and life goes on. Well, Tuesday……Wednesday…… And Thursday go on…….
    Thursday night hits…. And I think,’ Man, this is pretty much once in a lifetime, we all LOVE this show so much….’
    7a.m. Friday March 13th, how lucky is that , I am standing talking to the guard at the guard shack of My Name is Earl. He is a little sketchy but I explained to him we just drove two hours, appendix boy, we love this show, blah,blah. And does anyone remember in Wayne’s World when Wayne n Garth have a brief encounter with Chris Farley by Mr Bigs limo? And Farley spilled the beans on Bigs whereabouts? Well, that sums up not only THAT GUARD but the others that relieved him too. I am so glad that I’m not a distant relative of Charles Manson or anyone of that nature! Now, as the day wore on, I guess the guards weren’t shall I say, challenged enough? By the time we hit the last shift(yep, we were there ALL DAY. Now, before all of you perfect parents out there start up, I went and rented a hotel room, which was rt across from Earls Motel, so us, and Appendix Boy could rest since he did just have surgery days before, there! Lol;)) we were told where the cars(the El Camino and the Brat) were kept, who WAS on set right then, and even better, they were taping on the street at both 10am and at 7or 8 pm!! Perfect! Plus, we gave Guard Boy 1 my cell number so if something good happened, he would call me n fill us in so we could run over(this never happened, however, the perv called me for months on end filling me in on when he wanted ME to run over n he would give me a personal visit of the set. Um, no. ) I said No cause I was and am still in awe, admire Garcia. Now when one of the tattletale guards were filling us in on something, I asked,’ Where’s Greg?’ And the one guard said,’whoa, you ARE a HUGE FAN!’ ( look Farley, coulda left my weigh outta it!)
    So, to shorten this up, I’m laying in the center of a busy street in the Valley with binoculars and say out loud,’ Is that Geraldo Rivera? And Michael Waltrip?(our ultimate fav NASCAR driver, what!) I thought,’what the heck!’ So they shoot a very short scene( it got cut) and then at 730, my phone rings ad it’s a guard,’where are u guys! Lee, Suplee and Waltrip are coming out rt now for five minutes!’ I park my car, get my camera, my camera……is on my counter, my kitchen counter, safely at home. Oh.my.gawd. I have my ghetto camera phone only, oh well! We run over, watch em tape, throwing beer cans outta the El Camino,( they were taping the pics Waltrip thumbed try while he was at joy n Darnell’s) afterward, Suplee bailed, boom! Gone! And Jason was moving kinda slow, I aske him for a pic, he said heck yes! We took one and he says,’ya know what, that’s awfully dark, come inside right here n let’s take another.’ :0 so, inside we went and all three of us posed in better light, with the backdrop of our pic, Earls giant lotto ticket…. So, we did hit that night. Thank you Lee, you are forever a God to us. And as for Greg Garcia? One day Mr Garcia, one day!!! If you need a skinny looking turkey looking woman, who’s still stuck in 1985, for an extra for ‘Raising Hope,’ well, if you need three extras, one is missing an Appendix but I’m sure it won’t effect his performance of walking around behind people in a scene, we are so down!(notice, with all of the high security your sets acquire, and the long lengthy story of Earl, I kept it all ‘under wraps.’ To the grave Mr Garcia, to the grave….

  28. Will says:

    Green man was in rehab with smokey floyd and tim stack. Thats the third its always sunny in philly reference so far. I love this show

  29. Tracy says:

    3:45am, alarm goes off. I rub my eyes, grab the remote, tune into reruns of “My Name is Earl” @ 4am & 4:30am. (Like I’d get up that early for anything else…ptffff!)

    4-5am, laugh my hiney off, and just smile….pure joy for an entire hour (even after the 4th go ’round of every single episode…it just never gets old!)

    5:01am, total devastation, realization hits that all my tv friends are gone forever….. I try so hard to think of ways to get the show back, including dreams of winning the lotto and trying to fund another 100+ seasons of my favorite show ever.

    If anyone ever checks these message boards that can fix this…. You’re my last hope…. PLEEEEASE bring back “My Name is Earl”!!!! It’s the greatest show EVER, and was obviously loved by so many, and I guarantee there are millions more that are like me and just sit quietly in sadness, not knowing what to do…

  30. Tracy says:

    That’s not the point! I DVR it everyday for the rest of the family to watch. I don’t mind waking up early to watch it.. that’s not what I was saying. I want to see the best tv show EVER brought back! I absolutely love waking up happy everyday. It’s a great way to start the day! You should try it. :-)

  31. Marg says:

    Just started watching “My Name Is Earl” on Netflix. I’m in season 4 and very sad that this show was cancelled. Yes, bring back “My Name Is Earl.” Many fans out there I bet. This show deserves to be back if the main actors agree. They brought back “Family Guy” after it was cancelled after all.

  32. Jason says:

    Bring it back !!!!!!!

    They left so many loose ends

  33. Jason says:

    Oh and I just got bought the full box set by my Daughter and Wife for fathers day. I have watched it all a few times and will watch it again and again,

  34. Fern says:

    I would just like r to state a comment about Earl’s brother Randy! There cannot possibly be another human being STUPIDER than Randy! He is the perfect definition of a complete moron and straight dumb ass! I seriously cannot stand to even hear so much as his voice! He really gets under my skin 2 the point of me wanting to slap the stupidity out of him over n over again! It’s that even possible? If they were to bring back the show, I sure hope Randy definitely doesn’t come back! He needs to die of something! I know that’s harsh but that’s how bad he gets on my very last nerve!

    • curehunger says:

      Randy is a nice man but also a very strong man some say super strong.. I think you need to die of somthing if you are trying to put down Randy. Randy’s character is awesome of course they had to dumb down a character who in the middle of a town full of criminals has a heart of gold and wouldn’t hurt a fly …on purpose… My name is Earl really shows the changes we all go through when we go from mindless partier 20’s to head of household 30’s. Im sure that old people these days cant remember there 20’s since it was the 60’s I guarantee Fern is older because to know Randy Earl Crabman and the gang (Joy) is to love them and this show isnt really intended for those over 60-70 but if they are watching too Kudo’s to all the gang It one of those classic shows that should have done 10+ seasons but the 1 percenters control the media(billionaires)Don’t make some cont. episode of earl on another show make the feature film like you promised us we’ve all been keeping good karma well most of us not fern